Negroid question

White washed nigger here. I want to talk with you guys about what to about the NQ. I'm primarily concerned with America, of course, since I live here, and since the problems that europe has are far beyond my ability to impact. I'd like some of your input, as I'm still somewhat of a neophyte to race realism, and haven't finished reading through the rescources on the subject. That said, If we do manage to establish seperate ethnostates in america, I think It'll be the responsibilty of higher educated outlier blacks to help the race "grow up", even if many of us don't want the role.
So, I pretty much see the black race as a tantruming two year old that is in desperate need of a time out. We've been spoiled rotten by guilty whites, and of course, as with all well intentioned paths to hell, it's created way more problems than its solved. With that in mind, I think seperating would probably be the healthiest thing for not only whites, but blacks as well. Blacks, in my opinion, need to flounder in the deep end for long enough that they start as a group to realize "oh killing each other isn't going to help anymore, there isn't going to be anyone to bail us out." But in addition to forcing blacks to "sink or swim", I think leaders in the black community need to build a set of values and ethics tailored specifically to black folks. Ethics that aren't just lifted from western european values (Which barely seem to work for blacks anyway). I've been trying to work on a set of values that would appeal to R type selected populations, in an attempt to short circuit some of the bad behavior patterns that have been a part of the black community mindset for so long (conflating strength with discipline instead of rebelliousness, cultivating images of black idols that support the community instead of undermining it, cutting out alcohol and drug use from the population like the malignant tumor that it is, etc).
I think too often black families that do well tend to move away from black communities and into white communities to get away from the craziness, essentially abandoning the rest, and my family is certainly guilty of that, so I want to find a way to undo this process (naturally it starts with me), the problem is, I honestly don't know how to appeal to people in the black community at large. Should I forego reasoned arguments and try an emotional appeal? Should I make art instead and get my message out that way (I'm a decent musician)? I'm honestly at a loss with how to create the most impact. I've been around whites all my life, and I've grown up in an affluent suburb since I was like six, so I have no credibility with most blacks, and I only really know how to communicate with whites. Any suggestions? Prolific Black speakers that I could follow? I feel like I've been blessed with a lot all through my life, and I need to stop sitting on the sidelines saying "I'm fine. Not my problem." But I'm not sure exactly how I can be of help.

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tl;dr. You'll get a free boat ride back to apefrica and you can educate your savage niggers far away from the rest of civilization.

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This is not the proper place to ask for advice on how to solve the nigger problem. The only solution that can be proposed will involve ropes and sturdy branches.

most nigs would just look at you and laugh and then continue on with shooting each other over wearing a certain color or beating a white mother and her child in a park and put it on facebook or beating the shit out of and scalping an autistic kid.

Just remember average black IQ is 85

Not feasible logistically. Especially not for free. You'd be better off with extermination, in my opinion, but I'd like to avoid that if at all possible. I think it would create more problems than it would solve.

Would that be more appropriate? Eh, I figured it would need is own thread, but I guess I could shorten it up and put it there.

If not here, then where? Also, extermination is not going to work. Too difficult logistically, and Jews have dug the knife guilt in too deep. There would need to be a big enough event to galvanize even the most passive of guilty whites, and frankly I don't think blacks are powerful enough to bring about such an event.

'Mods on Holla Forums are banning anyone posting "White Nationalism" or "DACAryan"

Really? I thought it was higher than 85. Damn. Well that's the challenge of educating such people, right? Getting on a soapbox will do nothing, so there needs to be another way to get through to them. The easiest path would be with credibility, but I don't have that.

I'm going to throw you a bone here rather than give in to my first impulse which is to ridicule your idealistic plan s hopeless beyond compare.

Get into politics. Be successful and lead by example, illustrating the possibility of success using intellect as a black man and giving the exceedingly few black intellects a beacon of hope.

Also as a politician, continue to be conservative and illustrate the economic and social benefits of a conservative lawful society,

You can still advocate for blacks trying to improve themselves and their communities. Don't talk about segregation publicly for at least 10 years or so. It will get you shot down politically and possibly physically.

We have a public and free education system they just don't care to use it properly.
They could also easily go to college. Colleges lower their standards for blacks to get in.

That's a very good OP, but on Holla Forums they will just make typical racist comments.

