Hi Holla Forums, i'm not Holla Forums, and i've got a couple of questions

hi Holla Forums, i'm not Holla Forums, and i've got a couple of questions.

1. what would you consider to be "the white race"? is it skindeep, or is there something more specific? is there a difference between a german and a dane, for example?

2. if you're in favour of an ethnostate, what exactly are the benefits? why is an ethnostate more preferable to a unified state of multiple races?

3. i'm in college, and i've made a number of non-white friends, and its hard to rationalize the idea they should be removed from the nation or disallowed from doing certain things because of their race. is it ludicrous to suggest that a harmony CAN be reached? if so, why?

i'll go ahead and add i'm not trying to shill for a leftist position or anything. i'm more on the fence, trying to understand other political views. this one is most appealing to me, but these are the caveats i have the most issues with at present.

if you also have any specific reading/lectures you think would be beneficial to helping me sort this out, i'm definitely open to suggestion.

pic unrelated, just didn't know what else to put.

thank you.

1. White=European, an albino african isn't white
2. Non whites vote in their interests which are against the interests of whites unless you're a leftist faggot.
3. Humans are innately tribal and instinctively favor their own. Trying to force a tribe to put some other tribe's interests above their own only leads to conflict. A muslims interests are not a christians interests. A mexicans interests are not a white americans interests are not a black persons interests.

What would you consider to be "your family?" Is it skin deep or is there something more specific? Your question is based on modern propaganda neuroticism. Deep down you know perfectly well who's part of the white race. Everyone knows. Perhaps you're not a dishonest person, but it's a dishonest question from a dishonest line of thinging and splitting hairs about it isn't something I have any patience with.

Why do you like to hang out with your friends and family over complete strangers you have nothing in common with? People divide people into groups. Conflicts arise as they do. This is self-evident and not in dispute anywhere. Leftist dogma dictates that if only such groups are forced together enough then harmony will somehow magically appear. But we see no such thing happening. In fact, it's never been observed at any time, any place.

Perhaps it could have worked if it was a natural and organic development, where everyone on the planet just came to the consensus that we were going to go for something like this. But that's not what's happening. Multiculturalism and immigration is enforced on white countries and white countries only. If things progresses then there's still going to be a Somalia for Somalians, a Pakistan for Pakistani, the Chinese will still be the Chinese and so on. But white people who wants to be the peoples they are will have no countries of their own.

Why is it bad that white people colonized and changed native american societies but it's fine that proponents of multiculturalism colonize and change native european societies? If it's payback, then does two wrongs make a right?

1. The white race is a mixture of sub-groups from endemic European blood as the Sardinians to the 'newly' introduced Hungarians. Some restrict this to more North, others extend this to Brahmins and Persians who share in the Indo-European gene and language pool.
Spiritually white is inner fire/nobility. Frome Ireland to Iran there is a possession of an original nobility, as opposed to an original sin. A lineage that still touches upon a fragment of Edenic fire. Generally, if you want 'white' in a symbol, choose any kind of sonnenrad out there. For this reason ye olde Germany called other races such as the Chinese, Japanese, and Native Americans 'honorary Aryans'. They achieved as much culture, if not tech progress, as anyone else.

2. See: Rhodesia, Constantinople, South Africa, French colony of Saint-Domingue, current Swedish city of Malmö, Brazil, Detroit.

3. See: Rhodesia, Apartheid South Africa. Segregation works. Bell curves do exist, and integration and uplifting of objectively dimmer races is possible, but unfiltered contact with other people results in dissolution of culture from legal principles to neighborly trust. Disallowing the 'guest' minority, resident rather than citizen, seems a logical step to prevent a minority from voting against the majority's interest.

