I want to discuss something, at least seriously (mods pls don't delete my thread)

I want to discuss something, at least seriously (mods pls don't delete my thread).

I was watching some MGTOW videos about the wall and older women, and there's something I want to talk about.

What if all the generations of women who drank the cool aid of feminism while they were young and in the 80's or something, they are now starting to hit the real wall where a women realize they still have a biological clock.
Acording to most redpill shit, a women wall is like 25-27, but for most women they don't realize such wall exist until they're 45.
Women start to complain about man drought when they're 30.

In any case, and this is what I want to discuss, is the inevitable biological clock of women mean this concept of strong independant women will crash and burn in the next two decades?
I mean, we're already start to see the first complains about man drought and other feminist BS when a women is 35 and single, and I've started to notice women in their 40-45 are now having trouble to have babies, even with artificial insemination.

Will the date where we start to see commercials on TV about freeze your eggs so you can be mother when you're 40 the beggining of the end for feminism?

I mean, the first generations of hardcore feminist raised women will start to hit 40-50 next decades.
Do you think we'll see a society shock when most women of such ages start to hit those ages alone, like here's what feminism have brought you, a succesfull carreer and money, but now you're alone and miserable in your home.

I dunno, this is something I've started to think about.

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it sounds plausible, OP. i hadn't thought about that myself, but that could be at least partially responsible for what we've seen from those types these past few years.

these women have already started to turn to male prostitutes, furbabys, adoption, beta cucks, sugar babies, migrant "helpers", and lesbianism. the vast majority of them will never admit they fucked up and will just keep doubling down until death.

even while that may be true, I still think older women just want a husband and children.

This idea would require that all the men be redpilled, masculine, and abhor being captain save-a-ho. Not every guy is going to find a 30+ year old single mother vile. You seriously underestimate the proportion of thirsty men out there that will gladly jump to snag the crusty, sperm-dripping leftovers of Tyrone.

None of this will stop until women no longer have suffrage. Until then and total collapse, its weimar degeneracy through and through.

I think most guy find repulsive the idea of marrying a left over, simply because most women already look like shit when they hit 35.

Why get a single mother when there are so much single women that aren't mothers when they're 35?

what they want is irrelevant, if they live a life supporting an ideology calling for the destruction of society and themselves they will end up the same (or worse) then every generation of lonely spiteful spinster before them. and the worst part is they will never admit any wrongdoing so they can continue to blame everyone else. MGTOWS (and pol) always make the same mistake. things aren't going to get better by themselves or from some hollywood/madmax style "collapse" . it's going to take us and a generation (or two) of men like us changing the system and undoing the damage. we won't see the benefit, but your great grandchildren might. and thats something worth fighting for.

damn! I gotta check my own quad dubs. (kek has been on a roll today)

we're talking about societal trends and we're starting to see girls raised in the 80's who now are starting to hit the wall fucking hard.

Even if girls are unaware of this or too arrogant, I still think this have to collapse at some point.

how? because they can't get a man? feminists get married and have children all the time. as long as they aren't super ugly/fat women don't have to worry about finding a man (yet). and even the grose ones can always settle for a panti-fa soyboy. and old ladies don't really have to worry other penalty of blue pilled older gents that are afraid to grow old alone. if feminism was ever going to collapse it would have happened a long time ago. as long as it's the bread and butter of (((academics))) and government funded, its not going anywhere. the societal trends so far have already shown this.

Because single mothers might have lower expectations (on the surface) then younger hotter women that know/understand sexual marketplace value and can demand a better offer from a potential mate. single mothers on the other hand can abuse the system and suffer no real penalty when seeking a boyfriend/husband. (it's just the children and the taxpayers that have to suffer her pathological selfishness)

Marriage exists to entice men into doing better for themselves and their families. Men who are married are not likely to rock the boat too much and will happily provide the necessary tax base for the government to function. When enough men stop doing this and stop performing these roles, the combination of lack of tax income and increased instability due to the increasing number of single, often angry men will lead to collapse. The collapse won't be mad max tier, but it will likely resemble something like Brazil or Yugoslavia depending on how demographics and politics go.


they're now starting to make news articles about man drought.
women are biologically harwired to seek alpha males.

Let's do basic math:
Only 2-3% of males are fit or follow a fit lifestyle in america.
Let's put he makes 90k a year, which will put him at least top 25% of males (don't have the data, but let's say is 25% of males).
Also, let's include he's over 6" tall (the average of males is 5"7 worldwide), let's put this to 40% of males (ok, being generous).

So, let's do the math:
top 40% of top 25% of top 2% of males.

That's what women feel they deserve.
Women decide to not engage with the rest of males because they're by biology picky.

So you got entire generations of women thinking they deserve the top 25% of top 50% of top 2% of males.

At some point their sexual value is going to drop to 0 because women have expirations date.
At some point this delusion will hit a fucking shit ton of women.

So nothing will happen?

even if they're desperate, they're the kind of loser beta males women will never give the hour of the day, so that's irrelevant.

so your theory is that without marriage the government will lose its tax payer base and then be unable to function and that will lead to a societal collapse of some sort?

I disagree, it keeps women from getting on the (((carousel))).

If there was a strong government ethic to encourage marriage and discourage out of wed-lock couples, then virtually every guy can get a waifu.

That's the whole point. What happens to society when say 70% of the men don't get any pussy? Think hard on that. Do you think those 70% are gonna CARE about the future? If a guy doesn't have kids, what does he care about the future?

Marriage is the glue of society, we all know kids from fatherless families get FUCKED UP!

Its why they are pushing feminism and miscegenation so hard. Catch as many as they can with all this filth. They need to be quick though as people are starting to push back against the PC/Marxist cancer.

Women, despite having such great privileges and benefits over men, are unhappy. They are unhappy because biologically and deep down they know this too, they want to be put in their place. They want men to be in charge and protect them.

This is the main problem. Men and women who didn't marry were shamed into doing so. You had incentives to do so of course, happiness, companionship, societal belonging, kids, land etc. Women also needed a man's support to make it.

Nowadays a woman does not, but instead the government. She can live quite comfortably with her bastards and welfare, which the men work and pay for. There is little gain for men in today's Jewed to the core relationships.

My theory is that things will cascade in the following order:

1) More men choose to remain single rather than get married due to increasing negative legal and social ramification.
2) This means they don't have to work as hard (read as make more money) because they don't have a wife and kids to push them to make more.
3) This leads to a loss in tax revenue when combined with the increase in automation of jobs. More men are either unemployeed, or simply work to afford basic things. Remember that plenty of men are willing to live spartan lifestyles, its often women who push for shit like McMansions and the like.
4) These single men turn to more radical political philosophies to find out why they are unhappy most Holla Forumslacks are single men in their teens, 20s and 30s
5) Since they don't have as much to lose, they begin to push for reforms and legislation. This challenges the ruling political class.
6) Ruling political class begins to crackdown on opposing thought.
7) At the same time all of this is happening, the government is either importing men to make up the holes in the tax base or throwing women into the workforce. Women are increasingly unhappy and begin to seek out more radical political ideologies. The imports the government brought in are bigger burdens to the tax base than anticipated.
8) Single men begin to identify problems within society, and since they are single, devote all of their time and resources towards combating the problem.
9) Eventually, this results either in a flashpoint or a slow decline. This is the collapse phase.
10) Civil conflict and constant strife eventually break the government and its social programs, causing a return to traditional values and culture. Invaders and traitors are either killed or allowed to leave.

I could go on, but the point is that in order to break ZOG, you need to break their tax base and remove yourself from the system.


Women, next to children, are the ultimate shit-testers. Women will shit-test men because when men they put their foot down, it gives women a sense of protection. Same way with kids where they throw a tantrum and the adults do not respond until they calm down and behave.

