Trump to end SNAP

Trump Wants to Replace Food Stamps for Impoverished Americans With Food Boxes to Save Money

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Brilliant idea.

Anyone who is against it is basically admitting that people dont always spend them on food.

Rollan for a good chimpout.


This exactly, The ghetto niggers we will see chimping out over this will be admitting to everyone that it was going towards drugs and booze.

This is the kind of shit that we need to see, but it doesn't go far enough. End the welfare state, stop immigration 100%.

Can't wait to hear from opposition opinions

Oh that's beautiful.Tyrone and Shaqwayqway will go apeshit if they can't sell their foodstamps anymore, but they aren't supposed to sell their food stamps in the first place. There's literally no logical argument not to do this. though I'm sure that won't stop democrats and the lugenpresse from calling this racist somehow.

Nigger salt is already pouring.


This is what we should have been doing in the first place. If you are going to use government money you lose the ability to choose freely from the market. Your power in the market comes from the fact that you have money, and you do not. The government does, the government pays, the government gets to pick. Don't want to eat shitty free food on the taxpayers dime? Make some money and pay for your own food that you would like.

I wish a nigga would.


Dubs of complex CPU design confirm.

Pump a massive dose of RU-486 into the sauce used for the government chicken.

Anytime you do this a lot of people end up buying shit for themselves and then their dependents dont get fed. This is counter productive to program because the whole point of the program is to feed American families in need, especially American children in need. You would need to give a handout big enough that the irresponsible parents would have money to buy their weed or whatever and they still got money to shut up their kids with food when they complain they're hungry.

Rather than give irresponsible parents way more taxpayer money than they deserve, I'd rather just give them boxes of frosted flakes and cans of soup because the only thing you can do with that is eat it and they are cheap as shit when bought in bulk. This also ensures that those who are responsible but just are down on their luck can feed their kids.

Well done. Anyone who opposes it will just fall into his trap.
But making people pay for their food isn't?
Not if we can force them to eat good food, then you'll just have to admit that they're lazy.
Also if people get to see what these people are getting for their whole families, it will remind them how much is actually being stolen from them and given to fat, poor people, turning more people against it.

Didn't they have this with government cheese?

A lot of welfare recipients just-so-coincidentally happen to be addicts

Will it actually be healthy food though, or stuff loaded with (((supplements))). Last thing I want to see are overweight fuckers dragging down the health system.

Isn't this what we're already seeing?

give those niggers boxes of ramen, sacks of rice and dried beans. maybe throw in some bullion cubes.

If you want to go for the throat here's a video of a welfare cunt joking about feeding her dog lobster and laughing at people who work minimum wage (but honest) jobs.
hooktube. com/watch?v=dnJStj5vUOI

you havnt been to any ghetto lately, have you? the welfare offices are loaded with aggressive morbidly obese black women. if anything, this will help them lose weight because its likely not going to be excessive.

you know she did that on purpose to show how fucked up welfare is, right? she wanted to see how fucked it can be, and found it it was much more fucked than she expected.

Yea I got that but she's still a worthless cunt for being on social security disability for fucking depression. Maybe all the lead in her stupid makeup is destroying her ability to think but she's trash. The video is still gold for redpilling people who kvetch about Trump's EBT disollution.

As long as there's no soy products.
Last thing we need is a soy boy explosion in the population. They should use their own money if they want to live like fag freaks, not the government's.


you actually cant spend EBT Food on prepared food or non-food items, theres the supplemental EBT Cash, but you have to spend that in an actual transaction to use it, the way food stamps are abused is buy exhcanging the value amount on the card for someone else to use the card

its more so low iq morons who cant bother to run a basic budget in general and need guaranteed food access otherwise theyd end up starving by not knowing how to spend money, people buy crablegs, shrimp and shitty overpriced breakfast sandwhiches and wonder why their groceries cost so much of their welfare, this is before you even bother explaining where the hell all this welfare is coming from or how it gets paid for, they cant even bother not wasting whats handed to them at the expense of everyone else

What if by turning the spics and nogs on welfare into soyboys we decrease their fertility so much that we reverse the demographics?

rawlin for real implementation

/shareniggers shitting the board up

Doesn't estrogen cause anger issues? Putting that shit into nogs might be a bad idea.

wasnt that part of the reason she did it? to show literally anyone can get on this boat?
i mean, if she was going to show how broken it was, faking an accident or having a doctor lie wouldnt be as effective since most people might be able to say "well most wouldnt do that im sure its a rare few" … but the fact that she just has to pretend to be depressed and anxious at a doctors office… kinda shows "anyone can do it" and not just "anyone can do it" but look at all the amazing prizes you can get.
add that together with how much under the table work exists because of illegal immigrants, and you have people upset.

Jesus Christ, if this is paired with the food being 100% American sourced and produced, it will not only be good in stopping welfare leeches, but will further aid supply-side policies, Trump's economic backbone, as well as good PR for those that matter, Jaquan and Shaquinisha are never going to vote Trump or Republican between buying liquor and taking out more sub-prime loans, but this may definitely sway more independents that have seen this shit going on for years.

Good shit.

Who is this Shenequa? Why does she has a (((good goy blue mark)))?

Why are niggers not embarrassed to be as greedy as they are? No other race of people is this fucking shameless except maybe red Indians.

They can't possibly buy worse food than they are currently buying. 95%+ of health dollars go to fats and addicts that will never change as long as their is socialized medicine.

Totally works. We used to give food that was high in carbs and soy, but low in protein to separatist POWs. It was an experiment to see if we "pussify" the rebels. They became much friendlier and non-threatning. After the prisoner exchange there was reportedly a huge drop in Russian backed forces.

Nice. Next thing they should introduce is a job program, basically the government gives out simple jobs like cleaning the streets etc. and those who decline the jobs even though they're able to work will stop getting any welfare at all. This would at least keep niggers busy, the streets clean of trash and our economy less stressed until we get them out of the U.S.

It just might work

I'm a white guy living on food stamps and frankly this is the first policy on Trump I disagree with.
Food stamps are better than boxes because I like to choose what I eat I don't want some Kike giving me estrogen filled frozen month old piece of shit like says.

And before anyone says "Then get a job." I'll be blunt, I'm underage and my parents are old, and one's injured, we've had a ton of problems with the greedy Jews that run the corporations we're forced to work in, Trump is consequently throwing multiple whites like me and others under the bus with this even if it cuts off the niggers blood supply too, but let's be real here those niggers will eat bugs in a stick, this won't kill them at all, it just makes things worse for poor white families like mine.

Spot on, other than the fact there's white families who NEED it (not the drug lul), so sadly that would be counterproductive, it is lulzy nonetheless. This thread tho, is just a salt mine waiting to happen (or beginning rather) Good job on the Trump's part. hopefully he succeeds

Grow some vegetables, or at least find an orange tree. It's easy as fuck to get food nowadays.



I live in a apartment, and am a meat man, parent's can't afford to buy a farm as much as we'd like.

Yes, unironically, everything else he did was fine.

First off, fuck off this is a 18+ board. Secondly, being underage doesn't prevent you from having a job. I worked part-time on weekends for the post office when i was 14 you lazy shit, you can easily live off of that. Also it saves billions of tax dollars, so yes, this does help white people, those who pay for your welfare. No one said it will be easy for poorer white families, but it needs to be done for the overall situation, you've simply picked the short straw this time.

If they do it like the low income indian program, you will be amazed on how good the food is…real food as in fresh vegetables and fruits, bakery mixes to make bread corn meal, flour, bison meat roasts. lots of canned goods. but you need to know how to cook.

Secondly1/3rd of Holla Forums is underage.

Good start, but what we really need is to lace the food in the boxes with birth-control.

Sometimes the weak need to be culled for the good of the population as a whole.

Friendly fire is inevitable in war.

Don't fall for the bad food = overweight meme. The kikes invented it as an excuse to explain why so many niggers and spics on welfare manage to be fat. You could eat the worst junkfood imaginable but if you ate reasonable portions and exercised every day you'd never get fat. You'd get other health problems but that wouldn't be one of them.



Same with farming.
Can't do it.

Fix you shit lad. The only thing holding you back is yourself. It's a hard fact to accept, on many levels, but once you do and once you fix your outlook you will find that good things happen.

Yeah but this is potential friendly fire at one of the biggest potential groups you have.
Impoverished whites know better than other groups just how greedy jews are and how violent niggers are.

Waiting until 18 to either start a career or study abroad in Europe, until then I don't wanna slave away for the Jews and be force fed frozen estrogen.

Tough shit then. In fact, you should go to Holla Forums because there are more parasites there like you, you will be fine among them. You should be thankful that you get anything from the state at all but here you are bitching and declining working for your own food. Disgusting.


Either get SSDI or a job, your choice

Im the same except for I DO have a job.l I have a job and it still doesnt pay enough after all the bills. Now the idea is good but what about certain items like lets say vegetables, fresh fruits, hamburger and chicken meat and other items that arent just so easily packaged and canned.

I am not saying that I want to eat gourmet food but I would like to be able to pick the healthy foods I have been choosing and preparing them on my own. If its anything like the food bank packaging it will be fucking terrible. Half of the stuff they give out is bad for you.

What they should do is instead have every shop that WANTS to take food stamps have an updated system where you would scan the item and it would have to be on an approved list. Basically no sodas, no sugary snacks. Only meats, veggies, fruits, dairy, breads.

The main issue with this is that first the selection is so wide that I can get whatever I want in the grocercy store including high dollar meats such as lobster and terrible foods such as candy, sodas and energy drinks. Another issue is that convenience stores dont have updated electronic systems. They usually have a basic cash register that "might" have a scanner that tells price, thats it. This allows them to pencil in whatever they want while they are on a sort of "honor system". I know two places that do that already where they will sell whatever and not even care about what card goes through.

I will say this would be a good change but only if the food given is not worthless shit like bags of chips, canned beans and fruit. I would much rather have a system in place that forces the buyer to be selective with their purchases instead of blanket this or that.

dont ever ever ever post stuff like this and expect sympathy from pol, if anything you'll get D&C shills astroturfing as anons

One step at a time user, one step at a time. This would be an absolutely excellent start. I can confirm that not only would this upset the niggers receiving this dole (many of them literally sell the entire amount each month for 50 cents on the dollar), but that it would also upset the apple cart of several 'non-profits' and other NGO-type orgs who literally scalp from the niggers they help from their EBT card.


How do I get SSDI.
I can't get a full on independent job within the next 3 years, and I'm not going to work for the Jews.

Although maybe if I can find some honest white employers I might.
Probably not in the state I'm in though.

six people in my family and the food is monthly, so you can fill a full sized truck bed with it all.

Well… Shit.

They've been pretty cool this whole thread, just a bit pushy.

I've got a bit of news for you friend.

have you ever heard the old term 'beggars can't be choosers'?
The simple fact is that you will need to eat whatever food is provided to you or starve.
Also not every business owner is a kike. You sound like /trannypol/ going on about porky.

How old are your parents? How injured is your injured parent?

I have no idea where you live parasite, but except in tel aviv i am 100% sure you will be able to find a non-jew employer. You're just throwing excuses and a tantrum at this point.

Should we feed them 100% pure soy?

The problem is that you dont want to bite the bullet. Sure you want to work for a specific kind of place that has ideal leaders in management ect. But thats not really going to happen especially when you have affirmative action shitting on every job forcing them to pick up worthless shits of color.

You need to get something called job experience. No top dollar employer is going to take on someone who hasnt ever worked before. Its kind of like credit. If people see that you havent ever paid rent or any other bills why would they want to lend to you? Same thing really with jobs. Work history is a thing. I make sure I stay at a job for a decent amount of time and attempt to work my way up. If that doesnt happen I leave for another employment oppertunity. Currently I am a manager and once I grab enough experience with this job I will seek another, better job using my credentials and work experience with management to climb the ladder further. Its all about the end game. Right now you are shitting on it by not even getting on the ladder and just staring at it saying "the ladder looks like shit, fuck that".

Work for now, earn money, progress. Fuck, start your own company if you need to. Just contribute and claw your way up. I have and you can too.

It makes you a woman, you complain but don't actually do anything about the issues you're complaining about.

You could give them a Few hundred lbs of rice month with the amount we spend on them each month.

I'm only complaining because food is my one benefit.
I don't want that taken away.

Late 50's, suffered a head and spinal injury.

If I were a Jew why would I complain about food stamps.

get a job faggot

Rice is ok but you need to balance it out with other foods.

I was hoping this day would come. I NEED to see this through and get results. I need to witness a tsunami of nigger tears when they get niggerbux gassed and get back on government cheese, flour and salt. LOL

Taco trucks BTFO! Many use SNAP money to buy supplies.

So im guessing they dont declare their income? Didnt know they were doing shit like that.

youre excess fat on this country if nobody is willing to help you and you are too useless to feed yourself. you can survive on about a dollar a day, if you cant manage that, I strongly recommend suicide.
go to church for canned food. when youre done being a useless nigger, sell something to make money. Go to a Sams or some shit, buy cases of water and fucking sell them for a dollar a piece on the side of the road. this is what beaners do and it works. Think of something, faggot. jesus.

You're so full of shit. I know people who dumpster-dive behind Trader Joe's and local artesian bakeries and the like and the food they retrieve is better than what's on sale at full price at the mainstream chain supermarkets. Lack of money isn't forcing you to be a welfare leech it's your lazy-nigger "I'm a victim" attitude.

Fucking hippy-ass freegans can do it but you can't? Sort your shit or kys.

My family and I are on the SNAP program, figured we would rake in the gibs to support our white son rather than some other chimp brood. I can't use it for anything other than food out of shame so I'd be completely down for this.

Um, poo's in the ghetto will give you 50cent on the dollar cash if you go in their store and just swipe your EBT card. Then they cook the books for the feds.


Hell I'd buy my neighbors bridge card for like 10 bucks less than it was worth because they were alcoholics and needed cash

Also niggers use it to buy the most absurd foods like frozen god damn shrimp and they can also use it for alcohol at some pajeet liquor store who plays ball

What I'm saying is the ingredients are MUCH cheaper than processed food.

These poor communities are very obese. Rather than have them buy unhealthy processed food, you could give them the ingredients & the knowledge on how to cook a healthy meal.

You could have community organizers organize cooking competitions and community cookouts that would empower & embolden women to cook amazing meals for a fraction of what they spend on processed food.

Trump should force cities to allow people to grow gardens in their front yards.

Alright I gotta go.

If I can find a good job like say at a metal workshop or something of the labor and craftsmanship sort with a boss I can trust in I'll take it but I live in Jew York so the likely hood of that happening is zero to none.

I never got why Holla Forums openly supports Jews in places just because you slightly agree with them.
Either way I still consider this bad because whites need actual nutrition, niggers will eat anything, they eat bugs in the jungle, and eat syrup on bread in the city, you'll do a lot of harm to whites but minimal damage to niggers.

But those are just my two cents, I can't change anything that happens I'm just speaking my mind.

Defrauding the federal government and drunk driving are the top two mexican national sports.

This needs to happen across the world.
Sick of useless eaters.

Show some humility man. Stop thinking you are above that level of work when you don't even have a job yet. There is no shame in working fast food as one of your first jobs.
Either let the government pick your food or get a fucking job you faggot.

You replied to the wrong person mate, friendly reminder to always check before posting.

Good God you really are underage


The department of agriculture's entire budget is basically now devoted to food stamps.

Straight lentils please. Cheap, healthy, and nutritious. IT would cut welfare costs and also cut healthcare costs since people wouldn't be morbidly obese.

so is Jesus: Thessalonians 3:10&version=KJV

Of course they're doing shit like that. That's the top reason they come to America in the first place, the free money.
No free money = no illegal immigration

Fucking move to another city, maybe, you flaming fag, make your own opportunities, instead of being a lazy nigger inside a white shell of a man.

What you describe is the drive to build a civilization. Something blacks do not have.

They are only for the gibs me dats

This came to mind. Hopefully soon it's "no money, no money, no money!"