I suggest you copy paste it to somewhere that is also racial realist and try to find solutions for the black community

Also don't talk about segregation in public, it will be political suicide.

I personally think that the USA is not going to become a White Ethnostate, those will be back in Europe. I suspect in the USA things will go back to Ethnic Neighborhoods and de-facto segregation. The forced bussing, public housing, etc was a big disaster.

If all the mandatory desegregation wasn't forced down people's throats you'd probably end up with some cosmopolitian big cities and a bunch of various organizations that were mostly separated on race. Black churches, white churches, black schools, white neighborhoods, some places like Brooklyn where you have everybody, etc. FWIW

Try your own community. Join a black conservative organization [sic] or a church group or something. There is enough work on our end to awaken the white race as to its imminent peril so its every race for themselves.

Half of the problem with Black America is that they got totally kiked by the (((Civil Rights))) legislation. Black families got totally destroyed by the Welfare State and Democrat Plantation. Fatherless families and gibs have totally destroyed a lot of Black Communities.

It's interesting. What happened to black family unit was a more tragic example of what happened to white family unit.

In whites, the father also got replaced by the government welfare.
In blacks, you see the same happening but in an even more extreme form.
What happened with blacks, due to being more visible, can serve as a clear red flag warning for whites who think welfare will give them good society

Truly this welfare thing is good intentions paving way to hell.

Desegregation is what killed the black community more than anything else. They were well on their way to getting their shit together, with their own banks and businesses, etc. Then desegregation hit and suddenly they could rely on whites for everything again. And everything they had built during segregation quickly fell apart.

(Checked double dubs!)
If I were OP I would just focus on taking care of my own family and not worry about the rest of the degenerates. If you can live your own life properly you're doing more to fix the problem than most of the so-called leaders.

I appreciate it. I get that is idealistic, but I dont want to just give up and let shit burn when I could be helping

I'll be honest, I know nothing about how to participate in politics. I've done a lot of personal research into psychology, and I majored in math and comp sci. I don't know that going back to school for political science would be feasible. I'm 30 now. Should I just start reading shit forever?

Easy enough. I know where my principles lie, I'll still need to draft up a battle plan, though.

This goes without saying, though it would be hard to resist. My parents have become separatists in their old age so it's not like it's a taboo subject. I think a lot of blacks feel that way, but I might be wrong.

No it is about 85 which is only because of the miscgenation with coal burning whites that has occurred over the past couple of hundred years. The average African racial IQ is in the 70s.

As a result of this, you have to realize some blacks are simply too stupid to help. Expect that, and focus your efforts on the top 15-20% that actually are intelligent enough to see the logic and truth that the current situation.

The fact that the African American community is in such a pathetic social decline is almost entirely self inflicted and a result of their inferior genetic impulses, lack of self reflection and refusal to accept responsibility and consequences for their action.

Good, you have the evopsych down. Read around HBD as well not just for what each group offers but how groups have altered their phenotype through restricting particular behaviours e.g. preventing 1st cousin marriage. These changes take time and need to be rooted in a value system. Suggest you look at Marcus Garvey and the Rastafarian movements. Problem for US blacks is the cultural blender of slavery with leaves them without a traceable link back to a more stable heritage.

>Don't talk about segregation publicly for at least 10 years or so
Unless u mean black only spaces then its cool for some reason

This. Your most successful inspirational areas will be states like Botswana.


Black-only spaces is actually the true cure to the problems facing black society. They should be investing in their own infrastructure, from the ground up. They need to create their own banks, their own stores, their own schools. And they need to be self-sufficient. Until they can do that, then they'll continue being slaves.

If this was a realistic possibility then Africa wouldn't be in the state it's currently in. Not all niggers are completely retarded, but an overwhelming majority of them are. What happens to smart and productive negroes in Africa? They get killed and any progress they have made gets destroyed.

I've read a lot of stories of Europeans and Americans going to Africa and saying the same shit: Africans are inherently tribal and collectivist. Add a low IQ and r selected behaviors and you have the hot mess we have in literally every country/city/neighborhood that is populated by niggers.

No, fuck you. If you want to live in America than you need to bend to white American culture and value systems or you can GTFO. We both know you can't. So why are you pretending that trying again would be different? Fuck off with this shit idea.

