Israel accuses Poland of trying to deny the Holocaust

Fury in Israel as Poland proposes ban on referring to Nazi death camps as 'Polish'
28 January 2018 • 1:28pm

Israel has also summoned its Polish envoy to show its displeasure with the proposals, which could see those who blame Poles for Nazi war crimes fined or even jailed.


There were two other threads >>11198197 ,but since both OPs were fags they died despite it being kind of big. It will probably make Poles hate the Jews even more, especially if current kosher government cucks out.

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Remember the left will always project

Really wish Jews would stop behaving like bitter ex-girlfriends and just pack their shit up and move out. That or stop complaining about everything other people are doing in their own private space.

They are worse than stalkers and that weird busy body neighbor that some people have that will set an IR scope to watch you in your house.

So is this them trolling kikes or is it a genuine proposal? Because if it is, fuck em. Fining/jailing/penalizing people for thoughts or speech like this is what Jews do.

Someone should bring up the time Bibi said Hitler wasn't going to kill any jews until he was told to by a mudslime.

kike spotted

They think they own you and are doing everything in their power to ensure that in the future they will literally own you.

You mean like how the Jews project that whites are inbred?

Get accused of holohoaxing kikes.

Really makes you think.
I bet the Germans really did holohoax jews and poles, though, for sure.
That's why they blitzed the country and never even did night air raids.
Because they wanted to be as cruel to Poland as possible.




Keep it up, Jews. You're turning all the people who helped and supported you against you with your backstabbing and deceit, one person at a time.

>(((Kaczyński))) trusted a kike

Get a load of this goy!


It's a lot harder for useful idiots to defend their masters when there's a knife in their back.


You can hate them for seeding communism globally and making the world a worse place, but IQ is IQ


Positively brilliant takedown. Must be that high, non-jewish IQ.
We use IQ against blacks but turn our noses at it with the jews. Are the tests wrong? If so, are they only wrong as they pertain to jews?

Reported. You had your chance.

Report all day, but if we're using jewish reports on IQ for blacks but dismissing them for jews, that doesn't seem consistent.
Tell me what I'm not getting here

But did poles have a friendly competition with Third Reich over who builds bigger, better (((death camps))) with higher death toll that would warrant the "polish death camp" phrase?
I guess that concept is incredibly hard to grasp when everyone is an ebil andizemid and you're the chosen™ people who can do no wrong.

If there were "Polish Death Camps" he should name them and point at a map

You know, we can push this further.

If we deny Germany was responsible for the Holocaust, and that it was the Nazi's fault, we separate the ideas. No one can blame Germany.

Boom, Germany was not involved in the Holocaust. Only the ebil nadzees. We can do this for everyone and everything. Use a label (nazis) for a group (germany), attach all the bad things to the label (nazis), and the group gets away scot free (germany). r8 plan.


We don't need IQ tests to classify niggers as animals, their behavior is adequate


Congratualtions moshe, you're only few decades late, because that's what already happened and now the Poland is the ebil gnatzee with briliant fiction writers like Jan Tomasz Gross saying quarter of population were nazis, and only in november 60 thousand gnatzees were found in Warsaw on a March celebrating independence.

Reported. Jews do not have high IQ.

There were no polish death camps but if they insist so much.. we have a lot of time in future. But why kikes try to interfere with our low and enforce their fake history? Oh I forgot, that's jews….

I was that one Polish guy in the first thread, telling you the massive amount of red pill this gives out.
Really, this is indeed a backstab, one could say Poland was Israel's greatest ally, but this, wow.
And this law isn't even denying the holocaust, but just reinforcing their narrative, that German did all of this. But no, Poland did it…
I would love to tell them, if they keep doing what they do, in 5-10 years they will see the polish
holocaust they wanted so much.

Congrats, you just found something out, the Polish suspect the Germans of doing since over 50 years.

Anyway, it seems like jews are indeed parasitic and want to destroy their host nation. They certainly didn't make friends with Poles, after abandoning us in WW2 and afterwards and now backstabbing.
But well, you know what to do Anons, use this opportunity to red pill people about jews. You need to know, that Poland was THE country for jews and there had only been very rare instances of "muh anti-semitism". Now the jews want to rewrite history, honestly, fine by me, if they wished to had been gassed by poles their wish will become reality in a few years.
Anyway, massive red pill potential here, use this to dispense them

So I've been observing normalfags reaction to this shitstorm, and everyone is angry, angry about jews. For example biggest polish website for normies which is a reddit/digg clone, has been flooded for the last two days with information regarding jews selling out other jews during WW2, jews in NKVD, jews behind bolshevism and so on.

Pic related is the most upboated meme at the moment, with 1700 uboats and counting.

As points out massive redpill potential on jewish subversion/backstabbing.

Polish/jewish relations:

Even though poles were ebul supernazis (yes, even worse than the german) the majority of jews seeked refugee in Poland and poles were considered good goyim for most of the last 500 years… That's some masterful jewish doublethink for you.

By the jews own logic Isreal should pay 6 bajzilliard dollarydoos to poland every day for being best goyim, but we all know they would rather clear their hidden WMD stock in Tel Aviv…

Side with Russia already Poland…

Poorland must defend the holocaust existing or their economy would collapse. They've allied with juden so that every citizen collects royalty fees from Auschwitz and Triblingbling camps.

They know it didn't happen but it's a subtle fuck you to germony.

Pick one.
If they had 2 digit IQ they wouldn't be winning the war right now.

If the Holojew happened you'd be in it.

Kill yourself, yid.

