Holla Forums runs for office


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surprisingly cogent. I liked that he explained his position on the kikes, and then went right back to beating the drums of stopping foreign wars. You could tell the presstitute was scared.


Can we get her an express ticket to the gallows?

The more I see of this guy the more I want him and Nehlen to do a live talk or something.

God, what a fucking cunt. Moral grandstanding propagandists with no foundation in reality. All these newsniggers are the same. Fucking jew propagandists. I wouldn't bat an eye if these cunts got their heads bashed in with hammers. I hope he wins.

Is he any relation to Senator Doug from Alabama?

How about Alex?

I'm surprised CNN is running anything about him, let alone bringing him on for a fucking interview. I expected him to be full of righteous indignation, but anyone with some sort of name in the media basically has to disavow and discount him as a heretic at this point just to save face.

Are we finally at the point where people can be more open about this stuff? Is this going to keep pushing public opinion away from their control?

Yeah, what a crazy conspiracy.

I like the part where she called him crazy and a conspiracy theorist that makes up facts. Imagine if the Trump administration pulls through on the court reforms for libel/slander. Broadcasting shit like that would be career if not platform suicide.

The only reason they get to repeat their lies about the holohoax is because there are no laws against the press lying.


Ol' Duggie is your garden-variety zionist fake tough-guy faggot designed to sucker in working class white people. A bait and switch, the same tactic the (((GOP))) has been running since Nixon.

I wish. Calling out the jew party system, vocally calling out all jews, not shilling or pandering to jews at all. I wish this was Holla Forums
If you listen to the infestation of /r/the_zionald shills on here all they tell you is that of course to have to pander to jews to get anywhere in US politics, of course to have to tweet support for isreal, go touch the wall and participate in holocaust remembrance events, of course you have to support the 2 party system, of course you have to vote for conservative, neo-con/civ nat at best, nominees.
These faggot shills that are supported and propagated by the mods on here will do everything in their power to steer people away from being as enlightened, as vocal and as confident as Arthur Jones and instead become conservative slaves to the jew controlled system.

You're missing two charts


the absolute state of american news

what happened to interviews where they ask questions about someone's views in order to get a more nuanced representation of their positions and letting the audience decide whether or not the interviewee has good ideas or not?


Wow, bump, I'mma be doing some research on this guy. He's a new fav of mine.
Btw tho…that bitch, the absolute audacity she has, the lies, the disrespect toward him, left me almost speechless.


what the fucking hell is this audio desync?

dead pundits can't propagandize the news

god speed Arthur

It would literally result in a complete sea-change sociologically and politically and would alter human history in a big. I can hardly think of any other single campaign promise he could fulfill that would have a more positive impact for humanity as a whole.

He sperged out too much. Even though everything he said was true, he fell into the anchor woman's trap of making him seem crotchety and unstable. Can't blame him because that woman was a giant down-talking cunt. The best thing he did was criticize foreign wars.

Uh oh. Looks like someone needs to be banned.

Sorry you missed the elections and everything since user. Coma, I expect. Glad you're back with us. We could fill you in all the details you missed, but there's a character and post number limit to these threads you know. :^)

Journalism was dead as an honest endeavor long before I was born. You too, I expect.


He is a good man.
I am proud of him.

muh hitler muh racist muh naziii muh raciisss naziiiiiii but wow JUST WOW UR SOOO I CSNT EVN naziiii

Checked. That's exactly how she seemed to me. "Muh six gorillian…"

Goy Beck was having apoplexy on his kike fainting couch this morning about this guy. Then on to muh Russian influence and greatest ally AIPAC nonsense. Goy Beck needs bullycided to an hero asap.

No such thing as bad plublicity. This is on the front page of Drudge. Lots of people are discovering him now.

Arthur Jones is Holla Forumspop
Strap in, this is going to be one helluva ride!

every time

The Overton window is shifting, if nothing else. We're winning this tug-of-war.

Have you shills all been ordered to start using that term?

Since you're so eager to defend t_D, it becomes painfully obvious that you aren't from around here (at least prior to the election cycle that is). Holla Forums != alt-right.
t_D = boomers + civnats + neocons which roughly equals zionists.

This is how it should be done, and is why being alt-right instead of right will prevent any change or anyone getting elected.

Another (1) following the same script, and he is also a (((torpedo)))

He looks like a kike. There, i said it.

Besides that, i'm not a national socialist, but i cannot imagine that anyone here would willingly want to be represented by this guy. There's zero charisma and nothing inspiring about him.
If you really believe that a neo Nazi grandpa will sway the masses you must be delusional. Most people don't give a shit about Nazis. Even most ethno nationalists like me have no interest in resurrecting the corpse of the 3rd Reich, we want to move forward to have a free white society. So for most nationalists this guy is just bad, he will at best end up being a ridiculous mascot.

There is always a first post, faggot.
Well, when the faggot mods went on a banning spree during the election cycle in order to form a consensus (and then post the (((hack))) ), there is no way to post without going through TOR (unless you want to use your real IP, which is retarded if you have a future you care about).
As for a script, you're the faggot who cannot deny what I've stated, so more than likely you're the one on a script attempting to get 0.1 Shekels per (you).
Fact: Holla Forums != alt-right & alt-right is kosher. kys. (The best you could claim is they're useful idiots).

What a stupid shill idiot you are. Why should we hate them? I only ever hear you bitches crying in asspain about them trying to use it like some insult which is a dead giveaway.
You are a complete fuckup at what you do.

How about an all revamped IV Reich?

No. CNN would have him on there as a signal for their activists to take a trip to commit voting fraud en masse at Jones' election.

The only way he will get elected is if the election integrity is under armed guard.

He was spot on about the Jew Media, even Mika agrees - vid related.

Sure, if you can drop the Führer and authoritarian socialism part, i might be interested.

It wasn't perfect, but I think he did pretty well. She had the whole thing set up to portray him as insane and hateful; he made all the relevant points about the media, government and bankers. He also made out that his problem was with the international wars that were being fought for Israel, and he made out that he would represent and fight for better lives for the Christians in his state, whether they were white, black or hispanic.

Now I personally know quite a few non-whites who dislike Israel for a variety of reasons. They tend to hate 'Nazis' because they are told by the Jews that Nazis want to murder the lot of them - which as we all know is completely untrue. Now as a European I don't completely agree with the sentiment of aiding non-Europeans in Europe, but Spics and Nogs have been in Yankland a long time now so him reaching out to them is going to have a positive effect. It is also going to make it easier for all those hyper-lefties who also hate Israel (albeit for different reasons) to listen to him and perhaps explore the Holohoax for themselves.

