Polish President goes full goy "Poles have no guilt for the holocaust"

As Israel formally condemns Poland in its parliament the Polish President has hit back, with a statement that Poles "did nothing wrong".

President Andrzej Duda said that he would never allow Poland and Poles in general to be “vilified” though “false accusations.”

Duda seemed to be reacting to anger in Israel over a bill that would outlaw public statements assigning to “the Polish nation” responsibility for crimes committed by Nazi Germany during its World War II occupation of Poland.

Violations of the proposed law would be punishable by fines or prison terms of up to three years. A section of the bill exempts prohibited statements made “within artistic or scientific activity.”


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Kike free first post

It really is amazing how, even if you believe the holohoax, the tale has been used to browbeat and silence not just germans, but all white people everywhere.

For instance, if you're from one of the allied nations, your forefathers fought and died for these kikes. And now we too are shamed with the "muh nazis, muh antisemitism, muh holocaust" bullshit. It's fucking ridiculous.

when all of the ww2 have died off the liberals will attack them after placing them on a pedestal.

ww2 vets

It's time for Poland to admit their heinous crimes and join the reparations party.

t. greedy chosen one

International jewry is already getting what it wants from Poland. It is my belief this is theater aimed straight at nationalist constituencies.


Tillerson said the pipeline was “not a healthy piece of infrastructure” for Europe’s energy stability.

Yeas, stay hooked on Rothschild approved energy sources so Israel can continue its holocausts in the Middle East.

Why not just say that the holocaust did not happen & present evidence?

While simultaneously pretending that WW2 vets were anti-fascists going in to liberate kikes, trannies, and homos from evil straight while male fascists.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. I think you're being sarcastic but it isn't clear. Unless Germany wants to go nuclear or make an attempt at full-renewable, its choices are Russian gas – which is close and can be delivered via pipeline – or gas from somewhere else.

Would you prefer the gas to be Qatari or perhaps American/British gas loaded up onto huge tanker ships and sent across the Atlantic Ocean or North/Baltic seas?

Typical anglosphere geopolitics: Cooperation between Russia and Germany must be prevented whenever possible.
Both US companies as well as the Gulf Arabs and Israel would love to dump their natural gas on Europe and forced to invest into LNG tanker infrastructure.
Espeically Poland (fracking attempts failed) and Ukraine (Crimea got annex, most of the infrastrucutre is rotting away) can't offer anything to Europe energy wise.

Here's some more choice lines from the article I linked above:

One would think that getting gas from the United States, Norway, and Russia would be the very definition of diversified energy sources. That's leaving aside the idea that where Germany gets its gas is any of Poland's business or has any impact on where Poland can choose to buy its gas from. But at the end of the article we get the to the real meat.


It's not really just Russian interests, though. It's German, too. I'm not really sure what you're even trying to get across with your little throwaway line, either.

Even more reason for Poles to want to fuck it over. My throwaway line it your implication of conspiracy, it does not take a conspiracy to get to Polish people to want to harm German or Russian interests, it is just there anyway.

They never placed them on a pedestal. They only cried about the kikes after the holohoax tale was formed around the 50's/60's.

This is so true. If Germany and Russia align, the US will have no other option than to fuck off out of Europe. I can't wait for this.

I'm not implying a conspiracy. It already exists and is openly admitted. What you're saying is that Poles easily cooperate with international zionist interests, which is exactly what I was saying. This dog and pony show with the holohoax is red meat to sell the bonafides of the Law and Justice party.

What I am saying is that Germany and Russia have interests that oppose Polish interests and it is natural for Poland to resist those interests.

Why is it in Polish interests to whine about where Germany gets its gas from? It's not like Poland has any to sell or Germany cares where Poland buys its gas from.
Natural since when? Pic related.

That's not really how it works user. You can't really prove a negative.

Because Russia getting access to more markets makes Russia stronger financially. A stronger Russia is more likely to attack Polish interests either directly or indirectly, and always has historically.

Since Poland was founded.

*looses to poorly armed peasants*
*hides in Netherlands from the red army*

Russia already has market access to Germany and has for decades. This new pipeline allows both countries to sidestep Eastern European territory and zionist-compliant governments who reside there. That is where the real issue is and goes back to my original point: Poland is aligned with zionist interests because it has a zionist government.

So why would Poland allow any more?

Ah yes, because Russia and Germany are not linked to Zionism at all.

Where on earth are you getting the nonsensical notion that Poland is in the position to "allow" anything?
There's really nowhere to go with this nonsensical argument.

No, this is not true at all. In fact, Poland could be one of the main beneficiaries of an Eurasic Germany-Russia-China axis. It's always Anglo-Mahanian interests who push the counter-continental spiel in Poland. Piłsudski knew.

Poland wants to get paid for every cubic meter of natural gas Russia pipes through its territory.
An expansion of Nord Stream means Poland won't see a cent.

