World Church of Creativity?

Anyone read "Nature's Eternal Religion"?

Is this the most based "religion" ever? Im not sure why I dont see anything about this here. I kind of just stumbled on this and am reading his book, it's like he's reading /our/ mind!

They call it a religion is that legit or is that a method to avoid censorship by the USG? I think its the latter…nothing really "religious" in it…other than a religious-like adherence to preserving the white race.

More info:

Other urls found in this thread:'sEternalReligion.pdf;cat=5'sBible.pdf

Book info and link to PDF - look at the TOC'sEternalReligion.pdf

They've got so many poster level quality memes and images. It's the mother load.

"Church Flyers" (lol!) pages and pages;cat=5

I'd probably just take of the lame W symbol


Not familiar with that board, are you passive-aggressively calling me a rat?

You're probably about to get shilled hard by /christian/ posters. As for the premise of the OP, I like Dr. Klassens work and there is something to it. Especially with how anti white Christianity is.

Does Ben Klassen have an alternate name? Ben "Klassen" Garrison perhaps?

Where did you find this?

It seems the spiritual Jew is very difficult to remove from the Aryan soul. They best solution is heresy and syncretism. That is, take the story of Jesus, and say he was the child of Odin, the ALL FATHER, then pick and chose the best stories from a nationalist perspective from the bible, the sagas, Greek/Roman myth, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism ect…

But it will still be a 'Christian religion because the core belief in Jesus as savior remains. In my mind this is similar to editing a retrovirus. The capsule is the same but the message (DNA), at least for the temporal realm, is different.

They do have a "bible" White Man's Bible

I mean has some spiritual aspects, but its more like a political doctrine, very very interesting read nonetheless:'sBible.pdf

Yes that is the problem it's not a serious religion.
Really, Ben Klassen could just add Jesus and his movement would be WAYYY more successful, especially in the USA.

Sorry nerds but you need a cool new miracle to justify a new religion.

William Luther Pierce also had a similar concept- Cosmotheism- like Ben Klassen… problem is people aren't willing to give up on personal salvation even if it is irrational. Therefore, keep the bare necessary irrationality (Jesus as savior) and have the rest deal with a practical and desirable Utopian vision for the future based on action.


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That isn't exactly false. It's an absurdity to claim that only the Israelites were aware of God–we know for sure Greek philosophers discovered Him independently through reason. Not too much of a stretch to suggest the Israelites weren't the only ones to receive revelations, either. You can't claim every story told of Odin is true of God the Father, but it's likely that at the root Odin is meant to be a name for God.
This is pretty much what premodern European tradition did (minus Zoroastrianism and Buddhism–there's a little bit of influence from those, but they're not directly part of the canon). Christianity is the only one that's fully true, but all the rest have valuable lessons.

The real problem people like you have is that you don't actually believe any of this. You can't build a lasting religion if you think it's all bullshit. The Mormons are the closest anyone's come to that and they're still obviously goofy to outsiders.

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Sounds like bullshit but if it isn't it's gonna get co-opted based on the perception of what "creativitiy" means.

Who the hell cares about popularity? Do you suppose this is a struggle one can win? The popularity contest? And among the kikes, and their kike-controlled cuck Christ-ians?

This is fine for a unifying racial doctrine, but i dont think it deserves to be called a religion. Maybe you could call it a religion but I feel it would lack spirituality.

The way I see it religion is the organization of spirituality which everyone needs. but you cant just make up a religion because spirituality to me is a search for ultimate Truth. Religion without spirituality is nothing but meaningless traditions.


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Someone over on on VNNforum said something like, "the White race is my religion, that's my 'seek the eternal', it's the White race or nothing". That sums it up for me. White man doesn't need a jew on a stick or LARPaganism.

Humans carry some 20% of virus-based DNA. If there is good in Christianity, it will remain. Likewise, the same applies to other religions.

Why do these sites always choose the shittiest fonts possible (like Fraktur which was banned in '41)?
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Haven't they heard of the beautiful creativity of DIN 1451 font??!!
It's probably the most widespread part of the Reich still around.

Klassen was one of my first redpills, but I later realized that the man had a very basic understanding of religion/Christianity. I'd urge anyone to read and re-read Chamberlain's Foundations of the 19th Century. In my opinion, it is quite simply, in the German original at least, the greatest book ever written

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Yea lad, sometimes it hard to tell what is bants, what is D/C shilling, and what is genuine.


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It's 100% genuine. The whole thing. They mean it from their core being.

Loki is the All Father and father of jesus

It's because our pantheons and folkways already existed. They were trying to recreate it, but it's not necessary to recreate what already exists:

I don't know why you're offended by that. It's very easy to explain for adults.

Funded by KGBfags back in the day to create a divide in U.S. society among racial lines, just like these same KGBfaggots funded muh Black Panthers on the Left, to create discord in U.S. society.

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"Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever."

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Bad analogy. Whatever "good" in christianity was put in by whites. Jews took white stories and myths and edited them to fit their views and repackaged them around the context of "Jesus" who only exists in the context of the bible.