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Pro-Amnesty Trumpshill Talking Points Used So Far

"Just wait till they get amnesty and it's too late to do anything, goyim."

It is amnesty. A delayed form of amnesty is still amnesty.

Democrats will happily take this deal because they have every intention on renegging on their promises, ("McCarty recommended accepting the deal for temporary advantage, and then immediately violating the deal when they recover the White House. Democrats could chop enforcement funding and raise the annual inflow when they get back in power, McCarty said." archive.is/oP3po) but they're holding out for a better deal which will be easier to undo while keeping the amnesty portion intact, even expand it.
Also: archive.is/jj1hz & archive.is/8Jlde

Lies. We have had laws for a long time saying anyone here illegally needs to be deported, but those laws have been ignored as long as they've existed. Pro-Amnesty Trump nut huggers want you to think more laws saying the same thing will magically cause the government to stop their anti-White practices and finally deport illegals. Don't be stupid.

Lies. Our current situation without a deal has us in a better position. Right now any illegals in the country MUST be deported, rather than make deals to rob us of this ability, we should be forcing our representatives to follow the laws and deport illegals.

No deals, just deportations. Amnesty is never an answer,

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Kike free first post.

Checked. Thank you, user.

it was a fucking disaster when Reagan did it and it would be disaster for Trump



why not?
they can sabotage the deal later like they did the last time

1.8 million isn't a big deal because THEY"RE ALREADY HERE. They're not "browning" the country any more than it already is. Holla Forums needs to learn how to compromise or risk blowing Trump's presidency, the wall, etc.

How is this kowtowing getting a wall built?

This is what winning looks like.

"compromise" only works if you can trust the people you are compromising with

The dems wants and needs have changed in the last decades.
DACA was only ever important to them in the context of getting millions of spics inside and voting for them.
Accepting the deal would give them less than 2 million spics on a PATH to citizenship with plenty of opportunity for failure while cutting them off completely from the source.
Trump is offering them virtually nothing and taking everything they need and because the democucks kept screaching about DACA and the Wall they are now out of options.
No matter what the democrats will be torn apart like a rotton fruit.

Sharenigger, you know that the dems are filibustering this shit right now.

sometimes I hope I could still be this naive
life would be easier

Stop talking like a fucking redditor you retarded faggot and present your argumentation.

How does that lead to deportations and a wall?

I was under the impression that only 800,000 of the illegals were from mexico and the only way they could stay was if the US accepted 1m people from white countries.

This. Not to mention the amount of scrutiny DACA people have gotten and the fact that Mexicans are some of the harder working members of society. Trump will the first president in a long time to get comprehensive immigration reform if this goes through. If they fall this week, they can try again in 2 weeks, it's just a matter of time now.

Go back.

The truth of the matter the democrats & republicans are one big team they are one in the same. They work together forming plans to take more and more of your money through tax. Then they turn around and lie to us. Every form of Media in this country spends all their time convincing us the 2 party system is working hard for us. Trying to be fair to everyone and trying to save Americans from over taxation the best they can. The media arm is winning that psychological war. Its sad

why do we need it?

Go back to sleep, Chelsea.

Where do you think you are? It's not about capabilities but preservation of race. There are no arguments for immigration if it's not white migration.

Trump shills have yet to explain why Trump even needs to bother. He won't win based non-whites to his voting base, they will stick with Dems or not vote full stop. Dems were already in shambles when he won. Playing the PR game never works, especially with the MSM. All he can do is split his own base and turn some against him.

In this day and age, you are a fool if you believe what people say is the same as what people think.
You are a fool if you believe what people want is the same as what people need.
You are a fool if you believe what people experience is the same as what people can comprehend.

It doesn't take 4D chess to see what trump is doing.
He's stalling for time, though for what I couldn't say.

ICE is already catching and deporting more than ever under obongo and the wall is in the process of being built.
None of it will be completed by tomorrow but it matters all the same.


The mexicas dont want them back, theres a reason why they left.

