Justice Minister: Israel Must Keep Jewish Majority Even at the Expense of Human Rights

Minister Ayelet Shaked addressed the proposed nation-state law, contending that Israel as a Jewish state must administer equal civil but not national rights


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oh the irony.

I can't wait till they finally fuck up so badly not even America can save them.

I see the jews have not yet learned to be multicultural.

Such terrible racism. We should let everybody know about this and bring pressure to get her fired. Come to think of it, I'll bet there are lots of racists in the Israeli government. I'll even bet that's why they want war with Iran.

Hands Off Iran and Syria!
US Stay Away From Israel's Racist War!

I was just thinking of this when I saw the OP. Good dubs to boot

Like they have to know being so openly racist like this will backfire on them hard, right?

Expecting backfire when you own all the media and goverment. Goy, have you even checked your privilege today?

7 comments and already sticky?

i was thinking the same thing, but at least there aren't a dozen random stickied threads anymore.

Are you going to do it or not? Or all those fucking memes are just thin air?

Well now, how about that. How in the fuck can that be amplified to all of the good Goys in the ol'USA.

This will fly under the radar for most normies unless /pol uses meme magic.

Fire up those memes boys! It's time to dispense some red pills to the masses.

I'm not good at OC, but I can try. . .


I am uncertain what came first, reality or the memes.


Good God.

AFK at the moment but this is a simple redpill meme. Also could do a meme like IOTBW with "Why do you support Israel's race war?"

Keep trying Newfag. You'll get there, or not.


It's supposed to be normie-friendly, you fucking autist. Shut up while your betters plot.

That's some plebbit-tier fag shit user.

Thanks for the backup user. You get it.


I'll make some OC when I get home faggot. Some of us work for a living.

The way flappy sits like a vulture at Haaretz, he's got to be a Pally. kek. Explains a lot.

Fuck you, jew cunt. Peterson pushes cancer.

Jesus fucking christ user just because I used a JP meme doesn't mean I support that fucking shill but it's an effective way to get our message across to normies.


Flappy was outed as the res…identshitskin a while back.

I run my own business you fucking kike. I went out to eat because I work on my own time.

i want to bust a nut on her face

reported for making shit memes

it's spelled "hypocrisy."


can someone explain why youtube embeds are allowed in Holla Forums?

Because why the fuck not. In before “hurr hooktube only” Who gives a shit.

Yeah, it's for promotion of kike channels. Basically, the whole operation is a kike promotion thing. Just like the stupid nigger crap put up by that faggot kike Drudge.


fuck off thot



Now this is the temptation of the synagogue of satan that wasn't anticipated.

Then we will take what we want from your cold hands.

Three months, and you did it to them. Tell the truth, you’re too weak to do what you must on your own.

Holla Forums does apparently, but you know, fuck just plain common sense.

< posting thots

That's a lil' dude user. Why do weeaboos always fucking turn out to be pedos and crossdressers? This is why I stopped watching anime when I was a teenager.

You said it brother. I didn't believe in the Succubus until I saw her kiked face.

aye, a true semen demon


there's literally nothing about this in any western media lol
even kikebart too chickenshit to report on it
they full well know what this would sound like if reported on honestly

There never will be. The news is all lies. It creates a false concept of what is even happening. There's nothing real about it. Consider this: We are in a proxy war, a cold war with Russia, in Syria. This is but one of many things being covered up at this time.

And it should be added that there is nothing like law either. Law is a scam. It's merely a list of excuses for oppression by American oligarchs.

I'm pretty sure he already knew that the news is full of shit.

I like her eyes though. Weird green grey thing going on.


The bad news is that it might take a while to get America so bad off that America can't save Israel from it's own mistakes, but at this point I don't even care. A nation is not a government or even a GDP. These are paper entities and the crises of a government or a currency disappear when that government or currency dies. But the people live on. They will always survive, I realize that now. Israel was gloating about killing off all the Canaanites but in actuality the Canaanites of antiquity are genetically the same as the Lebanese. Europeans will survive the coming shitstorm. That's all that really matters.

Seperate but equal. Where have i heard this before?

And western open borders advocates incl. politicians will support this 100%. Funny how that works.

Sex/porn/masturbation is the worst drug there is. Why do anything else when it doesn't give as big of a dopamine hit?
All faggots, 'asexuals', trannies, pedophiles are completely controlled by porn. When 'normal' material no longer gives the same high they look for more extreme filth.
Unsurprisingly, the porn industry is completely jewish run

Porn is (((psychological warfare))), the purpose of which is to get society addicted to deviancy, their instinct to reproduce rewired into degenerate lust. This means that they have an irrational attachment to defending abnormal behaviours because it's been associated with the dopamine hits they get from the porn they've see.

