Remember last year when Sheriff’s deputies in Tennessee shot and killed an unarmed man? Me neither and that’s because the guy was white. Had he been black it would have been big news, but you know how it goes. This is only making the news now because the Sheriff who ordered the killing was caught on body cam laughing about this unnecessary police shooting.

Last April White County, TN sheriff’s deputies attempted to pull over Michael Dial for driving on a suspended license. Driving his pick-up and pulling a trailer, Dial led the deputies on a low-speed chase that never endangered anyone. Eventually deputies rammed the truck, running it off the road. Two deputies immediately opened fire on Dial, striking him in the head and killing him. Despite finding no weapon at the scene, this shooting was ruled justified.

Dial’s widow is suing White County, the Sheriff, and the deputies who fired for wrongful death. She has a pretty good case because of this as reported by NewsChannel 5. Following the shooting, Sheriff Shoupe was caught on a deputy’s body cam saying some pretty horrible things. Dial’s lawsuit focuses on what the sheriff said after the shooting to another deputy, on that body camera they didn’t know was on.

>Sheriff Shoupe: “Da, I don’t give a sh.”

The lawsuit claims Sheriff Shoupe “preferred to shoot and kill Mr. Dial rather than risk damaging his patrol cars.”

>Sheriff Shoupe: “They said ‘we’re ramming him.’ I said, ‘Don’t ram him shoot him.’ Fu that sh. Ain’t gonna tear up my cars.”
>“If they don’t think I’ll give the da order to kill that motherfu they’re full of sh. (Laughter) Take him out. I’m here on the da wrong end of the county,” Shoupe said on the body camera.

He seemed upset he was not there when the shooting happened.

The district attorney said he ruled this shooting justified because…

If you watch the video however, right after the law enforcement rams Dial’s truck, one of the deputies keeps yelling “shots fired!” You can’t really hear the shots on the video, but it seems obvious that deputies shot Dial when he was still on the road and not because he was driving into officers, something he never does in the video. Taking everything together, this would be outrageous to liberals if Dial had been a black man. The Sheriff ordered his deputies to kill this man when it was nothing but a slow-speed pursuit. Deputies instantly opened fired on this man without seeing a weapon or giving him a chance to surrender. This man was unarmed. It turns out the justice system really is racist.

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He was driving like he was in regular traffic and just ignoring the police officer tailing him.

Honorary Heebs is more like it.

Exactly what it sounds like.

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He simply refused to stop driving after the cops turned on the lights and sirens, but didn't gun it trying to escape. I had an ex roommate who did the same thing once while driving plastered again already having a DUI. He spent several months in jail over it, but at least he wasn't shot to death on the side of the road over it. Fuckers.

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user, if you weren't such a sperging retard, you'd understand that I just copied the censored text directly from the article. Faggot.

How do we know he was not a degenerate, and what to we have to gain in autisming this happenstance?

no … you listen right now you nigger… the left has made damn sure that the police have been heavily infiltrated by die hard leftist soldiers. research the efforts of DYNCORP if you are in the dark on this matter

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What's with the unnecessary spoilers you idiot?

The asterisks are in the article he copied the OP from. He's just shilling his blog.

Maybe killing him was a little harsh, but is it really so hard to just pull over and stop for the police rather than making them ram you off the road in the first place. Are we so concerned with "individual rights" that the rule of law doesn't matter when people don't want to follow it? I think if this were a BLM type case with a black victim, few here would be outraged (I certainly wouldn't).


Satan… I hate to break it to you but individual rights do trump law… law was made by man rights granted by God


Seems like a danger to the public. Only problem was that he wasn't shot sooner.

The only danger to public in that video is police officers who would prefer to use violent force over a civil incident (ie didn't pay $100 and let the niggers at the DMV waste all day renewing his license). This would be similar to county assessors showing up to your house and having you arrested because your private property does not conform with zoning.

Consider gassing yourself.

Consider waiting until you are 18 before posting here again. I realize you're an edgy kid who hates the cops, but I would hope you could see that this entire incident could have been avoided if the driver had just pulled over and complied with the officer. Anarchy may seem attractive to you, but it's not good for society.

Nobody would be outraged. But many here are sensible enough to understand that most cops who kill without justification don't care whether it's a nigger or a white person. They see themselves as part of an occupying force rather than part of the white community, and will happily shoot whites if they feel their "authority" as occupiers is being challenged. Video related.

