Let's talk about R.A.T.s (Racially Ambiguous Thot): The Feminie side of AmeriGolbin-ism

The media meme-ing the kardashians, the jenner sisters, the haddid sisters and mia kaliffa as 'sex symbols' in the early-to-mid 2010s has directly lead to the creation of RATs those Racially & Ethnically Ambiguous Sluts you see on Instagram and Twitter.

Beyonce, Tira Banks and JLo were the pop culture foundation (white presenting non-whites can be beautiful too!!!) but the 2010's is when you saw the "multicultural woman" being presented as an ideal for women to strive for.

This indirectly leads to racemixing and nonwhites/mutliracial cunts being considered an ideal or virtue and provides the shitlibs with an argument for open borders. (Arabs and Indos will make your plain white women tan, thicc and beautiful, arent they exotic?)

Whether you are: NatSoc, White Nationalist, Racist-Libertarian, Christian Identity, TradCatholic or any other esoteric ideology/faction that is against the the globo-homo zionist world order- attacking these people, the women that are held as the ideal, the paragon of perfection, "the beautiful people" in the neoliberalist world view is subversive to the elites and their agenda.

Bump; I fucking hate every woman who looks like this

What's ironic is they are all like half white.

…slowly boiling frog, anyone?

Yeah i noticed american kids coming over to my country during summer, they look closer and closer to that natgeo cover of humans in the future.

"thot" is bix nood niggerbabble and everyone who uses it should be banned

From what I understand, mutts aren't white but blacks can be of many colors.

Also, the only reason why those freaks are popular in the first place is precisely because they are a minority. Keep them a minority!
North america is white because you were raided by puritan english colonists, here in south america we're invaded by horny spaniards and you can see the result: we got the worst of both worlds.
Send those mutant hybrids here, they'll fit right in. Keep America white, it's the best for the whole world.

OP is just a kike trying to force le 56 percent and a new meme based on it. His intentions are not pure.

I'll AmeriGoblin is a subversive meme used by Hapas and Nonwhites in alt-lite circles but honestly we could use it to attack RATs and the concept of a multicultural woman

Just saying, its a possible weapon

*I'll admit that the AmeriGoblin meme

No. You don't need to use an anti-white d&c meme to point out that miscegenation is wrong.

The get to work creating a better meme or memes that could be used to attack this phenomena.

I'm just identifying and presenting the RAT phenomena as a problem that needs to be dealt with and shooting a possible solution.

This shit is like a cultural cancer, we need to create the kemo that can attack the idea that these women are somehow the paragon of perfection.

like for real dude, you come up with a better alternative, I am only one man and if we don't work together we can't overthrow this system and all of it's mindviruses infecting our people.

There's literally nothing wrong with the amerigoblin meme if it's actually used against race mixers

Let's not



OP is fucking right about this shit being a widespread problem that we need to call out, draw attention to and critique it. Despite his shit grammar, he identified its root and history along with why we should target it: if It mainstreams miscegenation and it is used an argument against white identity by leftists.

If this “mind virus” weren’t around and were mocked, as it rightfully should be, a member of the British Royal Family wouldn’t be marrying a Mullato-Half Jew.. instead it is treated as highminded and virtuous in the world we are currently living in.

Don't have anything to add but thanks for finally identifying the type of women I absolutely hate. Like I get that on paper they are supposed to be attractive, they have good bodies, but I just don't find them attractive at all. Why are mixed women so repulsive? I find a pure white 5/10 more attractive than these "10/10"s, and even a pure black or Hispanic would probably be more attractive.

Also when will that stupid eyebrow meme die out? Has literally anyone ever thought that giant, fake style looked good? I don't even think shitskin men thinks this looks good.

Someone is very insecure about being mixed race

You might be onto something here.
What if we could convince a large number of mutts to move to Brazil? Convince them that it's more (((cultured))). That would remove mutts and degenerate Whites.


That would be great, but all non-white people know non-white nations are shit, they will just never admit it or are even not consciously aware of it. If you can think of a way to convince them I am all for it.

Nah, die.

white is obviously the superior race since these whores will do absolutely anything to look like one
shit thread

Let's not. You will never be white.

The new mixed race man will gain something from all his constituent races. His cunning and deception from the Jew, his handsomeness and creativity from the European, his skill at repetition from the Asian, and his lips and ass from the African.

These are shitskins claiming to be European. Same ones pushing the Ameriwolf D&C.

Is Brittany Venti actually part black or is that a meme? 23AndMe was caught giving false reports and always including nigger genes into white people's profiles….

