American antifa finally doing something about fascists

Has the American left finally been energized by Trump? Is accelerationism working?

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What is your opinion of the american commuinist party?

I gotta admit the fuck yall sign made me giggle a little.

But still, fuck em.

Completely pozloaded, they were actually shilling for Clinton against Bernie during the primary, on the explicit grounds of "working with" big business.

They don't present a candidate?

isn't this alt-right's big yearly conference?

Does anti-fa really do anything but protest against reactionary threats to the liberal capitalist order?

not much. lifestyelists

Yea maybe theyll start attacking innocent fans at metal concerts like the "good guys" in Euro Antifa

Nope, they've just endorsed the Democratic candidate since the fall of the USSR.

They seem to believe in some sort of united front with the Democrats, though anyone that's not them can see that they're little more than useful idiots for the Dems.

This is what giving up looks like, isn't it?

oh ha ha, they're also by admission of hitler himself a very good tool against fascism.

He's right. Not that I'm complaining. I like that they beat up fascists, though they sometimes beat up innocent people by mistake…

What a bunch of faggots

That's not "not much" though. That's stopping nazi organization, which is essential.

Well go ahead, let's see you stop a nazi. Go on then. Do it.

The hatred of anti-fascists I see on Holla Forums is deeply, retarded. Please tell me the virtues of allowing nazis to organize and hunt people down, please, please tell me how using violence makes us just as bad as them, spiderman.

this is deeply autistic.

Until you stop embracing the bourgeoisie ideas of faggotry promotion you will get nowhere.

theres a reason nobody takes "antifa" seriously

Sure, gay acceptance is definitely the most private property owner thing I've seen in my life too.

It is a little bit of LARPing. But seems like leftypol is booty bothered by white people getting beat up then anything else

From the way some people talk I'd think this is a pacifist board.

Exactly, homophobia is culturally bourgeois, to repress non-conformists to the class system, gay expression rebels against this and is therefor culturally marxist.


Just so we're all on the same page, the number of actual nazis belonging to actual Not Socialist organizations can be counted in a few thousands.Maybe 10,000 or so people (I'm being VERY generous here) out of a population of over 300 million.
Nazis are a non-issue outside of the internet.
Even the KKK has only a couple thousand members, and a good number of them are FBI plants.
Antifa is useless wankery at best, and bad PR at worst, especially when they beat up the wrong people.
And that happens a lot.

lol yeah, Amerifats have always had a facisist streak in them.

You don't see all this consideration for liberals, or anger at people that denigrate liberals.

Just shade thrown at people that are anti fascist, really makes you think

Right, but I don't see much of an important difference between nazis, white "workers" parties, traditionalist "workers" parties, or any other far right wing groups.

You're moving the goal posts. Nazis are just one kind of fascist. They're against all fascists.

How this careful nuance is never extended to liberal porkies and lumpen prole liberals that want discrimination against them stopped

Naw HH dubs I think people are pretty 'kill em all' when it comes to Nazis. But American worship of The Confederacy and our Wartime efforts is pretty fascist.

It's like you have so many games and movies about killing Nazis you almost start feeling bad for em. Like Nazis got feels too.

Besides who looks more bossed out: The Rebellion? Or The Imperials?

Everyone loves Darth Vader.

Again, you're talking about a few thousand people at best.
In the case of the traditional worker's party, maybe a couple of hundred if that.
They're an outlier.
Antifa would be better off attacking actual class enemies instead of knocking heads with some political non-entities.
They should be beating up corporate raiders on Wall Street, not tilting at windmills and more often than not attacking people who aren't even remotely fascist.

Why not both?

Also it's much smarter and easier to beat up on the atomized poor fascists than entrenched Wall Street fat cats that can bring the entire state onto you with the snap of their fingers.

It's a smart strategy

No, I'm merely pointing out the fact that actual fascists are very thin on the ground in America and that actual class enemies abound, but keep pretending antifa is fighting the good fight and not coming across as witless thugs.

The rebels can look pretty cool.

That's good. We keep them down. There has to be somebody there to bash the fash when it rears its ugly head.

It already is both. Antifa tend to be anarchists/socialists/commies.

People have stopped caring about how the media portrays them. Only old people watch mainstream media anyway.

I think you misunderstand antifa, most chapters are in response to the growing organization of Nazis and sympathizers.

Keep thinking they're just LARPers and not a genuine movement borne from axieity

So you think it's better for them to attack a meaningless and irrelevant foe instead of the real problem, because it's easier.
And they wonder why the left is struggling in America.
If the unions and worker's parties of the late 19th and early 20th centuries had your outlook, we'd never have had the breakthroughs in labor we take for granted today.

They're only meaningless and harmless because they aren't allowed to get a foothold and terrorize neighborhoods.

And antifa has little or nothing to do with that.
Most ordinary people find overt racists abhorrent, and wouldn't want them around anyway.

Tell that to cable street.

1936 was a long time ago, buddy.Social attitudes have changed drastically since then.
It's also kind of irrelevant since we're talking about fascism in America, not Britain.
And it's any of the dime store Hitler wannabes we have today could match Oswald Mosely when it comes to charisma or speaking ability.