Exactly this. This is the pay off of DynCorp/Israeli training. They get these fucks, usually ex or current IDF/kike police members, to train cops and instill hatred of Whites. There's a reason police forces will turn down trainees for having too high of an IQ.

Holla Forums does not support police. I speak for Holla Forums. You got that? I speak for Holla Forums. It is not a hate thing, they just aren't of my concern. They do not support you and they do not protect you. They never will. When the nigger fits the hard black tip of his BBC in your tight, white anus it is all over. No police will be there in time. I thought I taught you to be a strong Volkisch, a one man army, but instead you troll and shill for boot licking. Next time, tell the pigs your Holla Forums sob story and proceed to cry as he tightens the handcuffs upon your wrists for being a rayciss.


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'Rome had no police.
They didn't - there was no standing policing force in Rome, and the military was forbidden from entering the city under most circumstances.

Because the Romans knew something we've forgotten, even as we try to LARP as the Roman Republic, and that is this: Any such 'policing' force will inevitably be used by those in power to oppress those beneath them.

Amusingly, in the Romans, we get a glimpse as to how the modern police force REALLY functions.
So, there were no police, but there were mobs. Mobs became a very important part of Roman politics - you could get the plebs all riled up, and form a mob, and you could then employ them as a mechanism of force in a political context.

But pretty soon it became obvious that mobs were inefficient and unreliable.
That's where the gangs came in.
First, it was just small groups, used by politicians to create pressure where desired; but then, it became obvious that a standing gang would serve as a sort of policing entity - at least, it was able to employ violence, and was more reliable than a mob.
Pretty soon, Rome was tearing itself apart as these politically-paid gangs fought it out and attacked each other and each other's employers.

The modern police are just a step beyond that - they're a military force which exists in country to serve the aims of the political class.
You think the police are there to protect you? Fuck no. The police are there to protect the status quo - which might me protecting you, sometimes, but also might me killing you if, say, you're threatening the status quo.
Only the state, via the police, is allowed to use violence - all other violence is expressly forbidden, and if you attempt to employ violence/force to your own interests, well, you need to die goy, and the police are there to kill you.

That's their entire purpose.
"Serve and Protect"? Sure - but not the populace. The police serve and protect the politicians, who serve and protect the status quo, because it serves and protects them.
The police are not our allies - they are, conceptually, nothing more than a mechanism via which a corrupted political class can keep the plebians in line with their gradual dissolution and enslavement.
Its sick.

Holy Trips of God don't lie. Zogbots are a menace to society. They have too much power and we the people too little means of recourse. Also the large majority of the are seriously thick-headed and probably couldn't be trusted to sort recycling, let alone wield the power of the state and a gun.

Daily Reminder: High-IQ people are not hired for policing, and the US jewdicial system has stated it is acceptable for the state to refuse to allow highly-intelligent people to become policing officers.

The claim is that high-IQ people will be less-likely to enjoy the job, and that it will be a waste of training-dollars to train them only for them to leave the force.
If that isn't the weakest attempt to cover up the true aim - which is avoiding those who will question authority in terms of directives given being employed as police - that you've ever seen, then you've seen some serious shit.

This sentence feels a bit like when some 15-year-old "intellectual" tells you that money is just paper and actually completely worthless. Which is technically true, but at the end of the day you can exchange that money for goods and if somebody lays siege to your house you still call the cops and you would be considerably less safe if they didn't exist.

Stop watching holyjew. Home invasions occur in a matter of minutes and leave almost no time for armed response units to make a difference.

In the US, its true - the money IS just paper, with a whole bunch of debt behind it.

Only so long as the illusion of its value continues.

Its funny you should mention that - the portion you specifically avoided citing, directly after the part you DID cite, explains the flaw there:
See, that's just the point - yeah, right now, if some niggers were laying siege to your home, the police WOULD respond, yes!… But what if YOU were laying siege to some niggers hovel?
Oh, but you aren't allowed to do that goy.
What if you were going after some wealthy Jew, like Tim Wise, who explicitly calls for the elimination of your kind at the genetic level?
What if you were going after some wealthy niggerball player who was found to have been abusing young White women, but the courts excused him because the owner of his niggerball team has connections in the court?
What if you were going to do ANYTHING involving force to serve your interests against the aims of the political class, who are ALL bought and paid for by interests that hate and want to destroy you?

