End of American Superpower status

the world is facing the end of the "New American Century" as the US loses proxy wars and economic warfare

'Arab Spring' and the Washington-Brussels-Riyadh Axis

The End Of The “Wars On The Cheap” For The United States

Military and Political Trends Of 2017 That Will Shape 2018

End of History

world countries who have not yet been subjected to the US hegemoney
Velvet Approach AKA Color Revolutions

country economically and diplomaticaly, running a massive propaganda campaign against the ruling regeime and presenting the US

proxies as "the people" or "democratic movements"

"crimes against humanity", "repression", or even "war crimes"

independant regeime, replacing it with their proxies.
Post 9/11 World

where they would invade and topple any regeime in the world based on "american exceptionalism" and under the pretext of the "war on


allies (Ukraine, North Korea, Iran…)

regeimes on the other which would prove to be too diffiult for the US to bring down with direct miltary action
Failure of US hegemoney

with the US to ensure their survival and the rpotectio of their interests

Russia, China or Iran (Syria, Iraq, Yemen…)

anymore enemy regeimes (as seen in Russia and Iran), and are struggling with new rising threats, which are in many cases the result of

their failed policies (isnurgencies in Iraq, Yemen, Afganistan and rising anti-american sentiment in Europe, Latin America and the middle

End of the New American Century

allies and the economic warfare they have initiated by undermining the petrodollar the US is facing an era of decline, both militarily,

diplomaticaly and economicaly, effectively bringing an end to the "New American Century"

unlikely becaue of the "mutually assured destruction", the US will decline and another global power will take its place, as has happened

troughout history with empires, most likely China, the EU and Russia

The main question now is who takes the new superpower place and how soon will the dollar collapse?
The Future is Now

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heres the formatted text

End of History

Velvet Approach AKA Color Revolutions

Post 9/11 World

Failure of US hegemoney
End of the New American Century

Let it happen, tired of the US being the Babylon of the century by the kikes, focus on making the nation and it's people prosper while going back to Pre-WW1 levels of isolation, fuck the turd world of gibs.

We just have to hope both sides believe this. Wouldn't be surprised if somebody tried to go out kicking and screaming like most of the Democrats I see on the news.

Forgot the cap

well MAD is a meme to some extent actually. major cities and surface outposts do get hit, but both the US and russia both have plans to survive their forces trough the exchange and then engage in continental wafare in europe

smells like defeatism in here. i wonder (((who))) could behind this?

Can you russians keep your anti-american shilling to Zerohedge?

Russia is hardly re-emerging, in fact they remain a declining player. Their perception management is top notch but they don't even have a reason to be opposed to the US anymore. Geopolitically it is pointless pissing for a legacy conflict.


We've already witnessed "the most red-pilled and jew-wise" generation of America's history elect zionist jews into power to errm… overthrow the zionist jewish threat to America.

The only way the West can survive is to have isreal's chief protectorate zionist Occupied America fall


we need to create a Faustian ethno-state that animates the white man

What is happening is the end of america as the number one super power.
We are entering something called "the multi polar world"

Think of it as pre ww2 Europe but on a global scale.

So, there will have to be various blocs formed. And they will all be competing against each other.

I can picture a bloc being formed between america, the uk, india, Canada, japan, Australia, and new zealand.

The india one is a maybe, they have always been historically like a woman who sees america as a nice brother than someone who they would commit with.

during the cold war america suppurted pakistan and china and india fucking hate each other due to a war they had and border problems.
India actually was friends with the soviets during the cold war.

But the cold war is over, pakis are cunts that fund the taliban, and china is becoming an enemy of america and india.

So things might change.

go back pajeet


I know you hate it, but this is where you have to chose, murica or race.
PC is driven by US, less power for the US means less power for the CIA's PC crowd

In the decline all jews die and it will be renaissance again, no subversive bullshit this time.

Wow, this is a very interesting topic. Seeing what's happening to Syria totally backfired on US, and the polarization of politics and activist groups, I can see the US is experiencing it's global superpower decline.

The question is, who would you want to replace the US with? China still thinks they're communists even though they aren't, but will probably start shilling if they get world leader status. EU would be fucking terrible, with people like Merkel shilling for rapefugees and banning "hate speech". Russia is kinda the same thing as China, will probably start shilling communism if they become leaders.

Not sure…I feel Russia would be a slightly better option. But I feel that would be hard since China would also be competing, and they have the numbers to outright beat Russia in both Military and economy.

