Never let an opportunity go to waste, and now is an ideal time to strike

Never let an opportunity go to waste, and now is an ideal time to strike.

All the normies and redditfags are concerned with the spacex falcon heavy test flight today. And to be sure, it is a great achievement and step forward for technological progress. A step forward driven almost entirely by men. Feminists have tried to call out Musk before for mostly following men instead of women on twitter, and it pissed him off. Musk is basically a cult of personality, where his thoughts go, so go the thoughts of thousands of lemmings.

With this in mind, I propose a false flag attack. Scour videos online of the spacex employees, and repost screen shots using fake sjw accounts (on twitter, facebook, etc) to REEE about there not being enough women working at spacex or contributing to STEM. With a small spark from us, the sjws will take up the rallying cry on their own and it will become self-sustaining. When the feminists and sjws attack the beloved spacex and cult of Musk, it will help to redpill anyone in STEM who hasn't been redpilled yet, and it will also reach a ton of normies.

Thoughts, criticism, etc?

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dead space x techs can't launch rockets that have no real purpose

We don’t lie. Liberals lie. Eat shit and fuck off.

You think it's a lie that spacex (and the rest of STEM) is mostly men?

For fuck’s sake, at least TRY to strawman.

By men you meant various shitskins niggers soyboys cucks and women folk

Could work

The earth is flat, so why should i care

We don't need to lie, kike. Truth is how we beat you fucks.

Jesus Christ, stop sucking this guy's cock. We've been launching things into space for like 60 years. Being able to reuse the boosters is nice and all, but it's not in anyway "great". It is a small refinement to a propulsion system that is wholly inadequate for future space exploration. A titanium horseshoe so-to-speak.

Stop getting hoodwinked by some dude who just keeps repackaging old technologies with modern pizzazz as some sort of great inventor.

Musk should troll his fanboys and "invent" a battery powered mixer or something. Just to give us the keks watching them slobber all over his knob for "dragging the kitchen into the new century" or something.

Post the costs of a standard booster rocket vs a reusable one, because every other space fag i've seen mention them says its a pretty huge deal.

Have fun with that. I'm going to keep being happy with the advancements of technology. The future's going to be wild or dystopian or both and I for one am excited that SOMEBODY is trying to do big things.

A huge savings ≠ a huge deal

Aluminum engines are cheaper and lighter than steel. The internal combustion engine remains virtually the same. Nobody would call aluminum engines groundbreaking. Simply a matter of engineering. This is the level of change we are talking about with reusable boosters.

The size of a technological step isn't really relevant to it's impact on capital savings.

We could make chemical rockets free, and we still wouldn't ever colonize our Galaxy. At the other end of the spectrum, we could develop the warp drive at an immense cost to our whole nation, and go down in history forever.

You must be pretty young if this excites you. There is no purpose to going to Mars beyond a few exploratory missions (which we could already do with 70's tech) until we have a plan to terraform it. By the time we have the tech to terraform it, we damn well better have better propulsion systems. At which point, self landing boosters are….. Dadadada….. Titanium horseshoes. This shit is literally repackaged old dead-end tech.

The car in space is kinda cute though. Only because I hope some alien species finds it like 200 million years later and stumbles all over themselves trying to figure out how the fuck it worked in space.

Actually… even with Falcon Heavy now being the largest current launch vehicle it is still less 2/3 the power of Saturn V. I call that a step backward.

To go forward would we should be eliminating the mystic jews from NASA, releasing the design documents for the Saturn V, improving that design, and finally launching an even bigger payload than Saturn V.

With jews we lose.

That is never going to happen, and even if we just do a few missions and drive a buggy on Mars (like the moon) it would still provide white men a mature pathway to improved space survival/travel technologies.

There is nothing interesting, or even really valuable on any of the planets around us. Let's not even begin to discuss the difficulties of some of the stupidly suggested gas giant's moons either. We should aim for the Kuiper belt, and use the raw materials out there to build a huge station out the very outskirts of the Solar system.

He is obscuring the cost of his rockets with government subsidies.

Reusable boosters are more expensive, not less. The maintenance of rockets with extended lifespan is more expensive than their production.
Everybody knows this since the Shuttle.