Also, African Americans have already come up with their own value system and culture in America. You can see it in pic related. This is the best they could come up with. They have their own language (bix nood ebonics). Their own music. Their own way of dress. Their own ghetto hood culture. This is the best you can fucking do.

Btw, these magical negro leaders already exist: Bill Cosby, Thomas Sowell, Sleepy Negro. Niggers reject them. Again, I don't know why you would think next time would be any different. And if you want to see a pure and true "black" culture then look no further than Africa.

We don't want you. We don't need you. You as a race are a global net drain.

Wew. Alright. That's disheartening, but I think I've already accepted that any reasonable solution will have to be multi generational. Basically I want to get the ball rolling so that blacks can get the evolutionary crash course that they were denied in sub Sahara.

A lot of black churches have become pretty rotten. I have an uncle that was skimming off the Treasury and cheating on his wife in the sanctuary. Not a good situation at all. Blacks of all people need the church, I think, and its value is starting to fall apart.

Yes. Yes. Yes. That's what I was getting at. Blacks need to crawl out of the muck on their own, without any help. I'm more than willing to accept an enormous amount of deaths of blacks for this to happen. We won't get better until we realize how much of an existential threat our bad behavior has become.

I know man. I'm trying to figure out a way to communicate with black people so they aren't such a drain. I was raised with your values, and I turned out fine, but we both know that isn't the norm. I'm trying to figure out a sort of ideological slight of hand to get blacks to follow western value systems without calling them as such. Blacks will be more willing to adopt values that they think they came up with.

Maybe. I don't think so, but maybe I'm just being naive. But I have to try.

To be honest, I think you should just give up on this idea. You might be lucky enough to be fairly bright, and ended up with a uncommonly healthy environment and upbringing for a black. I can imagine your parents drilled into your mind the importance of staying informed and inspired self confidence in you. So your perspective isn't tainted with the enormous self-hatred and envy that an inner-city poor black would feel. There is nothing you could do to help them. To them, you're nearly as much an enemy as a white.You should instead focus on improving your own life and the lives of your family.

You don't need to have any political qualifications to be a politician at local or state level, it just helps. Then you gain a media profile and a following.

You could get a diploma in political science part time as you work. Most politicians don't move into politics until mid 30s - mid 40s. In the meantime just read as much as you can. You need to know your political history inside and out to truly understand how the present came to be and the obvious mistakes to avoid. Welfare is the devil and encourages laziness, apathy, followed by victimhood complex, drug and alcohol abuse, generational economic stratification and crime.

Niggers only respect strength/power, whether that is physical (the most obvious example), financial or political. In that order. That's why they hero worship athletes over doctors and politicians like Ben Carson, despite his good work and impeccable background.

So need to get buff and rich asap (black women will vote for you instantly), and then being a politician is icing on the cake for influencing your community. Hit the gym and make bank.

Believe me. I really want to. It would be so much easier to just work, live my life and invest time in my hobbies. I also don't have much of a stake in the outcome (don't plan on having kids, etc). But without trying to come off as too arrogant, I'm sitting pretty at an IQ of 145, with both parents, a good moral and intellectual foundation, and a good work ethic. I think their are others like me who don't do anything because they've given up. Maybe if just a few of us stood up and have a rallying cry to the others, we could overcome this tragedy of the commons.

I'll keep this in mind. I know power is a big thing, but also being fit and disciplined helps us think better (I'm certainly not above the siren call of r selected behavior) so I've been trying to work out and eat healthy, etc. I wasn't socialized to have the overbearing nigger personality, so that's gonna be a challenge for me to cultivate, but I need to do something to make up for my whitewashed upbringing.

You should be thanking any higher powers that be for your "whitewashed upbringing" (a.k.a civilized upbringing) you ungrateful shit.

Join an all-male community, e.g a boxing gym or mma gym etc. Violence plus all male atmosphere should bring out your testosterone and dominance/competitive instincts. I've seen it happen before many times.

I've been boxing for over 20 years. Every year new shy bullied kids come in and then within a few months they are permanently changed. Some even get in serious trouble for beating the shit out of the bullies.

Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not lamenting being raised properly, and I'm certainly not being ungrateful. I know how many bullets I've dodged based on pure accident of birth. It's just that it's difficult to get into a headspace where I can communicate with people who respect aggression more than reason. I'd be alright with doing mma, as I've heard that grappling work had a lot of utility (bjj etc), but I know nothing about it. Something worth considering, certainly.

