Mysterious 777s and eclipses follow Trump- WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?

Born the very hour a blood moon began Trump then delivered his State Of The Union during a super blue blood moon, a rare astronomical event- 7 Months into his Presidency a total solar eclipse crosses the land he represents-

He was exactly 70 years 7 months and 7 days old when he was sworn in- The day he met Putin, Putin was exactly 777 months old…

see all the amazing coincidences here:

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ITT: mystical woo to distract from the actual facts

Strange things indeed.

Thats some high level wizard fuckery lads.


Gotta save all that EBT money for the chosen people. :^)

He's playing chess.

he is. You mad?
7 more years of your fucking tears.

in his 7th year in office he will be 77 years old

Obongo was also playing chess, he deported many illegals. Clinton also played chess, he even flew on Lolita Express together with Trump to help each other in their chess games.

The USA has exactly 3.5 years to change their ways. 3.5 years for them. Trump is a symbol and a sign. A reprieve… But will the Americans change their ways or will they continue to do evil in the sight of God almighty? This includes the Jesus mocking jews who seem to be big fans of this site.

counting from his inauguration. So this means 2.5 years are remaining.

embed hook tube or webm this shit nigger


also, 6/14 (trump's bday) is Flag Day. You can add that into your next video faggot.

20/20 is perfect vision… His perfect vision

This fucking thread again. Kill yourself bitch.

What does it all mean?
I can't be sure


In the Kabbalah the number seven is very important. The first verse of the Torah has 7 words, Shabbat falls on the 7th day, there are 7 Noahide laws, Passover and Sukkot are celebrated for 7 days, each of the plagues in Egypt lasted for seven days, there are 7 major holidays in the Jewish year.
My guess is that Trump is going to make Israel great and the Moshiach will come in his 7th year and make Israel the center of the world and each Jew will have 2800 goyim serving him. So remember, goyim, Trump 2020.
Now seriously, that number cohencidence bullshit is jewish as fuck.

Honestly this. The mysticism around Trump really is fainting for me.

It's clever tho, creating a cult of personality and tapping into man's primal impulse towards religious thinking all so you can slyly dupe the dumb goyim. Clever but disgusting.

It means take your meds schizo and do something productive in your life like reading a book.

Did you ever see the replies to Assange's chess tweet? Liberals kept saying stupid shit like "checkmate" and other random chess crap. I'm not a chess player, but I know enough to tell that it wasn't checkmate. It was from a historic game, apparently. It was obvious Assange was probably saying he was in the stronger position, if you just examined each piece and a few possible moves.

So their hostility to chess is due to their inability to even believe it exists. They don't believe logic exists. They don't believe strategy exists. All that exists, to them, is "muh feels".



Lol stay mad Chaim.

Basically proving that everyone raging about the chess meme is a leftist kike.

You said it all. It's a meme. The ZOG emperor isn't playing chess well, he is but against us, you can't save the white race without defending white interest openly. The National Socialists did play chess, Positive Christianity was a good example, Rosenberg knew that he couldn't defeat Christianity like that so he tried to change it, there are other examples and I'm all for that.
Now compare what the National Socialists did with what you claim that Trump is doing.

The public sheep aren't ready for white nationalism in the mainstream. We are getting there and that is our job to continue to spread the message. Trump is taking on the cabal. Although he being Trump, belongs to the Kissinger plan so idk what Henry Kissinger end game is.

>reading a ((((((((((((((((((book)))))))))))))))))

thats even worse you oblivious kike, what you would do to be productive is to learn engineering in your backyard by either looking up tutorials or figuring them out yourself and eventually embed your dynasty and pass on your knowledge to your kids.

You're mentally defective. Kill yourself, you Q-LARPing piece of shit. Holy fucking christ.

I thought this thread was going to be about Donald Trump being followed around by unmarked airliners.


I'll make that thread about Israel's single supply of fresh water today. Those payments will stop after there are no more Israelis.



Man leftypol is desperate today. Desperate. Your turn.

He is the chosen one.

(((they))) are obsessed with numbers and measurements, believing that by following specific ritualistic patterns that it will guarantee a specific outcome; the summoning of the (((god))).

there is much more context to this, but to put it simply specific people are given opportunities to fill roles as a result of these patterns and nothing else.

tits or gtfo


Yeah, I'll need a thorough explanation on what the 'he being Trump' quip means mate.

Commit suicide.

Do you consider British whites our friends?

Q predicted this.

It means you should take your pills and get off the internet, schizo.

We should summon a chosen hero, a king to take on all these republics and banks. A hero to slay the golem (gollum).

Reported. Kill yourself.

Why does everyone get so pissy about people trolling with Q-cancer? It's just a new irritating may may.

I can't imagine.

Nobody here is hoping that the chans gain recognition as a source of news, or of truth. That's crazy talk.

take your meds

this is proof he is on a divine path


i updated this video so there is a link in the description with fully sourced citations on all of the claims-

everything is now verified and sourced


This is the prime question.