Every time you masturbate to pornography you are recieving a dopamine reward (because your brain thinks you're reproducing) that your brain then craves. If you continue to do this you will need more extreme material to get the same dopamine reward. This leads to further and further deviant fetishes over time

tl;dr: Sex is for the sole purpose of reproduction. Chasing after dopamine hits with (((porn))) leaves you a porn-addicted tranny/fag/cuck/pedophile.


I completely agree brother. Thanks for the reminder.

Way to slide the thread (((brother)))

Surely the goyim will forget the original topic and quible over the manufactured outrage you have created keeping israel and the jewish people safe from annudah shoah.

I agree but am also massively addicted. Despite that, I'm still against all the shit the kikes push.

Why am I not surprised.

By that logic anyone fapping to porn is doomed to become a tranny/cuck/pedo. And that is obviously not true.

fucking mildly related, please use this to it's full potential.

and an interesting conversation. Holla Forums will laugh hard at this one.

has she ever gone off about preferring light eyes, hair, and skin? that's the next logical stepf for Israleis to start talking about. thier progression to full, literal Nazi is quite hilarious


>defending (((porn)))

Where's the slide? Someone asked an important question and I answered while politely saging. You replying to that post with an impulsive kvetch to defend your porn addiction is sliding.

That is absolutely true.


Watching another man have sex with a woman you desire is what exactly?

Yeah, and I guess eating organic fruit makes you a liberal fag faggot too. Guess it's time to stop eating that.

Dependence on jewtube should be decreased. Don't you agree? Even if the videos come from yt in the first place they should be reuploaded somewhere else.

You would stick to the topic instead of "sliding" attention away from the important facts about kike hypocrisy.

Inb4 thats not what sliding means goy…er …guy!

I want her to fuck me. Mmmmm does she look good.

(((she))) will age like milk

Hooktube doesn't reupload…

Oy Vey! Have you seen our territory?


Gather your guns it's time to fight.

This is what happens to goons: they become retarded.

Fastest way to stop 'MultiKulti' in Europoor is to meme MultiKulti for Israel
(((They))) will redpill norms while exposing themselves - all without input from (you).

(((them))): "MultiKulti is bad for us goy. Multikulti is good for you goy"
Norm: "Thanks for redpilling me to your lies, now fuck off you hypocrite."

Not doomed, but it does draw you closer to it as regular sex becomes boring to you, and you seek darker and darker novelties.

Except it isn't a dude, it's a heavily autistic grill.

Geez, what's with you fucks obsession that anything on the internet is a dude?

This should be done. It does work on liberals, even women. They think Jews are just another type of white men. Associate Zionist crimes with the Bushes. Even though they are emotional adult children, some of our views quite frankly have more in common with liberals than with the (((ultra capitalists))). These retards just have to be switched from Russia to Israel.

Exactly. She just has a feminine penis, right user?

Wait what is she saying?! Then Switzerland needs a tool to preserve Swissness and Russia needs a tool to preserve weirdness - oh, we all already have, but they try to oppress us with bogus international law. There is always an exception for Israel.

You could see a cameltoe and think "he knows how to tuck it in". Stop eating soy.

And yet, here you are. Posting more degeneracy. Show some Goddamned self respect.

America Must Keep Christian Majority Even at the Expense of Human Rights

Don't forget it was posted by a bot or a faggot one-n-done as well. Mods love trash


Found the (((porn))) addicted kike lovers.

Why so salty user? Did I trigger you?

Jesus fucking christ user even if it's a girl she's too young for fags like you to be fawning over her.

/polacks don't look at kid's genitals user and you shouldn't either.

No one here is butthurt we just don't like pedos flaunting their kiddie porn stash on /pol and *anime is for degenerates.*


Well aside from the genocide anyway.

Jesus christ how little do they pay you for this bullshit? Don't you guys have a manual?

This is true of all semites. Don't ever fall for their chutzpah.

Holla Forums will be at the center of that transformation and they will resent us for it

Another shipped over European that found a sugar daddy and converted?

More like the kikes fickwi fickied millions of shiksas.

It's already begun. Syria was/is the beginning of the end.

Without our leading role, and without that transformation, Israel Palestine will not survive.



