Happening Watch: REEEEATTLE edition



The founder of Patriot Prayer is holding a Freedom Rally this Sat at 1:00 PM PST in Red Square at the University of Washington campus. The university asked the group for $17,000 for security, since last year, someone got shot during altercations over a Milo speech on campus. The group is now suing the university over the fee, saying it puts an undue burden on their ability to express conservative views on campus. The mentally ill left is already spreading the news to disrupt the rally, and the university has sent out warnings for all students to avoid the area for their own safety. Without a doubt, something big will go down.


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I don't really care about this bullshit anymore. Get at me when bullets start flying.


Antifa has been very quiet lately.
Did their media backers stop shilling for them because optics, did their funding dry up, or are they getting rolled up under the radar or what?

Yeah that's going to go well with the normies.

They derailed that train and decided to lay low.

Nov 4 was a major flop for them, so I'm sure that has hurt morale. The main reason you don't see them is because there aren't as many conservative/Trump rallies now that Trump has won. They don't generally march just to march for gommunism, they are a reactionary group that only shows up to silence opposition.

Nov 4 wasn't an antifa event tho. It was some org fight fascism or some shit and they explicitly exempted antifa from their event.

May day is less than 3 months away so there's that to look forward to.

You know its a bizarre timeline when the left bans antifa for wrongthink.

Kek last time they did that, pantyfa ran into traffic and didn't fly so good.

Hm. These "patriot rallies" are utterly useless and spineless. I suppose muh freedum is way of the few ways basic conservashits can be funneled into a more hard right, but I'm always suspicious of them after the cucking that they've done in the past. Expect them to cower down. The only useful protests or rallies are either nationalist or religious in nature.

In addition, what's needed is more rallies that organizations like IE attends, without Richard Spencers name attached to it, the shithead. Richard Spencer should stick to campus speaking and raising money, not organization or attending protests..

get a load of this big guy

Spencer has nothing to do with this, this is the "Patriot Prayer" group, which is a lolberg/christian conservative group with lots of non-whites

Unless they're trying to martry themselves for European and white identity, which they are not, they're spineless, because they almost always cuck into some nonsense about The Constitution.

Do I even need to go into how hard organizing in large liberal cities can backfire?

Exactly as said. This is why they're spineless. They're achieving nothing.

Antifa isn't a real organization people can belong to, it's just a loosely-defined identity the angsty trust fund leftists use to smash up trash cans when conservatives hold prayer meetings. Refuse Fascism is a real organization, and you can imagine how much overlap there is in "membership" between the groups in the first place

They're not trying to martyr for European identity, they're trying to b8 the left into attacking people for being pro-America and pro-prayer. It's just another opportunity to bait the left into hurting their image in the eyes of normies, like Trump did calling out the NFL and people not standing during his SOTU.

That's the ONLY positive outcome and reason I support it. It exposes the left as the idiots they are, but there has to be room for white identity and real progress to be made, and not more boomer bullshit.

Yes, make no mistake about it. This is not a rally for white nationalism. It does not help the white nationalist movement in any way and is not intended to. It's only meant to hurt those who wish to hurt the white nationalist movement. Personally, I just love a good happening.

Nissan needs to get involved in this shit again.

Doesn't help I live on the other side of the Cascades. Good luck to any anons going.

Unless someone starts gunning down soyboys, I’m not interested.

It's not wise to gun down soyboys at the moment, Holla Forums.


it's on Saturday

Pathetic. How much are (((they))) paying you per post?

Someone already got shot last year at a Milo event in Seattle

Sure thing. I'll leave a message for you at the Hillel Center.

I can understand this sentiment tbh, I've been here since the exodus and have yet to see any real action against these commies, jews, shabbos goys, corrupt govt. officials, et al.

Confirmed happening


Shucks I just might be able to make it. Is this an open carry rally or are we expected to be unarmed so we can get slaughtered easier?


shoo shoo stinky jew


You dont belong here

If you honest to God think that instigating violence during protests will help us in any kind of fucking way you should legit off yourself.

It's on campus so I don't think, technically, you're supposed to carry. I would strongly recommend concealed carry for this one.

Unless there's a collapse or our guys are being assaulted, violence should be restrained from. Besides, I can tell you dweebs have never seen a lick of violence in your life. It's easy to larp when you're more invested into playing tough on the internet rather than real life politics and optics.