This scene from Heavy Metal obviously inspired this stunt, but I didn't hear a peep from him about that during the press conference. Although he did make me kek claiming he was "Tripping Ballz" during the official NASA conference lel.

How about just throwing the "wasteful repeated burning of toxic chemicals by a private company for profit" in their smug liberal faces? I bet you could do the math on all the carbon emissions saved by driving teslas and it would be grossly overshadowed by this company going into business with launching garbage into space.

This was a test shot user. You always launch a throwaway simulated load – normally a concrete and steel mass, in this case a tesla s – because of the higher-than-usual risk of complete failure and loss of the payload on the maiden flight of a new launch platform.

Their business is launching highly profitable payloads for paying entities, not launching garbage.

He would of already got attacked after thanking Trump just recently.

No shit nigger? Thanks for explaining business to me. 'Garbage' was hyperbole referring to the fact that there is zero reason to repeatedly launch shit into space. But thanks for being a kike and pointing out how many shekels are to be made at the expense of the environment, which liberals care about, which is the entire point of this thread.

No, the point of the thread is to try and redpill the few normies who can be that watch this stuff closely. You sperging and whining like a little bitch about the whole affair contributes little to that endeavor friend.

Learn English, nigger.


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This is black privilege.

Something about space exploration, and exploration in general, really riles them up: like they honestly think "because it's there" is a bad reason, when "my landlord raised my rent last week".

Reminder to filter and report these people.

Fake X from Conman Musk.

Expensive piece of shit that doesn't get past low Earth orbit.

Tesla must be writhing in his grave at the thought of that Total Douche Musk using his name.

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They're already doing this themselves. No need to give the opposition ammo that all the sjw saying that are Holla Forums.
“Have you heard? It’s in the stars. Next July we collide with Mars.”

Is this guy a greater inventor than Musk?

The Senate Launch system is never intended to save money. It's a jobs program to keep the pork flowing.

The Senate Launch System has never attempted to save money.

What has the SLS done with the amount of money that has been spent on it?

You don't know that.

That's insane. It means that NASA potentially could've had their heavy lift rocket faster and cheaper if they had started a new company and developed it from scratch than they would have with the "duct tape it together" plan.

OP I'd like your idea better if it was completely different.

pick one.
Wikipedia lists Musk as an inventor, but has no list of his 'inventions'. He creates, like an artist, or business man, but I wouldn't say he invents like Dyson does.

sage because OP unironically suggests jewing for SJWs

user, you're trying too hard here. You will never be able to shitpost that much on your own. In stead, use those sockpuppets to rile up actual femmen to do the work for you.

Because it is there is the ONLY reason that should be needed. I swear to god if these leftist faggots fuck up SpaceX and my ticket off this gay Earth I am going to lose my shit.

Sea dragon had existed for very long time, it's just there are no loads that need delivering into space that warrant using a vessel that massive. BFR is coming few years down the road just because Musk is pouring money into it, so it won't be cancelled just because there isn't commercial or military potential for it.

Fuck off shill. Normies would agree with the soyboys and femicunts not persecute them. Scratch a normie and an sjw bleeds.

It's no secret that Shuttle was developed as a military platform, not as a cargo delivery platform. Somehow, the kikes have talked the government into using those for their space program, too. Now, reusing the Schuttle is actually much cheaper than building a new one. However the vehicle is ridiculously expensive and so is its maintenance, compared to normal rockets. The self-landing rockets are, for all intents and purposes, are normal rockets. It's just they have a software patch that lets them land safely rather than crash-land in an uncontrolled free fall. Most of the rocket can be reused without repairs, which is the point. The engines are designed to last more than one launch. The fuel tank is just a dumb pressure vessel. It can only deliver a fraction of its normal payload capacity if it has to land safely for reuse, but the launch cost is also a fraction of normal launch cost, usually much smaller fraction. Of course economy of scale would've produced much lower launch costs than launcher re-use, but as a non-space faring civilization we can't deliver the scale yet. Every part type that's made for a rocket is made in tiny batches and costs a fuckton. So right now the best strategy of reducing launch cost is increasing reuse potential for all these parts, as well as making bigger launchers.

This. Think of cell phones, they weren't originally what they are today. It took years of tinkering in order to make them as cheap and efficient as they are now. That and third world manufacturing/assembly.