God is dead

God is dead

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Wish it was more than god who was dead


Hail lord Satan

Life is dead.

she was chubby and had gross tits
im not a virgin, but i regret it

Too forever and a half
Broke ass 8ch
*kisses you and slaps your ass* Have a good night




Mod is dead

the lightning fast retreat of a sand dollar upon encountering a human threat

skynet.play: eric fucking legend;


I can only get away with taking so many per night lol

Ooh... Hmm. Dunno then. Might have been when I rekt everyone on my list lol

catching those and racing them could be really exciting, especially if you were drunk

What a boring day
however to pass the time
wish things would take off here a bit
thread is so slow and without many topics of conversation to jump in on

Anyone wanna talk about their day
or play chess?

My mental image of you is ruined.
You are no longer a super badass.
You should have just said yes.

who left

I'm left

Just get a tub of frozen/refrigerated cookie dough and eat it from the tub.

ur right u are


hi mayaka

not sure how to react to that
how old were you

nobody cares

Hahaha probably
No worries tho I've done that a few times

I will kill someone twice if they mess with my sleep
I'm all about next level sleeping


Maybe I'll like that now though, who knows.

I know I'm a machine when it comes to eating pickles now.

ohayou grimmu
do u have overwatch
i wanna play
i only play mercy





I do not have it
I'd love to play with you though

thats a pretty big unwritten rule
If you say you're leaving then leave
There are too many creepers here and tehy arent given the shit they deserve
fuckign weirdos

puta -,-

a sand dollar would be the worst guy to have left at your house after a party

"can you leave now please"


nobody cares

you dont like cookie dough?

Shame there aren't any good posters posting


Sometimes it just needs to be done~


Kosher Dill Spears and whatever the fuck kind we have at work.

it was last year

you don't like cookie though

Heaven forbid anybody try to put any quality into their posting
lord knows you don't

You say that, but you don't even sleep on a bed of nails.
How can I ever believe in your badassery again?

Cooki though

Get the "sour" pickles.

madre dios

This is a particularly bad thread but it's just begun
maybe it will pick up

I lost my virginity at 14 to a fucking nymphomaniac

would cut class to spend time with her

so bad

but i do


you two should get along great

Going to have to punish you now tho!
Doing anything special this weekend?

I play with acid so it destroys all the nails


im twenty

b nice


thats still hot
you wanna get illegaly wasted w/me?

i dont drink

that sounds fun
how old was she?
Mine was 17.


Fair point.


It was bad for me


sho ga nai :(


I was 15, she was 16 and let me wear her dress ;3

Nope. I still don't really do anything.

I should probably go visit my pops at some point since I'm working all day tomorrow, but that would require me to go back to boy mode since my little sister said DONT MAKE THIS WEEKEND AbouT YOU, THIS IS HIS WEEKEND

I'm like, k


Eh? Why's that? Did she do it too much?

I was 16.
She was 15.
I let her wear my dress.

hence the nymphomania


Thats so fucking cute my god


She wasn't a Canada

that sucks dude, was she your girlfriend or somethin, or did she just kinda pick you and you were like "alright"

Drat. I tried.

u guys are freakin gay desu

Which part?


I miss her so much sometimes but then I remember she was a fucking psycho.

she was my gf nigga
shed buy me mad shit

Way to make it lewd, weirdo.

femdom is truly the best


:( stahps

ey grim i'll buy you a gyro if you let my touch your nips pretty boi

that's kinda cool i guess
but how much is too much dude
cause i can't see a downside to that

yes, 100%

Reminds me of my first time.
Except I don't miss her ever.

After we broke up she tried to make my friends hate me.
And failed drastically.

Girls who like guys who like crossdressing are cute

he's fuckin bengali man that doesnt even make sense

u think hes a fuckin greeky boy who has debns to pay?

What am I doing now?

Wish I could get a girl like that
I don't have any friends she could make hate me :v ]

Do you have to make everything about cringey fucking ancestry nationalism Wikipedia bullshit.

Isn't the implication of that that you want a girl that forces you to crossdress?
What happened to you?
When did you get so gay?

Oh, we ended up getting back together for another stint and it was really weird.

You'd blush so hard at the text convo I've been having for the past 2 hours then lol

He gets gyros like twice a week for lunch and blogs about it though.



it was equal equal
well she liked to ride me a lot so idk


too much is like
3x a day
when you're a fucking snotnosed teenager

too much is having your first kiss be a french kiss

too much is having your dick groped in the train every other day you're with here

thats too much

I'm Indian..