They're only irrelevant because they're not organized.

Antifa lets them know if they want to organize they're going to be met with resistance. I'd rather have that insurance than not.

As far as addressing real problems, whatever that means, I don't know how preventing a problem isn't addressing it

Those union organizers had fights with porky security all the time.

I'm not sure what your saying, you don't believe 19th and 20th century unions were non violent do you

And I'm saying it wouldn't matter if they were organized, the fucking lolbertarians have a better chance of achieving political power in this country than any so-called fascist.
The left should be concentrating on fighting the banksters and capitalist fat cat class enemies that actually run things, not engaging in meaningless street fights with losers that will never achieve power.

No, they were violent.
But that violence was directed at actual class enemies, not spent on meaningless dick waving contests with right wing street trash.

All-right so this is going to see like Holla Forums-bait but I'm being honest. Zionism is by far the most popular "extreme right" ideology in America. Most of the Right with any influence is pro-Zionist, including Mr.Trumpstein and the rest of the aut-Right.

As this poster points out there are probably only 10,000 or so people following "classic" anti-semitism and white nationalism.

Yet, Zionist supporters of Israel, dual-citizens, and volunteers for their armies are far-larger then that by themselves. Plus add in the millions of "Christians for Israel" conservatives.

So I gotta admit I don't see anti-fa protesting Zionism or the Zionist Right with near as much vehemence as they do small groups of Nazis. Am I uninformed and presuming about what their activities are, or are they genuinely negligent on this front?

They look too expendable to me. Not to mention they serve a feudal power.

It's not the use of violence, I like nothing more than the smell of bacon. Antifa are militant guardians of the liberal technocracy, that is all.

That violence was directed at cops and private security forces made up of fellow proles too.

Large groups of organized stupid people can cause tremendous damage, they're not called useful idiots for nothing

And if we were talking about large groups of organized stupid people today, I would agree with you wholeheartedly.
But relatively speaking, we aren't.
Less than 1% of the population are members of far-right organizations that could be considered fascist or fascist sympathizers.
They're nothing.
Most people in this country wouldn't piss in their faces if their heads were on fire, let alone join them.
The real threat to the people of this country were and are the capitalists and their enablers, which is where the left should concentrating it's efforts, not brawling with uneducated simpletons.

I never noticed one dude's helmet being different. What's up with that?

Bunch of degenerates.

Yes. The fascist threat is hyped up by both the neoliberal technocrats who want to present themselves as the only viable option, and the people who are nostalgic for a head-on fight against a concrete tangible enemy but don't have any understanding whatsoever about what the system as system is and how it works.

Does antifa only attack skinheads or do they also attack religious fundamentalist? In America I think religious fundamentalist are much more dangerous sometimes.

Stop, they're already dead and you know it

This is cruelty

Should be interesting to watch.


where?! all I see is a technocratic system and a right-wing minority of idiots stumbling within its networks

this is the part where Holla Forums jumps in and says 'jooz'

but i think it might be able to be explained by the goals of antifa
they just want someone to beat up, just like blue-collar fascist neonazis
both are pseudo punky-street thugs who have a tribalistic escape for their oppression, in the form of gang violence
smart fascists don't go around beating people up, they make others do it for them, on the grounds of making things better or 'great again'

Where's the idpol?

Antifa is fighting ghosts is my point. They create a phantom menace so that they can pretend to be part of some historical battle, while all they do is brawl with some marginal idiots.
As for their ideology, they nicely fit into liberal idpol. Same conceptualization of the enemy, same slogans. Their ideological problem is that they center on being anti. Anti what? Anti imaginary fascist threat to the liberal status quo.
To be more concrete, why should I personally join antifa? Be my recruiter if you want, and let's see if there's really any point in all this.

Not against fascism, but if you seriously think AntiFa is not IdPol, then you are really naive.
Most of them are "no borders" genderfluid types.

Full anarchist communism also fits nicely within liberal idpol. Liberal idpol is just "everyone be nice and hug each other wah we're pacifist babies"

Join your local antifa if fascists ever gain a foothold in your local community, otherwise, it doesn't matter, organize for socialism until then.

Take your borders and die to expand them tankie.


I never said it's idpol, just nationalism.

Oh wait, same thing.

set up a bottleshop and drown them in alcohol poisoning from white identity-related depression

at least Holla Forums makes better memes than you guys, even under that faggot imkamfy and rachposter squad

Beating them up is a much better tactic than giving them beer.