Not 21 yet so it would seem this rally isn't for me. Godspeed to all those attending.


Do you have a negative number brain cells or something?

Please tell me you're just Holla Forums fucking with me. Explain to me how you plan on fighting a conventional war with the left. Go ahead, tell me your grand plan, because I don't see it. I don't see how you could possibly win a war against the left, which controls literally fucking everything. Yes, I mean everything. By historical standards, everyone in the modern west is a leftist.


These pictures still fucking get me. I'm almost wondering if the Kevin Spacey sign was a plant to intentionally make them look bad. If it spreads, I think it will work, too.

We should definitely do more infiltration lol


Italy shows us all how to deal with ANTIFA this past week. Look at the looks on their faces. Kind of like: "Woah, they aren't supposed to hit us back… we better go"

No idea why the video above isn't linking from Youtube but anyhow, they beat the shit out of them:



t. Pantyfa

Point and laugh at this faggot. Accelerationism is the only way we're winning this war

That's where you fucked up.

really activates my almond

you cant even imagine how smug i am right now

One of their bases in NJ got raided a few months back and they, as well as the entire national news apparatus, has been in complete blackout ever since then. You probably won't ever even hear about the details for another 50 or so years.

I better see you in the news within the next week then, fag.

wtf I love zimbabwe now.

what are you implying user-kun?

Simple. Stop talking bout it and be about it.

thanks for the advice cianigger

And no one here gives a fuck what you care about moshe.


Yet you can't control your bowels when faced with a white man. Explain that to me.

Ever notice how many fags and tranny's are in the "resistance"? Seeing a trend.

Easily put - The DNC is broke.

Easy. Use America loving and completely vetted federal authorities, with the aid of Delta, to identify every single anti-American element within the country. From there conduct nightly "pickups" of said individuals while using jamming and shut down tech to disable all camera feeds.

Take them/throw them in a hole, interrogate them to find out all the info needed, get rid of them after. Give me six months, a small budget and let me hand pick my team and I will clean that shit up in that time period. Aforementioned group could do it in two. This isn't rocket science. You isolate and remove the ring leaders, you cut off funds, you remove all indoctrination programs, and you do it all silently. Game over.

They've been broke for a really long time and only recently have the (((creditors))) decided to stop giving them loans.

Nissan D21 hardbody
One of the greatest trucks of all time

You kill known leftists… with bullets preferably and no you won't survive once the cops show up.. but that's how it works, bomb known lefty businesses and kill the thought leaders you can get access to. Time window will be very short unless you try to smoothly get away and go quasi serial killer in your catiousness, otherwise big city rampage …

t. the fucking FBI

This is all well and good in a civil unrest scenario, but I mean the user suggesting that right-wing people start going around shooting people, as if that's not directly used against us.


My Body ==and V8== is ready


If RAM arrives there will be many hospitalized communists.
Broken bones and massive trauma.

These boys bring the fear factor.
Highly trained and DO NOT fuck around

I'm not sure how this brainfried pantyfa thinks but I can tell.you this much, if RAM visits they are going to get steamrolled.

Advice to pantyfags:
If RAM.is coming, stay at home.
Some of the few people I would seriously avoid getting into fight with.

t. ultra

What the fuck is your point pal? People have been getting their ass beat since the primaries and when they bother to fight back prfaggots come out and demand we cuck harder or our "based niggers" won't vote for Trump and other such horseshit.

Kill yourself PRnigger.

Yeah and it was some communist faggot who got shot and guess what? He got away with it because no one said shit like "defending yourself against a commie makes you a fed!! oY VEY!!!" Don't cuck out, the enemy preys on weakness and benefits from it.

>((((12)))) fucking post by this ID
Boy you kikels sure are nervous huh?

Oh and he's obviously a leftypolnigger.


God I would absolutely love to see these hipster bar Marxist HQs go up in fucking flames

They all need to get on the meme train, but they're all made in mexico anymore so I understand their hesitation to maga.

I want a Hilux Ute so bad

Big support Burgers!!!!

Fuck I wish I was there

If there is one thing I love more than memeing a new reality with the bunch of you beautiful autists is I love fucking streetfighting bashing dirty degenerate communists.