If you cannot control a woman, you will be a shit father.

when men put their foot down*

Yes. Lots of millennial women who bought into the feminism garbage and decided to pursue careers instead of parenthood are now realizing that they have waited too long to conceive, will likely never get married and that procedures like IVF and egg-freezing have been over-hyped and almost never work. Gen Z women will, hopefully, learn from their mistake and not repeat it.

Modern women want to be trendy lesbians and queers in their teens, radical activists and free abortions in their early 20s, career driven and successful wealthy women in their late 20s, and by their 30s, they start panicking.. This is usually about the time they start wasting money on fertility treatments, artificial insemination, or the newest trend that's catching on.. Freezing their eggs. Literally "Freeze your eggs, free your career".. By their 40s they have given up. Ignoring their biological clock becomes impossible and years of feminist cognitive dissonance starts to take its toll. They get desperate and jump at any relationship they can get, even though they've now gone most of their lives without a stable partner, marriage, and most importantly, children. Even if they aren't married, they'll start trying to get pregnant. They might unfreeze their eggs, only to find out most of them are rotten, dead, or infertile. They're well past the retard warning barrier and falling off the "fertility cliff" which means even if they have kids, miscarriage is extremely likely, and if the pregnancy takes, the chances for autism, birth defects, and other health issues means their motherhood will be nightmarish. It's kind of like a divine punishment for their hubris. They believe biology was in their control, that is was all just a socially constructed game of pretend and that biological urges don't really have any control over them.

The problem is that all of this shit, the prolonged adolescence, sexual liberation, abortions, the college and career focus meme, the lowering of the bar in almost every industry and business combined with affirmative action and the mandatory feminist bootlicking. All of it has the same result: It makes white women have fewer kids, it weakens the family unit, and it gives (((them))) an excuse to push for globalization and mass immigration. This sort of shit is a YUGE element of how Europe got a big brown dick rammed up its ass.

Good points and not to take anything away from you, but this has all happened before. Many times.

The question is simple; are we going the way of Rome or of Weimar?

Their misery will serve as an example for future generations of girls who will cringe at the crazed "women" in retirement homes, those homes made to support childless wastes of "women" who deviated and ended up with nothing.

Holla Forums has had nothing to do with (((MGTOW))) for years now. It is the height of jewish subversion to ignore the basic call of making white children so as to make the 14 words true to life.

It can be both, it doesn't have to be one or the other. The government certainly doesn't like large amounts of radicalized, single men.
They begin to wonder why they aren't getting pussy. They begin to wonder why women are shit. They begin to identify (((who))) is responsible for their lack of a family.
Maybe, maybe not. But they are definitely going to want payback from the elites who did this to them.
And they hold grudges against the society and groups that made those fatherless families possible.

how does that part happen?

assuming most of the population isn't made of Invaders and traitors by then, thats an awfully big gamble.

Gen Z women will be just as susceptible to feminist and SJW bullshit if thats what they get fed on a daily basis (it's already happening) it's the same thing that happened to Millennial women. if you don't fix the education system, the media, and the family court system then the of women Gen Z will be just as shit.

Hate to say it, but plenty of old women in the care/retirement homes have families, just that we have fallen so low that we will send our parents and grandparents to rot in some strange building full of strangers than help them ourselves.

What the fuck

You saw it in Yugoslavia and can see it in SA. The constant violence and civil unrest means its too dangerous to go to work. Basic social functions are either non-existent or heavily degraded. The welfare check in the mail is gone forever as the government spends more on security and control than on public welfare. People need to live in fortresses in order to be protected from the gangs and militants that roam at night. This all leads to women seeking stronger, more traditional relationships, since they require a man to protect and provide for them, since the police are useless and the welfare checks are gone. Men need to grow a pair if they want to survive and not see their family butchered. Women are less likely to break vows if it means they'll end up as prostitutes. Its common in warzones for women to prostitute themselves out for basic needs like food and water. For women, its much better to have a provider than be a prostitute and be at the mercy of the gangs.
You need to remember that it is very easy to kill large quantities of people. You just need the UN to fuck off.

Not sure what will trigger a return to radical traditional values.
But I am positively sure that if we will not return soon, then we are done as a civilization.
And asking women to do their part is a waste of time. They are not rational neither loyal.
Women are basically animals and they only answer to force.

Holla Forums still needs to learn that you can't successfully have a family and white children if all the laws and society in general is trying to sabotage it. MGTOW at least understand that much, but many of them slide into redpill rage/ nihilism once they realise almost everything they know about women/life has been a lie. and quite a few of them never reach the JQ (but a lot of them do). as I said it's going to take us and few generations of "men" like us to change this. women (in general) won't do shit.

the foreigners invaders in every historical cycle are mostly on the biggest cities attracted to the welfare state.
the rural parts of the country are still demographycally untouched by the barbarian hordes.

rural europe is still 99.9% white.
dunno about rural america but is like 95% white.



read about the historical cycles of chinese history after a collapse.

you too fam

it's also badly addicted to meth and in tremendous poverty. as the zog does everything it can to poison the food and water supply.

No, I mean the rural areas are the ones that matter after the collapse, since the urban areas enter in some kind of mad max where most of the foreigners get killed or something.

And I also have to mention when the system collapses, the masses tend to kill the elites.

Is a very interesting topic and see it repeats time after time in Chinese history.

I should add that a lot of the women involved in MRA circles (honey badgers) are starting to push a new bullshit narrative.

"Brown men are victims too!"
"Jews like (((George Soros))) aren't to blame" (even though they found and orchestrate this shit) and bunch of other nonsense. (makes sense as they are deeply connected to the "skeptic community" tm)

I don't think jews or george soros are the ones to blame, all this seems more like a normal cycle in the history of empires.

The fate of empires is an interesting book about this.
Western civilization simply is reaching it's end stage of degeneracy before getting conquered and destroyed by barbarians, like the roman empire collapsed.

feminism is an entirely jewish construction based on marxism and its ilk (just take communism and bolt on gender theory and thats your basic feminist) soros and his buddies spreads this shit like a cancer (just not in israel). how can you deny jewish involvement?

there was a thread about UK women "career women" freezing their eggs because no man would take an old dried up hag "no marriageable men"


I'm so sure.

It seems like the same historical patterns of collapsing european empires and Chinese dinasties.

Jews simply seem to be our current elite, but the patterns in history always seem to be the same, even in times before abraham was born.

Like I said, read the fate of empires.



feminism is one of the many weapons jews use to kill europeans and white culture. it's one of the most potent in their arsenal.

There has been feminism in the collapse of the roman empire and the collapse of the golden age of the muslims.

It's not just XX century shit.

and jews existed back then too, what's your point?

No, that is not the way of my people.
Stop identifying with leftists and consumerist drones.

100% true

You have fallen for a feminist trap user. The feminists tell you that the world of men is an old mans club and you get thievery you want for having a penis.

This is far from the truth. There are three sins in this world: Weakness, Stupidity, and Mistakes. A man who marries a single mother, has killed his chances of advancement in his career. The reason stated will be "makes poor decisions". This line of thinking has nothing to do with mgtow. This is the corporate American way of thinking this is what the feminists have earned.

By destroying the protect male world, feminists have created a hell for them an everyone else. Embrace this hell. Do not commit any of the three sins, and you will go far. We must gain strength, power, and money in this hell, so that when the DOTR comes, we can ensure that no:nigger, kike, spic, or pajeet is left.


It has been noted, to add to the discusion, that the dilema of feminism has always existed.
In the stages of afluency of a civilization, when there's wealth and everything is going fine, there seems to be a path of materialism, where people start to forget the spiritual roots of their founding fathers and the society starts to sexually liberate their women, giving them political power they now start to ask, this includes women education.

