So, if I get this right, computer software, phones, white people, every other kind of people, (they), and a mix of others spy on you, demoralize you, and have rekt your shit for 80-200 years depending on where you live: and nothing was ever done?
Why? Because white people are the fucking worst when it comes to looking after their own. I am white, and american, but also born into poverty. I pulled myself out of that, but our family was crushed up again and again by white christians. The most arrogant, ivory towered mother fuckers you'd ever want to meet. So egotistical they smash into each other on the road constantly because THEY always feel they should have gone first. They will ride your bumper on an open road when you're doing five over, because they think putting pressure on someone is good and helpful to them. Spoiled babies, the lot. And those people are the noble folks I'm supposed to defend? White people will eat and step on their own in full view and with a completely inflated ego at every chance they get. I moved to a more white area (out of chance) and I found nothing but a concentration of nepotism and arrogance. And degeneracy, and opiates, and race mixing.
Maybe, but other reasons too.
You compare yourselves to other people, but you're the same and worse. Low crime, sure, but just as shitty. Why do you think your own LOVE to protest against you? Why do you think your people stabbed your own in the back so many times? Why do you think this orchestrated fall was allowed to happen? Because you hate yourselves with good reaon. You want to defend a civilization that never looks inward, never tries to do better morally- you just want to have the right to freely swagger about.
White christians are the bane of every other white person who simply desires a life left alone.
I look forward to a short thread of abuse before being shut down. Thats all you are. Whites are just a different kind of nigger.

Make sure you pick out nuances to deflect from the point. Don't forget to adjust your cock cage while smashing your dickbeaters on the keyboard.


I'm not going to talk to a faggot from Holla Forums except to tell you that you've been reported and you have to go back. Don't forget your hat on the way out. Oh, and kill yourself.

Sounds to me like someone is driving in the wrong lane. Passing on the right is both dangerous and illegal. Why would you force a fellow white person to commit a crime just because you think they should only be going so fast?

Too autistic for my tastes


In my area, the right lane in all the four lane roads is typically more potholes than blacktop, so the police give no shits about people riding in the left or passing on the right.


Untrue. You really think niggers and spics are putting money into dem community programs? You a dumb little nigger, huh?

I am sorry you hate your nigfag condition. KYS.


Not an arguement.
You can't defend against the truth so you sperg out. This is all you are, and I called it.
Also, unless you're European, I'm %100 whiter than you are. Meeting an American with blue or green eyes is cause for a festival.
Same as the holohoax

I mean that spoilered reference in regard to the fact that when you are called on acting like the brats you are, you have to 'shut it down'. Well, guess what, the truth is out that you guys are nothing but shit talkers who hide behind the rules. Why do you think the infiltration of the judicial system was such a success for them?

Is also not an argument.
Get your life together, lad.


Will check these.

Why are you guys so focused on the traffic issue? OH WAIT IT'S BECAUSE YOU CAN'T DEFEND YOUR OWN SHITTY CHARACTER

Learn to read, faggot.

What are you even talking about?

Your fucking mother.

Hey rabbi, watcha doin…

Mate, I don't know what issues you're dealing with now, but getting drunk and sperging out on imageboards is probably not the way to go about fixing yourself.


the answer is staring you in the face.

white people are in a bad way right now because they have been subverted. their jobs were shoahd off to china. the jobs that are left here are given to illegals because they can get away with paying them almost nothing. their homes were taken by the 08 crisis. their doctors are paid to prescribe them pills that cause severe physical and mental addiction, slowly kill them, as well as mentally incapacitate them.

many college-aged white people were forced out of being able to pursue higher education as schools began practicing affirmative action. full scholarships were handed out based on race, not merit. those that were foolish enough to try to go to school anyways were forced directly into massive debt slavery, which many will carry around till they die, some being unfortunate enough to leave it to their children. many companies have followed suit and are starting to hire people to fulfill diversity quotas, completely disregarding merit and qualifications. federal grants are then given to the companies that do this.

all new media (tv show, ads, movies, news etc) is designed to make white people look like shit. its socially unacceptable to even hold a positive outlook on your own people in this day and age in the west. history is gradually being rewritten into some sort of progressive fanfic diversity fantasy world where white people did nothing except for kill brown people an shiieeet. beethoven wuz black and had an afro an shiieeet etc…

"scientists" then appear on television shows and youtube channels reaffirming all of these lies to the people. real men of science who disagree with, and stick up to the narrative, are hammered down. their careers are ruined. social lives destroyed.

in addition to scientific discussion, political discourse is also dead. if you are white you MUST FEEL GUILTY FOR YOUR ACTIONS REPENT REPENT!!!!!1 its impossible to hold almost any position of employment if you have political views that strongly counter the narrative. conservatives are witch-hunted out of their jobs, their social circles. women are told by major institutions that white men are evil. they are gullible enough to believe it. some white men even begin to believe it. the effect compounds.

people are then kept alive, solely on a life-support of vapid "socialization" on social media, shit-tier brainwashing from MSM and garbage, rehashed movies and television shows. they hold onto nostalgia like a child does a teddy bear, clinging to whatever small shelter it provides them from this shit reality.

and you wonder why white people are no longer acting like white people anymore? why many have been reduced to a shallow husk?

it is all by design my friend.

who's entitled now?
this is just retarded. the west never looks inward? You're ignore thousands of years of philosophy, and modern trends of psychotherapy, self help, and adoption of eastern meditation techniques. It's hard to be introspective and to become more moral, that doesn't mean the west is devoid of those things. You're more upset with the modern world and how commoditization has removed people from the sense of the transcendent. Keep pushing guy, the redpill is hard to accept but you will get it in time.

Right off the bat you dont know what you are talking about. This shit goes back much further than 200 years. Even by shabbos estimates the kikes had fully infiltrated the monarchies and academia by the year 1600.

This is why we need to abolish academia once this is over, require on the job training and apprenticeship for everything, because as we all know, kikes will never actually work and therefore can no longer infiltrate.

That’s racist.
So you’ve never met a Christian. Got it.
So you moved to a jewish area. Got it.
So you didn’t move to a white area. Got it.
We’re better than you.
See? You can’t even keep up the charade for a single post.
Like what you’re doing, nigger.
Proven false.
Proven false.
Because it didn’t happen. Jews did it.
Because it didn’t happen. Jews did it.
lol no
lol no
lol, you’re projecting
lol, you’re projecting
Like you, the nigger.
Yawn. Reported for not even trying.
No one gives a shit what you want, proven nonwhite paid shill.

Need to calm down, na mean bruv? Don't let the whites get you down fam.

Prove it nigger.

Well that about /threads it, I’d say. Good post, user.

Hi Zach~

You think like a nigger.

Really gets the noggin joggin'.

Keep to the right except to pass is the law in many places.
Slower traffic keep right is the law in many places.
Moving with the flow of traffic is the law in many places.
Pacing the left lane is illegal in many places.
Inhibiting the flow of traffic is illegal in many places.
When you hold up 5 or more cars and don't pull over (including pulling OFF THE ROAD on single lanes), it is illegal in many places.
The crime is staying and not moving over and letting the people pass. Why do you continue to attempt to justify your lawbreaking like a nigger?

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