Uber Wants to Make It Illegal to Operate Your Own Self-Driving Car in Cities

Uber Wants to Make It Illegal to Operate Your Own Self-Driving Car in Cities

Beleaguered ridesourcing giant Uber has been criticized for a wide variety of sins, both real and imagined. But their biggest sin yet may be what they apparently want to do to the public in the future: force everybody to use Uber’s service by outlawing private automobiles. (I warned this might happen back in 2014.)

Uber has signed onto a document called “Shared Mobility Principles for Sustainable Cities,” which was prepared by short-term car rental company ZipCar and a who’s who of left-wing green pressure groups, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, Smart Growth America’s Transportation for America advocacy project, and the World Resources Institute, to name a few.

Most of the principles are fact-free platitudes about “livability,” “zero emissions,” and “sustainability,” which is typical politician-speak for increasing mass transit subsidies and painting bike lanes on city streets while neglecting maintenance. So, they basically call for upholding the status quo in urban transportation politics. And to this motley progressive coalition’s credit, the principles document does endorse user fees, with road pricing being the only known way to effectively mitigate traffic congestion.

But where it really goes off the rails is with its final principle:


Due to the transformational potential of autonomous vehicle technology, it is critical that all AVs are part of shared fleets, well-regulated, and zero emission. Shared fleets can provide more affordable access to all, maximize public safety and emissions benefits, ensure that maintenance and software upgrades are managed by professionals, and actualize the promise of reductions in vehicles, parking, and congestion, in line with broader policy trends to reduce the use of personal cars in dense urban areas.

Uber, Lyft, ZipCar and others propose outlawing personally owned self-driving cars in central cities, leaving the entire urban core market for automated road vehicles in the hands of corporate fleet owners, as Uber, Lyft, and ZipCar all imagine they will be in the coming years. Uber sees the competition of the future—and it’s you.

Fortunately, to stop Uber, Lyft, and ZipCar’s shameless, greenwashed crony capitalism, we already have a simple solution: state preemption of local policies on self-driving cars. Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas have already preempted municipal and county governments from enacting ordinances prohibiting self-driving cars.

As many of the transportation departments in major U.S. cities are defined by their incompetence and corruption, state legislators should move quickly to stop this rent-seeking before it takes root in their communities.


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So what, if a private citizen driving their private autonomous car drives into a city with such legislation, then theyre suddenly committing a crime? Insane. you truly dont own nothing goyim.

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they want to eventually require you to ask permission to travel like currently in China & NK,and in the past I believe communist russia..

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>giant profitless corporation propped up by (((venture capital))) tries to con government into killing off their competition.
This scam is not new.

I hope you guys are ready to maintain your own non-self driving vehicle until the day you die. It should be one of the most precious possessions you hand down to your children.

It's hilarious how (((they))) punish their most loyal slaves the most.

that's not what it means at all
AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES means a car that is operated by a goy, with no direct control on its use by a kike corporation

I actually like the sound of this. But for me the deal has to include neighborhood toll roads and robber barons like in Robin Hood. See you in the FUTURE peasants!

Apart from the blatant crony capitalism at play here, this would create a monopoly of transport, if at least only in the inner-city (for now goy). This kind of monopoly could easily be abused, from hiking prices, to denying wrong thinkers access to transport, along the same lines of an ISP denying access to perfectly legal sites based on their own motives.
This is them shouting "You don't own nothing goyim". I can't see this not eventually leading to them trying to say we need to ban all non-corporate fleet cars (apart from special cases), allowing them to control and track peoples movement, under the pretense that you don't need to drive yourself anymore, and it will make you safer. This is exactly what they say with guns, "You don't need them because the police will save you, and only the government having them will make us all safer."
This is just another step in the plan to make you totally dependent on the government. archive.is/XDGzE This is basically what they plan for you, to own nothing, so they can control you completely, to make you a SLAVE in every facet of the word.



Proof that self driving cars are meant to dumb down the goyim, all of the other states are just being "muh freedoms" but Illinois would never protect a liberty that isn't dictated by the jew.

I can see why you would be confused, non-white, but what they mean is cars that are only driven by you. What they want is for Uber drivers to drive cars from an Uber owned fleet, rather than their own 1995 Ford Fiesta.

They know that when every Tom, Dick, and Harry has their own self-driving car, they can have it out earning money for them all day while they stay at home playing vidya or are at work. Either way, entrepreneurial ppl by the thousands will be cutting into their turf and souring the milk of their cash cow.

Uber is proving they are literally no different than the mob-run city cab services.

In France there is an expression: "Uberisation de la société" (uberisation of society).