All the minorities in CA do this (spics, natives, poos), and all the yuppie college whites eat up this home cooked sysco slop like it's the gospel of good living.

I want to go back to the east coast but its all mob owned there anyways lmoa

No way the chimps can resist chimping out and none of their handlers can do absolutely anything to stop them.

In the spirit of SPAM, how do we call the new niggerfood gibs?

I was working for a family landscaper when I was 13-15, started a business at 20, so fucking sort your shit out you lazy fucking fatass dole bludging burgers. And no you do not need to go to kikeversity to do anything. Fucks sake.

In my whole life I have only met one black person who knew how to grow food, and that's because he was from africa and not from the states.

If you think nogs will garden you are deluding yourself.

Its a shame because you can produce most of your own food on a tiny bit of dirt with almost no effort.


Ape Crates


Stop posting on this fucking board until you get your shit together. Walmart is always hiring, I started there when I was 15. Get to it.

You can can meat and ferment vegetables

I was a programmer for MN DHS on the mainframe responsible for SNAP. Specifically my team handled the eligibility programming. Part of my training to get SSA and FTI security clearance included learning the SNAP application process, and the applications the case workers entered that data into.

To sum it up; SNAP is a fucking scam. For starters basically anyone can get it. The "expedited application" lowers the amount of information the state requires to approve eligibility. There are also "once-per-lifetime" cash assistance and food programs that basically *everyone* can get for 3mo.

Part of the scam is in determining what the government considers a "household unit". For example, you could have 4 people all collecting SNAP benefits as individuals of living in the same house if they simply check the box that says they "prepare their own meals and eat separately".

Oh and another thing… I got the job on a disability waiver program because I'm an autist. They wanted me to do data entry into the live SNAP database as part of the welfare system "help desk". They asked me to resign because I said a) I was hired to program on the mainframe, and more importantly b) programmers doing data entry on a live production database for the fucking government is highly unethical (for more reasons that I can explain).

If this happens expect wide-spread chimpouts 100%.

WIC has just changed over to a card based system. Basically, it gives you an amount of milk, cheese, veggies, peanut butter, bread, eggs, and cereal based on an approved list. I figure the best option is to roll snap into WIC, and use the same system to limit what they gets. The backend infrastructure is already there.

yup..was on my way to correct. My bad.

Oh, I can think of one other ethnic group.

Interesting. Thanks for reporting in, user.

American indians aren't shameless, just apathetic

Please do, autist user

Well yeah, that's what Jefferson's Agrarian Republic was all about

If they would add meats to that (protein mother fucker, do you eat it?) I would be completely game.

those are both jews so contributing that image to estrogen is a little misleading. they're born soy, not made.

This is still mostly a meritocracy you clown, you don't get to reap the rewards without putting in the toil. Once you've worked a shitty job for a few years you can easily get a better one. It's tough, but so is being poor. My father came from a rural family that was poor as dirt and frequently his father had to hunt wild duck so they could eat; fortunately that's a strong tradition where they're from. Then my father still had to work shitty food service jobs while going to night school so he could break into oil work and make real cash. Your parents are injured; that fucking blows, but we can't change the system for the worse just because your situation sucks. Just try to learn web programming in your spare time, it's the easiest, cheapest and quickest way for a man with a triple digit IQ to get a salaried job. Then you get to grow old and have the immense satisfaction of watching your kids do even better than you did.

I disagree with the cash assistance part. Not everyone that goes to the welfare assistance office is eligible for cash assistance, or at least not every county follows the same rules. I know over here it's only single moms that can pump out as many kids out of their fucking vagina that are eligible for cash assistance. So the more guys that she fucks and has kids with, the more money that she can collect from the state. That is what really needs to change before SNAP benefits are cut off from poor white families.

I wouldn't recommend europe, especially now. Find something you like to do and find a tech school for it. When you adjust job availability with the cost of education and wages most jobs that require a 'education' dont start paying off until you are in your late 30's whereas anything a technical school teaches you will allow you to earn enough money to save as well as live some degree of luxury. If you are smart, and disciplined, after 2 years of employment, in any job really, you will be able to get yourself into a house I wanted to nope the fuck out of ny so I saved just enough to move and when I got where I was going found myself unable to find a job earning more than $9 an hour and even with that I was able to save enough money for a down payment on a mortgage after a year. And even though taking out a mortgage sucks because debt is stupid it is a smart way to parlay your work into wealth. Yea my monthly payments are going to the pockets of jews, but with each payment a percentage of it is building wealth for me. I put about $6k down on my house and from the monthly payments I now have quite a bit more than that in equity, If I sold the house right now I could pay off that mortgage and would have somewhere in the neighborhood of $50k to put down on a new one. And that is without counting savings.. So if I ever fell on my ass I still have that wealth in a real asset.

People bitch about the cost of living being too high, but that is either because they live somewhere retarded or they are retarded with their money. You can feed a family of 3 I do on $70 a week, and that is eating good, organic fresh vegetables and all that. If I wanted to eat like a nigger I could feed my family on $30 a week. Pick a good staple or two, a starch.. something that fills you up rice, potatos, etc $15 is enough for vegetables for a week, onions, broccoli, cuccumber, zuccini all go a long way, its shit like bell peppers that wind up driving your vegetable bill up. And unless you are a fat fuck you shouldnt need more than 2.5 lbs of meat a week and the going rate for good quality meat is ~$8-12 per pound. Breakfast shouldnt cost you much at all, farina/oatmeal is cheap as fuck, throw some peanut butter or apples/bananas in it and you got yourself some yummy shit. And there is nothing wrong with eating some pb&j for lunch.

In order to afford my house I lived off of raman and peanut butter for a fucking year straight. Autistic levels of austerity arent necessary but I had a son on the way and I wanted to give him a house.

If you are growing up on food stamps then I am sure you already know you can find some good quality clothing at the good will. But more than that, learn how to sew the best tailors are men, there is no shame in making clothing You can get a yard of cotton duck denim canvas at hobby lobby for $10. And you can get leather there pretty cheap as well. And shit like that serves two purposes, 1) you are saving money and 2) instead of wasting your time on video games you are creating something which is the most important thing in life, in creating things you will learn who you are

I wish I had Holla Forums to show me the way back when I was your age, lad. I had to fucking find all this shit out the hard way.

Why was it considered unethical?

wait wait wait wait wait. Think this through user. Think it through.

It's my duty to our people.

Ok for starters it's simply bad practice in CSCI to enter data directly into *any* database. A few reasons for this include: unvalidated data, lack of audit trail, and the onus of a major fuckup falling directly on a single point of failure (the person that entered the data rather).

The proper method is generally to get the records created programmatically (what my job was supposed to be). This way allows for input validation, proper audit trail creation, proper parsing through *many* of the other government programs (social programs not computer programs, although the data is parsed by other computer programs responsible for those social programs), and finally the onus of the record creations or updates being on the case worker.

That's fine. I'm simply stating facts that I acquired through training and work experience in my specific state.

Every county by law must follow the same rules sans Indian Reservations. Every state can make its own rules. There are TONS of welfare programs and SNAP is literally just the food stamps (mostly EBT cards) portion.

Anyway, SNAP is actually handled by the Department of Agriculture, and was designed *solely* to provide the bare minimum to stave off malnutrition/starvation.

See for a brief rundown. It's a much larger discussion better left for a different thread about CSCI. Polite sage.

Wakanda Foods Market?

I heard government cheese is surprisingly good. Has anyone here ever tried it?

Even if your not being a lying nigger, your still and untermench. Get a fucking job or self employ yourself crypto nigger.

The entire existence of niggers can be summarized as corruption by way of plenty. They developed on land where food is a step away. Its a joke about their cuisine but even the fucking dirt in africa is nutritious. The kikes sold them over here and they were used for menial labor while never having to worry about food, because their owner always fed them. In that regard, the tale of the nigger is actually a little sad.. They probably COULD be almost as good as we are, but they are destined to not be, yet some show the capability. Anyone who says all niggers are worthless is lying, but the ones that are stand up folk are so rare, and their children so rarely growing up in their image, that it is a moot point.

The chinks and the kikes are much harder to read.. Unless the actual truth is that the kikes came from fungus and the chinks from ants.

user, Im almost 100% sure millenials need at least 300% more vegetables and fruit in their life. This is good for you. A healthy body is a healthy mind.

Holy fuck chop this bitch's head off and throw her body in lake Michigan.

I had it as a child, when my grandparents would get it. It was basically a 5lb of medium cheddar.

They try to sell their food stamps for money. I’ve had niggers axe me to buy X stamps for Y dollars. They then take that money spend it on weed ayy lmao. Sell a little and smoke the rest because ayo niggaz can’t be workin no job mayne

it will certainly thin the number of those using snap but given the corruption and inefficiency in our government i have doubts about it being cheaper than tyrone and jethro trading pepsi for cash. rather see cuts in benefits and limits on what can be purchased.

you don't want to get government mandated food because you don't trust the government. the thing is, is a new government.

The going rate is 50 cents on the dollar.

More like


We already have a cheap food distribution network in this country. How do you think school lunches work?

it would be cheaper because it removes a significant amount of luxury from receiving it.

I love this one, user.

Just have Sysco pass out the Wakanda Food Markets boxes at the ghetto local community center or church. Done.

From what I understand, the Dept. of Agriculture purchases cheese whenever there's a major surplus (when it's cheapest) and store it in caves.

You're making all GenZ anons look bad, peon. At 14 I was working with my highschool's IT department, at 15 I was working there and at the local bakery. I'm 18 now and make decent enough wages, at least to purchase a few guns and ammo. Budget yourself and be smart. This is natural selection in progress. I can empathise with you as my girlfriend is in a similar situation but there is no need to act like a belligerent fool towards the people giving you advice. It's time to be a man among men, user. I hope you find a foothold.

How does that work since stamps are no longer actual coupons, but an EBT card? Do they buy your groceries for you and you give them $$? Seems that would be stupidly easy to catch.

No matter. I always tell people "I never carry cash", which is actually true. Who the fuck needs actual paper cash anymore?

RNC right? The man knows how to be a showman for certain.

I believe it was overages of milk they purchased, then govt-funded plants manufactured it into cheese. Probably privatized. Now milk production across the country is controlled.

People who don't like being tracked on certain purchases.

They sell you the EBT card and just get a new one claiming they lost it when they need more gibs.

Groceries for Impared Baboons.

Independent convenience stores/comic shops/coffee shops get fucking pissed at people who use credit cards for small-value items. The credit card companies siphon too much per transaction.

Since you need a pin number to use the card, what's the guarantee they're giving you the real pin number? Sounds like a great scam.

yeah what a night that was

That's why every bank gives you a debit card. Doesn't cost the point of sale anything. Also, who cares if some store gets pissed off that you're buying something from them? Maybe they need to change businesses if they get mad at sales.

Who'd have thought a nigger would create some mandatory red pill viewing.

I inherited my grandfathers food storage when he passed on. Him and grandma were pretty poor
I have 200lbs of honey packed in 1986 that is as good as the day it was harvested. I'm very grateful for that honey and for my grandfather

Damn, nailed it first try.

You lucky duck. Did your grandparents have bee hives?

You could make so much mead…

Kid, the reason you are in poiverty is due to the disconnect with your ancestors and also more importantly their foods. They're still around today, just that you'd not recognize them as food, and so starve in the midst of plenty.
Have a few lines from someone in your position 50 years ago and how they dealt with debilitating illness: (From -America.htm)


Also related to this topic is this granny cooking meals from the great depression, and telling stories about her experiences, and showing what life was like in that era
Go make your ancestors proud kid, they're showing you the way, all you must do is listen.

My favorite moment actually came a bit earlier in the proceedings heh.

The problem is the confusion over SNAP vs. FITAP. SNAP is food and food only. It runs on a system that knows what is and is not food thanks to the UPC system. If a clerk scans a pack of smokes and you swipe your EBT, the sale won't go through.

FITAP is the cash system and it still won't accept smokes/liquor through the swipe. The end user has to go to an ATM and withdraw FITAP cash - and it's getting more and more rare to find an ATM that accepts an EBT card.

The box system is a great idea, but I think it needs more research. Our President may not know the difference between SNAP and FITAP or how the EBT program works.

This post is a perfect example of how much this board has been co opted by fucking morons.

This is something I always thought the government should do. Send new style food crates to people's homes. Homeless people get round up, put intohotel style single rooms, in motel style buildings. government runs them using the better off homeless to clean and spray down the rat nests and provide people a place to stay and to be kept track of. issue federal ids, and use them with social security to send out weekly boxes pf prepacked daily menis. "These are Mondays meals. this is brralfast lunch and diner. eat only this package today for a healthy level of nutrition." anyone complaining gets a "you'd rather have them on the streets?" or "they're getting fresh healthy food weekly!". make some more "muh jobs" by having contracts for companies to produce the mres en masse, to well established standards. plaster "you're feeding american families!" propaganda all over.

back that claim up you fucking faggot you got a criticism then elucidate me


I loved MREs when I was a zogbot, and still pick them up now when I can.

it's a very simple concept

Better to challenge welfare in the supreme court. They have to shoot it down because it's unconstitutional.

Well I hands are tied. Starve niggers.

They let you borrow the card for a day, and give the pin. They can only really scam you once. Fucking people over gets around in the ghetto, and when it gets found out, they get their asses beat for it.

They have a different work/compensation exchange rate than most other races. They're lazy fucks who don't do shit, and if they have to they demand a lot for little. They figure since 10 generations back they worked on farms, every generation there forward had to be payed with infinite gibs. Welfare and affirmative action are the two biggest lopsided concepts since holohoax reparations.

Gas yourself you Reddit piece of shit.

Are you absolutely fucking retarded? Putting aside the many, many problems with Trump which you will just call me a shill for pointing out, the entire rest of the government is full of the same corrupt fucking puppets as usual.

Yes. If they know each other. 50 cents on the dollar.
Nobody's trying to 'catch' them at it. Certainly not the vendors, why would they?

Dubs confirm that niggers are only getting Ape Crates and that very soon.



you absolute faggot. it's a simple comment and you infer oh so much. pop quiz you unbelievable assclown, how many government officials in this year alone have been dropped from their posts or arrested? how many investigations opened/ongoing? how do governments change?

Go to your local food bank. They have loads of good food there.

Stay delusional faggot. The fact that we have people on Holla Forums telling is we can trust the government now is disgusting. If we had known how hard our board would get fucked by retards from Reddit like you, we never would have bothered with the stupid elections.

The best part is libs flipping out because "YOU CAN'T CONTROL DONTRAYVIUS". Hopefully this is a huge blow to bindi and sand nigger convenience stores. Nogs and vatos usually just go and sell their EBT cards to the stores for cash that they then use to buy drugs (that they probably then flip themselves) while the bindis take the cards and use them fradulately at places like Walmart to buy shitloads of food that they then sell in their stores for profit which gets wired back to the subcontinent and Camelstan.

That's to say nothing of the scam of passing ownership of stores off to cousins/sons/nephews every few years because they subcontinent niggers get tax breaks for "starting a small business" with convenience stores. So you just sell it to family every few years to avoid having to pay taxes on the business which means pocketing even more money to wire back overseas (and I guarantee you with the muzzie owners that means money being funneled back to the jihadist group of your choice).

ok so you're clearly a shill, kindly fellate a gun

for further clarification because i think you're too stupid to even conceptualize this, i'm not saying you can trust the government i'm saying that with hard work and revolution, be it violent or non-violent we can have a government that can be trusted to provide for it's populace

well all be there soon enough

About 40 gallons

Has anyone started to mine salt on Twatter yet?

Don't like what someone has to say? Just call them a shill and watch the problem disappear.

Yes you can change a government through non violent hard work. This does not entail voting for Trump/your local guy with an R next to his ballot and then going home to post on /ptg/

This eliminates (((their))) black market almost entirely.

Expect heavy resistance and little support.

lots of blue checkmarks chimping out over this online. Haven't managed to find ghetto twitter yet to see how the average nog is taking it.