He's not a speaker on the level of Hitler, Mussolini, Mosley or Rockwell. But he did an admirable job, and the main thing is he's actually doing SOMETHING.

If you're reading this Arthur, God bless you.


That cunt annoyed me. Obviously the kikes would never give him a fair interview, but still.

You zionald shills out yourself so easily. If getting called out is hurting your fee fees then stop come here to shit up this board.
Yeah why should we hate vehemently pro-zionist users. Fuck off sholomo.
Redpilling people on conservative values is completely pointless when you're also programming them to suck kike dick. israel is one of the most conservative countries in the world. This place is not a conservative/republican board, it's NatSoc, or at least it used to be before you poofters invaded.

the kikes just supplied him with liquor bottles and "unaccompanied minors"

He's obviously controlled opposition, right after she said directly your a Nazi, he conveniently said he was part of the America first party, they want to attach Nazi connotations to the republican party

I agree user,
This is very true, more Holla Forums anons need to get out there and do something sometimes, even if it means putting themselves into the political space irl.

Morning JEW hahahaha. Fucking perfect, not what I was expecting.

where the fuck did you come from?

user… = != !=

You have to go back Chaim

For the autists here thats fear in her eyes. Shes fucking scared.

Ignore the shills. They are desperate now because their narrative is failing.

The_donald has always been used by us since it was created in order to push normies rightward. Shills know this and they know we are succeeding which is why they are trying to stop it.

Oh wow NO U?
How creative. You're a dumb fucking piece of shit.


Want you

To die.


Your stupidity is sickening.

I hope I get to put my hands on that bitch and beat her ass until she can understand the maths behind the fact that you cannot murder 6 million people in such a short time.

(((She))) has some revealing slips of the tongue user.
Another classic..

Go back to.your le.attack.reddit thread you dumb fag.
That went well, lol

Off yourself reddit faggot.

Ikr. Thanks for the advice, noted

Here's your last (You)
Off yourself

No. Fucking retarded Americans who would follow Trump to hell are your allies. Holla Forums as a whole saw Trump as a puppet to be played so as to move the overton window further in our direction. You brain-dead pieces of shit are not wanted here, nor was your board ever an ally to us. You were a tool to make people more open to defending themselves against the jews and their minions.

You'll never be at home here, we can see you samefagged.

Kek. They literally CANNOT keep from shooting themselves in the foot. The curse is real.

They can't stop us. Shareblue/americanbridge21/mediamatters/hnh are broken.
Their main problem is they didn't evolve.
Really dumb, makes it incredibly easy to spot


Fun fact, kike. Holla Forums isn’t alt-right.

How right you are user.

There was also that shill discord leak like half a year back that specifically mentioned to call anons r/t_d and versions thereof. Surprised more anone don't remember that. Wish I had saved the screens but I felt it was minor thing at the time. Nu/pol/ is a favorite of theirs as well.

Jesus christ, how do they fucking say this kind of shit while also denying "conspiracy theories" about jewish power?

Normally this was Fox's job to discredit anyone on the right speaking truth, but since CNN's turned into the clown news network I'm guessing they're just trying to find any easy bait possible to save their dying brand. It backfired. There's no saving them at this point.

It's only a matter of time before their commissars put them in a ditch for their failure.

Absolutely this. Its an attempt to do what Tucker does every night.

I'm calling it now.
He will get close to being elected, if not actually elected. Because of this Chicago, IL will turn into a literal warzone. This will be wanted by both parties to clean out garbage so they have actual reason to "clean" and "rebuild" the city. Trump will be able to distance himself and the left will have a new target.


We should redpill everyone we can, no exceptions. And no one here is programming anyone to suck jew anything. Also, we need those people, they are part of our race, we can't be mad at them for being misled. Willing traitors die first, of course, but we must and will win the rest of our people back.

See how fast this got derailed by shills pretending to be against eachother?
Stay on topic of the fucking thread, filter and report whoever you believe is a shill.
Also i kind of have to agree with
It seems he needs a lesson in keeping calm, since he'd then be able to absolutely destroy everything she says.
no, he'd simply be smarter than his opponent, and able to expose her as the absolute moron she is.

Be able to expose her*
polite sage

yea and they always say, "he doesnt comndemn this" or " he doesnt disavow"

its a load of shit. yea I know a lot of people that have never disavowed the existence of a demigod

If we don't get this guy meme'd into office - we've got no right to talk about shit.

He most likely won't get into the office but it's a good time for us to spread redpills. All of the rollercauser holocauster, 20 inches of wood up the ass, the raised by the wolves shit.

Consider the following:

This is why I think him and Paul Nehlen need to have a live policy chat. Nehlen is smooth under pressure and I think it would help the guy gain control over what native he's going in with and following through on. She just went after him on the jew shit. I would like to actually hear him talk about policy.

he's running in Chicago and I fully expect dems will bus in people from other districts to make sure he loses

Phone posting from work ill stop now.

This! This! This!

Seriously. I can't believe CNN gave him a platform. This dude is now more famous than he's ever been in his life, and apparently he has been stuck in his Illinois district for ages. The media G-ds' hunger for ratings will undo themselves.

He's a boomer what do you expect? I mean even Duke lost his charisma in the early 2000's. That's a young mans game and honestly a charismatic leader has always been what we've been missing. It doesn't guarantee success or not when you look at the successful fascists in the past.

I'm not going to go all Spenglerian on you, but everything is a resurrection of the past. You can't recreate it something long gone, but you can use it as a template for the future. It's all about how you interpret the spirit of the past that you hold dear and integrate it to the spirit of the age you're living in. It'll be something new for its time but with clear similarities to the past. Third Reich was nothing new in that sense just very good mimicry of the past with a modern twist.

Depends on the person tbh. Look at Trump. This guy is just angry and hes been angry for a long time now, watching whats been happening to his country since his youth. Can you imagine being red pilled since the 70s/80s and watching the course of history unfold before you? Itd drive anyone to be a salty mother fucker. But deep down, I know this man has boundless love for his people

I disagree, some guys have that "old top dog" charisma.