Of course more educated women tend to have fewer children, which causes a plumbeting of birth rates.
This have a non intended effect that goverments now to repay in terms of taxes an agging population and a welfare state needs to increase their tax base.
This of course means fucking full force inmigration, because an adult inmigrant doesn't need to be raised by the state and can be taxed.
Citizenship in this stage is given to pretty much everyone who can buy it (Paul bough roman citizenship to not get killed in the bible or some shit).

This doesn't have the intended effect, since most of the foreigners only travel to plunder and live off leeching the welfare state.
The state now, who has increasing welfare cost and military cost from an overexpansive military (all the military bases in the roman empire, british empire and US) will start to tax more their working populations.
Of course this means, the working population stop working to live off the welfare state or simply leave and escape to the woods to not get taxed or simply become slaves to wealthy landlords to avoid paying taxes.
All this means the taxable population shrinks and the welfare state keeps growing.
All this in the end means the population start to welcome with open arms any foreign barbarian army just to be free of the decaying 1984 orwellian state.

And then the cycle starts a new with a new civilization who tend start to conquer again new territories.

It's an interesting topic and is a historical cycle that last 10 generations (255 years).

In every degenerate era, materialism and atheism and individualism is rampant and female sexuality has full freedom.
Of course, as has sociologist noted and economist, when women has full sexual freedom their sexual value plunders to 0 and now women are treated as sexual objects and their only value is their bodies.
What's the solution?
When women sexual rights are concealed and women are forbiden of having affairs, women tend to be the scarce resource, as economics say, this means their social value increases, women are now more valued and virtuos and there's more social cohesion and cortisan love.

Is a matter of the scarcity of availabity of pussy in a society.

I'm 100% confident that this situation will resolve itself. A woman who has reached the age ahere she can no longer bear children has lost all forms of power over men. While there are plenty of ways for women to subvert that natural order of things, any headway made through such means is temporary at best. Men subconsciously understand the natural order and once the subversion can no longer be written off as a marginal effect, the pushback becomes universal and conpletely unstoppable.

That pushback is starting to gain steam thanks to the #MeToo movement. Literally every one of my friends, bluepilled as they are, has come to understand women have no power other than reproduction over them. As we age into the post-reproductive years for women in our peer group, every man will innatepy understand that every one of these women are powerless and irrelevant. It may be too late for my peers to fix the situation for themselves but men's power and influence is retained regardless of age. My peers will have the power to enforce their will, guided by this knowledge, on the world so that younger generations may flourish. This much is guaranteed.

Even laws and economics are not enough to make women behave and make families stable. Belief systems must be shaped in away that makes being married, having and being faithful from a younger age the foundation of the purpose of life. White people's minds are capable of being purpose driven for long term goals if there is a believable belief system for it. The promise of eternal reward or divine commandment, won't cut it anymore for anybody who isn't in a religious society/region. A duty to future generations and the future of the race, must be woven somehow into a white worldview that will motivate and guide young men to become accomplished and wealthy enough at a young age to start a stable family.

Completely agree that the rise and collapse of society is an inevitable cultural/economic cycle. Notice that the only subcultures (mostly religions) that survive more than a few generations throughout human history put the highest priority on ingroup nepotism, wealth accumulation/inheritance, and focus on maturing males into competent contributors to society by early 20's.
Jews have simply taken advantage of these natural cycles and manipulated them to take a direction that is beneficial for them. In this current cycle of decline whites must take advantage of our ability to collectivize throughout the world to weather the decline and organize to rebuild white civilization on our terms instead of theirs.

thats why they get into government and legislation. plenty of power over men that way.

There's something that pol doesn't seem to understand.
Humans are a natural hypergamous specie, we're biologically hardwire in a way where women will seek and breed only with the top 10% of males.
Millions of years of evolution have hardwire us this way.

In a natural enviroment, women will only breed with the Chads, and you can easily see this in hookup culture, which is the normal natural pattern humans have breed for millions of years.

Actually monogamy is fucking unnatural for our specie, and is a deal that society made so every beta could at least have a chance to have offspring.
So, why would the 80% of beta males work and develop a society if they're not even gonna have at least a one single women to breed.

So, in a sense, feminism is the natural desire for women to return to the natural stage where they can breed with the top 10% of the specie without repercusions.

Of course this contradicts the desire of the 80% of beta males who push for restricting female sexual normal behaviour.

At the core, is what motivates these historical cycles of collapse and return to traditionalism, the oposite of feminism.

Wow! You just showed your chopped dick.
You are in the wrong board kiddo.

it's a cycle goyim! nothing you can do to change it! jews are just better at exploiting it, stupid goy!

fuck off what that self fulfilling prophecy nonsense. it's up to us to break this cycle, and if we fail this this time we might not get another chance. things are different then the past collapse. too much dangerous technology around to make that a viable option.

So reading through it. Well most of it. Kinda got bored of the repetition around two thirds through.

It seems that she has indeed figured shit out. But refuses to understand why or the solution.
Instead of going "we need to fix this and reverse the trend" she instead seems to favour accelerating it

In short.
Men desire the creation of civilisation.
Women desire a return to nature.

Man defies nature and creates something better. Women simply aren't capable of this.

I usually tend to be more well read than simply fall for the huh duh jews are everything evil and wrong.

There's even anti sionists jews who think palestine should be for palestinians, but I guess pol never reads books or something.

It's literally what every collapsing civilization say in the end.

It's impossible to reverse the trend.
The trend is renewed when a more barbarian force conquers and destroys the old degenerate world.

It's something like a rebirth of a fenix.

I'm not so sure is something bad.
Our big brains and intelligence is the result of women being selective mates.
women literally and naturally do eugenics on the bottom 80% of male population.

So you can't push for restricting females and also push for eugenics.
In the end most of pol beliefs are nothing more than contradictory stupidity.

A more balance system would be polygamy, where sucessfull males can have several wives.

We have polygamous societies.
Mormons and muslims for example. Both societies are failed ones unable to accomplish much.
Mormons only maintain the stability they do by exiling surplus males and drawing females from the larger society they leech off of.

The Tumblr nose is apparently older than I realized.

Look at pic1 of Rather than accept their failures they will deny it, double down, and try to force the next generation to follow in their steps.

But they're more stable.
I only will say polygamy is a more natural system than monogamy, at least biologically for us.

It's the conflict between women returning society to nature and the betas trying to restrict their sexual behaviours in the name of morality and shit.

Stable? Are you joking?
Muslim societies are in a constant state of conflict and frequently collapse.
Mormons are literally incapable of surviving unless they have a monogomy based society to leech off.

The flaw in your logic is that you believe the "power" those women hold does anything but exacerbate the situation and that the political status quo could ever be maintained without man's will to power. Their presence only strengthens the forces which push men to desire something else and focuses their will towards bringing that something to fruition. Any pretense of power heod by a feminized instituti9n is nothing but a facade.

No, i'm not interested in returning to the status quo of a bygone era. i'm talking about actually breaking free of the cycle and taking our species to its next logical step. fuck jews and fuck selfish women! they shouldn't get to dictate the future of humanity.

are you here to blackpill us on some buillshit inevtable "societal collapse"? because if thats the case you're in the wrong place. how new are you? and you still haven't explained your ignorance of jews and the JQ.

It ends up like Religion of Cuck™ic countires where rich old fucks suck up 30 hot young wives and lower class men are starved. Not that we'd have that polygamy, but the result will be similar. Angry young men roaming the streets looking to blow up anything that is representative of the reason they can't be men.

social cohesion, fucktard.
Not everything is economics.

I'm trying to explain it to you in single terms:

Women naturally desire hypergamy, but you can't sustain a civilization on it.
Women naturally desire to breed only with the top 10% of males (natural eugenics).