You keep on using that word user…

Certainly it will remove billions of illicit dollars per year from going to bad men, whether merchants or others.

Everyone I've seen running the scam hangs out around the ATMs. They literally show you the available funds on the screen and you watch them put in the PIN. Most of the single mothers on SNAP are also on one or multiple cash assistance (CA) programs so they literally don't care about the SNAP benefits. They just want more cash.



It will be. They are some of the biggest perpetrators of the scam: they use it to buy the goods to stock their store shelves.

Jesus H Christ, this got me mad.
Fat is airtight, which acts as a natural preservative without harmful chemicals. You can still see it in use in French cuisine with rillettes and some patés. That these 'Fight For 15' niggers/kikes are complaining about this much healthier alternative to modern preservatives is infuriating.

Is there any way a mod can wordfilter ICE into Uber for DREAMers? Faggot says that like it's a bad thing.

owh snap

Even better the jobs created to gather, package, purchase, transport and grow the food will help put the people receiving the benefits to work eventually.

Just sad when the drop in people getting benefits means the industry winds down, cuts jobs and people go back on the benefits. Then the cycle begins anew.

One off.

This is an underrated post.

I would be ok with this if they actually provided you with enough FRESH food for healthy living. None of the boxed garbage they get for cheap because kraft wants a fucking tax write-off. And we don't need to have our taxes funneled into a private company making money throwing together shitty boxes of food and pocketing the profits like a lot of crap doctors do abusing the medicare system with overcharging on treatments, meds, etc. We waste more than enough food we should have no problem supplying the impoverished with more than enough for their needs.
We have food banks that operate on this principal but most people don't use them because the food is fucking donated garbage that they can't use like tins of pumpkin pie filling and other crap people just want to get rid of. White people in desperate need accept it and make due because they are gracious enough.
The poor should never go hungry in our country with all our waste. Comparing the "program" to a retail premium food delivery service sends up red flags. I wonder how much Blue Apron bribed them for a chance at this contract.

My big hope is that the farms that are used to get these vegetables, meats, etc. are staffed by Americans. That should be a condition for this. Provide food for Americans (no more EBT scams for vatos, naggers, bindis, sand niggers, etc.) that's grown and harvested and slaughtered in America employing Americans. If any farm or business that's part of this is found to be using illegals the farm owners are placed on trial all punishment up to and including execution is streamed on Jewtube or whatever service.

not a single nigger will want fresh veggies or anything healthy because none of them can cook. this will end up being only used by the neediest families and as long as its adequate nutrition, beggars are not choosers. I am sure I am not alone in this thread basically eating MREs for years on end in order to save up money for items.

that's what i used to do with nigger beggars claiming to be hungry outside supermarkets.

now i just tell them "absolulutely no", trying to make sure that other people hear me.

If it's waste happening in big commercial packers it's not then that might be feasible. My guess is that like most people you have some childlike fallacy running around in you're head "eat your peas user, just think of all the starving africans" your parents brainwashed you with. The vast majority of food waste in Burgerland happens at the family unit scale and there is no way to turn that into nutrition fo' dem gibs.

Using illegals or "migrant workers" should lead to a confiscation of the land and assets associated. The fines they have to put up with are nothing and they consider it the cost of doing business.

I would love 3 MREs a day. I could do that without a problem.

well fucking done. Ape crates it is.

Yes I eat protein, fats more. Ketofag. I was saying what WIC already had. But considering that the limits and items on the card are editable by WIC to fit individual needs, I would suppose that using that system to work for snap should not be too technically difficult.

Beef with juices AND luncheon loaf? Someone eatin' like Kangz!

It happens at all levels you useless fuck. I've seen the waste at packing plants, markets, and waste from homes. We have the means to feed the poor many times over at no "added" cost beyond making a job for someone to deliver their "trash" to someone other than a dumpster.
It is very easy to turn that into nutrition. When that is all you are handing out, they either eat it or starve. Now fuck off.

not the average groid with EBT

what could that be?

canned stuff, flour, sugar, dry beans. maybe some chocolate bar… and that's about it.

generally speaking anything you have to cook is 1000% healthier than any snack you can buy in some supermarket or anything coming out of a fast food. and far cheaper.

which is nowhere near good the normal way, where they just loan the card out for 1 to 1 exchange of groceries

Lucky they didn't have to make due with the civil defense vitamin candies and "crackers".

shiiiit just give me a case of those and i'll neet it up chewing on crackers and gummies all day.

I grew up in the 70s and we were poor as fuck. My dad was a proud white man and refused to get on the welfare system. Because of that my brother and I grew up primarily on canned ham, noodle soup (ramen), and unsweetened Kool-Aid. We got pretty damn creative with food preparation and I saved every trick and recipe we came up with. Being poor isn't a bad thing, you either starve or you get creative. Hell, I know people who set up squirrel traps in their back yard for the protein.

Of course, that's White people. I do see nogs fishing for turtles in the canals sometimes, but those are usually old men. Young nogs just want everything handed to them.

Sir Mix A Lot used to buy stamps from niggers back in the day giving them a 1 to 1 exchange.

No, operations at that scale will eventually ameliorate the waste. The only feasible outlet, and one that is already saturated, is restaurants and grocery stores. These are already being completely consumed by food banks. Most of the food waste in this country goes out with the family garbage.

No. Edgy. Having a bad day?

fucking asshole stop breaking up the links fuckhead.
this is not cbts/thestorm/qresearch faggot

Not gummies. They are rock hard and pretty flavorless. The crackers have no taste at all. Literally filler and vitamins.

and I'm guessing you can shit in the cans after?

Shit lasts forever, though. Designed for fallout shelters. You can actually still buy them on eBay.

huh, This is why they like vienna sausage and liver loaf so much

It's my dream to see Steve1989 in blackface saying
as he opens gibsmecans.

You could but they had cardboard chemical toilets for that. It all came in a big cardboard tube a couple feet across.

Nice. Gibsmecrates filled with Gibsmecans?

That would be fucking nice.

All of that would be excellent for white communities. It wouldn't really have any impact on welfare though, since niggers will refuse to cooperate with anything which requires them to work at all.

Those vienna sausages can be made pretty tasty, really good if you slice 'em up and fry them with an egg.

I know of a couple of mines that have a great number of them still in good shape. I'll be set when SHTF.

Ok shareblue.

they seem to mark the price up in shittier neghborhoods actually

forgive the ignorance but how does it work?

Absolutely everything gets marked up in the Poomarts. They tend to congregate around shitholes in the first place as well.

Because they know its getting paid for with SNAP.

Get a job SERVING, you make more money than a McJob

t. server

beggars can't be choosers user

Do a search on homemade wine. Easy as hell to make.

good, end snap and EBT. I'm sick of seeing beaners buy fast food or booze or weed with their EBT here in California.

yes there are weed clinics here with ATMs that accept EBT. it's fucking pure unadulterated degeneracy

also, fuck you, get used to it. Many of us were on MRE tier meals for YEARS to get where we are today.

Hahahahahahahahaha. Government cheese and canned meat would be the healthiest thing that welfare niggers have ever put in their bodies. So naturally they don't want it. Apparently those WHYTE BOIS don't know that food stamps are for drugs and purple drank.

my state only has WIC and EBT, the states starts freaking out if they find anomalies in their crediting and starts throuwing IRS audits at abusers

This won't actually save money. At all.

EBT is currently electronic. Just increase the ban list to inlcude candy and bubblegum, and pre-manufactured caffeinated beverages, and bam, done.

This however, is fucking stupid.

It's just another example of Trump being another Reagan.

Honest question, I'm not trying to be an asshole. I absolutely hate the fact that diners are made to feel obligated to tip waitresses. Why is that? It's called a 'gratuity' for a reason – namely in recognition for above average service.

When some haughty femshit comes to our table and provides shitty service I definitely won't tip her. And I've absolutely stopped frequenting restaurants that in their hubris automatically add it to a tab.

Please fill me in on why this trend has happened now.

Eliminate the special minimum wage for waitresses, ay them the same minimum as everyone else.

its an american thing


underage b&

A lot of it comes from the fact that waiters don't make minimum wage. $2.13 an hour is the going rate, I think.
If you know she's a haughty femshit, then she's not doing her job. Politics have no place in food service.

Impossible without fraud.

Found the real problem there buddy.

you're just trying to start shit. american grocery stores are already run by the government. guess who sits on the board of walmart? hillary clinton herself.

Checked, and agreed. One step at a time.

Uh … no.

So basically we'll be creating a supply chain of non-perishable food supplies. That would really come in handy if there were a massive chimpout for some unexpected reason that interferes with our food infrastructure. An emergency measure could be put in place to divert the non-perishables to make sure our peaceful citizens are being fed until said chimpout dies down.

holy shit this is actually a possible timeline now

user is half right, she WAS on the board of directors for 6 years in the 90s.

lol being this fucking ignorant. every fastfood place around me advertises they take EBT

the bus

I wonder how the bartering system will work with the new boxes. For example, how many packs of ramen could I trade for a bottle of cheap vodka?

It happens faggot, I've seen it in person.

I guess I'm more interested in the psychological aspect of it. Today it's an absolute GIBSMEDAT!! type attitude I see displayed by many of these 'servers' – as if you somehow automatically OWE it to them regardless of service quality. It's ridiculous.

Yes, I'm aware sadly. It's soured my appetite for restaurant meals honestly, though the family enjoys it.

Absolutely agreed. I will particularly start a politically charged conversation at the table when I suspect/know it's a libshit of any degeneracy. I doubt not they have intentionally contaminated our food before because of it. Wearing a MAGA hat to the restaurant can be an automatic salt harvest.

you're gonna have to explain why it won't.

You'd probably have to consider the nigernomics of trading, how many times can one get drunk off a bottle of vodka vs how many times can you fill your stomach with cheap ramen?

the point stands

on top of this, our food is already regulated by the government. ever hear of the USDA?

It's supposedly to help keep food costs low by you supplementing part of their wage. I make something like 4.05 an hour, but it can go to 11-15 easy if you're busy (or you don't have to serve niggers all day, which I get alot of) I give good service because I'm not a nigger, but boy do I want to strangulate trash of any color.

I love when people talk politics with me. I typically hide my power level, even from my co-workers, but I've spent hours talking to my GM about how shit the last 8 years were and how all this secretive illegal shit has been going on for forever. We have a big TV in our dining room and I put it on Fox everyday because A.) we don't have anything outside of basic cable and B.) I know it rustles some jimmies

thats because you live in a dogshit state

Lol you basic bitch. It's a compassionate disincentive to welfare that ensures nobody is at risk of going hungry.

The benefit is people will have a stronger desire to earn a living instead of accepting assistance. That's where the real money will be saved.

then dont tip if you dont like it you nigger-tier fuck

Because you are increasing the logistical load to get the food to the people.

Now the government would have to run their own delivery trucks, warehouses, shipment trucks, etc etc.

That's a millions gallons of diesel fuel and a half a million people that have to be hired.

Where as with EBT, Tyrone has to walk his own ass to the grocery store and pick up his food himself.

This system would make it so niggers wouldn't have to get off their ass and go to the store.

Its basically trying to upscale the foodbanks that charities, churches and shelters run on.

And if you need it explained further, you're a dumbass shill.

California is a shit hole, no denying. That doesn't change the reality of this existing or happening. Fags in this thread want to say it doesn't happen without fraud, so what? it fucking happens ie. the entire system is flawed and should be done away with. Can't defraud government cheese.

Take a roll, take some of your left over fruit, put it in the toilet. they should have covered this in your jail packet. It was moved to the section Tips and Tricks: Making Pruno.

That's not a valid point of view.

I bet you 100$ its going to be shipped to the nearest grocery store and tyrone is still going to have walk his ass up there, except instead of shopping like a KANG he will be handed an ape crate.

Can we poison the food?

thats california's decision to give their welfare money out like that, not other places that thought for 2 seconds

Thanks, I appreciate the response. I worked as a restaurant server for a few months during college, so I understand to a degree. It's the haughtiness of it all that pisses me off. I've taken the family to a nice restaurant where the typical meal is over $100/ea. I paid the assistant who simply helped bring the table out a $10 even though he wasn't our server. I wound up adding a $50 for the cunt who was, even though she was an arrogant little snit who barely gave us the time of day. I understand the issue user, but I basically try to avoid restaurants now where I don't know the manager personally. It's basically just another welfare racket at this point.

No. Believe it or not it's actually still illegal to kill niggers unless you're a cop.

Are you confusing me for making an argument in favor of the state government? Yes it's fucking stupid, I want it to end. Do away with EBT and snap. Beaners are consuming far more welfare dollars than niggers and I'd rather see them driven to starvation because of it than any other group in this country today.

you could have just not tipped instead of bitching to everyone

This. There should also be an immediate review of what counts as food as well.

It doesn't have to be run as a fucking delivery service. Unless you are crippled, you can go to a "food bank" like they have for decades. Cripples have special meal delivery services available if they have medicare already.
It may be "up scaling" but it reduces the abuse of handing niggers "cash." They would still be required to go to the "store" it's just the store has a limited selection of goods all approved for by the gov.
It can most definitely save money if implemented correctly and you aren't willfully ignoring the changes that would happen to make it work.
Now fuck off back to reddit, nigger, no cash for you.

Don't think I was talking to you friend. And no, I didn't say a word to the woman, only to her manager after showing him the receipt.

The chances of that happening are likely slim to none since those definitions are in place to favor the kinds of large corporations who donate money to guys like Trump.

groceries? Sheeeeeiiit… They got free crack money. That card would be smoked in up in 2 days.

I would start by making anyone who gets on EBT/SNAP and force them to take monthly drug tests. Why can't this simple procedure be done?

Infrastructure already exists. Isn't the 50s anymore. Shipping and having items delivered to the home is the new normal with Internet shopping.
Which would create jobs, and still be cheaper than the amount of food stamps going out now. Still not seeing the problem.
Tyrone only goes on the first of the month and sells the rest for drugs through soda laundering. You clearly don't understand where these stamps are going.
Most niggers wouldn't even sign up for this because niggers absolutely LOATHE being perceived as 'poor' which is why they spend so much damn money on sneakers. Read the Africa redpill by Africa user talking about how africans ate terrible vegetables that they hated because they were more 'expensive' because being seen as a 'broke nigga' is the worst thing in the world. You obviously don't understand niggers.

This is a fair point, but:

1) The government doesn't have to run their own delivery trucks exclusive to this. We have infrastructure, and we can outsource much of this to the private sector.

For example, we could give money to grocery stores to have them pick up the government food and have them store them in their stuff, then have them handle everything.

2) Even if everything you said was true, and we were going to spend the money to run government delivery trucks and give the food directly to Tyrone, etc. etc. etc., it is possible - even likely - that the amount of money wasted by giving niggers choice is larger than the amount of money spent doing this.

I wonder how many food boxes will be stolen by niggers patrolling neighborhoods for cripple drop-offs. One of my neighbors is a severe agoraphobic and we watch out for his packages, but the whole country is full of indifference and shit neighbors these days.

the niggers just loan the EBT card to someone else, technically speaking EBT only ever gets spent on groceries, there just not always the recipients groceries

youd endup doubling the budget rather than decreasing it

Pardon me, could you explain? I'm not sure it's clear what you mean user.

Lots of those companies actively worked against Trump and still do.

Politicians with longstanding ties to establishment and international finance capital.

I seem to recall automobile manufacturers coming out against Trump, or at least being less than vociferous in their support, and one of the very first things Trump did was get rid of future fuel efficiency standards.


No company would turn down a cushy gov contract. Companies dream of that stuff.

So, as opposed to career politicians who…don't? For example, would you lump Donald Trump in with say, the Clintons?

