What will be the result of having a low fetility rate

What will be the result of having a low fetility rate.

I don't think europeans will go extinct, but at some point their entire welfare state has to collapse.

Nigeria grew it's population by 6x in the last 50 years, while Italy was expected to have it's population halve in the next 50.

Nigeria is projected to have a bigger population than the entirety of Europe by 2100, and that is just one country.

Have no doubt in the collapse.

the richer more developed a nation becomes, the less kids it has.

This was discussed in the other thread about women and MGTOWs. Yes, the welfare state will collapse, and it will lead to an increase in social instability and unrest. This will force the government to do more security related roles with less money from the rapidly shrinking tax base. This will force women to either become prostitutes (since most companies where they work will no longer be able to function) or seek a provider/protector. The man must become a provider for himself and his family through any means, while also maintaining his families security, since the police will be corrupt/useless.

False causation. The more decadent a civilization becomes, the more its women (steeped in wealth and having forgotten hardship) will press for more (((rights))). The more rights they get, the further they turn their attention to the family to their own employment. Women who are employed do not have kids. Look to the 50s and 60s, when America was very rich. You had a high fertility rate then. Then the (((sexual revolution))) happen.

This is bullshit - you're conflating "richer" with kike-led "industrialization" and interest-slavery…

I was talking about women sexual liberation and feminism.

There will be war at some point.

(((the richer more developed a nation becomes, the less kids it has.)))
fixed that for you, chaim.

When, full-house man of kek?

It will mean the saving of the planet.

Most people can't afford them in the current year in the developed world because we don't get paid what our labor is worth. Guarantee you if we did and you could still have a mother stay at home for anything but the top 5% of earners then there would be no birth rate problems.

Anyway what's likely to happen is war because some of these populations straight-up want conquest including taking our women en masse as sex slaves. Only way to prevent that once they become a big enough percentage of the population is to slaughter and drive them off our lands.

Not everything will be bad, though. Property prices will go down, and existing developments will return to nature. As long as we keep out shitskins and keep up our military defense, we will survive.

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They will either have enough left in the (((banks))) to keep the welfare state up long enough for shitskins to take over or they will start a war. Neither is preferable and an economic crash is all we really need to change things around. Maintaining the status quo for another half a century will also mean another half a century of immigration and stagnation. At this point however, technology will have progressed rapidly and we'll be in some sci-fi dystopia where AI and robots keep us in line. As for war, I don't see how millions of white dying for Israel while our lands will be flooded with shitskins while we're away would help us.

We need that economic collapse. Everyone knows things are bad, a lot of people are unhappy and miserable. Economic crash means no more bread and circus. No more bread and circus mean people wake up fast to the reality and face new hardship they never dreamed would happen. This hardship would make women go back to how should be and make men step up and take back control.

The only thing, if it did happen, is that the kikes would likely still try and push us into a war. Likely they would start one before the crash as war does good things for the economy. Of course the already mentioned dead whites is a bonus.

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Those of northwestern European heritage will probably be reduced to either Amish enclaves or living on small islands like the Faroe Islands. Nothing more than that though. What will possibly happen is we'll either revert to some form of strict Christendom culture, or perhaps we might adopt a version of NatSoc/Christendom until our numbers grow enough to begin branching out.

Here's what I think will happen in the grand scheme of things:


The crash is happening as we type mang.
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If the system really were to fail, (((they))) would certainly use it as an excuse to usher in their Marxist utopia. With racially aware whites being extremely outnumbered literally everywhere we are, we'd probably be done because we'd be blamed for everything, not (((them))).

Nothing collapses until the producers of food turn away from society. If it happens slowly, the rich and political elite will try hoarding and importing food in vain until the breaking point at which they will try to flee, because they will never resort to producing their own food.

Report them.

It's a bit late for that.