The Poles so fucking stupid geopolitically it hurts. Throwing themselves into the arms of Anglo Empire again because that worked so well last time.
When the Cold War was ongoing, the plan against a Soviet attack was to turn everything east of the Rhine into a glowing parking lot.
But somehow Poland believes the American will not only show them more courtesy but will also defend Lublin and Bialystok as hard as the US mainland.

Pipeline has to go through Polish territory or Polish ally. Zionism is capitalised because it is a proper noun which requires it in English.

If by beneficiary you mean divided up. Why do you make a presumption of Russian or German benevolence to Poland when history says the exact opposite?

It's interesting that you see countries like South Korea and the Philippines wising up to this reality while Poland steps on the gas to drive right over the cliff.

No, it doesn't. That's the whole point of Nordstream II.


polite sage

Yes, but that pipeline does not currently exist. Why is Poland not allowed an opinion on something detrimental to Polish interests?

Amateurs. I have anger over the holohoax.

Nordstream already exists, Nordstream 2 is the addition of another two pipes.

Yes, and he referred to Nordstream 2.

It will, despite all the ZUSA chimping and threats of sanctions.
I think a better question is why should anyone take the opinion of what is essentially a jilted middle man seriously?

Because Poland is actually a white country unlike Germany, Russia and China.

And it is the most slavish to zionism of the three mentioned. Not a good look.

Explain how?

Modern Germany is militarily occupied by the United States and not by choice. It is a violent, oppressive occupation. That Germany is now stirring against US interests despite this hostile occupation is wonderful news, the exact opposite of Poland clamoring for more US nigger-skins to flood its country and be furnished with Polish pussy and the blood of Russian children.
Admission through omission, right? They actually recognized two capitals, East and West Jerusalem. East was the Palestinian capital. A two state solution.

That was Martin Schulz. Singular.
Who was literally playing the Brussels casino until he was brought into Federal politics to lose the election to Merkel.

The only thing stirring in Germany is desire for more Religion of Cuck™ic and African migration to turn their country into a third world area. Zero desire for that in Poland.

If you read what the USA also said, they said the same thing. If you hate the Americans for Zionism you should also hate the Russians for it.

You think Merkel thinks something different?

It's very odd that such a thing happened to a country under direct zionist military occupation isn't it? All the more fitting that those same conditions are now disrupting the zionist grip on that country and it retreats to Poland.

Except it is Poland openly arguing with Israel and Jews and being accused of anti-Semitism. While Germany pushes for even more hate speech laws and seeks to attack Poland in the EU. You have to be delusional to believe Germany is somehow the nation to have hope for here.

It is a very public little spat, from a country with a Goldman-Sachs kike for president/prime minister, an active and invited US nigger-skin occupation of its territory, and is fully aligned with the ZUSA goal of destroying Germany and Russia.

Which was my whole point: it is theater. I'm just debating at this point whether I want to filter the OP.

While not disagreeing about the kosher nature of these geopolitics, didn't Poland find some gas deposits of it's own pretty recently? It'd make sense how it would want to protect a potential market.

Germany is fully aligned with the agenda of turning Europe into a sea of brown mutts. So what is your point? Is it bad to oppose Merkel and her agenda now? Is this really your argument?

Germans have no guilt for Holocaust, in fact Germans do not believe in the Holocaust joke. Remember when we did the Holocaust for real? Fucking based. Jinxed it, Moishe!

Do you even have any idea how fucking awesome Germany is on the resilience factor?
Only one other nation has ever been sanctioned and boycotted before, Rhodesia, and Rhodesia didn't make it.

Germany has been fucked in the ass several times over and is still more based than most western countries.
Especially in the rural regions.

If you had to suffer the same shit Germany had to suffer then you'd probably have gone the way of Rhodesia, too.

You need to make up your mind. You keep defending the German government and then condemning it. It makes you seem schizophrenic.

Also, why would a totally cucked country push for more "hate speech laws" for itself and others.

They have to crack down so hard because so many germans are "disgruntled angry citizens".

Yeah, but do you see the US bases and being surrounded by golems who would "valiantly rid Germany of naziism" again if it tried anything too rash?

Merkel has nothing to do with Nordstream II. It is a move that is being made around and in spite of the US Army's occupation front men. German corporate and military power is behind the project. You keep trying to twist this argument is different ways to build a straw man.

The demographic destruction of Germany was because of the ZIONIST OCCUPATION. The same zionist occupation that is now fleeing to Poland because it is a safer environment for them to operate in.

Merkel is literally the face of corporate Germany. She takes her orders from them. CDU is the party of German industrialists.

You need to learn to read IDs, newfag. I think we can wrap this one up at this point.

And you need to gas yourself for even suggesting that I am defending the German government.

You are all one bunch of Merkel defenders. I am not going to make a distinction between you when you all make the same argument of Merkel and multicultural Germany good, and white Poland bad.

it's not a nonsensical argument, if you don't think germany is more zionist than poland you're living on a fantasy planet

It wouldn't matter who the party was. The project would be built. Germany is getting away from the ZUSA.