Western values are an organic product of Europeans and European societies. African values we've seen produced over the last couple thousand years are limited to cannibalism, tribal genocides and jenkem. It's a sad state when even Arabs and poo-in-loos think your race is lower than dirt.
Hate to break it to ya, but you have no way out. You are trying to find a solution for a mentality. For something that is etched in racial psyche before one takes its first breath. Not even commies could break or change that, and they did not have morality as a limitation:ști_Prison
So, you are stuck. If I were you, I'd just leave for Botswana, buy a slice of land, establish a farm and try to raise a normal family. This piece of advice is as far as I care for you and your lost cause of a race.

How culturally enriching. But in all seriousness. I think we're just evolutionarily behind you guys. So I expect it to take forever. We have to go through all the winters you guys did. If we all have to sit in Africa and tread water until we're mature enough to sit at the grown up table, then so be it. I'm ok with that, but I don't know that is going to happen fast enough. I know you guys are pretty frustrated with us, as a race, especially considering all that you guys did to help. I'm sorry, man. I guess I could just grab land in Botswana…It just feels like running away to me.

Because its annoying

Nah. You speak only for yourself. Your race, as a collective, is content with itself does not want to improve. Much like an Arab does not want to stop fucking goats or an Indian does not want to poo in loo. So yeah, get a farm and enjoy the African sunsets. I heard they are quite striking.


Look man. You sound like a lost soul, with the world on your shoulders. To be frank, i think running somewhere secluded for some introspective would do you some justice. Develop it out of your own mind. No one here can do what you truly believe is best for your people.

Well the point is, we won't live as a race if we keep doing what we have been doing. We "need" to evolve properly if we expect to be taken seriously. Or survive. I know I'm an outlier, and can't help but think as such, but the fact of the matter is, Jews and guilty whites still give blacks food and money instead of condoms. And I've always been a problem solving sort of person. I simply can't tolerate such unproductive behavior. It would be nothing more than a passing curiosity if I were white. But I'm black, so I feel partially responsible. I'm sure I could easily buy a fuck ton of land out in Botswana. And I want to. But that seems like a bit of a blackpill(hurr) position to me.

I spent my twenties introspecting but you're right….indeed, I know it's a bit silly to ask a bunch of white dudes to help solve the nigger problem, but I suspect that a lot of reasonable blacks are similarly isolated. But, you're right, maybe I need to work this out further, and try to network with other intelligent blacks. I appreciate your patience nonetheless.

Truly unique, lel. Now here's the math: for every one of you, there are tens, if not hundreds of millions of braindead savages who only care about:
If you ask me, the world would be better off with you shooting them rather than educating them. Inspiring speeches and lofty ideals do not work on animals who only want to eat and fuck. Thousands of Christian missionaries had spent centuries trying to re-educate nogs and instill some values. Most were killed by their own students, who also raped their wives and children for good measure. In CAR, you have feral cannibals fighting in the name of Jesus against feral cannibals fighting in the name of Allah.
If you ask me, the only way to fix Africa is with lots and lots of bullets.

Ok but here's the thing though, it's too late. White people are too guilt ridden. It's not going to happen. Like I said, unless blacks do something serious, and they won't. I'm certainly not gonna do it (I'm trying to get into shooting in the case of shtf and I squint like a bitch even with 9mm. Pls no bully) and if I did, I'd try to shoot as many Jews as I could first frankly.

Well, that's pretty much the best thing you can do in such a situation. But look into Botswana as well.


Yes. I seriously will. My folks bought land in the south in a predominately black area, and while I understand and appreciate their intentions, I don't think they went far enough.

All that I want to do is talk about math, computers, game theory, and music theory with fellow nerds, but unfortunately I have a bratty younger sibling that is making a mess and KNOCKING OVER CLOTHING RACKS AT H&M WHILE ACTING LIKE A MONKEY (just watched this Jesus Christ help) so I feel compelled to nip this in the bud so I can get back to talking with adults about the subjects that interest me.

