Italian Fascist goes on rampage, shoots 17 migrants


A gunman has opened fire in Italy and is targeting “African migrants” and "foreigners" in a drive-by shooting spree which has left at least seventeen people wounded.

The Mayor of Macerata has warned people to stay indoors while authorities attend to the scene.

A spokesman for the Mayor said: “Stay at home until further notice. There is an armed man in a car who is shooting in the city.”

A man fired from a car window at two young African migrants at 11am on Saturday.

A short while later another migrant and an african woman were shot.

The gunman along with a passenger were driving in a black Alfa Romeo 147 in the town of Macerata.

They opening fire at various places, and shot at people near the train station as they were chased by police.

Police blocked the suspects car but they fled on foot leaving the gun behind, but were later caught by officers who chased them. A gun was recovered from the car.

The alleged gunman made a fascist salute and shouted a fascist slogan before he was bundled to the ground by armed police.

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Non può scamparsela!

Bravo, I hope spagettibro manages kill dozens of niggers.

But this will most likely used by (((the media))) to frame Casapound

Checked! Ma anche da noi adesso?

Punishment for nothing at all incoming.

Casapound is controlled opposition. Literally good goys

Unluckily we have just seven hits and four that, we hope, can leave Italy soon by hearse.

Now that i read this again, this might as well be a false flag, similar to the Jo Cox one.

Si sembra impossibile prenderlo!

It might not matter much, all that he has to do is cause a chimpout. THAT is going to give us the digits we desire.

Holla Forumsyps are a precious treasure, never change

did he kill or just hurt them?

Probably americans, they're naturally paranoid, it's a consequence of having so many false flags perpetrated by their own government against their own citizens, it must be a coping mechanism of some sort.

Most likely a falseflag to sway the elections coming in a month, where right wing parties are major favorites.

I said that not because i condemn what he did, but because of the fascist salute and slogan during the arrest, which is very suspicious to me.

Italy is used to false flags, you dumb shit.
The goverment was formed by literal mossad agents, we had almost 25 years of non-stop terrorist attacks caused by the intelligence. Hang yourself

False flag does't mean what you think it means. You think it's a made up event, that didn't really happen. When it's actually an event perpetrated by a secret third party: like Israel attacking the USS liberty with unmarked planes and trying to shift the blame on Egypt.

I had the pleasure of visiting Italy last year, it's a very beautiful country, but there is way too many african niggers and gypsies roaming the streets, even in the countryside.

18-year-old from the town was murdered and her body dumped in two suitcases by the ironically-named niggerian Innocent Oseghale last week.
Innocent is a drug dealer and the victim just checked out of rehab.

you forgot your rach picture

It's only good if everyone does it to the small fries.
If its a single man operation then you'll get bigger returns removing the (((people))) that keep on kvetching that the west needs more niggers and co lest they are xenophobes and that leads to (((antisemitism))).

That said, this will still shake some shitskins, I'm sure of it.
Thing is, kikes will also use this to rationalize xenophobia and hatefulness.

Here's some jewish 101.

Step 1.) You're a jew
Step 2.) You ask for entry into a country because you're one of the ((( poor downtrodden and often persecuted ones )))
Step 2a.) In fact, you are currently "fleeing" from a country that is a bad antisemitic country
Step 2b.) In actual fact fleeing is coded language for "descending". jews call going into Israel ascending and going into gentile countries descending
Step 3.) Be nice for a while, use some of your kike connections to help with some ((( economic ))) things and the like.
Step 4.) After some years and with a good foothold in the country start with small things that are anti-host country
Step 5.) Let that simmer for a bit and then slowly crank things up.
Step 6.) Appear foolish by suddenly cranking things up to 11, why would you even do that?!
Step 7.) People are now angry at you and your people for reacting to the thing you deliberately started and is anti-cultural to the host country.
Step 8.) Claim that your allegedly anti-cultural thing has been right all along, I mean, just look how angry these people are at you, they really were antisemites that need progress and diversity.
Step 9.) Look to other countries now to "descend" I mean "flee" to when heat gets a bit too high.

Rinse repeat.

It's probably jews who don't you getting any ideas.

Oh, and I forgot:
Step 10.) Watch as your golems, the people whom you successfully convinced that your jew things were right and became your army, as weak as an army it might have been, get purged by the population while you rub your hands looking at the next victim.