Damn, I surprised at how much pushback this is getting theory and thread is getting. Lotta nonwhites and kikes in here I suppose.

This is a leaked picture of a "Holla Forums meet up" in that happened in my city, I assumed this was a halfchan Holla Forums meet up but now I see that this was all probably you guys.

I cant believe could be anyone who is white and redpilled but would arguing in favor of mixedrace brown women and white women using make up to make themselves look arabian.

This thread obviously struck a nerve in a lot of you.

This. The only Americans, and I use that term loosely here, that are angered by this meme are of questionable heritage. That is to say they are the mutts. Personally I think the meme is funny while emphasizing their ugliness and separation. It's not like you won't see these things in a walmart or mall here.

And they all have weaves, plastic surgery and will never add anything to society. Lefties love fake shit, this includes people.

She's an octoroon.

I always associated bimbo looks with desire to be attractive to niggers. Regardless of race.

I'm annoyed by it because it can work as an obvious blackpill psyop. Encourage people to mix more because they're already mutts. Truth is Americans ARE mutts, but they are vast majority Euro mutts, around 98% on average.

56% is more fitting for Central/South America

Nigger can you not tell an octoroon? Lurk moar so you can have better jewdar as well

I think this is a good idea. It's and easy and simple way to lower the value of those type of women, and I think most people subconsciously know they are disgusting.

The only reason the mutt meme is damaging is because Europeans use it incorrectly as a reference to all Americans or white americans. Regardless of your opinions on the meme, it is here to stay at least until it falls out of fashion whenever that might be. By taking shifting the meme back to it's original meaning of "mixed people are subhuman", it can be very advantageous for us. I propose simplifying it to one picture of a thot next to a goblin drawing in the same pose. This can be done for multiple different poses.

Yeah, but is that what the unreliable 23AndMe said? Or is that actually from a "reliable" source? That seems like something she would say to have an advantage over SJWs that call her racist, etc. I guess I don't really care that much, I just like her big tits.

Really makes you wonder.

Amazing, what's the story?

This thread is an astroturfing attempt by Shareblue to subvert our unity. This thread will likely be the first of many to come, as more and more shills pretend to be convinced by this bullshit, in hopes that you will too.

Report and move on. Sage goes in all fields.


Beyonce is still a repulsive fat ape though.

Virtually all white americans have the same amount of race mixing as native Europeans. Native europeans have about 98% euopean ancestry as well, any non-white genes in white Americans are from many many generations ago.

To be fair American blacks aren't really "black" at all, most have a very large amount of European blood. Blacks themselves are essentially mutts, which is why they accept many mixed race people into their community.

Not white.

Nah, it's probably some halfchan user who thinks he is being smart by posting a thread here. If they are dumb enough to stay here, they are dumb enough to like shit.

*to stay there

One upon there was a board named Holla Forums…

leddit spacing meme

"This thread is an astroturfing attempt by Shareblue to subvert our unity. This thread will likely be the first of many to come, as more and more shills pretend to be convinced by this bullshit, in hopes that you will too.

Report and move on. Sage goes in all fields."
LMFAO. Really dude?

Supposedly this was an NYC meet up connected to the 9000 member facebook 8pol group run by that turkish kid "lazia cus" and some gay leftist involved with Unicorn Riot infiltrated it and uploaded pics online. it went viral for a hot minute in shitlib and le epic centerist circles.

Total shit show, how do you like an antifa faggot into your irl meet up?

Maybe to brainlets.
That may be true, but for the purposes of my previous post, "mutt" is only referring to those with nonwhite admixture. When referring to White Americans, delving to deep into the weeds of specific European ethnicity is generally an autistic waste of time and energy. For America being White is enough in the political realm. Not to say one can't enjoy and celebrate their specific European ethnicity on a personal and community level such as in the town down the road from me, founded by and still made up of majority German stock.

They're still niggers. Cut your dick off you miscegenation apologist.

How does this meme destroy our unity? The only time the mutt meme is bad is when it is applied as a blanket statement to all Americans, implying even white Americans are not truly white. Obviously the is not the case with OP's idea, it is strictly mocking and degrading mixed race women who are viewed as "attractive in main stream culture.

How in the living hell is any of this a thing? Jesus, if something like this exists, we need to get our shit together and destroy it.

I would not be surprised if Holla Forums is overrepresented by mystery meat mongrels that are not here for shilling purposes.

Every person with partial White ancestry, even an american nigger, has a potential of rational thinking and White supremacy is a logically derived empirically confirmed fact.

