Quantum Biology, Epigenetics and Morphogenesis

Science is changing, the old scientists are finally dying off; old theories fade into fable and the butt of jokes. I always feel like we lag behind science and I think we need to be more involved in it, never paying much mind to the cutting edge let alone a hypothesis ever since Space Elevator stopped posting. We care about truth and we care about our race thus we care about biology. So let us study some quantum biology, it's a whole new world.
Reality is fundamentally comprised of vibrating fields, not magnetic buckyballs or guitar strings. Watch the this video if that's news to you, the one good thing we're getting from the LHC is the beginnings of a new table of elements.

Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe - with David Tong

Jim Al-Khalili - Quantum Life: How Physics Can Revolutionise Biology

Epigenetics is terrifying, you are what your grandfather did– even thought, so lift for your grandkids. Epigenetics isn't really new, it used to be called heritability and was known for centuries even antiquity perhaps even the stoneage; good hunters breed good hunters. However, epigenetics is a catch-all for anything above genetics; molecular biologists are trying to save face after the failure of the human genome project, medical markets were expecting elixirs of youth but all they got was genealogy tools for grandmas and nationalists as the scientists couldn't even predict height and found out that humans have less genes than worms and the rice plant that's less than a tenth of what they were expecting. That is why heritability came back, because they knew genes weren't the end-all be all of what composes human's form. The current generation of scientists are still obsessed with the molecular, since it's what they were trained to do, but this is changing as it gives way to quantum biology. I'm sorry if you're a molecular biologist, it's like going to school to learn how to program operating systems then learning about ring 0 after you're out. My personal hypothesis that I've deduced from studying is that genes are like computer drivers, trying to get all the fiddly parts of the hardware to work together with the software.

Morphic fields is a theory that's well accepted but it's importance has been debated, it's been around since the early 20th century and has made a comeback just like heritability, it's just not well understood. The best part is: we have no clue how to calculate all these fields– so if you wanna win a million bucks and think you're a god at math it's a noble goal as it would shoot our scientific understanding through the roof. Fields having memory is real, see the very famous double slit experiment, it's why it was so shocking. This actually has massive implications and explains why the brain tests to isolate memories never worked: it's probably in a field. I don't think the microtubules hypothesis for consciousness is holding up too well and comes from an assumption that consciousness is in the brain, once again probably in a quantum field. It's starting to look like the brain is simply an antenna and might explain why we don't have our brain in the middle of our chests or have ultra thick skulls.

Sir Roger Penrose- Consciousness and the foundations of physics. I highly suggest his book Emperor's New Mind.
Dr. Stuart Hameroff - The Quantum Nature of Consciousness In Microtubules

Far-out Hypothesis
Archdruid Rupert Sheldrake is one of the most interesting scientists alive and arch-rival of Richard Dawkins. His book The New Science of Life, The Hypothesis of Morphic Resonance is considered the Mein Kampf of biology books, jews were shrieking over this book and demanded it to be burnt, literally. It's a hypothesis that's pretty far-out with pretty good cases and experiments, as the years roll on it's looking more and more plausible; typically the opposite happens to a hypothesis. It's one that could massive ramifications if it were true and demand the restructuring of society: as in a racial soul that determines instincts, collective consciousness even mundane telepathy.
This could explain a lot, like why people who live in ghettos start thinking like niggers, feeling stares, why homogeneous societies are more peaceful, why teams work so well together, why mothers have a baby sense. This would mean that segregation of peoples is of utmost importance for mental health; this could destroy the very concept of huge multicultural cities.

Rupert Sheldrake: Morphogenesis - A New Science of Life

I would love to see Maplefrog have a conversion with The Archdruid.
Far-out Hypothesis

Alan Watts is basically right about everything and ghetto busting wave cannons playing Moonman are gonna be real.

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Fascinating stuff OP. I've been thinking the same thing lately, in regards to the death of old scientists, and consequently their stale theories. Im curious though, what makes you think the quantum nature of micro-tubules doesnt play a role in the formation of consciousness?

any thoughts on hidden variables in Quantum mechanics? Might the entire universe be hard-deterministic?

I think they do play a role but I don't believe it's where consciousness lives. They deduce that it's in the micro-tubules because brainless single cell creatures have them.

No, fatalism is pretty dead in the water these days.

Look, the people who do this shit for a living barely understand it. We have no hope of ever having a meaningful discussion on this,unless you're the I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE type who eats up whatever gets thrown at him. Until there are actual observable results I call bullshit.

I agree, but I really thing there are unexplained things at least worth thinking about. Do you prescribe to Absurdism by any chance?

In what way?

Sounds like some Bigfoot-tier shit if I'm honest.
Further, sounds like some alotta woo to cover up that we don't have much of a grasp of anything as to how reality functions, but what grasp we do have suggests Hitler was right.

Without QFT your computer wouldn't work.

Sir Roger Penrose I believe explains it better than I can in this presentation.

Well fucking no shit, that's why (((they))) invented the term "conspiracy theorist" and used it to label every bad goy who questioned conventional science, unexplained phenomenon, hidden technology, history and political operations. I can tell you this now that the kikes who know more than the average bad goy BARELY know SHIT about reality. All they know is what makes things work to suit their goals, they don't even have a slightest clue as to WHY or HOW these things operate. Just as we don't have a fucking clue as to how reality actually operates, we have some ideas that sorta work, we may be ahead of kikes in terms of esoteric studies, but everyone is in the dark about everything.

Well made OP. I've been tentatively wanting to study this and feel like you gave me a good place to start. My gut feeling is that this type of information is the future and on some level I've always known about it.

Interesting stuff but;
The wacky world of QED's explanations is just wrong.
De Broglie (the only non-kike working on early quantum physics) was correct with his Pilot Wave theory in the very beginning.
Wave/particle duality, superposition, entanglement, superposition, tunneling and all the other seemingly weird shit can all be explained with very mundane fluid dynamics.
These can be easily demonstrated at the macro scale with a high-viscosity fluid being vibrated to simulate the zero-point of a field and a droplet of itself bouncing on a standing wave of its own creation.

Fucks sake dude, short-hand it. I'm not using that shit to build an Engine of Fate or anything, I'm just asking, because determinism seems inevitable.

No, no, I'm referring to the fact that, as implied by a lot of this 'quantum physics' shit is I LOVE SCIENCE!-tier woo to cover an absence of actual understanding, let alone knowledge.
This is basically how I feel these days, but I find that offers little aid in making such woo-ful wanderings in thought seem justified. Then again, I don't have as much free time as others.
Just be careful what roads you wander down.

Nothing about life is mundane you ignorant fucking bastard.

Explain please, honestly curious.

Wasn't De Broglie a commie though?

Just dropping by to remind anons, shills and luminescent niggers of all shades that the actual architects of our esoteric renaissance never left, they just don't bother with dipshit migrants and their autistic screeching.

You couldn't have prevented this

I am happy to help, it's why I created this thread. It is a very hard subject to get into without the proper background.

The important question is: How would know if someone was illuminated to the truth? If you know the truth, you need not fear a lie.

The universe is electric and ether based.
All modern (((theoretical physics))) are based on math and not objective experiment.
My argument is this, when we understand a physical phenomenon, our technology jumps by our understanding.
Understanding of Newtonian physics, of forces and thermodynamics lead directly to the industrial revolution.
Understanding of electrical magnetic physics made us go from the light bulb to the supercomputer in ~100 years.
The theories of relativity and other quantum bullshit have been around for almost as long, if it had any basis in reality we'd be teleporting through space and time by now.


I wish I had watched S;G back when the whole Berenstein bears shitstorm was happening so I could participate in the shitposting.

Cosmology is certainly the welfare queen of the sciences, I despise them that they have the hubris to call a napkin hypothesis a theory. Talking about diamond planets and rubbish as such.
Quantum physics actually has a lot of good experiments that are cheap to reproduce, similar to plasma physics. Stuff like string "theory" is utter garbage.

It works with electrical fields or how many electrons it can store in x amount for x amount time, if they miscalculated it would short your computer or you would get crosstalk I believe. I think it has to do with capacitors.

Guess you forgot how so many GATEfags got here all at the same time. I glibly refer to it as "pruning the tree". You simply inhabit a parallel body when one of the others gives way, or to be slightly more accurate your consciousness is spread among all your concurrent incarnations, so that reducing output nodes concentrates consciousness in whatever bodies remain. It's honestly not that complicated. The actual rub of the trick is you have to know, not believe or think but KNOW how it works. Then you have to wager both your life and your soul on that unseen fact. This is known as "faith". If you're not willing to dance on the razors edge then you can't succeed in this game. And a person's own consciousness is the final arbiter of this ability, so since we're the the honest ones we win in the long run.

I call the "6th sense" knowing. It's a perceptive function, as is memory, precognition and the rest of your conscious actions. It's always just perception, and that's basically the only thing you have as an individual 'round these parts. That's why remote viewing works, and has been proven to work by none other than our favorite drug-running brony friends. Once they realized that every moment of time in every place is immediately accessible by anyone who knows basic consciousness motility, they set about to brain-damage everyone. What they DIDN'T and probably couldn't know is that steel sharpens steel, and spiking 10,000 normalfaggots would condense 1 "who can see". Very chinese finger trap. I could tell them to relax and walk away, but they're trapped in their own preconceptions–poor bastards.

I suppose none of them ever asked the important question: if we open the Void portal, will what comes through prefer to deal with people who think they can obfuscate from something that sees everything their intentions and control that which is superior to them on basically every level, or will it prefer those with clean minds free from such petty desires? The schadenfreude is real. Playing paddycake with Cthulhu while he consumes you through your own poorly constructed portals is simply amusing. I mean, it's actually art. That's why I came, I want to see in the finest detail that exists in this world how you destroyed yourself. The joy of watching it with my own eyes far outstrips the myriad tortures I endure to descend to this level to see it. By the time I tire of watching this happen to you I will be satisfied. Keep pretending you have a chance to win, it's still amusing to me. When I'm bored of this tragic comedy, I'll leave you here for recycling. Nobody is ever left forever, but I still prefer the company of the fallen to that of vainglorious primates

OP, I think you're a little too on the hype train of the "I love science" crowd. As far as we're aware of, epigenetics get washed out in the parental stage of the organism (for mammals, at least). They get reprogrammed. The epigenetics that are left are heritable ones (such as puberty, height, age specific alleles, etc).
In regards to heritablity and epigenetics, any non-heritable epigenetics would go under unique or shared environment. Epigenetics already gets factored in when during heritablity estimates.

