OC Philosophy of Illuminati

hi Holla Forums, recently I came across the OC teaching of the Alumbrados - 15th century secret society which started the Jesuits, Rothschilds and similar kike-alike illuminatis along with Adam Weishaupt's OC Bavarial Illuminati in 1776.

DESU this is the most dangerous philosophy I have ever come across:

The alumbrados held that the human soul can reach such a degree of perfection that it can even in the present life contemplate the essence of God and comprehend the mystery of the Trinity. All external worship, they declared, is superfluous, the reception of the sacraments useless, and sin impossible in this state of complete union with God. Persons in this state of impeccability could indulge their sexual desires and commit other sinful acts freely without staining their souls

… thoughts ???
>sauce: newadvent.org/cathen/16046a.htm

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Quite in accord with their Pantheistic principles, the Brethren and Sisters of the Free Spirit (thirteenth to fifteenth century) held that they who have reached perfection, i.e. complete absorption in God, have no need of external worship, of sacraments, or of prayer; they owe no obedience to any law, since their will is identical with God's will; and they may indulge their carnal desires to any extent without staining the soul. This is also substantially the teaching of the Illuminati (Alumbrados), a sect that disturbed Spain during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.


Sounds like what the original gnostics believed. And yes, all these things re possible, since this reality is a dream happening in the mind of god and that all things that exist within it, including you, are an aspect of the Creator Mind.

OP's a faggot, because he doesn't mention Sabbatai Svei or Jacob Frank.

It was actually Jacob Frank that directed Adam Weishaupt to form the Illuminati as a terrorist organization in 1776 to overthrow the French Monarchy in the French Revolution…

Robert Keith Spenser, Cult of the All Seeing Eye
Caroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope
Caroll Quigley, The Anglo American Establishment
Isaac Singer, Satan in Goray
Anthony Sutton, Wallstreet and the Bolshevik Revolution

Yes, however prior to starting the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit professor of canonical law…


Have a look at these two passages please:

"Jewish Race from Spain in 1492. As Satan's great servant in beginning the Counter-
Reformation, Loyola, a member of the occult and Luciferian Spanish "Alumbrados,"
purposed to also restore the Dark Ages in making the "infallible" Pope of his creation,
herein called "the Papal Caesar," being continually overseen and sustained by his
diabolical Order, the Universal Monarch of the World ruling all Nations from within
Solomon's rebuilt Hebrew Temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. Thus, Loyola was the
first Luciferian Zionist, his Order being the secret power behind anti-Jew Labor Zionism. "

"The higher I went into the Jesuit Order, the more corruption I saw within the
institution. I was invited to attend a secret black mass by high-ranking Jesuits in
a monastery in the northern part of Spain. When I knelt to kiss the ring of a
high official I saw a symbol on that ring that made my blood run cold. It was a
Masonic symbol! A thing I hated and I had been told to fight against it.
Everything was falling apart! I found out the Black Pope (the Jesuit General who
actually runs the Vatican in Rome behind the scenes), was also a Mason and a
member of the communist party in Spain. My head was spinning as I found out
the Jesuit General was closely linked to the llluminati in London. Ignatius
Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) was a member of the
'Alumbrados' which means the enlightened or 'The llluminati.' " {39} [Emphasis

So the founder of Jesuits, Ignatius
Loyola, was a member of Alumbrados whose philosophy I introduced in the OP post.

Guess there is a connection ….

Full book here:

Not a new idea. Basically going beyond the pairs of opposites, however, while there, really no needs to do any of that shit, because it serves no ego purpose at that point.

Nothing sick like that could every develop in an authentic Germanic Polytheism, all people could do is side with Loki and the Jotuns, instaid of taking side with the Aesir and Vanir.

Again the corruption of monotheism at work.

Every week, like clockwork.

Wew, I thought all the good anons had left.

Omnipotence has a lot of implications, Illuminati believe if the godhead is omnipotent he is therefore nature and we are all egos of the godhead; meaning we can ascend into divahood. Illuminati believe that the godhead has evil aspects, that each aspect of it has a trinity of it's own. Pretty much every single secret society is based on the godhead pill, normies can't handle that god can be the perfect evil and can have as many aspects as he wants. Not only can the godhead be evil, but both at the same time– chaos and origin of free-will. This is why a triangle with an eye represents the godhead: it represents the prefect good, evil and chaotic aspects.

How very Kikeish.

The godhead is merely the key to unlocking enlightenment from the Archangels. It is not God itself.

Monotheism is the same as polytheism. Just that Gods to polytheists are just angels and demons/djinn to monotheists. They all come from the early Aryan creation myths and druidism.