The desire of the betas, which a society depends on for all those shitty jobs and warfare, is to at least have a single women and family.

You can't simply have at the same time a society where women go for the Chads and every beta has a wife.

Happens in France, Spain, and other European countries that go through weirdly common revolutionary phases. France had public beheadings, what with the invention of the guillotine.

this is pretty much what happens in the end of a civilization, more barbarian males go and conquer the soft beta males.

It also happens in ancient egypt, sumeria, the bible, africa and so on.

theses ragemes are getting away with the literal murder of western civilisation and they are able to do so because they have power. don't you find it strange that it's only a certain kind of man thats being demonised and destroyed by these governments and feminism? doesn't that tell you something more is going on then just women being typical money grubbing whores?

Nigger, you're pozzed as fuck and you're so well read that you can't spell.

Polygamy can only work when you have a warrior nation that is constantly raiding other nations because polygamy naturally leads to a deficiency in available women. If you cannot continue to raid, rape and pillage then you run out of available women for the myriads of single men in your country and these single men must then turn to violence against you to claim a woman or perpetuate violence against others to claim a wife. Polygamy leads to the destruction of stability.
You forgot Winter.

War torn shitholes full of constant terrorism and corruption are not more stable than the whole of Europe prior to communist infiltration. The greatest advances in society were ultimately capable because of monogamy since its enforcement leads to everyone getting a mate which leads to cooperation among the group since they don't have to physically compete with others for reproduction. Instead they compete economically which leads to rapid progress as groups of men (corps.) compete economically to innovate and accrue wealth in order to appeal to women in this fashion.

you can't, our societies are advanced but the people comprising it are nowhere near as developed as they need to be. Breaking free of the cycle is only possible if you can find a way to ensure that non corruptible and high IQ leaders consistently remain in charge and consistently make the correct choices generation after generation. It is impossible. The saddest part is that it is quite easy to prevent this cycle. Today it simply requires honesty and facts, that this is too hard for people to come to terms with is quite depressing. Despite knowing just how great things could be, the most soul crushing sight to see is watching people refuse to simply say no to the kikes' plans.

There is not such thing as a good kike.
You declare yourself to be well read.
However, it looks that the bibliography you consume is the kiked one, or worst, you are a schlomo in disguise.
Most of the people here are at some grade of enlightenment because of alternative sources.
Perhaps you should lurk more to stay in the same page than us.

men, english in not my native language.

western society and christianity is not the only civilization or model that has had a golden age, fucktard.

now you're going to tell me capitalism is the perfect way to run a society.

The economic model and societal model is irrelevant because it depends on male sexual energy and the limitation of women rights.


simply google anti sionists jews, retard.

man, this shit goes back to times before even abraham was born, faggot.

Polygamy is our natural way of acting like the animals we are. Monogamy works much better for civilization, that's why we started doing that instead. Yes, it requires more discipline and when we lose that discipline we slip back into an easier, more animal state and begin to lose the perks of civilization.

Beating each other to death over grievances (or even just coming into someone's claimed territory) is just as natural, do you think we should all do that too? It's real fucking biological.

Go ahead and tell us in hebrew then. Nobody gives a shit about your idiot theories either way.

Well duh. I think we're both thinking on a deeper level than that, my point is that true power does not lie in (((their))) hands or the hands of their feminist golems no matter how they try and present themselves. Give me or any one of us a hundred deciated men and we couod crash the whole system in less than a year. We all understand that and understand there are less overt means to accomplishing our goals. I'm just saying that the status quo can do nothing to stand in our way and even worse (for them), the mere facts of their existance only strengthens our position.

Like I said, their power is a facade, something thag can only influence things in the short term and falls to pieces over the long term. Socoety can't play pretend indefinitely.

It has to do with repression of sexuality.
It's related to spiritual gnostic shit and sexual transmutation.

Civilization and higher spiritual ideas happens when males learn to supress their sexual urges and not waste their sacred sexual energy.

Denegeracy is the result of not proper chanelling of the male sexual energy and the return to female hypergamy.

If anything people should be trained in gnosticism, but as you can see now we live in a era of materialism and science and atheism.


keep thinking the evil jew is the reason you're not getting laid, my fellow bluepilled faggot.

jews simply understand women hypergamy and has been using it since centuries ago, by giving their smarter and richer guys the best jew women.

You are right.
And because of this, their hostile actions against our race will pay a hefty price.
Then, we are back to square 1 -→ The Jews!

Chads pay taxes too, and they also have to live in the same society as everybody else. mechanization will effect them too. and women being replaced (at least for the immediate needs of bates) is also on the on the horizon. you keep thinking its all going to end up the same. an economic collapse won't bring about the cycle, at lest not in the same way you are thinking we might even be on the verge a new "cycle" or paradigm shift into somthing completely new (not saying it's going to be great for everybody) genetic modification is also just around the corner. you think women won't be some of the fist targets for gene alteration? behavior, life extension and fertility could all be fundamentally change within a generation.

The way I see it, a lot of these women are essentially breeding themselves and their beliefs out of existence. Leftist reproduction rate is way below replacement already, that combined with them cherishing completely throwing away their lives on a career in an age where the end result of that is now extremely visible, we might not see this behavior lingering around for too much longer. Of course, the battle hasn't been won yet.

Jews are simply the scapegoat for a collapse.
The chinese blamed their own version of jews as did other civilizations before abraham was born.

Jews simply have a superior IQ that makes them overrepresented in the elites.

But not all elites who are destroying the west are askenazi.

I'm not sure about the sci fi post scarcity shit, because our brains are hardwire after millions of years of evolution.
even in a post scarcity society attractive people will be still attractive because that indicates superior genes.

I'm not so sure what will happen with the rise of robot waifus.

I'm late as hell in life figuring this out, and it's honestly the only thing that a guy needs to understand about women. I haven't quite figured how to hold that kind of dominance consistently yet, but I get the concept. Some are easier than others and it often feels clumsy, but I get what it means now, and a lifetime of confusion about cause, effect, and women finally makes sense.

I think a lot of guys confuse taking charge and dominance with aggression or demanding things. There's a big difference and the latter doesn't work.

Nothing will change until the incentives change. Nothing. Necessity is the only motive that will get the NPCs to act right.

Polygamy was surely the status quo for our predecessors and you're on the right track regarding monogamy being a foundational requirement for advanced civilization. What you to ask is what the result of thousands of generations of polygamy might produce with the pressure of harsh environmental conditions.

If I had to answer that question, it would be that it would create a male gene pool of exceptional quality. Might it make sense that an exceptionally high wuality population of males would break the system of polygamy since the majority of eligible bachelors are of near indistinguishable quality compared to the top ninetieth percentile of males? Imagine a society where ~80% of men are of such quality that women don't see an advantage in competing for the top ~10% of that group. That factually looks like every society made up of those of European/Aryan stock for thousands of years.

Polygamy itself creates the evolutionary pressures that result in monogamy and our peo0le achieved that balance millenia ago. You're on the right track, I just wanted to offer this post as guidance.

leftist don't reproduce through birth rates, they spread through the (((education system))), (((media))), and sexual perversion (pedos and homos).

Feminism today already IS, old and ugly pigs. That's because feminism is about, ugly old pigs taking from young pretty ones. If you're a hot chick, you have it MADE. You don't need any of this bullshit they talk. Anyway, seniors are the more pressing matter. Fuck cat ladies who screwed up their life.

Implying MGTOW status quo.