Nobody ruling the entire fucking planet is a better idea. The world would benefit from a multipolar order, in my opinion.

"New American Century" was a ZOG plan. So this is actually a good thing. The Neokikes are losing power,and the media is trying to spin it as America itself losing power to instill a sense of defeatism.

I don't think that would ever happen. Now that the big powers see that the US is leaving a void, they'll be quick to fill it.

This thread is dog shit.

Absolutely correct.

Jews are very few in numbers, yet dominate the world. How was that possible? How did they do it? Simple: by infiltrating a sympathetic powerful country and having it do their deeds for them. That powerful country is of course America, whose institutions and traditions were perfect, almost tailor made, for jewish takeover.

>Freedom of speech - which enabled jews to peddle their lies unobstructed. Why do you think America is the worlds pornography factory? Because of the second amendment of course, see the infamous Hustler case.


The point I'm trying to make here is simple and every honest American will know I'm right, the second America falls 2 things will happen:

1. liberalism aka globalism (remember kids: communism -> internationalism, liberalism -> globalism) will be over. Just like communism after the fall of the Soviet Union, liberalism will be able to maintain itself in some select countries (just like communism maintains itself in Cuba and North Korea for example) but liberalism as a whole will be over just like communism as a whole is over.

2. jews/jewry/israel will be incredibly weakened since the vast majority of jewish power was based on America protecting them and doing their deeds for them and in the first place.

TL;DR so long as America exists, beating the jews and freeing the west will be impossible

inb4 the autistic D&C screeching

I don't care if some kike screeches, you're right. It's sad that the US was basically made for jewish takeover, but that what "freedom" gets you. The next time some libertarian goes on about muh free markets and muh freedoms, remind him that America was somewhat founded on it, and was easily taken over by another (((ideology))) AKA jewry.


lol where did you find this map? It's so off.

Fuck your faggot shill thread

Man, we germans do love to fick. I didn't know America was this German. However, it also looks like a lot of those german flags are over states that have like on average 1 person per sq. mile.

It isn't. Germans are mostly concentrated in the upper midwest. This map is a joke.

Yet you killed your ancestors so your jewish puppets could destroy the almost only country who opposed jewish international banking system.
Hope i'm not derailing much. IMO America can still be saved, but it must be from WITHING. By their own people. The fall of America, which many of us dreamed for many years, will possibly imply a migration of ((( rats ))) from that country to others, like Russia or China.
So as much as i hate Ameria's jewish policy, i don't think it's fall will necessarily be a good thing. I would be more cautious.

The total runup includes more countries than listed. India comes to mind. The EU and Russia are the least serious ones mentioned on the list. China the most.

Summary: Your a faggot!

Scofield bible was published in 1901, and Jews destroyed American society, thus pornography.
I don't see the connection.

Correct, my bad. So not centuries but century (singular).

Pornography didn't happen AFTER American society was destroyed as you seem to think. Pornography was one of the (many) jewish vectors which attacked and harmed American society while it was still comparatively healthy.

And that particular vector was 100% enabled by the second amendment as evidenced by the Hustler case.

Americans spend their days talking about muh freedumz. jews spend their days talking about how they are always persecuted.

Which means that both Americans and jews have a persecution complex. Not the exact same one, but a very similar one nonetheless. This has given Americans and jews common ground from day one. And the fact that Americans left Europe (either because they were kicked out for being crackpots like the Puritans or out of their own volition) and jews left Europe (either because they were kicked out for being scumbags or out of their own volition) further strengthens that common ground.

Great post until you said "EU" - EU is a fucking paper tiger with no real power. Poland is laughing at their threats as we speak. They've got nothing to enforce them with. Western Europe is in a decline at least as sharp as the US's own.

I agree with this user on the big picture. Frankly, if the US does begin to falter in its world status (as a superpower), I believe it'll give its citizens a chance to redeem it, of which I mean removing the (((problem))). Of course this is a bit of an optimistic outlook, but still…one can hope.

And nobody will take US' place because nobody wants it. Russia and China are fine with a multipolar world because they know when you try to control the whole world, you become an easy target.

Isn't that what happened last time? Poland were laughing at Germany and actually called them a paper tiger, until of course they got steamrolled.

poles are retarded niggers who need a hard lesson.

Do these "Germans" even speak German anymore? Would all these country people not orgasm from dying for Israel, looking at the armed forces' demographics in the last century in all the conflicts? Piss off.

