The Timing Of The Memo Release Was Retarded

I would say Trump & Republicans are incompetent, but in reality they're all just controlled opposition.

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Neither, there is more going on here.

They released it the day after a train full of Republicans was rammed by a dump truck…

The political timing doesn't really matter for something like this anyway as it's basically an unofficial indictment now that it's public. The ride doesn't end with this memo.

Well that’s it for me helping. Good luck.

NFL ratings are on the decline partially do to them getting too political

The main audience watching the Super Bowl this weekend will be average apolitical normalfags who wouldn't give a fuck about the memo even if it was released on a Wednesday in the middle of April

Its reaching people who matter, that's all that counts

Did you see Nancy Pelosi's fear in her eyes though? She was definitely fearing for her life - expecting the memo to be much worse.
They're hiding so much more, and there wasn't any assurance that she'd be safe.
The memo was disappointing as fuck though, even though it summarized the basic gestalt decent enough - not enough redpills in it.

When you look at it honestly, he can be an absolute retard sometimes and it makes me mad. Every user here would have fired all Obama niggers, especially from key positions.

Are you implying niggerball fans actually read?
Good one, my sides are in orbit

That's their rule dumbass. You should know very well by now that anything damaging to them will not be covered in the news cycle. Social media sites are openly controlling trends on it. It makes no difference if it got released Friday, Monday or before the end of the goddamn world

What changed your mind?

It's been released so you can go to your normie-bowl football parties and begin redpilling your friends and family about this.

Actually, Trump made everyone forget there even was a superbowl tomorrow. It was rather ingenious, but to be fair, i dont expect Shareblue cuck niggers to figure that out right away. Just wait till the raitings bomb and youll see :^)

People get their news and opinions from twitter, facebook, and youtube. Releasing something on a Friday ensures all the bored TGIF types browsing their phones are sure to see it and then have the whole weekend to talk about it with friends. Timing it with a massive social gathering is great because those are the times people talk to each other the most frankly, after a pint or two at least.

knowing a rule is not the same as being wise.

No, you blithering idiot. Their rule is not to release anything damaging to them except on a Friday. That’s what happened here.

Their rule is not to release anything damaging to them at all. Hence their kvetching


Hi, Shareblue. How's your ass feeling? Oh it sill hurts? :^)


Keep confirming the memos illegitimacy you stupid fucking kikes.

Hi, Shareblue nigger #2. You seen even more butthurt than OP. Are you okay?

Just wait until Monday for Round 2.