All religions came from the same group of people if you go back far enough.

Not at all. Where did you get that idea?

any NEW thoughts boys ?

Even the mesoamerican ones?

I suspect that the Arayans were the first to create written language, and as a result their culture became the foundation for every culture after that. This would explain why we do not see much culture out of the subhumans.

Are you incapable of reading the written word?

What is it with semites and raping children? It seems like everything they do is a means to a child's rear end.

I don't want to indulge my sexual desires (except with my wife) but I'd like to make Hitler look like an amateur when it comes to pedophiles and other degenerates.

Vive le roi.

Yes, but they won't be mentioned here.

Get a load of this faggot. This is natsoc board not christcuck. Paganism will be revived we don't need your guilt based cuckold Jewish ideology.

Spoken like a true Kike. Remember what do Jews hate most life life? Jesus. What threatens their power,? White uncucked Christianity.
If you don't like original sin, become a Mormon, our entire creation story is a statement against Luciferian Egalitarianism.

actually >we< don't but >you< do.

you are too stupid to be left alone, you need to be programmed or culled.

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What utter bullshit. All secret societies are poison. No more secrets. No more lies.


These fucktards are actually correct morality is largely illusionary since reality is also illusionary. If you live in awareness of this fact then your actions carry no more moral weight than say playing a video game. However. And it's a big however, if you truly are at this level then you still have a choice. Will you follow union with the divine through self service? Or will you follow union with the divine through service to all/others?

Those paths diverge and continue far beyond this existence. These shits are lefthand pathers, those who seek self empowerment. Indulgence is simply a form of control and self affirmation along this narcissistic path. Also such groups attract soulless psychopaths who just exploit the group to become self indulgent.

This is literal teaching of Frankism and Sabbateasm and modern Chabbad cult.

Uncucked Christianity is an oxymoron. Jews and Jew worshipers belong next to one another in the oven of history.

So they're basically a fraternity that wants to empower its own members through nepotism and they're amoral.

Be surprised they run the world.

Also sounds alot like (((someone else))).

What if these Illuminatibros operate without giving a fuck if there is a (((deity))) and are complete amoral, Machiavellian fucktards who only care about power?

Sounds like about every (((intelligence service))) in the fucking world.

Saging myself for samefagging. Pls no bulli.


Regardless of a deity spirituality is real and anyone who advances to high level in this world realizes it and needs to exercise control and advancement in spiritual practices. This has to do with shaping the future (and past) through exercise in consciousness.

A wild hebrew appears, and repeats its age old lie that Jesus Christ was a priest for the Pharisees.
This lie only works on those that have never read the Bible.

the original gnostics believed an angel of god created a bastard without her male counterpart and threw it into the ocean of space
said bastard stole her light and created man in her image(not hers specifically, but in the image of angels he saw above him)
then god manifested as jesus and told everyone he was going to go to war with the demiurge but nobody understood it so they killed him

all that other shit was added by schizofucks who read the apocrypha and interpreted it in ways that made them feel calmer - since the apocrypha is pretty blackpilling.

protip: messiah means 'war priest'
jesus is kalki

It's almost as if Gnosticism is truth and grants its adherents power or something.

this is literally the definition of being a selfish faggot.

I have no idea what you're talking about, user.

it comes down to a practice known as "The power of the Dynamo" dealing with the "pure" vessel of a child through sex magic to achieve a transcendent state in which one can unlock their full potential as a living god

sound exactly like (((frankist- sabbateanism)))

the jewish messaihs


This btw from Australia's largest government-owned media organisation: abc.net.au/radionational/programs/ark/the-kabbalah-and-the-enlightenment/3537718

This image, which I have somewhat backed up, is supposedly the philosophical big wigs of the elite. However, this is based on the InfoWars type of conspiracy. People like Huxley and Russell come up often in these discussions.

William Cooper's Mystery Babylon series claims that most of them are essentially secular gnostics who worship the human mind. Supreme atheists who desire power and imortality.

The "darkest" version of the cinspiracy is the interdimensional demons/ufos that they connect back to Sumer. Aleister Crowley and the masons crop up a lot.

The Sabbatean Frankist version is really pushed by Makow, maybe Texe Marrs as well, as he publishes the Synagog of Satan and is always bringing up jews.

What we cannot get away from however is that the supposed elite are usually christian, at least in the west. Hillary, The Bushes, Merkle, ect. but the general narrative is that they are just pretending to be christian to gain power.

Skulls and Bones is interesting:
322 in Genesis has to do with imortality, if I remember correctly.
Their initiation containes the phrases death=death, the devil=death, and they are made to consider three skulls and pick out the king, which is illustrating that death is the great leveler.