How retarded are you? Have you ever been to a muzzie country? They are universally shitholes, and in many areas the government doesn't have full control. They are literally dominated by rich kebabs and clerics, essentially whoever can raise the biggest army.

religion is a form of social cohesion.
and yes, shitholes generally have more social cohesion than something like sweden.

if genetic engineering/splicing and neural network assisted plastic surgery take off and become cheap enough, won't everybody look like they have "superior genes"?

that's still some decades from now and we don't know the repercusions of that.

adding to this, I don't think women will change a lot.
They will simply move from physical looks to other non genetical ways to measure male worth (fame, money, intelligence, carisma, social status, etc).

Lol, you don't know many jews do you? Some of them do ok, but even when they get women they don't get any respect from them and it's always a shitshow. I've seen it first hand. And don't worry about me I do just fine.

Actually I'm assuming you're a jew yourself at this point. I might even know you - I know at least 2 jews that hit the chans. Both nice guys but unfortunately what's good for your people isn't good for mine.

You and I have different definitions of social cohesion. Having similar beliefs but still being able to be killed for looking at someone the wrong way doesn't strike me as cohesive.

Meant for

Man, I'm not even a jew, I'm a spic from a south american shithole.

I'm not convinced jews have some kind of evil genetics that make them somehow brainwashed retards that are used by the reptilians to install the NWO.

I don't deny there's a cabal of elites who make sacrifices and want to kill all whites, is just that is not 100% jews and there's a shit ton of white people.

Also, askenazis aren't even real jews acording to DNA studies, they're not semites, they're white people.

man social cohesion is what makes a society stick togheter, have a sense of nationalims and be willing to die for your nation, also the amount of morality there are.

white countries have almost no social cohesion and muslim shitholes have clearly more social cohesion than europe.

post scarcity isn't possible without harnessing nono technology and advancement in the fields of material science (graphene is great but we still can't produce it in volume…yet) resources and energy will still be a major concern going forward. as for as robots go, I still think VR and sense stimulation will reach "good enough" levels in less then 10 years for the sexual needs of most people. robots will be an upper middle class luxury at best (just like they are now).

that still don't erase women hypergamous tendecies, they will simply move their picky shit to non genetical stuff if all males have Chad looks.

Be whoever you want. You're still spitting all the same lines they do. Probably what you get for being well read in all the wrong areas.

you have a lot to learn newfag.


askenazis are genetically european, fucking bluepilled faggots.

>But. . .DNA studies!
Boy, that takes me back. I remember when I was still spouting shit like that. Of course, I'm not a spic, so I had more sense than to post it here, even when I really thought some based Jews could be redeemed.

I like you, spic. Here's a skinned human head, in the tradition of your people.

you don't even know what a jew is or understand how phenotypes work, and yet you call us bluepilled?

Okay, Pancho – you've had your fun, now fuck away. Whites only, demi-nigger

I don't even give a fuck.
Jews are your problem, not mine.

impossible to tell as thats never happened before in our history, and you're also assuming that other methods to keep women loyal won't be invented. you've got to stop thinking in the past.

Then you are a jew.

thats true paco, jews also use you and your kind as a weapon against us.


I dunno man.
That's like saying robot waifus will erase male sexual preferences somehow.

we're an hypergamous species, if physical looks aren't the criteria, then women will use another criteria for the selection, like money, carisma, social status, personality, height, recognition, sport ability, hability playing street fighter, intelligence, culture, whatever.

Even if we live in a sci fi shit, women will then will invent imaginary ways to clasify males or some shit.

You can't simply erase millions of years of evolution because now we can 3D print food and make your kids have blue eyes.

I'm brown as fuck.
literally I don't care about le ebin pol boogeyman.

but i'm glad to see MGTOW philosophy spreading among your people (if you really are what you say you are) hopefully that help get your out of control bitrate stabilized and beat back those entitled latina harpies.

CIA agent discovered:

I dunno what's the pol problem with beaners, they come from a culture that is compatible with american values, since latinoamerica is derived from european culture with a mix of amerindian shit.

They're still basically brown western people, somehow like when italians came to america they also were hated, but they assimilated and today nobody cares.

Also, they commit like 1.5 times the crimes of whites, so they're not a big problem there.

They're just brown as fuck italians or some shit.

Please tell me that was a pun.

We invented trolling, taconigger. Filtered.

they breed like rabbits and cause fucked up demographic shifts and have a lot of the same problem nogs have with increased criminality and banding together with jews and other bowns to blame whitey for everything.

That's hilarious. It's obvious Garrison hates cats.

whoops, posted a cropped version by accident. here's a better one

explain to me why latinoamerica is such an "alien" culture to western ones when is basically brown people using european language, law codes, religion, morality, etc.


They don't commit so much crime last time I checked your data.
hispanics commit like 1.5 times white people crime.

Is the niggers who makes like 50 times more crimes than whites.
Also spics hate niggers and their gangs commit ethnic cleansing of nog areas.


spaghetti niggers are also a problem, they have no sense of national or racial identity and are about as loyal to europe and america as nogs.

america is a mutt country.
there has been non whites before even whites colonized the territory.

you literally have independance wars to give niggers citizenship.

Chad will marry stacy and the beta faggots can either improve themselves as much as they can or become kamikazes. this is for both sexes.
You know i'm right. There is no need to be responsible these days. You need to con the conman.

yep because jewish slave owners wanted to bread a violent race of sociopaths instead of paying anyone a decent wage. also the way gave them another excuse to get white people to kill each other (jews favorite pastime) how come you don't know this stuff? (is this your first week?)

Yes, this is the best solution to keeping white civilization relatively stable and progressing without getting overrun by invaders. Men helping each other to reach their highest potential in health, wealth, and career. It requires solid institutions for maturing all boys into well rounded men by early adulthood. This is the foundation of ensuring white survival as a fertile and powerful race. There is no better method for controlling women, than by ensuring that most men are of good to excellent quality and able to acquire and grow wealth.

The solution to female hypergamy and general sluttiness is for the average man to be high quality and wealthy enough to keep a woman barefoot and pregnant in her 20's.


it is what it is. enjoy your suffering.

yeah, I guess america is white if you choose to ignore all non whites that were there even before whites colonized the country, lol.

I guess that could be a solution, I think is what peterson talks about.

Mestizos are a fucking disgrace.
The Iberians should have left you to your retarded human sacrifices instead of trying to civilize a race so vile.

read about the history.
only violent males from the iberian jails came to latinoamerica to rape and plunder ("civilize the indios").

Anglos came with their women and children, spaniards came to rape indias.

depends on the country you live in, a good rule of thumb is to hide assets from your wife and always be prepared for her to turn into your most bitter enemy. i.e, hope for the best, prepare for the worst and if the worst happens you're ready for it. (this applies to all aspects of life).

yeah, and what's your point?

dude the martingale system is foolproof given enough rolls.

yeah nigger, let's ignore all the mexicans, chinese, japanese that inmigrated in the XIX century to build your railroads, faggot.

The whole "Native American" bullshit needs to be addressed, sick of that shit, and have you noticed now that the beaners are now pretending to be "Native American" under the flag of Aztlan and Aztecs to try to steal social services? Fuck them all, worst mistake ever to put forth social services based on minority status.

Whites were the first to settle the Americas, dipshit.

Fuck em, they were paid and did the job the white man mandated. Doing the work they were paid for doesn't designate you special.

it's 'g-r-o-s-s' you brainlet.

and (((who))) do you think brought them here?

phone keyboards are dumb and will correct words that don't need it.

america has always been a mutt nation, I guess it could be today a 100% nation again if you only count white people as americans I guess.

half your territory was stolen from mexico when there was brown mexicans already living there.

Because traveling to the Americas by boat with a bunch of recently liberated criminals is a recipe for success.
South America isn't Australia you dipshit, it wasn't a penal colony.

