What was your red pill?

I know this makes me a newfag, but it's funny what compels us to start reading. I was just looking for anti Steven universe fodder so I could tease a left wing friend about her terrible taste….And then…

Gamergate for the luegenpresse
Baltimore riots for nogs
Coming across Holla Forums for everything else
Sage for admitting newfaggotry.


In general: 9/11
For race: Holocaust

Pls no bully I was 14 and still believed in my fellow man

bought into the jet fuel can't melt steel beams meme and found out it was actually true

I surfed white nationalist websites when I was 12 years old, like heretical, faem and tom metzger's. I even made an account in stormfront.

Then I discovered places like /n/ and /new/ in 4chan then m00t made Holla Forums. All because I liked reading about nconspiracy theory.

Well good for you cause I was like "they wouldn't lie to us! They make say the pledge of allegiance! Obviously these aren't values they need to desperately repeat! These conspiracy tards are such an embarrassment!"

How do I apologize to past friends who were obviously trying to red pill me, and gave up? I feel so terrible now.

Spectre. It didn't affect me immediately, because I was still just an anti-mudshit pleb at the time; but it planted a seed that gestated slowly over the course of a year or so.


My schools tried to blue pill me so much on Hitler, the Holocaust and WW2 in general that it backfired.

Well excuse me, princess.

Yes yes I know

My 99 year old Austrian great grandmother who always insisted that Hitler was a kind man and never meant for war prisoners to die. She was as smart as a whip until she died and everyone listened when she spoke. I was the only one who took her seriously when she spoke of Hitler, though. Everyone else was embarrassed by her opinion until I researched the holohoax and redpilled the shit out of my family.

jews, long before chans existed.

They ultimately succeeded, so no reason to apologize. There's no time limit on red pilling.

I tried to find counter arguments to disprove holohoax exposers. Needless to say, I found only one side to be truthful.


How do you guys deal with people who aren't receptive, particularly family members?

It was the LGBT community at first.
I was an unhappy liberalfag until I encountered some hardship in my life. Real hard shit. Crippling shit that you don't just recover from overnight.

Liberals and LGBT were the first ones to jump ship and leave me to die alone. Family and actual conservative friends were there to support me through 7 years of depression and sucidial thoughts.

That is when I started to feel a burning hatred for everything liberal and LGBT. And then the feminists jumped in to shame me for having the audacity to make a case against them. So I put them on my hate list as well.

For all the preaching and posturing the LGBT community and feminists do, they never actually do anything to help. It's all about themselves. They use the population as a form of animal to be domesticated and milk votes from.

Not on my watch though. I speak out against them everywhere it matters. In my family, in my church, in my social circles. Some people think I'm a bit kooky, but they largely agree with me that liberalism has failed and that feminism is cancer. They always hated fags so that didn't take long either.

I am now trying to refine my ways of communicating these ideas. I will soon be teaching at a university and I plan to make an impact.

Be patient with them, but also persistent. Never badger them; if you meet significant resistance to an idea, don't let it escalate to an argument - you'll only solidify their position. Let it go for the moment and reintroduce it sometime in the future, along with supporting material for your position. When you come across good material, don't just "pass it along" and hope they'll view it - actively read or watch it with them, and open up a discussion afterwards. Keep any material short to begin with; no more than 10 mins. You can move to more lengthy/detailed material as they become invested.

I transformed my family's views significantly doing this. They're not Holla Forums tier by any means, but they're aware of the jew now, particularly the jew's role in media and culture.

I can't overstate the importance of this.
You must always remain the nice friendly person that you were always for them. Once you reveal your power level and start trying to enforce your opinion with passion, they will resist in kind.
Emphasize especially that you hold these views because you appreciate your people and family and want the best future for them.

I could never get into post-2007 4chan, and Gamergate annihilated any other communities I considered myself a part of, I followed that trail to Holla Forums.

After that it was the usual "visit Holla Forums ironically, leave seeing the world in a new light".

Sounds like you plan to get fired and never be allowed to teach again

redpill 'lightly' not 'obviously'

Normally I'd agree, but I have certain advantages that I won't mention here. Trust me, I got this figured out.

I guess I'm exposing myself as a newfag here, but mine was the media reaction to Trump after his election.

I'd swallowed a few of the smaller red pills in the past. I was always sceptical of feminism. Was long aware of the dangers of Religion of Cuck™, and mystified why it was promoted as a "religion of peace". Life experience of interacting with blacks had been gradually shifting me towards the race-realist position. But the big red pill is, of course, the JQ, and it never occurred to me that the "vicious, hateful antisemites" might have a point until recently. I began to really question things around the time of the European migrant crisis, when I saw governments acting so clearly against the interests of their citizens it became apparent that something had to be amiss.

Through the run-up to the election, the Leftist media bias against Trump was obvious, but not surprising. Their behaviour after he won was a shock. They stretched the fabric of reality too far to remain credible, and crossed the line into blatant sedition. I could no longer regard it as the product of a few biased lefty journos, and had to recognise it as a controlled propaganda operation with no allegiance to truth whatsoever, and no respect for the people's decision.