In my opinion.

see pic
it prevents the race from being mongrelized out of existence, every nation should physically remove and exclude all that do not belong to the native biological stock
see former, besides you aren't paying nigger-welfare and getting raped/killed
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they never belonged to it and never will, unless you redefine "nation" from an organic entity like a family to a fickle proposition based on a document
besides the fact that if non-whites are not removed, then whites will go extinct, non-whites are different and incompatible.. the yellow asians can behave, but all blacks/browns have low intelligence and are violent and rapey, they are savages, not fit for civilized life, shouldn't ever be allowed near women/children

Basically, it's all about preserving the white race. With the way things are going, there won't be any Western Europeans left in 100 years anywhere in the world. We would like to prevent this and hold (((who))) is responsible accountable for their actions. Either you are a White Nationalist or you are complacent in the genocide of the only race worth a damn there will ever be.

Of course it is more than skin deep. Race has to do with time preferences, IQ, testosterone levels. Etc etc. The races differ vastly on a genetic level. Race is far more than a superficial color. Even blind people avoid niggers, user.
chose one and only one
You're basing your views on shitskins who are in college and thus you're filtering out what the average shitskin is really like from your view. The ones you meet in college are the creme-dela-creme of their races. It's like how niggers and their apologists croon on about successful Nigerian immigrants. These are people on the upper (right end) of the bell curve. Tribalism issues aside the problem is in the long term their children and children's children regress to the mean in terms of IQ and racial traits. To keep from burdening future generation with more and more low-IQ niggers you must keep even the "smart" ones from immigrating in the present day. This is a universal rule across the world.

Another example would be Muslims immigrating to Europe. For the most part the first generation several decades ago was higher IQ (filtered by immigration policies) than your average Muslim and wasn't so prone to sharia and terrorism. However their kids and grand kids have regressed to the mean and are much more religious, lower IQ and more prone to violence.

seems simple enough, but what about minority voters who vote in favour of white policies? i know a very specific mexican american (who did legally integrate into the country, mind you) who voted for donald trump on the grounds of kicking out illegals, but he's certainly no white nationalist.

i'm also not suggesting specifically that you FORCE anyone to do anything. more along the lines of integration of common ideals through education, if anything.

my apologies, it wasn't my intention to be dishonest. i consider myself to be white, even though my grandfather (who did leave my grandmother for another woman) was black/cherokee. it's why i was looking for a more specific criteria, i suppose.

also, would it NEED to be everyone on the planet? is the idea for the ethnostate (in your opinion) to dominate over the whole world? it should also be noted that, i like to hang out with my friends because we share common interests, but that said, we do NOT share common traits. it may come down to geography, but a lot of my friends are NOT white.

segregation provides benefit to the people who are from the favourable group, certainly, but aren't the segregated people still people worthy of respect? even if you're to say that white people are superior to other races, why shouldn't other races be given the same opportunities?

go away nigger

You're confusing white nationalism with white supremacy

Muh anecdotal outlier argument……is……not an argument.
The problem is they don't vote in a majority for white policies, and if you aren't winning a majority of them you are losing. Pic related.

When we speak of superiority it is mostly bants, but it is also true. However most are not interested in genociding the rest of the world. Blacks can have their ethnostates, asians theirs etc. Not a single person here believes in the Richard Spencer version of AN ethnostate. When we speak of them we speak of them in plural. Europe should be several dozen different "ethnostates". Africa is/should be several dozen ethnostates. Asia is currently a bunch of different ethnostates.

yes, i think there are stats that even back that the ones i'm friends with are "creme-dela-creme", too.

i'm familiar with how the "average" of races act. i come from a low class background, so i've interacted with the "averages". they're as racist and violent as people tend to say.

that said, as with the people i've met in college, exceptions DO exist. my question more hinges on the fact that, BECAUSE exceptions exist, is it foolish to filter them out from being able to join in something like this?

they display the traits desired for a good society, do they not?

wouldn't it be easier to simply create a system that incentive "white" behaviors, which in turn would hypothetically civilize the inferior ones?

same reply to that first bit.

can you be a white nationalist without being a white supremacist?

so rather than a single, white ethnostate, as i had previously thought, the idea is for multiple ethnostates, composed of several races.

my follow-up to that would be, what if, say, a mexican man decided he didn't like whatever the mexican ethnostate had to offer, and would prefer to live in a asian ethnostate. should he be granted citizenship?