The Democrats want to take the deal because they have accurate demographic information. They already have their majority whether they get these 800k-1.8 million, they just need to wait for the boomers to die off. A nice little lullaby to put Whitey back to sleep is just what the doctor ordered.

this has to be a new shill tactic of pretending to be retarded

What's the best way to report illegals? I have a coworker that knows someone who is in a fraud marriage. The illegals parents pay the wife $500 a month to pretend to be married.

I hate Dreamers. They all need to be deported. No exceptions.

White people have a rising anti-zionist consciousness. Not all of them, but enough of them. Trump's foremost goal is the security of international jewish capital. Disgruntled White people who can never exist peacefully with a 9-11 false flagging, 100% fraudulent "nation" that just spent the last 100 years trying to genocide them is security problem number one.

Anything to back that up?

Less than even Bush did. How much do they pay you to lie to us?

do you know what catch and release is? do you know what return crossing is? please rethink your post.

Report DACA beaners all you want, they won't get deported right now because they're (((protected.)))

Do you know what those are because they don't disprove what I showed you. Even if Obama was counting catch and release up until '14, Bush wasn't and Trump is doing only half as much as Bush did in 08.

He's got a green card. Not DACA. He's in a fraud marriage.

Damn, that almost reminds me how abolishing the FED was a priority to most people, cause, you know, its like the material root of all corruption.
But at least we are now adequately distracted by the DACA business to even bother with that.

yes he was, they were all doing this, it just wasn't pointed out until obama took it a step further. States like california have been doing this forever now, they count all of them as "deportations" on the books. And recrossing has a huge discrepancy to that number, both of which were extremely high way before bush. This problem is years in the making, you sound like you are no older than 15. The only reason its a hot topic now is because people are waking up and finally realizing the implications of it, and compromise can be dangerous yes, but don't be disingenuous to prove a point.
Trump may be doing half but with border crossing at the current level it is now it way more then makes up for itself. Could it be higher, yes.

Show me the numbers faggot because as far as I can see the democrats have nothing.
>no platform other than muh ebil Drumpf
All of that doesn't even include the poiling pit of shit they are in because of the Nunes Memo and the various leaks, investigations and scandals.
I honestly don't know if they have ever been so completely fucked before. Guess thats what happens when you deal with the clintons.

The god emperor is making huge deals can't wait for his next term when he doesn't have to worry about reelection. We'll hopefully get total amnesty for ALL the great people already in this country. So fucking based!


Who cares? Aren't republikikes just as bad? I thought we supported Trump to be his own man and raise some hell with both kike parties? Are we republitards here now?

Some reference on the border crossing numbers for those who want a bit more numbers.

spics and niggers will vote anything with a (D) behind its name
"hate white men" coalition is alive and well
show me the proof
"evil white men" platform has been working well so far

If you don't have to change your ip everyday chances are you are a lobotomized pede. This board has been taken over.

Republicans were only successful in the elections because of Trump. While they are mostly bought and paid for they still can't simply refuse to work on 'solving the immigration problem' under Trump's plan.
They want to get re-elected and those that are simply too kiked up will be replaced.
If I remember correctly it took Hitler 2 years to consolidate his power. Trump is going to have a harder time doing the same but the certainly is capable of doing it.

to Hitler

This is what the electric jew does to you. Don't let your children watch television.

Assuming this deadline passes, what happenes then?

They fucking didn't vote enough for clinton, did they?
>hate white men coalition
Too bad Trump is ramming a DACA shaped wedge into that coalition as we speak.
Spics might never really vote republican but they won't vote at all if they get pissed off at the allmighty (D).

some (((judge))) extends it again

Will amnesty lead to rope day? If people who are here illegally are not being removed by law enforcement then they'll have to be removed by citizens. Those who make peaceful solutions impossible make violent solutions inevitable.

Either enough whites are sufficiently awake to remove invaders and reject state-enforced invasion or the critical mass hasn't been reached yet.

