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The issue now is what do we do with them

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what exactly am I clicking on here?

So I decided to save up for a WASR-10. What do y'all think the chances are of a big price drop? 4/k/ seems to be convinced Trump will lift the import ban, but I honestly doubt it. He's just as much working for domestic arms manufacturers as the Democrats.

a torrent files with a bunch of pdfs

and what do they contain?

I'm guessing military manuals, gun information, and some guides of questionable legality.

Guess I will post this. I don't think it's a good idea to buy an SKS in the US right now. Looking at prices and talking to 4/k/ it seems like decent AKs and ARs sell at better values. All the prices are way off and make me wish I had decided to save for a gun a couple years ago rather than now. Don't take my word for it. I'd consider myself a newb though I own a couple hunting guns.

Nice, I have to read this with time

This pic is okay except that if you're in the U.S. 5.56 and 7.62 NATO are the only viable options for ammo. Anything else would run out extremely quickly.

In an armed conflict, sure. For hobby/sport usage the Russian ammo seems to be pretty cheap. Also the Russian military stated they would aid any rebels in an American civil war so that would probably result in Russian ammo being plentiful. They probably wouldn't help legit commies though.

Whatever the case you're right you should get something that uses American ammo if you're buying for armed struggle.

This is really interesting but what percentage of leftists in the US have any interest forming a militia? For the most part the left here aren't really into guerrilla warfare to be honest, even the more hardcore anarchists.

I'm a burger and would totally be up for forming a lefty militia but that might be because i'm a southerner though

Bruh, I was browsing gore threads on Holla Forums long before you discovered 4chan. A little gore isn't going to bug me or most anyone here.

I'd like to as well even though I've never held a gun but idk if I'm in the right part of the country, you'd need somewhere with loose gun restrictions and a strong left-wing tradition. I guess Vermont or maybe New Mexico.

NPAPs are better than WASRs, and they were about the same price last time I looked.
building an AR-15 though is probably an all around better gun at a similar price point. you should think of an AKM as basically filling the role of a submachine gun.

I don't know about other leftists, but I'm personally not big on the idea. Seems like it would be painting a big target on my back. Would rather do an informal shooting range meet up and hiking trips. So, militia, but totally informal I guess…

If you folks are in Kentucky, I can set you up. experience with guns and socialist organizing.
Otherwise, check out Redneck Revolt. They're an anarchist-consensus organization, but ideologically non-alligned, welcoming of MLs and Democrats.

Nah southwest georgia here

I will look at the NPAPs. The WASR-10s I've been looking at are less than $700. Was originally just going to go for an AR, but the prices weren't as good. I don't know about building one since I have no experience with that and no one to ask for help.

I think redneck revolt has a chapter in west Georgia somewhere.

Really? I will definitely check them out

I'm pretty sure the first rule of the Militia is you don't talk about the Militia.


Have you built a computer before? nvm, have you built with legos before? it's that easy. just buy the parts and slap them together. read some guides online that will tell you what parts you need.

Might see you there some time. Going to be around east Alabama all December.

I've built computers and legos so I guess I will give that a try. Just the thought of trying to shoot the thing and injuring myself or damaging something cause I fucked up will keep me anxious.

Can't you just compile all your books/files in a single torrent so I don't have to wait for you to post them? call it "leftypol library" or something like that.

Yea sure if I can figure out how to get in contact with the local group if there is one.

After contacting them they have groups in tampa and atlanta so it looks like a no go unless I could find enough people near me to start one.

That sucks. Atlanta is a bit too far for me too. Might just go for a visit when I have time.

great material in this thread



Which countries are most likely to have semi-successful left-wing insurgencies? Besides Rojas ofc


WASRs are $400 guns at best. If you pay more than that you're getting bent over and fucked. Just get a fucking AR if you're spending that much.

Yeah, just going to save to build an AR. I doubt prices will go down to reasonable levels for imports.

I've said the same thing. Ché Guevara said to always use weapons that chamber the most common rounds used by the enemy. That advice still applies today. You can't rely on imports or foreign military aid when the class war turns hot.

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Wonder what the percent of gun ownership is here.