The damage was done centuries ago for the US and decades ago for Europe, the only way to repair the damage is to build a home for those of each race and make them wish to live there.
For the ones already integrated there's the genetic dilution in the general population and controlled immigration.

In Europe's case is to kick them off back to Africa anyways.

I can't answer that. I suspect I'd consider you a white american if I met you. USA however is in a sort of special position in this, being a colony of many tribes from the get go. It all gets complicated with you guys. Here in Europe it's more clear cut (at least for me as an european) where ethnically homogeneous people live in their native lands.

Well, it would certainly need to be more than just one race being targeted with it. The world isn't going to become multicultural by what's going on now. As I said, African tribes are still going to be the African tribes they are, the Chinese the Chinese as well as all other peoples on this planet. It's going to be pretty much what it is today, minus whites who will be a blend of everything. That's fine for the people who want that, but what about us who don't? We who want to remain the people we are? Don't we have a right to do so?

What if I came to you and your friends and said, well… here's a couple of new friends you have to hang out with and I'll take away a couple of the old ones that doesn't match my vision for what your friend group should be like. Is that ok? What if you don't like the new friends I've decided for you? Is it ok as long as my motives and hopes is that your friend group is going to be better by this? What gives me the right?

The natives in my country that doesn't want to be part of multiculturalism. Shouldn't they get to decide this? Shouldn't natives who wants to retain tribalism have precedence in their own lands over people who don't? Isn't it better for everyone if the people who don't want it leave instead?

Also that's what the entire Asia is composed of: ethnostates, and that what Europe used to be a generation ago.

What good does he bring to obtain citizenship? Demanded work or skills? If yes and if the time you need this specialist in your country is long enough citizenship could be considered.

1. Lurk more.

There is no way to concisely answer these points but I can point you in the right direction on where to look.
1. White is european heredity. Race never has been skin deep. The Tabula Rasa concept - that all creatures including humans are born as a blank slate - is patently false. We are created with a limited genetic knowledge and genetic predispositions, that is, a similar unconsciousness to those of our race. Culture is a mass manifestation of these underlying unconscious similarities. Small tribal differences may occur but when comparing a white to an african black, pacific islander or chinaman, the physical and psychological divergence of both the mind and the body are so different that a truly honest scientist would classify each as a separate species.
Some differences to research:

2. Look into the benefits of tribalism, high-trust society (1950's USA) vs low-trust society (Detroit or any other shithole), near-universal self-segregation even in modern US cities. There can be no unified state. There will always be superiors and inferiors. The injection of non-whites into white nations is done specifically to weaken them.

3. You are experiencing selection bias. You are basing your general view of the topic on a small group of outliers. Read up on the Bell Curve. If one only ever encountered white people with Down Syndrome, would it be wise to form a sound opinion on the general population from that selection sample? Substitute Mensa members and re-evaluate. Averages exist for a reason.

4. You didn't put a 4 but I'm going to crack the shell of the Jewish Question for you, since this one point is what kept myself from taking many claims seriously for many years. There is no grand jewish conspiracy. There is no cabal of puppetmasters that clandestinely meet in the basement of a synagogue once a year to decide the fate of empires. The supposition that everyone critical of (((the tribe))) is a crazy conspiracy theorist nut is utter nonsense and their most powerful weapon against the truth. In the same way that whites are, by their genetic nature, moral, thoughtful, altruistic, considerate, high spatial intelligence, low time preference, K-selected, trustworthy and productive, the jews are by their nature deceitful, slovenly, selfish, parasitic, covetous, untrustworthy and with the high verbal intelligence to justify themselves through semantics.