How do I help this man as an Illinois user?


user twitter account, go post some holohoax stories to his detractors.

You can't redpill everyone. There will always be a select group of people who will resist until the very end, and it will inevitably be violent resistance. Incidentally, that makes it easier to redpill everyone else.

There are a couple ways this could go down, but he will not likely be directly elected to office. The most likely way this election will go is him getting the Roy Moore treatment with a liberal battering of "Le Ebul Nahtsee" coverage, followed by Democrats pushing the voter fraud angle to give themselves a buffer.

I don't think he'll win. That being said, unless he loses on a ball-hair slim margin which would be embarrassing in itself for hyper-liberal Chicongo and the Democrats in general, there won't be a push for an investigation, like Roy Moore is doing now. If Democrats are EVER outed and charged for voter fraud, it will beg the question: why? Why would they feel the need to put their finger on the scales if Nazis and Conservatives are evil enough that they can't get voted into office on their own merits? When that question enters the public consciousness, the (((establishment))) loses and will be forced to take drastic action to protect their own interests.

Daily Reminder: the 2016 recount in Michigan was halted when Hillary started losing votes.

How do use a phone number for verification without giving my actual number to twitter?

There's some free verifications number available online.

Heh, I had forgotten that one user.

I remember the bullshit coin toss as well.

How's that working out for you, shit-for-brains?

Sign up from a computer instead of your phone, (or simulate a desktop browser agent in your browser settings), then avoid that part, select "no phone" or similar.

I'm about to try with a university library computer

You can try genymotion if you're on linux and bluestacks if you're a winfag to simulate a phone.

You sure enjoy watching and telling white people to die, don't you Schlomo?

All of this matters nothing if Holla Forums refuses to vote.


The user is trying to _not_ use a phone agent.
still, thank you for the tip


Checked and kekd. This. It's a simple idea. If all the illegals here are so hard working, honest, and upright kinds of people then shouldn't they be sent back? Seems like Mexico and points south need more of their kind to help get them out of their shithole status tbh.

Shut the fuck up you millenial woes watching faggots. Go back to TRSodomy and go worship some racist liberal ecelebs over there, you retards are the cancer destroying this movement.

Infiltrating subversive little cunts.

Honestly, I couldn't give af if you two keep namecalling each other till the cows come home. But in you're case I would point out as a bystander that
>A) There is no movement. There doesn't need to be because

You're cry of infiltrating and subversive make you look like a complete shill tbh. Given that these people literally cannot stop shooting themselves in the foot, you raise suspicions towards yourself simply by using terms like that.

I had to constrain myself from punching a hole through my door. I haven't been this enraged in a long time. I know it gets thrown around a lot and maybe my judgement is clouded by my anger atm, but this seems like some controlled op. What red pilled person in their right mind would go on CNN expecting not to be made to look like a fool? And he's from or has ties to NSM? From what I've seen of them they look larpy as fuck.

He is redpilled but sadly he isn't familiar enough with the (((Media))) and (((Journalists))) to counter and dismantle their tactics, so he gets cought up in their rythm instead of setting his own. It wasn't complete spaghetti but he didn't rip them a new one either. The good part though, they mentioned his website which means that a few curious people will probably look it up and some of them might end up taking the redpill by accident.

Probably you are right.
However, this NacSoc guy is at the front news.
And he and Paul Nehlen are the nearest thing we have to consider them "Our Guys".
"Grand Daddy" Arthur Jones must be supported and memed by us.

It is the argument I use against traitors supporting refugees user. They are ensuring the countries the refugees come from remain shitholes. Their own guilt and self-hatred kicks as they realize they are "ebil imperial overlord" then they short-circuit soon after.
A pleasure to witness. each. and. every. time.

The Grand Daddy take on it is good i think, but we need to be careful not to make him appear too resemblant of santa or the likes.
Maybe with the name of Grand Daddy but with a more Papa Jones vibe? Making it comfy, but not weak.

What about the idea of our American Grand Daddy Avenger?
Something about a superhero?
If it is done right, without to be too cartoonish, it might work.

Holla Forums pop

The idea was mine in my head all along :^)

High energy, but would definitely need to be done right for it to work.

One side wants to support Beanold Trump and his unlimited mexican invasion, the other side says we need to scream about Jews 24/7. Both sides are fucking retarded, with normal people stuck in the middle.

The alt right is a fucking trash movement riding the coattails of successful movements of the past, copying all the shitty parts of them while leaving what works behind. It's the fucking cancer preventing change.

We don't need to be more moderate, if you still watch millenial woes, listen to Kike Enoch or read the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack: go fuck yourself.


Pic related

Wasn't the_donald created by an user in the first place? I remember something like that or i am mistaking it with another subreddit. Anyways, every forum and place on the internet that is more right than normalsphere is prime redpilling ground, because their users are the easiest to be pushed further right and recruited. No matter how garbage or controlled e-celebs, movements and their leaders are, their followers and users are can be potentially redpilled, never forget that. That's why you don't tell them to go back, you tell them to lurk for two years.

He's /ourguy this is what Trump was supposed to bring us. Imagine a Congress full of similar guys :)

Hivemind user.


Probably the best part of it honestly.
Someone should make a Dr. Suess style edit with One Fish Two Fish.

dat second pic last comment

no faggot, if majority people wanted a republican but didnt want to deport the poor beaners, we would have ended up with senor Jeb

I get what you're getting at, but with the amount of publicity this guy is getting right now, the Holla Forums stamp isn't the best thing to put on him IMO yet

lol no kike

Correct. Vote non-stop, but also demand an end to elections, and full fascism.

Also good job, not trying to sound like nothing is good. I just want it to be as good as it can be

Are bitches ever not stupid? The guy just redpilled literally every man watching that has a pair of balls…

You're right I should have voted for Hillary! I definitely won't vote ever again and especially not for Trump or Paul Nehlen or Arthur Jones! Thank you Mr. Definitely-Not-ShareBlue for enlightening us all!

Why are you saging?

Also i think papa Holla Forums is a better name than Holla Forumspop. i associate him more with popsicles than with being the father when i hear Holla Forums pop

The reddit plague is like the jew plague.
Cuckchan reddit fags reading this: never forget you are unwanted, unwelcome and hated.