This shocked me enough to really start digging for the answer - who is behind this? And once you start to really investigate, all roads lead to the JQ. When you realise that "Jews control the media" is not just a conspiracy theory, but a demonstrable truth, then it becomes easier to overcome the lifetime of aversion therapy they programmed you with, designed to stop you looking critically at them. Then you suddenly you see that all the worst detriments to our society can be traced back to the Kikes. When you add it all up, it amounts to a carefully planned, long-term scheme to destroy us.

The final shocking revelation comes when you think to yourself "Didn't Hitler have quite a bit to say about them?", and start to look into that, and hear him describe behaviour so similar that the ring of truth is unmistakeable. You realise that they've been controlling the flow of information so long, that we've been living in a real-world version of the Matrix, and the last century of world history is a lie. And while these evil bastards hypnotised us into believing a preposterous lie about genocide against them, they actually conducted genocides against white Christians on many times the scale. The death toll of the Bolsheviks and the entire European theater of WW2 lies squarely at their feet.

It's a bitter pill to swallow. My autism helps - it compels me to follow the logical path to truth, however uncomfortable that truth may be. It's no coincidence that we have a massive over-representation of Autists here, just as the radical left is full of hysterical, emotion-driven borderline types. I'm confident that the Autist ubermensch will ultimately re-conquer the West for the white race.

It's disinfo.

That jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel is fact. The idea that it's necessary to melt the steel to cause the collapse is idiocy. Steel loses most of its structural strength at a much lower temperature than it melts. Building regulations in most places require considerable fire protection around steel beams just to protect from domestic house fires with no accelerant. Steel joists will sag and columns will bow under such temperatures.

For anyone with a reasonable understanding of structural engineering, the conventional explanation of how the planes brought the towers down is perfectly believable. The plane impacts took out a considerable amount of structural supports. The heat of the fires then softened the remaining steel. The weakened columns, already holding up more than their design load, began to bow. Thin narrow columns don't have to bend far before they're no longer transferring the loads downwards and the entire structural system is compromised. Once the damaged sections became unable to support the immense weight above, gravity and momentum did the rest. When the section above began moving downwards, nothing was going to stop it.

All the "controlled demolition" theories are utter bullshit. It's preposterous to suppose that buildings like that could be rigged for controlled demolition in secret. It would have required thousands of charges placed in inaccessible parts of the structure, miles of wiring, heavy drilling to install it all, months of noisy work. These theories are clearly intended to discredit investigations, and distract from the really pertinent question - why was there a team of Mossad agents observing jubilantly from across the bay?

Remember Mossad's motto - "By way of deception thou shalt do war". It is entirely consistent with their modus operandi to infiltrate Al-Qaeda and use them to conduct a terrorist operation. The motive is clear enough in retrospect - to give the Zionist Neocons a pretext to launch the "War on Terror", which was really to weaken Israel's neighbors in pursuit of the strategic objective of a greater Israel.

The observation team was indiscreet, so Zionist operatives launched the "9/11 Truth" movement to shill wacky theories though (((Infowars))) etc to cover it up.

Being shown a VHS of schindlers list for multiple months as high school history education, by a woman.

Close to my story,First unconscious redpill:
Parent's divorce-Man,it teaches you how this world works really fucking fast(even then at 4,I asked "why some women judge decides who I live with)
First conscious redpill:
I was about 12 ,I am polish so WW2 jokes are normal here ,until one day a teacher heard us talking,"What do you mean I can't joke about jews ,WHY?-and It rolled fast from there,I stared observing and questioning every aspect of social standards and who makes them.
(outing self as newfag),I got seriously into Holla Forumsitics around 2015 when nobody took revenge for the terrorist attacks ,I think I thought then "I wonder what that nazi political forum knows about this"

Are those advantages of " " kind or ((( ))) kind?

Realizing that communism was encouraged by the state.

Lifetime of open-mindedness.
>used to sneak listening to (((Coast to Coast AM))) at night and though I think there's something to every topic there, even as a kid I could pick apart obvious bullshit.

For me, it was the heavy promotion in the media of niggers and hip hop over the years, and the vanishing prominence of the White males. I never liked seeing miscegenation, always thought it was wrong. I wanted to know more about who was behind this agenda. It didn't take long to learn that there was a whole plan to genocide Whites.

Been a politically knowledgeable Millennial since the pre-911 era hanging chads debacle. Knew a long time ago the best favor the durka durkas could do for us is nuking DC and forcing us to start over politically, just never knew the ins and outs.

It was when I learned the extent the Obama admin had in helping ISIS during the election that I realized, even as much as I knew to be lies, there were still a great many lies I had swallowed.

Then in digging and learning, I found Ronald Bernard's video on the illuminate. He mentioned the Protocols of Zion. Revelations is their game plan, he said.

I remember Hunter S. Thompson, in the infinifilm version of "Fear & Loathing" audio commentary, towards the very end of the movie, Hunter is asked to give one piece of advice to everyone. "Read Revelations", He said. Pretty much went on to say that the Powers That Be consider it a roadmap rather than prophecy.

Looking into the Protocols led to looking into the Rothschilds, Illuminati, their bloodlines.

That lead to coming across Jack Otto, which really helped to lay it out in a cohesive manner.