Reported for bestiality.
not really, torfags cannot report
somebody plox report this faggot for me?

he's heilin' away from those dubs


jpost .com/Israel-News/Trumps-2019-budget-request-includes-200-millon-increase-to-Israel-542467

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is a Controlled Opposition Jewish psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

lurking on chans does that to you

She's in her 40s already user. :^)



Fuck off nigger.


Interesting twist…….

NSA incident today

Twitter user says:

Obviously they were leaving.. I mean if they were planning on entering; 1: they would have to know that would be ridiculously stupid and wouldn't work! 2: It's the NSA shouldn't they know if someone was planning on crashing their facilities?

Anything that is actually effective on normies is what JIDF kvetches the most about.

In order to use hypocrisy against hook noses, you have to start with "We need to follow Israel's example".
We need to follow Israel's example on immigration
Only will then the jew be forced to explain it or be caught in a lie.

That's the point. Peterson needs to be Ben Garrisoned so he either shifts to telling the truth or (more likely) doubles down like an SJW and loses his entire base.

Removing the shill backup needs to be the first phase of the attack. The second phase needs to be memeing Diversity (tm) in Israel!

If we do this correctly, we can actually gas the fucking kikes, goddamnit. Or do you faggots have a reason we can't go nuclear on the kike shills and end this once and for all?

YES. This is what I am talking about. They must burn. Gas the kikes.

Oh, I see.
This is apparently this faggot's latest spam. Fuck you, nigger.

I like it. Could we give it the IOTBW treatment?


I genuinely don't understand how these are both true. Are the Jews simply this divided, or is there something I've overlooked?

Can I get some redpills on Jews behind immigration into Europe/ the USA?

Good eye, top fucking lel.

imagine a state
lets call it valhallia
its full of people that can get in the country based on a few genetic markers if undocumented
Or they can get in with a good standing with their community and their local spiritual leader
this state builds walls and does not give rights to people that work their or stay there even if born there unless they pass the above tests
if this state is based on some national/ethnic background from europe
what would happen if it exists
lets say this state is centered in modern day turkey or modern day libya
because hundreds or thousands of years ago some cities had their ethnic/national background in it
lets say also they use a spiritual book full of mixed origin stories to back it up



I like this approach.

The closest thing I can think of in this regards is the nation of Iceland, for it was in the beginning only for Vikings, and their women that they stole from Ireland.

Yes… best bash the Jewish opposition to nationalism in America with this… OVER AND OVER.

And a new meme was born

Smug anime girls aren't degeneracy, but you learned of them from election 2016 and to you, it's just a way to upvote yourself.


fucking dumbfucks




No kidding!!!


owned by a literal mason who runs a treechink fuckshack

lmao one micron of makeup less and shes a solid 3/10

her cunt probably smells like rotting matzo



LOL. I bet who ever wrote that is pretty proud of how many gullible idiots STILL think that Josh wrote that idiotic thing

Remember, goyim, nat soc is only for Jews. You can never do it or we'll sic American on you!

If knowing Jews control 99.9% of porn 'industry' to genocide Whites doesn't convince you to nofap, then perhaps knowing semen contains concentrated nutrients at the expense of your other organs, assuming you don't have a surplus from a nutrient rich diet, will convince you to stop literally degenerating your body into a zombie. You can't be a uber SS if you deliberately deny yourself the tools needed to be a RWDS soldier, so pick a side.
polite sage for White brotherly advice

You know, sometimes I'm blown away by how well-informed and intelligent people are here on Holla Forums.
And at other times, somebody on Tor shows up.

Jesus christ is this is the best 'evidence' you shill faggots have?

Pee is stored in the balls.

Found the kike.

Yes and no. Its more like, what you might call Lefty Jews don't feel like they need Israel anymore, even as a backup plan. Its actually something of an eyesore to them.

Also people really overestimate the whole Jewish Tribalism thing, it was Zionists after all that came up with the idea of German Concentration Camps as part of a scheme to smuggle Jews into Israel. While the Bolsheviks in Russia murdered millions of their own people. And modern day Israel has carefully cultivated a system that exploits terrorism to keep their own population in a constant state of fear and the ruling Zionist class firmly in power. They need Netanyahu on that wall et al.

The whole history of Jewish Rabbinical Culture is basically a glorified mafia style system. Soros himself worked with the Nazis. Meaning that even Jewish Nationalism is just a joke. In other words, they don't even posses that as a redeeming feature.


Not a mason, so your barriers don’t mean anything to me commies.

They have a few redeeming features.

