Consumed With Hatred

Hey Holla Forums, so I've been having a hard time for a while now. I'm having a hard time concentrating and I just can't seem to find inner peace. Anger consumes me, and I can't seem to get out of my rage cage. I've been redpilled for a few years now, but only recently has my rage reached the highs I've been experiencing these days. I crave a final solution, but it seems so far away that I may not live to see it. The slow mental torture of living in a pozzed city is taking it's toll and I need to keep my rage in check so I can get some fucking work done, but I can't seem to go more than 20 minutes without wanting to punch a hole in the wall. How do you do it, Holla Forums? How do you keep your cool and not put your head through a wall on a daily basis?

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By not thinking in emotions like a fucking woman.

Once you realize you're fighting a spiritual battle fundamentally, you'll learn to control your faith and doubt.
If I get mad, I doodle cute monster girls, drawing their cute smug faces smiling at me makes everything okay. It's like tending to my zen garden.

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I spend time with my fiancé and talk about our future and the kids we will have together.

Easy. I was raised without a dad and so have zero libido and don’t react emotionally to anything ever.

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Lift, valerian caps, birdwatching

you must find inner peace, fag

You're.. you're not one of those niggers are you OP? I mean the glowy kind?

You're letting the Jews get to you, that's why you8r angry.


Inner fire dries the soul. Cracks it.
My solution was reading the Jefferson Bible to get the everlasting water to quench it, balance it.

I can empathize with you OP. I find myself in a similar place often, and I don't live in a city. So your first order of business should definitely be leaving the city. If this is not an option, at least find a place where you can go to relax and take in the beauty of the natural world. Second, find a physical outlet for this negativity. When you find yourself in a rage: lift weights, jog, play the drums, just do something to vent that energy. I'm still working on the long term solution to these feelings. I too crave a final solution.

I distract myself by pursuing excellence. Pick a hobby like weights, music, or languages and strive to become legendary at it. You will probably walk through a few failures before you find something that you really excel at in the long term. And even if you fall short, or it didn't directly push 1488, the journey will pay dividends while distracting you from the insanity around us.


Ask yourself, what are you doing, intend to do to help the Fire Rise? How will the destruction of the Poz happen?

< Its not JIDF-blackpilling, its just facts!

It is not because you do not have a dad. It is because those who do not react emotionally to anything are of purpose for what is coming, let Kek guide you…

Agreed, except that weight lifting is not a proper hobby. It is just a means toward building stronger muscles, discipline and keeping your health and T-levels in check. Having other hobbies in addition to weight lifting is important. Getting absorbed in lifting weights while having no actual meaningful hobbies is pretty degenerate, imo.

Wrong! The Order is. If you have not read the Turner Diaries, do so.

Learn how guerillas, coups, revolutions and uprisings happens. Prussian military.
Heck, even learn from how, why the Bolcheviks won against the Whites. Learn subversion tactics and how normies "thinks", seek out like-minded individuals, together you'll be more willing to do stuff IRL.

Better do climbing.

Getting out in nature really does help. Only problem is for us cityfags, if we want to get away and go into the outdoors, it's at least an hour drive. Usually moreso if you want to go into a legitimate wilderness area, which I highly recommend if you're capable of not getting yourself killed. I'm saving for rural property one day.

Read Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar by Miguel Serrano.

Any time you go to the supermarket move a piece of pork to the halal shelf (and to the kosher one too if the place has one). Wait 15 mins. Enjoy the kwetching/chimpout/mudslime. It is not a lot but it helps relaxing.

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I feel ya bro.

Halal shelf? What country do you live in?

My local grocery store had a push from the distributer/head office to have halal shit on the shelves. Mostly dairy products, like halal yogurt. It never sold and they had to toss all of it. Never seen it since.

they're in every european supermarket
and sometimes it's a couple shelves, in the really big ones
at least they're mostly in the "ethnic foods" region of the store, near the japanese, chinese, indian, huehue and elsewhere

National Socialism provides the answer, user. When the righteous hatred of those that would harm you and your people weighs heavily on you, instead shift your focus to a love for your people. Take part in the good things in life, with them. I have my wife and children to remind me what this is all for, but even so, I crave interaction with my brother anons, as only they have the ability to hold meaningful conversation.

It actually brings me peace to see oldfags still here. Nigger.