You should really just go on a date again.

Kinda wanna fight the agents of fascism with loco-chan

I grew out of my crossdressing phase I'm more
into CDs if you feel me

we can go equal equal too

i give you wads of cash

you give me wads

I'm trying to get myself an invite over to her place because she's currently making like 7000 vodka gummy bears lol

She's so fucking adorable with her "laboratory" set up omg

and ur a bengal aren't u?

im using archaic as FUCK terms but i forget what they're called nowadays

bangladeshi indian?

You're in bumfuck, nowhere though.
You'll just have to settle for whatever woman doesn't already have kids and hasn't lost all of her teeth to hard drug use.


aw that sounds like too much yeah

yup thats fucked

give me that though, being molested would turn me on to no end

I'm punjabi dude

Literally nobody

Isn't bengals still apart of India? I forget what went where when Pakistan and Bangladesh split from true subcontinent

Is that the one that still makes you the "girl" or the one where it's mostly normal except you're in a dress?

role reversal is cute slutboi

now call me daddy

I'd ship Grim x Loco.



The most recent one. The cute redhead that cosplayed as Link for Halloween.

my old olld best friend back in highschool had a party one time wit vodka gummy bears
they are tha muthafuckin SHIT

i thought u were bengali for some reason

they live in bangladesh and the areas around it
which is called bengal

bangladesh and pakistan used to be the same country but bangladesh fought a war of independence cus fuck pakis

Oh right.
Have fun with that.

I made Rum cherries once, but that's about it :3

Oh, and skittles vodka, but that's just overdone.

I read that in a tone that made you seem jealous and got a giggle.

kill me

Vodka gummy bears/jello shots are for 15 year old girls.

You aren't speaking to someone not versed in history. And it's s fiddyfiddy split between Bangladesh and India. Read for once. Prick.

I'm going to break your legs and arms


Rum cherries wassat?

Ye there were quite a few of them there
I was having my fun with the Gin

I just didn't really want to go down that rabbit hole and didn't know what else to say.

don't be so jealous
I'll be your cute cosplayer
Check it out I'm star war

That is incredibly disgusting and not the aspect I was even talking about.

... Really bard?

Cherries soaked in rum.

ah, well thanks for that.

Cherries are soaked in bum

CCome on ill give you a footjob

Oh it's like a rum ham
that sounds not so tasty though x:

thats what i said
its the entire area of bangladesh and parts of it outside the area

bengal is just a traditional region, no actual borders really

Is Swedish Fish still in Ui's house?

Check your privilege

Have fun with the

I'm just going to stop replying now.

you should pop elma's bum cherry

An interesting proposition



*shrugs* They get the job done lol

Am I fisting her or is she fisting me?

That is the real q

Kind of assume it'd be you on the receiving end of everything.

I'd be okay with that.

Where did he go?

slow day
so slow


bard is hungry for... conversation?

That's a good thing ^^

you're slow
im awake

i wish i weren't

I was kind of hoping to hit up a friend but
all of them are busy
Wish I had more friends Lmao

What is your day looking like Baka?

N It's my last day off for aw hile and I wish it would be better more eventful :(

what are you up to today subtle?


Playing Mount and Blade and eating dinner as my first meal.
Maybe I'll go outside. I haven't been outside in 3 days.

know what's surprisingly cheap on ebay?


That pickup line is awful and you should feel awful.


Anyone know something really not boring to do?

But you know if it's more eventful it'll feel like the time passes quicker, and it'll be finished in no time..

Well I didn't manage to go to the delivery office so I'll have to do that tomorrow, so I ended up just going to the gym and chilling ^^

That pickup line is great and you're lovely


you can get a seaworthy cabin cruiser for like £1.5k

could use it as a live-aboard

sail around the world
pick up posters

then throw them overboard

Not a bad idea
this weather is absoluteley beautiful

I am interested in going out myself but eh
gotta get high first and
I got no homies 2 smoke with

any plans outside?
going swimming perhaps?


Good point but
I still think a quick day filled with fun things beats a long day of doing noothing : D


Shoot up a gay club.
Play a game.