The fact that you cited that sentence, purposefully leaving off the bit that completely invalidates your criticisms, feels a bit disingenuous my man.

op confirmed for terrified of the text messages

Also this.
Average police response time in the US is 5 minutes.

Its not even the point though, because as I said, in some cases, maintaining the status quo means protecting you - because, in that instance, your protection maintains the status quo.
I mean, if the police DIDN'T respond to a home invasion, like in South Africa, could the status quo in the US be maintained? Fuck no. Whites would start resisting and seeing point-blank that the system is against them. So, in that instance, protecting you IS protecting the status quo… But there are plenty of scenarios - such as just about any exemplification of Whites attempting, by force or otherwise, to resist their extermination, their soft genocide - wherein protecting you ceases to espouse protection of the status quo… In which case, they'll happily kill you. And laugh about it, as this thread suggests. And, as demonstrated repeatedly in the last 2 years - see: Trump rallies, see: Cville, see: Berkley - the police, when ordered to do so, will stand down and watch White people be attacked, and if the White resist in any way, the force is applied to the Whites, not those attacking them.

Upon further consideration, this post should have read thusly:

Pretty much sums up my sentiment as regards police right there - they're basically a combination White goyim/animal control, keeping the muds from getting too out of hand and keeping the Whites from defending themselves (in fact, acting as the physical manifestation of the justification against Whites being able to defend themselves).


ZOGpigs are more than welcome to prove me wrong that they're slaves of the state. I'm still waiting.

Nothing of value was lost. Mods need to gas OP.


I'd gleefully shoot the fucker too. He could have killed a white family.

really hurts me how they abuse the system
"use any force neecessary"
shoots in head. why.

yea they have to pay their mortgage so they go and arrest innocent ppl

How is a society supposed to work if you can't enforce the rules of that society?
And do you not have some better case than this retard to start your anti-authoritarian thread about? He was a gentle driver who din du nuffin, I guess, the man was trying to keep him down while he was on his way to church.
I seriously don't understand this mindset of "when somebody chimps out hard enough he is automatically above the law mindset that you normally only see in niggers. That driver clearly acted like a complete retard and he might not have deserved to be shot, just like a drunk guy taking a walk along a cliff doesn't deserve to fall down and break his neck.

Because you can't sage and maybe they were scared the guy might be a bit unstable after seeing

Checked for criminal-police symbiosis; reminder that before there were police it was worse.

Checked for truth about law-abiding citizens being killed by police statistically less–gas for solipsism: simply driving is not anarchy; and the sheriff is a madman. . . . His officers are either cowards or mad as well.

Checked for divine revelation: recognize tyranny and corruption . . . atavistic morality questioned . . . possible non-white detected.

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Do you have a snickeringle satisfact to snack that up?

That's the entire fucking point. In particular, you seem to be missing a core thing about the rules amongst whites, i.e. whites have a separate ruleset than niggers. Did he dindu nuffin? Probably not, but unlike a nigger, the default mindset is not "he's probably packing and might shoot me", so treating the white with such savagery (and enjoying it as seen in OP) is anti-white.
I don't give a fuck if we can't fully go back to this time, but we should mimic the time when you had a community a local cop (who grew up in said community who everyone knew), and, as a consequence of this, didn't dehumanize those he worked with (since he would only work with those of his community). Of course, the pre-req for this is removing niggers, spics, etc. for whom you'd need to dehumanize yourself in order to deal with (after all, they aren't human). Lastly:
I agree that authorianism is good if the government is just, but the current gov. is anti-white from the bottom to the top (e.g. the USSR was authoritarian too, should I not be against that either?)

Maybe it's time to simply do away with this "you must obey or you will die" meme by making a cop no more legally special than a security guard or any other "civilian."

If someone is not pulling over to take your speeding ticket? Fuck him let him run you have his plate you'll get him later. No more high speed chases or shooting at running drivers if there is no real immediate need because HE WON'T SUBMIT TO ARREST IS NOT A NEED TO MAIM AND KILL YOU STINKBAG.

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witnessed and checked

This is meme is inevitable. It is much easier to enforce authority with this rule than without it. So in the end on market of violence organization following "kill or obey" path will trump other competitors who will struggle to execute their role without such rule.

pick one

The cops have NO legal obligation to defend you. They could stand around watching children getting raped to death by a pack of niggers, and not see a second of jail time for failing to protect them.