Thanks taking the time to respond and clearing some things up. The heritablity and epigenetic distinction has always been a confusing topic.

I am actually a huge critic of rent-seeking academia and fedora tipping pop-sci materialists. When I study something I go deep and don't pull out until the dirty deed is done.
I'm actually writing a sci-fi setting for you guys, cuz love you all.

Yeah, no problem. So the way to think of epigenetics is just genes turning on and off.
The definition of epigentics is the study of heritable changes to DNA that are not changes to their sequence.
So, really what that means is that we see genes in organisms turning themselves on and off. Are the genes meant to do this by themselves or is it the environment causing? Don't know… hence why it's studied as heritable changes to DNA.
Environment can change how your genes are expressed. Such as having too low nutrition will stunt height… that's an environmental effect that affects the genes for height, flipping them off, so that's epigenetics.
However, height… Well, you don't grow forever and you grow during certain periods and height is heritable… so that means that these genes are also programmed themselves genetically to turn themselves on and off at certain time periods.
Same with puberty… It isn't just puberty forever. Puberty genes turn themselves off and on and that is regulated by the genes themselves… but can also be affected by environment.
So remember, something being epigenetic =/= it stemming from the environment. Epigenetic affects can be heritable.
"But why do your genes change according to your environment?"
Because organisms are genes expressed in an environment. It's a feedback loop with organisms. Genes change your environment by programming the organism into what to do. As the environment changes, your genes react to this new environment by changing the programming of the organism, telling it to do XYZ now because that's the best reaction it can do and that's what programming it's meant to do for that given environment. It's because people are just genes and those genes are interacting with an environment, so the genes themselves have to change to interact with the environment.

Here's another link for ya that I forgot to post the first time.

Anyhow, "what does this mean for race differences?", you may ask… It means nothing. As seeing that transgenerational epigenetics don't get passed down (unless those effects were genetic/heritable effects in the first place), that means epigentics that stem from environment don't matter transgenerationally.
As for within-generation epigenetics between races… Well, those get factored for when we factor for environment since any non-heritable ones stem from the environment… factor for environment and it defacto factors for epigenetics stemming from the environment.

I went deep into DNA the last few days, still diving into the finer points of Dr.Hameroff's lectures, but one thing Im already walking away with is that DNA is designed by a supreme intelligence. It has two coding systems running concurrently, and sections can be read backward and forward and produce different results. The gene traits themselves also exhibit pleiotropy, so if that wasnt already dimensionally complex the genes effect eachother and altering one can and often does have a cascading effect on other systems. Theres simply no room for random mutations here.

They? We don't deduce that consciousness lives in microtubules at all. We postulate, and then observe our postulates validated, that microtubules provide the space for bridging the gap between quantum scale processing and the movement of molecules by providing a space where large quantum superpositions can exist, prior to OCR.
Consciousness is then where it always is, bound into the fabric of space time, but brains and their microtubules provide doorways into the larger scale world of manifest matter.
get it right.

Underdevelopment is why Immigrant IQ is lower, if you bring them to the west then their descendants will have higher IQ! *eagerly rubbes hands with lotion*

That way future sandniggers actually will have higher IQ than modern sandniggers. It's just modern people with high IQ will also have lower IQ. The kikes of course run no such programs so they will not be affected. The goal is to eventually have entire planet but kikes diluted to the point that these glorified sandniggers actually become more intelligent than the rest of the planet, which they are currently not.

OP, if you are good with bioinformatics/programming I have a project you might like. webchat.freenode.net/?channels=#biopol

Quantum physicists not understanding it doesn't mean "they don't understand it any more than the common pleb" - it means "shit doesn't make sense." Quantum mechanics is just a set of equations which work flawlessly to describe things which were deduced from observations. We don't know why they work because we lack an underlying theory to explain the why aspect of any question, but we know the equations are sound.

Bong division of GATEfag here, did we learn anything else apart from what was in those three threads or did they spammed to oblivion

You're right but I am skeptical of taking concepts from QP and applying them to other fields, especially when we do not have a firm grasp on them yet. I mean, we could imagine some sort of quantum entanglement with the genes of holocaust survivors and their kids that might explain why everyone is apparently deeply traumatized by something that didn't happen to them but at the same time we could easily explain the effects with neurotic parents raising neurotic offspring without involving physics.

When I see people talking about quantum shit it more often than not is misused to justify magical thinking or simply fraudulent. 5 seconds of searching got me this crap:

That's very well written user.

I've never met you, but i love you too
no homo

Off topic but, why and in what basis did (((scientists))) debunked phrenology? For me it's sounds like a decent science, and not a pseudoscience like (((they))) like to claim

Sheldrake does sound scientific experiments but he extrapolates conclusions which go beyond the scope of the data observed. The holes he pokes in current science are valid but his answers are not.

Because phrenology makes statements about a person's personality that have no basis in fact. You can discern a lot from someone's skull but not psychological aspects. (At least not in a deeper sense. When you hold a niggers skull you can reasonably assume the guy was acting like a savage.) it falls into the same category as graphology.


This is like saying "without phlogiston, your gas fire wouldn't heat your home."
An explanation for a phenomenon is not the phenomenon.
QFT could be a completely wrong explanation which happens to work in most cases, hence the word theory.

Right. Because when I want to know the cutting edge of biology, I ask a "druid."

No. The hidden variables hypothesis is completely untenable according to research and simply how the phenomena works at that level. At the quantum level everything is probabilistic and you can only know likelihood, not certainty. There isn't even a true cause and effect as a result of this, hence determinism goes out the window. Proof of this is quantum tunneling and hawking radiation. A deterministic universe couldn't have these.

Look into quantum tunneling and stop being an ignorant little shit.

The fact that you don't understand it, doesn't mean it isn't real. Quit holding on to an ego which isn't deserved.

He's talking about the observable phenomena which dominate the superconductor world specifically with respect to lithography and the ever-shrinking distances involved. These are fields of study which depend on quantum mechanics being real.

It's valid science, and there are plenty of experiments underlying the theory, but when it comes to interpretations, I've had professors saying that's a topic more suited to an evening at a bar instead of the lecture hall.

The 'barely understand it' thing is just a meme for good PR. We have a very good understandning of what quantum mechanics is.
There's basically as much oberservation of quantum mechanics as there is of classical mechanics.
t. physicsfag

White Zen Fascism/NationalSocialism ftw

Off topic

What the hell? This was the coolest scariest shitpost /x/ mindfuck.>>11238771

For some reason this makes me think of the idea of the noosphere.

Up to the point of conception between two individuals and at the moment of conception comes a mixing of two situation into one. However, what it lost to mankind is a deeper understanding of what is truly passed on. Experience and events are within the genetic framework of ones very code and equally are passed through the generations. It is how animals, without even being trained, know how to care for their young, how birds know directional travel. And, in terms of mankind, it is, within a select few, how they randomly get flashes of events they cannot explain or perceive themselves through the eyes of another.

This is a very long statement so I will not bog down pol with my findings and theories but sufficed to say - there is a reason some have senses superior to others and this is also why so few remain given the breeding cycles which have washed away so many prime bloodlines. Still though, the select few can sense and feel each other calling out through the void and seeing past, current, and future events in ways very few understand. It is not being psychic and it is not some magic. It simply is the activation of ancient bloodlines which are far superior to normal bloodlines.

That's not how it works you fucking kike. The amount of power required to physically teleport an object is absolutely insane, unless you tap into higher densities and do the generic "dimension hopping" ftl that scifi loves. It takes a great deal of time, energy and training to remote view, and that's just basic bitch astral work.

Classic /x/

You should probably not celebrate the death of old scientists when academia is increasingly taken over by klkes.


Maybe. He posits his one, pet mechanism - morphic resonance - which begs too many questions (such us field resonance in general), and so offers little to explain what is at the real heart of the whole problem: formative causation.

I believe systems can self-organize (which is what would be necessary for such an entropy-offsetting, self-bettering system to exist) - and perhaps even Ralph Abraham himself agreed, in several of his trialogues with Sheldrake; but "morphic resonance" doesn't adequately explain how such systemic self-organization might work, let alone influence others - & via what medium. His hypothesis also fails precisely because such systems as he describes don't extrapolate - a self-ordering system wouldn't improve itself, because the hypothesis of a better "self" would require some level of abstraction, lacked by finite systems, innately. There's no meta point of view available from within such a system.

Long way to say: Sheldrake's guesses and mech may be faulty, but the exceptions he notes to the raw, Kuhnsian paradigm are real. Not everything we observe in biology is developed/evolved with an immediate survivability advantage - there is a longer-arc design process in play. It's something that still needs explaining.

How (((trendy))).


Fuck off, you useless piece of shit.

I'm glad the genetics threads here posted with informed OPs often get sagelocked here by the mods. We wouldn't want truth in the OP about genetics.

Epigenetics is not above genetics. It is quite literally the way genes are turned on or off throughout the genome. It tells us nothing that we have genes to grow arms and genes to grow new vertebrae and entire muscles. It tells us everything to know when these genes are activated, what each one does, how they interact and so forth. Many of these developmental genes are tightly wound and inactivated after development. If in some way all those developmental genes were turned on at the exact same time. Some would mute each other to some degree (there are genes for stopping and starting some stages of growth) and some would have you growing nerve cells on the outside of your tongue and brain.

You are not what your grandfather thought. There is no mechanism for this. These lamarckian thoughts have been disproven; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamarckism

This is another reason we are seeing a monumental rise in autism coinciding with the rise of sexual "freedom" to women. Women are a genetic smorgasbord of gene collection and each sperm that is inseminated into them is stored and incorporated into her very DNA. This DNA, since in essence, half of her is passed to her child is incorporated. So if a woman has sex with many partners the chances of altered brain function rise substantially in her offspring.

this nigger knows what's up. have you been to the akashic as well brother? or am I forgetting its proper name?

Well that would explain why so many of us want to see a re-do of WWII then wouldn't it?

That's not how it works at all. First off, sperm don't carry a complete set of DNA, but instead a fractional set due to how sexual reproduction works. Secondly, foreign elements are digested or fought by the body's immune system. They also could not survive because sperm cells are not capable of reproduction. Thirdly, and most importantly, DNA transfer could only happen from such a cell through fertilization and because they don't survive in the body that couldn't happen. There is no mechanism within those cells to export their DNA otherwise.