And the Wehrmacht were indeed underequipped at that particular time. Genetic superiority played a huge tole though :^)


Yeah it is what happened. EU may be full of literal cucks who enjoy watching their wife getting fucking but they're also bloodthirsty cut throats who know how to push shit along with their political machine. If they put up a fight they can be beaten, but never underestimate the enemy.

Bane dies because he underestimates Bruce Wane as a man. He saw how weak the Batman was and broke him. He thought Bruce was so weak he could never ascend from the pit, I mean he broke his back ontop of that. It was time to sit back and watch Gothem burn. So he thought.

Russia does not, but the USA is breathing down the Russian neck. The USA basically never stopped to antagonize the Russians.

Batman Returns or whatever it is called is honestly a crappy movie, all new Batman movies are.


Batman was created by jews

Yes goyim guys, the EU is really a bad actor, and Merkel is pulling the wires!

OSS, CIA and European unity: The American committee on United Europe, 1948-60
Richard J. Aldrich University of Nottingham

One of the most interesting US covert operations in postwar Europe was the funding of the European Movement.
It will be argued here that the discreet injection of over three million dollars between 1949 and 1960, mostly from US government sources, was central to efforts to drum up mass support for the Schuman Plan, the European Defence Community and a European Assembly with sovereign powers. This covert contribution never formed less than half the European Movement's budget and, after 1952, probably two-thirds.

Yeah but still. The original Batman movies do an exceptional job at immersing you into a surreal comic world.

created by jews, yeah…

I disagree fampie

Which is why people here like to invoke the image of Bane or the Joker from time to time.

Im not sure what you're saying. You're not implying the EU isn't a bad actor and Merkel isn't pulling string to fuck Europe over, right?

All cape shit is liberal fantasy masturbation that satisfies their slave desire for someone to rescue them. user is just missing a few non political movies.

Create that image, but with k-12 students.

The Boomers and those in hospice homes really skew the statistics, like how they label Latino criminals as "white".

Watch the movies dude. If you know of a movie which recreates a comic world and then immerses you into it better than the first 2 Batman movies let me know.

You must be young then.

The last capeshit I saw was the Dark Knight 1 and 2. It was okay but you keep watching these kike movies and make sure you toe the line. Make sure you love Israel and Zionism.

I'm not a boomer so im young-ish? I've seen the old ones and I didn't say they weren't good. I was just saying Christopher Nolan's are good as well.

Contrary to the Dark Knight stuff, the old Batman movies have no political stuff in them. Just Batman vs the Joker in the first and Batman vs the Penguin and Catwoman in the second one. Besides, I'm pretty sure DC has always been less kiked than Marvel which always had an open agenda (X-Men comes to mind).

Nah, I'm not a boomer either but I'm old enough to remember when they came out and all the people of my age that I know much prefer the old ones to the new ones.

We must agree to disagree then.

Anyway, end of off-topic for me.

Without the US, NATO will cease to exist as well, forcing European countries to be self reliant again. The whole European Union relies on the Uncle Sam for defence. It will crumble too. Jews will lose their financial support and a source military protection. No more foreign intervention in the Middle East. Saudis will be weakened as well. They won't be able to build mosques across Europe and export wahhabism to other countries. Iran will become the new top dog in the Middle East. Israel will be push back to the sea. Oil prices will drop significantly too. For the good of all of us America delenda est.

They all originate from kikes lol. You are living in a lie. All of these characters come from the mind of jews.

Good, can we please go back to isolationism and save the fucking Boers already?

B-b-but user if we go back to isolationism people might have to pay more money for their iPhones and we wont have mexican food. Why do you hate mexican food user? Its so delicious.



So does this mean I won't get the sweet Vektor R-4 i've always dreamt of?

im not russian.

must be why their reforms on infrastructure and external politics made them so powerful recently
are you a fucking retard or a literall CIA shill?

>(((america))) collapsing is defeatism
i think you missed your board
>>>Holla Forums


I never said when Jews did it. Jews destroyed America through the civil rights, the media, pornography, second wave feminism, etc. This was all happening in the 1950s-1960s.
And which Hustler case was that?
But Americans don't and most Americans don't go on about freedom as much as you think. Most are barely political. Second, it's not a persecution complex, it's more of an altruistic complex. Americans, like any other European people, strive to be free, just, and fair, and want that for others.


>(((proxy wars)))
>==(((new american century)))

>if you want (((us))) down goy were taking them with us
nuke the US for all i care
collateral damage, fuck them

how new are you? fuck off back to reddit

you are the cockroaches crawling underneath the subfloor and lurking in the drywall. You sit there and pretend you are for us, then just leech from us when we are down.

how about you take your pathetic batman derail attempt back to /c/

Reported. Do you really expect us to believe you're a Holla Forumsack?