Another good channel is Townsends, guy's a professional history reenactor focusing on Colonial America and he shows how people cooked at that time, including quite a few videos that will be of considerable help to the poor. One of his recipes is soup made from cheese, breadcrumbs and water; apparently it's pretty good but I only saw it recently so I haven't gotten around to trying it yet. Another great one is to make a gravy, you can dump some alcohol of your choice on your meat of choice while it's cooking in the pan (imagine the booze is the gravy itself and pour accordingly) then roll 1-2 tbsp of butter in some seasonings and drop it in the booze while it's simmering on the pan. Wow, you have now made instant gravy except the recipe is probably hundreds of years old.


Yeah, sure. You're trying to veer the conversation off in another direction, though, because of your own personal emotional input wrapped up in a candidate of your choice.


He did this because Obama enacted them to cripple America's industry.

Eh, that actually predates Obama. Reagan started it, Clinton expanded it, Bush curtailed it, then Obama expanded it back to Clinton standards. It's like those people calling it the "Obamaphone" when, in fact, it was a policy started by Reagan, then expanded by Clinton, further expanded by Bush, and upheld by Obama.

A lot of the policies enacted by Obama can be traced back to Reagan; but incoming Presidents have a long history of blaming everything on their immediate predecessor.

The cripple drop-offs are door to door service and they won't leave your shit on the steps. Food tampering would be a huge liability.

That's complete nonsense. It was done because of the factional power struggle over energy. Control energy, control the nation. If you can't get control of a certain energy source, shift the source and consumption patterns away from it. American industry in general isn't centered solely around what is good for petroleum retailers.

I understand. And no, I'd actually estimate that's what you're doing. I'm interested in how 'men like Donald Trump' might have a bearing on the conversation at revamping the whole gibsmedat racket.

Personally, I like to stick to the facts. One pair of simple facts is that Trump has never held public office before and certainly has many enemies in the groups you mentioned as being very chummy with politicians generally.

These nigs are in for a rude awakening. Can't wait to see some un-boxing videos of enraged niggers chimping over canned beans, rice and spam. How I'z suppose to feed my keeids wit dis shit?

You realize EBT cards don't have an unlimited amount of funds on them right? If they share it they get that much less themselves. In the past they "shared" for things they needed to exchange for like a pack of newports etc.


I don't think Donald is going to go balls to the wall to cut Pepperidge Farm cookies out of the picture, if you need it spelled out for you.

Now if they would just let us use diesels without all the fucking bullshit that makes them fuel inefficient and costly it would be great.

So, I did the math and as a family of 4 I could have $435 per month in free groceries. Jesus … that's a lot of groceries.

I made that steak recipe for my mom after she came out of cancer surgery, with some roasted potatoes and carrots its absolutely delicious. Of course steak is a rare treat when you're poor, lots of the other recipes are considerably cheaper. Could also try looking at wartime ration food for some well balanced healthy food that's ultra cheap.

5-star post, user.
I would like to add that many wild plants that are considered nothing more than weeds are actually edible, with some even being among the most nutritious foodstuffs available.
I've cooked with lamb's quarters, purslane, stinging nettle, and wild grape leaves, just to name a few.
And, best of all, it's all free.

You're missing the point Shlomo.

Yay Solyndra!

And rotary engines.

Depends on where you live and how jewish the owners of stores in your area are.

Not really; That's about $110 per person per month.

It's a good chunk of groceries, but it's not quite enough to live on (it is if you also go to a food bank, though, but alone it isn't quite sufficient.)

How does Pepperidge Farm cookies – Great cookies by the way. Delicious. Very high energy – being in the picture or not have any real bearing on ending the SNAP/EBT debacle. You seem to somehow be impugning Donald Trump's moral fiber and even character by directly equating him with, of a people, the Clintons.

I probably need you to spell it all out clearly user.

Mmmmm wankel.
The (((American Auto Industry)) fucked us so many ways.

I hope Trump just gives these niggers some Twinkies™ and nothing else.

The point is going right over your head. I am an end-use consumer, as are you. Picking sides or trying to pretend like I'm involved in some war between corporate interests isn't something that makes much sense to me.

Isn't it odd that the shills can't actually attack what Trump is doing without mis-representing it?

It took the Japs to give us our American Wankels. No more, I say.

If you game the system like a nigger, then actually the amount is $195/mo/person, or $780/mo user. That's Florida, btw.

I see you, you kike.

There are some pretty cheap cuts of steak nowadays, and I do think you could use the juices from ground beef for the same effect even if it isn't as stellar. Cheap wine is the cheapest way to get drunk, so buying a box to use for cooking is worth it (or you could make your own, as has been mentioned in this thread).

The original comment that started this tangent was about vested interests and the make up of theoretical food boxes. The parameters of what can be purchased with EBT/SNAP are shaped through lobbied negotiations.

I dunno, man. I buy a lot of dried beans, pasta, and other such foods. I actually cook and I don't own a microwave. I could stretch that $435 a looong way.


Oh, no. I never said that at all. I'm going to go ahead and filter you because I'm not going to argue with someone so dishonest.

No, they should be given only soy based products. Hell, give them all Soylent. Turning welfare recipients into soy boys will lower their reproducing rates and thus will save money in the long term.

Boo, fucking, Hoo.
My first job was to help on construction site every summers since my 15's, fucking up by back and arms for 7.5€ the hour.
I'm actually working as a Waiter on a touristic restaurant full of assholes to pay my driving license (who's 1300€ for the first 20h) with a raise of 9€ the hour to get the fuck out of this shithole that is called "MyTown".

If you want a good advice, shut up, man up, git gud and aim to leave for a better future with your parents.

Checked trips user, this recipe you just talked about is my new favorite meal. I make it with malta since I nolonger imbibe (Malta is a sweet Malt beverage that looks and tastes like sweet ale, and the concept comes from Jamaica but it is made all over the world, specially sandniggerland.) and its fucking amazing, holy shit.
A few corrections, you need to roll the butterball in flour and the spices I also recommend in addition to the recipe are allspice, grey sea salt, cinnamon and a tiny bit of crushed cloves, and second, James Townsend is not just a professional reeinactor, but also a sutler, or reeinactor supplyer and all the stuff in his videos is from his own catalog and available to purchase online, and he also does a lot of other great educational stuff like showing how to make an oven out of earth and mud in one day that will bake bread the next, or how early american whiskey was made. Fine man that one, wonder if we can aid him against the SJWs when they show up.
Also a hint to the wise, use cheap cuts of meat, and use a smooth clean stone to mash the fuck out of them before you fry them, tastes like amazing tender meat even a toothless man could eat.

This, government food should be bland and sterility-inducing. I'd be up for doping it with sedatives and birth control as well.

So, if I gather what I think I hear you implying, then having some commercial organization (presumably any commercial organization) involved in fulfilling the production and distribution of said theoretical food boxes necessarily involves not only corrupt practices by 'men like Donald Trump', but presumably also by the conceptual organizations involved. Is that reasonably close to your intent user?

Since he's underaged, he should be working on getting training in the trades so he doesn't fuck himself up for the sake of kikes and instead is actually building/repairing things of value.

I pay about 240 bucks per month on my groceries and I am a wasteful fuck who buys prepared frozen fish and vegetables and snacks. That's plenty of money. If I actually bought all of my ingredients instead of pre-made food, that would work fine.


Government cheese induces total fear and panic in the shills.

Next we need to lobby to cut Section 8 benefits in half at least, that will really hurt Jewish landlords.

Use hooktube :^) Here, I did it for you this time.

There is still hope.

Section 8 is a much, much bigger scheme than SNAP is, that's irrefutable. But at least there's a more stringent paper trail in place.

Huh, neat! Mount the piston right over the camshaft?

No need, he has already gotten his taste of bullshit after the episode where he makes an "Orange Fool." It was a totally innocuous video about a fruity orange dessert allegedly served at the old White House a few times which is sort of like orange julius, but tons of shitheads came out of the woodwork to make Trump jokes based on the title. He almost quit making videos because he disliked that shit so much. I think he is innoculated now.

Or force them to provide housing for whites. Let the whites report the fuckers every time the jew tries to pull some typical jew landlord crap. Cost them money and whites can benefit.

Section 8 hurts potential home buyers because it artificially inflates rent and drains savings. If the government sets a minimum rent through Section 8 that carries over and is the effective floor for the non-subsidized rental market, draining the pockets of people who could be saving for a down payment on a home.

Maybe lobby for a lot stricter maintenance, upkeep, and other measures which will cost the landlords money too? Basically make it so that a Section 8 tenant will cost them more to keep than a solvent person.

I summed it up already with the Pepperidge Farm comment. I don't see the general make up of the "food boxes" being altered much. It's like that state senator from Missouri, must have been at least a couple years back now, maybe even three or four. He wanted to ditch things like seafood and steak [whether this meant beef in general, or just specific cuts I don't know] from benefit eligibility but keep all the processed stuff. It turns out Nabisco Foods was one of his largest donors.

Sticking a pack of Milano cookies [or whatever particular cookie brand you want to go with here] would be good for the entrenched capital that owns their shares, therefore it would be good for the economy. It's the same concept as sticking pop-tarts in the MRE.

Damn son, that stuff might be invaluable on DOTR.

Does He think that far ahead?

Pork's the cheapest meat, it should be in every food box.

Any sort of artificial commoditization that argues against natural market economic forces is going to turn into some kind of shitfest in the end.

It will generally hurt the honest taxpaying man, and lines the pockets of the merchants. And often the rally cry for the sheeple these days involves some sort of "B-but user, just think of the starving !"

I know, user, I know.

Excuse me? That's so culturally insensitive!

Nothing wrong with working in fast food, at least you will not have to pay for lunch and water when you work there on your shift hours

My local government did something similar with unemployed families, although I live in Eastern Europe. It was a lot of pasta, some sugar, canned meat that lasts for over 3 years (and actually tasted quite good, if mixed in with the pasta) and some four grain porridge and oatmeal. All these things last for ages.

Would be even funnier seeing the mudslimes freaking out over receiving a can of spam because it has pork.

Sage for off topic and last time posting about this here. Not a clue exactly how it all goes together but they are doing some really cool stuff.
If they connect their rotaries to their skyactive transmissions it would be a huge performance/efficiency gain. Now consider they are trying to merge the diesel with it. Rolls Royce actually has DARPA work and a paid contract for one of their diesel rotaries.

He's a person who obviously wants to be as far away from politics as possible. Honestly I don't blame him, and I believe most Americans who lived as subsistence farmers in the colonies felt the same way. He doesn't promote any degenerate practices and tells us stories of the trials and successes of our ancestors, so I don't really understand the animosity.

Chicken is like $2/lb.

There is a reason that 'We eat separately' option exists you idiot. My mother got injured and couldn't work not long after I left high school. I got a job and have been taken care of things best I can since then, but I can't cover everything. I can pay utilities, property taxes and feed myself, but my mother being able to get SNAP benefits has been a life saver. To repeat, SHE gets them, I do not. She uses them to get food for herself and take care of herself on bare minimum, while I work to take care of everything else and keep a roof over our heads.

And yes, she has been trying to get on SSDI for years now, just one problem. She's white. Good fucking luck.

Who picks and chooses the brands that go into these food baskets? Politicians. Who benefits? Politicians and big business. It'll be like Michael Obongo's school lunch program, only worse. Cardboard meals devoid of nutrients to save money and increase profits. Sad.

The fatass who underpaid me was white and christian acutally, so the "Joos will kill you" doesn't work here since my city is full of baby " sharks" who think they're hotshit.

It's what make the difference between being a man or a faggot, life ain't easy, and bitching about it will only make you more tastier for bigger predators.

You need to pay for that education.

Do you actually had a real job once beside being a whore?

What the fuck are you talking about you mongrel?


Hell yeah, you can get a totally cooked rotisserie chicken for like 4$, that will easily feed two people.

Pork shoulders are $1.29 a pound.

Interesting Note: In Muslim communities in the US, they already have their own communal system. A Muslim owned grocery store already gives free food to known Muslim families in exchange for that family offering other goods/services to the grocer. EBT for them is just gravy on top since a Muslim already getting free groceries can scan the card anyway and add to the store's profits.

But until there's a religious test for government benefits, it'll be hard to stop it from happening.

"loan" meaning 80 cents to 1 to 1 cash exchange


Potentially true, potentially false. With how corrupt American politics is, I would not be surprised if it was boxes of PepsiCo™ Cheetos and Mountain Dew.

As I indicated in my immediate response to that post, I didn't feel you had – you simply mentioned some hypothetic that Trump wouldn't strain himself to exclude them. Really wasn't all that clear to me at least. Please spell it out for me as if I were a dimwit. I may be in this case tbh.

If nutritional content is your main concern then – again – I'm unclear how 'men like Donald Trump' would hold much bearing on that conversation. I imagine as an incredibly successful businessman, he can understand the value of a balanced meal in spite of his own culinary choices kek and how it would figure into the solution.

Elucidate please.

Eugenics means that we don't just remove benefits from non-whites, but from indigent whites too. Your mother can work, assistive technology ensures that even if she's disabled.

You know what else we could do?

Social credit, which means that your benefits are actually a loan. If you're penniless you die and no big deal, but if you stay on welfare and have assets those are taken eventually from your estate.

It doesn't really matter you feel. You're upset because you feel like Trump was insulted. He's not my dad. I'm not half-jewish. I don't see any real reason to pay him any reverence or walk on eggshells making sure he gets every ounce of his due.

Frankly, you're a shill.

Who cares? If it saves me even $1 I don't care how much it hurts niggers.

An uneducated, mid 50's woman with multiple medical issues who broke her back for almost 30 years to support her family, should stop whining and just get a job.

Are you sure you aren't a jew?

The thread is full of jews, much like the board in general.

Families? You seem to think that there are 0 white families in America who will be fucked by this and that all white families are nuclear family propaganda posters from the 1960s.

That's what most of these retarded kike faggots are thinking, they don't give a fuck if poor and disabled whites suffer as well.

I'm personally holding out for the Tucker Carlson interviews.

One of the strangest things I've seen is how expensive sausage can be. It's basically the ground up garbage parts of the animal, but is sometimes upward of 5x per-pound the cost of the same meat otherwise. I can go to Rouses (our local grocery chain) and pay $0.85 per pound of chicken thighs, but chicken sausage costs $3.50 per pound.

What's up with that?

She could easily train in phone support and do that job lying in her bed.

>I broke my back so my mouth doesn't work, take care of me my (((fellow whites))) please!

You don't seem to understand that private charities will instantly fill the void if government pulls out of gibs business.

Thankful white families will not starve. Greedy, ungrateful niggers might.

Actually this has been a fairly fruitful thread and hasn't totally devolved into shit flinging like you are attempting to start. GG.

All jokes aside, if this becomes reality, it'll have a cross section of items from the largest food corporations. Nestle, Coca Cola, Hershey's, etc. They have all the lobbyists.

it won't save you a dime. Either it goes to the corporations and their shareholders or to the government. Either way you won't see a dime.

I've had it, it was great. Think a combination of Velveeta, American cheese, and cheddar that melted smoothly and wasn't stringy or rubbery. It wasn't very good eaten out-of-hand but it was awesome in grilled cheese sandwiches, homemade mac and cheese, and on burgers. The only criticism I had is that it should have been issued in smaller packages, two 2 1/2 lb packages rather than a 5 lb block, because by the end of the month, you'd have to shave the mold off of it, and the final half-pound dried out into an inedible brick, causing waste.

I received commodities in college because I was genuinely poor, often surviving on a can of food a day for weeks at a time. One of the problems with commodities was that they were mismatched, meaning that a month's worth of commodities might not have the ingredients to cook even a single meal. For instance, they'd give you a bag of flour, but without baking powder, salt, sugar, oil, or any of the other ingredients you'd need to make a loaf of bread, the flour itself was pretty useless. They'd give you noodles but no sauce or even sauce ingredients—honestly, butter and a few herbs are enough to make noodles into a meal, but none of that came with the noodles.