You have been defending its interests throughout the thread and condemning Poland for daring to object to them.

By embracing Religion of Cuck™ and Africans. Why do you defend that?

Do you take your kippah off when you post, to hide from Yahweh, or do you keep it on and just jew your own god with a loophole later, Moishe?

I have only started posting 5 minutes ago, you dumb, knuckledragging mutant.

I made this thread faggot. Why would a Jew want to attack Jews? And then attack Germany and Russia throughout the thread based on their allegiance to Jews?

Then read the thread before you post rather than making a fool of yourself.

Reminder that last time the Polish government started to go against jewish wishes it was replaced with a British puppet that ended all friendly relations with Germany and Hitler


Germany is the one under hostile zionist occupation, not willing occupation. Even in spite of this Germany tried to stop the Iraq War. Germany is moving away from the ZUSA's energy domination plan and bypassing it's new vassals despite the hostile zionist occupation. Germany is setting itself and Europe up to expel America permanently.

The same shit skins that were flooded into Germany by the zionist occupation government of the US military? It's both funny that it is apparently backfiring on kikes and a sad admission [on your part, obviously] that to be White is to be a zionist. That's what you're saying here. You're saying it is better to be a zionist and fellate jews constantly and kill for them and die for them that it is to not be White. I'm not sure how to take that. It is clear you don't believe in the best of both worlds, though.
I'm not sure I did. You keep building a straw man where support for zionism = support for White interests. You keep asserting that Germany is a non-White shithole [a condition brought about by the zionist US military government which controls Germany] and that is why it is resisting zionism while simultaneously asserting that becoming a non-White shithole is exactly what zionism wants.

So either you're wrong, or the whole non-White shithole thing isn't working out as planned for the zionists and they are shifting gears. That's not even getting into the fact that you're shilling for Poland's military alliance with the second-most nigged up country outside of Africa itself [the US]. I have no idea how make any sense of this.

Why would ((( Jesus ))) drive out kikes from a temple and start a religion that was used as a kike empowering usury empire throughout history?

Why would kikes protest against Trump even though he's got kikes in the family and loves to cater to them?

To a kike there is no Poland or Germany or Russia.
Only conflict between them.

A kike would literally have NOTHING to lose by playing all sides.
Sadly, this is not working anymore.
Poland threads are always full of shills and you're one of them.

Only one thing matters now. Remove all kikes, remove all ZOG. Reestablish sovereignity of all. Cleanse the world of the holohoax and return to rightful prosperity.

By the Merkelreich agenda. I will remind you that other countries with US military did not do this. You do not see them running over the V4.

Except as I pointed out, Poland is far less Zionist than Germany, and Poland is also far whiter than Germany.

No, I am pointing out that Germany is not resisting Zionism at all. Germany is a perfect ZOG puppet. You just think it is not for some reason, your position, that Germany is both under ZOG occupation and is somehow resisting ZOG at the state level makes no sense. My position that Germany is both controlled by ZOG and carrying out the agenda of ZOG makes logical sense.

Ah yes, the famous type of shill that hates Jewish agendas and defends rights of white nations to sovereignty against governments like Germany's.

The famous shill that calls people who do not support the German government supporters of the German government just to drive a wedge between Poland an German relations.

Poland and German relations are already at rock bottom, Or did you not know that Germany is currently trying to suspend Polish voting rights in the EU and various sanctions, because it accuses Poland of installing a nationalist dictatorship?

Then why are you sabotaging any improvements on a personal level?
You think it won't make some Pole who might be reading this happy to know that there are Germans who feel their predicament and so on?

Of course not.
Why would ((( you )))?

Where have I done that? I have only attacked governments in this thread. Not the peoples. Can you give any link in this thread where I have attacked the peoples?

You called "peoples" who posted nothng in support of the government "supporters of the government".
You called us all "Merkel supporters", you filthy semite rat.

You want a link?

This is not "accidental failure to read IDs"
Since you admitted:

Et cetera.

It's time to report your OP now.

Neither of those posts are me attacking the peoples.

It is me attacking you and others for having stupid opinions. Very different things.

Yes, run because you can't argue. Of course.

Britain did. Australia did. Italy did. France did. Austria has, at least in Vienna. Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium. Anyone on the other side of the Iron Curtain and cliqued up with the US did it. The only exceptions so far have been the Asiatic occupied nations who don't have any White people the JewSA must immediately have slaughtered and the newer NATO countries of Eastern Europe that the US is getting to work on, but must take it slower in order to ensure maximum hatred against White Russians. Go too black, too fast and get reliability issues.

Honestly, you're a broken record at this point. Fuck off.

Dumb kike.
You think your twisted way of expressing yourself will help you after all this?

If all inhabitants of Germany had posted in this thread then you would have called them "Government supporters" as well.


And you are an apologist for genocide of white people, which is why you are defending the German (Zionist government) actions to hurt Poland (Still white nation).