Top fucking Kek.


go back the plebbit, you cuckservative faggot

Does anybody have the full infographic, in higher quality per chance?

why is this the only "genocide" that matters?

it use to have some decent people but there was a silent coup and now anyone that doesn't support the kike state gets banned



"The holocaust is a racket"
"Communist Jews"

Controlled opposition status: pretty unlikely

I doubt it user.
It is 6256x3240 pixels when you save it.

Arthur Jones has no opponent so he can say whatever the fuck he wants and still win the nomination. You're nothing but a salty kike frustrated that Holla Forums is politically savvy.

Well that opportunity ended as quickly as it started. Want to drive swing voters away from your agenda? Inject your religion into it.


They need a figurative bullet to the back of the head.

Nigger, slap your handler for us. Then get the fuck OUT

Incompetent shill.
Rage more you stupid bitch.

Why do you choose to conflate the two? TD has never and will never be part of Holla Forums. This very much the current state of Holla Forums.

Audio going through HDMI? I had trouble with audio desync on a lot of crap depending on which way I have my audio pumping through my system. Switched to optical and no problems since.
Polite sage for off topic.

You're lying to yourself if you don't think we've been invaded by plebbit transplants, especially after the Q LARP came here. They're (mostly) the ones pushing the "it's not the jews, it's the commies" narrative.

Gods, what an utter cunt. This smug way of talking, this total lack of any tact, this mindless rattling of normalfag talking points, and she has the gall to tell the guy "let me speak" despite interrupting him all the wa..
Never mind, rope it is.

Just because they are "invading" on a daily basis doesn't mean they are Holla Forums. They never will be moshe. This is one of the reasons you can't never beat us. We will NOT allow you to join ranks with us.

No, he came across insane.


Imagine glowing this much.

That's 6 minutes of truth that CNN can't undo. I don't think he sperged at all. He just didn't have time for her bullshit. Good man.

You are pathetic.and desperate.

Everyone see this faggots "le.attack reddit" thread in the catalog.



Remember, democrats helped Trump's campaign at first because they thought he had no chance of winning, so it would hamstring the "real" republican candidate and split the vote. Then Trump did way better than expected and they changed their tune on that one.

This is one of the major failings of the American voting system, or first past the post. And why it leads to a two party system. Say you've got Republicans and democrats like we do now, but one year the libertarians do awesome in the polls, and most of those libertarian voters would otherwise be republican voters.

The voting totals end up being something like 30% republican, 30% libertarian, and then 40% Democrat. Even though the majority of voters want right wing policies, 60% of them, and definitely don't want left wing ones, the democrat candidate wins the vote with only 40%. This is why there are strange relationships between mainstream partisan parties and their smaller counterparts. Republicans sometimes help the Green party, to take votes from Democrats, and Democrats sometimes help the Libertarian party, to take votes from Republicans.

bye bye black pill kike

Haha, Morning Jew. Sounds like the most disgusting coffee brand ever.

top keek


I defend Reddit sometimes, but that guy's pretty annoying. Indefensible. Reddit exists as a way of reaching normies.

You can not shill for shit.
18 billion sorosbux burning.
It smells.beautiful

All you're doing is proving that your kind is incapable of assimilating to imageboards.

le attack reddit thread didn't go so good?


You should at least try to post differently if you're going to IP hop.

Sounds like you need to go back there.


Look who proved him right!


How about just dropping the modifier entirely.

Nice imgur filenames. What subreddit did you find those on?

Derail, divide and conquer


These gifs are a represantation of you in this thread.
Your only derail point is calling people from reddit. You are the dumbest shill I have seen in a while.
It's funny watching you crash and burn. Do continue.

Thank you kike god

>saying (((journalists))) deserve to be executed for their crimes is D&C, or derailing in a thread about one dishonestly conducting an interview

Why are you deraling a thread that started good? Why are people arguing about fucking reddit for no reason? This is sliding

People are not arguing about reddit.
A shill is. We have reduced them to this. It's quite.funny to be honest

ding ding.


Lol they won't even name the commies half the time, just yell about liberals.

What's it like?

That's not how the Internet works, CIAnigger.

dumb retard shill trying to derail with calling everyone.cia now.
Top Kek
You are special type.of fucktarded.
Next: calling everYone alt-kike.

I.can't get enough of this stupid shill fail derail

No u.

I like the guy but they just let him come on to confirm the EVIL NAZI RIGHT rhetoric and they did a pretty good job by doing so.

Wouldn't call this good unless the people who are going to vote are extremely redpilled.

Love this fucking guy. Ignore the demoralization, D&C, etc.

^ CIAnigger


Y'know what? FUCK denial.
The fucking kikes had it coming to them THEN and those fuckers have it coming to them NOW. They are fucking vermin. We have the technology, create a goddamn kike spray, because you KNOW they're working to make one for YOU.

It's not real you fucking retard.

It should be real but it's not real, that's the problem.

Next time it will be real, with an actual steel door gas chamber.

I never mentioned reddit or responded to any of the reddit derailing (until now). We have IDs here.

Derailing, obviously. It's always the same pattern. One shill makes it look like they came from reddit; another shill calls them out as a reddit fag; a few more shills jump in and spam some pointless "no u" tier argument; then the final shill appears (you in this case) and tries to draw anons into a discussion about derailing, which itself derails the thread.

Filter and ignore derailment attempts or you're just helping them. Yes, I see the irony in saying that while replying.

Checking those trips of truth. He may not have Trump's ability to play the (((media))), but at this point just the fact that they attack him so hysterically could very well work in his favor. The salt will be unreal if he wins.


It was a "White Nationalist" that put the== ==holohoax on the map.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking

And let's add Gay and Women networking.


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

You're right, user. I'm just tired. I just want them..gone. Fucking gone.

I don't live in his district or state. If not for the (((drudge))) link I would have never heard of the guy. Same goes for a lot of anons who probably just learned of him because of this thread.

This guy was on CNN for 5 minutes addressing the JQ. Wonderful. Even if he red pilled one person it was worth it. But a lot of people will start to question the two party jew party queer party system after this.

I'd vote for him.

Why does nobody ever point out where that word came from and what it means?
It drives me nuts.
Its such a good talking point, and you can rest assured almost none of the people that use the term on CNN know its origin or intent.

The funny thing is that woman was her own worst enemy in that interview. If she stayed neutral and heard him out and then cited some bullshit proof for genocide after the interview she'd be relatively fine. But she made herself the most unlikeable bitch and tackled every single response he gave her, giving him extra merit to his opinions.