It's more likely that critical mass has indeed been reached, it's just going in the other direction.

how is this even a thught cuckservatives still entertain?
it's not going to happen, retard
you've been cucking for decades and it is has had no effect on voting demographics

Spics will NEVER vote republican
Now does anything from my post change? Was there ever a point in your fucking ramblings, faggot?

This is what winning feels like?

can you even into chess?

Voting will never save this country amd especially will never save white people - all it can do is pacify another generation into boomer cucks like you who actually think republicans are on your side. The only way whites will save themselves is by forming underground paramilitary cells, assassinating kikes, and weakening the foundation of the federal government to hasten its collapse. Only then can we rise from the ashes.

The fact that Trump is even making moves to consider amnesty is proof that I'm right.

the goal is to actually win, right?

No, it's to play ebin chess. If you kill your enemies they win. War is peace.

Kill yourself, Pedro.

He is not offering amnesty you fucking faggot.
Besides one does not exclude the other. Might as well vote for the least kiked candidates and do everything to prepare for DOTR.
Trump is in the process of effectively giving you access to free non-perishable supplies while taking away gibs from niggers . This type of food will come in handy eventually especially since whites will recognize the value before the subhumans will.

New plan: Everyone poz themselves to when ZOG butfucks us again they get HIV too! It's flawless!

Now that's using that old chess noggin.

and you are so lacking in self awareness, you don't realize that false dichotomy you keep trying to force just gives you away

I still say this is a bot

Oh, OP missed this one, the

Right outta the handbook. Nice.

Darwin would spin in his grave hearing such a scatter-brained Jewess misrepresent his findings in such a way. Absolutely Weimar.

You can't seem to get enough, can you.

Lol, no. And there is no reneging from Democrats, and the deal most likely won't even get that far, you nigger cunt. What part of "permanent solution for total border security, or no deal" is your she-monkey brain not processing? Help me out here.


I have pointed mine out already. At this stage what makes you think you are even worth debating, faggot?

Yeah, me too.

OP called shills like you and you don't even have the courtesy to use a different narrative. Sad!
The irony.
That said:

We. Have. Been. Over. This. You faggots are like kikes, you never change your narrative.
Nothing in this entirely temporary legislation is permanent - but the amnesty will be.
Its hilarious, you really are predictable, and even though OP addressed your claims - "McCarty recommended accepting the deal for temporary advantage, and then immediately violating the deal when they recover the White House. Democrats could chop enforcement funding and raise the annual inflow when they get back in power, McCarty said." - you just ignore it and keep shouting "BUT THESE PIECES OF LEGISLATION THAT CAN AND WILL BE CHANGED WILL CUT THEM OFF FROM THE SOURCE FOREVER GO-ER GUIZ!".

There's no debate - you're a meme.

What you fail to understand is that if this goes through there be more resources when it comes time to start killing. They will be targeted due to the color of their skin. They tend to keep money and gold on hand, and a small food supply. So resource rich environment. If any of you think we are getting our country back from the kikes without bloodshed, you're lying to yourself. Tricks will not save us. Trump is trying to do things the "right way". But that way doesn't get the job done, it simply delays the inevitable. Get fit, actively observe enemy territory, practice at the range, and invest in lots of american bouillon (pic related).

Yeah, nah.

We are not going to be able to solve this without spilling blood. Fuck compromise. Fuck amnesty. Kill the invading spics. Send the niggers back to Wakanda.


You sound like a 44D chess grand master. Donald is that you?

Because gays breed?
Faggots are self-destructive by nature. This is why they groom children to keep up their numbers since they don't breed naturally.

Mattis failed to disclose he will station them overseas…permanently.


The redpill (based zog emberor) is the new bluepill. The blackpill is the new redpill. Get your pills straight.


