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He talked about HIV/AIDS/BIG PHARMA. Well……


And also, in 2009 while she was SOS


They helped get access to drugs in poor African nations for a reduced costs. They were basically acting as an insurance company and possibly (more than likely) got a cut of the profits. Tens of millions of people!!!

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Also, pic related. Again, don't cure, contain


Wait, so Q says that the Clintons have killed millions of niggers?

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No, that they are exploiting them under the guise of helping them in order to make money. From the Pfizer press release in 2009. Not cure, but give drugs and make $$$$. They are helping them, but lining their pockets as well

"Thanks to the work of my Foundation’s HIV/AIDS Initiative, 2 million people living with HIV/AIDS are now able to access lifesaving treatment,” President Clinton said. “But their continued survival depends on uninterrupted access to medicines and quality and affordable health care throughout their entire life. Today’s announcement will help ensure we can sustain treatment over a lifetime and better treat patients with both HIV and TB, two key steps in turning the tide of the global HIV/AIDS pandemic.”

"will help ensure we can sustain treatment over a lifetime"

Why not try to cure? No money to be made if they do. If millions of people are on meds for their entire lives it provides a steady flow of income

Here's the real GRIDS redpill, although you probably won't believe it because I'm not an autist pretending to be an insider.

Should have been AIDS not HIV

All I'm saying is that the web of Clinton corruption reaches far, and this makes sense: exploit poor countries for a profit. They acted as a broker with drug companies/third world shitholes and probably got a healthy cut

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And in 2009 (Pfizer press release), when Hillary was at the state department, if she was involved it was illegal

Just a discussion. Even if 100% Q is a larp, the Clinton foundation is dirty and is probably profiting heavily off of all this

There's no "if" about it. Q is an obvious LARP, and you should be ashamed of yourself for even entertaining it for a second.

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And I don't care about that, I'm talking about the Clintons illegally lining their pockets

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Have all these drugs lowered HIV rates among homosexuals in the west? I actually am asking, because I don't know.

Fuck no, because the fags actually spread aids like a sport. Remember for CA made It a non-felony to knowingly infect people with HIV?



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2 million niggers have been provided drugs for the disease the owners of the drug manufacturers created that they otherwise couldn't afford thanks to tax payer money all because the drug companies payed me money

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Are you implying Corsi is credible? He's tied to two of the most kosher "alternative" media outlets - infowars and WND, run by the ZOA award winner Joe Farah.


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There is one thing that Q is right about in this regard and that is the amount of these researchers/scientists mysteriously dying in the past 5 years is pretty damn suspicious. Last night I was bored and looked into it and the list in now up to 31 (globally) in the last 5 years alone. Going back to 2001 it is at 372.

Pretty odd.