Are Finns and Swedes friends to each other, don't care...

Are Finns and Swedes friends to each other, don't care, or they hate each other because of history or maybe something else? Finns and Swedes please report in.

Hicks are always going to talk shit about other hicks.


Of course enlightened city individuals such as yourself will lead us to progress. No culture, people or civilisation have existed on urban roothless cosmopolitanism.

Seems to be some bad blood between swedes and finns, mainly due to Sweden owning Finland and then later on not officially helping them out in the second world war.

Nowadays usually the most Sweden-hate is shilling from the kosher (((Finnish Nationalist-party))), it's really stupid though, we should be brothers. But then again, Scandinavia has a checkered past of a lot of wars between each other, mainly the two bigger powers in the region, Denmark and Sweden.

I lost my virginity to a swede who fucked me over. I have a real sense of hatred towards them and their attitudes. They think they are superior to other nations and they fucked over South Africa by supporting the terrs back in the 80's. Finns on the other hand seem pretty bad-ass and you have people like Kimi Raikoenen as reps whereas with Swedes, I just picture some gyppo or muzzie of some kind and a smug fart that uses buzzwords like "progressive" or "anti-racist". Watching their country burn from afar, well, it's just difficult to feel sorry for them or to even try waking their up. At least, just an opinion.

Finns hate Swedes, Swedes hate Finns.
But it's a brotherly hatred.

So do that mean the finns will let the ruskies through to invade sweden?

If I may ask, why is that? Just D&C jew vibes or trying something different? Have met some Norwegians too who seem pretty fucked up. Swedes just always seemed very degenerate, the lots that I met at least. Finns are like the old Germans of scandanavia and seem to be the most balanced. Obviously my view is biased as fuck but OP activated my almonds.

The swedes constantly mock Norway and Finland but they seem closer to Norway than they do to Fingolia.

Cucks don't sync well with people who live in Siberia 2.0

Swedes and Finns hated eachother since forever.

what on earth would russia gain by invading sweden?

Fuck the Swedes, Finns, join the intermarium and squat with us.

target practice on muzzies?

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I made a rough map to explain better for you:
The inner circle is Murmansk, Russia has a shitload of military bases there, and a lot of nuclear subs. However, to safely use those military capabilities in the time of a war, they have the secure the area around it. This area includes northern Norway, Sweden and Finland. It's the same reason Norway got invaded in WW2, it's just tactics and strategy.

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Yes, same goes for kosher swedish nationalists shilling for the Red Terror. It's d&c in it's purest form. There's no reason for us to hate eachother at the moment, not when all of our countries is purposely overrun by immigrants and kikes trying to genocide us, all of the european-descendants world-wide.

I personally hate the swedes
especially our own swedish speaking minority, they are basically jews

does your butthole still hurt?

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PVL scum detected. PS is not kosher. Not anymore since the old guard cucks are out. PVL has no future. SKE has no future. PS is the only realistic path. So what if Halla-aho and Huhtasaari like Israel? They are not part of the leadership forever. The previous "coup" was not the last. There will be more in the future. PS as of right now is not 100% Holla Forums but that is not a reason we shouldn't view it as a stepping stone in the right direction. They already took the first big leap. We can take another.

No, we are greatest allies. To the extent that hostility exists towards Sweden, it's because Fenno-swedes own a very large share of industry and overall have a disproportionate amount of influence in Finnish society.

Finland got plenty of support unofficially in money, military materiel and volunteer soldiers. Supporting them openly wouldn't have delayed the Russians for long, but assured our annihilation.