Forgot to add its also essential for whites to have some practice and belief system of continually renewing pair bonding once a marriage has formed. A sex life based on maximizing oxytocin release most of the time with the occasional hard fuck. Also having shared long terms goals and projects that you are both invested in and enjoy. Something similar or equivalent to a homestead. Many marriages fail because they have nothing in common once the children are grown.

Yep, you’re retarded.



:) i'm just getting some shitposting out my system dude


holy shit, look this video.

you had to get permission to travel to south america and most spaniards didn't brough their wives here.
I guess they were simply going to make a civilization and not fuck some india?


I don't hate brown, I just want to stay in their own countries. as you said, you live in a south america shithole. why do you think its a shithole?

You say "stolen", I say acquired through conquest. Look what Mexico has done with that massive chunk of land they have, nothing.

everytime an african or latino country had some nice patriotic leader who wanted to make his nation great, the US magically got him killed or jailed for some reason.

california and texas has always been brown territory by that logic.

meant to say, I don't hate brown people (I think most of use here don't, most are just tired of them being shoved down our throats by the zog)

this, Mexico is a resource rich country yet they are always impoverished and ruled by organized crime.

That alone should refute the bullshit narrative that Conquistadores were criminals.
But yeah, I never denied racemixing happened, I'm just addressing your bullshit claim that they evil whitey wuz rapist n' shiet

I dunno if women were even allowed to come to latinomerica from europe.

and who do you think controls the US?

Frankly I have no idea why anyone from Mexico or anyone of Mexican ancestry would even remotely be pissed at whites or America. America has kept that country from breaking apart numerous times, has taken it up the ass from Mexico for decades and has educated a shit ton of people who otherwise would have either been milking cows or holding a rifle for a cartel. Mexico/Mexicans should be kissing our sacks right now given how generous we have been. The good thing is the intelligent Mexicans who are here realize this, would never wave a Mexican flag and consider themselves proud Americans.

Nonwhite detected. Beaner likely.

the average latino sucks white people dick so hard.
you'll be surprised a blonde blue eye tall guy here is seeing like being from nobility.

Well we are and centuries have proven that given the wonders we have created and brought to the world.

you know this, and yet you are still ignorant of the roll jews play in international affairs? why would the (((US government))) want mexico to be a fucked up hellhole with no exports other drugs, gangs and welfare recipients? think about it.

I can't stand women, they are insufferable.

I don't think the deep state is like 100% jew though.

They talk all their shit because they embrace their stupid victimhood not realizing that without us the entire world would be South Africa, Haiti, or Central America right now.

It's not like that is BS either as all of those places have had centuries to build and have done fuck all. Without whites the world would be a cesspool is shit stuck in the dark ages and given the bullshit they pushed on the EU that means America, Australia, Eastern EU, Russia, Japan and a few other places are all that's standing between the end of the species or not.

If America falls what do people think happens next? Whoever takes over the US will use the USA's massive advanced arsenal to fuck everyone else up. People in the states have never had it so lucky and they are too stupid to see it.

thats not what we (Holla Forums) want either, we want a strong and stable mexico filled with national pride and racial homogamy. it's what we want for our own nation and all nations.

I think there's a diference between how american and white people colonized non white countries (basically to steal the resources) and how the chinese are doing it.

Everyone in latinoamerica is mixed retard.

That's the thing I don't understand about these moron Mexican activist types. They believe the utter hogshit they are fed, keep themselves down, and never realize they could easily be lifelong bros with America if they just ditched the bullshit and the self enriching people who don't give a fuck about them, have been using them for decades, and during that time nothing has improved for them while they are promised the world.

Who cares though, we're talking ancient history. Every single group alive today has one thing in common and that is their ancestors killed, raped, and maimed their way to the top of the food chain in their area because if they didn't, that group wouldn't be around today.

Every single person has ancestors that were killers and brutal but that was the world then.

crypto jews are a real problem, and they have always been able to seduce and coerce colabertators.

thats fine as long as they stay at the mix they currently have and stop trying to brown up other countries, nimrod.

Eat shit. The entire world belongs to the white race. Mexico’s whiteness will be restored.

I'm talking about chinese investment in the last decade in africa though.

as long as they continue being poor violent shitholes people would rather move to a more rich developed nation.

you would do the same if you were born in honduras.

Well the Chinese give utterly no fucks and if they didn't think the world would cause them a headache they would wipe out the majority of Africans, take some as slave labor and claim that beautiful continent that is shit for one reason and one reason only - niggers.

Got to hand it to China as they are not bogged down, at all, by any of the BS the west is in terms of racial stupidity.

They were, there's a few books on the subject.
The indians in North America mainly died to the pox and other plagues, south and central America didn't have the same luck, considering they had quite a few populated areas.
That's the reason why there's radically different demographics, the Indios just outnumbered the colonists.

they're building houses, schools, universities, roads in africa though and also chinese are making trade deals and building bussiness and giving africans money loans and jobs.

A lot diferent than what the west do in africa TODAY.

It has already crashed.

There is no such things as a strong independent woman. There never has been. They have all been dependent on the coerced support of men to cosplay as "strong and independent".

But now we're $20 trillion in debt and the support of men is running out. Because feminism, like communism and all those other isms, simply doesn't work.

Let's be honest here for a moment man, seriously. The west does the same shit in terms of building, etc. In both cases, the west and China, neither country gives a flying fuck about the Africans and merely want the resources so they build a building and walk about with billions in natural resources but the Africans are just too fucktarded to realize it.

Not accusing or downing China on that as I agree with them.The strong survive and the use every method at their disposal to do it. I mean, dude, China hates niggers more than we even do.

If America, China, and Russia came together, kicked the stupid racial shit to the curb it would propel mankind to the stars in no time.

that's completelly wrong and ignorant at best and dangerously retarded at worst.

literally google about what china is doing in africa.

we can only hope. but I don't see it happening anytime soon.

having no soul or moral compass can sometimes be an asset.

then honduras needs to stop being such a shithole, what part do you not understand? and why are you so defensive when it comes to jews can you not at least look at any of the evidence provide so far? moden women are fecked up becise jews figured out an easy way to manipulate them, brown countries are shitholes because jews and local collaborators love corruption as it give them an infinite supply of slave labor and ethnic weapons to use against white people as they continue to push ethnomasochism and anti-white male cuck bullshit.

I am not going to Google shit and the fact you even suggest "Google" just shows you for the newfag prop dingleberry you are. Learn about how pol posts before you suggest shit as one of the things is you never say "Google", you provide the evidence. This isn't victimhood fag day and nobody here will give a flying fuck about your fagcentric fag beliefs unless you provide evidence. So do it or go back to bitch to someone else because I assure you nobody here will care about your fag talk.

Another spic here, I just wanted to say that THAT guy's a retard that talks like a typical social "science" "educated" faggot. I bet he doesn't even know that hispanoamerica has been dealing with the kikes even before America was colonized by Brits.

Not only that, but his insistence in the idea that "we're all mixed here brah nothing to salvage", tells me he's probably a low caste pleb, probably a zambo descendant faggot. For the actual Spaniards,I want to say that I was as deluded as him before I learned actual colonial history and saw the(((spaniards))) behind most of the shit done in the new world. I hope you whites and japs can revert the shit the kikes and the brown hordes are doing.

Like I said again, I see it not as the fault of jews but the normal dead of an old civilization.
Western civilization is now several centuries old, is old and degenerate, like most civilizations when they die.



here's a nice article.

Chinese want to develop africa to have cheap labour and have consumers of their plastic cheap garbage.

Chinese are developing african nations infraestructure and economy in exchange of political votes at international comunities.

China is developing africa without telling africans what to do unlike the west.

you sound like a fucking newfag who knows nothing.

I dunno bro.
I still not convinced the jews are 100% the problem.

they are 80% - 90% of the problem. happy?