How is it twisted to defend the Polish nation against Zionist attacks from Germany?

Well the people I had this argument with are defending the German government. See: and . That poster is defending the attacks on Polish interests by the Russian and German governments. Who are both anti-white governments.

No, not at all. I keep accurately pointing out who is doing and has done it and you keep defending that entity as if something has changed.
I am defending the Nordstream II pipeline and its geopolitical implications – which you have a problem with. The same Nordstream II pipeline which is opposed to the zionist United States that is occupying Germany illegally. Are you making the case that the US government is not zionist? That the US military occupation of Germany has been helpful, benign, and purely done out of a wholesome desire to protect Germany? The Nordstream II pipeline is a strike against the zionist forces occupying Germany.
Cutting out a middle man who is skimming off the top and using a foreign military to threaten your energy security isn't "hurting" anyone. It is defending yourself.

Because it is to defend the interests of anti-white regimes (Russia and Germany) and undermine the white nation of Poland. Why would I back anti-whites over Poland?

My priority is the preservation of white nations.

That doesn't make any sense. Germany has been flooded with non-Whites under the direct occupation government of the United States. The Nordstream II pipeline is against the interests of the zionist United States.
Nothing you say makes any sense. You're just repeating over and over that Poland is White – yeah, so was Germany, Italy, Australia, France, Sweden before the US got done with them.
Why do you constantly capitalize "zionism", "zionist", and "israel", but not White? Your priority is preserving regimes who will sacrifice their children in defense of zionism.

and why the fuck would they? they, through no fault of their own, ended up with their whole country basically being the front line of WW2s eastern front. entire cities were literally flattened. and not even just a few of them. by the end of the war, damn near ALL of poland had been fucking destroyed. their economy, as well, was decimated by the destruction.

after the war was over jews were given boatloads of shekels, their own country (conveniently located directly on top of palestine), and many other types of reparations. to my knowledge, poles received fucking NOTHING. and after having their
whole country completely flattened, they were left with fucking NOTHING. combine this with the fact that after it was all said and done, they ended up being absorbed by the USSR, and their population was further starved, gulaged, tortured until 1990. the fact that poland is even in as good of shape as it is right now, is truly mindboggling. a testament to polish durability i suppose.

jews havent stopped complaining since WW2, to my knowledge, have gotten absolutely everything they have wanted, they have expanded their illegal occupation even further into palestine, have taken over major cities of the US, embedded themselves in every facet of MSM/government in every country ever; and as a whole race, ended up being half of the multi-millionaires in the fucking world.

and now, with the jews in the EU kvetching over poland not being good goyim, they have decided to remind them that they are "not nearly guilty enough for their 'part' in WW2". this is of course, 70+ fucking years after the end of the war, so almost no one on EITHER side (excluding senile 85+year olds) was even alive to commit any "wrongdoing" OR be a victim of it. why anyone in poland would feel "guilty" about WW2 is completely fucking beyond my level of comprehension.

talk about fucking chutzpah

Because in the English language only proper nouns are capitalised within a sentence. These are things such as languages, nations, names, Zionism is a type of proper noun. White in the English language is not a proper noun but rather it is an adjective, so in a sentence it does not need a capital letter. It is part of the grammatical rules of the English language.

I see your problem, you think that Zionism is equivalent to the USA. Zionism can exist without the USA. The actions of Germany and Russia in this matter are just as Zionist as many of the USA's actions. If you think Zionist power is unique to the USA you are sorely mistaken.

Thank you user, your logical and well typed out response is why I lurked for 2 years learning before trying to post. If all anons were like you this would be such a more enjoyable place.

That is who fights its wars.
Probably not at this point.

This is the agenda of both Germany and Russia. Do you think their governments do not want to see Poland full of shitskins?

That seems incredibly naïve considering the extent of Jewish ideology and power in the world in places such as Russia.

And Germans, and Russians and many others.

Has a decision been made yet regarding Poland's demands for reparation gibs from Germany? I mean, they deserve it for being so BASED right? It's different when Poles do it.
Looks like financially raping the working-class of Britain while allying with non-White "anti-racist" groups in the UK, against natives isn't enough.

No, I don't think it is. It's sort of hard to tell considering Germany has been ruled for SEVENTY FUCKING YEARS by the US military.
And yet, Russia isn't the one destroying country after country in the Middle East to the benefit of israel.
Yeah? Who is fighting those israeli wars besides the US and where are they fighting them? Some odd attachment here and there in Afghanistan? France's little Libya excursion? It should be pointed out that here that France has one of the highest jewish populations in the entire world.

Lol imagine a world where by the 2030s the pols do the holocaust for real all because an image board memed polack into meaning cybernazi frogs with smug awoo waifus

I guess the whole thing about a jew colony in Argentina was true. I wonder why Columbia cares though, too many kikes buying cocaine so it'd be risky to anger them?

I know we've got a flood of spics taking root on this board, one of you assholes come out here and tell us what the geopolitical situation down there looks like.