Another problem that's been mentioned here is ignorance of how to prepare foods. None of my college-aged friends knew what to do with a bag of dried kidney beans until I finally looked up a recipe and made like 10 lbs of government beans into BBQ beans at a ghetto BBQ. Another good recipe was stir-and-roll biscuits to use up all the flour they were giving us. We made country gravy out of a little bit of bacon grease and powdered milk and we could feed a crowd for cheap. Tossing a couple simple recipes into the box would have gone a long way and reduced waste.

One of the biggest problems was white elephant commodities that ranged from very low quality to inedible. For instance, the cans of peanut butter got used, but they were very poor quality, being 1/3 sugar, 1/3 hydrogenated vegetable shortening, and 1/3 peanuts. Better to issue a can that was 1/3 of the size of pure peanut butter. One thing we never figured out is how to make the canned pork edible. It was a paste that was the consistency of cat food and smelled fucking horrible. We tried making meatballs, hiding it in spaghetti sauce and gravy, and even feeding it to the neighbor's dog. The dog ate it at first but rejected it after the first day because it got horrible gas. As for the chickens, they were slimy, tough, and tasted like metal. You could hide the taste in spaghetti sauce but honestly the sauce was better without the bland chewy chicken bits. The neighbor's dog would not eat the chickens either. Surely you can all understand the waste of processing, canning, storing, shipping, and distributing meats that even a dog wouldn't eat.

That being said, the program could be successful with just a few tweaks. Matching ingredients would go a long way towards making sure they're actually used. Send out true meal kits rather than boxes of mismatched items—include baking powder, salt, and pre-measured spice packets. Throw in a few recipes for basics like biscuits, pancakes, and bean soups. Adding powdered eggs to the mix would really go a long way. Finally, updating the preservation process to make those meats edible would really help. Why not make dry sausages or jerky out of some of that meat? Why not process the chicken into chunks packed in water like the kind you can buy at the grocery store?

If we're going to spend money buying, processing, packaging, storing, shipping, and distributing these products, it makes sense to at least give them a snowball's chance of being eaten. Sure, niggers still won't use them and will still complain, but hungry white people will cook and eat them. With the emphasis on having families birth more white children, many of them will need a helping hand, so why not make sure that the food supplements they receive are edible?

Get fucked nigs. NO more weed and expensive shoes for you, you disgusting ape roaches.

It's weird I agree but I think it has to do with marketing more than anything else. Also pink slime has caused what were traditionally the bottom end of the meat market to rise in value, as it's taken over the lowest end of the meat industry which was previously sausages and ground meat and so on. That's my theory anyway.


I'm not upset. I'll reserve judgment till I see what the President does on this issue. Any overturn of SNAP could hardly be more corrupt than it already is.

Actually, I believe you are. Sort of a commie-ish style one would be my first guess.

That requires some level of technical skill and expertise. You expect a woman over 50 years old to suddenly learn those skills? Your expectations are fucking stupid.

She paid into Social Security and various other forms of taxes her whole god damn life. Not it's time to pay the piper and her to get the help promised to her when they stuck their greedy fucking mitts into her pockets and her expecting the government hold up their end is being 'lazy'.

Get fucked.

Disabled whites would benefit from gibs programs coming to an end. Churches and charities, who would not discriminate against whites, would fill the gap left by the government. They'd give better service at a lower price with less abuse.

Only commies don't understand this.

That's the circle these things tend to go in. I'm not the one who devolved a perfectly logical comment into 5 or 6 posts taking umbrage for Trump's character.

What they need is a eugenics program selecting for intelligence and against uncontrolled aggression, just like snow niggers had in the late middle ages. See index.php/2017/03/15/first-worldism-part-5-the-european-revolution/

You think they're gonna give you a fucking loaf of French Camembert?

Some areas restrict those chickens on EBT because it is considered "prepared" food. While those chickens are pretty cheap and can generally decent way to go, most people would be wasting it on fast food that costs more or for other prepared crap like fried chicken, and fountain drinks.
When they tried restricting soda and other crap the monkeys started screaming and the walmart shoppers in general (EBT goes a lot further buying sugar, fat, and carbs) sided with the apes because they wanted their money to go further. While they bough unhealthy crap, they at least tried to make the money last and weren't as niggerly with their gibs.
It's a fucked situation.

Stopped reading right there.

no youre a fucking child

I don't think this idea originated with the government. I think corporate america is butthurt that the EBT recipients spend some of their money on items from small and medium-sized businesses.

It's embarrassing that he thinks that's good.

PepsiCo is actually far bigger than Coca Cola Corporation, so not too much of a joke there. The EU and my local government made food aid packs for unemployed families and it was largely porridge, canned meat, pasta, flour and just general raw ingredients that last forever.

Here, have a video by a massive faggot that explains the basics. Basically you get a fuckload of fruit and boil it for an hour straight in a huge pot, then you add lotsa sugar. Then after you've strained all the pulp out and let it cool, you put it in to jugs to 3/4ths full with a packet of bread yeast (For better results put the packet in a glass of warm water and some sugar without mixing and wait until it foams before adding it) and then screw on the cap, then unscrew slowly until you hear the gases escape. Make sure you check the every day or else they'll geyser and spread sticky must everywhere. Nasty. Takes 2 weeks to make a great batch of drunk water.

Fuck off, idiot.

No, I expect her to start growing hungry and that itself will provide incredible motivation to learn to answer a few questions according to a pre-written telephone help script.

She has doubtless used up anything she paid in already. Social credit is one solution, after she dies they tally up the dollar value she's used in benefits and take them out of the estate. Perhaps the debt remaining can be transferred to her survivors like you? After all, you're the one advocating that somebody pay for your lazy mother, why shouldn't it be you?


Raw ingredients do not last forever. Processed food devoid of vitamins does. Programs like this further increase the vitamin gap between rich and poor.

This. Christian mores still prevail in this country at this stage, even if there are relatively few honest Christian versus the past. I believe God honors gratitude more than just about any other single virtue.


That what the kikes want, for people poorer than them to be sick and near death, with no choices in healthy foods.

Ironically, kikes BTFO too. They're unabashed welfare scammers.

Fucked my reply.

Perfect, the last thing we need are hyper-muscular gibsmedats.

They know. That's why they keep arguing for it.

Yo, hol up.

You know the answer to that one, user.


most food stamp recipients are poor rural whites. cutting off food stamps is generally a cuckservative stance, for those who don't like niggers but think we can coexist with them.

Behind every one of our nigger problems is a kike.

Per capita whites use the least amount of welfare.

They may was well just cut food disability altogether if they want to push nigger shit in but the advocation for fucking poison as food benefits is fucking disgusting. Worthless fucking kikes.

My view of you is based solely on the content your posts user, not on my feefees. Not too sure how 'men like Donald Trump' would react however. He'd probably kick people who went on as you have out of the press conference well before you're sixth time at the mic tbh.

Epic fail. Do not ever boil your base ingredients unless they're severely contaminated with bacteria and fungi. You lose all of the flavor if you process everything post-fermentation and end up with a very flat-tasting alcoholic beverage that you wouldn't be allowed to call wine most countries.


Almost all of your replies have focused entirely on the "men like Trump". You're an admin shill.


Take your shit elsewhere and stop derailing.

^ kike

Nigger I made the thread gas yourself and get filtered.


We keep on winning!

I don't think you have a solid grasp of the effort and expense some ministries go to to feed the poor in this country. I can assure you they provide far better nutritional value day in and day out to the poor than a pack of kools, a 4 pack of Malt Liquor Bull, some Skittles and Purple drank.

So, maybe I'm misunderstanding you're point. Square me away if so friend.

I'm not the one who derailed anything.

Sheer convenience.
Who's going to invest in a meat grinder and take all that time to debone and process the meat when they can pay a premium to have the butcher do it for them?
It's the same reason hardly anyone makes their own noodles from scratch any more. It's actually insanely easy; it's just another example of culinary knowledge that's been lost to time and industrialization
Oh, on that note, have a link:


These CIA agents are such tartds.

Pasta is pure carbohydrates which can keep you going for long enough and canned meat has the fat and oils that you need, the kids are the main target of this program and they can get their vitamins from school lunches.

That's a CIA agent. They're retardtfded.


I'm not a nigger you subhuman ape, you seriously think I spend money on that kind of garbage instead of fucking meat, fruit and vegetables? Kill yourself you goddamn kike.


Bros after you are done here, come to Trump's budget for 2019

I also tore shareblue a new one

Alright, I caught up.

Don't cut you'reself on that edge friend.

Give me proof or get gassed, kike.

This please.

Kill yourself.

yuppie marketing


They can pay for their weed by tricking.


Reminder that the shills job on this board is to start an argument in order to derail a thread, if no one takes their bait, another shill will argue with the first shill in order to disrupt as much as possible. If you suspect someone is doing this, filter and report, do not reply.

Then why concern yourself with my feelings so much? What do you care what I think or feel about your positions. The fundamental point here is that Donald Trump is proposing to effectively gut one of the more problematic programs established by corrupt Administrations of the past, but that seems to be a problem for you. You still haven't ever spelled out why as far as I'm concerned, but simply resorted to ad hominem and red herrings.

It's a simple task why not give it a go friend?

It was deliberate, though the kikes cover up for that kick cock sucker:

those rotisserie chickens are fucking shit anyway, they spend hours sitting in the deli, youre better off buying 4lbs of chicken thighs

Food contains ebola and niggers are dying in masses while whites are unaffected.

checked :^)

I agree satan, but for the average nog with zero cooking skills, they are a cheap meal and are not totally unhealthy. Not exactly sure how these chickens got brought up originally, but I doubt one can buy one using their SNAP card anyways.


Any raw meat is permissible.

most shitbox grocery store chains sell "cold" uncooked rottisserie and fried chicken for that very reason ah la papa murphy's

Yeah but we were talking about rotisserie chickens, which are prepared food. A 4lb bag of chicken thighs is obviously the better option because it will store in the freezer for a long time and you have dozens of different ways to cook it.

that makes sense, SNAP is probably the only reason papa murphies stays in business.

Ah gotcha.

Because it is the only thing you keep repeating.
The original point was about the definitions of food, according to the SNAP guidelines, e.g. is beef food, is shrimp food, is the fresh bakery section food, is Turkey Hill ice cream or Doritos, food, and that lobbying efforts for entrenched capital set those definitions.

You still haven't spelled out why we should expect to see any real change in this department outside of your feelings. I'm going to take this guy's
advice, even though he's most assuredly talking about me, and filter you.

Even if such a miracle job were to exist, there are younger, less disabled people that companies would hire instead of this woman. When companies make diversity handicapped hires, they hire mildly retarded downs-y looking young people with big goofy smiles that look good in the corporate literature, not physically used-up middle aged women.

Never expect a quality post from a TOR poster.

they seem to only exist in suburbs where I live, I think a lot of people just plain cheese the system for food assistance

I honestly don't care if this poster's theoretical deadbeat mother starves or not, it's on him to take care of his family, not me.

No shit, we all know that you're a fucking nigger.

You lie, kike. He didn't cuck out at all. He just said he wants no part of any modern politics and thats it. Fuck off and die.

Backpage. Just say you're 18. You can even blackmail pedos if you're feeling brave.

Nah I'm in favor of eugenic policies. If the poster's theoretical (((white))) mother isn't motivated while on comfy welfare, make her less comfy and motivate her.

Actually, I've spelled out conceivable solutions more than once. Not just the production and logistics, but the concerns of the nutritional value to recipients. Surely the idea of gutting SNAP should be exciting to any right thinking individual, for example White men. You're not a nigger or a woman are you friend?

Additionally, I'd also like to give you the daily reminder that 'men like Donald Trump', ie, Donald Trump himself, not only is making this move of his own accord, but will very likely pull it off imo. During his inevitable second term, we'll probably see even more positive outcomes of his two scoop term Presidency.

I favor eugenics policies that make sense like killing niggers and removing shitskins, not making poor whites suffer.

He posted an "orange fool" recipe with intentional timing. He's a kike cock sucker, and you promoted him, knowingly.

How much will we give Israel in weapons, trade deals, and raw cash during that same period?

It's not like I think niggers and the shiftless should get to mooch as a way of life, but what we give out in benefits to the indigent really is a drop in the bucket when you look at our federal budget.

Literally anyone in the military, or any strelo/k/ that autismos out on MRE's. Goes good in the chili with beans if you heat it up along with the main meal and throw the cornbread in.

That is fair, but in a good honest all white system, the poor should be encouraged to better themselves and contribute to the system, as a reward the system gives this person a more comfortable life for contributing so much to it. Positive reinforcement works better than negative reinforcement. Granted the disabled and pregnant should be taken care of to an extent by the government if they have no family to help them, but it should only be reserved for those who are totally incapable or are with child.

Fred was so on point at that stage. Where did it all go so wrong?

It's a way to serve up some red meat without ever addressing the fundamental problem of hordes of hostile racial aliens, since their aggressive and murderous presence is a feature, not a bug, of international finance capital and the praetorian parasitism industry.

Yes, clearly Townsend is a Jewish spy who did nothing subversive but post a recipe video titled "Orange Fool" at a predetermined time, which never even mentioned Trump or modern politics at all. Just subtle enough to – wait no, you're a complete fucking idiot. Nevermind.

I honestly don't think you or Rabbi Redtext have a single point to make.

Do you see any changes?

I Anons to start observing these things.
They start at 9:30

Now with that said, I understand this thread usurped attention but you should at least visit the Trump 2019 budget thread.
Shareblue got incredibly salty over it:

I think the ladybois and painkillers and genetics did him in.

We already have the model in NS Germany. It wasn't about encouraging. It was about building the infrastructure and providing the services to allow them to contribute.

It wasn't an accident, kike-pushing kike cock sucker. It was an attack on the President. He full well knew it. It was a middle finger to White People, which he is not. He is, by the way, a homosexual and a rapist.

- I'm so poor I'm on food stamps
- posting on the internet

Holy fuck this new generation are fucking pussys

Yes you are correct the aim of the system wasn't about encouraging, it was about building up, but positive reinforcement is a side effect of a good system and creates a positive feedback loop.

Then let's use social credit. Anyway that poster's mom doesn't even exist except for the sake of argument.

Probably CIA brainwashing directed at a vulnerable and lonely disabled man.

Oh man.

Maybe. He was dealt a pretty shitty hand in life. I hope it's real that he's an honest Christian now. At least he'll have a fantastic next one.

This place is certainly a mixed bag, and even he may regret it now, but at least the faggot stepped up and pulled off his vision. He deserves applause for that alone, and it sets him apart from most.


Whatever, just something that makes sense. Jamal shouldn't be allowed to have EBT if he's a fucking crackhead and isn't trying to do anything with his life.

Also possibly the case. I imagine many (((powers that be))) hate both this place and what cuckchan was. The Internet is surely a Dangerous Idea™ to ppl like that heh.

Europistani here.

How the fuck can food stamps be used for purchasing drugs?

Are cartels really hungry or something?


They are traded for cash at a discount, typically. Like, $100 on a food card gets $50 in cash/drugs. They can also be used for things like cigarettes/alcohol when accepting locations simply ring up a different item [like potatoes or bottled water] that comes to the price of cigarettes/alcohol.

There are no restrictions on what they can be used to buy. Welfare niggers can buy caviar and lobster.

And yet you have the money to pay for an internet connection and time to waste on Holla Forums. You can get a part time job as a minor, retard. Fuck, when I was 16 I was working at a library for $5 an hour (legal because it was a non-profit) without tips. Fuck, I make a living wage and I STILL only spend like 100-150 bucks on food a month, and I'm as healthy and fit as I was when I was in the military.

You and your parents are just retarded and lazy. Get rid of the smart phone and get a cheap prepayed burner. Use the internet and printers at your local library for job applications, email, and news. Turn down your heat to the point where your water won't freeze and put on an extra sweatshirt. Put time limits on showers and maybe even only shower once every two days. Put insulating plastic up over your windows. There are a TON of ways to save money on expenses and bills.

Webm related.

This is false.
Of course they can. It will just destroy their allotted budget. It's interesting that you went right for protein that you perceive as high-end, though, as opposed to cookies and potato chips produced by conglomerates.