I would also have accepted:

These people are historically illiterate it seems, and have only the standard narrative to fall back on. Dude did a good job, but he needs to bring more bantz next time - he tried to go all WN1.0 and, while it wasn't half bad, it could have been better.

Also, that fucking Republican guy referenced at the end, Tim Schneider… What a quality guy:
See also:


Maximum Cuckservative

This post needs more red text.

Jesus Christ, this dude really is maximal cuckservative awfulness.


>“I would say that we have not done a very good job of reaching out to minorities,” he said. He called that “one of my prime goals,” and said a committee is working on the issue.
>“Their issues are the same issues that everyone else’s are,” Schneider said. “We just haven’t gotten to know them and spent time letting them know who we are, what we’re all about. So my job is …to reach out to African-American leaders, African-American volunteers, community organizers, and let them know what we stand for and ask them to listen to us and we’ll listen to them and their needs and hopefully garner their support.”

>Asked about women, Schneider said they also are concerned about economic issues, and “that’s what we stand for.”

Posted: July, 2014

… July, 2017

Finally someone who stands for truth

The hell with the obvious sliding and lets help this guys
> artjonesforcongressman.com/
Pretty based website what else should he add user ?
Should make him network with ?

Send him some support
[email protected]


I get what you're saying but the impact is lost when it comes from a torpedo.

I mailed too.

His ideas.

That was awful. What kind of "interview" is this? She just refused to let him speak and started saying negative things about him. Why invite the man on if you're not going to let him speak? They very well could have covered it without him, and got in all the smearing they wanted. What's their angle? Why have him on? Was turning into a REEEEEEEEEing autist part of her plan?

The worrying thing about libel/slander laws is that the kikes have much more sway in the courts than anywhere else. There's a very high chance of it having the opposite effect. The courts side with the jews and declare the holocaust to be true, then suddenly every media outlet which tells the truth about the holocaust can be sued for libel/slander. It would basically make holohoax exposure illegal in the U.S. The process, if it were implemented, would have to be created very carefully. Letting any branch of government become the dictator of truth would be a mistake, but there also needs to be a way to prevent lies from being pushed.

First off, it's CNN. Second off, why do you think the (((lugenpresse))) would willingly let on a holohoax exposer to speak who's running when there is a growing rise of nationalism within the country? Why especially get a holohoax exposer to appear during when the 2018 elections are coming up and the battle for the house and senate is about to commence?
The answers speak for themselves.

I'm glad this guy is getting national (((news))) attention, it's exactly the kind of bullet the jews always shoot themselves with. Give the guy a much bigger platform he could ever dream of, then he comes 100% prepared with all the facts he's going to defend himself with. It happened to Trump, it's happening to Nehlen, and it's happening to Jones. Might I add, he did phenomenal in the interview, spoke over every word he could, never referred himself as a "nazi" and never even said the word, replacing it with national socialist.

To address this kike nigger, America First Party is the organization that Arthur Jones himself created. Nothing about this guy is controlled opposition, he's a man that's been running for congress for decades, and has always called out the kikes running both the right and left parties. Proceed to rope your neck and jump off a cliff, you and the rest of the kikes are finished if this man gets into office.

It's not like he's using dead children as a podium to stand on.

These anons are correct. You may all not be shills, but you sure are morons. You may not even be from td, but you sure act like it. This user tells you to be like this man and proclaim the evils of the jews, so you attack him for pointing out the god emperor faggotry.

Traitors hang first.

Guaran- fucking- tee that kike Michael Savage rants about this tonight or whenever he’s on next. He’s just as slimy as any. Surprisingly cuckchan hates him more though. I’ve asked here and there how people feel about him. He’s about as “anti Marxist” as it gets, but he never explains who the Marxists really are. I’ve heard him even blame communism on whites. Guys like Jones give him palpitations I bet.

This man needs to be president holy fuck.

I still don't get it. Are they just trying to say all republicans are nazis because goytoys think that nazis = evil? If they didn't want him to speak they could have just shown some pictures and footage of him and talked all the smack they like. It's almost as if they went into it with no plan what-so-ever, and just presumed he would get BTFO automatically for being an ex-NatSoc. Is this just a case of severe and crippling incompetence rather than kikes scheming? I'd feel insulted if I ever found out that there is no "Elders of Zion" type group, and the people who took over the world are these incompetent faggots.

I like the cut of his jib

You know what would be really great? Getting them both on Christopher Cantwell's show, either together or individually. The Radical Agenda podcast has a pretty substantial reach.

Maybe Cantwell can hook him up with his friends at the Colbert Report

I don't know, man. That upper and lower lip are making my jew-senses tingle.

Did you look at his about page on his website?
Seems like the type of person I would talk to, love talking to the Confederate types.

Probably he is a Dr. Pierce's follower.
Which would be excellent credentials.

Hailed! So close too. The jews call it chutzpah, you might call it arrogance. They are so assured of their position and so entrenched in their mythos of equality and shit, including the mindless liberal traitors, that they would bring him on without preparation. And, went should they? Their audience already has adopted their dogma, so a news anchor can make faces, just can't even, call him names, and the morons watching will have the same reactions. And if they don't, well cnn will tell them exact how to feel anyway.

What's pretty scary to the left is our people have really matured over that past 1-2 decades. Gone are the days where we were Caricatures. Now we're sophisticated and to be admired. I'm sure you've noticed the sharp rise in new "Alr-right"ish youtube channels.

dat Freudian slip

I know what you mean… The ears and the nose are placing some caution in the back of my mind. In relation to the rest of his head, almost goblin-esque which is a red-flag… but he is an old guy, and age/gravity do some odd things…

The "angry nazi" thing almost seems over the top as well, but again, he is an old guy. (With plenty of reason to be crotchety)

I'll remain cautiously optimistic.

All the more reason to be cautious. Always be on-guard against data mining.

Of course, also I know that some kikes would LARP extremely to discourage the movement, and that's a problem that is being faced in America since the 20th Century.

On second thought… He looks pretty Aryan. I don't think he's Juden.

He did just fine. He's right, and she's trying to ridicule him. He came off as much smarter and better spoken and more pissed-off than she is. >Fucked herself in the face, that CNN Cunt.

A whole lot of people will vote for him. He's like a breath of fresh air. People are tired of lying smug media-friendly PC zogbots.

Ahhhh it burns! Get it away! Hssssssss!