I don't understand how you can think that you can be ruled by ZOG for 70 years then suddenly start disobeying them without any change in governments, in fact if anything they have doubled-down on everything else.

No, they are just bombing white countries instead and attacking white Russian identity (flooding Russia with shitskins) in their own nation and threatening white nations across eastern Europe.

In Ukraine, what they did to Georgia. When they threaten the Baltic states every other day. Or do you think that wars to attack whites are just fine?

Colombia receives millions in zionist US military aid. They just abstained instead of voting to condemn because they don't want to interrupt the bribes.

The Nordstream II pipeline isn't coming from the government. It is coming from power centers that are separate to the government. The German deep state.
Their position on a neutral buffer zone between them and NATO has been clear for decades. Don't try to seize their warm water port and it probably doesn't happen.
You mean put down a zionist reprobate and make him flee the country? He doesn't seem to be particularly missed in Georgia, either.
There's that capitalization again, kike. A straw man, too.

Ah, the kikes in jew york paid the kikes in washington, to make sure the kikes in pissrael get what they want. One of these days we really ought to write down everything they've done, just in case some naive future generation asks why they all had to be fumigated in fake shower rooms.

It wasn't necessary to create a second thread.

The german goverment is still in an incestous union with america, Merkel acts more along the line of the ZOG agenda than fucking Trump does, but that doesn't matter in the long run. What matters in the long run is the ridicoules amount of public support jews get from evangelicas in America, and this is what makes the differnce to other nations that may support israel on the administrative level, but have practically no support within the population, the US is the only state that has an entire voting block full of perfect goys that honestly love giving 20 billion a year to israel and only dream of going on a trip to the holy land so they can work for some jews without getting paid, it's fucking ridicoules. When push comes to shove, no other nation could justify getting dragged into a war for israels sake, and frankly I don't think it would be an easy sale for the american public either, but you'd still have those evangelicals, hooting and cheering for Zionism, who would glady send their firstborn to die in some desert so the jews can claim some more of it.

It’s a new statement, so fuck you.

Why do I know the rules of English grammar and you don't? See

Deep state in Germany is thoroughly Zionist. If anything you are proving my points.

Or maybe anti-white empires should not get a free pass to invade white countries.

No, I am talking about how Russia carved out territory from Georgia to set up Religion of Cuck™ic states on Georgian territory (South Ossetia and Abkhazia).





Filtered, kike shill.

Pisslam has seen a huge upshoot of popularity in Crimea in these last few years, too. It's almost as though moscow has a habit of stealing clay and colonizing it with shitskins.


Truth too much for you I see.




The same tatar ragheads who were whining about being deported from Crimea and were fighting with the Ukrainian government?



t-t-thanks user.

Two ZOG scumbags are arguing, who is the biggest philosemite. One is the shaboose goy, the other one is his kike lord.

Guess who is wining?
Hint, it is a fixed game. the Poles are going to loose, big, anybody allying with the jews is going to regret it

Poland let them in. Not only Chechen terrorists, but assorted mudslims from all over the middle-east.

Poles are white nigger. They are negroids in every aspect, criminality, violence, incompetence “gibe money”, except for the color of the skin .

Whose fault is that?

Considering that you are a bunch of roving robbers, you should not have been in the EU for one day.

No you see, germany was nice for a decade or so because Austrian painter got into power, so by that token everything Germany does is absolutely based!
Especially when they establish a plan of taking over entire europe with (((economic machinations))) & kafka-esque laws, then proceed to eradicate cultures of subjugated country while keeping their economies reliant on Germany to top it all off with importing of subhuman savages from africa and middle east

Nope, they got reparations in the Soviet Pool guess how much would they share (^:, which government renounced so Soviets stop raping Silesian resources (mostly coal) senseless and killing people in barbaric mining operations going right under centers of centuries old cities. (only stopped the mining operations in 1956)

The Germans are down right now, but they're going to be very efficient at slitting kike and mudslime throats.

Poland's mistake was becoming (((Catholic))) instead of Orthodox or Protestant.


how the fuck does this make him a goy you tard

Goy meaning non-Jew, not necessarily good goy

Also keep in mind: (((They))) backstabbed one of their best historical allies, yes that might had been a mistake but other then that, Poland literally did nothing wrong.
We supported Jews and Israel, and that's what we get.
Of course people are getting mass-redpilled, it might even lead to questioning the holocaust as in what exactly happened. Of course, we won't shoot ourselves into the foot by claiming it didn't happen, since it is a pretty handy tool against cucks

Heh, I don't think if your people go through 123 years of fighting for your occupied country, will make them anywhere remotely cucked and ready to give up their country. Especially not if your country was one of the greatest power for some time.
Anyway, jews just… i dont even know, they must be retarded, or scheming something… Maybe Germany/EU invading Poland because "muh evil nazis"

*Gdansk :^)

In the future the correct nomenclature is "bad goy" since the word goy would normally only be spoken by a kike, and they would only view such an act as bad.