There is nothing wrong with being angry user, but you have to learn to control your power level before it gets out of hand, if you don't it could cause you a lot of trouble in the future.

Kek, user thanks.

Know what that music is user?

Try to stay distracted. When the day finally comes, your pent up fury will make you unstoppable.

t. livid berserker

Anger is fuel. Don't succumb to it, use it. Everytime i get angry i start working on something.


Spooks encourage guys like us who know they and their masters are the enemies to become angry shut ins. Best you can do is defy their propaganda and push forward to use the anger to make yourself better. Workout, eat right, meditate, read new books, learn difficult subjects, learn how to fight.

Above all do not be manipulated into striking pointless targets. The enemy are the spooks. Also don't sleep beside an ipad or cellphone.

Gladiator aka are-you-not-entertained.gif

Rohdesians were controlled opposition who were paid by Israelis.

I'm assuming you're a male. Men need creative, intellectual, or physical pursuits in order to balance their mental state. You need to have something that is important to you, that is just yours, that you can continue to improve on through work and patience. This pursuit creates personal growth which leads to a sense of achievement and fulfillment, and balances out the hatred you naturally feel.

Use your anger user. Anger is the main reason for physical activity and thus could help you build commitment to getting /fit/. Whenever I get angry for reasons justified or not, I usually start doing curls and using my bench press. Maybe do some squats and a jog. Either which way, it prepares me for the day of the rope and helps improve myself while also finding a productive outlet to manage my anger with at the same time.

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Being emotionally disrupted like this is a symptom of low energy. Don't worry, I used to be low energy too, but then I took the heh pill and now I'm unstoppable. You need to vibrate higher to the fifth layer of irony.

Get a Volvo. You'll be too busy diagnosing no-starts to care about anyone else.
But whatever you do, don't fall for /int*/ crap like this


From what I heard, even guys with muscles had troubles doing climbing cuz they couldn´t haul the weight of their own bodies. The training they got was not optimal.
Even in small cities have sport centers were climbing can be practiced.

Yes, fellow goyim. everything is controled opposition. Even Sparta, Prussia and the 3rd Reich! Just take my black pill at face value, okay?

Get a hobby or stronghold an industry to have a majority of right-wingers. Go full joesph mccarthy.

Not in my cities and towns, some very pozed with lots of mudslims there are dedicated shops for them in the larger ones

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Print a ton of redpill infographics, put sources on them, carry them to a public place,preferably to one frequented by whites, grab a seat and watch reactions. Maybe take your laptop and put that barbara specter video on blast so everyone can hear it.That's something you can do instead of bitching.

Gonna sage this thread because it seems like a magnet for blackpill shills.

A short guide to getting your emotions in check by eliminating biological factors leaving just mental factors. Can't help you mentally, if you have a poor attitude then you're doing yourself no favors.

Acquire the following:

Do exercise. Lower or eliminate caffeine. Caffeine raises cortisol which normally occurs when you're stressed or getting poor sleep. Half the problems with constant stress comes from caffeine usage.

Stop fapping. Fapping leads to ejaculating which means losing testosterone. If you need a dopamine fix, stop being a dopamine junkie.

Getting stuck on the bad and not focused on solutions is the real problem.
Literally where. The catalog is filled with topics and redpills.
Why are you referring to yourself in the third person view?
Not having control of your emotions is pretty pathetic.

Robin Williams is alive, shapeshifting and watching NGEvangelion

Play comfy, old videogames 360/PS3 era was where everything got pozzed. I have a softmodded 3DS and PS2 with tons of fantastic titles on them from most previous consoles/generations, as well as a Gamecube. I tune out from all of this from time-to-time, and get cozy with a good RPG.

I tried just getting drunk all the time for a while and it does not help. Made me angrier.

I see Sarkozy I post JMLP

start a blog.

oh wait, you just did

Can anyone back this up? I have limited time for reading and need to prioritize.

that's a food? That's how I laugh.

The frog man, Jordan Peterson, can help you sort yourself out.

I know de wae volksgenossen!

user, I wanna help you. You need to let go. Let go of revolution, let go of finding things to hate. Let go of the day of the rope and constantly planning for it. I know what its like, that feeling eating you alive, hurting you and pushing you down. Its like you cant let go because that would mean admitting defeat. But it isnt. You can let go of change, while continuing the fight.

