The Heartbreak of Indoctrination

Assuming this doesn't get locked/deleted, post your dealings with once sane people who have not just drunk the Kool-aid, they ordered it by the keg from Amazon.

[Mods: Ban me if you must, but I've got to get the bile out before I fucking choke to death on it, and Holla Forums is best waifu when it comes to understanding how much rage is currently boiling out of me.]

>Not one fucking mention of the other classes she's taking, as she obviously doesn't care about them now that she's been indoctrinated embraced social justice
>"I think gay people have had a hard life, what with being persecuted by…religious people."
>"I… uh… well, and Christians."

Watching a young girl get warped by the Shit Machine had permarustled my jimmies. I stayed for just long enough to be polite and then got the fuck out of there. Came home and told the wife the whole story. She just sat there. When I asked why, she said she didn't want to get into it with me. My fucking sister-in-law came out as "bi" (ie. once had a threesome) and the wife's been suddenly pro-fag ever since. I feel like I'm the last sane man in the world, sometimes. Other than sweet, sweet death, is there any way to get over this feeling of disgust and rage? Anyone have a similar story to share?

Look, blogger – There's no rational response to shit like this from shit like her. Just answer every time with "You're only saying that because you're too fat for a white man."

Literally a non sequitur and irrational reply, but that's speaking her language. Practice before you see her:

Yes, sir. Thank you for letting me purge my spleen, sir.

As far as what I'll say to her the next time I see her, I hope I never fucking see her again. She'll have blue hair and multiple piercings by this time next year.

This is a great post.

I was talking to some normie about the pedo question. They told me how much they hated pedos and how it was an act of evil to sexualize a child, and that they'd never let an adult touch their child. I mentioned it was a shame pedophillia will probably become mainstream in the future if we don't stop the cultural shift. They vehemently denied it. "No, it's revolting, no one would ever accept pedophillia, social justice won't change that".
Then, I told them about incrementalism, and how it was used to change our culture. I was specifically talking about the degradation of sexual morality (homosexuality, transexualism, hookup culture, unmarried sex, singe motherhood, racemixing, etc.). They accepted it as a fact, and I went on to talk about how pedophillia was now on its way to becoming a new social justice phenomenon.
Their response was
"Yeah, but, so long as it's done slowly enough and people have enough time to get used to it, then it's fine".

Normies really have no moral code. They only believe what they are expected to believe, and will chance their opinions based on what is socially acceptable. This person changed their tone in 3 fucking minutes to "I hate pedos, pedos will never be accepted" to "yeah I guess I can accept pedos so long as it's a slow process".

So where did you hide the body?

I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't over the internet. I don't ever get the chance to talk to indoctrinated normies since all of my friends and family are just as "redpilled" as me. I see horrible libshit strangers out and about, though, but I never talk to them personally.

I´ve the same problem. Cute cousin went to uni, became megalibshitcunt who is always correct and cant be defeated because patriarchy, and because so-um-intelligent

I just mock her belief system removing audience applause.
Previously worked all family members by themselves, each one, so when we have to do family meetups and the subject arises, I used the audience to grind her into doubt. Also managed to plant the need of 'proving herself' by going alone to a Zone Urbaine Sensible with some ngo, and I had the fun reading her drama on instagram about how the niggers and camel fuckers are pushovers and liars, and because of my constant bait and evidence showoff she escaped from shit situations, being redpilled by situation (and denial). Mixed feelings about that ilk. It´s family, but I feel she would laugh at my death by niggers or trannies.

Use the audience to laugh at her libshit beliefs, and have noticeable visual fun (at her expense). Plant seeds of doubts and have her moving into shitzones to have redpill stories of herself that she can´t deny.

Women are the most susceptible to group pressure and ridicule. You can convince a woman to believe anything so long as she believes it's popular. That's how libshittery is so pervasive now, since it's pushed in popular media.

My own sister fell to this shit over the course of a few years. She started out as a normal child conscious of racial and gender differences, and that started being chipped away as she went to university. Still, she didn't take the poison seriously and just did her assignments, got the degree, and got out.

