Anti feminist

let's tape "it's okay to be male" in schools and restaurants. it would piss off feminist and would help red pill the Norrie population.

Why just those places?

good point post them in most public places that you can just don't get caught

literally no one goes around in public display saying its not okay to be male
we have hundreds if not thousands of proofs of jews going publically in their speeches and on jewy social networks like twitter speaking that its not okay to be white and that all whites should be ashamed of "slavery" and "colonization" and that ethnostates for whites are bad, but ethnostate for israel is great

Nah, not triggering enough. It's always been okay to be male if you're a shitskin. The only one that really cops it for manhood is whites, everyone else gets a free pass. And half the time we're getting blamed for what the kikes are doing while they parade around as white. This was a shit idea when it was introduced months ago and it still is.

It's ok to be a man. Would work for the beta fucks too.

Caught? It's ok. Just post them in the appropriate manner. Don't break the law. Pussy.


its okay to be gay OP

Did your cuckphone autocorrect your reddit slang



Caught doing what, shlomo? There's nothing illegal here.

"It's ok to be male" doesn't address the core of the issue. Using masculine, terms, such as "it's ok to be a patriarch/patriot/etc" would get closer to the qualities of spiritually strong men the left hates and fears.

It's okay for op to suck cocks


good idea ranjeet i have been denyed my bob and vagene for a last time

1. Use the template for IOTBW, change the phrase to "It's Ok to be a man."
2. Post these in various places.
3. ????


It's okay to be a nigger/jew/spic/poo/coconut/abo male but it's not okay to be a white male…
You're all high if you think it's just about men in general.

however, consider:

It still needs the word "white" in there…

No, it's good like this. Then the'll reply with "oh, it's OK to hate WHITE men". This is really all about the response. To cause THEM to highlight THEIR actual vile nature.

This is not a good campaign. Too easy to twist and kinda pathetic.

Could use a stronger rework? I agree but our enemies are kind of pathetic , think of the shit to trigger the typical social justice college faggot.

I'm going to be honest, user, there isn't really an end goal in mind besides triggering. What's the point? Triggering is fun, sure, but there has to be something effective and substantial here if you want to get something done.

I think that's kind of the issue with every spinoff from It's Okay To Be White. There hasn't been a purpose besides lets trigger some niggers since then. It's easy to make something that triggers college faggots, that's cake, but is that really what we're after?

Just triggering some college kids, then everyone forgets? I don't like it, man.

Holy shit just leave it at the original, when have copycat memes EVER been good?

Fuck me. This is reddit tier trash.


They talk about "Toxic Masculinity" so why not "Masculinity is not Toxic"? Or something like that.


*our obviously

Fuck off with this Reddit-tier crap, Ben Kikepiro. Nobody cares, Sargoy/Petestein's ideas are mainstream and we don't have to be pushing them.

Bad bad bad. Negative stamens are not ok. Negatives are perceived as negative, prohibition and aggression against readers actions. Only use positive statements.

God this shit is so passive aggressive. I know it gets under their skin but it's effeminate as balls.

And so you bump it…

this was what i was going to say, except with a sage. people nowadays dont even know what a man is

Actually, near as I can tell most Holla Forumsacks style themselves as strong men and defenders of women. So basically they are whiteknights and cucks – though they throw the predictable hissy fit just like a woman if you point this out. Also, how could you be so crass as to suggest women aren't superior to men by your obvious misogyny OP? You'll likely get a lot of asshurt slung at you around these parts on this touchy subject..

Women are simply mindless plastic, just be a strong man to mold them properly and they will be perfect human beans thereafter.

Just for keks

Kike found

You oy vey'd pretty hard there rabbi

Could steal from crowder
Male Privilege is a myth.
White privilege is a myth.
Something that sounds more like a challenging their beliefs rather than a meek its ok to be male message.

no fucking sequels
but if you must