We have to meme Grand Daddy into office.

Even before the red pill I'd have considered voting for him, for teh lulz

Do you understand the implications of having an overt Nazi in congress?
It's one step closer to normalizing national socialism. The more people who are no-holds-barred vocal about their controversial beliefs the easier it is for others to express theirs. I think we share more in common with average people than we can fully appreciate, and taboo prevents us from having an open dialogue. The internet is a good means of spreading pertinent information but it's ultimately compartmentalized to specific areas. Talking face to face with people you have rapport with is the BEST way to red pill.

No he's not the next Hitler, but that's a retarded and misplaced expectation to begin with.
Hitler alone did not create the third reich, it was average people openly sharing his ideas.


=1000000 hours in Paint=

100000 hours drinking semen because I messed up red text

Fucking BASED

She's like,
< why would you hate kikes?
< kikes give me lots of money
< because I'm a popular pretty good girl

Pretty big nose and that voice reeks of judaism but those were tonnes upon tonnes of truth pills he just fucking dropped one after the other. Too bad the audience of CNN is not likely to do any research themselves. Makes me think he's just another version of a kike spraypainting a swastika on their own mosque.

Top fucking kek

Why aren't you publicly spreading your views like he is, user?

We require a profile view. Merely having a nose doesn't make one a kike, and merely having a large one doesn't either. This is genetic fact, and if you dispute this then you're CIA/kike/GCHQ, whatever other vile adversary cohabitates the faggot realm.

Lol they added the crickets
What a bunch of shit lol

Mine is huge, it looks a schlomo one, but it is french.

How about Grandpa Redpill ?

Plus Holla Forumspop sounds too much like Pol Pot, not an association we want to create. Papa Holla Forums is better.

Based as fuck, we have to support him with everything we have. LET THE MEMES FLOW

I like that.
Papa-Pol sound catchy.

I don't see it going anywhere, that region is the kike capital of the midwest. However, that he is allowed to speak at all is proof enough that inch by inch we're winning.

Many Aryans have long noses. Long, straight noses are kind of our thing.

He didn't do it right (it was awesome though). The best strategy would be to ignore her and list her superiors all the way up to the controlling parent companies and their jewish heritage. They'd have to cut to fucking commercial to avoid the nuclear red pill.

this tbh, guy looks like hell because he's old not because he's a jew

This. If the bridge is straight, white is the mate. When identifying the kike…


I am getting the "let's convince voters Republicans are mean before the 2018 election" vibe here.

don't like how he called blacks and latinos patriots, but overall he is not severely c u c k e d

that entire district is filled with beaners. if they can be convinced to get on board with this guy then he has a chance. otherwise it's pretty much just suburban liberals in that area. if he has the tact to put illegal immigration on the backburner for a bit and focuses on the meat of his stance (jews) then he has a slight chance to get the spics onboard. otherwise, I know for a fact most of the people there will just think he's a nutjob. just one step above a crazy man on the street corner telling everyone they're going to hell.

alternatively, he could keep his mouth shut, make it so that it seems the democrats have it in the bag so the democratic voter count is lower. then we get some Holla Forums people to come in and vote for him

I live among spics.
Their IQ and interests are really limited.
Their knowledge about the surrounding world is given through the Spanish channel, and its content is shallower and still more cucked than the English ones.
They swallow completely the holohoax through a bombardment of Hollywood movies and "special" programs, and in their minds the terms "Nazi" and "White Supremacist" are equivalent to the devil.
Therefore, as soon as the kikes spread the news that Our Guy is a Nazi, we are done.
The best approach IMHO is to discourage the Hispanic attendance to vote, and strongly encourage the Whites around to support a "Slap to the Establishment".
Perhaps to associate Our Guy with the MAGA movement.

So many triggered kikes ITT

pick one

State of Holla Forums. Guess we need to be good goy Republicans now.

This is why I hate kikes.

Another non computer science faggot. If you can't program, or have never read a programming book, get the fuck out

Sure thing Schlomo.


I would have probably pointed out that that's an anti-white anti-german RACIAL SLUR (I would have put punch on that) and said that PC standards were hypocritical, and that proves I'm right.

It's very important to establish that it is a slur and call them anti-white. These lying hypocrites claim to be against slurs, but use them all the time.

It's too bad I don't really want to be in the public eye, I guess.

It really is top tier. How can we compete?

A talking point I use with normalfags is "no one likes these people." No one likes the system kikes or their occupying puppets. Their whole strategy involves on convincing the public that they, the worst rulers ever, are really someone else, in the hopes everyone else will attack each other and not (((them))).

I vote.

It's actually pure genius to throw in tokens of respect for non-kikes and generally to not be a one-dimensional caricature. It ruins the image the media kikes are trying to sell.




Should've kept at that. Sadly, he allowed to be baited into muh holohoax nonsense again afterwards.



i live in saint louis

Anymore, more like. They were repealed in America several years ago.



Someone should make this a chorus in a Moonman song

This guy Arthur Jones is awesome. I'm going to personally focus all of my memetic energy & power to get this man elected. "Corrupt and Decadent Two Party Jew Party QUEER Party System!" I want more of my Representatives putting these Jews and Fagits on notice like this & then hopefully putting them all in the oven. God bless Arthur Jones he is the best!

I am. Are ==YOU?==


You probably think Hitler was a Like, too, you false-flagging PR faggot.
Or more likely, you're a Two-Party, JEW PARTY, Zionist Shill!
Ha ha, yeah, I like the ring of of that!


That should have been
Fucking autocorrect.

There's nothing wrong with aligning with Spics and Nigs against Kikes if we could get them on our side.

Telling Nigs that Jews were behind the slave trade is especially effective.

Without Jews, we'd easily be able to Balkanise and create our Ethnostate.

Rockwell coordinated with the Nation of Religion of Cuck™.

If he wins and he's likely too, what will that mean for Holla Forums?

Quick update, I think this is much better than my first one

To be fair, the system for how votes are counted is controlled by the states. I'm pretty sure that any state could create a preferential vote system if they wanted, they're just too fucking lazy. Also, lets be honest, ZOG doesn't want to take the risk of someone creating an actually popular party. That could lead to literal-Hitler.

I also think that the electoral college should be changed again, to electors having two vote specifically for President, and two specifically for Vice-President. That way we could be guaranteed a winner in the electoral college with as many as four serious contenders in any election, and the odds of one winning out of a wider field would still be decent.