I first noticed the change when she started reading spooky stories from sites like (((Jezebel))), and by this time I was fully Holla Forums but hid my power level very well. I warned her every time she mentioned these things about how the feminist rot would subconsciously seep in, but she insisted that she wasn't reading that, just the spooky stories. I knew what would happen from there on, and it did. About two years later she was regularly shilling the latest social justice bullshit at the dinner table, pro Religion of Cuck™ and pro feminism, despite being raised by a Christian family with a stay at home mother. We had a discussion about the wage gap, she conceded, but the issue came up again about a year after and, upon trying to reassert what I'd already told her, I was now "mansplaining" and it was then that I knew I'd basically lost the sister I once knew. She completely cut me off after I got engaged, came to the wedding at least. It hurts because we went through a lot together as kids and were close, and my wife is very similar - by rights they should get along well. Now I probably won't know my nieces and nephews, if they aren't cats or adopted niggers.

Moral of the story, learn from my mistakes: if you have daughters or sisters, consistently reinforce reality to them. In this world, you probably need to do that daily. Don't lose her like I did.

Hence this is why wresting the media from kike hands should be our #1 goal, prioritized far above any political struggles. Once being a modest yet stylish married woman with children who likes to cook and has a meaningful hobby becomes trendy once again, watch the tattoo removal and hair extension salons prosper. All the cretinous normalfags can be turned into 1488% NatSocs if their favourite TV show says that being a 1488% NatSoc is fashionable.

That's pretty sad, user.

women conform to authority figures, and university staff, msm and government mouthpieces all have more authority than you. It won't change until the kikes are slaughtered.


Normies have been conditioned to believe anyone who is questioning the narrative is a conspiracy theorist and equivalent to a man holding a sign up on the street rambling about the apocalypse. By all means try a drip campaign of information to wake them up, but results are going to be varied.

The hole I have seen in their defenses is that normies still believe that for a regular person to get ahead in life they have to rip other people off, somehow this works around the wiring in their brains. I had maybe the most pro-refugee person in my life break their conditioning when I told them how I made money selling a house I fixed up to a refugee buyer. I went over how the government paid all the down payment and how the private resettlement companies were complicit in defacto mortgage fraud because they made millions on the resettlement contracts. All this is true by the way, but by making it seem more about the hustle than helping people it turned some kind of light bulb on in their head.


You're absolutely right about the lemmings.
This is what I have tried to explain over and over to the blackpills who despair about the future because so many people are dumb sheep.
All those morons who have been coerced into degenracy and weakness can also be coerced back to decency and strength.
He who controls the memes controls the future.

She is

Ill add my own shit here, but as sage cause Holla Forums aint for blogposting.

Thats about it, she used to want to be white but now shes the complete opposite. She was never fully white to begin with, but still a shame.

Another is my aunt not much to tell there, just that after meeting her after i got rid of my depression i suddenly heard her talking shitl ike "us germans are learning from the refugees"
She actually believes those are refugees and completely ignores the murder and rape.

to add, as pointed out I was pretty bluepilled on race other than niggers and jews + depressed.
Hence that shitty mix.
I do have a qt blonde gf now.

Can any conversations happen on this board anymore? What the fuck is going on these past few days? Everything that isn't a damn news article is getting locked.

I don't have the screen cap ,but what do you think about the fact that it used to be normal to marry 13-18 year old girls-with added points 1.that's the only time to teach them how to not be a jewish tool
2.(I don't know about this)That it was probably jews and old hags in the first place who fought to establish and raise age of consent so all girls can get their morals from talmudvision first

It's interesting subject of it own , "We" either know or should know everything at this point-war type ready.So thread are about new thing that "we" didn't know,and even those "we" mostly predicted to happen or predicted the result off.
Then there is op-sec , the starting point is that alphabets know anything already ,but people like to keep secrets anyway
What would you want to talk about,I can't really contribute to the topic-I live in Poland and we don't practice bullshit here

Past few days? This sort of thing always gets shut down (check my OP; I knew that at the very least it would be anchored). It's too bad because we all have to deal with these sad sacks of shit in real life and threads like these help us learn and teach each other how to deal with this shit.

However, I AM grateful it wasn't deleted outright. Thanks to everyone who shared.

They should be coerced into a bog.