BLF (Black Land First) representative to white SA farmers: "LAND OR DEATH - WE ARE COMING FOR EVERYTHING YOU OWN - WAR...

BLF (Black Land First) representative to white SA farmers: "LAND OR DEATH - WE ARE COMING FOR EVERYTHING YOU OWN - WAR IS INEVITABLE"

These niggers are getting way too uppity. We all know they're nowhere near as capable of successfully managing the land, yet they are still intent on taking it by force. And if taking it by force is illegal now, they will simply change the law to make it so.

Keep in mind that the average IQ of SA blacks is at least 10 points lower than that of blacks in the US.

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I cut out the relevant part.

Here is my theory on their mentality:

South Africa is proof that a white population can never be accelerated into RWDS
I mean, it should not be hard to get away with killing tons of nogs in SA outside of the cities
Why dont they organize a revolt?
Is the fear of outside intervention really worse than what is happening now?

they dont realize shit
they just exclaim that those white devils stole their food and should gib it back

user, many whites in SA are preparing for a civil conflict. It's just that if they would actually go full 1488 against the kaffers, ZOG would bomb them into oblivion.


Well that is what I mean, is the fear of Zog bombs greater than the hellish reality of modern SA?
Isn't there a number of nogs they could get away with shooting and claim it's gang violence or random crime without getting ZOG bombed?
Im in no position to critisize, i just wish they could/would fight back is all

Seems like sometimes people here (of all places) overestimate niggers, thinking they can reason, think, or that they have any self awareness.

ZOG is extremely skilled at committing false flags, they would likely pull another Libya or Ukraine.

So, if you will get accused of genociding nogs, then you better do it
It seems whites in SA are being forced against a wall

Well, looks like the corrupt South African government is looting the pension funds, workers unions are threatening to go on a national strike, the listeriosis outbreak in Gauteng is getting worse with over 100 deaths (making it the worst listeriosis outbreak in WORLD HISTORY, mind you), the drought is the worst SA's seen in 30 years since the 91/92 drought, making it the worst drought in South African history, the violence against white people is escalating after the Black Monday protests, and it's only a matter of time until something big happens that cripples the entire country.

Well. Looks like Siener was right.

Look man, no one is doubting whites ability to fight.. But even if boers were to do something right now it would be very difficult. The whites make up 8.4% of the population and males ages 16-35 make up 1.8%. do not forget SA is in a much worse place racially speaking than natsoc germany.

It is not reasonable for them to take on 50 million blacks being funded by ((the international community)). It would be rhodesia 2.0

and Fuck white people white people bla bla bla

Christ, isn't English the first language of SA?

Then try doing something for once, you mentally substandard chimp.


Seriously anyone who decides to stay in the face of almost certain death by fucking oogaboogas has a deathwish, and I for one see no reason to waste our time on morons that insist on staying in a place that wants them dead, raped, beaten, enslaved and everything in between

Where ya from buddy

NMich, which is more white than 90% of almost every other state.

Whiteys should give up, sell the land if they can. Ditch the whole continent, let the niggers scorch the lands and starve as nature wills it.

To all SA whites, come to New Zealand. The only blacks we have are the All Blacks and we need more racially conscious whites to dilute out the chinks coming in. Farming is also our biggest industry so you'll fit right in.

how is that even possible?

This is exactly what needs to happen, Whites need to toughen the fuck up and show what happens when they stop listening to the niggers and shitskins boo hoo gibsmedat sob stories.

The Boers have been living there for longer than any European has in northern Michigan. Imagine if the same thing happened to you. Southern Africa is White Man's clay.

Because USA blacks are mostly mixed, raped by their white owners back in the day.

Norse artefacts have been found in Michigan, so when you say European…

They are pure bantu population. They have no european dna. An african from the USA would be considered a "coloured" by SA sandards, meaning they have some european dna.

Yeah, but that was before the ethnic cleansing brought on by the gooks.
Let me clarify— a continuous heritage of Europeans has been living in SA longer than Europeans have in North America.

It's almost like these dumb niggers want genocided. Even with one arm tied behind their back in a full blown war where the entire population is forced to make a stand, the black south african will be exterminated to the last man. It'll be heavy white casualties no doubt, but worth it in the end. Give these retards a gun and they act just as retarded as they do with a spear. In fact they probably acted far more civilized with a spear than with a firearm because they actually had to learn some of the physics and basics regarding its use or you'd be dead in the hunt.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I was under the impression that this group has a laughably thin “claim” to this land. If we are talking in terms of first come first to claim then is this clay not Khoisan?

If Europeans have no claim on this land then neither do the Bantu. “Black” is not a race, this isn’t “Black” clay it is Khoisan clay. The Bantu should bugger off as well.

Muskegonanon here, unfortunately this city is not as white as it should have been. Ive dealt with every type of niggotry but i still cant fathom how much worse off white south africans are.