Let us name this scam for its real name: HOLOHOAX.

I forgot the memes.


More kike's lies.

Coincidentally Poland is one of the few holdouts preventing the mass Muslim invasion into their borders… now this hits trying to paint them as racists on a global scale.

Gee I wonder why…

More Holohoax.

The Marxists always pretend like the WW2 allies (knowingly) fought for globalism, multicultualism, gay rights, anti-white laws, their country becoming non-white, and their race becoming extinct.


Poles are not arguing against the h0locaust. They made questioning it a crime.
Poles are trying to jump on, are already on the hol0caust train. “Poles are victims of the Nazis too!” They are trying the same stunts as the jews, “don’t question our narrative or we put you in jail”.

Poles are just forgetting one thing…
Quod licet Iovi non licet bovi
The shabos goy is not supposed to compete with their jewish overlords.
This is not a general anti-semitic move by the Poles, but a struggle of who is the biggest victim. The Poles view themselves, among their loot, stolen property, as the biggest victims of all of them. The jews try to put them into their place.


>Also keep in mind: (((They))) backstabbed one of their best historical allies, yes that might had been a mistake but other then that, Poland literally did nothing wrong.

Netanyahu was meeting with the leaders of Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland, known as the Visegrad Group.

Netanyahu also had one-on-one meetings in downtown Budapest on Wednesday with the heads of governments of the Visegrad Group, or “V4” — Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo and Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico. He had met the previous day with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who arranged the visit of the V4 country heads.

In remarks following the meeting, Netanyahu invited the four prime ministers to visit Israel, stating “Next year in Jerusalem.” The leaders all accepted Netanyahu’s invitation.


“Next year in Jerusalem.” is a greeting between jews, expressing their wish to be reunited in israel.

I have no guilt either, and I am pretty sure I had relatives manning guard towers.

Because that is the plan, psychological terror to silence Europeans.

Portugal makes any genocide denial illegal. You could get fucked for denying the Armenian one. At least, that's how it is on paper.
Polite sage for unrelated.

So why are German military and industrial interest not shilling for more LNG terminals to be built, so Germany can buy LNG from Israel (Leviathan) or Israel-allied Sunni regimes in the Gulf region?
Why did German industry go as far as openly critize the Russia sanctions forced on Europe by the State Department under King Nigger?

Israel once again supporting the geostrategic agenda of their greatest allies by sowing strife in Europe and the Western flank of Russia by courting the Visegrad group.


If the military and corporate Germans are still unpozzed they're taking their sweet time in saving their country.

Eat shit, D&C kikel.

They are not un-pozed but under duress since the end of the war. The allies made the German industrialist “an offer they could not refuse”, otherwise they would have been deprived of their property (beside of that already stolen by the allies) and thrown into jail, be murdered, see Krupp.
In fact the allies did directly control, had “minder” installed in all mayor industries and the press until the 1950’s when control was handed over to “european institutions” like the European economic union, later EU.

A longtime member of the current regime, Schäuble, stated once that Germany has not been sovereign for a single day since 1945.

Germany has no own military since 1945, all German troops are under direct NATO (US General command). Even if the German military would try to stage a coup, which is incredible difficult, because Bundeswehr has Soviet style “polit officers, commissars”, there is nothing they could use, because all of the considerable armor, weapons was “gifted” away as a condition for reunification, and the armed forces have been deliberately starved for founds for years.
The German army is now administrated by a feminist from a supposed “conservative”, family of ZOG lackeys, who after having no political exposure whatsoever, made a surprise flash carrier after her return from the USA.
Totally coincidentally, she is pushing very hard the trany, child abuse and stronk wimin agenda.

Be prepared, for her to replace Merkel.

Oh vey the facts, they are anti-semitic jewish.

This is no goy, this is man. Goy = Ape cattle.

Police can‘t handle the criminalty on the Polish border. With removing of border controls to Poland in 2007, criminality his risen by 40 percent.

According to Saxon’s prime minister the number of burglaries and car robbery in 2008 did rise from the last year by 58 percent and in the first half of 2009 for another 197 percent!

Since the opening of the border to Poland, the number of car robberies have been multiplied by twenty.

Of the 7193 suspect for car robbery, half were Polish, next big group were Turks followed immediately by Lithunians.

Polands ambasador to Germany Marek Prawda put the blame for Poles stealing German cars on the Germans, they don‘t took care enough of their cars.




And these kikes have the audacity to pull this shit on Poland.

Most of them went to Israel in 1968 because

He's still implying it happened so fuck him.
Yeah, autistic but I just had to say it.

Hey fucking retard, get your head out of your ass. Everything you mentioned comes out of Brussels. Merkel is used as a mere figurehead, so morons can blame Germany à la "they're doing it a third time, bla bla bla"… If I didn't feel sorry for innocent White children, I wouldn't even bat an eye if every single country that wasn't part of the Axis would get what they deserve and what they so hard fought for which would also include my own country btw. Why? Because of retards like you who have the whole web at their disposal, but still, after 73 years, act like imbeciles.