On leftypol? Probably pretty low, if only because I suspect most of the users here are high school or college students who have no reason to own a gun (unless their fathers own any I guess).

plus non-americans. i would own dozens of guns if i could

u should try to create ur own private security firm, that way you might get the permit

doesn't work like that i'm afraid

Do you live in a cucked shithole that outright bans the ownership of guns, or do you just have a lot of unreasonable hoops you need to jump through?

you should check ur gun laws, remember we are living under global capitalism, money set the rules

cucked shithole, aka austfailia. the laws can be summed up thus: you're not allowed to have guns unless we say so, and they may only be guns we approve of

and it's not just guns. knives or any edged weapons are forbidden. even blunt weapons like batons may be obtained only by "security professionals." if you're a person like me, it's hell

Sorry to hear it, friend. I hope you at least live far from the more dangerous urban areas.

it's pretty safe. but that's part of the problem.

check the laws regarding private security firms

have you checked them?

well no since I am not from straya, but as far as I am aware most countries have different legislations towards private security firms

the very idea that i should have to form a private business in order to purchase a firearm is an affront to decency and logic

let's make a world-wide, private militia that defends the working class

hey i'm with stirner. if i had the power to obtain guns i would enact my will to do so. i don't care about spooks like laws or government. i just care about their ability to oppress and harm me

I know you guys can own specific guns in Australia, but that there's a variety of ways they can disqualify you for "mental health" or legal reasons, and that maintaining a gun club membership can be prohibitively expensive.

I hope one day you're able to experience the joys of gun ownership, ausfriend.

so do i nigga

Guys really.
Nobody has downloaded the books in the OP, right?

o i m laffin

No. Money don't set rules. It's capitalist lie. If "your" money don fit the rules - govt seize it.

Money is a tool for ruling, not source.


why shouldn't you?

Wel, tpb link is actually a torrent to an even larger torrent, i tried dling it but the metadata won't load.

Lel, I just read a book about the official US view concerning the Soviet participation in the war.
It talks about the US's reliance on German viewpoints on the subject along with the lack of translated Russian works on the subject.

The dominant role of German source materials in shaping American perceptions of the war on the
Eastern Front and the negative perception of Soviet source materials have had an indelible impact on
the American image of war on the Eastern Front. What has resulted in a series of gross judgments
treated as truths regarding operations in the East and Soviet (Red) Army combat performance. The
gross judgments appear repeatedly in textbooks and all types of historical works, and they are
persistent in the extreme. Each lies someplace between the realm of myth and reality. In summary, a
few of these judgments are as follows:
- Weather repeatedly frustrated the fulfillment of German operational aims.
- Soviet forces throughout the war in virtually every operation possessed significant or overwhelming
numerical superiority.
- Soviet manpower resources were inexhaustible, hence the Soviets continually ignored human losses.
- Soviet strategic and high level operational leadership was superb. However, lower level leadership
(corps and below) was uniformly dismal.
- Soviet planning was rigid, and the execution of plans at every level was inflexible and
- Wherever possible, the Soviets relied for success on mass rather than maneuver. Envelopment
operations were avoided whenever possible.
- The Soviets operated in two echelons, never cross attached units, and attacked along straight axes.
- Lend lease was critical for Soviet victory. Without it collapse might have ensured.
- Hitler was the cause of virtually all German defeats. Army expertise produced earlier victories (a
variation of the post World War I stab in the back. legend).
- The stereotypical Soviet soldier was capable of enduring great suffering and hardship, fatalistic,
dogged in defense (in particular in bridgeheads), a master of infiltration and night fighting, but
inflexible, unimaginative, emotional and prone to panic in the face of uncertainty.
A majority of Americans probably accept these judgments as realities . In doing so they display a
warped impression of the war which belittles the role played by the Red Army. As a consequence,
they have a lower than justified appreciation for the Red Army as a fighting force, a tendency which
extends, as well, to the postwar Soviet Army. Until the American public (and historians) perception of
Soviet source material changes, this overall perception of the war in the East and the Soviet (Red)
Army is likely to persist



There's some overall truth to that assessment. Stalin's purges of the Red Army could have easily proven disasterous if not for the gargantuan effort undertaken by the Soviet soldiers and workers to overcome them.

I question the importance however of the lend-lease program however. While it certainly helped, Soviet industrial power even by 1940, and even after the losses of '41, was more than a match for Germany's.

The only thing that's missing that should be there, is the actions of the Japanese. If Japan had decided to invade Siberia and the Dutch East Indies in response to the oil embargo instead of attacking American colonies, isolationist sentiment in America would have likely precluded war, or at least delayed it for several more years. Meanwhile, the Red Army would be fighting a two-front war, something that had never happened in Russian military history. Stalin's ability to protect Soviet industry by moving it into the interior would have been severely undermined. That would have thrown the entire outcome of the war into doubt.

It has always been stalled at 96.04% for me, and I have that torrent going for a few months now.
Best thing you just look up the missing parts yourself, and see if you really want/need them.
(You might be able to add it to the thing if you know how to copypaste)

with 95% you can atleast open some of the books


try talking about something