The more they do this the more I think…. yeah, that's what we should be doing for whites.

What, the Bolcheviks killed millions of jews?

I can only think of being really cunning in a "evil final boss" kind of way, that and khazar milkers.

But is right, jews would gladly throw other jews under the bus in the name of profit.

R u foox runnin q enymoor er not¿

stopped reading


You folk… an'yer hī'īdealz of postin'etiqueerette.
I hope the stories i hear of Logan and a possible Onkle Adœ about are, in fact… untrue.
If not.. then the
fucking khazahrianz could doit better than thee
Watabunchahh… people whom have no…

Oh I have no doubt they might consider it. I have no qualms with asking someone else to recover my money from a Jew for a percentage. Assuming the Rabbi doesn’t facilitate the exchange like he is supposed to in such circumstances.

The Bolsheviks weren’t Jews. They were foreigners brought in after the Jews failed to capture Moscow the first time. The Bolsheviks could have easily been dealt with had the White Russians made them a deal.

Why dont you convert to judaism user?

I believe Jesus was a great man, and that he was a son of God as many great men were.

I don’t hate the Jews, but I want to see them learn to live with their racial cousins peacefully. They are the most aggressive people on the planet, and I think they should learn to relax and be less aggressive.

Nice get


I only fap to superior mongolian 2D porn, not jewish shitted trash.

I must have become a tranny pedophile and didn't notice….

Perhaps. If you’re one to assume that his spirit with return in a Mexican guy living in LA, then yes he is THE son of God.

I don’t think that is the case. I am also not a Jew and a would appreciate not being called as such.

White babies, gotta make them ;-)

You have no say in it schlomo, quit being a bigot. I am not a cuck, but you’re far beyond having incriminated yourself.

Long nose tribe get kicked out of this many caves:
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Makes Grug think….

Open Israel's borders now!

Our group is allocating $2,000,000 in resources to help Israel become multicultural. With much more support to come.

Israel must become multicultural if it is to survive into the future.

Good for fucking you faggot. Quit shitting up this board.

Very nice.


Caves too dark for long nose?

Good, 200 miljon good christian latin american mulattoes incoming. You christcucks are not on our side. Your souls are jewish. Begone from here.

Persians have not been indo european for 2000+ years. The indos that conquered Persia disappeared trough mixing with the locals.

Zionist jews are Craftworld Eldar, anti-zionist jews are Dark Eldar. They both see you as subhuman monkies to be eradicated at best and farmed for resources at worst. But the zionists want to build a cohesive, conservative, insular society for themselves on top of the mountain of corpses, and the anti-zionists want to fuck the corpses and create art with the menstrual blood of virgin goys.

The zionists are an enemy who can be understood in the context of human tribalism, with relatable goals and desires. The anti-zionists are literal lovecraftian abominations who seek to return our ordered universe to a state of primordial chaos.

Meanwhile in Syria… Nothing to see here, Goyim, move along.

Ayyy lmao!

Just going to leave this here.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?


Jewish networking
Black networking
Hispanic Networking
Asian Networking
Indian Networking
Muslim Networking

And let's add Gay and Women networking.


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

If not for the fucking Evangelicals in this country public support for Israel would be below 50%.

Right winged normies will think it's just. They want something similar for their own nations. Leftwingers hate Israel due to Palestine anyway and cry out abuse, but at the same time view jews as a minority that needs to be respected and therefore can't push anything on them.

Too bad if it wasn't for evangelicals democrats would win ever election in every country until the end of time. As if it matters because both party answer to banks, but you know what I mean.

There are numerous books on the subject that cover this subject well enough. Feel free to do your own research on it.

I am not interested in solving any more problems atm. Have enough trouble with the Masons not leaving me alone, when all I am trying to do is go to college so I can keep my 3.6+ GPA.

Which is why they played the cloak and dagger game for so long; the media is under their control and only the fringe and smaller outlets will call them out on it. You won't see any of the big name news conglomerates bring attention to their hypocrisy.

Going after me because of my lineage is a shitty thing to do Jews.

i'm starting to understand why Hitler supported the zionists, and why the Chabad attacked them.
A Jewish Ethnostate is good for the world, as it acts against the globalist 'jew running every country' schemes of the Chabad scum.
Without defending any Jewish tricks, or doing anything other than despising the cabal of international jewery that is the scourge of this planet, I support their Justice Minister and wish her luck.

Enjoy your ban.

Fuck off kike


They can't be this stupid

I hadn't seen this before. This should be spread everywhere, it's a redpill in video form.