>Especially when they establish a plan of taking over entire europe with (((economic machinations))) & kafka-esque laws, then proceed to eradicate cultures of subjugated country while keeping their economies reliant on Germany to top it all off with importing of subhuman savages from africa

Ah, no…

OSS, CIA and European unity: The American committee on United Europe, 1948-60
Richard J. Aldrich University of Nottingham

One of the most interesting US covert operations in postwar Europe was the funding of the European Movement.

It will be argued here that the discreet injection of over three million dollars between 1949 and
1960, mostly from US government sources, was central to efforts to drum up mass support for the Schuman Plan, the European Defence Community and a European Assembly with sovereign powers. This covert contribution never formed less than half the European Movement's budget and, after 1952, probably two-thirds.

BTW Germany has no border to the outside of the EU.
If there are niggers and mudslims in Europe then it is because cuntries like Poland or Greece let them in.

This is more true than you know. Poland has never produced exceptional statesmen, they have produced competent, even brilliant Generals and Warrior-Kings, but no statesman of Poland ever got themselves remember for using politics as a weapon. If you want recent examples, look at Prussian history.

No, they weren't, and they followed Poland's example of an Army with a country and having few political leaders that used politics, or anything other than war in their grand strategy.

To start with Prussian history, we go to its start, with the Deluge.

All because a Polish king had a tardfit, and weakened their position against against a power they couldn't hold down even when they had no government, yes that's right, at a few points, Poland had the strongest organized army in Russia with little opposition, only managed to inspired the Russian to come together and form a new Czardom because they couldn't into politics. Hell, they could have driven the Swedes off earlier if certain Polish nobles had gotten off their asses and fought.

And the Prussians did the exact same shit, tried to solve absolutely everything with war as their end all be all of politics, and blowing their wad too early, and wrecking Germany for their trouble.

The Poles, and the Prussians, are white, downright Aryan, but good god do they suck at international politics.

Just let the Cossacks be, and Russia would never have been tempted and the Swedes could have been driven off faster if they attacked at all.

Be patient, tell the Hapsburgs to calm down, and forge a treaty with Russia regarding the Balkans.

The Southern Italians, Modern Greeks and the inhabitants of the Iberia peninsula outside of the Basque and Catalonia ARE NOT White, and it is a direct result of long term predation by Arabic and other shitskin Muslims.

These memes, which are made to appear to "fight" DNC, are false lies that ignore the basis in fact for the accusations against modern Greeks, Southern Italians and Iberians.

Before muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker, Spain was as blonde as Germany.

Before the Turks and Arabs, Greece and Anatolian people had a high occurence of fair hair and fair eyes, extremely high.

Before the corruption of the Roman Empire and the mass importation of slaves, the Romans resembled the Greeks, skin that would hold a tan, but distinctly European in facial structure. Combine the destruction of the Roman peoples from the wars and mass enslavement with the predations of the Muslims, and those people have little to nothing in common with proper Europeans.

Portugese are shitskins period.

There. The factual definition and explanation of who isn't white in Europe. For fucks sake, there are Central Asian lands that hold the Quran to their hearts who are whiter than Sicilians and Portugese.

So fuck off with your shit. Spain is a bastard nation of bastard people with shitskin rapists for fathers, and they made exactly that in the new world.

Celtics, Germans, Slavs. And handful of Eurasian Steppes. That's whats White.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans are dead, annhilated, what few survived migrated north into the Balkans, the Southern Alps and Russia, and there they integrated with the locals. The Ancient White peoples of Turkey and parts of Central Asia, destroyed.


Partly true.

They act mostly White. They can become fully White later by editing out the mud from their DNA.

Are you upper Balkans?

Catalonian or Basque?

The Northern part of Italy which was never occupied by the Muslims when they nearly took and held the entirety of the Mediterranean, only occasionally raided for slaves?

Or are you a shitskin Spic who is butthurt to be told he doesn't have a drop of Aryan blood in them?

The "Greeks"? The Sicilian scum? Or the Huezilian colony?

No they aren't.

Lega Norda exist for a reason.

The Basques were the butt-fucking buddies of the arapes:
By 714-16, the Umayyad troops had reached the Basque-held Pamplona, with the town submitting apparently after a treaty was brokered between the inhabitants and the Arab military commanders.[15] The position was then garrisoned by Berbers, who were stationed on the outside of the actual fortress, and established the cemetery unearthed not long ago at the Castle Square ("Plaza del Castillo", see below). During the following years, the Basques south of the Pyrenees don't seem to have shown much resistance to the Moorish thrust, and Pamplona may even have flourished as a launching point and centre of assembly for their expeditions into Gascony.[16] In 740, the Wali (governor) Uqba ibn al-Hayyay imposed direct central Cordovan discipline on the city.


Somewhat related but Joe Arpiao recent announced he was running for Senate.