As Joseph Campbell said, paraphrasing: If you don't get it in this life, you wont get it anywhere.

This user gets it.

Heute die welt, morgens das sonnensystem.

Right, someone who has attained this state no longer has "sexual desires" nor would they wish to harm others.

Illuminati "eye in the triangle" symbol represents us being the sight within the "all".
Like an umbrella, the fire protects us from the rain (chaos) to allow us to see ourselve and be something tangible.

Well that's how I interpret it anyway.
Also might be related to the eye of horus, but I think my interpretation makes sense.

I don't think it's as sinister as people make it out to be. I think it's misinterpreted. Perhaps even misused in it's misinterpretation by the elite.

Blind old men with lots of cash run the world user, not gnostics.


Alright let's make this quick for you little fuckstains. First off, over half this board is likely sociopathic. Right around 70% of the world population are spiritless/soulless sociopaths, aka narcissists, or NPCs, it all depends how covert or overt and functional they are. These (((people))) are energy vampires and have no inner self, with a predatory psychology and antisocial tendencies. You may notice them and their shitposting. They spread filth, death, and tarnish everything they touch. The only reason they exist is due to overpopulation and not enough Spirits to incarnate into Human bodies, so instead, the planetary consciousness (this is a powerful consciousness) puts a fragment of an animal soul in them. As you can tell, they are completely dysfunctional. All they have is an overclocked ego. Best of all, it's not even a crime to kill them because their pitiful essence dissipates at death. These are the reprobates.

Add to this that there are racial and gender barriers to consciousness. Women are a real fucked up bag all by themselves with too much residual ape genes. Their brains aren't even wired correctly to their bodies, making them insane. You can figure out the other races, but personally, I do not give a shit. For example, all chinks are likely sociopathic to a greater or lessor degree due to their DNA limitations. Fucking bugmen. Some may have souls. Actually, the most accurate theory is that these lesser races are animal hybrids. Genetic splicing is very advanced at high levels (ET levels) and anything can be created.

Then there are the creme of the crop, the ones we all know and love. These Human beings (real Human beans) have the best design from our Creator (no time to explain who that is) and are the rulers of civilization and patriarchy and all just and moral knowledge and yoga. That is, until defamation started. These bodies can fully express the realized Spirit. Their bodies conduct enough energy to produce miraculous and magnificent tasks.

On the spiritual level and whatnot, what OP offers is true… I obey no man made law. Hah! Hilarious and preposterous. I have surpassed nearly all. Only friends with the most high. Most of you don't get it. For you will wallow in the swamps of emotional blockages and accrue 'bad karma' or whatever self-imposed lessons you decide. There are still immutable laws of of physics in the Universe, there is always consequences, but he who knows can avoid these and hence live greatly.

There are only so many words, because these concepts cannot be expressed in words. Just like there are so many lifetimes. Maybe in one life you will reach that level. For example, there are only a handful of souls at any given time that possess such massive gravitas and power, due to how incarnations are scattered throughout time each on their own path dictated by the Higher Self, it just so happens that enough awareness concentrated in that Illuminati group at that time period.

What else is there for me to say? Nothing. Oh, yeah, don't let the sociopaths and negative ones drag you down, you should learn how to discern them and rid them from the Earth, which is what God and Earth wants.

Ignore other people's psychobabble and labels, they are full of shit. And if you know how narcissists/sociopaths operate, they steal other peoples ideas and try to pass them off as their own but always fail because they lack competence.

Thus the realized spirit is distinguished from the petty psychopath and one is exponentially more powerful.

There are no wrongs, only lessons, except all who deny shall die. :) Bye.

It is possible to get caught up in traps and ignorance if you seek to kill others out of anger, though. Jesus said to turn away from reprobates, that may be smarter. They will all end themselves soon enough in war or get taken out by … ominous natural forces, I see it happening all the time. Woe to them. Look at the sigil on the bottom right of the screen. Looks like a trapped solar symbol, huh.

That doesn't make sense. You mean they can do things which seem like sins to men but which are not in the eye of god whose wisdom and judgement is perfect.

I interpret is a symbol of the one and the multitude and the eye that sees all. I also think of the top of the pyramid as a point of convergence where nobody loses their individuality but rather is merged in awareness with the all and becomes constituted of exactly the qualities of the all.

Most of what the ayys have done to engineer our genetics is biasing the "mutation" of certain traits to arise way faster than normal.

Ayy you can't just name drop an author in a post like this and not provide a link to the .pdfs my dude.