Just for the record, Incorrect usage of "their" is not an example dunning-kruger, particularly insofar as dunning-kruger is characterized by perceived expertise in a particular subject, not statements about objective scoring on general intelligence tests. I mean, obviously it's a typo, and I'm sure you know that, but if you want to accuse someone of dunning-kruger in the future, it's important to understand that the fallacy describes a subjective impression of capability within a particular field. Even if we were to assume that you were calling me out of my word choice, it's obviously a typo, not an ignorant person overestimating themselves-

Fuck. Errrr… I mean…. (you).

Fuck it. Niggers are a lost cause. Day of the rope when

Don't know if you're still watching the thread my dude, since it's on auto-sage, and I missed your post before, but I think blacks could benefit more from trades, and not spending money on college. I think we (other blacks) should support others that get into hands on work. Maybe blacks need to be moving equipment around, and working with their hands. Maybe we should stop trying to be as cerebral as whites and Asians, and carve out our own role. Have pride in it. We pivotally have a better affinity for physical activity. Why not play to our strengths? I'm just spitballing ideas here. Maybe we need to STRIVE to be cerebral to overcome our deficiencies, rather than becoming complacent in a role that we excel at.

Noted. Sorry I've missed so many of these. My internet is a travesty, so it takes me a while to respond.
Hemoglobin subunit delta? I don't know much about this. I'll try to push it up the priority list for reading.

Insofar as I'm not a social psychologist, I can only speak to my anecdotal experience, but breeding has never been an issue. A lot of it has been pushed from the top down by cultural icons.


All that I know is msm stereotypes, so I'll approach it with an open mind.

Err… For those that might still be watching the thread, dare I ask why it was put on auto sage? I thought it was a worthwhile discussion and not trollish. I'd like to know for next time.

Excuse the shitposting, I'm just going to brainstorm a bit. For the sake of this thought experiment, let's say the black/mulatto ethnostate, wherever it may be, is called Nogland. OP is their leader, regardless of how you would describe their politics or lack thereof. What if nogs in Nogland were raised into a religion where nogs that are stupid are actually demons that possess and kill people, playing on their natural superstition? Nogland then regularly purges the stupid from the population, witch hunt style. IQ tests are given, and each X generations (however many it takes) the cutoff for who is a demon increases, pushing the IQ higher. Other policies include killing jews on sight and the death penalty for those trying to cheat or help others cheat on the IQ tests, and death for animal cruelty or spreading disease. Subsidize smarter nigs to have more kids, but otherwise let them breed as normal. Maybe let people below the current average but not demon tier yet get sterilized for gibs.

How well or not would this work, no white people around to help with this, just OP, mulattos, and American nogs?

Read about 3 sentences, I already know your type.
The 'smart' negro.
You may be smart compared to your chimp neighbors, but remember that a smart negro is the average white, and that when you speak to an intelligent white, it's still painful for us. Even here, you didn't even use paragraphs, you literal fucking nigger.
You probably speak as if education has had an effect on you, but it's just super annoying. There's a 'smart' negro on Stefan's show once a month. Always sounds annoying.
You are probably just another negro who became aware of the predicament you are left in.
The answer is to go to Africa. Blacks who have benefited from centuries of miscegenation with whites can take their improved IQs back to Africa and become the rulers of that continent withing a generation or two, easy. Insofar as it is ruleable.
You'll need to know how to tame those hordes of niggers.

Don't try reason. Don't try emotions. Don't even try values. Niggers are animals. You must condition them. Train them. Operant conditioning. Then you can try to instill values on top of that to try to establish a self-regulation on the population.

I am not joking. An average IQ of 70 means a whole lot of people are below 70.

No pls
That's actually something that I want to meme in the black community. Being stupid is evil, and being evil is stupid. That's universal imo. I want to make this some sort of modern mythology.
Eh, see this is where we depart. While I agree with all of your principles, we can't use short cuts to come to this conclusion. I think blacks need to see every other option fail, and almost get them all killed, before they adopt the standards that you put forward.

Everything else is just a handout, even if it's intellectual. Subsidizing populations won't work for the same reason that I think black people can be saved. When faced with actual existential threats, they start working. But they won't learn anything. I really think that approaching the problem like educating a child is appropriate.

I like your thinking, but no.
Niggers will fuck it up.

Above 115 is where reason works.
115 to 85, you need religion, values.
Below 85, we have n o t h i n g.

