Rothschilds Dumping Large Portions of Their Assets

Over the last several months the Rothschild Family has been going about selling off large portions of their estates and holdings.
2/6/18 Dow plummets after months of a steady upward incline.

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"The Federal Reserve May Secretly Want to Sink the Record-Breaking Stock Market"

nice find but its tainted by Q-user

so, they're selling land and stocks, the "geneve bank sells family silver" one is just a puffed up headline, it's more property. Pulling out before property and market drop? instigate a drop? collecting cash to buy something?



That's pocket change to those people. Though, what are they doing with the cash?

What if they bought all the buttdiscs?

It makes little sense to sell estate that way. Even if the land loses all its value, you can still live on it. It's the safest investment ever. I see three reaons why rotshield might want to sell: they fear expropriations, they are broke, or, they need all the liquid money they can get to found something of unheard magnitude.

Maybe they are shorting the crypto markets into oblivion at the same time they tank the US economy and metals markets. That would explain how the US economy can tank at the same time crypto and metals do, when those are where people put money to keep it safe from a shit US dollar and 1200 point DOW drops.

the land these kike pieces of shit sell are in england, austria, germany, italy and the us.
all ov the above nations will be mayor battlegrounds in the comming conflict and they have startet to understand that the corrent ruling partys wont survive this conflict.
by the end of it eather natsoc os shitskin will hold state power, both of wuch hate the jew with a passion and would take jewish holdings in an instand for the rebuilding effort.
in short the fucking kike sees that his work is done so now they take everything they can and run before loosing it.
i so hope that when the war starts, some disgruntlet spook/gi/rwds will hunt them down to the end of the earth for what they have done to us.

The montefiores were also making loud kvetching noises about leaving england last year. Either they are genuinely scared about the exponential growth of knowledge of what they have done. Or it was an attempt to appeal to other jews that now is the time.

the day is our to be had brother. I look forward to fight by your side.

Remember that law that was setup to expropriate certain criminals? I don't remember very well, may this be the reaction, the beginning of the kike panic? Are they truly backed into a corner?

I can only hope and keep fueling the fire.

doupt i can be anything more then a meatshield but yea see you on the battlefield.

And then he specifically says "Austria" and "Rothschild" after that article. I wish you faggots would stop buying this garbage.

This is not going to be the focus when the war starts, but rest assured that whatever governing body comes out the other side of this conflict they will demand the kikes be extradited in order to punish them for their crimes. Any country that refuses to hand them over will be invaded and killed right along with the kikes, master and servant will die together.

Checked and you know that's what happened


Better count me in too , I'd want me on my team.

This is actually quite worrisome. I think I'll buy an extra bag of rice or two.

well if it habbened then it's not a larp now is it.

dead rothschilds can't pump and dump the market or sell real estate

that why i said disgruntled.
what i am hoping for is that one or several field assets or locals see what is happening to there homeland and hunt down the jew that is responsible for it.
i mean nato veterans as well as us are pretty much everywhere around the world.
and when the shooting starts international travel will become hard if not outright impossible, stranding a lot of people where they are, wich includes spooks, active soldiers, veterans and /ourguys/ and can little but watch what is going on.
and if the internet wone be shut down wich i doupt then we will at some point find out where the jew has fled to. (im guessing china)
at wich point people that can fight but dont have the means to can and very likely will hunt the vermin down.
think of yourself as a gi strandet in indonchina, hq hasent respondet in more then a month and there hasent been any resupply eather.
you read on the net that america and europe looks like 90's bosia right now and there is fuck all you can do about it.
then you read this thread and a linking thread about how rothschild fleed to a place just outside hong kong.
wouldent you rally your buddys to pack up and get some well deserved vengence?
i fucking would.

They are heading for their bunkers in south america

The secret to dealing with disinfo is report the actual fucking news without including the opinions of the disinfo agent.

Because they won't be liquid if they are frozen …


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The secret to slow down and make Holla Forums a shit flinging fest, was trying to imitate it:
Imitating its speech to confuse its users.
If any of you guys have sticked around for a while you might have noticed and adapted to people like calling shills where there aren't, if you didn't adapt, well good luck with with finding another haven if Holla Forums goes dark or dies like cuckchan, a road it's already taking.

The Apache thing was published before the LARPer's post.

And here's an Austrian article reporting the sale of that Rothschild property the day before the "Black Forst" post, which had nothing to do with it. Black Forest is in the Czech Republic.

Funny how in the screenshot Q says it was sold "days after post", wouldn't someone with the highest security clearance (or even competence at googling) be able to see that it was sold before?

Only good thing to come from this shit thread.