Are you fucking kidding me….

I dunno, there's a shit ton of non jews in the deep state and cabal.

just google the topic faggot.
Literally put "China and africa relationships" in google or youtube

Dont bro meh faggot, you're spouting a lot of shit, even as far as talking about the fabled total rape of hispanomerica, muh never white Wynn are brought and other untrue statements. Since you're so hellbent on your talking points I wouldn't be surprised if you're one of them,fucking marrano, but you're literally genetics waste. KYS.

Seriously this guy might be the biggest useless fag to ever pollute pol. He uses aljazeera, tells people to "Google", and truly believe the utter horse piss he is throwing around thinking we are going to buy even a swig of it.

Wrong forum bucko…. people here are well beyond your useless prattle which they left behind when they were ten.

My man!
Also, wasn't Columbus a jew?

I mean I was kind of hoping for something to at least rip apart and the shitbird links aljazeera….

I'm getting the Muzzie pretend Mexican vibe here.

matese marica, madure bobo hijueputa.

I just wanted to talk about it.
and now I'm going to sleep.

lurk for a few more months (or years) then post again, i'm sure you'll get that bigass redpill down someday.

No you didn't want to talk about shit. You wanted to try to throw your homo tranny fag muzzlehead Sarsour loving balls deep into a camel douchebag shit talking points.

El CI es genético :^)

the jews have the biggest IQ though.

only according to jews, do you also believe they are gods chosen?

they have reptilian annunaki DNA though. (being God annunaki chosen race).

He's a cuck. Deserves all the HIV he gets.

That seriously might be one of the more humorous moments I have ever experienced on pol. Dude links aljazeera as his source.

< (((al jazeera))) is worse than the (((new york times))

I'm pretty sure that's a myth, since the studies done on the subject show a high correlation between Jewish diseases and Intelligence, and y'know, correlation doesn't mean causation.

I read the most recent study trying to claim it. The psychologist was a jew and the writer of the article was a jew. So I think it's safe to question it.

you might also be confused on the JQ, not every jew is involved in politics, but most politics involve jews (understand?)

the nomie jew working at the convenience store isn't responsible for the shit (((george soros))) is involved in, although they probably agree with him on most issues. (at least most of the ones i've spoken with do).

so you're a david icke fan?

That's a theory that I've seen from time to time, but him being such a nebulous figure despite being so important makes it hard to know for sure. What I do know by a sephardic historian is that the jews where desperate to "colonize the market :^)" of the new lands they learned from viking traders even before the XIII century. It's funny how many Jews decided to remain "jew" and be kicked out in 1492 and the amount that became most of Spain's new nobility and burgher class and then become "señores" over here. You sir, I like you, keep the good fight going.

Nice strawman, and deflection as well,you can't event insult well in Spanish.I've been more insulted by kindergarteners than your pathetic attempt. You have only proven here that you spout the same idiotic bullshit that any social science retard does.

Like who?



kys, boomer cunt.

Spotted the ngo worker
Get rekt raccoon.

Everything you are seeing has happened because of Environmental Chemistry and also jewish actors but their actions can still be described in Environmental Chemistry terms actually, as players who are gathering "resources" before everyone else. There's some real based books on this topic, I need to check one out from my library which talks about how fascist governments and racism are inevitable if there isn't some special secret in physics which the book also maintains would be almost impossible to discover even with all resources being dedicated to it. This was written in the 1970s mind you and its pretty much spot on so far.

Yes, THIS.

Who cares what they want? They had a biological window of opportunity and a traditional institution of marriage. Then blew through one and shat upon the other. They don't deserve husbands or children.

How do you intend on doing that when they have the majority vote?

Idiot MRAs have been barking up that tree for as long as feminism has existed, what what have they accomplished? Not a fucking thing. You cannot change the system. You can only rebuild after it comes crashing down.

Sure is The Skeptic Community™ in here. Are you by any chance the guy who was advocating for spics to cuck themselves and have white kids a few weeks ago?

You've identified the problem, I think. Our young are still being bombarded with feminism. I think the boys are figuring it out in large enough numbers to turn the tide, but many of the girls are lapping it up still. The question is, what can we do about it?
I'm thinking about figuring out where they spend their time online (instagram and tumblr as starting points perhaps?), going there and spreading pics like >>11230537. The way I see it, any attempt at true redpilling is going to fail by the very nature of the target demographic, but maybe we can lay out enough of the consequences of feminism that they will consider there could be another choice.
It would have to be subtle though, they need to think it's their idea and in the public perception there is a fine line between spreading positive values and grooming.

After 35, the risk of birth defects rockets. She can go full 1488 at 36, if she wants, the kike has done his work.

retirement home is one of the most impressive tricks Jews have enacted in US. In one stone

it is all pure cohencidence is it not schlomo?
just because the existence of jews is not responsible for the cycle of empires does not mean that in every chaos part of the cycle we dont kill all the most disgusting humans, jews being at the top of that list


what is line spacing?
what is aesthetic?

Does this look good?
Heh, I don't know what you're thinking, I'm no psychic

Or does this?

I think you are doing that D&C. earlobe spacing, was it not called? Let's not derail this thread.
Sage for offtopic post.

plebbit spacing

What are the Honey Badgers pushing?


A lot of anons understand that we are in a cycle, but there doesn’t seem much awareness of what drives it. At root, it is now about jews: it is about genes.
Every child is born with a lot of new mutations, which make them, on average, less fit than their parents. So when Miss Average gets knocked up by Mr. Average, their children will, on average, have below average genetic fitness.
This is the reason for the hypergamous instinct: Miss Average needs the genes of an above average male to have her kids break-even in the genetic lottery.
A polygynous society, where only the most fit males reproduce, is strongly eugenic: but the male winners must spend their energy in competition, and the losers have no incentive to contribute anything. Male investment is a losing strategy in this environment.
Our civilizations have been built by imposing monogamy: which transforms male investment into a winning strategy.
The male investment that monogamy enables allows women to bear many more children: but their children’s quality suffers from the lower-quality male genes that are now in the pool. To maintain the quality of the gene pool, many of these extra children need to die without reproducing. High infant mortality, disease, predation, and other harsh environmental conditions can help maintain the quality of the gene pool, but parents hate seeing their children die, so that male investment that has been harnessed gets turned toward eliminating these things. The more successful they are in this regard, the more rapidly their gene pool declines. As the genetic quality of the average males sinks, the hypergamous instinct kicks in stronger than ever: it becomes imperative for women to seek out better than average genes for their children.
At some point the decline of their gene pool makes the men of a civilization too weak to maintain monogamy or defend against the virile barbarians (who their women will welcome with open legs, being desperate for better genes for their children).
Breaking out of this cycle into some kind of equilibrium where we can maintain both civilization and the gene pool would require some major changes in the way we do things. A technological fix is a possibility: the science of embryo-selection might be able to maintain the gene pool against our dysgenic civilization. Barring that, perhaps some Spartan-like society, where children with inferior genes are ruthlessly weeded out. Of course, we are rather far along in this cycle to escape our fate. Maybe next time….


Women are cattle to the violent and barbaric (niggers)
You think the intelligent claimed the women in ages past?

Civilization paired with the nuclear family is what promoted selective mating for intelligence.
If you left it up to women, we'd all be big muscular chads with shit IQ

lol yes because this land was totally being used before America moved in…. like 20000 people across the whole thing ….. yeah that deportation was real hard …. but that said they probably just assimilated because from what I hear about mexico then …. it was never not a shithole ….

Fuck off you nigger

Child mortality rates are not that high in patriarchal civilizations, not sure where you got that. In regards to breeding, parents producing weaker offspring each generation runs contradictory for any growing civilization. We're in a state of decline however, so you constantly see weaker men and women around.