This only means Mattis doesn't want to lose anymore grunts.
Spic meatshield is still a meatshield afterall.


gonna need a citation on that

You're gonna need a citation on the fact that legislation is never a permanent condition, and that amnesty would be the most-difficult portion of such legislation to rescind once offered?
Fuck's sake, the Dems are even saying it in OP!
>"McCarty recommended accepting the deal for temporary advantage, and then immediately violating the deal when they recover the White House. Democrats could chop enforcement funding and raise the annual inflow when they get back in power, McCarty said." archive.is/oP3po) but they're holding out for a better deal which will be easier to undo while keeping the amnesty portion intact, even expand it.
They're willing to make a deal, because they know - as does anyone with any sense - that legislative shit like "ending chain migration" or "ending visa lottery program" is just a matter of the legislation "restarting family reunification" and "reinitiating diversity lottery programs", while rescinding the amnesty will be anudda shoah.

Because that's not true.

No, this means Mattis is shilling for non-White non-citizens who came in illegally being allowed to serve in our military and thereby gain amnesty. Its disgusting m8.
The last line of your commentary might as well read:

What's more:

We're literally training mestizos for the race war, and they're cutting their teeth in urban warfare training through gang activity. If you're gonna tell me I should be accepting/supporting this, because "More pawns for needless conflict overseas!", I'm gonna tell you to go fuck yourself.

Cedar Rapids is such a shithole nowadays. HUD nuked the place with Chicago niggers, but there's not all that many spics there yet.

Oh wow all 6 get to serve.

To all the fine Trump supporters saying it's 4D chess and the Democrats will never go for it: that's consistent with Trump's MO, and quite possibly true.

But that doesn't change the fact that this going through would be a disaster, and you should absolutely all be calling your government representatives and letting them know in the clearest terms possible that America does NOT want amnesty of any kind, and that anyone who votes for it is destroying their own political career.

"I offered them a path to amnesty, but the Dems wouldn't take it, oh well, not my fault, time to build the wall and deport everyone" is the best outcome for Trump, but ensuring that outcome is everyone's job.

This. We can't afford to let Trump be fooled into thinking that we've cooled off. Fuck, we should even be researching the Dem senators up for election this year.

See also: Vampires

kek. Reported.

Yeah, that's why the democrats are livid about this deal and completely refuse to take it even if it means turning spics against them. Reality proves you wrong as it always does. Try again.

Compromise is what fucking got us here, niggerlover.
No compromise.
They all have to go back, legal or not. They're not white, therefore they don't belong here.
No exceptions. Period.

Global report for supporting white genocide.

She, and the other kikes here and abroad do realize that if america becomes an Religion of Cuck™ic state that kikes will not survive to the end of the century, will be either killed or bred out by brown people? They do realize that they wont be masters of shit but the slaves of shit people?

Neocohen kikes love compromises since they enjoy sucking kosher cock and murdering white people.

200,000 deported. 7,300,000 needed in the first year. Explain this.

Reported for continuing the paid shill narrative.

They get to stay and live. That's amnesty. It's absolutely unacceptable and is a betrayal of what he campaigned on. You shouldn't even be surprised at this point.

It's not happening. They can't agree on anything besides DACA (which shows how cucky the republicans are), when it comes to the requirements for increased border security, further immigration restrictions, etc the dems just kvetch to high heaven and refuse to continue. Of course it will pay dividends for them at the midterms, since the shitskins and libs will blame republicans like they always do.

I'll add that this entire dog and pony show means very little for white Americans in reality, since the only thing that'll help our current demographic situation are mass deportations, which aren't likely to occur.

Uh oh! You posted truth that goes against the narrative! Looks like SOMEBODY needs to get a ban-ban!

Do you shills plan to make a nothingburger thread on DACA every single day?

OMGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK BLOUMPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sage negated, kike.



>02/13/18 (Tue) 21:39:10 ID: 7d65f6 No.11259292
watch them strain and moan to crank out this piece of legislation in three days only to be vetoed by our troll-in-chief

called it you faggots


His common sense is telling him to offer 1.8 million instead of the 800k the DNC originally wanted.