Watch The Greatest Story Never Told, even with a skeptical mind, and then apply Occam's Razor. While doing so, be cognizant of the fact that you have been indoctrinated and conditioned since elementary school to experience Orwellian "thought-stop" at any criticism of jews or the traditional holocaust narrative. That is, you literally stop thinking about it to avoid committing thought-crime and dismiss the source of the cognitive dissonance out of hand. Now that you know what to look for, you WILL catch yourself doing it, and not just about the JQ.


I'm actually tribalist so I don't care.
But in the same way you can't identify every drop in a puddle doesn't mean the puddle doesn't exist doesn't mean the white race doesn't exist.
I swear to god what makes you think this is a simple question, etho nationalist theory is dozens of volumes, this is like asking "Explain why a republic is more beneficial than monarchy."
They'd be better off in their own ethnostate than being friends with you.

This is the only good post in this thread.

These questions are outrageously basic and the only thing that disgusts me more than the faggot that asked them, are the faggots answering them.

if you're speaking from a european perspective, i can empathize entirely. it seems as if the cultures are being stripped from being what they were to being a singular "european" culture, which i do find abhorent, all things considered.

i guess i was asking this more from the perspective of an american ethnostate, since i know a lot of americans use this board. but speaking from a european point of view, an ethnostate makes complete and perfect sense.

(also yes, i'm as pale as the moon. you'd definitely call me white, haha.)

i think that's absolutely true. you SHOULD have a right to preserve your people and culture, and i wish you godspeed.

then specifically america's case, how would you incentivize a race live in a specific location? and what would prevent them from leaving that place, or things reverting back to being multicultural?

okay, that was one of my primary concerns addressed, then, haha.

thanks for the specific documentary and topics. i'll get into these soon. i appreciate it.

sorry friends, i'm not here to offend anyone. while they may be basic questions to you, i'm sure you asked them before starting down this particular path.

i'm just looking for some people who might know where to start.

No they're annoying complex ones that are treated as simple ones and undermine our ideology, did you read a single thing I said.

You asked a mouthful expecting the answer to be simple and take us for idiots.
We're not.

Shut the fuck up and watch the webm I posted, and then get your shit together.

No it is wise to filter them out because as I said their descendants will regress to the mean of their race. When we look to create policy we are thinking of how it effects 10-50-100 generations from now. The leftists of the world only think of the transient here and now, which is why so drawn to hedonism and me, me, me politics.

You're describing cultural imperialism. Very Sargon of Akkad of you. We tried this in the past and you get (((agitators))) who turn the "melting pot" into a "mosaic". Politicians and states will always look to drive wedges between the populace and using identity politics is an easy exploit for them. Rulers love to rule over multi ethnic states as it is easy to divide and conquer while they pillage. What they do not like is a cohesive populace with a strong identity. But a cohesive populace with a strong sense of identity is the best condition for the people themselves.
If they Asians wanted to slowly become a non-ethnostate. Practically the USA as a 90% white ethnostate prior to 1965 with 10% other ethnicities living together was somewhat tolerable although not without the obvious ethnic tensions. It was however stable. As the US is becoming more multi racial it will lose the stability it once had and become ungovernable due to the widely divergent interests. Eventually civil war/balkinization are inevitable.

Watch his webm OP, it's worth the watch.

I'm leaving now so I don't have time to explain things to you but if you want a good understanding of our views you should know it takes years to get proper answers on things and it can't be answered in a single thread.
Basically lurk more, it's good to get into learning political theories, even those you don't agree with and hate.

Specially in the state of Holla Forums today it might be harder to get into as you miss a lot of background knowledge and a trash filter.

Yes, that's a complicated question. But it's not detached from the European situation at all. In fact, even if the US is the heart of the empire these days (which it is) the real question about race lies in Europe for you too. I know I might trigger some sensibilities and it's not my intention to step on your well deserved (once) patriotism. But Europe is the heartland of whites. There's Europe and there's the colonies. A large amount of white Americans carry with them their heritage from Europe, and not only that, even after living colonial cosmopolitan life for several generations they still fit in exceptionally well in their places of origin. Because blood matters. It shapes how you are as a person. Not completely, not in a "this is your destiny" kind of way, but enough on average that it makes a difference.

