We Are Being Visited

Heads up, Holla Forums. Over the last 24 hours, several "plz redpill me on x" threads have cropped up here. You know them when you see them, and I strongly suspect it's either newfags who've read about this place on reddit, or grad students in liberal faggot studies who were sent here by their professors.

I won't presume to tell you what to do, but I do encourage immediately reporting and filtering these threads. Remember sage goes in all fields.

We need to stop redpilling people who ask.
The redpill is an osmosis thing, not an info dump.


I'd say they need to fuck off to 4chan, but they need to fuck off from 4chan too. The people making those threads should just fuck off straight to hell. Reiterating OP's warning, do not reply. Report instead.

That image reminds me that I've been seeing (((people))) calling out for violent action on here as well, some of which are using pictures of guns. They need to be dealt with as well.

We didn't need yet another fucking slide thread pointing this out. This happens every fucking week newfag.

I'll probably catch flak for it but what's wrong with redpilling threads? If someone wants to be redpilled and doesn't want to lurk moar for 2 years then it's a good opportunity to redpill. If on the other hand someone was (((send))) here then other Holla Forumsacks may compare share and compare their redpills.

They can redpill easily by lurking. This isn't a school and they aren't kids

You have got a point.

Waste of a thread. You end up with the same few questions every day and no one checking the catalog.
Yeah, fuck that. OP is forever a fag.

I started browsing Holla Forums in high school

No it's shareblue sliding.
As are you.


I agree. Been trying to redpill my brother but he just wont come around. He has been brainwashed by MSM and Colbert. If we can redpill those types "our" cause would be easier to make happen. I dont understand making people lurk and alienating others AT THE EXPENSE of converting no one. Gotta be a way to have this place not be a shithole and also inform those less easily able to grasp all this.

This is always the rule
Lurk moar

The worst is when cancer newfags post responses to "redpill me on x" threads which come off as retarded, show no critical thought, or are simply ideologically innacurate.

Don't fucking attempt to instruct others on the work of Hitler or Goebells or Feder or whoever if you haven't even read it.

The problem is that cuckchan fags conglomerate in these threads with their newfag dribble and nobody wants to participate in their cuckchan tier threads.
I don't know the solution. What kept it from here was proper imageboard community mixed with aggressive moderation. The community has been horribly tainted and moderation is unreliable.
Doom and gloom friend, we're the next cuckchan.

Moderation here is still very good. The intensity of attacks has increased, though. The problem is, it seems like there's gaps where all of the moderators are asleep for a few hours a day. Maybe I should volunteer.

They are gathering what intel you have gathered.

==Kikes fear redpills more than anything else== besides exposing their dirty tricks
How can you complain that not many people are redpilled and then bully a newfag who wants to be redpilled?

You need to shut the fuck up.



So..slide thread? Slide thread.

Now I really want to so I can do that thing where they post a screencap of all your posts before banning you

Reminder, almost everyone who bitches about 8/pol/ mods is a kike who is angry he can't crapflood 8/pol/ to death like they do to the completely unmoderated 4/pol/.

cuckchan has been jewd with dumb bait threads , we only stay there to not lose the board , it's annoying to have permanently 2-3 kikes in every thread shilling , wtf I can't stand thos faggots

Questions that do not deserve their own thread thread.