TLDR version: You read misinformation.

I don't desire to turn this into a GATE post, but why the fuck did they use mind reading cards like pic related with us.

Telegony and microchimerism, bro. There's a fairly good article about the science of it here:

hate to break it to ya but the kikes have already succeeded in doing this. this is the deep tech and areas of research they have already mastered. it's just not being told to the public


Yes, let's discuss what shitskins think about reality.


You mean what any faggot can achieve through avoiding flouride and decalcifiying a gland?

Fuck off with the "bloodlines" bullshit kike.

Something has been happening lately. I have been developing a theory as to why and how.. Have been able to create several models that support my hypothesis as well, but fuck me sideways if it isnt really fucking hard to put into words.

But.. the WHAT of what is happening is I have been seeing a shit load of anons positing the same, or similar, thought patterns that I have been sperging into for a very long time. It is almost as if some sort of metaphorical ark of knowledge/holy grail that exists in the meta-realm has been unlocked.

Part of my hypothesis is that we, through sheer autism, and the fucking alignment of the stars or some such, have breached the event horizon and are experiencing a mental evolution where a high plain of perception is now possible. And I have been becoming more and more aware of very esoteric sources, as well as every day fiction stories, alluding to such an event as having happened in the past. Kinda like the obelisk from a space odyssey.

There is more to it than that.

So basically morphic resonance is memetics that affect biology?
If so that seems right up our alley.

Oh look, another distracting thread composed entirely of jibberish, with strangely the same formatting.


Its not just bloodlines. There is much more at play. Reality is a puzzle wrapped in a riddle buried in an enigma. The puzzle COULD be solved by anyone, but only few ever realize it is actually a puzzle and even less ever realize that the pieces are missing but right in front of their faces.

It's kind of like the most autistic 'escape the room' type game ever devised. Everyone is capable of finding the way out of that room but most people suck at that type of game, they have a very hard time identifying clues. Picture a palm tree or a pine cone, ask people to describe what shape those are.. most will describe a cylinder and an oval but few will ever consider saying that both are helical objects which contain the answers to all questions.

Everything that you see of reality is your perspective of reality, the confines of your perspective define the extent to which you can see.

Stop putting quantum in front of everything, it doesn't make sense.

If I met God the first thing I would ask is why he invented turbulence.

Most people dont want to hear the truth, they dont want to hear about how quantum fundamentals defy logic and reason and that they might not be overarching principals that govern everything. At any point where those two systems of thought breakdown science quietly snips it off from its main theology and ignores it entirely. See evolution and abiogensis, or the big bang and the primordial seed. These are things science has failed entirely to explain through some rational, completely logical process, and theyre for the most part ignored in modern culture as a result. Man is far more content describing some simple subsystem and letting himself play into his ego, as if that gives him a full depth and breadth of understanding about reality.


Who could.it.be?

I told you about unqualified discussion. I told you.

I suppose that's a good omen, means we're on to something.
I'm going to make it my goal to ensure there is always at least one decent science thread up, even if it devolves into silly stuff it at least exposes our blindspots and opens up new avenues for development.

Always remember, the jew fears the scrutinizing mind of the radicalized educated White man.

Sometimes retard babbling is just retarded babbling. I know this is hard for you to grasp, what with Dunning-Kruger and all but still.

That's the pure beauty of it. It is the most abstract and difficult of the sciences to understand. But it is also the one science that any man is capable of understanding. The key to it all is the ability to admit to yourself that no matter how much you know, you also know nothing, for in order to truly know everything about something you must be God and that you are not. Its pure gestalt. Pure imagination, while not being imaginary. It is also impossible to fully explain. Imagine trying to explain to someone that they need to change the oil in their car, but you can not use the words car, oil, engine, wrench, filter, lubricant, fluid liquid or heat. It's all marvelously silly shit.




Interesting theory about memory, but I don't think the location of the brain argument makes any sense, when I put on a thick helmet I don't die. So it can't be that it's transmitting data outside surely? what about if you're put ina lead room? will you lose all memory or not have the ability to make more memories, until you're released? doesn't make much sense to me.

This is assuming those materials are able to block the signal. Or at least block it sufficiently to cut you off from the rest of humanity.

Whatever you say shlomo shimshekelwitz; whatcha slidin?

I think the location of the brain makes more sense when you consider it as an antenna, and realize that any receiver can also be a transmitter. And… you also gotta consider that the kikes are deceitful pieces of shit that have very neurotically guided scientific development for the past several hundred years.

Currently magnets are describe of as having 2 poles with a theoretical 'unipole' magnet being 'sought' this is classic kike misdirection. They are trying to shift the focus onto the pursuit of a magnet with one pole when what we should be considering is the possibility of a tripolar magnet.

receiver, transmitter, processor.. perhaps?

I only feel sadness that Holla Forums is host to retards like these. Just because a meme sounds or looks good doesn't mean you should swallow it hook, line, and sinker. Fucking idiots.

You have to go back.

The idea was originally introduced during the first, or second dependent on who you ask, exodus. Newfag.

I don't fucking care when or where the false idea came from. Why do you feel the need to inject nonsense about 4chin exoduses into completely unrelated topics? You should probably gas yourself you raging autist.

Because I'm telling you to go back, newfag.

Can you help me come to terms with telegony and Microchimerism? It really demotivates not just me, but a lot of other men from reproducing. I mean you cannot practically expect to marry a virgin in todays world..

Top Kek
This is the given explanation for mysteries of (((psychology))) such as phobias without trauma. Combined with collective consciousness/atman or any other name and it explains child/tbi savants, and dissociative identities that are fluent in dead languages.

They can also be explained by nonlocality, Bell's inequality. It also BTFO flat earth fags.

This. Accidentally jumping/leaping/tunneling is common but most mundanes just write it off as a either brain fog or de ja vue.

Kek surf's up brah


Well the heart and gut each have an equal amount of neurons as the spine and send twice as many impulses to the brain as it sends them. These are also the three Dan Tien of Chinese internal alchemy.

>inb4 go back to >>>/fringe/
You're living in a fringe universe m80; get used to it.

This topic reminds me of what is known as the Super Radiance Effect. Essentially, meditators meditating in large groups effects the consciousness of the people in the surrounding area, lowering violence and increasing happiness. We're all psychically connected.


Which isnt that far fetched considering reality is hyperconnected, and this is even reflected in the non locality of quantum entanglement.

Where does the gate lead? What is the gate to? Who was phone?

I don't think the development of the front part of the skull necessitates a shortening of the rear portion. I'm pretty sure a prominent occipital bun is a symptom of Neanderthal DNA who are regarded as the most intelligent inhabitants of Earth.

1999 eraser drop experiment

Speak for yourself you low-dimensional, mundane flesh sack.

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'Allo m9. The thing that pops into my mind is that many of us decided that drowning was a good way to get rid of some chaff, aka a lot of us remember dying via drowning. Also it was 8 threads, I was there for all of them, I lost my archive notes but someone around here has them so ask around, thread 3 was when we dealt with the tavicock bots, that was an event to remember. Not sure I've ever seen a botswarm like that anywhere, ever. We got eight 751's in a row, so eat a dick shills and get on my level.

This is my particular area of expertise; I, like most anons, have been recuperating my memetic energy after our highly successful blitzkrieg and letting shills shill to shills uselessly, bleeding soros' CTR funds .02 at a time. I'm starting to feel a bit restless again though so I might return to the fray now

So glad you asked! It's because the ponyfuckers know for a fact that remote viewing DOES real, and in fact those documents were declassified via FOIA not so long ago. They funded some of this reaerach, and in fact I synchronistically happen to have the datas right here in my hot little hands. Actually the references are a bit much to post here, but you can look up project SCANATE which I believe dates to 1972, it's all declassified. I'll stay frosty to drip more data, even though I always get paranoid after I use my particular mode of viewing, and tend to dump and run. I think I've isolated that emotion, so I think I can get rid of that block now. FOR YOU

You wouldn't. You don't.
Therein lies the rub.

You're one of us now, call us Holla Forums
Actually I felt a bit guilty since I'm moderately versed in epigenetics due to my brief time exposed to philosophy of biology at the university of redacted, and that's actually the topic of the OP which I ignored in a rage. I'll get on topic, most likely, over the next few units of time.

I'll say this: eventually it became intuitively apparent to me that I chose this body due to the bloodline it contains; I lingered in limbo for a while to find a body like this that has the capabilities I require. I'm a captive audience, please continue.

Epigenetic cues are the selecting factor for which gene sequences are selected for activation from an indivual's DNA. Cortisol levels, etc. define what cues are given. This is extremely basic knowledge

Thanks for noticing bro. It's not me that's coming, the music comes through me. DJ Shadow reference. Shit freaks me out too, I can never tell who the message is intended for but it always works.

I'm the one who ground down this reality to it's finest particle thus far witnessed, added my own special code to this simulation, made Cthulu avert his gaze and came back without destroying the universe somehow–no one but me knows how because I dipped below the event horizon into the Void without breaking the seal. I'm the arbiter in the black box, an impersonal judge and soul assassin par excallance. Accepted by the lord of the simulation as essentially an equal, I have literally nothing to profit from here, I just came to witness the show and extract a few souls.

No that is completely wrong. You are operating a troll/slide thread, thanks for confirming.

>You are not what your grandfather thought. There is no mechanism for this. These lamarckian thoughts have been disproven; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamarckism

Holy shit I was just memeing about Tom Cruise, but you really are batshit crazy. Do you listen to the Mission Impossible theme song when you're taking a shit?

So how does a transistor work if quantum mechanics is not the principle behind it?


You're the user from the GATE threads.

Godspeed you crazy bastard. I don't know why I believe you, but I do.

You do know that electricity works with fields, right? That the fathers of the modern electrical world created everything without knowing what quantum mechanics even was?

Can someone explain to me what this is?

We have that in common, actually, and you're not the first person to tell me that. This stuff is just an experience to me, and I can't honestly explain it even to myself. I've been working on a philosophy that would encompass it for quite a while now, trying to understand why/how it computes. I spent a lot of time studying quantum physics, and eventually it started to make some sort of logical sense. There's still a lot to learn, but as I alluded to earlier the ponyfuckers did some of this research quite a while ago.

