NYC school cancels father-daughter dance over "gender issues"

>The New York Department of Education directed schools to eliminate any gender-based practices like the daddy-daughter dance unless the activities served a clear (((education))) purpose, the New York Post first reported.

Totally not a war on family, goys! It's all about (((human rights))), hehehe.



Oh no, someone would be 'left out'… You mean like all those homeless people outside? Like that? The 500,000+ former military that are homeless. This is pure fucking Commie jew bullshit. Fucking up the kids is pure jewry. It's all meant to not just hold us back, but cripple us for China and Russia to rape and eat our dying corpse. You see a tranny, break their jaw. Put your boot on their face next. Stomp on their head.

dead school board members can't enforce kike policy

They either rule over you or you rule over them. This shit was prohibited in a good reason for a very good reason, and it's because those narcissists prioritize themselves over everyone else.

The only "fathers" that would show up with a trannie abomination would be ultimate soyboys with a half-black child their girlfriend managed to convince them is theirs.
Most others might politely applaud that brave showing of cuckery, but they'd rather lock their kid in the cellar than show themselves in public with a tranny embarrassment.

I still can't wrap my head around that.

Kike brainwashing at public schools is wonderfully effective.

Can't you be fined if dont use preferred pronouns in New York?
Fucking idiots vote for this shit or are too apathetic to vote against. Now they're coming after your children and the family unit and doing so blatantly. What the fuck is it going to take?

As if trannies have parents who care enough to want to take them to a dance

You mean 15 people?

[you hear the sound of shekels shuffling in the distance[

Criminally unchecked triple-repeating digits

call them freaks if you really have to

how can they justify having a dance? Dancing is ableist.

the day of the rope cometh




Like its any different than letting your daughter be on the swim team, gymnastics or cheerleading. Admit its girls showing off their cunts to adults. There's no reason for these things to exist for kids.

Geil beans m9

Checked the 9s (very important numbers).
The day is coming.

Hitler and the NSDAP didn't seem to mind those things. Healthy children is A-OK, its only in this sick, perverted society we have today that it becomes a problem.

for posterity


Fair enough. But until we get rid of the (((problem))) and their golems, any parent who willingly allows their daughter to be put on display in that fashion might as well let her be a stripper.
Young girls will always try to show off their assets to get attention, but responsible parents need to set boundaries for a reason.

What? Children should be free to start pursuing athletics at a young age if that's what they want to do. Youth doesn't last forever. If you want to be at the top of the world when your body is at peak performance, you need to start practicing BEFORE then.

Kill yourself kike.

I agree that cheerleaders may be unnecessary. But gymnastics is a sport.

Agreed. Cheerleading is bullshit but gymnastics is a VERY demanding sport that promotes a lifetime of strength and flexibility that young women need to be good mothers. Just make sure the coaches are women and not dykes, don't let your girls use the shower room, and have your wife drop by unexpectedly during lessons on a regular basis.

That last one, dropping by unexpectedly, goes for any extracurricular activity your child participates in. Also, VOLUNTEER. Your kid's band going on an away-game trip? Volunteer to chaperone. Boy scout camping weekend? Guess you'd better pack the marshmallows, you're going. Piano lessons? Gee, your wife's hair appointment got cancelled, It's no big deal if she waits quietly, is it? This is how you monitor your kids, and even if you don't spot the molester, they never pick the kids with attentive parents. They always pick the kids whose parents are late picking them up or getting another parent with kids in the group to drop off/pick up.

Extracurricular activities are good for kids but only if you're willing to put the time and effort into keeping an eye on the people who are keeping an eye on your kids.