I thought we were against Poland siding with Jews.

How's the war with New Zealand going?

Russia is partially ZOGed, yes, but let us not pretend that the current EU/US/Isreal dicksucking in turns is going to be good for them in the long run.
The restarted "cold war" with Putin and Russia not looking like Ukraine, means something went wrong according to kike protocols.
Might be wrong here i don't know.

My point is: Poland needs to take a risk if they don't want to be thrown under the bus.

Plato never said that.

Nononono he certainly did! ;^)

The jew IQ meme is based on one shitty compilation by a jew using very few selected jews you retarded fucking newnigger subhuman

going with russia is the definition of throwing yourself under the bus you uneducated weakminded fool

Is this what 16 billion dollars spent on shilling online looks like?

The only options for Poland are to either develop nuclear weapons as a deterrent and proof of independence or become switzerland 2 where you're jewish-neutral and nobody dares to threaten you because you have all of their money
Neither US nor Russia will help them, end certainly not Weimar Union which fucks up the economy and braindrains specialists (as per the mitteleuropa plan from over a century ago) who will obviously go earn quintuple amounts for the same work

Polan cant into space
Polan can into fourth reich

the kvetching in (((((((((Polish mainstream media, all jew owned)))))))) is fucking hilarious

Keep on dreaming, we also learned from history what we get from helping Russians. What is far more likely is us allying with the right-wing parties in west europe… Although they are too ignorant of us and instead prefer to support Russia… That's why there is a divide in pretty much every way.

But yes I agree, although what Poland is often called is "Polonia" not "Polania". Regardless, this is a very simple red pill yet an extremely effective one, because why would the jew backstab a long-term historical friend?(the question which needs to be asked to them if they dont already ask that themselves)

You ally with Russia, you pretty much do a national suicide. That's how it always works with them, their pride is far too much to handle for themselves.
The only way out of this I see, is building up a strong army as well as developing nuclear weapons in Poland, along with ICBMs(should they be ever needed). Currently though, it would be extremely stupid to not stay low by trying to gather as much support from the US as possible.

Guys, you should be astonished by what is happening in Poland! Our government and the public media are straight up laughing at the jews and their Holocaust story! One of our reporters said on live TV that you could easily say that it was "Jewish Death Camps" because jews were killed. I know that it's still a long way to go to officialy denying the holohoax happened, but you should read the comments on all private networks and newspapers, which, until now, were on the side of "israel-polish alliance", but now are siding with the jews. And the people are furious! It's all coming out of them, the whole truth! People are discussing everywhere, on every forum, on every video how their older relatives always told them that jews were lying thieves! All the boiling anti-semitism, until now being held by the holohoax myth, has been set free. People are telling how they actually feel deep inside about the jews. They all hate them! And, in a matter of days, it became common knowledge how jews run america, how they run world finance, how they are starting wars ine the middle-east. You should see it for yourself, it's beautiful, it's like Holla Forumsand stopped being a meme and is now real life. The memes, jack, the memes! I'm so ecstatic, i'ts like everyone you know in real life started being an user in a matter of days. All are complaining about how jews always lie and cheat, and how they run the world and start wars. Oh, merry day! The people are furious about the corrupt politicians and media, they want to hang them on their streets. The cards have been flipped, now everyone knows who's bought and who isn't. Come, to Holla Forumsand, Holla Forums, let's start the world-wide Pogrom!

This is a smart step to oppose the legally enforced Holocaust narrative in any country. Twist it to your own ends to exonerate your own people. It de-fangs the narrative, and becomes as irrelevant as any other genocide.

This. I didn't expect my people to start calling out kikes so soon.

There was no genocide.

I am one of those people, parents always talked about how the jews abandoned us after WW2, simply leaving our country and leaving us in the hands of communism.
Well, this time they really fucked up

poland is fucking gay. jews think the holycost is all about them, the poles think it is all about themselves. it's just another victim competition.

Here you go, you fucking newfag. This woman died because of people like you.


Never forget Polish Death camps!
It's funny because the poles always cry about being victims

Are you just ironically copying Israel's and (((German))) stance on the matter?
wow, based!

I wish they did. Most of kikes who left emigrated to USA and Izrael. Those that left to Israel were zionist kikes. Government was full of jews in high positions up to 1968. Of course not all were kicked out. But in 1989 Jaruzelski sold us to Rockefeller and until then we are under full ZOG control.

You either protect the great lie or let it go. There is no middle ground.

They were the hands of communism lol

They already struck the holohoax from their school books. That's like if a primary witness retracted their testimony from a decades old case.

Fuck off Jew, don't think we don't remember how you got porn declared free speech

Well obviously he didn't speak English.

Why do you trying to deny the Holocaust when this is illegal?

Poles are not arguing against the h0locaust. They made questioning it a crime.

Poles are trying to jump on, are already on the hol0caust train. “Poles are victims of the Nazis too!” They are trying the same stunts as the jews, “don’t question our narrative or we put you in jail”.

Poles are just forgetting one thing…
Quod licet Iovi non licet bovi
The shabos goy is not supposed to compete with their jewish overlords.
This is not a general anti-semitic move by the Poles, but a struggle of who is the biggest victim. The Poles view themselves, among their loot, stolen property, as the biggest victims of all of them. The jews try to put them into their place.

Jews absolutely HATE Poles for knowing how to deal with them.

That's not-USA for you. What we know as SJ tactics is everyday culture in Europe and Asia and pretty much every other place. Everything they do is based on a single opinion and everyone has to go along.

I hope you have a place for Polish-Americans.