This kind of thinking just shows how dumb you Holla Forumstards are and how you're just a bunch of Conservative Republicans pretending to be National Socialists as I have always said.

True National Socialists want to see the end of this corrupt Jew controlled government and cheer on anything that will help bring that about.

The welfare state helps weaken America thus if you and fellow Holla Forumstards were at all intelligent you'd be against Jew controlled Trump's idea to do this since it save's this evil Jew controlled government money thereby only making it stronger.

Kek. As opposed to doing what? Doling every single last dime paid into the system by White families directly and exclusively into the mud's hands instead? Hey what could possibly go wrong amirite Fellow White Person?

They're pretty shit at loading up groceries aren't they.

but i thought rythm is a dancer was an ok song

Yes, but then mods will have to investitavistock when people complain about muh two scoops of Uber for DREAMers cream.

Other than the outright fraud others have mentioned there are many ghetto tricks to work around the rules, e.g. takeaways where you supposedly buy fresh chicken, but then use the fry-while-you-wait service that they just so happen to offer free of charge. (I doubt this nig logic would stand up to an inspection, but they seem to get away with it for years on end.)

Also businesses that have nothing to do with food, especially beauty salons, cram a food display in the corner just so they can accept EBT. Then Shaniqqua fraudulently bills dey weave and nails as $50 worth of fish or whatever.

Prove it, faggot.

He's an autistic dork who's into reenacting, RC vehicles, and radios, and he has at least one son. You're out of your goddamned mind.

It doesn't work that way, fam. There's no expense for kikes by overtaxing goyim more and more ad infinitum.

There's always prawn and roe of pretty much the same nutritional value that are not luxury items.

Paint me surprised.

way to give yourself away dumbass.

I knew a weed dealer back in college who said he was always stocked up the day before EBT and SNAP benefits came out because that was going to be the busiest week for him.

I think it was implied that he was getting sicker and not getting better and the painkillers became required. He got one of the worst hands you could possibly ever get dealt.

Look a BASED TRS CIA kike advocating we go fullretard, what a surprise.

meat has a higher return for selling to restaurants and "restaurants" (people cooking lunchplates out of their house)


non-shit states run basic requirements for ebt

still not tired of winning

also NYC doesn't require SSN

No SSN for food stamps? Fucking seriously? No wonder we are bleeding money.

Leave reddit.

yee, I was on that shit in college between jobs. The nigs working there do everything possible thought to stop whites from getting on it, luckily they're dumb and predictable. You just have to pretend to show them all required docs, which is just related to address and proof of low income (no ssn), then when they say "oh you need a copy of XYZ please come back when you have it", wait for them to put it in writing on the status form, then once they finish, pull out the additional documents right in front of them. this was something that I had to do every 90 days until I got a descent paying job at my school.

what did he mean by this?


Ya know, for what its worth, I see people "like that" a lot in the mental health field, and many of them are actually clinically depressed and lead very shitty lives. They put on a "good front" like that, what would normally be called a "brave face," in this example they're talking down to other people to make themselves seem better. In reality, their lives are total crap, they spend most of their time wallowing in self loathing and self pity, barely functioning and doing incredibly stupid shit (like posting that video) that ultimately ends up harming them even worse.

So, realistically I can see them being clinically depressed and leading an absolutely shit life.. but hey aren't the type thats going to let you see it. They're going to lie to you, to themselves, to their friends, to their so-called loved ones, etc. Because its the only way they can give themselves any sense of self-worthy via feelings of superiority. In this example they're degrading others they're leeching from, by misusing those funds, and then openly bragging about doing so, which as I said will ultimately hurt them by getting them in trouble (as I'm sure they've already been reported and are probably facing some sort of consequences for it.. but quietly thats what they wanted, to BE hurt even more, because they have such self-hatred in them that they want the outside to hurt them as well)

So, really the best reaction to such people if you want to actually hurt them for their actions, (aside from reporting them) is to show them pity (but not exactly sympathy/empathy), because it will make them feel even lower than before, even worse than before, and make them feel lower than the people they were trying to stand above. It will ultimately push them further towards their own final solution.

Now, I'm not condoning that behavior, ya know, pushing someone towards that… but do with that information what you'd like, is all I'm saying.

(obv it could also be all an act and they're honestly just a malicious person or sociopath, thats a possibility as well, but such things are much less common, and those people tend to "brag" about their behavior far less because they prefer to fly below the radar so they can keep doing what they're doing)

Unless a nigger has one to spin chicken little at home, a raw chicken will never be a rotisserie chicken.

One could make huge headway towards getting this proposal the support it needs by spinning it as a solution to the "food desert" issue.


Indeed, they look at the ability to find gainful employment. That's the key. Just because you technically can do it if you line up all the special circumstances that no corporation wants the headache of dealing with, doesn't mean you can find a full time job doing it and make survivable wage.

Doesn't do any good if no one is sticking a dick in there. These cunts can't see past their edge.



How about you come back once you're out of grade school?


This dunecoon is buying soda using nigger EBT cards that she bought for pennies on the dollar, then using that soda to stock her convenience store for niggers to purchase from.

There is no way he can pull this off, is there? Gotta love the stones on the God Emperor. The salt will flow with such savage glory.

Life is not a vacuum. Trump has now shifted the democrats away from daca. They either die on taco nigger hill, or shift their battle over to the GIBs, one of their most important pillars.

But this is where the problem begins. Who profits off of gibs? The curry niggers who are crazy enough to have stores in nigger town, chase manhatten who manages the snap cards, and wallmart. So there may be some push back for this.

The question is: is this a real fight, or a feint? This will bring the niggers to the polls for the midterms, but it will also bring out the working middle class too, and they HATE the welfare niggers.

But there is a lot more to this, this also destroys ethnic food and ethnic food stamps. The smoli niggers can not have ape food anymore, but eat American approved food.

This is a nasty piece of work, and i suspect we have not even seen the nuclear options yet. The current year is a great year.

Get a job FAGGOT.

It's like hoe Israel controls the daily calorie intake of Palestinians. With all the (((estrogen mimickers))) in everything Americans consume this is ripe for abuse. Will be used to turn low-income rural whites into soy zombies.

If you trust the (((U.S. government))) to choose what poor people eat you're fucking retarded.

This could be a good thing because it would force food stamp recipients (including poor whites) to eat fruits and veggies and not junk food. I would want to examine who is providing the actual food and the logistics of delivering it so they don't try to turn this program into their own little monopoly. I suppose the benefit of the current EBT system is that it's decentralized and is less likely to disproportionately reward a particular company (at least as far as I know)

It'll be great, anybody on gibs for more than a few weeks should be targeted for eugenic culling. Also, while there are a lot of rural whites on welfare, per capita they're some of the lowest users of that programs.

This will much more dramatically affect niggers, spics, and of course all the ultra-orthodox kikes who use welfare. It's a win-win.

Sadly not all whites are that great, so we will use eugenics to ensure the future.

remove all the gibs

neets don't get government assistance in the US…

niggers don't vote during the midterms. even more precisely, niggers don't vote unless a nigger is on the ballot

That could be accomplished by editing the acceptable list of products that can be purchased with food benefits.

They do if they promise to the nice government cat ladies that they'll vote Democrat.

Would you call detonating a bomb that kills millions of whites a "win-win" just because mostly non-whites were caught in the blast?
TORfag wants genocide for poor whites, I'll try to contain my surprise.



its "unprepared" food, not "raw" food

tbqf it depends on if you cook it before eating it.

Needs a few tweaks user – for example the proposed ape crates are 'non perishables', not veggies – but fundamentally a good idea.

Social workers have incredible flexibility in how they dole out welfare.

I’m getting hard thinking of the Kwanzaa cuisine which will be invented in the near future.

He has managed the impossible tax reform so far, who knows?

Thanks for the insight user. I hadn't thought of some of those complexities.

Low income rural whites should be growing their own food. No sympathy.


Kekd. Can't unsee.

Scooby doo pop tarts and canned green beans, forever.

LOL Trump doesn't want to be re-elected in 2020. Stopping the browning can wait if it means going hungry, and lots of poor Trump voters are going to think that way.

Yea, considering USPS operates at well north of a billion dollars loss per year, this is definitely going to save money! NOT!

Chicken is 10$ a lb in the great white north.

Its cheaper to raise your own chickens.

> -America.htm
Figures he has to throw in a bunch of commie bullshit.
Bullshit. The English said that because they were the ones stealing that food.
Again, complete bullshit. The people were eating fucking dirt just to have the feeling of anything in their stomachs. There was massive amounts of cannibalism. There was no livestock feed laying around, they ate it all.

As a former low income rural white, I can confirm that they are the one group that outperforms all others at self-sustenance. Any lack of gibs affecting them would typically quickly be rectified by the rural communities themselves anyway.

If anyone is going survive TSHTF, it's country folks.

There probably aren't a whole lot of poor Trump voters user. Most of us are pretty successful. Why are you tripfagging btw? That's more a Holla Forums thing tbh.

What's that got to do with the thread, user?

I see several possibilities:




highly unlikely


It's a $1.87 a pound where I'm from. Apparently it's a mix of high quality Perdue chicken or locally raised natural chickens.
If you are paying $10 a fucking pound for chicken you must either live in Jew York City or that chicken better be shitting out golden eggs.


I've never had any problems with their chicken, but I normally soak it in a salt solution to remove any impurities.

RIGHT WINGED.something. SQUADS when ?


Here's your (you) Sambo (26). I can smell your niggersloth through the monitor.

stop shopping at (((whole foods))) faggot


Maybe the kid with the Henry is a faggot.



You. I like the way you think.


Kek. Yeah, we basically keep Granny's unloaded if she's had a tetch of the hootch.

It looks like she is pointing the shotgun at the kid's head too. lel.


Topkek. I'll sleep more soundly tonight user knowing our citizens can feel safe enough out on the streets at night to obtain their necessary sustenance.

We’re talking about the USA, not the tar sand communities in Canada you dumbass.

this. go get food stamps. that money's gonna go to you or to a nigger. even if you're not eligible, just lie and be smart about it. it's free food and it comes out of the mouths of niggers.

food stamps is such a small portion of government spending it's ridiculous. this is just a way of "improving" the redistribution of wealth from the middle class to large corporations with the poor as a middleman by cutting out the middleman, who might spend his food stamp money on local produce and meats, store brands, and other products not made by Kraft, PepsiCo, or ConAgra.

it appeals to dumb cuckservatives who think that food stamps are bad because some loud negress blows through all of hers in a week on crap at wal-mart but have no problem with the massive waste of the MIC, the real cost of niggers and spics. but hey, they get to feel smug and self-reliant when they tell people if they don't like it they can go get a job and pay taxes and continue to prop up the bloated, wasteful system with their hard work.

most of the time made under license by the same factories that produce name brands under license

Be careful what you all wish for; one way to control what people buy and sell (or trade as in EBT cards) is to make personal ID very personal. Like maybe a RFID implanted chip.


I’d be for a biometric ID which was mandatory for all people though. Jesus can’t come back until this happens.

Imminentize the Eschaton.

that's not the point and you know it.

i forgot to mention, the biggest issue with these is the obvious lack of fresh food. how are you going to have meats and fresh vegatables in these boxes? you can't. half would spoil before arrival, the rest would go off in a week. sourcing that would be absurd. it's all going to be heavily-processed, low protein, low nutrient, high sugar, high carb crap.

generally speaking anything that gives the state more power over people is a bad thing. even if you believe that the state should look after people's best interest, you know that the one we have won't actually do that, they'll look after the best interests of the people who pay for their reelection campaigns instead. and who cares what people spend their food stamps on, if someone wants to be an idiot and buy steaks, they'll go hungry at the end of the month. the government doesn't give you extra cash if you blow all your food stamps on soda cans and sell it for crack money, you just run out of money.

you sound like an idiot. that money was earmarked for food stamps a year ago, claim it or someone else will.

Even making this conversation public is huge



Amsuingly, the bugmen reeeing about how unfair/undignified SNAP crates would supposedly be pay big bucks for the same thing: hipster "farm shares" and coop schemes where they get random vegetables every week, locally sourced artisanal ingredient + recipe packs from services like, etc. Of course the real reason they're mad is that their goal isn't to feed anyone, it's income redistribution from whitey to nigs, spics and corrupt pajeet shops. Their ultimate goal is Universal Basic Income (UBI), so to pave the way for that it's vital to them that benefits work as much like a cash payout as possible.

If this gets implemented, there's potential for major trolling along the lines of the Tropical Fantasy / Church's Fried Chicken / Snapple scares, where we spread rumours that SNAP food secretly makes you sterile to control the black population or whatever.


The proposal is for a food crate to make up part of SNAP, so you'll still get food stamps too, just not as many. Also they'll have to offer at least a little choice in what's in the crates to accomodate food allergies and gluten intolerance.


Chinese restaurants do the same shit with produce.

i was a waitress for a little while, you get a lot of money fast.


the group playing it was named "Snap" user,
thats the joke user, shitty pop-culture user
why are you not laughing user?

I didn't get the joke until you pointed it out.
Why can't you into humor?

Yea I made decent money. But I made a lot more housing burley tobacco or parking cars at the thoroughbred horsetrack. The latter especially I would literally have both my pants pockets absolutely jammed full of tip money. But the clubhouse was only for 8 weeks out of a year. My main reason for doing it was to actually drive all those supercars.

Completely did not think of this. Together with the members' list of Bohemian Grove, it would make an excellent starting place for the deportations/killings.

This cunt is less than 1% of food stamp recipients and is a separate issue. People like that shouldn't be here to begin with. They don't share our culture or our values so naturally they feel nothing when they take advantage of the system. The Hart-Cellar immigration act needs to be repealed, and the people who came under it sent home. Paying (((Unilever))) taxpayer money for food boxes full of overpriced sugar is not the way to fix this problem.

It's like drug testing people for welfare. It saves the government no money because the cost of the program is more than the cost of paying for the very small percentage of people who spending all their welfare money on drugs AND are dumb enough to not buy a detox drink or go clean for a week for a drug test that's scheduled a year in advance, but you can bet that the drug test kit company and the lab that paid the senator that approved it a quarter of a million bucks in speaking fees for a conference that only happened on paper is cleaning up.

Speaking of beaner economics, a 17-year-old boy can go stand in a fucking Home Depot parking lot and take home $100 a day in most areas. Without rent, a mortgage, kids to take care of, or other expenses, that's enough for pizza every night, plus a smoking habit.

Get your fucking shit together,

Years ago there was an experiment in UK prisons that found giving the prisoners vitamin supplements made them less aggressive, so there might be a sweet spot where improving spic/nig nutrition a bit causes them to commit less crimes. However that UK prison population would have been mostly white.

Brilliant. You've earned this.

Good News Everyone! I just discovered the secret of making Multi Purpose Food cans. Now everyone can lose weight without those pesky diets!

You hand-to-mouth cocksuckers kill me.
No, shitbag, this is what you're REALLY saying.
Go fuck yourself, commie. Tell your lazy nigger mother to get off her ass and do something. I don't give two shits about her back, that's her/your problem. People make shit in a seated position and sell it online from their home all the time. Where is the rest of her/your family? They don't care?


You don't want to be a beggar? Tough shit, pal, fuck straight and completely off. What really kills me isn't that charities and churches will inevitably fill the gap as stated, but that they already fucking do that even though all the people shuffling in and out of food banks have food stamps. If clinging to life is so fucking hard for the two of you without being the benefactor of my stolen money, consider suicide. She's past child-bearing age and it sounds like you have zero parenthood prospects, so by all means, lighten the load.

Hadn't you heard? Vegebals be raciss!

Sorry, I don't speak welfare.


That took me far too long to realize that is a bird and not a rabbit.

I can't unsee it now.

Who is "we"? Genuinely curious.

Not everybody has the money for a perpetual tendies generator, sweet user.

Plebeian, pls.