Today he was hit with being a "holohoax exposer":


Sauce on this important red pill.

wiki-kikes has deleted everything about it, except "the 1933 election was very undemocratic"



Stop redditspacing



Now it becomes ridiculous. You did invite them and follow their plans, because you believe in their lies:

“Every couple of centuries there is a changing of the guard in Europe,” says Friedman. He sees Poland as the “heart of dynamism” in Europe today.

According to the analyst, in the next three decades Germany will lose its status as an economic powerhouse, while Russia will be “weak”. This will be a time for Poland, which – with its well-educated society – will become a regional powerbroker.

Geopolitical Journey, Part 2: Borderlands is republished with permission of Stratfor. By George Friedman
Germany has not thought of itself as a freestanding power since 1945. It is beginning to think that way again, and that could change everything, depending on where it goes.
One of the things it could change is German-Russian relations. At various times since 1871 and German re-unification, the Germans and Russians have been allies as well as mortal enemies. Right now, there is logic in closer German-Russian ties. Economically they complement and need each other. Russia exports raw materials; Germany exports technology. Neither cares to be pressured by the United States. Together they might be able to resist that pressure. There is a quiet romance under way between them.

While the United States can welcome a powerful Turkey, the same can't be said for a powerful Russia, particularly not one allied with Germany. The single greatest American fear should not be China or al Qaeda. It is the amalgamation of the European Peninsula's technology with Russia's natural resources. That would create a power that could challenge American primacy. That was what the 20th century was all about. The German-Russian relationship, however early and subdued it might be, must affect the United States.

From an American point of view, moving France or Germany is both impossible and pointless. They have their own interests and the wrong geography. It is the Intermarium – Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and perhaps Bulgaria – that represents this generation's alliance. It blocks the Russians, splits them from the Germans

The Poles must be the leader of the bloc and the Romanians the southern anchor. I think the Poles are thinking in these terms but the Romanians are far from this idea. I'm not sure. I want to find out. For me, a U.S.-backed Poland guarding the North European Plain, with Slovakia, Hungary and Romania guarding the Carpathian approaches, would prevent what the United States should fear the most: an alliance between Russia and Germany plus Western Europe.

For Poland, that strategy comes from the recognition that not only is it caught between Germany and Russia, it is the monkey wrench in German-Russian entente.
As part of an alliance stretching from Finland to Turkey, the Intermarium, Poland would have an alliance of sufficient weight to matter that would be free from the irrelevancies of NATO.
But in the end, the United States has fought three times in the 20th century to prevent a German-Russian entente and the domination of Europe by one power, whether that be Germany, Russia or a combination of the two. These wars were not fought for sentiment; the United States had no Chopin. The wars were driven by geopolitics. A German-Russian entente would threaten the United States profoundly. That is why it fought World War I, World War II and the Cold War.

The Poles believe in allying with the jews will bring them great reards, like the British and the USA before.

Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, in contention for a senior European Union job, saying that Poland's relationship with the United States was worthless.

Sikorski told Rostowski: "You know that the Polish-US alliance isn't worth anything."
"It is downright harmful, because it creates a false sense of security … Complete bullshit. We'll get in conflict with the Germans, Russians and we'll think that everything is super, because we gave the Americans a blow job. Losers. Complete losers."
According to the transcript, Sikorski described Warsaw's attitude towards the United States using the Polish word "murzynskosc."
That derives from the word "murzyn," which denotes a dark-skinned person and someone who does the work for somebody else, according to the PWN Polish language dictionary.


It's LaTeX spacing, you luddite.

prussians are polish? now ive heard it all.. these eastern european commie schools must be even better than the public schools in the us.

Jews gonna jew.

America needs to stay out of Polska. Jews need to fuck off to Israel. That is all.

Copper in Polish is miedź you autistic retard! Koper means Dill in English, and his name is Kopernik. His name is styled as Kopernius because the Polish universities he attended required him to write in Latin (the German ones didn't, by the way) Reminds me of that user who said he has a book of an Irishman trying to we wuz some ancient East Asian civilization because of two words meaning the same thing in both their languages.

Ah yes! The German city of Thorn in the kingdom of Poland! NuPol history guide.


Copper, Kupfer is the same word as Koper. Yeah it has nothing to do with Polish, so who is the retard?

Yeah Polish like Venice, Milan and Palermo are German cities. Hell, one could argue that “Germans” founded Milan

kopernicus wuz a slavic kang


Piłsudski was pretty good. He knew what's up. However overall I agree. The cowardly failure of taking over throne of Bohemia which was basically handed over to the polish king by the czechs themselves, the failure of union with Russia, endless uprising happenings, three fucking paritions, getting bad end of the deal in WW1(those borders lel basically setup for the 4th partition), getting manipulated like a baby by the west after Pilsudski death etc. It's a wonder how did we even survive up until now.

I fucked up.

How's the weather in St. Petersburg, Ivan? Kys you fucking Russian KGBnigger.