It shouldn't be surprising given how much we are following in the footsteps of older empires and Weimar Germany. What matters is that America is rebuilt rather then become a wasteland.

how about you suck on a nigger cock. WTF is /c/?

Ignor the man behind the curtain

The EU is just a tool of the USA, during the cold war and after. That is beyond doubt, it’s a fact. The EU serves to herd the European vassals of the USA.

But isn't america the middle man, in this case?

yeah no filtered

i dont know, some crap like /comic books/ or shit. you know, stupid crap that has nothing to do with this thread like your debate

america is like a command ship. the bridge is the deepstate. the captain is FEDberg judenstein. EU is the escort cruiser that takes care of the european flank

You mean >>>Holla Forums you stupid newfag

i dont care what the gay ass comic board is because i dont waste my fucking time on comic books and videogames

The US is going to suffer a series of strategic losing wars. (This has already started)
Then suffer from internal economic turmoil. (This started in 2008 and a crash is inevitable)
Then finally a massive amount of internal unrest. (Already started with BLM, Fergesun, antifa and the opioid epedemic)
2030 will be peak disaster time 2040 will be post superpower status and the final settlement as a mixed race has been empire like Brazil. If you are smart your ads will be getting out of the shithole before it's to late and getting ready for the last battle in Europe.

Oh by the way your stupid Russian bullshit is gay as fuck Ivan. Russia is going to totally disentigrate right about the same time the US stops being a superpower. Russia will never recover from the last 90 years

Yeah Russia sure sounds like a winner champ


It's very likely the migrant crisis could spur the Germans back into Nationalism and once again being Europe's top dog. If that happens poles are fucked and they know it which is why they want Germany destroyed.

im not russian nor di i plan on moving there so i dont know what youre trying to tell me.

If the Netherlands had thousands upon thousands of nuclear weapons and a resource stockpile, it would have a big dick to swing around too. Although you are correct that it is unstable and can collapse into an unpredictable period of internal conflict at any time.

for germany to erwache the EU needs to collapse and crash the german standards of living. aslong as germany is the topdog in the EU and the average german citizen doesent struggle to survive germans will remain passive.
democracy needs to fail and people need to witness that in their daily lives so that the rebirth can start

It's Ferguson, you fuck.

Aside from all that, how long do we have left to save U.S Whites, and more optimistically, return things back to the better days?

oh for fucks sake

I really don't give a shit what you think slavboo. But the constant defense of Russia and people claiming it is somehow a resurgent power is laughable. Nothing I said was wrong Russia is a joke of a country and they couldn't even subdue Ukraine.

The only chance for anything to change in the US is the chaotic years immidetly after it's superpower status. It's the only time people will be energized for change or have they ability to do so. So realistically from 2030-2040 is your only chance at a huwhite ethnostate to form. After that the country will be to mixed and corrupt to ever do anything but suck ass like Brazil.

im not a salvaboo because i am a slav, im just far from being a russian.
what defense? some people just prefer russian geopolitical victories over american ones (like syria, libya, etc)
are you even watching whats happening in the world?
in the 90s maybe. right now the joke country is the US, winning so much they lost everything
russia didnt invade ukraine because it would be a direct violation of the UNILC and exactly what the EU an NATO were hoping for. however russia did sever ukraines industrial region and rek its military there, not to mention completely annex crimea.
you have no idea whats happening in the world do you?

The timeframe doesn't matter because nothing is going to happen. We have public admittance of treason by the former administration; no one is going to so much as be fired, much less executed or arrested. This is public information now and no one is grabbing their guns to march on the National Mall, or even their local capitols. No one in any state government is condemning federal treason. No one is doing a goddamn thing, and never will. The last 100 years has been proof of that.

God you are a dumb nigger. Russia's geopolitical strategy for the Ukraine was to disentigrate it into 3 new parts and annex most of its southern coastline. Then force a quick peace and lift sanctions crippling them. This was a collosal failure.
Most of your STRONK slav russian commandos are fucking dead givi Motorola all fucking worm food. Russia annexed land that has been completely unprofitable and sunk into another recession then succeeded in creating even more internal unrest in the already dying empire. Look at a map of the world Russia has been shrinking for 100 years.

Russia is quickly turning to Nork-caliber country.

t. Ruski

Oh look an eastern "euro" talking shit again and trying to D&C us.