Kek. I guess I subconsciously wouldn't give Satan any credit despite the topic of my post.

It's an American movie in English. Posting the welfare version is nigger tier. Also, I think it's pretty cool that it takes place 4 years from now.

I posted the original poster at it's World Premiere user. What have you done?

Yes. Eventually, this program should expand to include cheese or whatever other surplus foods exist. The ebt portion would be adjusted accordingly.

So let me see if I understand this

The point of giving money to the poor instead of rations is so that they stay in the economy instead of parallel to it. In this case giving stamps lets the government outsource the support for the poor to the private sector and demand lowers the price for people who have to pay with their own money.

Obviously they are wasting it but lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

It's surely more complex than this user, but you've covered many of the basic points from the abusers' case. Cf. user's post ITT for moar insights. EG:

I'm sure he has enough in his mom's basement.

That's an insightful point user. I imagine it's already been implied at least by smart anons ITT, but thanks for making it quite plain.

Reminder that, no matter what's going on, Jews are swindling money from it

Now that along with shitskins using stamps to buy shit up and sell it in their own goddamn stores is a reason to restructure and fuck SNAP.

It's the perfect distillation of everything we've been discussing /here/ for years: White liberal vaginas feel bad for helpless niggers, Jews monetize that altruism to make money, feed pregnant spics, niggers start to feel entitled, whites wring each others' necks over whether we should cut back a tiny bit.

Quality post.

I hate communism, I truly do- with every fiber of my being. But really, I've always thought that Welfare should be full blown big C Communism. You do not work- you do not eat and you are a slave to the government for the rest of your lifeor until you can support yourself… OH and voting, silly comrade Uncle Sam always knows best.

What can you do, honestly? These fuckers hate us. Only thing you can do is destroy their free ride to chase the fuckers out.

Assuming that killing them is off the table for now, then yes – remember that niggers are helpless and Jews are weak. Whites being demoralized is the only reason the nigs aren't back out making themselves useful in the fields farming over Jewish graves.

It's going to be fucking amazing when we just up and cancel the calorie-gibs. A real. . . riot?


All welfare must be phased out. National Socialism is the ultimate self help program for a man, and a woman, a family, and a Volk. Anons, refer to the Führer's thoughts on welfare - which he eventually ended :
"Our social welfare system is so much more than just charity. Because we do not say to the rich people: 'please give something to the poor.' Instead we say: 'German people! Help yourself! Everyone must help, whether you are rich or poor! Everyone must have the belief that theres always someone in a much worse situation than I am and this person I want to help as a comrade. If one should say 'yes but do I have to sacrifice a lot?' That is the glory of giving!"


You need to upgrade this with fertility control additives in food. Problem that solves itself.


If whites were ready to flip the switch, @sahuwal's brown buddies wouldn't have time to flush the street before the end.

Sounds like a perfect opportunity for them to try a color revolution, that sounds like fun. I better see blood.

Government cheese was just surplus produced by Wisconsin dairy farmers taking advantage of subsidies.

that doubling down…

The Salt Must Flow

If we just pay our enemies enough then we will win, right?

It certainly beats pouring it down the drain.

You sound like someone who knows what they're talking about.
That said, is there a way to report this kind of abuse?

He really, really hated commies. For that we can be appreciative.

Too bad kid. You have to work for your comforts.

Food stamp blogpost time. Spoilered to make reading voluntary (no bully):
I spent a few years on SNAP awhile back. Struck by a sudden (to me) divorce, responsibility for a (white) toddler, and in the middle of a major career shift, I had noplace to turn. I couldn't even afford my rent.
After fighting like hell not to do it, and even with a full-time job that paid peanuts, I found myself in the welfare office, signing up for the program. I would never have done it, but I had a child and no help at all, not even family.
The office was packed to overflowing with spics and nigs. I was mortified to be there, but they all seemed to think they were in a public library or movie theater or something. Zero shame on a single face. Interesting: of the three white girls there, two had mixed-race children. One had her nigger BF with her, as casual as a real person would be at a job interview.
The worker was the saddest-looking pudgy white man I'd ever seen. As if it was routine, he listed all the shit he was able to sign me up for – basically every program they had. I said no, thanks, but I have a job. I just need help with the groceries. Keep the cash aid and other shit.
He looked at me like I was the stupidest person he'd ever met and said nothing.
My son never missed a meal, and now he's big and healthy. I've been self-employed for several years now, and though I'm nowhere near financially secure, I don't regret giving up that $350+ a month. I'm free.
Finally, they certainly make it hard to achieve escape velocity from that fucking program. Even after I told them I was done, they actually sent me a bill that prorated my last month for a few hundred dollars. They told me I wouldn't have had to pay it if I went back on the program. Definitely need to strip it to the goddamn bones. Trump has my blessing. Won't even go into the fraud I saw every day.

It's just fucking depressing.

user, pls. Didn't I already go over this with you? Get you're are shit together.

and I want to not hate women, but…

You have the right attitude user. Thank your white genes for that. Niggers and spics just love taking shekels from the white man.

Good luck in the future. Glad your kid is healthy.

Don't hate her, user. The divorce was my fault. I used to be a typical coastal faggot, and she was turned off. Big learning experience for me.

Thanks. He loves this board, btw.

>You had to pay money to get off welfare
I've always heard that welfare is a fucking trap. Good on you for not falling into the gibs hamster wheel. I wonder how many other "incentives" there are to not get off welfare.

If a woman acts shitty, it's because people let her. MGTOW is fucking retarded as hell.

Sage for off topic.

There is no study or career in europe. There are less noogs but school system is pozzed and jobs don't pay even remotely as well as in merica.
May I remind you that gas is 6$ a gallon ?


Well, at least the girls are prettier

Rice, beans, dehydrated vegetables, and a bottle of cooking oil could work.

You should make the intel primer part of his education.

No. It wasn't. I've seen it a million times.

Beans don't provide enough protein OR the right amino acid profile. There's a reason why fags/vegetarians are fucked.

< it's the man's fault a woman acts like shit
Sure it is. What a nigger idea.

By doing that, you set an amazing example for your son and he'll probably turn out a much better man on account.
Children pick up a lot more than adults realize, and the welfare lifestyle/mentality is no exception.
Godspeed, user.

You really have no clue how the world works.

You're a fucking beggar not a chooser.
I've had a job since I was 13 years old. Why cant you?
Can't even jew his way to some online clicker jobs

Frankly if you're this stupid, you don't deserve to live. I'm glad your weak lineage is coming to an end.

I agree that a lot more could be done to crack down on fraud. Perhaps auditing the vendors who take EBT would help. Stores that carry less than 2/3rds food in their stock shouldn't be allowed to accept EBT. Also, audit vendors to make sure they have wholesaler receipts that match up with their stock. Where I'm from, the health department does checks to make sure vendors have these receipts so they don't sell substandard food to the public and fines the stores if their stock doesn't match the receipts. (Food for retail sale is packaged more sturdily than food for home use, so that's what's up with the "not intended for retail sale" markings on some items like yogurt or string cheese). Anyway, shouldn't be too hard to check EBT retailers to make sure they're selling food that came from a wholesaler rather than food bought with fraudulent EBT cards.

Also, making EBT users show ID when making purchases would cut down a lot too. If the EBT user is too disabled to shop for themselves, make them assign the benefits to a caregiver, then make that person show ID. Of course, in a country where people throw a shitfit over the idea of making people show ID in order to vote, this will never fly, even though it would work like a charm.

In Ohio, government cheese in the 1980s was like a medium New York cheddar, mixed about 30/70 with Monterrey Jack. It was a pale yellow, nearly white cheese, that melted easily, and had a simultaneously mellow and tangy flavor. Made great macaroni & cheese, and was nice to have with a few crackers and some deer sausage. I'd been trying to reproduce it when I make macaroni & cheese, but relying on memories from about 35 years ago is a bit difficult. Your sense of taste changes as you mature from childhood, which is why bitter or sour things seem to taste so awful as a kid, but as an adult, you can appreciate their flavor.

Anywho, niggers loan their cards to people in exchange for cash. The buyer buys food with the card, typically meat, vegetables, rice, and other things to make meals that can be spread quite a bit, and portioned for daily consumption over time, while the seller tends to get wasted and live on pizza and other cheap shit.

A lot of people on Holla Forums don't know how healthy diets work, grains and beans aren't particularly healthy, it's why shitskins are all fat estrogenic fucks.

Beans and rice together do form a complete amino acid profile. Hemp does that and it has the protein.

savage but true

Best idea ever. Make sure that the retards and disabled people get their food and keep the fucking trailer park scum from getting their fucking tweak

I lost my $60,000+bennies job suddenly when the CEO shark sold the entire operation lock, stock, and barrel to the Chinks. 350+ got their pink slips all on the same day. Due to stupid shit of my own devising thereafter I was soon on the street like any common fool. As Trump was now in office, and I was an official Zogbot refugee, I was able to both find a place to stay in a veteran's halfway house, and to get on the SNAP train. Unlike you, I wasn't even opposed particularly to it, since I had already contributed literally 10's of thousands of dollars into the (((system))) by then. This is why I understand in such detail how niggers abuse this system. I was surrounded by it.

Now that I'm back on my own feet I'm frankly ashamed and embarrassed by my behavior but I guess at the very least I understand just a little better what a complete shitfest and abuse the current system is. I'm glad I voted for Trump if for no other reason than him trying to take this evil system down.

I guess I'll shut up now, sorry for the blogpost.


If you are poor, don't eat other thing than rice/potatoes/wheat for starch intake and beans/minced meat/eggs for protein. Vegetables, salad and tomatoes are cheap, fruit, beyond apples is expensive.

Burgers, canned food, chicken is too expensive and not enough nutritious to be of any worth.
Learn to cook and cancel all subscriptions other than water/power. Heat with a small heater and buy electric bed warmers (don't leave them on unatented, they are a fire hazard). If you use gas for cooking, buy a small induction stove for 30 bucks. Learn to pick herbs or buy tea.

Animals who cannot support themselves must be culled. This is the iron law of nature.

As your dubs can attest, I already have. My own, as well.

Especially in the Internet age. If poorfag whites cannot make money online like niggers and whores do, what good are you? National Socialism is organic and abides by natural law.

Beans contain every amino acid. The fact that they are not in the right ratio simply means you are limited by the lowest one. You can just eat more beans. The protein content of beans is already corrected for this on nutrition labels.

Being a vegetarian doesn't turn people into pussies. There's plenty of strong vegetarians. The reason most vegetarians are pussies is because pussies are drawn to vegetarianism. They didn't turn into pussies by not eating meat, they were already pussies and that's why they decided to stop eating meat.

That's a guaranteed heart attack, you fuck. Dealing with kikes and retards on the phone is why call centers have such high suicide and cardiologically-induced death rates. Sitting and being distressed.

Beans are literally impossible to digest and raise the fuck out of your estrogen, shitskins eat them because they're shitskins, white people grew up on meat, dairy, veggies and bread.


This is stupid argument. Eggs are cheap as fuck and all you need.

How could you write something that profoundly stupid and expect people to think you are serious?

heiled and agreed. Good first post

Eggs are pretty goddamn healthy.

Kill yourself kike.

This is a good idea. Make being nigger-rich a thing of the past. Make being on welfare embarrasing. Bring back gov’t cheese, butter and milk. Negroes will be shook to the core. Add a provision that welfare reciepients only get clothing that the govt provides. No more Shaniqua buying her 3 illegitimate sons 100 dollar sneakers “on da ferst ov da month”. Instead, Shaniqua gets 1950’s style canvas sneakers and a basic denim prison uniform for her keeedz. This might motivate Shaniqua marrying a 100 IQ Black guy that makes 50,000 a year doing some kind of of non criminal honest blue collar job…Instead of her inclination to just spread her legs to some criminal nigger that turns her on because there’s no consequence to getting pregnant by a deadbeat. Instant reversal of the black de-eugenics that has happened since the 60’s.

Nice argument. "Beans are literally indigestible even though billions of people digest them every day, and my evidence is that I called you a kike!"

This. Also make sure to ration the food box by weight. If Lemongelo and Orangelo are too fat, they get less food.

Good spirit, but too complicated. I'd settle for putting recipients on Norplant. I swear to God, seeing a woman on welfare get pregnant. . .


I should've voted for Clinton.

Just save everybody the trouble and kill yourself unironically, shill. Also, we know you actually DID vote for Clinton.

That wasn't an argument, that was me telling you to kill yourself for justifying eating poison to white people. There's a reason why Japanese people only eat Adzuki beans as dessert and lentils are overpriced now, it's because they're the only halfway digestible beans you can buy with an adequate amount of nutrition to make them even worth eating. Beans are fucking poison.

You shouldn't even get to vote until you pay income taxes.

Nothing wrong with me.
I actually voted for Trump, but this is just stupid. It's not just welfare queens affected by this but white Americans in sanctuary cities that only employ shitskins.

Sorry for the neo-cohen think tank article, but this piece has some interesting facts in it:

If this isn't bait, white traitors like you will hang first.

We could have UBI if our immigration system wasn't fucked. But of course, Dems would never give up their precious brown people even if we teased a UBI program.

If I were behind it I'd make UBI a separate blockchain based national currency that couldn't be traded by (((certain people))) via the (((federal reserve))). You'd generate what I would coin a "social credit" on a monthly basis that you could then reinvest back into your community or pay for food and other necessities as necessary. Your employer could also subsidize your regular paycheck with social credit as well so they could pay you less fiat currency but you'd have a more disposable income after the fact.

The social credit would be a non-taxable currency so you could spend it how you pleased without worry of it somehow costing you. I'd make it so you couldn't use it for the stock exchange or any kind of currency speculation markets. It'd be a currency that only works within the U.S. Since it would be unaffected by conventional interest rates it wouldn't be advantageous to horde it like you do regular fiat currency so you'd see a very liquid movement rather than bouts of stagnation.

As much as I love the "free money" aspect of my concept, for me it's mostly a maneuver to disempower the Fed as much as possible.

Naturally, only legal citizens would get this UBI. Immigrants, permanent or otherwise would not be eligible for this UBI.

No you didn't, I can tell by the faggy way you post. Also why are you living in a shitskin sanctuary city? Get out there and get a job.

I dunno, cryptos look a lot like anglos, you shouldn't be too surprised that someone would mistake them for one.

How does being a part of the resisting conservative populace in a blue state make you a race traitor, retard?

We don't want UBI at all. It's a Bernie bro meme from Jews, designed to actually empower the FED because the only way to make it happen would be to monetize it or tax business to the point of insanity.

Also you posted a photo of kike, why are you posting kikes? Maybe because you're a kike?

< i'm wunnuh u goys

If you're living in a sanctuary city you're not resisting, you're getting enriched.

They're only viable if there are whites shouldering the burden, white flight kills the sanctuary city. Nobody thinks you're noble for being a dumbass and living in a DNC stronghold.

These are the kind of people that run away when niggers invade their neighborhoods, either because they have enough sense or enough money unlike poorer whites.

It doesn't. You're just conversing with a heeb.

UBI is welfare and Communism. Niggers would just spend UBI on weed and booze like they do with their EBTs.

You basically have three ideas here:

The idea of using UBI to tease leftists into reforming immigration is wrongheaded from the start. They only want it in the first place because it will be used to pay niggers and spics. Take away the niggers, and suddenly the left no longer wants welfare. You've put the cart before the horse here, so I'll spoonfeed: The purpose of welfare is to breed niggers, not the other way around.

In any event, it's unworkable. Under the scheme you laid out, a person could just take their social capital, sell it to someone who wants it for 50 cents on the dollar, and then drop that real cash into whatever they want. In other words, abuse it exactly like SNAP benefits today.

Fuck citizens; that's civ-nat shit. Whites only.

I honestly think it's worthless to pretend that you're standing up for something when kikes try to destroy your neighborhoods, stragglers just get fucked. Niggers definitely fucking hate white people, I just want to see them murder each other and blame whitey for cutting their gibs. Look to the Californian farmers, they want to make their own state and tell the communists to fucking kill themselves. Be proactive, not a cuck.