What the Holla Forumslacks don't understand is that most men respect law and it's concepts because for a civilization to be 'civil' some things have to be put in check to make sure everyone doesn't start killing out of vindictive pettyness. Women hate it; their inner nature hates the order and peace that civilizations bring. That's why they get into positions of power, or influence the men in power to basically stop all men from being men. Give it a few generations, and that civilization turns into a matriarchal ghetto. Look at any broken black neighborhood.

Jews have caused alot of our ills, but not everything is attributed to them. Sometimes we are blinded by our own mistakes, such as the women's vote, which started in Wisconsin. In the case of Wisconsin, the prospector realized that the state was a massive sausage fest. Not realizing that longer-term solution was needed, he decided for a quick fix and said 'give the women the right to vote in this state!', and the women flocked over to exercise it, which started the downturn for the US. This was back in the late 1910's/early 1920's.

I can guarantee that if you stopped women's rights altogether, restoring civilization would be a very easy task. The problem is getting enough men to take them away, because women aren't powerful enough, but they can get a bunch of white knights to defend their 'rights'. Not to mention that women coddle their children which leads to weakness in men. John Steinbeck said it best: "The women's impulse to geld her husband and castrate her sons is very strong."

As for the OP,

Contrary to what some people have said: that economics does have a major influence on what people do. If men see a bad deal they will not go for it, and often they are shamed into doing a bad deal by outer influences. The biggest problem is the divorce industry, the DULUTH model, and the family court system. Research those to get a clearer ideas on why men are not marrying. Because there's alot of men that do want to marry, but the risk of the divorce system and how it's handled in family courts is outright disgusting.

it will crash and burn when men stop being cucks and control their women

This, civilization is impossible without all the men as a collective pitching in to make it work
By default only chad ever got to fuck, but by default all humans were naked running around in the forest eating berries and bashing wildlife's skulls in and cooking them over an open bonfire

If anyone wants anything that comes with an actual society (tons of easy food, tons of easy water, education, roads, houses, clothes, domestication of animals, protection from predatory animals, protection from other groups of people, and in modern times electricity, internet, production of luxuries like smart phones, etc etc)

Then there has to be a covenant between all men that says that each guy will chase women until they have 1 girl to themself and will then keep that one girl and stop chasing women altogether

Chad's problem in modern times is that he fucks all the girls that throw themselves at him rather than getting a girlfriend (very easy for him) and then telling them all he is taken
There's only but so many chad's, and if all the chad's are taken and curb the girls chasing them, then they have no choice but to lower their stratospheric standards, and that's when everyone else comes in, who in turn seeks one (1) women, eventually gets one, locks her down, and it all ends up working

Hypergamy dies and monogamy reigns

If hypergamy continues then eventually we're gonna have a societal collapse, because all the guys that get cucked constantly are gonna tell chad and his infinite women to go to hell

Literally 0 reason not to just make enough money to support yourself, spend it all on yourself, and hide in your house/apartment/whatever and hang out with friends, and why take on the hard jobs that keep society running when you can just deliver pizza's or do some bullshit programming job or something

Government's pay attention to this stuff, that's why Japan is panicking so much right now
Well they caused this by letting patriarchy go down

Give us pussy or let it all burn

Reading comprehension, user. Child mortality rates need to be higher with monogamy, as the genetic quality of the offspring is lower. Male investment allows women to have twice as many kids, but maintaining the quality of the gene pool requires throwing out most of the below-average ones, one way or another. In reducing child mortality, civilized men seed their own destruction.

This is really important for all the younger guys here to get. And just to make it more tangible for people - when we say "shit test" we mean when a Woman says something disrespectful to your face. You can either take it like a little bitch or you can put your foot down and call her out on her shit. If you do the former - she's going to leave you, if you do the latter she's going to begrudgingly feel powerless against you - and that's how you pass the tests.

Men aren't going to invest in society if they're breeding kids with their wives and are forced to throw them out. Remember China's one-child policy?

The problem with most anons is that they see feminism as a rational problem. Feminism is simply the natural urge of women to test the boundaries of men, but expanded to a society-wide scale. There is nothing rational about the motivations of feminists. Women do not want to be independent or in charge of anything, and protests to the contrary are merely provocations of nearby men to put them in their place.

Everything that women have now, was given to them by men. The decadence of our modern civilization, gibs, the transition into a service economy, and (((subversion))) of laws and attitudes have all contributed to women having way more power than they should. And they resent us for it. They're ruining our businesses, our families, our civilizations. Not consciously, mind you. They're just acting out because they have no male authority.

Holla Forums will never truly become redpilled on women until the majority of anons realize this. You'll continue to go on and on, complaining about coal-burners and refugee importers, despite that being exactly what women are biologically programmed to do. Recognize this, demand that they respect you, and they'll stop putting other men over you.

fuck you. Fuck you. Take this marxist bullshit and fuck off. Nature vs nurture is a false dichotomy; it is by our very own biology natural for man to be nurtured. You cannot seperate civilization and society from man. You cannot take from him his mother and father. Feminism is erroroneus. It is not "natural" you kike.

That’s the dilemma: civilization, and the monogamy upon which it is built, is dysgenic, hence cyclic: but the fixes for this are mostly too scary for normies to contemplate.
Mutations cause Mr. and Mrs. Average-genetic-fitness to have below-average-genetic-fitness kids (on average). If they have a lot of kids, a couple of them might be as fit as their parents, and serve as equal replacements: but the rest need to go away or we get an exploding population with declining fitness. If we let the weakest die in childbirth, those with the poorest immune systems die of disease, the slowest get taken by predators, and so on: we could have a stable population without genetic decline.
Or…Mrs. Average can cuckold Mr. Average, and get first-class genes for her children from Mr. Above-Average. That way she could have just a few children, with a good chance that most of them would be as fit as she was.

There are way more whites with genius level IQ than there are jews, so this theory doesn't hold. What jews have that whites don't is unity. Jews hire jews, and whites seem to have forgotten about in-group preference altogether.

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In short: feminism is a shit-test. See #11 in pic.

pic is not to be taken entirely seriously, it's mostly to piss of feminists

Not a real world solution.
Hypergamy sooner or later will always show up, independently if the man is high or low quality.
It is not possible to change that because is hard wired in women's DNA.
However is damn sure to clamp down on it, if laws and social agreements are reverted back a few hundred years.
Take a look to 300 years ago. Any modern "girl" would be an outcast in that environment.
And those old societies worked as precise and oiled as a fine clock.

Do you have a single fact to back that up?
And the fact you are condoning cuckoldry with one of your solutions makes me question your claims, chaim.

And we lost that system thanks to Wisconsin back in the 1920s. All you need is a crack, and just keep applying pressure to it.

Yes, two people of average fitness will, on average, produce children of average fitness: if we don’t account for the hundred or so new mutations that each of those children will have. Those mutations will, on average, make the children less fit than the parents. We are all on a dysgenic escalator which is conveying our race down to oblivion, unless we continuously take steps upward. Natural selection used to take care of that for us, but we’ve been doing our damnedest to escape it. That instinct for hypergamy evolved for a reason: this is the reason.
I don’t like the cuckold option any more than you: just throwing it out as one answer. Have you a better?

nobody has a big enough credit line to afford to keep doubling down when the run goes against them
and there is no casino in the world which doesn't have a limit to the bets they will take
so either femenists completely exhaust their credit (male patience)
or they hit the limits and we don't allow them to double down any more
end result is we reject diplomacy with women and just start beating them and enslaving them in harems

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And almost every jew no matter how normie and harmless will close ranks with and shill for even the most obviously corrupt jews. They have almost no loyalty to justice or sense of fairness. It's them vs the animals they consider the goyim.
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