Why the fuck would you think that makes me a miscegenation apologist? I hate mixed race people just as much as if not more than niggers.

Here's the thing folks need to consider when opening the door to the mutt d&c. If it's fair game to D&C your white brothers in America, it's safe to D&C Eurobros based on nationality and nigger admixture like when Italians are brought up or when assholes start going off on slavs, etc. They want us picking at each other because they can't destroy us any other way. The kikes are counting on this.
However we are intelligent enough to understand that shit is being pushed by semites which is why we will call it out and not take offense from actual Eurobros.

Any successful movement needs its brainlets digging ditches. The whole point of the white ethno state is that whites can be a world unto themselves, they can the leaders, the teachers, the artisans, and the laborers, instead of relying on other races for specialized jobs.

Damn I need to move already

Non-whites aren't American

I also thought it was a strange (((coincidence))) that the majority of celebs/singers/etc getting paraded around are mystery meat.

Do normalfags actually find this attractive?

i would ask what kind of subhuman would join that but i guess we already know

Besides racial preferences, the real reason we don't find these women attractive is the blatant overuse of makeup.
Why aren't we attracted to heavy makeup?
It makes it more obvious that what's underneath isn't worth seeing.

As you can see, some women still look good without makeup but some look like shit.

All men should bring spray bottles on first dates to reveal who women really are under the mask

Or just take them swimming

To be fair, most of them are California trash who artificially tan and get tons of plastic surgery. These whores turn themselves into mystery meat even without shitskin genes.

The television tells them it's attractive so they find it attractive.

Pioneered by a yellow fever fetishist wigger, no less.

No luck, JIDF-Chan?

They arent that thin.

Wait, it is a half-kike too? Haven´t been digging on the details.

All they need is a fat ass. Dindus will even hump a hole in the ground.

Those women reminds me of my brother's wife from Brazil.

I haven't married yet because men raise in value as they get older, and I'm convinced a man (hopefully someone on this board) will give me their youngest daughter to me to marry. We need to support our race by giving our daughters to men that are redpilled and willing to save our race.

unironically pretty good idea



Also going swimming tests how black she is too

Feed anti-whites the idea that White countries are the "real shitholes." Anti-whites are pathetic and insecure and hypocritical. They will jump all over the idea to do the same thing Trump supposedly did (that was supposedly super bad when he did it), and they will put their backs into it because they ARE fucking subhuman goblins.

On another note, one of the primary problems with the idea of d&c is that in order to be d&c'd in the first place, you would have to have something wrong with you. If your religion is correct, then you can't be d&c'd on religion.

If your race is correct, you can't be d&c'd on race. user that said so plainly is obviously right. Even a person who is almost entirely White that looks White would not be bothered by this meme. We all know who the goblins are: pieces of shit like pic related.
(2nd pic)
Who the fuck is even saying that? How could someone not hate a goblin that is that retarded? Severely miscegenated GOBLINS are indeed trash. Keep our ideology pure and to the truth. It is the only defense against d&c. Also, that disgusting whore should be killed just for being retarded, then resurrected and killed again for being a fucking goblin.

Here's another thought: do what I've been automatically doing. Stop artificially conflating "ameri" with something not strictly American and just call them GOBLINS. I know quite a few Odinists already call kikes trolls. We need to bring back our whole mythology and tap into our full spiritual power.

Stop liking monkeys. She doesn't even register on the scale of what I would begin to find attractive because she's OBVIOUSLY NON-WHITE. Fuck's sake, user.

You are more likely to be from ShariaBlue than OP. I think you're just retarded though.

In reality, they excel at nothing and tend to be worse at most things. They're also stupid as fuck and don't tend to know history or actually uncover conspiracies. They will never have the purity of heart to accomplish anything of note. In short, they are the product of evil, made to serve evil.

We aren't even free, you delusional moron. Thinking that you are supreme is a great way to get killed though. It honestly sounds like something a kike would say. They always say stupid irrational excessive shit like that.

What would really be original is if ethnic Europeans could actually just like and be around our own kind and be free and have our own countries again. Anything else is nonsense and should be avoided. No other race is required to prove they're ebin superior to have the right to exist.

There's a massive push to keep younger women from marrying, especially to men 10+ years older than them. It's become a manufactured taboo. Women are programmed to avoid marriage, be wage slaves, think older men are "creepers" and to think niggers are attractive. A red pilled girl is rare, and finding one with a red pilled family that don't think you're a dirty old man because you're more than a year older than their daughter is almost impossible.


Take your crap back to cuckchan OP.

