Roads and urbanisation in India are fragmenting tiger habitat and causing diminished genetic diversity which places them at risk of extinction

Development ups tiger extinction risk by over 50 per cent in protected areas


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Just another reason to genocide the pajeet

Kinda ironic how in the end of times these beautiful creatures actually need some kind of diversity.
Do indians give a fuck about this happening or are they like chinese who happily destroy all unique animals in their country?

They probably care a little, but as they are not white, they lack the empathy and thinking necessary to do something about it. Chinks have the latter but completely lack the empathy, which is why they torture dogs for meal time.

One of the toughest redpills to swallow was that non-whites are a burden on the planet, destructive to both flora and fauna, land, sea and sky. We need to cull them massively and bring them back under heel. It is our duty to be the vanguards of this planet, which means ruling it once more and sorting everything out.

What a shitty trade.

While true, we unfortunately are still saddled with Whites with the same demeanor. Trumps' sons, that dentist, etc. trophy "hunter" faggots.

Comparing occasional hunting with complete extinction and destruction of habitats is naive at best

Describing trophy "hunter" faggots killing endangered big game as occasional hunting is naive at best.

How in the fuck are these not checked yet?

Trophy hunting is inarguable a net benefit for these species, it's the old that are culled for tens of thousands of dollars which then goes into maintaining a habitat for the rest of the species. The number of hunts per year is also limited with conservation in mind so you comparing poaching with trophy hunts in terms of the scale of damage is ridiculous. Furthermore the animals being hunted are doing more harm than good in repopulating their species by holding onto their harems despite no longer being able to breed. Basically you're a soyboy who doesn't understand what you're talking about.

Because only autists and kekistanis care about the "checking" of some random fucking numbers that are counting posts.

What happened to the word Variety? No-one ever uses it before. It works just as well as "diversity" but without the stigma to it.

Just like whites, you know, most people don't fuck their sisters, even less breed with them.


While a problem, less of one compared to the shitskins. Also as said. I would rather prefer we can leave them be and let nature take its course, but we are too involved right now. Our contributions to the non-whites allows them to multiply and do more damage to the environment, we directly get involved with conservation attempts.


I can't believe you call other people brainlets

non-whites don't give a fuck about nature
there are no "noble savages"


Well flappy, maybe if you go over and tell them to stop fucking things up they will. Perhaps not releasing them into poisoned waters is a start?
Why did we need a thread for this?

Not the same kind of diversity kike.
They don't need hyenas or camels or monkeys fucking them. They need more of their SAME KIND from a different population of individuals with the "same" genetics to get with.

Some hunt with helis and are not classified as poaching because they have the required (((permits.)))

I feel geniunly sad. Been a long time since i had emotions besides hate. Tigers are noble creatures, big killing machines, but majestic, there's a grace to them i hope they don't go extinct.

Can't we just kill all non-whites and do something about this planet already? I hate the kikes!

By diversity they mean prevent incest. You don't need to fuck niggers to stay healthy. In fact, your children will be less healthy for being sired by niggers. Just don't fuck and knock up your cousin.


Meanwhile leftists are going after Zoos and exotic animal caretakers 200% harder now that they have made an impact on circus owners. There's no safe place for fascinating beasts. Animal Welfare is a concept that exists only in white society.

Whites don't give a fuck about nature either. I can't count the number of species of tree, animal and insect that have been destroyed in America by our never-ending quest to turn everything into a giant fucking toilet.

Cuckchan? What are you doing here?

You can't deny that whites don't give a fuck about nature. I've seen their ignorance, as bad as any nigger or spic, all my life

t. Floridian

Humans were a mistake.

Actually, you might be a cum-lapping faggot. Europeans and maybe Japs are the only two societies that value nature and conservation. Kill yourself.

Yep, there is a not insignificant percentage of Whites who don't give a shit and the attitude more prevalent the further back you go, but it does seem when it comes to caring Whites are mostly the ones that do. tl;dr We're bad, non Whites are way worse.

I just hope the government or some aliens are secretly archiving the gene pools before we render this planet completely 'Soylent Green'.

That isn't nearly the same thing. Hunting orgs usually donate the most to conservation efforts.
If an animal goes extinct, you can't hunt it
Teddy R was the biggest conservationist to ever hold POTUS and he was an avid hunter.

While yes, it's true whites in large don't give a shit about nature, we're the ONLY ones that have any significant number of people that DO give a shit about nature in any meaningful manner.

Case in point, despite what one may think of America, it has the BEST conservation laws on the books. By far the best, and that's even accounting for Obongo and other dems abusing them to fuck over land owners. Even then, it's still a robust and fair system that ultimately protects fauna and flora way more than any other.
Compare that shit to SA where natural reserves have next to no protection if not outright corrupt collaboration with poachers, or India/China where they just don't give a shit. Don't get me started on Brazil.

"variety" is wrongspeak goy

george carlin was an edgelord whose shtick was to criticize mainstream culture. It spawned a generation of vapid, shitty cynics.

Carlin works great as a way to force a normalfag's mouth open for the redpill. He only deconstructs, but offers no positive reconstruction.
He's a fag, but if you follow him up with positive solutions, and most importantly, correct his focus of the blame onto the proper place (ie kikes), his eloquence does work.
tl;dr: You use Carlin to tear open the ass and then ram the redpill suppository in.

stand up comics and shock jocks are philosophers for blue collar.