Lurk at least 2 hundred years before posting, newfag.

Yeah because we all have anything to do with our kiked government doing kiked shit across the world.

if russia wanted to take kiev they would have done so.
and you found that out where james bond?
are you some butthurt ukranian or something? noone was even talking about the donbass war. go make your won thread if you wanna cry muh russia in it

we and (((you))) were never together dumbfuck

thats not even the topic of the thread kid

MAD is not so mad with our prevailing views btw. Cities are centers of Kikes, their subhuman pets, white cucks and all the powercenters which push control over us. When the only threat that can be brought to the table actually helps you more than hurts…..

The yids should be very very humbled and grateful we don't have our finders near the nukes or biological class 4's. Hard to argue that using such is bad for our goals in any way.


It's funny how much the shills are sperging out itt.

>oy vey goyims stop blaming the (((US))) for our problems!

This 100%

oy vey

If Russia tried to take kiev the US would fake fuck them so hard they would get their third and final collapse. Russia is going to wither and die over the next 20 years.

Good riddance. America is the greatest cancer in history.

Just hold out and remember to never trust I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white asss or vodkaniggers, holol.


US special forces vs Russian mercs. What else do you expect?


I miss when kikes at least tried to be subtle.


Absolutely this.

America losing "power" = Kikes losing power
Pull out of everyone else's shit and let them fend for themselves. See how mad the kikes get when they no longer have their fingers in other country's assholes through us.

America pulled out of Vietnam and entered into a period of significant decline. The Russians pulled out of Afghanistan and entered into a period of significant decline, and ultimately collapse of their existing government. I honestly don't know why you rah-rah red state Randy types hang around here.

How is it defeatism? The world's hatred for the American Government isn't rooted in hatred for Americans with a sense of self determination that govern themselves on a plot of land in North America. It's the hatred for a government whose cruel foreign policy reflects the interests of Israel and uses dote brainwashing on its citizens. Just because the Soviet Union fell, does that mean Russia still isn't around? Think of it that way.

Why is this shit thread still up?

a return to isolationism and a regional focus akin to 1850's america would be beneficial tbh and allow america to reinvest and rebuild infrastructure, while isolationism and declining power will also help cut down on immigration from shithole countries. i hope when the collapse comes the africa niggers all starve and the chinese aren't stupid enough to ship them food aid.

There won't be a new superpower state, honestly; some powerful alliances will exist for sure though but the Great War part 1 & 2 kinda put a bad taste in everyone's mouth when it comes to anything binding. We're seeing more and more nations pop up across the world. It's becoming very very hard to manage millions of people without democide. Superpowers can only rise out of brutal total wars and are seen as necessary.

China is falling apart politically and is way more likely than the US to enter into a civil war, thanks to their new rising middle class and falling lower classes who are getting exposed to foreign cultures.

Russia can't into demographics or tech, they might make a comeback in a few generations.

EU isn't a real power, they're basically a bunch of old soviet bureaucrats and kike banksters; complete and utter ignoble retards. Also can't into demographics and dependent on foreign imports of energy and manufacturing.

Any user who has a problem with this is an obvious r/thezionald transplant.
t. American

Here's the ugly truth: Europe can't be freed of its invaders if the United States don't fall first. Any action taken against the Kalergi plan will be used by the USA as reason for war.

So that is decided in a democratic way?

Yeah, China is exploding any minute, believe me. If we repeat it just often enough it becomes true.
Ignore please that China has de-classed the USA in Asia. The USA could do nothing but to retreat with tail between heir legs. This is a very big thing, mark my words, the US alliances in South-East Asia are going to fall apart as a consequence of not being able to reign in China’s expansion in the South-China sea and demonstrated impotence towards North-Korea. First South-Korea and then Japan will start to question how their security will be guaranteed, affected in the future due to this developments. South-Korea, Japan are not allies of the USA out of free choice, but coercion, so it will take some time to manifest.
The USA used to be the big dog, acting against her wishes was at your own peril, no longer. The USA has seen its own Tsushima, even wen not a single bullet was exchanged. China called the US bluff.
It will take some more time until this will be felt outside of Asia, but it is inevitable.

But the USA can, replacing their top white demographics with Mestizos, Mulattoes and Somalis? Are they so deluded to think that will just affect “white trash”, while telling high qualified whites to shut up and let pass by affirmative action hires?

Meanwhile, it is enough for them to have the tech to blow up the USA.

Did you check how much the USA depends on foreign, Chinese, manufacturing?