To be less raged out and cryptic, I think that consciousness is an aether/'electric' field that exists as a 'ground of reality'–of course this is a Tesla thing, Aryan and used to be well accepted. The study of consciousness is the groundbreaking area IMO, and these things taken together explain quantum entanglement. I have a lot to say about this and most of it is because I'm quite the intrepid adventurer, ergo I have many fucking lifetimes worth of esoteric weirdness packed into a fairly short lifetime. I don't expect anyone to 'believe' this shit, because as much weirdness as I'm willing to embrace, I wouldn't have believed it myself 1 minute before I experienced it myself. That's why you have to just consult your intuition to see if it rings true. There's nothing I can do except describe what I experienced.

I do want to keep on topic at a certain point, but more importantly than that I want to explain to people what I believe, and that belief is simply faith at this point. I just "know" it, which is the basis of 'ESP' phenomena. I've been hijacked by who the fuck knows once I made it my mission to awaken NatSocs to this esoteric knowledge, but apparently I'm blameless so here I am to tell the tale. Yes, that happened. Fuckers should have either bribed or ignored me, but it's risky from their perspective no matter how you slice it. Have a webbum from the thread, I was just perusing it.

No, but when I was but a lad I used to play it at barely audible levels with a minirecorder while I walked around just for keks, watching people look around in confusion was always a laugh riot. Any kind of resistance, sarcastic or not, plays into my hand and you've just done it as well. Unfortunately it's nigh impossible wew to avoid doing it.

When you've died as may times as I have I've been resuscitated a few times and you've seen your body from the outside enough times, you eventually have to develop a new worldview that encapsulates your lived experiences. I'm not so crazy that I don't admit that it could all be bullshit, but I am crazy enough to believe it might be true. I'm one of the original Kek acolytes too, because I'd been exploring Void consciousness for a solid 15 years before that point, again due to just lived experience. I'm a thinker, but I'm also willing to gamble my life on my beliefs.

Point blank, I'll assert that we are in what I call 'a hell', which I think is a kind of soul battery that certain macrobes use for, well, energy production. I have seen this, and been contacted by it. The deal is that awakened thinkers present a problem to the battery they made, and I came from I remember where as a ronin to extract problematic souls. Couldn't say for sure if I'm a big enough guy to do it all personally, so I figured that I could instruct people to extract themselves, thereby saving myself the effort of doing so. In the end we all forge our own shackles. In no way do I want to deny the entire harvest to the soul farmers any more than I think it would help livestock to destroy all the fences. Most people wouldn't know what to do even if they DID have the option. In this sense kikes with their 'satanic' inclinations aren't exactly wrong, almost all people are livestock. They are too, even more than most, though they would deny this.

My current thought is that one's emotions are the true wealth of this world–everything but that is, for the most part, illusory. What is an emotion? When you dream, that's just illusory. But the EMOTIONS you experience in a dream…those are as real as any emotion you've ever had. A dream emotion IS a real emotion, it crosses the boundary. I guess the best way to do it is to cultivate stoicism, and a true faith in your own intuition/emotionality. I found a real thing in the maya, and this is an internal understanding. All of us can do it, but most people believe what they see externally. External shit is a glamour, but internal shit is equally as real in a simulation as it is in an objective reality.

Some greenpill faggot decided to make a thread about the gifted and talented programs many of us went through as kids, and for whatever reason it got a lot of traction, I was into it from like the 10th post. Then he just sat back and watched the fireworks happen for 8 threads, as far as I can tell. Goon shills started coming through, but when we mentioned tavistock we got hit by an insane fucking botswarm. Of course this only fueled us for 5 more threads because all anons know shillbots are programmed to derail dangerous threads. But bots don't know when they've hit the autism motherload, which they did. If this thread lives for a while someone will drop the archives. I lost mine, but I have absolute faith in our hivemind/stand alone complex, so I don't need to have the techicals as long as one of the hivemind does.

Ah, I see. I always wondered what the point of those programs were. I just assumed it was to create a database for the feds to hire or some shit.

I stumbled upon these archives. I'll read some

Thread I: archive.is/qQkpC

Thread II: archive.is/wced0

Thread III: archive.is/d0pID

Thread IV: archive.is/nNVa3

Thread V: archive.is/WWpf9

Nice, user. Good luck dredging through that shitstorm, but things are in there that bother the deepstate. I'd guess that imagining you were there as things developed is the best way to get a sense of what was going on. Gonna snag those links for now, domo arigato gozymas

Very interesting thread. But quite advanced too for a brainlet on this subject like myself. Where would you recommended to begin?

Kek, I just decided to look again myself and I immediately saw the timeline post (2nd post). I noticed this some 15 years ago. The ability to hop timelines is my bag, baby. BENEDICT Spinoza a biological kike who was excommunicated, banished (for saying kikes aren't special at all) and most importantly never reproduced–as close to a good kike as one can be predicted that each of us has at least one aspect of God as a necessity of existence. I, perhaps unfortunately, embody immortality as one of my core aspects, so I get sent on suicide missions like this. Being trapped in an illusion is the only good way to curb my god-tier disintegration technique another thing I just remember, but I'm also not stupid at all, even from a larger perspective, so not only do I always wake up, I actually never sleep. You see proof of this right now. I have clear memories from well before I could speak.

I have an feeling, an experience, it's an emotion I've never been able to describe. It's something like a fusion of wisdom, resolve, understanding, caring and an orgasm. In my best moments I want to impart it to others, though I've never been able to do it to even a minor degree.

And ahahaha CERN popped up right up front in the thread even before I hijacked their cube. Boy that sure was handy. I use swords, Geoffery, even the ones I find lying haphazardly around.

Fuck dude I only started looking when you thought of asking me 3-5 mins ago, it's gonna take me a minute to redigest that. Plus I'll find new meaning in it because it's 4d layered info. But I'll go through it and see what I can extract

At least you're integrated into the hivemind/SAC, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. As we learn you'll have instant access to the memesphere that we are. Keep working on it, learn to "know" 6th sense mein neger and you'll be fine. I sense that you'll survive this and prosper from it.

I got it: what aspect of God do you embody as a primary function? Take your time, you know this, you just need to clear the fog

I didn't get put through one of those since UK doesn't have them.
But from what I've learned the ones all the yankee kids went through seem to have been monarch primer courses.
But the resultswere too sub-par for them to be considered worth the effort of continuing.

Oh, but there is. It's just that the usual result is a crash.


Nah, they still have them, but mostly it's so the actually intelligent kids can learn at least something apart from the plebs. Of course that's predicated on the instructors not being subhumans-in this case I got lucky because my elementary GATE teacher was clearly the bet teacher I had until uni, even considering that she may have been the best overall.

The failure was in thinking they could figure out which of us was psychic or a leader, and who could be harnessed to their shit-tier agenda. Protip: the actually intelligent/precognitive among us were way to fucking perceptive to be drawn into the plans of the ponyfucking idiots that were watching. It's about the same story they always conform to: the lesser trying to command the greater. This time, we said, "No." Look at us, we're the deep state now. We control the minds of the youth. It was always too late.

I did the litany as the black sun was overhead. Everything went smoothly and felt correct. I'm a man, I've stayed to destroy the hunter, pain be damned. I will ensure the survival of our people.

I want girls with bigger tits.
And speaking of epigenetitcs, what is preceived as that is just a matter of amplifiying prexistant talents or dispositions.

Memes are quite literally Genes.

I'm 100% going to get to this soon, I've been having this argument with people for years. Epigenetics are equivalent to memetics, this is an information system that we can use to affect not just the MINDS of the youth, but also their entire physiology.

We will control the physiology of the youth through epigeneitc guidance, mark my words and mark them well.


That means you will bow.

Then we need to control the hivemind, because i want girls with big tits and a lot of money.

I think you mean influence, because that would actually be possible. Don't be like CIA, the lesser cannot command the greater. However, as in the game of Go, a single piece CAN and DOES cause a cascading effect on the overall playing board. A single move can flip the entire state of the board when placed properly and at the right time. Any one of us, or one of the people we influence, can change the entire state of the game. That's what they fear. And they should, because it's going to happen. In fact, it already has. It currently is.

Please meme the anime tiddies thing though if you're going to flip the board, I'm ok with this

I just assume and control as soon as i figure them out. There are different levels of imposing will through dominance or assertion, depends on the level of bullshit. And as soon as the bullshit tide rises so will my will. You say "know yourself", so your shit is a personal insult to me.

That wasn't my intention, so I apologize for that if it came across wrong. Sounds like you know your game plan user

There is no need to apologize, if you invade my privacy i make it so that you get your throat cut.
And that isnt a warning.

And just to add drecksau, i will kill some of you.

What I mean is the monarch elements were not producing the desired results.
The continuation on a more legitimate basis was down to the USAs desperate need to increase its number of competent people.

Ya I figured that was what you meant about 2 seconds after I replied. It's an interesting concept honestly. My feeling is that the next phase of monarch will be a hivemind that's evolved to the extent that it operates as a single organism ONE OF US, ONE OF US and that's probably why their grooming project failed so spectacularly.

Get to it laddie, google's all up in your shit and I guarantee some alphabetniggers have a whole folder on you, down to your sexual inclinations and favorite color. There are so many people up your ass that when you finally see whats happening you'll probably laugh at your previous statement. Beyond that, though, privacy is a myth. The show already ended, and now we're just exploring the 4d hyperobject in finer and finer detail, hoping not to break it as we grind it down to the finest measurements possible.

Rather than letting this bother you, just understand a few things. Sometimes the whole world is watching you in your most intimate and "private" moments,they find it quite amusing that you don't know. That is what they call 'art' in this place. But if you notice it's happening and respond with less than a "Truman show" realism, it loses all its artfulness. There are other forms of art too, they have to deal with an individual watching many, or hypervaluing the trivial, or trivializing the most important things that exist. Multiple recursive layers of irony is the comedy of this place, and when you're in on the joke it really IS very amusing. Your most embarrassing and disgusting moments are beautiful and perfect, so revel in each moment with no shame. The game is OVER. IT'S OVER. Guess what? Wanna know the ending? Want me to break the 4th wall? No need to, but just, like, chill man. If you think you can kill me then by all means do it, and the last word you'd hear from me is thanks. But I'm not your enemy. And I don't care about you in the slightest, my own life is crude and beautiful enough.

Figure out how to change that which already happened, learn to alter the source code, and THEN you'll become someone important. If you can't do that, you can't do anything. So play your part and play it well, just let it all go man. We're doing something cosmically significant here.

Good goy.