Not you touhou


if moorings and maintenance weren't so expensive, i'd get me a boat.

could get a cabin cruiser for less than the total i will pay on the phone contract i just signed

i like electricity

Let's do this.


they have those duh

what is a drive coupling

Poop deck

Me and the obvious always joke about blowing up federal buildings or her being the sidekick in a Whitman style shooting.

huh, you could say poop deck in seriousness

this is all very appealing to me tbh


I feel like you don't really value safety or longevity if you're buying a boat to live on off ebay of all places..

theres also the chance of drowning in your sleep because you dont know how to maintain a boat, sword spent half his time bucketing water away from the fucking engine when something went wrong on his last job

not enough
you wont be powering a desktop for long on a boat unless its moored, and then youll be paying out the ass per kw

Yeah, summer is always great in minnesota, perfect for a nice long drive with some tunes.

lmao, I'd like to get high but my friends are fags

nope, just fuckin cruisin
we did that a few days ago, it was okay but there's no point to it unless it's burning hot out

You're lovely too




why are you even applying critical thought to this

the notion i'm toying with is buying

a fucking


do not waste any energy getting mad about it, it is not likely to happen

i have crippling autism, i cant not apply critical thought to it


I could never recco living on a boat thats just asking for something to go wrong

driving makes me so uncomfortable
not that a good trip with a bunch of friends through the plains doesnt sound too fun

me and the old mates in highschool usedd to drive about every now and then

Pretty good day for it shit
I always get paranoid about the police tbh

what kind of ride do you folks got?

I'm the king o the world
On a boat like Leo
If yo on the shore
Then u sure ain't me o

it must be a sad life, when someone says "boat", and what comes to mind is a list of boat ownership cons

I heard Grim was a fuccboi when he was 16.


now i have a full on inventory of all the shit I have (eg. computers, harddrives, devices, books),
as well as a full on inventory of all my various notes, both private and for classes,
both hard copies and soft copies across my various harddrives, USBs, and cloud services
as well as a list of all the stuff i've read and taken notes on.
not included are articles I've read but not taken notes on, which are too numerous to count,
and whatever I did in high school. those were mostly unfinished and during the days I sucked at notetaking.

feels good. really good.

the boat engine make noise motherfuckers

He's still a fuccboi.
Make him your fuccboi.

feels so good i don't care i fucked up the spoiler

you best back the fuck off rin


Gonna fly dis boat to the moon some how

might get a boat to spite qt's autism

outlandish lengths for a triggering

sounds pretty delicious

I had my boat license for a while.

It's pretty cool. I had a jolly roger flag and everything lol

I don't want a fuccboi.


tahts badass whhat kind of boat did you have

you need a license for a boat? :s

I might buy a uninhabited WW1 maginot bunker.



-barks at-

Americans do

thats fucking cool as fuck brother


Let me rephrase.

The only fuccboi I want is Tokai.
I don't think Tokai's a fuccboi tbh



go and be busy not jaywalking somewhere

I forget what it was called. Like one of those flat ones that people party on.

My friend had a deep V bottomed boat that was wicked fun to whip around in though.

If you want to be able to go into the ocean, yes.

Safe from enemies
Snug inside
Shitposting gone wild


just sitting here enjoying my
Television without a liscense


Also it probably lowers boat insurance the same way auto insurance works.


same tbh

idk what those are named but that sounds fun as hell

I get mad crippling anxiety on boats
that shit freaks me out
I'm even a pretty strong swimmer but
damn dude the way it rocks back and forth and like
I dont know
boats are cool, but scary

i have like a billion letters from TV Licensing lying around if you want to open some of them with me

find out what kind of fictional doodoo i'm supposedly in

does anyone else here keep track of their entire internet footprint, and all the shit they've written or created?

as well as all their accounts on every website, across every email?

i consider it a feat. it feels clear. simplified.

Seriously? I fucking love driving, it's nice just to chill out and drive on a long, deserted highway by yourself.

Yeah, it passes the time nicely when you've got no money but mom still pays for gas.

Yeah, I would be, but these days I'm giving less of a shit about what happens to me.

Brand new 2016 Ford Escape I'm pretty sure. It's nice, but I'm getting my dads 2006 Honda Civic in September.

Iunno, they're neat.

See I don't like going on them cause I'm not comfy with swimming. So if I fall out or what not ugh.

I'd like to have like a pirate ship. That would be the coolest.