But as for an American ethnostate, personally I think it's too late for that. The only realistic end result for Americans who want to live in an ethnostate will be to some day return to their ancestral homelands. But what state will these lands be in when that time comes?

If you think your college nigger friends are anything like street niggers or South African/Zimbabwe niggers then you're a fucking retard. Please self-deport to Johannesburg and tell me how that goes. Cities like chimpcongo and detroit are already SA in a microcosm.

I don't see the problem of having this discussion. This place is overrun by newfags who have very limited conception about these questions. Think of it as a service to them as much as to the leftie.

White is nearly every ethnogroup coming from Europe.

For the same reason non-white nations are not on par with western countries except a very very few like Japan.

Because the non-whites you met in college are but a very small minority within their race, the top of the bell curve. The majority of non-whites however do not conform to western civilization and tend to live the way they like and in most cases are detrimental to western nations, everyone who has lived with them or looks at the statistics depicting their performance can see this. For example, look at how every majority black city is just as trashfilled as many african citites, this connection is not a coincidence. From IQ and intellect to general mentality and psychology, it is biology or rather genetics that determine most of these behaviouristics, this rule applies to all species in nature, it would be nonsense to think that different Human races are somehow exempt of this. Most non-whites either cannot or are not willing to live as whites do, the same problems would occur if you would send blacks to asia, or indians to south america, this problem of innate different behaviour isn't just happening in white nations.

Basically, race realism. The different human races had millenniums of seperate evolutions all over the world, we are not the same just as different dog races are not the same. And as for letting the minority of "based" non-whites live in white society, well, while they might make no problems it's likely their children and further descendands will. There is no specific reason to let non-whites live in our societies either, while there are many reasons to not let them. Also, the west is not a world charity.

The two BOs are in a dickwaving contest, so you can't mention it without some faggot calling you a shill, but honestly any genuine newfags out there are better off going to >>>/zundel/ and reading everything they get their srcubby little fingers on then trying to decipher the current clusterfuck state of the board. It's like walking into a room full of dudes a hundred episodes in to watching LOGH and asking for a story recap.
Or you can ignore my advice and make an enormous faggot of yourself like OP.

Realistically the U.S. will never split into ethnostates. There are however groups such as the Northwest Front that want to establish a "pseudo-state" in areas in the u.s. that would government themselves without seceding from the union, with the goal of eventually gaining enough power to be a separate entity. In this case, there would still be many countries that allow people of all races to live there, but an ethnostates for white people would only allow white people to live there. They just want to be left alone.

As other Anons have said, almost all countries have been ethno states for all of history up until recently, the concept of a country that is defined not by the ethnicity of people that live in it but by what they believe in is a very recent invention.

If you want to learn more, simply lurk this board more.


No problem, we all started somewhere.

We get this thread often. Many have lost patience with people asking for the condensed version because, in all honesty, it takes a minimum of 2 years to cover all the bases and truly understand. There's no shortcut, only compendiums. Leftism is simple, you can learn that in a week, you're surrounded by it. The truth, however, is suppressed, the waters muddied, and the conditioning so powerful and pervasive that you have to form new neural pathways to undo the lies and see truth on truth's terms.

Something drove you here though. People don't accidentally stumble into this board. I'd love to know why. Perhaps you have an itch in the back of your mind, some primordial force quietly clawing in the darkness.

i'll have to look into that more "cultural imperialism" i suppose. thanks for all the info.

i'll be sure to dig more. i found a bunch of images of recommended reads, so i imagine that'd be a good place for background.

when i was growing up, i always remembered america as being "the melting pot", and i had it in my head that the nations of the world were all already one race.

so it's sorta why i'm in the middle piecing through this stuff now, with everything happening in the world. i dunno how well i'd fit in in germany, though, haha.

as stated previously, i realize they're an exception, but because exceptions exist, i'm asking more towards what of those exceptions in this sort of society, since wouldn't they be beneficial. some other people have answered, but if you have anything to pitch, please go ahead.