Little did anyone know that Uber and similar companies would go so far as trying to outlaw normal cars and car drivers. This is outrageous.

I've said it for years and I'll say it again. (((They))) have a gigantic hate boner for cars, because more than any other vehicle, it provides freedom of movement.

Fixed routes, fixed times, fixed stops
Almost freedom of movement, limited speed, limited distance
Freedom of movement, even more limited in speed and distance
Limited only by roads of which there are many, can go anywhere, any time, at high speeds along any route you choose

This is why they pull the GPS bullshit, the roadside camera bullshit, increase the price of driving through "environmental" legislation, discourage the use by postponing infrastructure repairs and upgrades, etc., etc.
To keep the plebs put or on their designated tracks.

The end game was always removing car ownership from the general populace. They do it either by making it outright illegal or make the license to own a car too expensive for anyone but tax subsidized corporations.

This. There are a lot of freedoms that come from owning and driving your own vehicle.

We truly need an anti-kikery amendment to the constitution.

Who do you think is behind the new push to make .05 the limit for DUI?

With self driving vehicles, where will the States, Counties, Cities, etc. get the Billions in Lost Revenue from, when Moving Violations are NOT being issued?

This is gonna suck.

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Ok. And if someone dies in a car of theirs, will the CEO and all workers be sentenced to death?


Not necessarily a bad thing. They prepare for the savage new majority that will need to have automated cars. It's a good thing to have this system in pozzed city like LA or NY.




I don’t want to sound anti Semitic, but is Uber owned by rat faced scheming kikes?


This is for current Russia too. To buy intercity public transportation ticket you need ID (passport) in Russia. Capitalist personal vehicle is only transportation that freed Russians from government control. Though state retakes positions backs thanks based Putin. Since 2017 all cars in Russia required to have GPS trackers controlled by government, it is clearly that in some point of the future these trackers would be used to (((regulate))) where Russians can go.


Also don't forget EVs have an artificially low travel distance (about the same as a big truck), and refuse to use gas-price-competitive disposable aluminum air batteries.

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You either die a libertarian or live long enough to see yourself become a statist.

What retard decided to outline why that picture is funny? Were they trying to explain it to niggers?

This is a forgone conclusion that only a monumental shift in the ideological outlook of the masses can prevent happening. Environmental considerations and public safety (cars of peace) offer more than enough justification for Governments to implement the forced adoption of automated vehicles without public consultation.

Constant surveillance is an effective method of control only to an extent; its chilling effect is sufficient to keep most people compliant most of the time. This is the elimination of privacy coupled with harsh scrutintisation for non-compliance (think of a world where your smart home narks on you, we are basically already in it). But people are unpredictable and those who pull the strings know that not everyone will remain placated. Therefore it is essential to remove as much opportunity from ones citizens as possible. Transportation has often been equated with freedom and thusly it has to be eliminated. And so it will be.

Ask yourself, should an uprising or demonstration occur would your automated vehicle take you to the scene? If an event is taking place (say a lecture) that your vast data profile has highlighted as being potentially problematic to your compliance score will you be able to instruct a Johnny cab to take you to it?

Punishing wrong thought only goes so far. People are stubborn; especially when their own Government is abusing them, restricting movement is essential and will be achieved.

Note there will be exemptions, not for you but the elite will still be able to drive their vintage sports cars all they like. I imagine mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker will be able to drive his halal meat delivery truck into your wife and children as well.

kinda. It was the first kike free post

This is why you should keep a motorbike on hand

What a big (((coincidence))).


(((recurring expenses)))

Here's the thing. Classic motorcycles were designed to run on leaded fuel with zero ethanol. Running modern fuel in these bikes destroys them, that's why I have to go to the local airport and buy 100LL, which they're trying to phase out as it is.

Even with modern engine design, the ethanol content of commercial gas is at the limit of what small engines will tolerate, and they want to increase it even more.

They won't have to ban motorcyles. They won't even have to institute a 'soft ban' in the form of prohibitively expensive insurance. They just have to get rid of your fuel, because you can't brew gasoline in a steel drum in the backyard like you can with diesel.

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If it came to a situation where self-driving vehicles are much more reliable, efficient, and more importantly, safe, then it makes complete sense. A person driving his own car is a tick time bomb waiting to happen.

You are not allowed to drive an helicopter without the right documents, why should you be allowed to drive a car?


Don't forget to right this in laws if people will try to object. Like EULA saying "if self-driving vehicle crashes it is never vehicle or manufacturer fault but always victims fault"

Did these dense fucks learn nothing from the past two years? You fuck with a white man's hobbies, he is going to kill you.

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Big shit. Not a damn person I know trusts those services. Get back to Holla Forums before I wake up.