I can hear you rubbing your hands together under your giant rat nose from here, kike.

Funny thing EU is one collapsing under it's own weight. That isn't mentioned. what a pure

That's not what I'm saying at all. Pulling back from foreign wars isn't typically done because the nation makes a choice in a vacuum. Certainly not in the US model, which does not often leave nations it has defeated.

We could blanket every occupied piece of land with nukes at least once. Who else can say that?

The mentally defective jews people like you keep company with?

I implied there would be no superpowers, only WW3 could bring one about or keep the USA as one; but that's unlikely happening thanks to MAD, they would end up being the superpower of the ashes. All these supposed up and coming superpowers are all "India in 2050!" tier.

China is going to implode again, mango madness isn't going to save them either. They have to change their entire economy in a generation again and they have a much larger inverted demographic pyramid problem than any western nation. This huge generation of workers are all returning to the countryside, leaving behind ghost cities and demanding benefits.
The communist party is completely ideologically bankrupt, they have no real justified reason to exist without muh war and progress; materialist wannabe monarchies don't last. They're sweating bullets with the amount of political dissidence that's occurring within their own party and had to kill free speech. Splinter cells and subterfuge is so insane if you actually read up on it– North Korea tier stuff. China isn't going to be a single party state forever.
Geography wise, their major source of fresh water is getting polluted and not really able of projecting power westwards into the heart of Eurasia or even into India. Their boy scout army of conscripts is useless, basically just a militia of cannon fodder that can barely hold a position.

If they don't rape Africa for all it's worth and fight a major war to justify their existence, they're going to rip themselves apart, again. And guess what? Every single other Asian nation is going to be like a pack of wolves, because of the long history of China being the jews of Asia. Every Taiwanese, Malaysian and Vietnamese man will be signing up to join deathsquads to pillage the disarmed population and they'll have fun doing it.

If you consider a couple centuries as "long history". Remember how far back China goes, because you look ignorant right now, user.


This. But considering how much influence American culture and language has on the world, I would like to think we'd become a true Empire.

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize there was a time when China wasn't obsessed with annexing as much neighboring territory as possible and doing whatever they can get away with. Sometimes it was feudal shithole, a monarchy with a magic king from outter space, the White man's toilet or a Mongolian's jizzrag.

They have such a rich and wonderful history. Too bad no one can look at most of the important artifacts, documents or dig sites.

I think you have a lot of hate for a White guy.

Didn’t they just take Tibet not too long ago, and build their own islands when they wanted a staging base for subs and their new stealth interceptors? Yeah check the early photos of them building that runway and the current photos. There’s something under that runway. I bet it’s sub pens.

By your definition pic related was kiked to shit.
And what the hell? You sound like some triggered leftist high schooler. Fuck you.

*they you wrote that mess out, I mean.

You must be new here.

Anyone that promotes RONG RIC HISTOREE propaganda that the communist party pushes deserves to get the gas.
The fact is: They destroy and tamper with artifacts and mummies that don't fit their narrative. The Hans are nothing but a bunch of mongrel bastards living on top of an old Aryan civilization.

look up the stories of the chinese pyramids. that existed as late as the 1930's before being literally covered up with dirt and planted over with forests.

You're both fucking stupid. The Communists did everything in their power to destroy what they considered to be Chinese history, in a little thing called the Cultural Revolution - not to cover up kooky Space Aryan UFO landing sites or whatever the fuck you "WE WUZ GODS" plebs think. Read some books on the subject and look at who descends from these Chinese Aryans of yours and see what their contribution is.

no, the US and EU countries would just oush for a UNSC resolution against russia, wich wouldnt go anywhere, while sanctions would be applied as they were now, just on a biger scale. If russia would withdraw troops the referendums in the eastern regions would happen nonetheless.
the only difference would be that ukraine would end up being fucked by war everywhere not just the east.

but this isnt a ukraine thread since noone gives a shit anymore, but you can make your own thread anytime. just dont shitpost in mine

lurk more newfag
noone gives a fuck what face the US warmachine has. its allways same shit different package


no im just a poster that takes part in the debate and isnt a fucking retarded fag shill that shitposts (1)s allover the catalog like you subhumans do

same happened with rome, holy roman empire, french empire, british empire etc.
now theyre all dust

My family spoke German up until WW1 and they've been in America since the American Revolution, still mostly dominant german dna, rivaled by our celtic.

Feels good having mountaineer genetics

kill me

Holy shit that formatting is terrible.