I noted in my response that the only thing that will show any success on the whole is training and conditioning them like animals, because they are animals.

The US military tried for years to figure out some way to train or make useful people below IQ 83, but they ultimately just gave up. They concluded that there was just flat out nothing they could do to make someone with an IQ below 83 do anything that wasn't just totally counterproductive on the battlefield.

You can't give niggers religion as a tool and expect that to work as intended because that's a tool for white societies. You have to change your toolset to deal with a completely different problem.
If you try to have niggers kill the people you want, they will find a way to fuck it up and start killing people you absolutely didn't want to and do other worse, unpredictable effects. This is just how stupid people work. Trust me. Their ingenuity is boundless. A moron will always find an incredibly creative way to fuck up the simplest thing.

So we are in uncharted territory if we want to tame a sub-85 population. No one has ever done it before. But I would look into basic operant conditioning principles, and try to imagine systems that can apply that conditioning to entire populations.

I would talk to the Jews, who have experience conditioning populations now, and go from there; they certainly won't know how to do what you'll need to do

Yes. I fall under the "please like me white man" category. None of us are complicated, we're easy to understand if one pays attention.

Yeah yeah, I know. I'm an idiot compared to the intelligent white. But there's still a bunch of social problems in America that need to be solved. And whether we like it or not, extermination is not a viable solution at this time. I agree with you that we need to condition with animal psychology. Saying things like "you fucking nigger" might be cathartic, but that won't make the negro problem go away. Let's unpack this.

We can train dogs, and we can certainly can train people. Just because it seems difficult didn't mean it's impossible. They all follow the same behavioral principles.

Eh, religion worked for a while, even if it didn't work well, I think it might be helpful to think of them as a population more open to superstitious mythology. It's easy to construct. One simply needs to to invent gods that fulfill their needs while accomplishing high end goals.

These waters may be uninteresting for you, but I intend to sail forward even if I sink myself. What other value could I provide?

OP as a traditional musician you'll get a bit of sympathy from me for all of the top black musicians over the years. Truly the jews wreaked havoc on blacks by destroying quality music starting with the cultural marxists' promotion of Ornette Coleman and "free jazz" garbage in the 1950s and nowadays with gangsta rap. Educate the youth about Duke Ellington, Nat Cole, Charlie Parker, Earl Hines and show them some of the suit-wearing eloquent black musical masters of yesteryear.

Yes, welfare has had a massively dysgenic effect over the past few generations, for all races, but especially for blacks. The natural consequences of reckless breeding have been removed, and now the few intelligent blacks are vastly outnumbered by tribal savages. This ratio will only get worse until the welfare system becomes totally unaffordable and collapses and the natural order can be restored.

This sort of creativity is why I browse pol. This would make a great movie.

What do you play? I'm a piano-fag that basically worshipped Bach. While I think most balanced people know that free jazz is bad, my phone died the other day in the car, and I listened to the radio…..That's what niggers are at? Autotune trap foolishness? I don't see how it follows. It just seems like a degenerate, hedonistic non sequitur to me…but maybe I'm not thinking about it too much so as to keep myself sane.

I'm a woodwind player, but competent on the ivories. Another one was Dexter Gordon, a real aristocrat, and son of a doctor.

Yes, the state of radio has reached a point now where it is totally surreal to the uninitiated, but it is exactly where nogs are at. Even rock and pop "musicians" are now being left out in the cold, which I find somewhat amusing.

All that was for the 70avg population of Africa, which was the first step of my suggestion.

It sounds like you're not receptive to that. Understandable, though it just draws the day of rope nearer.

America, we're dealing with an 85avg population.
Any previous success? A little; even when relations were at their best, we fucking hated each other.
The fact that it's America rules out proper conditioning strategies, too.

The key will be to leverage the portion of the population above 85 on the portion below.
I think we're gonna need a very strong church. I can't think of anything else. That's the only thing the 85-115 half is good at.
A strong church is a largely unopposed church. It needs culture & media on its side. It can't be fighting against those.
Culture needs to become tired of not having the church and realize church was the answer the whole time. We'll let you know if we figure this out.
Black media needs the Jew components replaced with white components. I'd like to turn it over completely, but it's probably a bad idea. We'll help using the tricks the Jews taught us. Then the first baby step will be just to start rekindling a relationship with the church.
The church itself needs to be solidly founded on the concept of the father in the family unit. This is the most critical component. The father is back, and very simple concepts to show the direction: what good father looks like, what bad father looks like, the rewards in it for the father.