First and second girl are cute without makeup

chipotle (sauce pls) and dairy queen look white to me, and I know subway (lindsey pelas) is. The rest look hispanic or black.

she said her mom is black

Well I'm a White American and I'll be the first to tell you admixed mutts aren't White so who is being D&C'd here? As for our Eurobros, it's not our place to butt into their business nor tell them how to handle their own demographic struggles. From what I can tell part of what chaps their asses is Americans, probable shills imo, telling them that they need to be generic White countries instead of specifically British, German, etc. Those are their own decisions to make as peoples. The key to all this is mutual respect between White nations.

Indeed but brainlets generally follow strength and lack conviction so recruiting them is somewhat moot.
Probably should user, there are a lot of lovely single blonds to be had here.


That was the point I made by including them.

And now the thread can be safely disregarded as no intelligent thought is to come from this OP.

Out Shlomo.

smh tbh fam

What a waste of quads. Kikes never gave a single fuck about any of white society's taboos, rules, or laws so why should we constrain ourselves?

They do not and you have no basis for making that claim, you disingenuous cuckold.

Kill yourself you disgusting mutt. I won't stand for you spewing filth about my people being mixed with niggers. Also
Ask me how I know you're a mutt.

Honestly I think the best weapon against R.A.T.s is Makeapp.

You're making excuses for niggers. Niggers are niggers no-matter what facts can refute it.

they all provided no actual critiques to the RAT or MMIW (Mystery Meat Instagram Women) theory nor why I believe it should be in our interest to attack it via memes

Just Sage'd, accuse me of being sharblue and chimpped out with while refusing to address the issue at hand.

This is a legit problem we have deal with whether we like it or not. The time for Civ Nat and hold our dicks in our hands is over, we have to attack this aspect of consumerist multiculturalism.

I may not be the most erudite person around but I'm sharing my idea and asking you guys to help save our race from this vector of attack.

One drop.

You know nothing of me, nor of my people. As previously stated, kindly acquire a rope and hang yourself. Filtered.

Of course there is, it's the biggest part of the feminist playbook. Women want to be able to FUCK men of every age but they only want to (((COMMIT))) to men their age or younger. That being said just because someone is older doesn't mean they are going to be a better man than someone 5-10 years younger than them, it should be evaluated on a case by case basis.
I agree with you user but the problem is the cancer of individualism. The east doesn't have these problems as they force their women to think collectively, as the mother of children, the master of the home etc. That and arranged marriages allow for what you are talking about. If redpilled whites were ever able to actually meet IRL and organize than the best thing they could do is to have arranged marriages for their children, however in the current atmosphere that is untenable. Also given the fact that women shudder at the idea of being a wife, or a mother or anything other than "free" career minded slave and that's part of how we got hear. However I think the women of the next generation will see how shitty the women before them were and start to buck the trend

Women don't have political identities.


meep meep based on your other post you sound like a spic lmao

Kill yourself cuckchanner

Southerners also don't race mix unless they are cotton field owning "muh dick" aristocrats

Didn't most of those turn out to be (((white)))?

It's like you've never dissected a psy-op before. You are like a little baby.

Yeah, most slave owners in general were (((chosen))) to do so.

Always report r9k posts.

< You mad? You butthurt!?? Triggered, hahaha!

I think a potential way to push back is to say they all look the same, because they do. I don't have the cap at hand but some user had posted saying that the make-up industries have purposely tried to make beauty a thing you can buy, with heavy make-up(bitch brows) big ass and other sheboon traits. If attractive men start saying that all mixed meat women look the same(which they do) and reject them for perceived lower value pure women then the trend will reverse itself. Remember the enemy hates being "normal", conformist" and just like everyone else more than anything.


Makes sense, I can't imagine any self-respecting white man wanting a nigger handling their food, touching their things, or watching their kids. A jew on the other hand sees all goyim as equally worthless and would have no problem with that.

do you deny sexual dimorphism?

You know if you juxtapose Beyonce to…say pics related…you start to build a very pressing case for whites being the superior race.

I hate my generation so much…

top kek

that's so blackpilling

Then you have no concept of politics. Enjoy irrelevance. Nice reddit memes btw, fag.

To be fair, I can't tell which side is which. It's either I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white asss vs d&c

Honestly, aside from the shill posters attempting to save and trying to derail, this is some of the healthiest and productive discussion on Holla Forums I’ve seen all week. This is a new cultural target we can attack and prevent leftists from using against us.

When this thread dies and slides off the catalog, I’ll repost it ablit with more cogent points because OP is shit at grammar and argumentation.