Shhh, next you might want to mention the population graphs of fighting age males, 16-45.

Don't trigger the (((Holla Forumsack))), they might have to get off their asses, get /fit/ and get armed.

true, the corrected text was posted right after

lol leftypol

They hate Russia because it destroyed the last hope communism could work.

America failing is good my man.

I'm reading a great deal of bullshit in this thread about military "failures" despite those things merely doing exactly what they were intended, wasting white money for the state of protecting the kikes by stymieing arab nationalism which the kikes perceive to be a greater military threat than wahabism due the former's ability to organize a poor but semi-modern military force.

This is Holla Forums so lets talk about the real reason the US has lost any power: race.

If we discounted all fiscal costs and contributions that non-whites make to the government of the US and the economy of the US as a whole we find a country that stands so far above others that its downright impossible to compare them.

If there were no shitskins in the US there would be a 0.8 to 1.5 trillion dollar annual budget surplus given the budgets of the last 40 years. No matter whose retarded policies ran the country you'd have enough money to build 4 new aircraft carriers or 1/2 of a nuclear pulse propulsion battleship massing 50,000 tons every year. Or you could not tax everyone making under 300,000 dollars in income and still have a budget surplus. Or any other project you could imagine could be provided for in a few years no matter how expensive.

White Medicare beneficiaries

White Social Security beneficiaries

White Welfare recipients 2015

White Medicaid recipients

Total Medicaid Spending

Total Medicare Spending

Total US Government Spending at all levels 2014

Total US Government Revenue of all types and at all levels 2014

2014 income distribution of Whites, alone, not hispanic

2014 “Who pays taxes”

2014 US Federal Budget

US Non-Hispanic Whites in 2012

Now imagine if there were 70% or 300% tarrifs on finished goods entering the USA, a country which still posses 2.7 times the total industrial output of China. The entire reason for the trade deficit is the export of components and the importation of finished products.

Consider what we'd gain if all foreign aid, except to critial military partners like Japan was cut, that alone would result in the death of half a billion shitskins who'd no longer be receiving free food. Next forbid private agencies from sending money out of the country through a 98% garnish on all outgoing transactions would destroy international finance and prevent any charity from assisting shitskins. We already keep 1/3 of the arable land fallow, without providing subsidies to agriculture to keep food prices low and exporting shit to muds for free would could keep 1/2 of it fallow.

Now imagine if a nationalist government controlled such a state. It could exterminate every spic, nigger, street shitter, and saracen in the world and nobody could raise a finger to stop us or want to. Russia could simply be bought off by giving them a chunk of land extending to Constantinople which would encompass all the inland seas. China has no ability to project power and at most 400 nukes with a mere 30 ICBMs with individual(not MIRV) warhead buses, they are toothless and can be told to fuck off. Europe would either remain as it is or go nationalist, in either case it would do nothing to stop the USA in any military terms. India has no power and can never rise due to the nature of its population, it should be a target for extermination as well.

Now this is not to say that the US could hold such a vast territory indefinitely even when colonized and inhabited only by whites descended from Americans(only whites can be American after all). Inevitably differences in interests between the contiguous empire and distant states would arise and separatist movements would occur yet it would still be a desirable goal to spread the race across the territory our forefathers conquered and which is ours by right.

And remember this is no pipe dream. The military might to do this already exists, the combat regiments of the US military are more white than they were in the 80s, 70s, 60s, or even 40s. They are 95% white and only male as nobody else can pass the damn map reading tests. And the money is there if we exterminated the shitskins.

On the question of demographics.

Liberals aren’t breeding anymore and temperament and predilections to certain political positions are very much inheritable, the 2010 US survey and Europoll 2011 both found that 93%+ of individuals had the same political and religious affiliation as their parents once they were older than 25. Indicating some form of heritable trait is being passed on.
You can see it in the birthrates by political affiliation and race within in the USA. White Democrats: 0.9, Jews: 0.8, blacks: 1.4, and spics: 1.6. White republicans are between 2.6 and 2.9 depending on whose numbers you use, with the highest being recorded in the General Social Survey which also has the largest sample set.

If the 2014 white conservative birthrates and those of the other demographic groups remained constant without additional input via immigration by 2050 only 20% of individuals in the US will be descended from habitual Democrat voters or self described liberals and only 7% will be black.

That is what the demoshits have feared for so long, that is why they want to import shitskins so desperately.

yeah theyre doing great

America's downfall started with Annie Oakley. After allowing that, it was only a matter of time before Debbie Does Dallas.