After all, you're now on the run from an antisemitic country full of people that: "Do degenerate things on their own, you just wanted to have a peaceful life but look at the goyim being angry and killing one another ;^)"

This is not a false flag, it is a warning. Elections are going to be an unprecedented black landslide.

Super Mario stomped some goombas

What are the chances the make of gun is Italian as well?

They said he used a semi auto .45, Italians usually make 9mm parabellum.

add that the Muslims in Italy announced they'll vote 5stelle this time instead of PD

So revenge killing. Vigilante justice. GG pasta bros.

5stelle seems like controlled opposition to me

Not anymore now. After a full month of 'if you're not with the rapefugees, you're a fascist killer' newscasts, leftists will be back in charge.


We're italians. We don't give a shit about niggers


The drive by is a bit of a giveaway in my opinion. In the UK the dastardly far right terrorist who ran over a bunch of Muslims used a van, a couple of Mudslime attacks used trucks and vans, Charlottesville, now this.

Cars, vans, trucks. Perfect weapons for the (((radicalized))) members of society, this is at least what the media is building in people's minds.


That's why i said i was suspicious this was a false flag, (((they))) are probably trying the same shit (((they))) did with Jo Cox in the UK for the brexit vote.
Nobody gave a shit back then, hopefully the results will be the same this time around.


That thread is a shadow compared to this one.

Sounds like a pleb problem, fag.

Really, the timing alone is enough to say this was a planned psy-op: no one politically minded, would try something like this pre-election. Especially in a country of old boomers and trash tv viewers.

Perfavore, inizia a mandare foto di Samuele leggermente modificate e senza EXIF a vari siti per dare veridicità alla storia

So you are saying this is a psyop intended to make boomers vote like good goys?
Even if so, what are the chances this is going to play out in their favor instead of blowing up in (((their))) faces.


Was sentenced to a minimum 43 years yesterday, surprised but also not surprised there isn't a thread.

It's all hooky. Darren Osbourne was supposedly radicalized to the point of carrying out a completely ineffective attack against the pawns that are being used to destroy any semblance of national unity, in just 4 weeks, by "far right" groups.
Well if you aren't asleep you will know what far right groups really are, every one of them. And so no coincidence that his original target was the pro-palestine march. And no coincidence that this part is completely glossed over by the (((media))).
And if he was "brainwashed" then he wasn't mentally able to stand trial, or acting within the framework that would define "sanity" when he did it, and should have been institutionalized, not stood trial.
But of course this is just reserved for paedophiles such as (((Lord Janner))). Sane enough to transfer all his assets to his children when the allegations were first made, but not sane enough, and too ill to stand trial. Then "died" which probably means in Israel undergoing gene rejuvenation therapy with a healthy harvested goy heart.

“The left has blood on its hands,” he wrote.

Leftist parties have ruled out any such deportations.

Cuck mods lol based.

All. They wouldn't do false flags if they weren't effective: expect a full month of pro-immigrants news barrage.

Joe's cock didn't work.
And wops aren't half as cucked as britbongs.

One aspect of it didn't work, it didn't swing brexit, however the other aspect that worked and why the thread got anchored in favour of the shit one with no interesting posts at all is:
Joes Cock was a vocal opponent of Israel and wanted them to be declared a terrorist state and boycotted, because of palestine. That voice is now silenced.
Darren Osbournes original target was a pro-palestine march. Zero coverage or investigation.

anchored, use the other thread:

He is with the ancestors now. Truly our goy.

we might have a misunderstanding here

at the police station:
- your name, scumbag?
- i'm innocent
- yeah they all say that. name?
- i'm innocent!
- oh we have a trouble maker huh *punch*
- owww

this is italia for you.

What's with these faggot Italians recently going on "shooting sprees" and injuring people? Get out of your fucking car and aim a bit. What good is injuring a bunch of people? It doesn't do shit. Preferably, if you're to the boiling over point and you're going to do this, find a group of black guys, get up close, and kill them all, don't just drive around shooting randomly, hitting arms and shit.

It's Europe. Recent history has shown us, one election after another, that Europeans will always be the "good goy" and vote how their handlers want them to. Europeans aren't exactly prone to independent thought.