If you want to make the middle class relatively worse off in general and poorer then by all means institute a UBI.

The Democrats and niggers and spics fear white flight more than anything else. This goes double now that you can't write off your property taxes.

Sanctuary cities will become piles of bricks, monuments to niggerdom.

If you'd actually read my post you'd see how it dismantles the Fed.

Careful there scholmo, getting high projection levels from that post.

investing in your community with a block chain currency that can't be jew'd is communism?
Niggers are going to be niggers regardless. Don't give me your moral logistics bullshit.

Can it not be a whites-only system eventually?

I don't want to rely on a currency controlled by kikes.

Former DCF guy here. This guy is accurate. In a lot of cases for renewing benefits we don't even do an actual interview, or if we do it's over the phone yes/no questions. The best part was the holidays during which we'd front load cash on cards for the holidays and then get calls just before those holidays exclaiming that they had no idea that this money was to be for the following month and this must be a mistake or the card was stolen or some stupid ass excuse. Then I got to list line by line details of what the card was used for and that if they needed further assistance to seek out a number for faith based charities etc.
That feeling of just ruining a welfare niggers day thinking they would somehow get more gibs made my fucking day.

That's what they deserve for ruining the lives and families of so many whites.

There’s plenty of 100 IQ blacks. Just like there’s plenty of 120 IQ white guys. I’m talking about American blacks that have a partial white admixture. Not Somalians or Sub Saharan blacks. My point is: that the higher end of high IQ/non criminal black men will be selected by Shaniqua because her and her keedz will be punished for having illegitimate keedz with random low-IQ deadbeat niggers.

I read your post, you're wrong. UBI would be monetized and simply shackle the nation further.

I live in an area that used to be much lower-population than it is now, just 5 years ago. It's seen an incredible influx of whites moving away from the pozzed cities.

Shackle whom and how?

Beans don't become poison just because you cry a lot. I get that you are desperate for poor whites to be dependent on your agricorp food supply Schlomo, but you have to put in a little effort.

the classic go to line for shills, "Man I LOVED trump guys! I LOVE HIM! but now I can't support him because of X reason"

I have come to realize that they are literally the single best source of economical nutrition.

And that pic related is literally the single best investment in nutrition that any man in the West trying to hold down a job can make. Perfect.every.time.

Are you fucking retarded? It costs businesses money every time you swipe that card. If they are a big company, they are paying about half a percent. If they are a small company, they are paying closer to 3 percent and probably a per swipe fee. You're probably that guy who feels like you're helping when you walk into a mom and pop store and purchase a dollar item with your cash back rewards card.

do you know what a debit card ackshually is?

I grew up in a pozzed shithole. Even moving around a little bit I felt genuinely happy living around people that looked like me. I just want this country better.

deep-set eye sockets?
cheeks like Louis Armstrong?
ginger biscuit for a soul?

the fucking fatties are everywhere and those thick necks are going to make them difficult to strangle.

Have you ever run business? Card processing takes a cut of the transaction, debit cards more so than credit in some cases.

If welfare and living subsidies are severely reduced and regulated and policed, then I could see your Darwinian theory play out, but until then is onto exactly the right idea. Cut it off at the source.Hell if /ourguys/ were in charge you could take the freshly born and send them off to camps or something overseas and voila- problem solved. You breed on welfare we are going to take your child and have it go live in Africa for the rest of its life. After 2 on welfare, sterilize either party. Whole pesky religious problem with the beaners but meh.

Mighty Shilly tonight then again when isn't it?. Wonder what's up.

You do realize that network fees are a thing. Like a 3% of every transaction kinda thing. What you pay the store gets immediately cut off the top by the ((Network)))

They can also have a little sign next to their card reader that says "You'll be charged a .25 cent processing fee when you use a card."

One of two things will happen. Customers will pay the fee because it's more convenient or they'll go someplace that doesn't charge a fee. Either way, it's up to the market to decide.


Inexpensive, too, which makes them easy to experiment without feeling guilty if it fails.
Got my first attempt at century eggs curing in kansui right now with a dozen eggs I picked up on sale for 29 cents.

That's why I always buy something that's less than the transaction fee with cash back from Wal Mart instead of using an ATM (for after bank hours, of course). ;)
Screw those guys.

Pic Related


Most solutions are impossible until the US becomes both self-sufficient and hardened against accusations of being mean.

How is letting the market decide stupid? Is the usage of debit cards really that triggering for you?

I used to live in eggs, chicken breast, frozen vegetables, apples, and rice. Most fit and healthy I've been in my life, running 20 miles a week plus lifting. Now I have a wife and she spoils me. But honestly, it's not complicated. I'd go through 5 dozen eggs every couple weeks.

Breakfast = Oatmeal with peanut butter and raisins. Plus 4 hard boiled eggs.
Lunch = chicken vegetable and rice bowl, plus apples and hard boiled eggs
Dinner = chicken vegetable and rice bowl
Use amino acid / soy sauce to flavor

For cheaper option reduce chicken and supplement with egg. Steamed rice/vegetable bowl with fried egg on top is delicious and filling. This shit is easy.

Places already charge a fee. Even state governments charge a fee. It's not rare to do that.

The snake-oil salesmen I used to read about in the western novels must've been itinerant jews.

Do we not have one white huckster among us who can convince the niggers that spics are finger lickin good?


Among other things discovering this egg cooker has been a Godsend. I no longer struggle wondering how to easily satisfy my basic nutritional needs, apart from some rice or ramen for example. Protein is a big deal to me, and I've been quite adapted to having plenty of it in the past, and often.

This little cooker provides 7 eggs done perfectly in ~15 minutes that I can stuff into a container in a bag on the way to work and that satisfies me through the day with only a modicum of discipline.

Our (((Dearest Friends))) in the middle east are pushing that envelope to the goyem as we speak. . But in either case Planned Parenthood is just going about it wrong since it is already state sanctioned population control.

No, it is you talking out of your ass about stuff you have no clue about. If one competitor in a market charges a fee, boom- everyone charges the fee as points out. Not doing so does not make business sense. In either case all it does is strip the cost out and puts it in the customer's wallet. It rarely gives the business enough of an income bump to overtake inflation and it causes your prices to go up without any competitive change. Don't give a shit what your books may or may not say- run a business or manage one. And stop derailing the fucking thread

Great idea! Obviously, whatever surplus is available can be used, but lentils are great.

–Boon Boxes?–


This is also an option if the logistics for ape crates don't work out.

Meats are an expensive protein source.

How do they keep it once-per-lifetime?

Is it? I was under the impression that part of the price controls included purchasing surplus to reduce market volatility, but don't quote me on that.

Works only when the homeless are of sound mind and body.

I enjoyed this sweet grandmother, until the nigger had to show up and ruin a nice video.

Is that what was in fallout shelters?

Fascinating thought. Thanks for sharing that.

If everyone has an ape crate, will they even have much value? I don't know much about niggernomics.

I think chicken is usually cheaper, and they don't actually need any meat, as plant proteins will be sufficient and cheaper. That sais, do it to ruin things for muzzies.

Some rock bottom budgeting here for the niggers. This is what a poor White man has no problem living on, especially when it comes directly from his paycheck. I'd say this is about two weeks easy. The canned veggies are cheap as fuck, sometimes as low as 50 cents a can. I've only put canned tomatoes in as an example because I like them with beans.

So for about $25 per week you can get what I lived on many times in the past. Stop buying fucking Newports and grape drank and work on building up your pantry. Weak ass niggers and neets demanding lobster and tendies should be gassed immediately.

dried pinto beans 8lbs: $9
rice 5 lbs: $2.32
canned tomatoes @ 70 cents x 10: $7
yellow onions 5 lbs about: $5
salt 1 lb: 65 cents
black pepper 2 oz: $2
bargain bin garlic powder: less than $1
lemon juice concentrate 32 oz about: $2
cured ham about 3-4 lbs approx: $10-11
store bakery bread x 3 loaves: $3.00
18-30 fresh eggs approx: $4-5 depending on supply
48 oz cooking oil: $2.40

Total: right at $50 for two weeks of grub.

And if you feel like splurging on some extras:
100 ct black teabags: $2.00

These are current prices too.

Great Depression Cooking with Clara. Great channel.

< no meat

A personal favorite of mine is to repurpose the wine sauce pickled herring comes in for hard-boiled eggs.
Sushi vinegar is another.

I also recommend trying the various shakshuka recipes out there; there are so many, you're bound to discover one you like.

Polite sage for /ck/

Rock bottom lad, there's 3-4 pounds of meat there if you look.

Yeah but that’s when we have total control and are taking the victory lap…There’s some “totally not raysisst” steps that have to be taken before that. Making welfare an embarrasing social stigma is a giant leap in the right direction. Taking away the muds ability to be a viable consumer/desirable sexual partner using white tax payers money is one of these totally not raycisst steps that could be taken. Would have a valuable eugenics effect also.

This kind of proposal was common place (minus the overt racial eugenics element) 70’s-early 2000’s mainstream American political discussion btw. Not sure what happened. (I know what happened)

I remember an idea that was floating around about just having people on EBT/Food Stamps be given MRE's to cover their needs. After all, if it's good enough for our military, it should be good enough for our citizens… The idea was to get people to get off of Welfare because of the taste/quality, and trading the MRE's would be a no go either.

This sounds strikingly familiar and I would applaud this administration (more) if they managed to get it through.

Well Quantravious, I see you're located near the Salvation Army Mission on MLK Boulevard, they have a hot meal twice per day. Perhaps you could hoist your 400lb ass off the couch and onto the bus for some relief?

chimping sounds, line goes dead

Oh, I see. Ham. yep, pork is astoundingly cheap and tastes great.

Given time and backroom democratic shenanigans Ape Crates will soon be lauded as the black Socrates.

I frankly cannot believe how cheap it is.

"rib eye" pork is a good cut.

I made a batch of Woolton Pie this last week just for shits and grins. It's pretty good for what is essentially a root vegetable pot pie.

An addendum for cooking oil.


Seriously. The amount of polyunsaturated fat in it is so fucking bad for your health. Use saturated or monounsaturated fats like coconut oil or olive oil (or good quality grass fed butter if you really want to splurge).

Kek true. Somehow it felt related but yea.

I have been experimenting with beets preserved, olives preserved (especially hot ones), and basically any other vinegar-based preservation (such as pickles, et al) for boiled eggs that I can think of.

I'm delighted to say that in spite of my lack of culinary skills
==they are all basically perfect==.

You literally cannot go wrong with pickling hard-boiled eggs user.

MREs would be terrible because they're quite expensive and have candy in them


Eggs aren't meat. They do have protein, but they lack a lot important. I eat eggs, nearly every day, but they're no substitute for meat. Eggs & bacon are a great breakfast.

What kinda food can you make out of hemp?


Fucking home run, user.

Ah. Was not aware of that.

Untrue. The only thing they lack basically is Vitamin C.

We're about to need a new Ape Crate thread

Perfect. Let the nogs get sick and die

Hemp seeds are actually filled with a lot of good oils for the body as well as calcium and can be eaten after being roasted and tossed into granola, overnight oats, etc. They're pretty damn tasty.

Scurvy isn't typically a fatal disease, and basically hasn't been seen in the West for over 100 years. They call the Brits limeys for a reason

Grape drank is a thing user.

If a baker wants to bake..

It won't fly. The Nigger handlers will just tell their pets to claim that they are allergic to gluten or something similar, which would force the administration to either have unsustainable amounts of variety or have them fail to fulfill nutrition requirements, which would result in massive outrage

You can keep scurvy away by just drinking dandelion tea. It's free. You just pick some dandelions and put 'em in hot water, and it makes dandelion tea. There is no recipe.

Then what happens? End of the world? Who gives a shit if Carl the Cuck thinks he's being kidded over nigger rice? Fuck him.

Nah, I thought about that too. It wouldn't be that difficult to have four different Ape Crates.
One for vegetarians, one for halal, one for faggoty allergies or diabetics and then another for your standard issue street nigger. Don't like what's on offer? Fucking starve.

Actually, with all due respect I'd estimate that it's this form of mud offense du jour worship that will fill the libshits with self-inflated angst user.

Firefox books are top shelf. Keep copies nearby.

I agree on the olive oil and butter as it tastes so much better too. I'd think real unsalted butter would probably be a good substitute as it's cheaper than olive oil and healthier than vegetable oil. Unsalted butter is about $4 per pound but olive oil is really prohibitive for those on a budget.

EBT and SNAP can only buy food at stores that accepts the card. Can't buy warm farm or prepared food.
What this does though is save a shit ton of money. The USDA already has so much food it goes to waste and buys food for (((economic reasons))).

I imagine they can merge food banks and SNAP care packages. Meet people half way and deliver their crate to a local distributor and they pick it up.

They "lack a lot important" what? The only things eggs are lacking in meat is also lacking in.

Go back to reddit.


Talking like this doesn't make your post look better, it makes it look like shit.


True (do they really contain candy now?)
The only argument I can see in is if they actually manage to get disposed of due to expiration date or whatever crazy regulations may exist.

If you haven't made Cornish pasties, I'd recommend you try at least once.

Kvass-pickled eggs are on my to-do list, come warmer weather. ;)

If you hate the people here so much, why even come here?

I lived on MREs and I love them. I'm certain they are consumable for 10 years from their packing, and I'd estimate the valid range is probably more like 20 years. Ofc use your eyes & nose to confirm, but they are truly a modern marvel.

Thanks user, I'll get on it.

When I was looking into the health benefits of cannabis I tried numerous methods of ingestion…smoke, vapour, oil, green dragon, edibles…to determine the best method. The only one I haven't tried yet is to eat the leaves directly, just like the fucking green caterpillers I found scoffing my plants this week.

Eating the leaves was, from memory, 15 times more beneficial than ingesting the oil.

You had better shape your shit up, or else the rest of your generation will leave you behind. Stop whining, you have the internet as a resource, use it to find a way to get paid. If you're in New York find work in a deli or construction for fucks sake, people on the go always need food quick and shit is always being built. Save up your money, move out of the city and get a welding, machining, or other skilled trade certification. It sucks, but that is just the nature of the game, it never starts easy. Put your time in and use it to push yourself forward.

Gluten free bread isn't hard to find nor expensive,
Also 90% of food allergy come from 7 different products which isn't hard to work around.

Ostensibly, this would be unbranded USDA-issued food.

Thank you for sharing that, user.

I see a lot of places selling the cold day-old chicken, too. This is done specifically because it is ebt eligible once it's cold.

Good pasta actually has protein, too.


You balance the contents of the ape crates so that there is enough of each amino acid.

It depends on where you are and where you shop. Melons in season are insanely cheap. Vegetables are also seasonally cheap. Some places even sell slightly imperfect prdice for very little, which is great for meaking soups and other meals that can be frozen.

Eggs are great. They can be turned into a shelf-stable powder, too.

Why would he marry her?

Copper IUDS last 10-12 years and don't shit up the water supply with extra hormones.

Cut out the middleman, and give them rare, newly-released Jordans.

Make sure the special boxes are not any better than the standard boxes, though.

As long as the system exists, as many whites as possible should take from it rather than pay into it. Since if you don't use, some nigger will. Starve the beast, and bring on the collapse.

UBI's one good thing is it takes away the 'survival' check businesses can have on work forces, in that a boss may pressure certain workers who he feels may not easily source new jobs/paychecks. UBI would go toward raising the price of labor because survival desperation would be factored out of the equation. With increased labor prices, automation will become more attractive.
As it stands now, don't expect your wages to rise much with the costs of goods in the store: there's still tens of millions "out of the labor force" not even counted on primary unemployment numbers.

jej u think its that ez m8? cant keep a good tripfag down ya shit!
packing up and going to starcucksB===============D~~~ (your cuckface)

I was really thinking it was more than that…the infographic needs more impact. Maybe combine it with other shit that anchor babies are costing us for?