That would eventually bring it back to a low flame of hatred between us, which is probably the best we can hope for. I can't realistically imagine a better situation.

Of course, that's all wishful thinking.
Culture and media are soundly under Jewish control, the black church is corrupt and directionless, and there is no possible way to reconstruct the family unit or rescue the father.
Whites are currently caught in the same struggle, regaining the family unit, and we're quite busy with it, so we haven't the time to help the negroes, who every day are looking more and more like their feral cousins in Africa.

A good rule of thumb for us has been to look at the state of the black community to see our future in 20 years.
All indications are that there is absolutely nothing you can do and the community will dissolve into total non-civilization, warring with whites as a perceived enemy the whole way.

As for what you can do? All you can do is look for the top blacks. You could try using things like extracultural music and whatnot that the average black will have no interest in as a bait to fish them out. But it's too late for the rest.

I think to rationalize the nigger's fate is a waste.
They are always complaining, always asking, always oppressed, never ever what they get from Whites is enough.
If they are not happy, why they are still here?
Oh, wait! It is because they positively know that they need whitey to get their free milk.
And we already have enough of this forced integration with them.
Reality mandates we must be separated, niggers belong to Africa.

You poor, poor sweet summer child

Ok..I have to be seriously honest man, I never listen to the radio, and I think it needs to stay that way. I know that's small minded of me, but I can't fight them on every front. I use music as a bit of a crutch, and I'm certainly not perfect. I think people like me need to pick their battles (I'd still fuck you up in a piano battle though fite me)

I really enjoy this discussion, to be honest. Let's get to it.

I think I just misunderstood you. Also I have no idea what I'm gonna say when that day comes. God that's gonna be awkward.

I…disagree. I think our collective cultural history will definitely make it more difficult. That's why they're focusing on ruining Europe first right? America is farther down the rabbit hole.

Yes. Obviously that's been corrupted already. It's going to be non trivial to save it.

No offense, but blacks need to stop waiting on you guys. We need to succeed or fail on our own terms.
Yeah. No. Imo. It's important that blacks figure all this out on their own. Even if it's obvious.

I know. I know, man. And none of it is on you. It's on us. That's why I'm trying to express my gratitude. And I'm trying to learn more. I don't even know if I'm going to win at this, but if we don't try, none of us will crawl out of the muck .

That's the real thing that I'm shying away from. That's really challenging for me. I'm not one of them. It's frightening. I don't understand how to interact with them.

rounding up nogs into relocation camps and then forgetting to feed them would be pretty easy

Find other blacks that count as people, for a respectful black nationalism focused in Africa. This will mostly be mongrels like you and the rare top-tier pure negros. Less than a third of negroes are people. The bottom third, kaffirs, ghouls, true niggers - compare unfavorably to all other apes, avoid them at all costs unless you are a savage too.

Yes, the boat ride is not free for the responsible tax payer, but it would be free to the nigger, because it will be financed with money formerly devoted to the gibs budget.
In the long run it pays for itself ad infinitum.

user, that's ignoring the nigger's question.
Or are you just trying to save him the effort since he'll die in a race war anyhow?
He's looking for realistic discussion of racial segregation. That's our goal too, it may as well be discussed here.

I've been trying to red pill my family about the memo, but they keep watching the fucking msm and repeating shit like it's fact. I had this same problem with them and the whole Antifa thing too. But weirdly when I offhandedly mentioned overwhelming representation of Jews in the media, my mom was like "Oh, of course. They've always been like that." Very strange. I don't know how many middle class niggers think this way, but I suspect there are quite a few.

Noted. A lot of the blacks around here are working class, but they don't seem welfare level, so there may be hope yet.

And how many do you think would go willingly? How many would end up just getting gunned down while they launch themselves at an armed a trained military force, like retards? That's why I said extermination would be more feasible.

Don't get me wrong, I fully intend to do that myself. I don't plan on having kids, at most I may adopt and try to prevent some niglet from becoming a criminal. I also plan on becoming mostly self sufficient so I don't have to give the bergs money at all. Just one person against a wave of manipulated masses isn't a long term solution, though.