The fact that niggers refer to where I live and everything north of me KKKcountry is all I need to hear to know I'm living in the right erea.

They did in 70s. And where crushed by combined efforts of USSR, US and Euro. Vae victis.

HVT in the 43% of the 1%. No need for all out war boys.

So I was talking to a black guy on youtube and I tell him that he can get skin cancer if he sits too long infront of the sun. He says you whites think the sun is your enemy we can't get shit that's why we worked in the fields all day when we were slaves. Sounds like they wanna become niggers again and work for us again I think they will benefit more from that than sitting all day nigg nogging.


This. One word. Serbia.
Video to cheer you up, it's the Rhodesian bush war, very close quarters footage of niggers being shot for the camera.
FN FAL - the right arm of the free world.

you spelled G3 wrong faggot

I would take the remaining white south Africans and dump them in Detroit.

what are those supposed to achieve?

niggers can't read.

why? not like detroit is any better

Germans began pioneering Minnesota immediately after the railroad came through in ~1862. Try again, buddy.

They'll at least go out fighting instead of being genocided with no resistance, is that any better?



Are you even literate?

How about you quit sucking dicks and read a history book, you illiterate nigger.


SA farmers are dumbasses feeding niggers.

Outer Heaven wouldn't be difficult to build with the communications infrastructure. Unscrupulous PMCs with a few heavy weapons/the entire non-natives in support …
Make Zimbabwe Rhodesia Again

Most whites can't/aren't allowed to leave, dumbass.

Well at least they're not lying like our niggers or commies.

Bad odds for sure, but it was done before. The real problem is no international support, if some bad goy country were to help them those 1.8% might make it if the US/UN didn't join to help the 90% "minority".

Very simple - don't come back and let niggers starve to death.

I cannot wait for it to happen. This will be an event that not even the media can ignore and suppress. And it will echo around the world, people will have to take a side, no more blurred lines and feelings.
But i am concerned about white people down there, i hope they can defend themselves until, hopefully, some uncucked forces get them out.

How easy is it to carry in SA?
How easy is it to travel there with a rifle and a suitcase of brass?..
For hunting purposes

You have to kill the few stragglers who are left anyways. Just kill them all at once and save yourself a decade or so of time.

Is projecting all that niggers know how to do?

Oh this is tranny southern's video… Watcha shilling, CIA?

Unfortunately they don't just starve to death. Their population will stabilize at the level their natural faculties can support. Unaided, niggers are capable of some rudimentary nomadic proto-agriculture which allows them to support a population of maybe a couple hundred million.

Take your meds.

until some christian charity decides to send them food to alleviate suffering and maybe convert some of them

wasn't SA going to run out of water in April though?

I doubt they could feed that many, more like dozens of millions. The more productive niggers will produce enough for themselves, maybe, maybe, a bit more, but that's it. No way that kind of agriculture can feed hundreds of millions, you'd need modern agriculture for it and that requires even more long-term thinking.

I definitely went for the high estimate, but I wouldn't put 200 million beyond the realms of possibility. For all of africa that would only be an average population density of 6.5 people per square kilometre. Consider that for the kind of "eat everything green, shit out the seeds and come back when they've grown" agriculture we're talking about, all land is essentially arable. We can also assume that where conditions are ideal such as the fertile band along the northern coast and the central western drainage basins surrounding the gulf of guinea, some manual farming might supplement areas of denser, more permanent settlements.

Negroes merely understand democracy better than us. It's organized crime and a soft version of communism.
Oh wow! Great job, I'll pay you to wait. That's a great economic and social model.

Khoi-san were there since the dawn of time. They didn't invent anything or build any great empires but they didn't step on anyone's toes either. They were and still are a peaceful, simple people. The Afrikaners came from the Netherlands in the 1600s seeking a place to practice their version of Christianity in peace. They and the Khoi-san have co-existed without any major incidents since then, with Afrikaners hiring Khoi-san to do simple jobs like shepherding. After that, then the bantus (niggers) came from farther north in Africa, and they kept coming in greater numbers over the years. The niggers, who were the last ethnic group to show up in South Africa and contributed least to its progress while causing the most trouble for everyone involved, are claiming the entire country belongs to them because Africa. Niggers are so stupid they don't even know the history of their own continent or their own people. Just like everywhere else they live:

I have a good imagination

Reminder: Donate to Suidlanders if you can


Subsaharan Africa had a population of 80 million in 1900.


Now it's been moved to May.

True, but that 1.8% half a million. Definitely enough for militias and maybe even organized divisions, although not even close to enough to stop a Rwandan style flare up. That said I don't think the ANC is up for that. They understand the white man has respect for the legal process and as a result prefer to rob and rape under the protection of their legal system. Thus is much more likely they attempt to slowly, and continually erode all the rights of whites within their territory.

This is good for us, those half million men could easily prevail over 50 million niggers given adequate pressure and time to organize.