Truth prevails, get gassed


The Whore of Babylon

If we can't be white, you can't be Jewish.

It would appear the trap culture has turned the ducks gay.


Ever notice people who post Neo-AWM stuff, just post new toons aimlessly in stickies without adding anything to the conversation? That, or they use his new shoops and just copy paste news articles. Really makes you think.

America has already been thoroughly decimated. Any entity helping Israel or International Jewry is already property of the Jews by proxy.

Thanks for the blackpill, Shlomo.


Are you just trying to prove my point or are you actually retarded?


The point is, you have no point. The images I've shared do all relate to the theme of the thread and are statements unto themselves, while your self-important kvetching is wholly meaningless and non-productive. There's an excellent chance someone may enjoy, copy and use the images I posted elsewhere.
(happens all the time, FYI) As for your useless entries, um … not so much.

uh, ok y-you too.

Go the >>>/awyattmann/ if you want to post his neo-work. These pictures have nothing to do with the OP and are just general reaction comics. Reported for admitting to spam threads

Bwahahhahah … for posting "The Goyim Know" related images on an imageboard … in a thread entitled "You can't have this, Goyim"
with a heading that reads "On the Jews and their Lies". Hehehehahahahah (snort)

Really, Gertrude … your panties are showing … let it go.


Posting OC for no reason


Some more

This fucking post

I see the kikes are trying to co-opt the board again like every other day

christian support for israel is beginning to decline based on my own local observation, due to faceberg largely, where pastors are hit with uncomfortable information that they must dig to answer, and the digging in turn often causes them to adjust their positions…it's getting harder for them to not know that israel and the israel of the bible are not in fact the same

my 2 cents at least

Goddamn, she's fucking ho-


Perhaps it is dawning on them that sending 4 billion a year in aid to israel every year as your own religion is dies isn't very smart.


she is hot . I give you 4 goats for her

Is that Nyaners?

they truly are masters of deception

You ruined your post with this you autist:

Anyone with any experience redpilling someone in real life knows it takes the acceptance of many prior redpills to get a normies to accept this one. Leading off with the holohoax just gets you dismissed as a nutter

Oh, she is so fucking hot

She has a touch of that Jew-hazel. Don't feel bad about finding it weirdly appealing, though. It was bred to entrance the goyim.

This needs to be. An op

jews have brown eyes usually user, or some darker color

Sends faggots to rape you after drugging you and immobilizing you then tells you that it’s for your own good and that you’re guilty for unspeakable crimes that haven’t been committed yet.

You’re either a retarded Jew or just a liar.

I ingested what you keep putting in my food faggot. Quit putting drugs in my food.

Führer: Germany Must Keep German Majority Even at the Expense of Human Rights

Führer Adolf Hitler addressed the proposed nation-state law, contending that Germany as a German state must administer equal civil but not national rights

I see your point but a Jewish ethnostate in palastine is too delecate in world affairs
Hitler's Madagascar solution would of meant we didn't have this shit

Never saw the "Richard Spencer calls Israel based white ethnostate" one but not out of the blue


*crushes your kike army*

Still pretty top tier for a Jewess since she lacks the giant schnoz and cranio-mandibular deformities many Jews sport thanks to their inbreeding.

Anti-Zionist Secular Jews are often actually Frankists, which is a Judeo-Gnostic heresy that mandates the overthrow of all laws, is associated with sexual perversions and subversion (many were mandated to convert to Catholicism to hide their activities.).

Jews are laughing at this, I am sure of it. They have junkies maxed out doing their dirty work and bringing them fortunes of shekels.

Not sure what you’re accomplishing schlomo, drugging people and raping them doesn’t do anything to compromise them.

When blue says they owe you and then fail to pay you. When gold laughs at you and still fails to pay you. When black owes you so much money that it has to send fags to rape you to keep you away, and everyone just sits here being a piece of shit while demanding integrity from each other.

Great job Holla Forums. You’ve managed to let con artists and complete thieves run the forum.

Then Red tells me I need to join them, and doesn’t understand I don’t want anything to do with the rest of you while you’re acting like completely shady niggers.


When homos strike making an appointment to get your car fixed.not a tranny, stop the bullshit already.

I’m a pussy because I won’t go to prison so faggots can keep me around longer? You’re not even men at this point. You’re just working niggers.

You think it’s funny? How about you doing it?

Jews like butt sex, I don’t

go back and help your quadchink friends farm coins, you colossal cum dumpster faggot

So you are a fan of mutilation and degenerates. Seems like you’re on the wrong site.

