Ianfu 慰安婦 comfort women?

Apparently Ikuhiko Hata says there were 20,000 while Chinese say 360,000-410,000. I am willing to give the Japanese army the benefit of the doubt here. Japan seems honorable and civilized. Who denies this was an official thing?

Seems like possibly communist propaganda by the Chinese and anti-Axis Jews. I mean sure, victorious Japanese soldiers were probably getting laid like crazy with local women but rather than rape / sexual slavery I think women were just getting wet for the victors, placing their bets, as women usually do, and then making up excuses when their beloved conquerors ended up on the losing side.

What proof actually exists? I'm skeptical of any Japanese admissions of guilt as they could surely have been coerced or been done for special treatment.

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everyone knows that one Chinese person is 1/1000th of a real person; so their numbers are probably accurate

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What makes that even more funny is that Japan is suffering from a dwindling population because of not enough babie making. What did they do to the japs from being massive horndogs to what they are now?

Give women birth control pills, indoctrinate them with feminism to use them?

Chinese are liars. I wouldn't believe a thing they say. Much of the atrocity propaganda leveled against Japan is the work of a man named John Rabe. Does anyone have the link to that site on Japanese Geocities that exposes the lying bastard?

That's like saying 11 million people could be killed in a handful of gas chambers and ovens in a dozen death camps within six years.

Comfort women is a propaganda lie against the japs much the holy hoax is against the germans.
The father of the recently ousted south korean president was involved in providing comfort women to jap soldiers.
The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you

I'm not a chink but pretty much no one here gets taught about the Holohoax in schools here in flipland except for the more popular (((universities))). When it comes to WWII, everyone here gets taught about how heroic Douglas McArthur was to the flips but we were never taught that he actually admited that Hitler was right, and he's right about that notion. My own mother believes that it was the Koreans that raped and murdered most of the flip comfort women during WWII, not the Japanese. Don't have a source to back up her claim though, any help? Also chinks are fucking everywhere here, acting a lot like kikes as to be expected so almost everyone hates them, and no one here gives a shit about the Nanking massacre lol.

What's the state of Flipland these days? Also, have some translated graphics done in collaboration with /pinoy/.

Hell, you can buy women in South Korea for less than 2k but at that price shes a little used. The USFK have to tell soldiers to not buy whores.

Chinese say a lot of things.

I'm so sick of this kike horseshit
Japan has the population of russia on a landmass the size of california, they could do with a trim.


Admittedly, the idea of raping 400,000 women is slightly easier to swallow than the idea of killing 7 million Jews in terms of feasibility.

But more than likely, it was 99.9% consensual sex with a smattering of rape (nobody's perfect) but probably less rape than any other army because the Japanese were so honorable.

Not much has been happening here except Duterte arguing and being against his own subordinates because literally none of them agree with his policies. He's cureently threatening to close off "cespool" Boracay in his own words, banning OFW deployment to Kuwait and he even said "If people say dictator, well, I am really a dictator". Some local news coverage about the sexual assaults of (((Harvey Weinstein))) has been here done as well since he actually asaulted a flip supermodel once, can't remember the article. Also thanks for the infographics fam, really appreciate it.

Here's the rest of the series.

Yet again flipland is filled with mudshits and corruption is rampant
'his honor' sure know his priorities

Where did you get the 360k-410k number from? Because that sounds like the number the chinks claim were killed in Nanking. Are you purposely conflating the two things?

The comfort women number was estimated by the gooks to be at 200k, and it wasn't 200k women from chinkland but a mix of women from korea, china, japan, philippines, etc. with the majority (around 60%) coming from korea.
In fact the chinks aren't even the ones pursuing the comfort women issue at present (they got Nanking to bitch about), its the gooks from worst korea.
The japs and gooks nearly settled the issue last year with a 1 billion yen payout (a little under 80 dollars per whore if the numbers are as claimed, which is pretty cheap if you think about it) but the gooks backed out and want to renegotiate.

Anyway this whole thing sounds like a slide thread with disinfo sprinkled in for good measure. OP didn't even do this homework and you retards are just being strung along.

This shit is annoying. And not true.
t. Chinese

Talking about this? www2.biglobe.ne.jp/%7Eremnant/nankingm.htm

The Koreans sold their wives and daughters to the invading forces to make a quick buck. Of course, they'll never fucking admit that so the story has to be that the Japs took the women by force.
Remember that scene in Full Metal Jacket? "Me love you long time." Imagine that but the pimp is a 50 year old dude with his wife, sister, and three daughters.

nah fuck you, japan needs to meet replacement birth rates and live in the country more instead of being wage slaves in the city


Everyone did this sort of shit.

The US army and Red Army were both essentially rolling human tidal waves of rape.

The French and British at least paid theirs. Probably because they'd gotten used to doing so while running brothels for the troops during WW1.

One has to understand that in Japan at that time poor people, sold their daughters into prostitution to pay debts. Korea was part of Japan at that time and Korean males served in the imperial Japanese forces.
Japanese military did have brothels for troop use. The idea was to keep military discipline and prevent rapes of civis.
So in a way “Japanes military did have forced prostitution”, but that was the same for civilian clients of prostitutes. Even today it is not unusual for poor people in Asia to sell their daughter into prostitution, this was so in Thailand still is so in Cambodia, Myanmar (with Thai clients).
Did Japanese troops rape on other occasions, sure, sometimes even with permission (Nanking).
I did miss when the French apologized to the Italians and Germans for the rapes their troops committed by order of their officers?


(((JewSA))) did it to them with the colossal ass kicking in WW2. Completely emasculated them and the slow steady corruption of their culture through kike manipulation attempts of media etc.

The japs have done a surprisingly good job maintaining in the face of it all. They will rise again and we will be there to give them a hand up.

That's the one, user. Thanks.

Why would we help nonwhites?

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Meant to address . Hey, they also have a page about comfort women!

They make-a robot waifu on their irand.

3D women are not important.

kek why is it written in English and not flip or jap. Why should someone from england or America care about this memorial?

Simple, whites are the only ones you can get sympathy points/bucks from, so why would they not write it in English?

People have this strange tendency to act as if the Japanese are the only ones suffering from low birth rates when most devolved humans are having that issue right now.

Found the kike.

i personally know a party VERY important in 위안부/慰安婦 activism. this party has (((friends))) in VERY (((high places)))
Japan *seems* honorable and civilised. But so is the perception of most Westerners of the American armies when they invaded Europe. War is brutal.
I can bring up primary documents.
an unknown portion of the sources have been, as always, twisted by fellow whites to fuel the holocostsaver narrative