My dream for Africa:
1. Let the niggers starve, kill off more through nigger-exclusive viruses
2. Leave some tribes alive for studying and to remind whites of their savagery and stupidity
3. Take back the towns and cities that Europeans built (especially the French would be totally on board with this)
4. Turn the rest of Africa into a safari park
5. ???
6. Profit!


Double checked! Not bad, although, we'd need to LITERALLY wall in the section we'd be keeping a few tribes alive as example. But yeah, Africa is such a nice continent, niggers ruin everything about it. And in general lul.

NO. You kill them all so they can never fuck things up again. Even if you view them as savages to be studied eventually their could arise in a new generation the desire to let them roam free. You eradicate them all so this is never a possibility.

You don't keep a subspecies around just because it is "pacified and interesting" you eliminate it so you can study it in a book. Considering there has been zero human development on the Continent for oh- 10,000 years or so- I honestly think we have all the material we'd ever need for posterity

Things like this make me really sad. They're so confident they'll just get what they want. Knowing that half a dozen whites with modern weapons could exterminate them all if we just felt like it – but that nobody has the guts anymore – is really depressing somehow.

Post how hard your dick would be if SA's whites just said "fuck it, let's gas them."

To add reason via example, consider the picture where the abbo girl (or african girl) was in a pen, like a zoo. After all, we gotta keep at least some of that subspecies to study it (usually both a male & a female so that idoesn't die out). And then what happened? Be it America, Africa, our Austriala, the subhuman is treated like a fellow human (even if it smells gasoline all day as, supposedly, the abbos do).



Well if you're going to include just anything, starvation would be the right arm of the free world, now wouldn't it?

They are literally in Africa. If we want non-whites off our clay then how can we justifiably defend whites living in Africa no matter how long? Europe is our ethnic homeland. It's greedy and hypocritical to want the whole earth


If you're going to talk about South Africa you might want to learn about it first. But then this: >It's greedy and hypocritical to want the whole earth
says you're trolling.

T. No arguments. You're just as irrational as niggers. Why shouldnt every race (there are as many types of nig as European) have an ethnic homeland? I know that white settlers claim they were in South Africa before the kangs tribes came down to that area but they were nomads without cities so it makes sense they would roam a vast land as the game and seasons changed. I also realise whites built south Africa rather than nogs. But we can't justifiably tell them to accept cultural diversity of whites living there when we don't want them in our homes. Where can they "go back to" whereas Afrikaans are basically Dutch. If you're going to say fuck niggers we will just take Africa from them then don't cry about how they're beating you at warfare and you're too cuck to fight back. South Africans today are not Rhodesians of yesterday. They're millennial cuckservatives just like the rest of the world. This whole thread is LARP

You need to go back, newfriend.

I see, yes. Can I presume that certain outside interest groups have encouraged the Bantu to cause chaos and destroy the lives of the Afrikaners and Khoi-san?

look at this newfag and laugh

All our enemies are greedy and hypocrites:

While you stand there worrying about the moral high-road, Tyrone ran up and sucker punched you unconscious. Now he's stealing your wallet and pissing on you.

If you want to act like a nigger and define yourself by how liberals think then you're just as much of a weak piece of shit as they are.

I might suggest that whilst each group has the right to his own clay it is also possible that divergent skill sets can create situations where dual racialism can very occasionally work. SA appears from my limited knowledge to be one such example. You can’t have a totalitarian and utopian application to complex situations.

There are discussions between different racial groups within SA at this time that is permitted by the Moloch worshippers could well create stability. This is not a black and white scenario, as with the Chinese colonists screwing over many parts of Africa.

that if*

It's not about defining yourself about how niggers think, it's about not subscribing to cuck morality or cuck honor that places being a virtuous loser that pats himself on the back for following enemy defined rules when his enemy cheats anyways on top. He'd rather win for the greater good than sit in his grave bragging about how principled he was to the bones and worms around him.

So what's the fucking point if this world is just cursed with another form of scum this time having white phenotype? Personally I'd rather lose with honor than to live as a rat. I don't see why returning to their ethnic homeland is a loss though. Maybe you can explain that.

So what's your counter argument to people saying this about usa, Australia, Canada, new Zealand or even Germany with Turks?

If we become like our enemy what's the point of fighting? So we can be the biggest rat in the cage? Im not saying don't use deception or Machiavellian tactics but we should have a sound ideology that doesn't have logical inconsistencies.

get off your high horse faggot, you cant win a rigged game following the rules if your opponents don't have to follow them. And in your face flaunts them.

For what purpose do you fight with one hand tied behind your back?

You are equating having an internally sound ideological position with having one hand behind your back. Actually believing things which are coherent is a strength not a weakness you disgusting wretch. I'm not saying don't use any tactic in combat or to use ideological warfare or deception something you brainlet cunts can't seem to understand or purposefully choose not to. What makes them our enemy is at least in part their illogical and incorrect positions on how the world is and should be.