I let the NSA do that for me lol







SHe's literally perfect

okay, hold up

they normally all look the same, but i saw some different looking ones in the junk mail pile beside my door the other day, they might be neat

thats an suv right
wats your dream ride?

that would be something to have
shit I could even dig living on a pirate ship that was like moored somewhere
that would be killer


yes please


yea. most people are reckless.

I have consistent aliases and details for different purposes.

organized them when I was making them based on their purpose.

I even know how they're related, and the amount of information shared over time by each one.

just in case I ever get into hacking, I should know just how easy I am to find.

work on your qt woof. then record it.




taking my fucking slipper, grow up


cause let's face it. Who wants to learn how to sailboat?

Besides Erin.

I think you just have the autisms.

i feel lost

Lost how?

i've been meaning to ask if you could share your thread stuff, which I assume is substantial.
just didn't have a solid place to put it.
now I do.

clearly not autistic enough to organize myself fully the first time round.

wouldn't have had to search for myself if I knew where I was all along.

thread stuff?

I guess, yeah.
A 1990 Cadillac Coupe Deville.
They just look so fuckin good.
That or a Crown Victoria.

"As you have not responded to our letters yet, you have left us no alternative but to proceed with the final stages of our investigation.

An Officer has been scheduled to visit [REDACTED ADDRESS] to find out if TV is being watched or recorded illegally. The Officer may visit your property any day of the week, morning or evening."

that will be the same guy who i told "your implied right of access has been revoked" and he said "okay" and went away.

oh like the shit ive written or created?

ok steam

I made that mistake of going down the rabbit hole a few years back.
Remembering past names and places.
Then the realization that I've kind of always been a dick.

nice country bro

Brexit? More like ur a fucking dummy

c-can I send you it on steam

My buddy irl has a crown vic and an old 79 bonnevile
Sexy bitches they are

Caddilacs are pretty too, but I havent ever seen pone on the real

I wanna hear you bark too cutie

I want to hear it.

I should have bought that 76 mercury cougar :(




"You recently let us know that you don't need a TV License. Our records have been updated and you won't received any more letters from us for nearly two years - unless you have told us you will need a license before then, or we believe that your circumstances have changed."

So, given their absolute lack of legal power, in the face of being told to go away, they just drop it and pretend like you don't even need a license to save face

that's actually pathetic, lol

you cucked them

i'm keeping that one

own it. embrace it, and understand it.

hue. yes. pls.

Way to be a doucher Erin reeeeeeeeeeeee

I would love one, but I don't think they're very cheap. That's pretty sweet.

fucking hell


ok after this game !

Youre up in minnesota right
Whats it like up there northaways?

Im damn near illinois here
I only know my midwest way of life
and a bit of memories from time spent in pennsylvania and arizona and texAS

Pic related

Post it in thread >_>

Come on slut I wanna hear you Bark

I don't remember asking.

I-it's not like I WANT you to have my license B-BAKA!!!

my fave cars have always been the Dodge Challenger and the Mitzi Evo 8



nah, that has its pros too

youll be dead within the week

i believe it works on how many miles youre off from the coast, fyi the one that allows you to go out to sea has a 99% minimum mark to pass

lost in general sense..
i don't know what to want anymore

I know that feeling.
Kind of.

I'll let you know how I shake it.

when you don't know what you're gimmeing for anymore

It's fine, 4 seasons I suppose. Leaves change colors n the summers are a cool 70 some most the time.
Winters are brutal though, but that's fine since I like winter more anyway.
Seasons are also just long enough to where you get sick of em, but then the next will come along and you'll be like "oh yay this is great".

I don't know how to insult you based on that. If you were in wisconsin I would have called you a cheesehead and then said fuck you but... ur not so...
You used to live in pennsylvania, arizona, and texas? when? why?

you had the opportunity to buy and maintain that car
and you didn't

man, i can't stop smiling

how humilliating


Holy shit what is taking you so long


*snuggles* ...im lonely.

me in the middle

post it already faggot i need to get my dick hard

aw what

no computer desk :c


Oh my god that kind of broken english is so cute

u want my subway? ;)


delete this


don't take advantage of me i'm lonely

I feel lonely a lot.

wow ur hawt

Wow loco great meme proud of you

you are screaming to be taken advantage of

or luka is



an email from O2 with this picture of a crazy gift mimic holding a subway


EVO6 tho

at least you like me?