Monarch was MKULTRAs successor.
The goal was to enable the US government to pull a plant out of its ass in any organisation.
Didn't quite work that way but it sort of worked.

So all that earlier talk of the brain as a receiver and human conciousness got me thinking.
Three things mainly.

First what if all humans are actually an expression of a wider group entity. But said entity only works across humans who are sufficiently similar in terms of their receiver structure.
Explaining why there's such disparity in how races think and act along with our seemingly natural emnity towards each other.
They're a different group entity.

Second what if humans function in a similar manner to Orks from Warhammer 40K?
We know observation changes shit in a physics context when really it shouldn't.
So what if it changes because we will it to change without realising it?
We get primed by shit like star trek and then we discover "oh hang on warp drives are possible"

Third what if each individual human is again a sort of individual unit for a group entity but said group comprises individual iterations of you across dimensions.
Explaining the Mandela effect. It's not that you've slipped dimensions/timelines, it's simply that information has been incorrectly distributed, instead of being sent/stored to the iteration in the correct dimension its instead wound up in the local memory of another iteration in another dimension.

Literally nigger tier, to reject abstract thought

Speaking of Orks.
Look up what the oldest and largest entities on earth are: it's fungus membranes and they micromanage their environment, deciding what lives and what grows. The membranes are essentially giant 2-3 mile big brains, those are just ones we've found on the surface. There's a massive shadow biosphere on earth under our feet, I'm sure you're curious what's down there.

The very first creatures on land were mushrooms billions of years ago and have survived every single mass extinction event. Human brains developed most likely because of mutations brought about by constantly ingesting poisonous mushrooms. Ever wonder why humans always seem to believe in some sort of omnipotent entity or have chemical receivers for very certain types of chemicals that only mushrooms produce?

Earth is probably micromanaged by a 3 billion year old fungus membrane divine-horror, killed the dinosaurs, brain-spams Terry Davis, invented AIDS, it is constantly growing and created humans so it could spread into space.

Reminded me of Morrigan Lugus from Supergod

copied the links, this semi-lurker thanks you

I’m a tenth planet Eddie Bravo black belt, so good luck kid

Ok yes, later on I wondered if that was what you're referring to. I've heard talk of programs to do the other thing too, selecting a patrician class, but in hindsight it's obvious what you ACTUALLY meant.

I think this is probably true. If consciousness is a field (equivalent to aether, electric, etc.), then it's OVERALL a unified thing, but I propose that the consciousness that sees all of it at once is what we'd call God. Kind of like how the air in the kitchen is "different" than the air in the loving room different smell, temperature, etc. but there's no distinct line where they are separate. Similarly, groups of people with different physical structures receivers, antennas probably receive different generally similar information from field 'wavelengths'.
This was one of my first thoughts when I woke up today, I was thinking about it last night. I was thinking about my big proposal that the '6th sense' is "Knowing" which I'll capitalize to denote my theory of knowing. To know something is to be aware of some thing THAT IS TRUE. You can't "know" something that is false, you can only have believed you did. To "know something" is to be referring to an object or concept that is TRUE IN FACT. So if for instance I Know something, but I've never physically experienced it, and then I experience it, how can I know that it was there before I Knew it was?
Obviously you could see a picture or hear a rumor, etc. I'm referring to a situation in which you Know something that is essentially unknown to you
This is what I believe. It's the only thing that I've heard that can explain some of the things I've experienced. Also it's an old theory that does explain away certain paradoxes in things like time travel, teleportation, FTL travel, all sorts of weirdness becomes kind of standard physics. And I'm telling you, top-tier physicists are some of the weirdest minds out there, because they know for a fact that reality is nothing AT ALL like what materialists physicists of 150 years ago believed and most people still believe.

So what if an individual's EXPERIENCE of consciousness a monad, if you will is equivalent to an electron moving through the brain? Of course that's not exactly what happens, because the synapse turns the electron flow into a chemical to bridge the physical gap. So perhaps in each quantum moment, the entire physical structure of the universe is eliminated completely, converted into "electricity" (or aether, or consciousness), it moves a certain amount based on its processing trajectory, and then excretes another physical universe. Which is promptly eliminated again to continue the "thought process" of "God", to be not exactly poetic about it. actually each quantum particle is disappearing and returning, not really sure if it happens all at once or not, or if that's the whole story

To take that one step further, the "neuron network" of the universe is the 'many-worlds' overlay, which I suppose would count as 5-d in this parlance, since 4-d would be just moving "inward and outward" or "bigger or smaller" over a single 4-d trajectory. I'm talking about creating a lateral movement to an adjacent "neuron path/universe" with your "electron/monad". Perhaps you could also travel in 4d as well, but you wouldn't be in the same universe anymore? I don't know, I'd have to think more about it. I just realized some of that though Most of the time I can only Know things if someone actually wants to hear me tell it, which can be a frustration–it's much harder to do for myself, because I just don't care enough apparently.

Calm down there, Terence
Probably true TBH

>That formatting look at me, I'm the intelligence report now looks like a CIA document but it's not though, I think I could have improved on that. C'est la vie

Just realized I skimmed over a concept there–4-d superstructure. It idea is that each quantum moment exists permanently in a "snapshot" of the universe's 3-d structure in each individual quantum moment. It's eliminated, and becomes nested within a slightly larger 3-d physical universe, and again, etc. I suppose if you follow it the other way to the beginning of any universe, there is a single "thought" which contains the elements of the universe which unfolds from it. So that's just for any particular universe, of which there are functionally infinite, I'd just imagine. And of course each universe had a 5-d many worlds superstructure as well, according to the last 2 paragraphs there. And probably 6-d, 7-d, 8-d or who knows how many larger gigastructures. I'd suppose having 5-d motility of consciousness is probably a good enough upgrade for most of us for now.

Post the damn references.

Ok hold on I have a paper book so I'll need to transcribe them

Ok on Zener cards, they were invented by Duke University professor J.B. Targ in 1927, and by the 1930's he found out it's harder to remote view something you have a 'name' for. Also because the test is boring it exhibits a decline effect. Because of that I really wonder why they bothered using it, it's a shit test really. You can look this up anywhere but:
>The Reality of ESP: A Physicist's Proof of Psychic Abilities. Wheaton, IL: Quest Books. 2012. ISBN 9780835608848 this guy looks like a kike, apparently he married Bobby Fischer's sister too

CIAnigger refs:
He oversaw the experiments above, you can look him up yourself, apparently he was pretty public after the nindisclosure was removed. IDK there are more

There's a ton of this stuff TBH

*J.B. Rhine, goddammit transcribing shit out of books that won't just stay open is a pain in the dick

Not to get into /x/ territory but…

Does anyone have an explanation for DMT/drug induced hallucinations/spiritual beings etc…I have heard others mention on here it could be an extra dimension. I cannot wrap my mind around this concept.

Speaking of Mushrooms
Its probably The Green (h/t Alan Moore)
(tl;dr plants are self-aware, actually talk to each other, across species and to animal and fungal organisms)

systems theory is how shit actually works at larger scales. It's what is used in ecology.




There, I just broke down all of philosophy and natural law with two fucking concepts. You're welcome.

The kike version of quantum physics is terribly misleading. It’s as much a mischaracterization of reality as Einstein’s bullshit is. It’s not the easiest thing to explain because the lies we have been raised on make the truth of reality is abstract that the only way to truly understand it is to focus all your autism on abstraction until you gestalt it. Once you ‘break the conditioning’ you won’t be able to stop noticing how in your face the answers are and how undeniable the ‘new perspective’ becomes. I’ve been seeing more and more anons talking about it in a manner in which I can tell they have reached all the same ridiculous by (((common knowledge))) standards conclusions.

I don’t remember a whole lot about gate but I have some of the assignments in my possession still… 90% of it revolves around abstract logic and mechanical engineering focusing on sacred symbols. It would seem that we were chosen. Which raises some serious questions, by whom and for what?

As more anons start to see what I am talking about they will, like I said above, see it everywhere. The patterns are so fucking synchronistic and so undeniably relevant, to everything when I’ve mentioned patterns in the past shills focus on “oh what you noticed birds fly in a triangle shape so now you know how the universe works”. No it’s much much more than that… it’s a fractal of a fractal of a fractal of a golden ratio projecting in all directions, in all things, to the power of 9. It is a rule that all things folllow. The sonnenrad explains how it works, analyze it.. it’s ratios, it’s angles, is it a 2 dimensional symbol? no it is not, draw a cube around it so that the ends of the rays contact an edge, side or corner**.


Everything works exactly the same, but each unit of measure is an order of magnitude greater than the one before it

While we're on the topic of a collective consciousness, how many of you got into cryptocurrency and /biz/? Particularly after the 2016 presidential election?


>You are not what your grandfather thought. There is no mechanism for this. These lamarckian thoughts have been disproven; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamarckism

String theory is pretty much dead, Continuum Hypothesis is more interesting if you're looking for mathematical proofs of some sort of spirit realm.

You're probably having a waking dream, we don't remember our dreams vividly typically but just feel them in an abstract way. The real question is: What are dreams and why do we even need sleep? There isn't really a solid theory for it yet, just educated guesses; since we don't know how consciousness works fundamentally.

My hypothesis is that it's synchronizing with the collective, uploading and downloading information; from an evolutionary point of view sleep is super deadly– we must doing it for an extremely good reason and it's advantageous so much so that other creatures died that have less sleep. If it is biologically possible, organisms that had which amounts to wireless connections would obviously have a huge advantage. Look up the national trap shyness phenomenons, rat poison mostly; if the rats realize something is poison they start avoiding it on a national level, so they have to make sure the rats don't associate death with the poison– making it work on a delay. They're obviously exchanging information, somehow.
Some chemicals might just be inducing a waking dream or changing the frequency and you're tuning into a different collective resonance, the white noise very well could be a very large field of some cosmic horror for all we know. Psychedelics are very strange and possibly extremely dangerous, I would never do them casually.

Rupert Sheldrake is one of the few serious biologists trying to explain these phenomenons, he's at least an interesting read.

I’ve put serious thought into it and came to the conclusion that I need to think about it some more. Whether intentional or not due to the nature of this wierd science reality which we are starting to figure out the block chain will result in an artificial intelligence manifesting within it… and I have yet to decide if that is a good thing to partake in or not.

As above, so below. All things can be boiled down to 2 things life and death; creation and destruction. When you use the one eye in your head to wrestle with a thought you are creating just as much as when you use the one eye in your pants to wrestle with your woman. You fucking dickhead.