IMO he should have brought up more of the negative affects of this phenomenon (ie prince harry and meghan markle, ariana grande, iggy azelia) if he set up his premise / thesis better the people getting butthurt and attacking this thread would be better exposes of jews and mystery meats.

Thank you for this theory and thesis, user. This will be valuable ammunition in the future.

Fucking hell, now I'm going to rage

What is the filtering, anyway?

Should we force gene tests? How much would that be?

You're not very good at this are you. Try learning to into reading before you attempt politics.

I bet you're boring to women, reported

OP has a good idea here, he’s just lazy/retarded and didn’t flesh out everything perfectly.

The ultimate takeaway is: this phenomena has been identified as a real threat and now has a name, RAT / MMIW (Racially Ambiguous Thots) or Mystery Meat Instagram Women.

The next user who’ll float this idea and Mobilize anons against this aspect of mainstream media culture will be better prepared to present this idea soundly.

I know how you feel, my sister married a shitskin just because he was making good money and because he went to the (((gym))). I did the redpilled thing for our race and ignored her during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don't wish her bad but she is dead to me.

Holla Forums has been subverted by betacucks; they can't get a young girl to like them nor do they know of our memes

asses and elbows?

Half of those women look Italian, and all of them are 10/10. You'd have to be a literal faggot to think otherwise.

Yeah its a pretty lame style, and the poses are obnoxious too. But every generation has its stupid pop culture aesthetic.

I used to touch a girl's elbow back in middle school

Ameriwolf? Did i miss a meeting or something?

we might

Fucking screencapped!!!!

Who knows user.

Post the cap!

Dude this "racially ambiguous women are perfect" shit is being pushed by the media how blind are you, these look nothing like classical italian beauties ala Raffaella Carra or Fabiana Udeni in their prime… these women are making themselves look like arabs and latino, the kardashians and hadid sisters


What's chipotle? My neighbor once asked me if I wanted to go and eat with them and she mentioned that thing. She's a 11/10 so I naturally sperged out so bad. Seen her a few times since then.

wtf I love benis now

About time someone said it!

You got that backwards. It's the Arabs, Persians, and mulattoes who are desperately trying to make themselves look Italian.


Brits are weird… but they are our brothers nonetheless.

Checked, i guess i get it
Mutt -> dog -> wolf

Turkish humor is hard to understand.

Back when I used to live "north" (not in the North), many of the white southerns had a black uncle or something; that was always weird.

It's a sad day on Holla Forums when speaking these truth becomes a necessity.

I wonder what sort of "admixtures" your blood has…

I hope Holla Forums keeps on eye on this thread. This bot has been popping up a lot lately, but it's behaviour is steadily adapting.

After reading the esoteric papers by Hitler and his top (trusted) brass, I think pretty high. I would be surprised if it weren't the case.

No wonder the boards dying

i think the redtext spammer is a schizo. you would think a bot would try to fit in and this poster is clearly sticking out

Where's asses when you need him? He could confirm if this thing is a bot or one of his own for us.


I tried that once, the bitch's makeup was waterproof, though in her defense she was sexy regardless. Sadly, she was a blonde cutie, but she was heavily influenced my niggers. Always a sad sight.

Kek. You know it's getting bad when Holla Forums starts to miss Asses and Elbows. I wonder if he actually killed himself like he was always asking Holla Forumsacks to do for him or maybe got help.

I wonder if he ever got any attention in /cow/ circles. But he was still kicking like a week or two ago, he just gets banned, or locked in a shed or something from time to time.

Hi nigger

He did show up a few times, he tagged himself as Zon Kuthon. Strange how nobody here ever seems to catch onto that powerword, as it triggers him unlike any other nick.

Why isn't every single person posting in support of this publicly banned?

it filters goatfucker d&c terminology

Muds? How is that is d&c?
Once you go mud you stop being white, just like coal burning.

Kampfy doesn't like it when you slander his people


Just look at her face. It should be obvious.
She even says her mother is black. (Her mother must have a pretty damn white dad, because most 1/3 blacks look blacker than she does)

Everybody who is not a pure White Nordic, red nordic, or Armenid is a mutt.

This. And some Europeans are mutts too. If you are really good at facial features you can see Mongolioid influence in many Europeans.

This is a ridiculous notion that can easily be disproven by looking at any census from that time period.
Most Jews may have been slaver owners but most slave owners were not Jewish.
New fags?

So, is this a Denmutt, or can we all admit that white is white and we know a white when we see one?