Nice Little Whitepill

It looks like the Normies may be starting to think a little. Nothing groundbreaking, but hey, we all need a little pat on the back every once in awhile. Racial awareness allows you to be redpilled. This is progress brothers.

I dont just happen to type in "percentage of" all the time, but i have before, and not seen these predictions. So between our memes, and our memes causing twatter nuts to actually say shit like "the browning of america", i think eyes are opening.

Ive heard more racial awareness in Normie conversations, not brought up by me, in 2018 than i have in a long long time. 2018 feels like the calm before the storm. Is it just me having this feeling?


I just checked and your results there are identical to mine. This is a good sign, friends.

Britbong version.

Keep in mind Google's searches are catered to you though the specifics here makes that very unlikely.


What in the fuck is going on with the timelines tonight? Is Drumpf trying to open a portal to the dimension where Hitler won?


Its called research. Dont be a douche please. I want this to be a little positive thread. For everyone who needs to sit back for a minute or two from all the crazy shit, and hear that our efforts are gaining traction. Expecting overnight change is naive. These are the true victories.

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But really. Who doesnt use their smartphone when they are bored?

Checked and noted thanks

I got something different

Like riding a bike. My sides.

It changes if you put a space after the word. Could be location based idk. Im in the Midwest

even the jude hates weebs

That's what I did


Not just you. Noticing racial awareness from "normies" all the time now. Quotes because i dont think some of them are normies. I go to a college stuffed with left wingers, but more and more im noticing people will bring up something racially aware, but not go further and risk people sperging. When i make eye contact sometimes ill get a grin or a wink (im pretty overt with my power level). Our memes are definitely spreading.

I agree with your quotes. Most of these folks are guys i work, ride, and hunt with. Blue collar white guys. But Republicans un-cucking is the natural next step.

Search results on google are tailored to your account and history. These are the results I get on a chrome incognito window.

Im a mechanic. And since i started ive been using the word "nigger rigged" to describe poor at home repair jobs that come in after failing. It used to be so common, but lately guys had been shying away. But im bringing it back. I know the wink u mean too. The matco tool guy was bragging about some german made knipex pliers he had for sale, and he told me "made by the jews they still have hidden" and winked at me. I had smirked when he told me previously that their ratchets had 88 teeth.

Fair enough, but spots number 3 and 4 aint bad..

Yeah that faggot is the "Maddow Poster" and is absolutely annoying. Not even good shitposting (if it is and not a kike/shill)

The bikes…HAHAHA, I'm surprised even that suggestion showed up. Most people put that together that's for sure.

What did you expect from a Turkroach?

I have the same feeling here. Of course talking about conversations where i don't participate nor interfere, so as to measure the current thinking of common people.

Diversity is good on a planetary level.
Africa for africans, Asia for Asians, Europe for europeans.

I wouldn't say the presence of Africans has been particularly good for Africa. Ditto for the Chinese.

Read the art of war, despite it being written by a slant-eye, there's a reason successful people keep a copy in their desks. Know the enemy.

Not only are they tailored but there are 37+ factors that affect the algorithm and technical SEO. The searches that show up, are showing up due to a variety of reasons… But all of the above if done in incognito also suggests that there is large scale volume behind it all. Clear cookies as well to double-check. Use VPN that is local to your resident country as well to see if it still does so.

Nancy Pelosi lamenting that her grandson isn’t brown woke a LOT of people up.

You must've had to chug vaccines by the vat to get autism this severe.