Stop being aggressive homosexuals.

What happens to Israel if all we do to Israel is what Israel does to other countries?

Negative, not happening. Get over it. You’re not Hitler, I am.



White Nationalism/Alt-Right is an anti-White Controlled Opposition psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is an anti-White Controlled Opposition psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is an anti-White Controlled Opposition psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is an anti-White Controlled Opposition psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is an anti-White Controlled Opposition psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is an anti-White Controlled Opposition psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is an anti-White Controlled Opposition psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

I understand this is just a spammer but, is National Socialism applied to all whites not white nationalism when at its base its ethno nationalism?
Whats wrong with white nationalism? its not the alt right.

Good. All white nations should point to her and Israel from now on if anyone were to question majority quo.


Pretty kek that it comes from one of all people in government.

big nose tribe come to grug, tell 6 die in holobuga
6 me think, that a lot
grug give big nose tribe all he berries

What the fuck is even going on in this thread now

"The Bolsheviks weren’t Jews"
You are so funny Schlomo, who told you that Alex Jones?

If the bolsheviks werent jews what did their congresses look like and who where they made up of? :^)

The Bolshevik leadership was mostly Jews, the fighters were the Red army and they were mostly western Slavs and Turks.

Stop poisoning my food faggots. You lost, put the kid in prison already.

I claimed the same thing about the US military in a thread not long ago and was laughed at. How do you figure?

I am not sure, most people consider pro-Zionists goys as Jews.

I know real Jews, scary Jews that would likely kill you if you got in their way. I also know nice Jews that just like pulling pranks on Goys.

Out of every group I have interacted with the Jews are the most aggressive. The Whites are the most dangerous, the Blacks are the most unpredictable and the Mexicans appear to have a lot of homosexuals among them.

Back off Vato, I don’t want any burritos.

How come nobody seems to notice current system of shadowgovernment where more and more people get mkultrad and forced to obey commands coming out of a central computer infacing with cellphone apps?

Who is familiar with gangstalking groups expanding membership pools and becoming a real paramilitary organization in plain sight in every western nation until a critical mass is reached for takeover?

Methods of persuasion, drugs, electronic energy weapons, electronic mindcontrol in existence since 1980.

Joint task force and Special Operations Command silently killing people "accidents and natural causes"


This. The lies and hypocrisy can't go on forever. (((Their))) evil ways will catch up to them.

Context my dude? I find it hard to believe that even Trump would say it so boldly. He should know better than most that (((they))) are always watching.

I think you mean

Here's a philosophical quandry:

If you send 5 million kebabs, which isn't a lot, to impregnate all their women and convert to Religion of Cuck™, will Judaism finally be gone?

No. The offspring will be raised as jews because the fathers would have nothing to do with the jewish mother or the offspring. It isn't as if the fathers are going to marry the jewish women. The mother would be free to raise the child as she wishes (in other words as a jew). It is if you don't know why being jewish is dependent on the mother.

Because America is also stolen land.


he was quoting those evil anti-semitic Iranians, I believe

In terms of land I'm a firm believe in possession being 9/10th's of the law, but your argument makes no sense.

Wouldn't look at it with a borrowed dick.

Yeah I recognize my mistake but why should Whites give a shit about featherniggers kvetching about the idea that the US was "stolen land" when the truth is the settlers only went to claim empty plots of land, then said featherniggers decided to fight against Whitey and we won fair and square, it's not my fault why they're objectively inferior. Before the settlers arrived all they ever did throughout their history was wage war and take land from other neighbouring featherniggers, but the (((Left))) keeps insisting they dindu nuffin because they're "oppressed people of mjonochrome people of color".

Kikes being kikes noting new.

They have the ultimate victim status, that is illegal in almost all western countries to even question. As in, imprisoned for years for speaking negatively about.
They've tricked and exploited and blackmailed and stolen for centuries to cause this, the only way they'll falter is if they do something so blatant and arrogant that it causes an immediate backlash on a massive scale.
Or if some aware people organise and deal with them spontaneously.

I've somehow managed to go about my life not hating Jews, but they do make it so fucking difficult. It's funny how my country doesn't even have many Jews, but my native language has a word literally translating to "jewing", which means "to lie".

So what's your nationality? You haven't told us yet.

At the end of the day, the Hasidic Jews will be the backbone of their population growth. These people will not serve in the military and try to avoid working in favor or a life devoted to religious study. This is not sustainable.