I think he looks keltic nordid. Probably irish or english influence. I have older family members who look the same that are part english part german. Remember irish, english, and italians can have far bigger noses than jews and irish/english tend to have huge heads


Ridiculous mascots are fine as long as you don't take them seriously.

Your heroes are misplaced.

Good narrative for the lolohoax to plant the seed in normalfags.
>supposedly six gorillion jews died, but judea bolshevism and their wallstreet jewish financiers were responsible for starting the entire second world war with their 1905 and 1918 communist revolutions, so technically, the jews are responsbile for sixty gorilllion dead whites. Ten times as many! Additionally these bolshevik revolutionaries persecuted over ten million Ukrainians during the Holodomor genocide.
Makes the unawakened do a thing, anyway.
Obviously the actual kike death toll is 300,000 and they were basically all filthy communist vermin

Nice try Holla Forums.

my district has well over 7,000 white working class people. Our congressional representative throws us under the bus for the sake of virtue signalling.


he looks jewy..




Another schizo off his pills

Death is coming Oliver.


Thanks user, all the versions of this I've seen previously are so reduced in size as to be unreadable.

That only applies inside of the narrow bounds of acceptable opinion that (((they))) set. It has never been otherwise.

in no way did that go well for him
yup, and he fucked it up, to actually bring a source no one can verify is useless. He should have focused on the changing number of dead on the plaques and ask her why its illegal to question it but questioning the fucking flat earth is not. If not that then point out how now that ww2 is over thus theres no reason to be funding kike bullshit anywhere around the world, nor to fight for them once again. There were tons of ways to do this right and he fucked up. He should have called out the cunt for interrupting him endlessly and making the thing a hit piece.
which was fantastic… until he flew on a tangent about serving in vietnam from out of nowhere, which makes him look like a senile old man having a fucking flashback. In fact the muh vietnam old man may even be a fucking hollywood trope, and if its true thats the first thing people will connect him to. Denigrating your average jew was also a huge mistake towards making your message palatable to the average voter, you cant feed "gas the kikes" to your average person, you can feed "get rid of the bad kikes up top, leave your bagel shop owner alone" to a large majority of them.
are you high user? they called him a nazi and linked him to nazi party and "white people's party", the left already stopped listening to him at that point.
admirable? 100%. good job? no.

Signaling to the blacks and spics was a good idea btw, I've always said a great way to get a boost in black voters is to publicly remind them of black voting trends and then directly quoting Lyndon B Johnson's "ill have these niggers voting democrat for the next hundred years" bit. Its a good appeal to emotion that can honestly move their severely limited IQ to think "holy shit we really are pet niggers to the white libs". Redpilling them with their destruction of the family works amazingly well too, especially after you talk about kids of single mother statistics.

to clarify, by source no one can verify im not inferring the holohoax happened, its meant as "a document no can read on screen". He says its on his website but i dont recall him mentioning it either which is a downside if he didn't.

Nicely done


That quote is from chapter 2, not 3.

He's a better speaker than Spencer.

Spencer is CIA.

The Grand Daddy's Power Levels are incredible.

gib tendies

If he gets a platform as an elected official more and more people will get pulled to his rhetoric and will become /pol minded. Two Party Jew Party Queer System is a great slogan. He is saying what needs to be said and he needs to get on the airwaves more because he is agreeable.

Papa Holla Forums is the real deal. Not some alt-kike larper trying to cash in on Trump.

He is growing stronger.

This is a ghetto tier district that has not gone to a Republican since 1973, so this is essentially an elaborate LARP. It is nice he is trying to push the Overton window, but don't kid yourself about him winning.

He deserves to be nurtured and promoted.
Against all odds.

These are the kind of people that if you called them a faggot, they'd write out a long, drawn out reply.


I think without kikes, nigs and spics could actually make something of themselves.The nigs really fell in line behind leaders like Malcolm X. All the black leaders now are glow sticks or soros shills who want them to nog.

Population normalization in Africa would be a shitshow for a few years sure, but after that whites can recolonize and take another crack at bringing them civilization.

Grandpa Redpill feels good, but does it hold memetic value?

I'm voting.

Let's make up some memes and campaign fliers for him.

someone can verify he's not a kike playing le ebil natzee role?

lel, what do you want, a multicultural society?

Thousands of years of not assocating with kikes and still not moving forward in certain areas says otherwise.
You sure you're in the right place? It's not the white man's job to make sure the lesser (possibly not human) groups are up to par. It's that idiotic desire to attempt to civilize savages which serves as a gateway for letting the trash into our countries (hell, it's the basis for early leftist rhetoric: "Oh yes, they may be savage, but it's due to their conditions. Surely, I know they can be made civilized, after all, they're just like you and me"). No, if colonization happens again, it should either be completely wiping them out, or the arab way (castrating them so that they can't reproduce). I personally prefer just removing them because if you just castrate them, you are making your society dependent on them for a generation. This can lead to issues as they (a support of the system) die out.

PapaPol would likely throw half the people on this board, namely the neo-atheists (pagans) in the oven. There is no place for antichrist kikes or their minions among our people.

24 hours since watching it and that interview still pisses me off. I can't believe that there are people who PAY to watch this.

Shill attempting to start more religious D&C detected.

Kys tbh

He will win.


It's not like niggers have never turned against Kikes before, either.
Maybe we could get the Nation of Religion of Cuck™ on our side or something.
After all, the Jews were behind slavery.
Additionally, there's the quote from Jesse Owens about how Hitler waved to him and congratulated him at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, but (((FDR))) snubbed him and ignored him. We could definitely try and meme this.
I think that Black Nationalist groups are pretty strong in the Chicago area, and Arthur Jones is old enough to remember Rockwell collaborating with NOI.
We need to try and get this guy elected by any means necessary.

Your nose is showing, Shlomo.
I've been following Arthur Jones for YEARS, and he's always been solid on the TWO-party, JEW-party, QUEER-party, system!
Just look at his platform:
However, if we can fool the media into giving him way more exposure than normal due to him being an 'ebil natzee', that would certainly be in our interest (like Trump).

This. This thread should be anchored, and the shills using various tactics to D&C need to be purged.