I just wanna hug whoever wrote that

well, I dont live in illinis, Im from iowa, but south eastern so very close to i,llinois
I had family in pennnsylvania I lived with when I was young, but we found our way to iowa, then I moved with my father to ariona, then texas, then nebraska for work, he was always orking as a supervisor or such in Foundries

Moved back to Iowa maybe 6 years ago and havent regretted it
it's my home : )

Minnesota is pretty comparable to here from what you say!
And I htought our winters were bad ahaha

whyd you settle down in minesota?


yeah, that was kinda adorbs wasn't it

not even mad tbh

I was young and was just beginning the downward spiral of my drug addiction, so no. I chose not to buy the car lol

The engine was completely rebuilt and everything. I am a dumbass.


I like everyone!
Or try to, anyway.


I finally found my other striped knee sock UGUU

Reliant Robin > evo





what is wrong with her leg

oof, yey :3


I don't like repeating myself, worm.

Subtle says the only reason he doesn't bully you is because you're pathetic enough already and don't need to remind you


They're probably too warm for the summer though. Been looking for the other half for like 2 months. I have clothes literally everywhere. It's a mess.

I would've expected a tacky "coming" in there instead of "going".

Oh well, maybe you'll come across somethin like it again, and make the better decision now.

that's even worse

cause mommy wanted to for some reason
I'm moving to north dakota once I get out of college tho

I just bought a car though D:

But maybe.

Here it is for all thread


It's alright, Theseius.
I can be a bit of a misanthrope is all.


if it was coming I would have to be from the perspective of the top of the thighs

but its going because i am more at the perspective of the feets


Iowa is nice stop bullying me so much :(

North dakota, my momma is from there
why are you tyring to go there?


tall socks in hot weather is my fetish


Check the vocaroo baka




Don't scare me like that ever again..

Is that a thing?

You'd love my other long socks~

I know they're too hot for the summer~

lol pardon like the whole face thing. I didn't paint it on this moring :3

oooooh, that's cool
what is it?
Nah man, I'm sure you'll make tons of money and buy that car.

Cause the rest of the family lives there, and Im planning on going to Fargo. It's a comfy as fuck smalltown but towntown is still happening for the uh... hip young kids. At least that's what my brother tells me.

Modesty goes a long way

You sure? It was just a bit of fun

Put really simply, it's someone who doesn't like humanity.

hmph for you maybe !

I told you.

We just talked about this two nights ago. I got a 98 civic.



Apple iPhone 6s plus 128GB Rose Gold

oh boy oh boy oh boy :3c

Striped socks are super hnnnnng

But now you've rested and have all this time for activities, and skipped the boredom that I had to suffer through!


yes? jelly?



what do you like then?

They're also wicked stereotypical for girls with penises :/

I think it's time you told us about what your parents did to you to make you hate them so much


loco, where were you from again?

I literally remember nothing, most things go in my ear and out the other unless I make a conscious effort to remember it, and most the time I'm just on autopilot so...
Hey, that's pretty okay.


He probably pawned all their shit for leeg skins.


Hot damn

Some stereotypes are great to follow


I didn't pay a penny.

I actually received one.

Time to buy a revolver

Okay, so I won't talk to you then. Thanks for the heads up~

Guys with tits

Wanna watch more anime soon?

oh right from the whole plan thing


Luka is female... or has really really really good voice training... idk...

We've known each other for years, why won't you tell us?



actually, i also got £20 off cause weekend deal, so I received £20.01

I dunno.
Things that aren't useless?

I hear Russian Roulette is best played with 5 bullets and 1 empty chamber.

Like what?

Regardless of pronouns, that is my hypothesis.

Probably because you're a fuckin' wacko.


Even better with 6 rounds and no empty chambers.
Everybody wins.

Stripped socks and shimapan

I prefer polka dots tbh

Probably, dota more likely tonight though :c

You're very mean, her parents disowned her even before had a computer

I'm perfect and I have nothing wrong with me

i meant where did you live in spain

you mentioned it once

i was quick to argue big cities were better and you disagreed.

I'm glad to see you're finally accepting this

They probably told him he had to get a job or move out

din din :D

A elite substitute




I like being modest

Wow Barudo-kun, I didn't expect you of all people to personally attack Luka




Moorish scum

i also got him to throw in a free sim adapter so i could keep using my old sim in another phone

these dudes work on commission, so when you buy a contract, you can basically ask for anything cheap in the store free and they'll give it to you

tfw all the boys have african genes

She's actually really nice... I don't know why people attack her so much...