I fear I sense people who are quietly raiding this thread and attempting to slide our goals of helping our brothers and sisters in Africa by equating cleverness and underhandedness with the barbarity of either muslim hordes or various black insurgent groups. Please let me console those having doubts that we will never act like either aforementioned groups

[spoiler]assuming your not a blackpilling shill,
which is very difficult for me to assume that you are not, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for argument's sake[/spoiler]
All's fair in love and war, user. If we don't counter their aggression by clever tricks, as we've done during the meme war of 2015-6, we're destined to lose. I'd like you read a book titled "a handful of hard men" by; Hannes Welles. It describes the cleverness of the Rhodesian SAS and how they fooled their enemies several times during operations and trapped them in ambushes and dead-end paths among many other tricks. There's no morality in war, the only mercy of which is lethality and speed, otherwise, you'll find yourself, your family and your friends in ditches or being fed to the crocodiles.

I'd like to point out that Donald J Trump, the King of Holla Forums and President of these United States, did indeed win the election but only by means of advanced trickery and the support of the population. If you don't have any of these things, you'll end up in failure.

Read my post:

Europeans and SOME African groups can live to mutual benefit. The Europeans can take care of complex tasks beyond that of the African natives and ensure that said ethnic natives are rewarded for allowing outsiders to live on their clay. Having the Dutch manage your natural resources would be far preferable to allowing the Chinese roll in, bribe whichever marauding warlord has control at the moment and take all of your resources from you. Europeans can also ensure that medical facilities etc. are available if the ethnic natives desire such a thing (they may opt for traditional medicine, and that should be respected). European presence also offers protection. Africans can’t fight wars effectively; Europeans could keep their partnered peoples very safe.

A Turk on the other hand can offer no such advantage to Germany because Germans can run Germany perfectly well on their own.

I'm not black pill at all. I am not promoting defeat of the white race.
You've made the same error as literally everyone who has replied to me.
I'm not saying not to do this…….i've literally said it over and over again.
I am saying, why is it justified for whites to want to live in AFRICA in a majority nigger and historically nigger zone? EUROPE is our homeland. Colonies are arguable because we built them but jesus christ this is Africa we are talking about. Why do niggers not deserve an ethnic homeland? What is the argument you have against this? I am just repeating myself because you are being ideologues who don't hold yourselves intellectually accountable.

Personally I think the Afrikaans should wipe them from the face of the earth as the blacks obviously want to do to them. However to cry about the war going on is insane. Just return to your ethnic homeland where we belong. How can we have LOGICAL CONSISTENCY in arguing for ethnostates when we want to have biracial states as one reply to me mentioned and white ethnostates in fucking africa? it doesnt make sense and it isn't convincing at all.

so why can't asians live in the west? or do you not have a problem with that? do you not consider that inconsistent? jesus christ do you guys really not see what im saying here? im not even saying im definitely right about this, i just don't see how you are arguing this.

see how this is dumb?
You're basically saying blacks are incapable of running a state which is almost certainly true. However unless they ask us to come and help them then we are aggressors and we can only justify our rule by strength. To cry about farm murders and not fight back, yet claim they need us, when they dont want us, but not take their land by force is fucking insane.

**typo saged for double reply

So you're saying that Americans should leave their country and seek ways back into Europe because, hey, America, despite being founded on white nationalist sympathies, was built on non-europeans soil so ipso facto they should go back. Do I have that correctly? Furthermore, the Afrikaners have been in South Africa for centuries even longer than most bantu peoples living there currently. Thirdly, China is not only a paper tiger, but they'll have problems (much like Russia will) because of the Muslims feeling oppressed in Xinjiang (and the Caucasus in the case of Russia). This means that China (and Russia, lol) will be more than bogged down by Religion of Cuck™ist insurgencies in their respective countries. All of this means that, the Afrikaners have no reason not to fight for their land and sovereignty. Now go away Sargon, you've made a fool of yourself twice in the livestreams.

By the way, who said any white person here wanted asians living in the west? After reading your post over again, I'd be very surprised if you weren't Sargon. Also, don't use the word "intellectually", it doesn't make you sound any smarter than you think you are.

i was only pointing out that if user's criteria for the gun chosen as the right arm of the free world is "what's killedmore communiggers" then ak47 is way better than the fal. idk if user is referring to all communists as communiggers or only to nigger communists. but i suppose you have a point about starvation and it applies to both.

Where is the benefit? I’m not opposed to very limited immigration but I don’t see a tremendous advantage to it outside of that of the individual in question. Are they coming to create jobs? To teach in a university perhaps? Then there may be some advantage, but the random movement of people especially when the disparity in global economies is taken into account is seldom to the advantage of the majority.

No. They have less empathy and different perceptions of fairness and would raid said economies.


No I am not. They are and were for thousands of years perfectly capable of running their own lives. If they CHOOSE to take part in the world outside of their continent then they require assistance from those who developed the systems at play.