Im from Portland Oregon, I know the feeling of a pozed city very well. I know most of these women hate their own race and want nothing more than to degrade this beautiful city and my beautiful race into nothing more than tribal beats and orgies.

But that hurt, its a terrible feeling. I wouldnt wish it on the Jews that wish it on us. That constant, mind warping hatred. And I know that feeling of wanting someone to talk to. I try to be that person to my friends around me, who are also National Socialist. Often it feels like we're standing on a razer blade, with a bottomless pit below us. But dont ever give up, never give in, but merely let go. Let go of that need for yourself to be the only one to save your people. Let go of the need to reject everyone who you hate. Theyre flawed human beings, but everything that theyve done, everything they ever will do, everything you ever will do, will be human. Just remember that. Theyre sick, but they can be cured. They just dont want to be. Let go of your desire to fix them and put forward your emotions back into yourself. You need to find things that make you happy. You need to feel joy in life, user. You deserve to be happy just like everyone does.

Another reason why your city needs to be glassed.

It is a natural reaction to a threat to your existence, think of a dog with raised hackles growling and baring it's teeth.
It is both a warning and preparation for a potential fight if the warning goes unheeded.
The same happens with some of us, that hatred you feel is an aspect of your survival instinct kicking in because you realise at a deep level that you are facing an existential threat.
The hatred is preparing you, overiding any empathy and compassion you may have previously had in order that you can do the necessary when the time comes.
It is a natural and you will learn to manage it in time, that burning anger that feels uncontrollable will turn white hot and become a focussed rage that cannot be extinguished by anything other than the complete eradication of your enemies.
They tried to tame us with indoctrination and hippy philosophy about "love" and "peace", but mother nature is helping us to break the conditioning so we can return to her way of doing things.
Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed

That's exactly the kind of thinking that got us here faggot.
Portland has fucked your brain so much that you don't even realize you're pozzed.
Harden up princess or go back to reddit and be a hippy there.

if you dont work out already user, channel your rage into fuel for excercise, tell yourself you will be stronger.
If you already get /fit/ then channel your energy into working yourself into a goddamn rageball and then dialouge internally with yourself or out loud about what needs to be fixed in the country, whats wrong with the world, refine your points and establish good arguments, but don't focus on the sad in life or you're going to go into a downward spiral real fast alone with your own thoughts.

just don't let your rage consume you, not because you're going to end up looking like sheev but because you're going to go be dylan roof minus the government official point bonus.

Hone your mind and body user, leftists are the huge "lol im just a cog in the machine what do I matter" nihilists more often than not, but the truth is nationalism is surging, even you could be the next rockwell, user with the drive to do so, one man with enough drive could propel himself into history without being a shooter, do your best, work hard, and never forget to always keep reaching higher.

Ahhh, the bloodthirsty, unhinged Holla Forums I know and love. Missed this place.

Im just telling him theres more to life than hatred. How about thinking about the things your people still have and are worth loving?

Not your personal helpline

Hatred is what makes the world go around and keeps man alive, use it to do great thing in life.
Fuck all this love shit, it will not help anyone!

It's not just the end that matters, but the path you take to get there. When life's twilight comes around, the man who has lived his life by hatred alone will find himself alone, as he will serve no use for those also guided by hate. The man who has led his life with a love for his people lighting his path shall not be alone, but shall be carried to eternity by the people he so loved. What is it that made Nazi Germany so powerful? Was it a hatred of the kikes, or was it a deep and profound love for White people? Granted, Hitler took his love for White people too far, it blinded him to the debauchery of England and America, and it led to his downfall. Hatred for those that threaten that which you love is righteous, moral, and pure. Therefore I argue that a balance must be maintained in order to lead not just a happy life, but an effective one.

You know part of me actually believes this given how men seemingly go through puberty at 20 at this point.

Have you tried decaf??

Some chelated magnesium can help dampen anxiety and other harmful emotion extremes, but basically you'll either learn to chill out, or eventually burn out. At which point you'll be back here asking about depression. My suggestion for that also happens to be magnesium, along with a b vitamin complex and going out and observing nature. Learn to ID some plants and insects.

You might try exploring the emotions of other people, rather than focusing so hard on yourself that you turn your compress your soul into a blackened lump of carbon.