This is besides the point. Lots of people want to rule the world, but how many actually can? Outside of America, there are few if any plausible options.

It won't be just be a matter of who, but what. One complication of ruling civilization now is the sheer volume of information, connectivity and its rate of growth. To maintain control requires outsourcing more of their actual power to machines and algorithms developed by tech/intelligence sectors. So it's a matter of which technologies enables those ends of ruling and management that inevitably count.

By saying that, the U.S's only hope of maintaining its status is to ensure it keeps ahead of such a technological arms race at all costs. The Trump administration needs to amplify such innovation and publicly announce a key strategic plan regarding this.

Whites will not assert their interests until they're economically destitute. Feminism can't exist in an impoverished society. I only hope that the collapse comes quick so we can see change in our lifetimes.

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American Ain't going fucking NOWHERE

user, what if I told you America is the largest economy on the planet by a massive margin still and the only other country close to competing is China with one of the lowest GDP per capitas in the world amd a GDP per PPP achieved through intense currency value fixing only allowed because China can't export its money?

Always project onto your opponent what you yourself are doing.

Like WW2.5 did bring down the Soviet Union?

Said who? Just a claim without any base. In fact China is pushing to innovate, improve were it is still lacking. Meanwhile the west is in economic, sociological brother war, brought by the (((USA))).

Fiction, fact is labor is in such high demand in China, pay rises, wages are increasing so drastically that the trend in China is now for low skill labor intensive production to move to other Asian countries or even Africa. While in China automation of the production is pushed, Chinese are buying robotic know-how, companies.

LOL as if someone in China would care, wish for a return of “cultural revolution”.
In reverse, the population in western countries are increasing losing illusions about the nature of and trust into their (((political system))).

Chinese just need to look to the West and how it is disintegrating to be cured from any idea of wanting to copy them.

The fact that the South China Sea is now a Chinese lake proves you wrong.

Sounds like Western, Russian propaganda before Pearl Harbor, Tsushima.

They are going to line up to kowtow the new Chinese empire, after they have witnessed how the USA is a paper tiger who can’t reign in China and prevent its expansion.

If, if…
If my aunt had wheels, she would be an auto-bus.

I don‘t need to imagine, your (((government))) invites every every spic, nigger, street shitter, and saracen in the world , and they plan to exterminate YOU!

Who will replace the USA?
Why who else but the ones who have the most experience in weathering the changing world?
That nation which has endured longer than any other?

Look upon our mighty enduring standard.
For it shall remain long after you all are dust

China has little interest in force projection.
THey know how dangerous military adventures are to the survival of a nation

t. britbongs right before they became irrelevant


youre right, its lagging behind

Fuck yourself blind nigger. The US has been in decline for decades. Once it generally turned away from God, the wheels started coming off fast. The only hope for the US is returning to God, and short of that, it's going to become a terror of a wasteland in righteous judgement.commies and traitors will suffer first

Cool story damage control shill. Facts on the ground say otherwise.


Quit calling them U.S. proxy wars.
they were wars created by the U.S. government's "deep-state" parasitic infestation, and that deep-state is controlled by non-U.S., (((international cliques))).
U.S. citizens are just as happy to see them fail as you are, and we are counted as among their enemies. They never had any support for any of this from the citizenry, which is why they have to do all this crap under the table, in secret.


Pro-America is pro-kike. The world would be a better place if Amerikike collapsed. I say this as an American. America is the source of the cancer destroying Europe.

Also there is literally 0% chance o America uncucking itself without collapse and a new nation forming from the ashes.

Checked and agreed. It must be done to save the race as a whole. Eurobro's better not waste the opportunity it will create.

Like it was ever meant to be won. The sole reason was to create a mess to get
1. Child prostitutes
2. Drug smuggling
3. Weapon dealing
4. Eternal suffering for the common white plebs and other enemies
If it was ever meant to be won it was for more territory for Pissrael. But as far as I know the didn't gain shit since decades so ots more likely the kikes not having balls and fearing backlash.

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These analyses must not be taking into account the fact that employment rates for blacks and hispanics are at an all time high.

They were meant to be won, most of them are in favour of forcing those countries to join the ZOG world order.

Good riddance! This cannot happen soon enough. Remember 9/11, and Aghanistan, and Iraq? That is the "New American Century"

America was never intended to be a super power, hence the "no standing army during peace time", and no draft. America was intended to be free and ruled by the people, not some authoritarian military regime!

He tried to warn us.

You had one job.