a fair point, but considering that the west (i should say, specifically speaking from an american perspective) is already a hodge-podge of races, why not make an identity around philosophical grounds, over racial ones?

i'll give it a look, thank you.

so with a group like northwest front, do you believe it'd be possible to convert a city to ethnocentric views and ideals?

to be honest?

it's because i'm tired of being told it's not okay to be white, that i'm a villain for being white, and i feel like my own country hates me on the grounds of being white, despite the fact i'm seeing, over and over again, WHITE people aren't causing all the shit in the world, WHITE people aren't pillaging and raping everyone, etc.

and when i look at history, i see a lot of things that my ancestors did that i DO find pride in, which i'm constantly seeing lied about in media as being attributed to an african or an arab or someone NOT white.

i LIKE being white. it's part of me. i'm attracted to white girls, and i want to be a part of a white community. that said, i can't shake the fact that i'm familiar with exceptions to the issues i've brought up, and it's kinda skeevy for me to think i'd be without some of my best friends, simply because THEY aren't white.

Ethnostates help foster high trust communities. You wouldnt want those brown friends as neighbors.

But even if it's a hodgepodge of races, doesn't the different racial groups still operate very independently from each-other? Doesn't racial differences seem strangely ingrained in leftist dogma in a peculiar delusional way? Why is it that "black lives matter," but "it's ok to be white" is bad?

The left operates on this strange theory that if only whites are made to be the minority, then these divisions will cease. But will they? What is the basis for this belief?

1. White=european blood.
2. Benefits? Are you joking? Every non white country is literally a shithole. Nobody in small or large numbers is trying to move to a nonwhite country.
3. So basically you grew up in a nice little sheltered white community. Up until now you've never had to deal with niggers, shitskins or asian-jews. At one point i thought like you did, but after living in a few ghettos and s-8 housing, being in a non white area sucks, because of exactly that. You're perpective on the issue is only what you've experienced. Leftist alike, will not go into areas that are "low income,or high crime"(most diverse areas). What you're experiencing now is meeting the talented 10th, in other words the 10% of whatever shitskin race friends you've befriended, fell onto the top end of the bell curve of IQ, and was even smart enough to be bumped up enough to be given favorable status to be allowed into college(Read the book "the bell curve"). Think about it like this, the average IQ for a nigger in america(it's even lower in africa due to less h'white man genes being introduced) is 85. Now let that sink in, their AVERAGE IQ is 85. Meaning 1/2 of all blacks in america have an IQ lower than 85…..85…..The DSM(Diagnostic and statistical manual for mental illnesses) used to define mental retardation at 75 before liberals lowered it even more so now more retards are issued drivers licenses and allowed to vote for gibs. But i digress. My point is that the majority population of non white races are too stupid to begin with to be an overall positive to a nation, not to mention IQ always regresses to the mean, so even if you know some 150+IQ nigger, his kids, and their kids IQ will revert the average IQ of 85. Niggers in america have literally only ever cost money. It's been how many years since a civil war liberated them and how many years since they were granted "equal rights" yet still the majority cannot get educated or preform a net benefit. Right now, you're meeting the "diversity hire" at whatever job you'll have that "went to college" and "got educated" but you'll see these people are still retarded, and a average IQ white would be 10x better than them at any position.

Because this was not the case until the "Immigration and Naturalization Services Act of 1965". Before that the U.S. was ~90% white, and ever since the immigration policy was changed everything went downhill, and as the U.S. continues this hodge-podge ideology it will only get worse. Identity cannot be based on philosophy, because identity is based on character, which is based on genetics. A person cannot be changed by sole philosophy, innate traits are impossible to change, or do you think a black person born with an IQ of 75 and inherent violent behaviour will suddenly transform after reading stuff of plato and sokrates? It's not that surroundings don't make a differnece, it's that they're neglible compared to biological differences which are unchangeable.