No. They don't NEED us, they could if they so choose utilise us.

I don’t have inconsistent views here. I am an Ethno Nationalist but not a utopian. I’d sooner Africa remained African no outside interference but as she has such vast natural resources I find that possibility unrealistic.

Arabs raided Africa, you nigger, btw, African's aren't just bantu, there are khoisan and twa peoples not to mention Egypt, which contrary to the kangz, was never black in any major note.

No, they are traitors and simon roche is a sociopath. The red elephants did a two episode on south africa.

They virtue signal to their fellow leftists.

The Portuguese (Celts) landed in Mossel Bay in 1500
The Dutch Republic founded the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (Dutch East India Company) in 1602 and a victualling station in 1652 at the Cae.

After 4,000 years of genocidal raids, it does not seem like bantu ever crossed the South Afrikan desert until the "west" helped them.


Boer Revolt
The Maritz Rebellion (also known as the Boer Revolt, or the Third Boer War) occurred in 1914 at the start of World War I, in which men who supported the re-creation of the old Boer republics rose up against the government of the Union of South Africa because they did not want to side with the British against Germany.

Many Boers had German ancestry and many members of the government were themselves former Boer military leaders who had fought with the Maritz rebels against the British in the Second Boer War. The rebellion was put down by Louis Botha and Jan Smuts, and the ringleaders received heavy fines and terms of imprisonment.

One, Jopie Fourie, was convicted for treason when, as an officer in the Union Defence Force, he refused to take up arms with the British, and was executed in 1914.


They believe that when they drive out whitey, whitey curses the land to make it barren. Somehow, it doesn’t register that maybe they shouldn’t drive out whitey.

Holy shit

Are you deluded enough to believe that is a question of logic and justice?

It‘s “Gibs me dat”, they want it, so any justification is good enough. Justifications which were invented out of thin air by the jew anyway. It isn’t so that Africans need any justification if they want something, they take it by force if they can.

Those “justifications” serve primarily as a demoralization, to cripple you, prevent other whites coming to aid you, because “justice done, serve them right”. Basically the same propaganda as used against Germany.

Says lady whose family probably only immigrated to South Africa 30 years ago and has no link to the land what so ever.

Nice to see even Africa is getting enriched.

sounds about right

The only faggot here is you.

I will probably get banned for this but its not D&C just an observation on South Africa as a Boer

South Africans biggest problem by far is Christianity. I have seen countless people even after having their own families decimated by violence not being able to reconcile the fact that feel anger towards them and that the anger is justified.

People will have family members killed and say things like: "I don't understand I am so angry but the bible says one must not hate." "The bible says one must not murder!" "Say what you will but some of them are good and follow God, you cannot judge them all." "As long as they follow God they are alright its the ones who don't follow God that are the problem." "At least they are in a better place now, we must not feel vengeful towards them God will sort them out." "We as a nation need to turn back to God this is the only way things will get better."

Now a lot of Afrikaners feel that the land was given to them by God citing the battle of blood river as a source of divine intervention. Christianity makes us weak and forces people here to inaction because they are waiting for a divine intervention again. We leave everything to happenstance because they feel we are being punished for not being Christian enough even though almost every single white is overtly Christian. It is weird when you go to peoples houses and do not pray before and after eating.

I have seen countless of young men get bloodthirsty only to be soothed by other Christians with words like "God placed the king of a land above you for a reason, you must follow him (ANC) or you are disobeying Gods will." "It is not for us to take vengeance God will judge them and they will live their eternal lives in hell" "Remember God said too love your neighbor, the ones doing the killings are influenced by Satan."

Over 20 fucking years of this shit, blatant government in farm murders, white people being killed for the smallest and pettiest of reasons and all Afrikaners do is "prepare" for when they declare a conventional war on us but peoples answers for the violence is "PRAY FOR SOUTH AFRICA" "PRAY FOR FARM MURDERS" then when somebody actually tries and do something a good old Christian will call the black police on white people because they are not following Gods will. They voluntary mix with them at these new age churches because every Christian is the same.

People often complain about white liberals here, they do exist, but for the most part they don't really do anything except complain and virtue signal. Tough young fighting aged men are constantly convinced that fighting back is stupid and that only prayer will help. The churches and church leaders are killing white South Africans more than any other thing in this country by convincing them that pacifism is Godly and its the only way.

If you ever want to see the destructiveness of Christianity look at South Africa. Don't even get me started on the ZCC, how it makes millions for Israel and how blind Whites and Blacks are towards the JQ because of Christianity.

Christcucks can go "muh crusades" all they want, it's a death cult that promotes weakness as virtue. The only point in it's favor is that there needs to be a belief system in place for the low and medium IQ masses to be motivated towards wanting to be decent people, unguided atheism leads to degeneracy and hedonism. The price of that system being Christianity is too high though. It makes people too resilient to suffering. If you are a real believer, you'll see your family die and lay down your life in order to be a good Christian. After all, you'll be reunited with them in heaven anyway. Shits gotta go.