:3 post polkadots:3333

that's what I thought

No love for neets

lol no

Luka is a sweetheart though

We can but try heh

Because there is nothing to tell.

i'm a human... am i useful to you? or do you misanthrope me too ;~;

You "probably wanna"..
K I'll take that as a no

Was it because your parents disowned you for being lesbian?

Wish I had more tho.

You're fine.

its not like I'm tossing him in a goulag or anything fuck
All I said was the nigga needs a job shit

How wrong you are...

lol fucking hippies

It's not that easy to find a job in liberal Canada. You go for an interview and there's 20 other people being interviewed for the same job

I'm perfect just the way I am

disown??? wat

i hope so...


Tomorrow we will you butt, not tonight

Unless you have an ass like that 2d anime girl, I doubt it.

What happened with you and parents?

I do, actually

Show me that ass of yours bc~



Being modest and shy is the best way to get close to people

No your actual butt bc~

I suppose you've applied for a few jobs in canada then yourself?
what jobs here you tyring to get?

why were you even in canada?


I can't even take you seriously. How can your ass be real if my eyes aren't real.

Oh no, that's CP...

No it's not, you're legal. You've been legal.

i live on my own.

if only i could manage to do that..

why did you want to know

you may live on your own but you do not provide for yourself


Cheese pizza

No lol I just know how liberalism works. It'll be next to impossible for her to find a job unless she moves to the US under a Trump presidency

Trust me, my ass is fat, I workout

I'm legal in the state of NY but not anywhere else lol

Why don't you live with your parents?

Stop bullying luka

Use an avatar, I almost missed your post

Be nice ._.

I'll be over in 30 minutes qt.

it's not bullying

it's conversation

Blood-chan post more lewd pics

Give me a folder! I don't have one and can't cap..
see above

Says the creep shooter

Don't come to my block unless you want to get jumped by niggers

can't afford that. And i like freedom.


You don't even squat. You 'jog' every morning for like 5 minutes. How could I trust that.
Also, you're legal in Korea.

Just a conversation
Can't made


because I heard it mentioned again today

I found a job at age 16 in Liberal Iowa

-moves into my folder-

I only have my avatar folders :/

Did your parents kick you out?


Iowa is not liberal


I'll kill all those niggers, dw.

I workout 2hrs every other day, fuck off

Why did you hate them then?

Niggers travel in packs of 60

Good luck

so lewd!can i tell you something?

I'll bully you
in bed

Calm down there, don't rush into BC wanting to cut your stomach open just to get some lewds

yes they are
We have a democratic majority, And one of the highest gay rates in the entire united states in cedar rapids

We were one of the earlier states to legalize gay marriage
We have medical marijuana
Look into it, we're a blue state

Smiles/Lexi lesbian action

You can tell me anything, love


Did you get the job in Ceder Rapids?

doesn't surprise anyone

you're making me really horny

I am a literally a one man army.

Nah man I can overpower her easy. :^)

I'd fap to it.



I really, really doubt that.

I'm sure anyone can, but I doubt she's attractive enough to warrant it.


oh thats nasty

Why does Lenko always seem so desperate?

I got accepted at the dairy queen down the street but I moved before i started working so I dondt consider that a job

Have you seen her? She's a 10/10.

Because he's been peacocking by lifting things for months now

Can I peacock by lifting you?


I like it.

She's got moles in weird places dude. She's a less attractive Haikus.
Hard for me to see 10/10s when I've been in Asia for so long. Asian women, man.

lmao why does rin look like an autist?

i never said that.

That's lewd.



They are my fetish. Lucky you.

Why does Lenko look like an autist?

why is tp 40+ and still living with his mom?

Keeping Busy ♥

Why is lenko a manlet

lol dude tp doesnt live with his mom youre silly

Wanna know how you can tell Lenko's just a shit talker?

He feels the need to react angrily when people call him out on anything.

They should be everyones fetish.

he does

nouuu he has an apartment :P



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I have absolutely no idea why that picture is so funny to me.

nah dude he said so himself he lives with his mom cause he can't hold a job as a sink salesman

Lol -licks my lips- pics?

these niggers have been going to war with the cops all their lives, they know how to kill people

Thank you for correcting my spelling, Scoots


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