Thank you for this. Very interesting stuff

Confirmation of resonance and the continuum would have massive implications for society. Basically using spirits to power a computer for intergalactic shitposting.

I really wish I could find some more hyperbolic geometry with swastikas, runes, blacksun and vril symbols.

Well I ask because I noticed an uptic of Holla Forumsacks on 4/biz/ (i know i know, 4cuck but tgat /biz/ is way faster).

Someone posted pic related and its findfucked me a while.


It's also natural. I mean if we're largely NatSocs then taking control of our finances is logical, enter crypto

The fact that epigenetics is not what you say it is in the OP is self evident.

First, a leftist/anarchist, then a right/natsoc, and then a jew. The circle of life.

WTF this has been my route as well.

best I got

Why is string theory dead?

Axioms changed and experiments. It's down to one guy in an office taking calls from sci-fi writers, no progress is being made at all and none will be. The LHC disproved a lot of hypothetical physics, even the Standard Model had to be revised.

Isn't that the name of the cannon used by the pink haired loli in Code Geass (Anya, I believe)? Super cannonized mechs when?

Mathematically, what axioms changed though?
What was disproved exactly?

I'm not sure the exact axioms, but the LHC was a physics department holocaust machine. They basically built a 15 billion dollar printer that spat out: "You're basically wrong about everything". The Royal Institute videos of LHC updates are a good entry point if you wanna learn what they're finding out, someone from CERN I think gives the presentation, in one update they were so mad they said number theory could be wrong.

You dont need any symbols, the path leads to them. But, your image in that post explains a lot, but it falls short, incomplete, combine that with a sonnenrad and then consider that it may not be a 2d object that you are looking at.

Could you imagine spending $15 billion dollars and countless years organizing a huge conspiracy within the scientific community, even going so far as to conduct all sorts of rituals, just to find out that Holla Forums was right and you were wrong. KEK! This is part of why the kikes have gone insane with paranoia lately, they found out that every last one of their efforts to destroy us only worked to solidify their own destruction. Where we created original content they worked to shut it down. Creation vs Destruction. The myth holds true.

we are the mechs, lad.

forgot to add. The depth of how wrong they are about everything goes straight to the fundamentals. There is no zero, 9+1=11. 9+1=10 creates a subtle shade of deceit which leads to models to look correct while being ever so slightly deceptive. Gravity and gravitational anomalies have yet to be explained, until you stop focusing on grave ity and start focusing on Magic netism

This is why a certain small % of people have an inverted circadian rhythm. When forced (due to modern societal expectations and restraints) to raise from bed in the early morning, they feel as if they have been awoken in the middle of the night and remain very tired and at a poor level of functioning for hours.
When evening rolls around, 6,7,8 pm, they experience a surge of energy because this is the time they ought to be starting activity.
Such people would have been invaluable to our ancient ancestors and they would naturally have been employed in the roles of guardianship, standing vigil over their sleeping clanmates to protect from enemies and wild animals, and keeping the (vital for survival) fires stoked and burning. Prior to the discovery of how to make fire, the only source was from lightning strikes, so once you had fire it had to be kept alive and nurtured, possibly for years, and carried with you between camps, many methods were devised for this but one of the best utilizes a special sort of fungus known colloquially as "tinder fungus", which once properly prepared and suitably protected can carry an ember for several days.
These days, those of us with this less common but very valuable circadian rhythm variation are simply dismissed as "lazy" and there is no allowance made for their schooling or work, although most will naturally gravitate to night-shift work, even if it's a job far below their potential.
Standing guard IS the work, but would also naturally have led to study of the heavens and other phenomena of the night. The night-active persons were probably respected and feared in equal measure as having one foot in the spirit world.
How does that tie in with the D-wave and quantum computing in general? If you listen to a presentation on the subject, much of the language sounds as if it would be better placed at a spiritualist or occult convention, rather than a physics lecture. The "computer" doesn't actually calculate the result itself, that is pulled out of the parallel universe/other realm where it was calculated and brought back to ours to be made use of. Judging by the words of the men responsible for the quantum computing, the fact that it works practically proves multiple worlds interpretation of quantum theory.

The way ancient Eastern philosophy (which aligns pretty much perfectly in conclusion with scientific analysis of existence) puts it is that there is not but consciousness, and that we are projections of consciousness interfacing with itself from a limited perspective. That would explain the emptiness of the human brain.

Someone might ask then, why damaging a person's brain affects their intelligence/ability to move limbs etc.
But that's easy to answer - if you drop your radio from 10 feet up it might still work, but on the other hand it might lose a bunch of stations, no longer show the station name, not hold its tuning, only have sound through one speaker etc.
If you damage the receiver, you damage its output.

Very interesting. Years ago I read or listened to a talk with an old yogi who was very excited that science was catching up, and further clarifying everything he already knew to be true through philosophical study.

Morgellons is transhumanism in action. Every living breathing thing has Morgellons. Thank you DARPA and NASA

I'm running your OP up the flagpole with some sci-friends I have. Will report back if I get anything worth contributing.

space is fake.

this is what is being slid:

read Psychic Warrior by David Morehouse and Men Who Stare At Goats by Jon Ronson

no such thing as a planet

Demons exist both physically (ie critters shapeshifters) and transdimensionally…. aka TDEs (transdimensional demonic entities). TDEs are the host operators of their "grey" avatars, such as the one drawn by Aleister Crowley. Part of CERN's agenda is to open up a portal to allow a flood of TDEs to enter into our physical dimension.

What you have shown is proof that Earth is not moving. If we were, the stars would constantly be moving out of position relative to one another, displaying parallax, as opposed to remaining in fixed positions relative to one another, and all rotating in a perfect circular pattern around the one that never moves, Polaris. This fixed nature of the stars is what has allowed star-based navigation for thousands of years. Stars are sonoluminescent points of light within the firmament.

Science tells us that not only is the Earth orbiting the sun at 30km/s but our solar system is hurtling through space at another 20km/s and estimates of the speed of our local galaxy range from 130km/s to 600km/s.
Now remember that the velocity of light is independent from its source.
At this sort of additive speed, laser devices like CD players would at a minimum require compensation mechanisms and at worst be completely unusable due to relative motion of the player and the light from the reader diode.
Longer range laser beams should exhibit visible deflection.
So where is it?

Return those digits baller. I have a bridge on mars to sell you cheap since you believe anything you are told. It seems you are not aware of the Michelson-Morley experiment.

You mean the Michelson-Morley experiment which actually works for aether theory once you include the Lorentz contraction?

Wow, you and the rest of the x-GATE favs should make a podcast. Be like the Nazi Joe Rogan.

And regarding the experiment, it's a good example of something which would not work if we really were flying through space at 600km/s.

Oh, and something else (yes, I'm triggered).
If we really were flying through space at 600km/s then we could observe red/blue shift right here on earth. The exact same streetlights would look blue when observed ahead in the direction of travel and red when observed "down stream".
Doesn't happen, so it isn't true.

The butterfly fag. Explains everything. Seriously consider auto-defenestration you king of x-tier Judaism.

Get some. Don't forget MME practically is (((forbiden))) from being recreated with modern equipment.

Non-locality and the aether plus EM model explain both of those non arguments faggot.

This seems like such an obvious argument, but even I, who uses dreams as an important metric, never considered it in these terms. Nice one
I should think more about this.

I clearly have this feature, and it's consciously related to standing guard over the sleeping, always has been. Interestingly I slip easily, even consciously, into dreams when I feel like the world is humming along and awake, and I feel an almost uncontrollable urge to stay awake when others aren't. Lots of interesting things to think about ITT.

I think you/we might be correct in that analysis, I've noticed that reality has been a little loose lately. That means lateral movement between timelines, which in turn means quick and easy changes. All of that is done simply through PERCEPTION.

I warned you against trying to resist earlier, but you did it anyway. It's nearly impossible to not do it, don't feel bad about it. In any case, I think that's a lovely idea, right down to the NatSoc element you suggested.


I was going to mention a couple things I thought about earlier.

First: when a thing happens, one notices it precisely because it has already happened. Realizing that whatever you're envisioning has already happened is the trick to experiencing it. I mean that in a very pragmatic way, you have to just realize it already happened. And it has indeed, just in a slightly "expanded" 4-d sense of perception. Nothing complex here.

Second: No matter how weird the thing that just happened is, it is and should be viewed as perfectly mundane. In analogy, have you ever dropped a bar of soap while showering, and completely thoughtlessly just grabbed it as it fell behind your back? This is actually a pretty complex calculation, and you probably wouldn't be able to do it if you were 'trying' to do it. But you do it naturally. And if you take a quick reading of your emotional state at that time, you'll find that you're not at all amazed. It just 'should' happen. If you can maintain that emotional state in seemingly incredible scenarios, you won't have any problem doing things that seem impossible if you think about it through your analytical lens. These things just should happen, they happen naturally, and are not particularly interesting or exciting. Once you get used to this shit, it just becomes like walking. Incredibly complex, yet completely natural and almost boring.

I've noticed that only soyboys don't support determinism, partially because they don't even understand the mathematics behind it.

The reason you have Bell's theorem in the first place is due to De Broglie–Bohm theory.

0/10 apply yourself

But I am nothing like my father or grandfathers.

I'll counter any argument you have against determinism. Try Me.

I'm not against determinism actually

Everything that happens happens because it must happen, because it already happened it's happening.

Ok, so making me choose between biting into the bait, ignoring you, and shitposting - and all the combinations, how did you end up thinking that I had no choice?
Heck, if there is no choice, things merely happen. Determinism is a consequence of reductionism, which is pitiful, self denying way of looking at things. Although as a tool it is useful, mostly. It's a tool of creating routines, rather than merely learning and remembering new things all the time. It's about ignoring things, factors and elements of reality.

You remind me of one wisdom. Happening posts are always wrong.

Continuing on this line of thought; all claims happen equally as a result of the undeniable truth - some cosmic events that led to these ones, and all of them. Hence they area all founded on truth, and as such, are true. There is no reason that the molecular movement in my brain can result in anything other than the truth, for it is truth. Likewise, this applies to everything that happens.

if you're trying to say the akashic records doesn't exist I don't know what to say bub

I have reduced nothing. Some physicists that reject De Broglie–Bohm theory hate it because it is more complicated than standard QM since it involves an extra equation

Always one of these fuckers. You do not lose your will simply because of a deterministic universe.

