Israeli PM Vows To Destroy Democratic Party

Israeli PM Vows To Destroy Democratic Party

EVERYTHING sent around on the Internet including all emails have been stored on Israeli computers, and the infuriated Israelis are digging through it all right now.(sorcha faal disinfo and spamming low quality OPs)

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Intel Report: Poop Hitting the Fan Everywhere

I notice that I am confused.

Truly, our greatest Ally.

wtf i love demonrats now

you're retarded op. The source is a hard-on, and the Jews and their camp flowers know they can't risk alienating their leftist fellow jews. Was would the scenario look like? The jews then have to admit to the public of ZOG what people here know but joe sixpack does not– the jews spy on everything ZOG does?

Perhaps while posing as Israel's greatest ally, the master persuader has planted the seeds of a civil war amongst the jewry wherein all of their crimes will finally come to light in full view of the public.

That's usually what happens when you fail to repay a loan to Rothschild.

And plz don't be a faggot, OP.


It says a lot when a retarded boomer conspiracy channel is more accurate and less biased than the mainstream media.

About how BASED Israel is going to save us from the democrats?

About everything really.

I have to keep reminding people that the mainsream media completely embarassed themselves with their predictions of the recent election. Where as goldwater, a much smaller entity with hardly any funding was much more accurate.

Seem to be two strains of Judaism here, Israeli nationalists in Israel and globalist kikes around the world.

If we aren't going to exterminate them, the least we can do is force them all to move to their desert shithole.

Saying this has got me banned from Holla Forums in the past but given the choice I would rather the Jews live in Isreal than in my country.

That's not really feasible. Every other country that expelled them inevitably ends up invaded again. When a new more naive generation takes our place and doubts anyone could really be THAT evil, and what's the harm in letting a few of the richest ones in, and then we end up right back where we are right now.

I really don't know what other than outright liquidating the whole population could keep them from coming back eventually.

Given how much power and blackmail the Mossad has over US politicians, it's plausible that they do have that info stored somewhere in Israel.


Reported for hoax.

Only way I see out of that is to not have christcuckery, have ethnic identity, race awareness, jew awareness instead, pervasive reminders of these facts throughout the society.

Hi, intl.

They already destroyed it by filling it with niggers who believe they own the country because they picked cotton centuries ago.


Some muslim countries managed to get rid of their entire jewish population. And in fact once the muslims started attacking the jews, the jews voluntarily left by the thousand, for their own safety.
Algeria used to have over 100,000. Now it has zero Jews.

I dont want to get banned but I think that every culture or race should have their own country that they can safely stay in, then everyone would be much happier.
To me the problem is that everyone expects to be able to randomly live in other peoples countries. Which leads to society tearing apart as you can see in Europe with the migrant crisis.

That's great until jews have their own land where they can safely plot their jewry.

There's no such thing as jewish nationalism, zionism has always been about jewish world conquest.

I've been meaning to look up economic data by year going as far back as possible to really nail down the silly notion niggers have been indoctrinated with.


Doesn't seem like a very serious source.

True for most, but the Jews as you would know if you had lurked the requisite two years are a special case. Left to themselves, with no outside interference, most races would either rise or fall. The Jews, however, always continue to scheme and suck the life out of others. You can no more put them down on their own soil and expect them to stay put than you can keep a pet mosquito.

The only way you could fix it would be to completely breed out altruism from our blood, to the point that there is nothing left to exploit in us. Though, at that point we'd be callous enough that solving our problems using a more proactive method wouldn't be an issue anymore anyway.

Killing off christcuckery is a given, but the rot is the entire western canon, universalism, egalitarianism, and humanism in all and any form. The problem here is there is a genetic weakness inside of ourselves that is being exploited. So either we have to change fundamentally to such an extent we're no longer recognisable, or to remove the threat so completely that the weakness no longer matters.

Yeah, the left because the muzzies were willing to do what needed to be done. But there were weak fools willing to suffer these parasites gladly, so leaving was easy for them. The kikes forfeited any rights they may have had the second they raised their wicked claws against us, as would anyone else who tries to kill off and corrupt our people.

Hypothetically if all the Juice were in Israel they could plot anything they wanted and it would be fine because it wouldnt affect anyone outside the country.

Obviously I know that is not the reality we live in.

I was here since gaymergate.
I just dont 100% agree with that bit.
A lot of people on the left want to destroy israel too. So all the jews can come and live here.

I will bow out of this conversation now before I get banned again. If I am not banned already

Has anything this faggot said happened?

So their stolen nukes don't work, this is their samson option. You know what to do goat-fuckers.
The problem with kikes is they see only two options or solutions to their problems whereas whites can resolves many solutions and determine the best choice and outcome. Therefore when they attempt to get us to play the do opposite of what jews say, we still know what to do. They may be dems but Israel is worse and without any jews they wouldn't be half as fucked up. The fuckers on the right fellating kikes are getting purged as well.
I am so ready. It is time for all these cocksuckers to get their shit pushed in for good.

And of course the shill links for products they are trying to push.
I will drown you in your own blood OP

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Piqued, not peaked.

As far as I'm concerned, being taken out of Africa is a priceless gift. Whatever they did, it wasn't enough. They still owe white people and always will, not the other way around.

Peaked works as well as it was all downhill from there. Mein fuhrer.

The post I wish had gotten dubs, the post.

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