Why WOMEN OF COLOR are trying to get out of the USA

oh noooo don't gooo , please, please stay we're sorry ;_;


fucked up the link ffs

It's a pity their "threat" to leave the US is no more real than all the commies who said they would move to Canada if Trump won the election.


That's what I was thinking but hey, the small (emphasized) chance that they do, it'll be a step forward, and might encourage others. One can hope, but yeah, fucked OP, OP.

This is the quietest group of black women I have ever seen.

You're not from around here, are you?

Any of these would've been acceptable.


when will existance of blacks make us angry enough to just start lynching them again

that is because every few seconds a white feminist cut in her monologue to drown out the niggresses ooking and eeking with a lot of edits

not to mention some nigger female reporter that interwieved them prolly to not cause any chimpouts

Really? Do you mean it? Do you promise that the nigger bitches are so sick of white people existing and breathing air that they're going to leave to go be among other members of nig-kind? And they're even going to give up welfare and affirmative action to do it? I can't wait!

No. The vast majority of niggers are parasites who want to be around white people to provide for them. These groids are an insiginificant minority.

These are the better off nigresses, who live in a wealthy white suburban niegborhood

Nigger here. Can confirm. Thanks for the gibs btw.

So niggers taking a vacation?

What's your favorite episode of Dragon Ball Z?

and the lightest.

Less black women in the US means black men are more likely to go after white women. These niggers need to take their men with them.

Sadly, no. The average nig would rather die than be separated from gibs

I sometimes wonder if Holla Forums is represented by the Emperor or by Chaos.


I can't imagine enough niggers with their shit together to do it but a nog exodus would be great.

The Emperor and the Chaos Gods did work together to make the primarches.

Of course, (((VICE))) aka (((Ezra Levant))) is behind the forced meme "BLAXIT". All of the independent right-wing a.k.a Rebel Media controlled channels are picking it up, as per instructions from the boss.
Anyone who helps these kikes spread their shitty memes is either a shill or an idiot.

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tbh RWDS

Niggers are going to take care of ridding themselves, friend! You can go back to sleep now, relax, buddy!

lol women of color are literally fucking worthless in the united state. male nig and spics are all fucking sexy white women now and have left there shitskin women behind. White males at least still have high IQs and money even tho there own women dont want them. Nigresses are literally the lowest on the fucking totem pole.

Because they're not really black. If you look at countries like Liberia or the Ivory Coast, their inhabitants are black to the point of almost being purple. The women in that reportage are 50-90% white, have sharp noses and other caucasoid features. Two of them even have white skin. Of course that will be reflected not just in their looks, but personality as well.

Running away and do their yoga exercises isn't going to help them.

Most niggers have never been on a plane and are deathly afraid of it. Most niggers are pretty content with just being niggers in America.
Most niggers already don’t have ‘to deal’ with wypipo because wypipo don’t live in the ghetto around niggers.
Long story short niggers aren’t going to just up and leave and if you believe that you’re a fucking idiot.

You mean masturbating?

They actually do not like niggers, they like something that resembles ryan reynolds.

No they are just black boobanimals doing boobanimal shit, the reason why they "despise" white people is that they are acting really white and sense that they neither have the support of black or white people for that matter. That is why they mention the "blackness is my strength", it is like catering to blacks. They fit in neither group.

This. A lot of people forget that most niggers in America have 20% white admixture with famous Hollywood prosti…actors it's probably 40%.

So a bunch of middle class sheboons go to a feminist resort in Costa Rica to live like kangz and rant about evil racists in Nebraska? Two of them even look like white devils so why are they praying to a MLK shrine?

Watch her bodylanguage and how often her hands move to her cunt, at 6:40.


is this really what non whites tell themselves to cope? white men will always be the most attractive, your skin is the same color as shit lmfao

The colour of the skin doesnt really matter in that sense, just look at the titanimals in that matter some are really pretty and the outside influence coming at them like a cloud look for that umbrella. Ella ella.


They want white dick and they're frustrated that they're not getting it.

You're just LARPing. No way a real nigger would say thanks.

Surprised nobody mentioned their little Malcolm X altar.

burning crack 4 malcome dawg

Why Costa Rica, why not Apefrica?

O rite they'd get gangraped n sheeeeet


They're nigging my escape plan.
God fucking damn it.

Are we hating on malcolm now, because i agree with more than a lot of what he says

Africans and blacks don't exactly get along. Part of it is due to the fact that an African will come here and do fairly well while blacks here nig and nog. They often point to the fact that Africans are the most educated immigrant group and then wonder why nigs from here, with schools for themselves can't make a similar effort.

How oppressed can people who can afford a luxury trip to Costa Rica possibly be?

Not going to lie, if niggers have to worship somebody, I'd prefer it be him and not fucking MLK. At least he understood that our people were never going to live together.

Jewish women are the most likely to race mix though.
They love those tiny nigger dicks.

Black Panther 2 when?

We're trying, but you fucking niggers keep following us!

Imagine just swapping the races. Do normalfags not see this? If you swap the races, and say whites need refuge from all the niggers?

Fantastic, take your 7 niglets with you too.

The saga of Mad Thad was very fun but looking back on it with aware eyes and hardened heart after years of Holla Forums only begets pure anger at not getting that fucking pedo nigger locked up as soon as he showed his face


Dey must find de wai

Its a winning scenario.

…on second thought, probably just white blood.

Good point.

why are you even asking when everyone knows its the drivers license episode scouter ID user

Calling it now, before I even read the post - its because nobody wants to fuck them in White countries, isn't it? Because the rich niggers go for Whites and spics, and the poor niggers go for fat/ugly Whites and spics, and Aunt Jamima is left with a bunch of dicking-borne-niglets and nobody to take care of them or fuck her ugly fat old ass.

Jesus Christ.
Okay, so they aren't actually leaving, they're just going on a White-person-vacation themed vacation.
How fucking White of them.

Good point.

Nah, I just thought it was funny. Wasn't who I expected being on a yoga alter.

Found the FBI

You won't catch me THIS time!