It took me years to accept this, but we will not claim the stars with this religion only our own destruction.

Regardless of whether one believes in the Bible or not, one should know retorts for false dogma such that you can persuade the fools to the right way. E.g. for the "bible says one must not murder", tell them about how he Bible was initially written in aramaic & Hebrew for the OT and Greek for the NT. Proceed to explain how Daniel killed Goliath, or how the Jews purged themselves of foreign peoples at a point after leaving Egypt. Proceed to also mention on how killing was allowed via Leviticus and how it was never stated that Nebuchanezer's killings of people were "evil". Proceed to explain how the word for "murder" and "killing" are different in the OT and that intent (as well as position, e.g. if you are in the army) has much to do with it. To take a life does not make you a murderer, to take a life unjustly does, according to the Bible.
For the "some are good", you proceed to claim: and not all pharisees were against Christ (it names one in the NT), nor were all Jews, nevertheless, what did Christ call them? A brood of vipers (I believe) and children of the devil (as opposed to sons of Abraham). That is to say, Christ generalized because what is true for the majority, is just that, true for the majority (and since God is truth, and the truth within him, one should not deny this truth).
So, generalization is not an issue. Proceed to state on how God commanded that the Jews should kill all the (was it assyrians or ameleks? whichever one they "accidentally" left some alive) X group. Now, with certainty, could it not be said that at least one was righteous? Yet all of them were to be wiped out for the trouble they'd bring upon the jewish people. In the same manner, removing a group that will lead you to ruin, is natural.
For the "at least they are in a better place now", you can state: yes, certainly that is true, but who is to say they did not leave before their time? Just like how God knew you before you were born, and so he most certaintly didn't want you aborted (this is meant to show that man can interfere with God's plan due to the free will of peoples), said individual could've had his life snuffed out before his time. As a consequence, you can say that the condoning of their murder and forgiving without earthly justice enables for the Devil's work to be done by having God's plan for the people that died end prematurely. You can then proceed to state on how, should they have lived, who knows what they could've done for the Lord in spreading his message, bringing healing and wisdom, etc.
For the "must not feel vengeful", refer them to the Greek of the NT (just in general, after all, hatred, vengeful, pride, it all gets blurred in English). Proceed to state how two things are true in the Bible, it states "let not the sun come down on your wrath" and it never states you cannot seek out justice. I.e., you obviously shouldn't let the bad occurrance destroy you internally, but that doesn't mean the proper course of obtaining earthly justice shouldn't be taken. After all, to do so would mean to permit evil on this earth. How can one claim to be a steward for the Lord when he allows evil in his house (i.e. his house truly and his country). One could even speak of the scripture where a husband and wife professed to selling their possessions and they gave it ALL to the church, now the husband up and dies for lying about it, but the wife also does for she is an accomplice in his wickedness for she turns a blind eye to his wickedness (and also dies). Therefore, one can state that to turn a blind eye to evil on this earth and to not point it out is wicked in the eyes of the Lord. In short, how does God's judgement at the end of times allow you, a follower of the Lord, to be lax? One is to be like the Lord and tolerate no wickedness in sight, but to ignore evil because God will take care of it in the end is LAZY in the eyes of the Lord.

To this you say, in order to bring down the wall of that city in the Bible (OT, forget what it's called), did they Jews just laze about in their camps all day? NO, they had to march around it all day in order for the miracle to come about. I.e., they had to put in their effort. Again, when fleeing from Egypt, did they not have to wander in the desert, perservering, in order to reach the promised land (note that, it wouldn't have been 40 years if they hadn't sinned, but nevertheless they had to put forth effort in leaving Egypt). Even in the NT, Peter had to take a step out of the boat in order to stand atop the water. In short, he who does not take the first step shall not receive God's grace, for why should God help those who do not do what they can, but are lazy?
It is truly stated that God placed rulers on the earth since made desired rulers. However, that can only be said about some rulers, for as explained before, human interference does exist, for what did God say unto Nebuchaneezer? He did not say, "I made you King", he said "I can take away your throne should I wish to", i.e. a man can accomplish much on his own, but God can change anything if it is his will. That is to say, suppose I am a prince, I kill my father (who, say, is a Godly man) and become king and rule like a tyrant. Is it to be said the Lord made me king? No, this is false, I made myself king through my actions. What is true however is that God coudl take my kingship from me, for he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. In addition, again, with Nebuchaneezer, professed to be the King of Kings on the earth according to the OT (the Gold on the statue in his dream) made all bow before a Golden statue. He is most surely the great King of Babylon, their ruler, should not Shadrak, Mishak, & Azeria have bowed? No, for what takes precedence? The Lord's command. For an earthly parallel, whose word would matter more in a decree, that of a Count, or that of Duke? That of a Duke, or that of King? Whose will would you not go against if one asked you to do something? The one of higher authority, and none is equal in authority to the Lord most high. Thus, to permit evil, to allow the lives of those who would seek to spread the word of God to die in vain, to do nothing in the face of injustice, but permit is is to sneer in the face of the Lord and put a lord of man above lord of lords.
May my words be some help to you in talking to fellow SAnons. Regardless of whether one is Christian or not, one should know it so one can speak to those who follow it, and convince them when their dogma is false.

