Russia Insider names the Jew. Beautifully

This is a very well written take on the Jewish question and it's relationship to Russia

It's exceptional in that it's very structured and very normie friendly so distribute aggressively please.

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How big is Russia Insider? Is it a niche site or is it a bit on the radar?

there was a previous archive of this article 2 weeks ago

well i tried. looks like either and .fo are b0rked or being blocked

I really like the picture on the right. I hope a communist didn't paint it.

Pretty small. Supported by private donations. It describes itself in the article. Very transparent. The write up is structurally and logically sound

No, the artist was Ilya Glazunov who is pretty negative about Communists.

We also had a thread here two weeks ago.

I am all for anyone pointing out the JQ, but don't go thinking this site is some kind of independent outlet and not an RT-style shill site for the Kremlin. No journalist in Moscow will criticize the Putin regime. Those that have in the past are all dead.

You Putinfaggot duckbutter drinking, semen swallowing, pozzed bugchasers think this is relevant when it's illegal to deny the Holohoax in Russia.

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Just read the article.

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We already had a fucking thread on this. What are you sliding, kike?




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It's full on RIDF.

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If the AI was coded by a kike it would explain the depraved nature of the violence. The AI is evolving and learning but will it ever be able to fully rid itself of it's JewNA?

Sage because it’s old news and we already had a thread on this when it came out you turbo niggers

We had a 750 post sticky on this, you filthy casual.

Not really

Indeed, Russia has always been more authoritarian than its neighbors, and will remain as such so long as the flame of Orthodox Christianity burns in its soul.
Not necessarily a bad thing..

We had this thread a month ago, why are you posting about it? So it will not get memory holed? Go post this to normies on facebook

If we make a new thread for every old shit, we would need to increase the number of pages vastly