I didn't ask if he's solid on Queers and the diaspora Jews. I'm asking if he himself is Jewish or not.

bump for anyone who knows this guy's ancestry

holy fuck, how have i not heard of this man? fucking based as fuck

I’ll get hate for this, but that’s why The Rubin Report is so great. People sit down and have a conversation. I’ll get even more hate for this (lol) but the show that featured Eric and Bret Weinstein was fascinating, and Eric’s Four Quadrant Model for dissecting Fake News is very intriguing. It’s like step 1 in a 100 step process of bringing about the world that Holla Forums wants. Shills and morons push this idea that “anyone who isn’t 100% Hitler right now is unacceptable” which is so unproductive. This is a multi-generational marathon

Plus noses and ears keep growing as you age.

It's using the grounds a second time.

Lmfao this image
Glenn Beck would be seen as a progressive in 1918
In 2018 he is called “far right”

why does he look so jewy?

make /POL great again!
It has become a clusterfuck of resentful genocidal basement dwellers who can't even for a second imagine that killing millions of people across the globe is not only _impossible_ but also is SO unsophisticated as solution that anyone with an IQ of over 50 should be laughing at it uncontrollably.
Current /POL is infested with Jews who bash Peterson, Weinstein, Shapiro, etc. who also use extremely Jewish tactics to manipulate through deception.
Make /POL great again!
Genocidal racism is what the JEW wants.
What are you going to do about it? Promote genocidal racism?! LMAO

Rarely do you see a jew as obvious as this one.

I wonder what they would call him if there was no video, audio, or print of him denying the holocaust. There must be a tiered system of labeling opponents with newspeak.
-holohoax exposer

I like what some of the other anons were saying about countering the term "nazi" which is very much a slur. Trotsky coined "racist" to attack the Slavs. All they have is newspeak to attack people like us. I think deconstructing their language as they throw it at you would expose to the masses that they have no argument. Just buzzwords, and public shaming. People don't like being manipulated and i think in the course of a "discussion" pointing at the lies in the very language they use and refusing to engage in their rhetoric can do a great deal. Show the masses that there is another way apart from "progress" and the current dogma.

Myself, I've found great success in attacking the buzzwords when they come up in conversation always in defense of some "progressive" ideal. The majority of people being lemmings have no argument. It really stops the kosher auto responses and makes them think.

it has to be bait, don't let him derail the thread.

not bate you mongols
lifting the mirror up to your faces you dumb fucks
keep doing what the JEW brainwashed you to
keep denying personal responsibility
keep living in the basement
keep waiting for someone to come save your "fictional" race
guess who wins?

To all niggers who think he’s a kike, look at his eyebrows, look at the straightness of his nose. A jew has eyebrows that curve, a white man’s eyebrows follow a straight line. A kike’s nose curves, straight noses are a sign of white heritage. Anyone trying to demoralize with “he’s a jew” with no proof, other than half hearted comments, are simply here to blackpill one of the best chances of getting an outspoken holohoax exposer into congress.
He’s attacking only kikes, he can’t be labeled a racist, and he can use his anti-jew rhetoric to talk about how jews are ruining gibs for niggers and spics. Any memes that talk about the JQ, the 1%, or kikes and slavery must be focused towards Jones’ district. Arthur Jones may have the facts, but he lacks the autism to be appealing and so must be supported in that area.

We know that's what they want. We know it's what they've done for their entire history. What they don't know is they're going to be on the wrong side of a genocide this time. When the whole of the world's peoples know of your crimes where do you hide?

The Jews cannot practice usury, murder, ritual murder, deception, nation wrecking, drug peddling, general destruction, pedophilia and rape of our children if there are no jews. They themselves have showed us The Third Reich was wrong. The answer to the JQ is not israel. The answer to the JQ is full extermination.

I know you're not sincere torpedo, but you are correct about one thing. We have the jews we deserve. If not for our own deficiencies and degeneracy we would not have terminal kike cancer. It is our own faults that created the environment for jews to take root. This is why many of our own must pass. Our own traitors, and self centered degenerates must go. The weak must go.

And you're still a fag torfriend. Why don't you make a thread on this very idea instead of being an obnoxious cunt.

More from the guy's own website

Nice job enlarging his nose, kike, it's almost like you're projecting

Wow, I love this guy, I can't believe I never heard of him.

I've done a lot of filtering on this thread which means that this is a step in the right direction. What do we do to ensure this man gets the office? I'll help in whatever way I can.

Lovely man.

I love how he mentions how the kikes are kiddie fucker scum. The kike media never asks follow up questions related to the issue, I wonder (((why)))?

user, the honest journalism meme is cute, but so 1950's. Get up to speed

Genocide torpedos today!


He looks like the Penguin of Batman tbqh.
I support /cobblepot/.

Didn't Trump shitpost that line on Twatter?

>I'm an (((American Patriot)))
Did anyone here even watch the fucking video? He's civnat garbage.

Kill yourself, if you really listened he always changed the word nazi into National Socialist. Human waste like you would refer to yourself as a slur and be proud of it, Jones has self respect and intelligence to use correct terms.
Lurk 2 more years, faggot. Want to know how to get rid of the niggers and beaners? Kill the jews. Anyone who's been on this board more than a week knows this. Hitler employed other races to achieve the Pen-Ultimate Solution, because he knew kikes were the ones destroying his beloved Germany.

There is no other kind of socialism.


He's a little senile in his composure, and he's part of the (((National Socialist Movement))) which just exists to make NatSoc philosophy look like skinhead degenerates.

But it's in the right track.

Oh gods, nooooooo
Grandma get off my cuckchan, reeeeeee

The TRSodomite pushes faggot racist (((libertarianism))). Imagine my fucking shock.

This is the only instance.

You're completely right, Great Teacher.

Correct. Talk about White genocide. It is the one thing that Whites have not been indoctrinated to ignore

Is that drawn by an Arab? Truly no one likes a kike, not even other Semites.

You know it's funny because Marxists would be loving and praising the shit out of him when it comes to his stances on the Israel, Palestine and Iran but then they would seek out to outright murder him because he's LITERALLY HITLER who wants all of the niggers and turdskins (of whom the Marxists ever so crave for their tiny dicks) be deported back to their shitholes. I fucking hate Leftist subhumans so much.

If race doesn't exist like (((You))) claim, which group is your message directed to?

< the jew WANTS you to eradicate them!
Worst attempt at reverse psychology I've ever seen.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Lurk more you fucking tard. Then kill yourself.

larpaganiggers btfo