Thanks for the suggestions. Do a bit of reading of the NG church in South Africa and the "broederbond" religion was used to control people here very openly, if you are interested.

My heart lies with your people user. My only hope is that I can benefit the fight when your civil war inevitably happens. I dont feel that my christianity ever has pacified me, if anything it gave me something non material to live for. But I understand blaming it.

Thanks user

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SA needs genetically targeted weapons NOW!

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no more retreat
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except with bombers, and napalm

Just ignore that guy he has an irrational hatred for South Africans and I have encountered him a and his nonsense couple of times.

Its probably a concern shill

No matter what we do to shitskins we will ALWAYS be better than them

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What ever happened to "new hope?"

The main issue in South Africa stems from The Bill and Melinda Foundation with Warren Buffet money, saving the Xhosas and Zulus from all dying from AIDS. There's a reason the Bill and Melinda Foundation in downtown Seattle is one of the most highly guarded places in the US. It's destruction, would mean the rapid destruction and decline of the enemies of the Boer and those plotting the destruction of white people in South Afrtica know that and have planned accordingly but have also gotten lazy. Not saying or promoting that anyone should actually do that, just if a meteorite hit it or some other natural disaster.

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And 'redistribution'. This nigger doesn't know what she's talking about. She's just repeating kike buzzwords and slogans.

interesting that the next race war starts in South Africa

seize the means of production indeed
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Unrelated, but Bixnood Zuma might about to be given the boot

No. Food just grows. Wypipo did some thing to stop it growing. YT need to fix it.

Universalist morality is the bane of Aryan man. What is morally right to the Jew is that which benefits the Jew. The African invades the shores of Europe today, because he wants to. If Aryan men see the invasion of Africa or anywhere in the world as being in their best interests, then it is right so long as they maintain the strength to enforce their will.

Historically, Africa never had a total population of more than around 120 million: (and that's the highest claim, other sources claim only 100 million).

Source needed for the "couple hundred million".

If no european or european derived countries send any help when SHTF, i bet some people will start making things happen.

You will be the first one to be slayed and impaled alive.

You are an incultured retard, the white man has lost all of Nort Africa and Western Asia up to India to subhumans or to mongolic conquerors. Egypt was european and so was India. If you are going to be "fair" lets recover our ethnic homelands first, then we talk about the nigger continent.
PS: There is a big difference between having niggers in your country as a minority or having whites as a minority feeding the whole nigger country, pleb, go impale yourself. WHATEVER IS RIGHT IS WHATEVER IS GOOD FOR WHITES.

I have just read 2 lines and already noticed you are a retard. Christians are mindless drones like 90% of the population be it christians or not, and they are just waiting to be commanded like the sheep they are.
NOW FOR YOUR INTEREST, the bible says:
Deuteronomy, chapter 7

"1: "When the LORD your God brings you into the land which you are entering to take possession of it, and clears away many nations before you, the Hittites, the Gir'gashites, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Per'izzites, the Hivites, and the Jeb'usites, seven nations greater and mightier than yourselves,
2: and when the LORD your God gives them over to you, and you defeat them; then you must utterly destroy them; you shall make no covenant with them, and show no mercy to them.
3: You shall not make marriages with them, giving your daughters to their sons or taking their daughters for your sons.
4: For they would turn away your sons from following me, to serve other gods; then the anger of the LORD would be kindled against you, and he would destroy you quickly.
5: But thus shall you deal with them: you shall break down their altars, and dash in pieces their pillars, and hew down their Ashe'rim, and burn their graven images with fire.
6: "For you are a people holy to the LORD your God; the LORD your God has chosen you to be a people for his own possession, out of all the peoples that are on the face of the earth.
16: And you shall destroy all the peoples that the LORD your God will give over to you, your eye shall not pity them; neither shall you serve their gods, for that would be a snare to you."

Deuteronomy, chapter 20…,Joshua, chapter 11…, and so on and so on.

PS: The hebrew translation for "loving you neighbour" is "loving your racial kinsmen". Better start preaching the gospel.

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It's an imageboard, but you're acting like a faggot for someone trying to give advice.

You'd have to give me a reason to look into it. I wrote all that down because I thought it might be helpful to you/SAs. What would the knowledge of learning about the NG church help me accomplish? Call me a jew if you want, I only learn things which I think I can use somehow.

Sorry for having hurted your feelings nigger.

Anything written by a White in that?

What DID happen to Good Hope?