Genetics - Gene flow and ancestry - DNA analysis - Genetic Engineering
Genes create the organism.
The organism in every way is built from the genes it contains.
Human genetics have given us many answers to our ancestry and evolutionary history.
Genes exist that alone provide enhanced neurological formation and function.
Genetic interactions of multiple genes provide various mechanisms that are redundant and or not necessary for basic life. However when functional allow for high intelligence, superb immunity, physical peaks.

The interaction of population groups that have for generations lived separately but can still form hybrids can be destructive. Most pairings of closely related species that can still breed together are not viable. Either the offspring die before birth or are unfit for their habitat shortly after birth, thus providing lower fertility than either of the parents. For organisms that do not rely on intelligence as their primary function sometimes beneficial results can form. Most of the time when the offspring do live to adulthood however, the hybrids either cease to maintain a stable fertility thus even resultant offspring dwindle in number, or they breed back into parent populations.
When a species like the human being forms hybrids between distant population groups those sets of genes that are not needed for the basic functions of life but provide benefits nonetheless can be lost. The configuration of all the necessary genes to make a gene network provide a benefit it had evolved to do may not recombine in any future generation due to loss of genes and mismatches.
Human populations like every other group of organisms adapt to their environment when those unfit for the environment breed less or die without any offspring and those most capable provide more offspring to future generations. The results are that the next generation is more adapted to a particular environment. Over many generations in a particular habitat of this planet there can be some genes that are not activated without particular stress (droughts, population density, temporary dietary changes). Inside the organism there will be a lack or surplus of a particular vitamin or an imbalance in the various signalling molecules that when passing certain lows or highs cause a chain reaction of changes in the organism. These mechanisms can be entirely lost when distant populations that experienced far different stress breed together.

With current knowledge we can trace down from any individuals genome their most likely ancestry not down to continent but as precisely as local regions of a particular subset of a continent ex southern coastline of India or northwestern Europe.

The various interacting disciplines of sciences that affect genetic studies have been rapidly advancing in the recent decade and will continue to do so in the near future. Computer science allows for vast statistical analysis giving information that was inaccessible in the past due to the sheer volume of data to be analyzed. We already have all the tools to manipulate DNA very precisely and test the results within short timeframes of weeks and days. We can change particular human genes in living humans upwards of 80% efficiently (all cells in the body) for the price ranges in 3-4 digit USD.

*A genetics thread was not available on the catalogue as of the time of this posting
Post any sourced infographics you have on genetics

You missed the best argument: the trophy hunters explicitly target older males, not females. As in every other sexually dimorphic animal it's the number of wombs that matter to the total population, and the hunters don't touch those.

Whites won't let them go completely extinct, but there won't be many of them left in the wild soon.

This. My father is a passionate hunter, & also a near-rabid advocate of conservation depopulation even we have regular culls of invasive species, but for some reason pajeet streetshitters are allowed to breed unabated.

I dream of a day when whites have claimed their destiny among the stars and we can terraform entire planets for no reason other than to create planet-wide wildlife preserves for research, educational, and entertainment purposes.

For some reason christcucks have been allowed to breed the turd world over the past 100 years into the world threatening hoard it is today.

and they're still doing it along with now getting paid to flood White countries with their shitskin pets.


Western Europe, state formation, and genetic pacification Evolutionary Psychology – ISSN 1474-7049 – Volume 13(1). 2015. -231- means by which men prove their manhood, attract potential mates, and gain respect from other men. This situation changes when the State comes into being.

It's a shame these noble beasts will most likely soon vanish from the Earth. There's no way the Shitskin has it in him to steward nature.

There is the rare poo that planted a forest by himself.

The one thing I agree with the kike NWO on is fucking human depopulation. God damn, we could lose 5 billion of the world's inhabitants at random and life would only improve for the remainder.. cue the "have as many children as you can wyatt mann, we're gonna breeding war the third world :-DD" anons.. fucks sake..

how does the near-uninhabited kola peninsula have a murder rate 7 times higher than all of norway?

The fucked up thing is all we have to do is stop supporting shitskins, yeah they breed like rodents but they're only at their numbers because of White fucks like christcucks.

That and any whites with an IQ over room temperature aren't having children (my personal feel is that this is our struggle, & throwing another generation into the breach is immoral at best).. The whites that are breeding are typically of the welfare-dependant, "would you like some amphetamines with your obesity?" variety..
I pray for plague, or some manner of tribulation that ensures the fittest, most intelligent & autonomous survive. Trim the ol' fat.

End foreign aid. There goes the population of every turd world country. That only leaves chinks and streetshitters. Plenty of ways to handle them.

Are you talking about the Elephant culls that happen because they have become overpopulated in some areas?

normally i would not care, but pajeets are really not worth it.

Pajeets are such a fucking annoyance, I cannot put it in words. In all honesty, I almost find niggers more bearable than pajeets.

I can't stand their fucking littering. I live in NZ, a country world fucking renowned for it's supposedly unspoiled natural splendor, & those cunts will just drive down the highway & turf out garbage as they go. I'm talking entire family bags of takeout waste. They simply do not give a fuck about their surroundings. I don't know why they're here, or who's fucking responsible for them. One day I'll probably be arrested for running one off the road & beating them to death and it'll be framed as an 'unprovoked hate attack' or some nonsense.
Plus they all seem fucking deformed in some way. Dirty cunts.

just get rid of them

Why are fingols so prone to murdering people?

Just like what American farmers did with the wolves. Elliminate the threat of predation as you develop the land. They're fixing their own degeneracy. Once they handle that, then they'll be able to handle the conservation thing, but not before.
Give them time. Let them fix themselves. They're the culture cited most by Evola because they are the preservers of Tradition, and they will show this soon enough.