Why is this board so anti-fun? Do you think any thread there matters or what? Why do you take yourselves so seriously?

Why is this board so anti-fun? Do you think any thread there matters or what? Why do you take yourselves so seriously?

Because you're 14.

Why dont you follow original pol philosophy that the only way how to tell truth is to make joke out of it?

Go back to 4shit

whan an uncreative unfunny response. Almost retard tier.

Are you telling me that deportation webms aren't fun for you? Not even when they play "Ice ice baby" over them?
What is fun for you?

Eat shit, nigger. This isn't reddit.

I'll tell you why OP, look at the current state of 4/pol/, no I'm serious go open the catalog and look at how low the quality is. The mods don't do shit to keep it a good board they let the shills post as much as they want and LE EPIC BANTZZZZ XD is everywhere. I can't wait to hert about A FUCKING LEAF for the 100th time it's so funny guys! I love posting on a board that constantly derails and you can't have a good discussion on it ever

I have already seen them. In fact they get posted trillons of times and they are the same.

We left, time for you to do the same.
Here I translated it to reddit for you.


As opposed to your thread which has genuine heart and soul poured into it right?

Do you even want to deport illegals?


Hey guys OP here, I would much rather have people scream unfunny forced memes at me then actually having a decent discussion and getting shit done, I'm mentally a teenager who is only here for le epic bantz and memes

Survival of the funniest.

I laught every time someone responds to me

Im not from America so this doesnt bothers me. If you start deporting gypsies from my Country i will find it hilarious.


If this place is so boring why do you feel the need to post here?

I actually want forced memes. They are funny becasue i am mentally teenager. Isnt that your aim? Redpill young people?

It's just suggestion how to imporve this board.

Being funny is important when you're spreading memes, what I'm saying is that 4chan is ALL just shitposting and "banter", 90% of the posts are pointless. Here on 8/pol/ we actually have good threads where you can talk about things without a 12 year old screaming about poo in the loo or amerilards

Why would we take suggestions from outsiders?

Heh old timer that's why you will never be cool. *puts glasses on*

Nice my man

>there's literally a >>>/fun/ board

So is shitposting on Holla Forums getting old for you?

tv will never be boring. There's just right amout of reddit and pol to spice threads up.

The real question is why hasn't this thread been deleted yet.


Becasue this thread is hot shit right now. Mod is afraid to delete this i am generating millons of dollars right now just by posting there.

What is stopping you from starting your own board?

Your thread is pretty boring itself OP.

Kill yourself, nigger.

I have life and Holla Forums is already taken.

Is it?

Sure last extinguido

4/pol/ is a non-stop cancerous shitfest and 8/pol/ is serious business. I left 4/pol/ because I saw one too many "whitey jealous of the bbc" threads.

What diseased kike would throw away that kinda money on your ass?

Okay guys im leaving this thread to go to more fun place than this board. Have fun talking to each others while you are getting bored to death.

>>>Holla Forums
Go have fun there niggerfaggot

leftypol is about the same fun-o-meter as this place

Kill yourself, nigger.

We're not anti-fun. We're anti-hedonist, anti-consumerist, and anti-degenerate.



Kill yourself, nigger.

My question is why they feel it necessary to ban actual anons and let the shills shit up the board unhindered.

Link to thread in where I was banned.
Looks like they got rid of the faggot that was calling anons in every thread cia as well. The context was someone saying, "oy, don't go to gab." to which I responded, "yea you incels just stay in your hugbox." It was sarcasm and my earlier posts and the ones after showed that. Fucking mods are retards.

Becasue everyone here are absoultely paranoid unfun fags. Everyone here literally suffer from some kind of mental illnes where they think they are part of something bigger yet all they do is read unfun threads which indeed provide informations but what will they do? Sit next 14 hours behind screen playing videogames and masturbating?