How much fun would it be if white people were actually as genocidal as people pretend we were? Fuck, we could have so much goddamn fun in Africa.

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Communists from UK/Britain.
Aided the Congo war first, then the bantus, then Mandela and the ANC.

100% true. That few white men would still have no problem running over nigger forces. It's the (((peacekeepers))) that would fuck everything up. Blacks are yes quite happy to rob legally, they aren't really warrior people anyways.

it's simple. people are never satisfied with what they have, and niggers can barely conceptualize 3d space, let alone time.

so the niggers get food, and then they get used to having food, and they decide they should cut out the middleman, then they starve, then it repeats again because they don't understand cause and effect.

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Holla Forums forgets niggers aren't one person. You have the general nigger rabble but occasionally you'll encounter a nigger of moderate intelligence, especially in America where niggers on average have a 25% white admixture. You probably encounter niggers who are friendly, rational, even occasionally intelligent people. But you also have the rabble, the average nog. Most people who deal with white people all day will tell you that the average person is pretty fucking stupid, and the average nog is as smart as a borderline retarded white person.

I realized this when I met the stupidest white person I've ever met. He was actually, ostensibly, a National Socialist, or, in his own words, he "rolled with hitler". He showed up to work one day wearing a stalhelm for a bike helmet, backwards. I complimented him on his choice of helmet and he referred to it as his "nazi hat" and said that it was from the SS, which it wasn't. I tried to talk to him about Hitler for a bit and he had no idea whatsoever what Hitler actually believed. I asked him directly if he even knew what a jew was and he said he didn't. I even tried to guide him, and asked him if the jews were powerful, if he thought they controlled the banks, the movies, or were behind 9/11, and he didn't know and had never even considered this as a possibility. I asked him if jew was a race or a religion and he didn't know.

And as much of a stupid motherfucker as he was, I have never in my life met another white person that dumb. The average nigger is that dumb. The average nigger hates whites just because, they don't know why, they can't express why, they simply do.

Imagine turning africa into one giant and well managed hunting reserve. If breeding programs and the like are in place, even currently endangered species could be hunted.


I agree wholly with this idea, but I don't think we need to hunt any species that doesn't need to be completely culled.

I wholly disagree with the idea. Africa needs to be made into a global cooling powerhouse by greening its deserts and filling old lake beds with water. And removing plastic from its western countries.

I have seen kikes with more character than you.
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We must be as pitiless and ruthless as nature. Because in the end that is our judge.

i second this. Come to NZ. We like you here.

Stupid niggers, they were handed the technology, the supplies and the land and still they manage to fuck it up.

if the colonists back in the day had been a bit more patient, they should have just slaughtered all the nogs and settled themselves peaceably. Any time between 1600 and 1914 they could have done it
they could have done it - but were too busy fighting each other.

You dont understand them. That which you call honor they call idiocy. From their point of view you are merely an autistic idiot that is easy prey. From our point of view you are an ignorant young man who have lived a sheltered life.

This is not a dominance contest between honorable contenders who tacitly agree not leave one another dying or permanently disabled in pursuit of a personal victory which either can ultimately live with the outcome. This is a war for survival. Your concern for hypocrisy is a subversive tactic that the enemy reinforces in you but has no qualms abandoning if it furthers your enemy's interest. Pay attention and adjust your tactics accordingly. Dying in a total war because you followed the Geneva convention is death. Living with yourself after killing your enemies is always the better outcome.

I fear that anons aren't engaging with you because they are suspicious you are a D&C. I recognize the truth of what you say and the urgency problem you are presenting. D&C is only possible on a point in which genuine disagreement (or uncertainty) exists in a group. So, Christian anons, how do you forsee a future in which Christianity is uncuckable? How can anons help achieve that? Non-Christian anons, how do you forsee the future of white people - with or without Christianity? How do you plan to make sure that low to mid level people are not disillusioned with morality and turned to hedonism and nihilism? This thread isn't ideal but anyone creating a thread will be called a D&C shill so maybe don't answer here or start a thread until you have a suggestion for the future you think can actually work, anons.

SA user I hope you change some hearts and minds so that you can avert disaster for your people. Godspeed

If it is a war for survival on our part, then it is also a war for survival on the other races parts, and only an idiot would scream and cry about how the enemies they are trying to kill/enslave are doing their best to not be killed/enslaved instead of lying down and submitting. Rather then people going "HOW DARE OUR FOES TAKE UP WEAPONS AND FIGHT, DON'T THEY KNOW THEY SHOULD KILL THEMSELVES FOR OUR SAKES", the only sounds on the battlefield should be the reports of guns, the commands of generals, and the wordless battle cries until a victor stands at the end.

maybe whitey should just stay away. Stop bailing them out, and let natural selection do its thing. If they succeed then great. If they starve to death.. Nature must be rayciss. no loss.

Why not just kill them and take the land? All China will do is breed them to extinction like with Tibet.

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