That's as stupid as thinking we only have free will because we can only measure averages in Schrodinger's equations.

A computer, much like a clock is a machine. It neither tells the truth or any falsities, regardless of the logic it was designed with.

It is an extension of the human being's ability for abstraction.

Much like a tool or sword in your hand, it can be considered a part of you when used correctly. That is all.

No, only the TIMING is wrong, and that's a Holla Forums truism.

Of course I also believe in free will, it doesn't impinge on my acceptance of determinism. A monad exercises a freedom of experience based on choices that are certainly free will–these things can change instantly. However, the range of possible experience is defined by the universe one resides in, thus determinism. One would have to escape the given framework to try experience other than what was predestined in the most concrete sense.

*One would have to escape the framework of accepted reality to experience something other than what was predestined (predestined in the most concrete sense of the word).


Is my will then, outside of 'the universe'? Causality =/= determinism.
No, this one is a leap in logic (still possible outcome, even if with a logical fallacy), whereas determinism will inevitably mean that will is an outcome just like everything else.
The objective fact is the structure - which is obviously the objective truth in and of itself. The outcome and abstractions are the configuration; a more complex set of causal, deterministic events. They will always lead to the same outcome. The flow of events can not be affected by neither itself, an outside factor, nor randomness. Any such activity will lead to the destruction of determinism.
Where does will change a thing? Where will it stop happening, and instead turn to act on itself, by itself?

What is falsehood, and how does it affect the causal chain? Is falsehood a part of the objective reality (which encompasses all subjective realities), since it relies on the same objective reality - structure? If not, and if acted upon, does the world change from what it would have been without? Doesn't have to be 'falsehood' per se, it can be fiction, belief, faith, fantasy…

Akashic records, lol

I bet you take your horoscope seriously if you believe in predestination and all that supernatural stuff.

True chaos has been proven to exist, if you subscribe to the many worlds and continuum hypothesis then determinism is incompatible. If anything is possible then you are incapable of actually determining anything, it is the same as getting infinity as an answer in all of your math equations.
Determinism also requires a place, in nature to store infinite amount of information– a higher set of infinity, since it's already done. Funny, because you'd have to believe in the continuum hypothesis or a supernatural being for that to work; both of which throw a wrench into secular determinism, this is why you faggots are called not-fatalists.

Well, then we are really talking about semantics. The real meaning of the word 'determinism'. Like nazi, liberal, etc. it has taken many connotations. Especially from the hardline positions. I'm not against logic, nor am I against an objective physical reality. Though I dare not state what that thing is.

Is determinism, to you, the following statements combined:
Because if so, it is more of a truism than anything. I'm not exactly sure what you are expecting the opposing view to be. Fatalism?

So you agree that Kek, killed determinism, then?

Among many, yes. Though for me, it was the understanding of the wholeness of things, and the infinity of limits to our models.

Mostly my issue is that these concepts don't properly relate to a more complete way of viewing the structure of 'reality', or our best conception thereof.

sage off ok

It's like: ok every possibility that can be experienced exists. It's all made and done, and to the extent it's not "done" it's always happening. There is no escape from this matrix of possibility.;

yet also you have the chance as a monad to experience any possible configuration of this, of which the combinations are functionally infinite, thus you have free will. Which is more compelling an argument? Do they coexist or nullify each other?

You are unable to observe all the causes and effects of this universe. A deterministic Universe does not mean you can predict the future, just that you might see a few trends.

Nope. There's a nice little thought experiment concerning Maxwell's demon you should read about.

Your structure has flaws indiscernible to human eyes. Even high precision copies of your clock and computer will not behave exactly the same as the original.
As a result, deterministic chaos theory applies to even the slightest differences in your design.

Can you guarantee your computer will be hit in the exact same way by cosmic rays as its copy, flipping the same bits in the same order? I submit that you cannot.

tfw you Know a nasty argument

I just want to imprint on the akshasik records once and for all that I'm enjoying this thread getting some brain love

And the hallowed halls fell silent…

So, is determinism merely a statement that the universe works on principles? Randomness, freedom and such included? As such it remains a truism - unless of course there are outside actors functioning on false/alternative meta-axioms.

I think I will. Chinese room experiment already pushed me far from mere structures.

I do not actually believe in those ramblings, they are an elaboration on what it would mean for there to be one objective truth that doesn't change. We know of principles that dismantle that position - but those are often ignored, such as quantum randomness - so I went out of my way to continue further than people dare go. With the model that totally ignores such things.

Indeed. If I wanted to go mad, I'd use this model on the concept of memories and venture far with it.

I think the truly interesting stuff is yet to come. After all, the past is all about evolving to more complex, more full and more capable entities.
This increase in complexity is accelerating rapidly. What I find interesting is that all that exists and all that will exist, all that could exist(ed), will have had its potential in the very beginning already.
Of course, this evolution doesn't simply change in one direction, but expands in a blossom. Includes quantity, technology… Internet is a crazy phenomena. There will be a moment in the future, where a single moment will have more events occur, than have occurred in total before that.

I only use this horrid word to separate it from meager productions of human minds (a futile effort, if I saw one).

Regarding free will, there exists a relatively old, but very powerful thought experiment. For some reason I cannot find the source for this anymore, but it relates to very crucial concepts in computer science, i.e., en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halting_problem and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gödel's_incompleteness_theorems. For anons who are not familiar with this concept, it basically says that there exists combinations of input and computer code which does not terminate, or rather, which continues to run 'forever'.

The thought experiment goes as follows: imagine there exists a Turing machine (computer) which computes, by definition, a yes or no answer given a question x about the future AND which halts. Under these assumptions, one could ask this machine whether or not we are going to gas some Jews tonight. Assume, for some reason, the machine returns 'no' because by definition it can predict the future. However, because you have free will, you can ignore the result of the machine and go on a gassing spree. Therefore, such a machine cannot exists, and that we have free will.

You exist as a dream, or as a speculation.
There is a tendency to define it as a computer simulation, because the evidence seems to point to a digital grid on which the infrastructure of the universe is impressed, and, while this is a possibility, it is more likely the being(s) (yourself included) conceiving all this up, are simply conscious entities thinking it all into existence.
We try to take it apart, so we understand its basic nature, but all we are left with are vibrations in god-knows-what.
The universe is, indeed, fluid…your perceptions do influence it.
"Magic" is real, just not in the way you think of "magic."

by that thought experiment the machine could say yes and you could choose to do it and you still have free will
"you could" ; "can ignore" is not falsifiable

There is no spooky action at a distance.
Quantum mechanics is jewish mysticism. Go worship (((einsteinbergbaum))) somewhere else.

Yes, but choosing not to - proves - that such a machine cannot exist. Therefore, you prove that there is free will. If you follow what the machine says, you cannot 'proof' such a thing.

You're going to need the other Thought experiment demon from Laplace.

By assuming that Laplace's demon is a computational device you can show that no two such devices can completely predict each other.

It's a nice formal rigorous proof in mathematics and computer science.

Let's have a nice chat about Mr Oppenheimer my natsoc friend.

Oppenheimer considered Bohm his grad student, the man who essentially used De Broglie's views to further his career, to be a ‘public nuisance’. Oppenheimer even went so far as to suggest that “if we cannot disprove Bohm, then we must agree to ignore him.”

The same Oppenheimer that left a "poisoned apple" laced with chemicals on the desk of a colleague who had outperformed him in graduate school.

The same Oppenheimer that committed yet another attempted murder on his childhood friend after he was put on probation for the previous incident.

The same Oppenheimer that wrote poems and sent them to pro-communist Linus Pauling; poems that Pauling found "troubling," which included allusions to homosexuality and pederasty. Of course, the relationship only ended after Oppenheimer made a pass at Pauling's wife.

I could keep going, but the point is to notice De Broglie is the real deal, and his views have been (((suppressed))) for almost a century.

I've studied graduate Probability Theory, a first course in graduate Abstract Algebra, and graduate Model Theory (no graduate Topology though. I know some point-set, but no algebraic). I also have taken basic courses in calculus based physics (mechanics/EM). Any not shit-tier books which don't fall under the "supposed" kike science professed to existing in this thread?

presupposing free will to prove free will is literally circular reasoning
how dumb do you have to be to believe that this is proof?

Good thing I'm not doing that.

Well you've got me intrigued. Copy of The New Science of Life should be in the mail tomorrow, i look forward to reading it.

I'm not sure if that is necessarily true. Or at least if such behavior is 100% nature. The rat paradise experiments (behavior sink) found that mothers quickly lose their ability to tend to their young.
"Many [female rats] were unable to carry pregnancy to full term or to survive delivery of their litters if they did. An even greater number, after successfully giving birth, fell short in their maternal functions."
en.wikipedia org/wiki/Behavioral_sink
We seem the same in wellfare niggers barely being able to cater to their young while Africans while shitty are still able to raise a family (at least those who have kept their tribal culture set up).



except that with words like "you could choose" you are

Why is she so fucking cute?

developmental biologist here ask me anything

What do you think about telegony? I asked this earlier but got no responses.

Telegony is not correct.

Microchimerism means some of the fetal stem cells travel around in the mothers body, settle down, and turn into whatever else is there.
This happens even without birth, such as if the zygote fails in the womb.

In order for microchimerism to be related to telogeny, some of the fetal stem cells would have to somehow turn into the mothers egg cells. It's just not possible, there's no biological factor for it.

In fact microchimerism is a net positive. If a slag has multiple babies from multiple men, and microchimerism occurs, the stem cells from opposite fathers will start fighting each other, cause inflamation and diseases like crohns or alzheimers in the women.

It's like gods punishment for sluts.

But… telogeny is impossible, your kids are purely yours and their moms. Well if their mom is a slut they'll be part slut but you can deal with that.

See I want to believe this. But how come there have been instances of windowed women retaining their husbands DNA for 20+ years? Also another point to make is humans would be the exception to every other species if telegony was not present. Even in dog breeding to keep a pure breed the female cannot have had past partners from another breed, it will influence the genetic make up of their offspring. But that can be said about every species….So why are humans an exception to this rule?