Have livestream + stickypls

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Funny , kekd

Nice ID dubs too
Memetic butterfly blitzkrieg fire warfare

will this just be another Charlottesville where the Don sells out free speech and the constitution again

as long as the shills in the military get paid hey goy, the shills have to put food on the table. As long as Infowars expands you know the good guys are totally winning.

Nice ID trips
We proved that heather the HamBeast wasn't murdered.
Fat jiggles in antifa and such

The original Hardbody of Peace video had some really killer KA24E roar in it, punctuated with the screams of energy-hating scrubs.

And hopefully your windshield wiper fluid is topped off.

I think Nissan moved its truck factories back to the US. For a while they were more American than Ford. Get an early 90s SR5 if you do anything. The ones after they started using the Tacoma name dissolve with frightening speed. Ever see a frame with an entire surface rotted out?

Some previews of coming attractions - members of Patriot Prayer get into a fistfight with (mostly female) members of Antifa in Olympia, WA. From a few days ago.



The bolsheviks intentionally stir up shit in areas where, UNCONSTITUTIONALLY, the 2nd Amendment has been suppressed. They do this time and time again.

>bolshevik nigger shoots up a church

They also take advantage of (((Civil Rights Law))) by padding their front lines with People of Protected Status such as

Doing ANYTHING to such people will be seen as a hatecrime let's start writing it as one word and will land an user in the nigger dick palace for a long time which means you are noguns for life.

They act in places where there is no access to lethal force other than bike locks and massive coronaries oops I mean Dodge Chargers that is sorely needed to ensure that the 1st Amendment can be exercised. Then they take advantage of the right's unwielding adherence to the law Alinsky: Force your enemy to confine themselves to making only moves that are admissible in their own rule book to overpower like clubbing baby seals and silence them by having the police end the event. The (((media))) covers for the bolsheviks by amplifying and distorting any action taken by the right, while refusing to report any action by the left that cannot be spun into a "the great heroees of progress!" narrative. Like clockwork.

Look, anons. These bolshevik turds at the protests are mostly just useful idiots. Our FBI will never do anything to take down their terror cells or identify their kingpins. Mowing down these useful idiots will likely be painted as Boston Massacre 2.0, and be marketed by (((mass media))) as casus belli against the right, helping the bolsheviks to take over the country and install Soviet Union 2.0.

But we have a Constitution. The supreme law of the land. Even more supreme than nogunz zones. More supreme than CNN's opinion. More supreme than the corrupt Oregon Bureau of Land Management. When you take a stand today, anons, you must


The police will fight you. The left will fight you. The cucks will fight you. Everyone will fight you.

At some point, the powder keg will explode. It will happen. Better now, while it is cold, than in cozy summer when the canonical useful idiot nigger is out and about, rollin down the street in his six foe.


Violence is the only real form of political expression. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor.

What is this even?
a bunch of out of shape short women assaulting right wing men and getting their asses handed to them?!
the only danger is not being able to defend yourself due to doubling over in laughter

really hit all the checkmarks there buddy
surely all of us must be completly demoralized now and just go back home to…. to do what exactly? you faggots have ruined all our hobbies, there is nothing left for us to do but kill kikes and traitors and you know it



Are you guys ok??

Tbis is one the funniest videos I have ever seen

The Shitmasons will, no doubt, be there again.





its only 9:30 on the pacific coast, when was it supposed to start?


Reminder that civnat groups are run by Trostkyites. George Washington beat his niggers.

This is the cancer we must remove from our great state of Washington, lest we lose everything to parasites and traitors.

its going on more links would be nice…

Only live stream I can find right now

Also on Gloomtube.


challenger astronauts are still alive

Is that a young Richard Spencer?

Did anything happen?


When this is all over and we look back everyone is going to wonder why we ever submitted to these faggots in the first place. They aren't even a challenge even when it's 10 to 1. It's all just mob mentality with them and if they don't have minorities, which they wont in places like Seattle/Portland, with them to rile them up and be the front line, then it's over.


These are our enemies…

Someone got these fools in Seattle


For fucks sake. None of them have proper posture.

Nice shoes faggot.



Hell yeah. This is what I want to see. Any more?

And what's the gold collars? Is that a uniform?