I just realized what you were referring to, because I decided to go through that thread finally. Nope, I'm not that OP, but apparently we have some remarkably similar dispositions in this regard. To be quite honest, I wouldn't be surprised if I appropriated his thought process out of the hivemind. When I'm explaining things, they just come through me fully formed, it's not like I'm consciously packing these thoughts myself. I can tell the difference between handmade and pirated ideas, they feel different to me. This one came from the aether, and maybe now I know why. Not that it really matters to me where they come from, memes exist independently of 'humans' or output nodes. It's just the way things are.

microchimerism and telogeny arent the same thing
the idea that women retain sperm of all the men they have had sex with and this could somehow recombine in the fetus when a new man has sex with her is also unrelated to the first two (and not real)

do you know how the womb works, do you know what the umbilical cord is for?

things that didn't happen: the sketch/painting

caleb william saleeby


I've never understood why goons say this in the current context. It's the most obviously alien concept to "us", that any of us should take big pharma psychotropics to make our minds conform to the normalfaggotosphere. In fact it seems like a self indictment by said goons. But honestly I consider it a kind of psychic seizure; when the goon has nothing to say of substance he reverts to this behavior. It's not useful–I doubt any user has been even slightly swayed by this line–but it's still used by the goon. Not that they could change their behavior even if they wanted to. It's just bizarre.

I just explained it, the woman retains the cells, not any of her future children… A cell can't just spontaneously go multipotent on its own.

Is a tradition predating genetics, and as such has superstitious practices.

The links support what I've said.

that is not superstitious. You said you are a developmental biologist and you did not know this? Yeah ok lad. Telegony is 100% real and is important with dog breeding.

Paternal dna testing and chromosome testing blow your bullshit 'ideas' out of the water.

No, I'm sorry, telogeny isn't real. There is no mechanism for it to happen, and it's never been observed.

There's also a dog breeding belief that an aroused male dog bite can make a woman pregnant with puppies, which is why women aren't allowed around male dogs during breeding sessions.

stop stawmanning about bullshit I never said. Do you see me saying if a dog bites a woman they get pregnant with puppies? No.

You cant argue to the point so you just make shit up that I never said.

So if someone feels genuinely happy, they can transmit that happiness to others?

How? We've observed that the more granular you get, the more non-deterministic everything becomes.

You literally can't argue against non-determinism because if even ONE non-deterministic system exists in reality, it proves that there is objectively no determinism.

There, you've been utterly destroyed. Don't post again.

Holy shit you're a fag.
Boys, the information is declassified.
Just search the word "parapsychology" and there's tons of meta-research, experiments proving astral projection, experiments designed purposefully to make the psychics think they were crazy to break them. There's two key ones where they had a convention of scientists and they all came to argue the legitmacy of psychism and the need to study it further, so much so they even brought a psychic up to bend spoon after spoon in front of the audience.
Then there's another document discussing how it was easier to find people that had the gift rather than train operatives, hence the GATE project was made.
Then there is also documents discussing psychics in society and how to cultivate them and their talents incognito and test them while in extracurricular activities like gymnastics.


Go here, search psychism or parapsychology and go nuts.

June 1974– A psychic is authorized to use permission to remote view soviet locations and has a percentage of accuracy.

1977 Reykyavic a world conference of scientists, humanities people, social workers, therapists, physicists, all come together to put on this conference about how ESP and psychicism is real and needs to be validated.

Project Artichoke/Bluebird actually is part of the MK that evolved into MKULTRA– this is the only document I've found so far that validates ANY claim that ESP was studied during MKULTRA experiments

This one is more about the public repurcussions dealing with MKULTRA– the last paragraph is what really gets me with this.

This report– 1985– Goes into discussing how the Soviet Union was developing psychotronic weapons and how we actually were as well and DOUBLED the funding for psychic projects during that time. Still while claiming no involvement.

Example of psychics being set up and bullied in order to perpetuate the idea that psychics is a hoax

An Assessment on the evidence of functioning of Psychics

Astral projection of 2 psychics to Jupiter, same visions recorded.

Super powers studied for military use

Psychic used for Federal Aviation

Remote viewing accuracy

Investing time into trying to negate magic and shield themselves from Russian remote viewers

People trying to get this information out, the use and method of psychics in crime scenes to read the history and communicate with the nearby spirits and spirits related to the incident.

From my psychic friend: "Spirits say this is important. They also say the fact that it's hard to read isn't on purpose though"
This one I believe is about methodologies to find sensitive children and how to covertly train or test them.

Jesus Christ, are you kidding me?

You have friends in places you wouldn't expect and friends you thought were long gone. Always welcome women who have long braided hair.

Kek what a load.

Reminder that kikes love nothing more than a mislead goy wasting time on made up bullshit. This thread must be used as an example of successful derailing in Tel Aviv.

And yet Einstein's 'bullshit' still stands. GR is the single most rigorously tested theory in all of physics, and hasn't been observed to be off in even the slightest degree in it's predictions.

we dont like kikes around here

authoritarians love determinism because it discourages attempts at change. Almost all slave religions have strong elements of authoritarianism and determinism in order to keep the slaves in check.
Finding out who hates free will is a fast way to find the kikes around you.




Square root of 25, what is it?
Math can't "prove" anything.

Einstein hated the amount of freedom and intuitiveness of quantum mechanics. Going so far as to apply a function of ("divide all by 0") in his magnum opus, the theory of relativity. He was a hardcore determinist, as are all jews - they use it to avoid feeling guilty.

I do agree that some of the stuff isn't on topic, metaphysics and ESP are technically on topic but barely, it's overall a very interesting thread. However, all future sciences were occult or fantasy at first, take electricity, radio and magnetic fields; Faraday and Tesla were considered magicians and not scientists by the public until a generation later.


Hahaha, math is the ONLY way to prove something. Perhaps you should study it more.

These are the genetic sciences that would fix the niggers
Would it be worth it to do such?

Genetics have their limits, there is however a hypothesis that most of the "junk" DNA is actually resonance identification flags and morphic field repeaters. Think of it as an address to connect to niggerinstincts.com.

If that's the case, we could edit out their instincts completely by denying the ability to hook up with the nigger collective which is actually quite huge since they're all so closely related, the larger the collective the harder it is to change the habits of the creature's nature. Without this collective they would put into autistic learning mode, since they would have a harder time learning things such as speech, facial recognition, mannerisms ect ect.
Then, we could create artificial resonators for the instincts we want them to have or edit them into smaller collectives for compartmentalization for faster instinctual imprinting– aka domestication.

There's a cave oriented plant that glows. We weren't certain how it was possible because it's chemical makeup didn't seem to facilitate such a reaction, but we now understand it as a quantum reaction.

You want cutting edge? Consider that our best understanding of existence, of here and of now, your fingertips, are the product of multiple spatial constants interacting with each other. Intersectional physics or, if you're on the level to understand the terminology in a way that isn't retarded /x/ tier faggotry, interdimensional chemistry.

We could turn them white!

Jesus. That article breaks my fucking heart.

Its ok user, not only did someone buy his nobel prize for 3 million they also let him keep it

Hypothetically, it's possible to make the negro chassis compatible with the planetary civilization phenotype. Although, I'd called them Obsidians since they basically need a new skull but they could live very comfortably in high UV radiation environments and work safer in cosmic radiation.

We could turn the whole world into pseudo-Aryans by offering subsidized "upgrades"; the cabal wants ignoble slave races at constant war though.

"The public" is a bunch of bleating retards. I expect a proper NatSoc to distinguish between fiction and reality but this thread shows the exact opposite.

Oh! Good.

This is really fascinating. Thank you for bringing attention to it.

Not sure what you mean lad. Determinism doesn't mean whatever you do has no meaning. That's called fatalism. Determinism and Free Will are philosophical concepts, if you understand chemistry and physics, you will know why.


Just avoid fucking coalburners.

Why are you so jewish as to deny telegony?

Why did God abandon the Jews back in 160AD?

It was also some rich Russian guy.

Well i think science owes Enki an apology because he always insisted organic life was generated through the Field that contained all the elements of life and was a basic unit of measure that could be infinitely subdivided, way ahead of his time.

Will science and spirituality merge like in the old times? (alchemy, hermeticism)

I'm just genuinely interested in both and think these fields are interconnected

bumping for interest

most of this thread is full of derailing
its time this thread died

doesn't make the information OP posted any less valid or interesting
actually watch this video, it's pretty mind-blowing

Rupert Sheldrake: Morphogenesis - A New Science of Life

I'm not interested in kikes trying to waste my time with shit that is either unfalsifiable or proven to be complete bullshit.
You'll have better luck going on about memetic magicks.

And of course you'd know that without even evaluating the presented evidence. What's it like being omniscient?


On semitopic, in Dan Winter's documentary about DNA it's stated the heart pumps blood into a vortex, like water down the drain. It blew me away, brace for a nutty webm. The mainstream layman notion that it's just a muscle pump is wrong, holyshit it's so much more.

Starve a cohort of mice. The grandchildren of the female children of the starved cohort are metabolically primed for survival in starvation conditions and can't lose weight even in food guts. This is because a portion of epigenetics is heritable and can become fixed (or very sticky) with extreme environmental stimuli. the grandchildren of the great depression are all fatties for a reason. The starvation environment in gen 0 is extreme enough to cause sticky if not fixed epigenetics for metabolism in the eggs (gen 2/grandkids) within gen 1 females, and the eggs are protected from the environment by the mothers body as much as possible ever after.

Just giving this example because you seem to know that some epigenetics are heritable but one of your statements about epigenetics not having transgenerational effects seemed apt to be misunderstood

*food gluts, enough or more than enough food.

I'm sorry to hear that it all went over your tiny little head


Me too, user. Foundation series was awesome but it doesn't make him a (((good one))).

I also like to imagine they have abused their cosmic karma in attempting to alter and manipulate existence in such brutish ways. It will likely scary their lives/incarnations into becoming schizophrenic wrecks. Which is quite fitting.

The implications of that sentence are interesting to say the least, I've often wondered if all this shit hasn't happened before. I know deja vu is really a little lag in between something moving from your eyes to your brain but a part of me wonders if I haven't been here before. I'm not talking about a past life 1000 years ago I'm talking about the exact some fucking thing , some remnant of what occurred in the last universe, the same matter and energy just expanding and collapsing and expanding in the same configuration because there's nothing external to disturb it's patterns.

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Literally your entire post is horseshit. Congrats man.

So, no non-kiked books to recommend? I don't want to have to search through the abyss of >>>/zundel/ or the greater abyss called lib.gen.

Quantum fields sound similar to the source field, ever checked out David Wilcock's investigations?

Thank you for the food for thought