No, alcohol causes fights, especially between members of Celtic, Anglo, and Teutonic backgrounds. They beat themselves up.
Trust "My First Marxist" to misunderstand the nature of drinking… Shallow twit

I live in a pretty right-wing nationalist country, yet all this national flag waving is just a spectacle to distract people from the neoliberal reality. Idpol works in both directions. I can't imagine what antifa could possibly achieve in my country. Turn right-wing idpol spectacle into a liberal one, while we keep living the exact same way under the exact same technocracy from Brussels? In fact, at least the right-wingers might one day come up with the wonderful idea to exit the EU, although that likely won't happen because here everybody sucks EU's dick, whether they are pretend-fascist neoliberals or pretend-leftist idpol liberals who get hysterical at you about "fascist euro-skepticism" whenever you mention exiting.
Antifa here is 10 people memeing on facebook, taking pictures of themselves in radical chic clothing doing radical chic symbolic actions, while "leftist" public intellectuals get hysterical about all of the 10 "masked hooligans" appearing at demonstrations where they literally just do a fashion walk. Sorry, it's all a joke to me.

Trust a retard to be a shitty drunk. I get horny when I drink too much, not fighty. Though, I guess a bunch of nazis having gay sex would certainly destroy their street cred.

antifa, without socialist organization, is merely half a bullet. Without nazis to beat, and without a real air of social change, yeah it's pretty much a bad costume party. So is anarchism though.


everyone should be pacifistic

in theory, that doesn't mean American antifas are. What have they ever done?

In an ideal world, but pacifism is useless to reach that ideal world.

Beat up nazis?

big whoop, every country beats up nazis from time to time


hey Holla Forums….whatcha doin?

this is gonna be too easy

This is what's wrong with like 2/3 people on this board. If you want to actually have a true revolution then you can't call oranges apples.

the uneducated normies of the world conflate the two


I am not fascist at all, but I hate your guts so much. I dislike the political ideologies you stand for and you are as destructive, if not even more destructive, as the fascists you talk about. I have seen your protests, you are inhumane and ugly people. Not only that, when you get arrested, you act like victims despite all the shit you do during your "protests".

You guys are barbaric, and I don't see how you should get more foothold.

In the end they're the same thing anyways. Decorations for the street lights.

Last I checked he won the election on all fronts.

nationalism isn't necessarily fascism, no

White nationalism is usually fascism, and the "no true scotsman" of fascism is extremely tiring. Nobody suggests that 21st century fascism will look like German, Italian, or Spanish fascism. It won't look like neo-Nazi groups. It'll look like Breitbart with enough plausible deniability until it's too late for a left to mobilize.

Go back to Saudi Arabia. Palestine will become a radioactive crater before they stop being a threat to "peaceful colonists."

huh? I'm anti-Israel, bro.

kill yourself

I celebrate European antifa when they follow the lead of greek antifa and anarchists


I guess we should just have a big ol' polite roundtable discussion with these guy, right? Look into the National Policy Institute and what actual "policies" they're advocating for.

ANTIFA are generally edgemeisters, but at least someone is making these alt-right chodes feel threatened.

No I mean they're the same in that they'll be strung up by the lamp posts.

Actually I have a game I want to try one day. We string a fascist up by his legs to a post, and try to shoot the rope to make him fall and break his neck.

Oh no! Weak cucks are going to try and punch me! Whatever will I do?

How fascist of you.

It's okay, you're not really people anyways.


Oh when will the political 'class-warfare' much-advertised by the conservative media actually flame up into pure-bred class struggle aiming to overthrow the bourgeois and seize the both the means and memes of production?

Cry and try to escape the building surreptitiously like you're under siege or something, apparently


Kill me, fam.

stop liking what i like

It annoys me because they're clearly only there because they think protesting is vogue

Like you can just up and say it wouldn't be fun though.

The best thing I've ever seen


rank probably


fash dude looks like Matt Forney, has his walk pattern

here's his blog

I thought you guys did not consider liberal idpolers to be leftists? Well the more you know..

The only political groups that seem to be organizing to hunt people down are these neoliberal idpolers that call themselves anti fascists. And they are not doing anything to stop fascists from organizing since all of that takes place on the internet nowadays.

Then wouldn't that make counter-raiding Holla Forums or Holla Forums existing an anti-fascist act?

top kek

you live in a bubble

The point I'm getting at is he's complaining about a political group for being evil and shit, yet in the same breath talking about wanting his own version of the Day of The Rope.

This is why we're winning.

nazis never learn do they

Antifa in Austin, Texas

You're winning because Reaganites want Bush 2.0.

Stop saying "winning", it's laughable. If your goal is to salvage Capitalism, it's already over before you began.

reported for gulagposting.

why are you talking about yourself


I don't give a fuck about capitalism.

So brave.

How about stop fighting the system's enemies but instead fight this system?

Does that mean you want to see the end of it, or do you just not care about economics? I hope not the latter, I can think of no greater cuck than a man willing to have his people in poverty so long as they're ruled by the same race.

Lol those mad as fuck anti-protestor tweets.

Stay salty, faggots.

Nazi Germany

Sponsored by IBM, Coke a Cola, Ford, etc among other. Not to mention their economy, all its lies.

Nazi Germany was a populist uprising at the shit they got for fucking up major in World War I.

It was never coherent beyond empty populist promises.

No I hate capitalism.

I picked a bad flag, Hitler did get cucked pretty hard.

i honestly don't get how classcuck/fascist logic works

a lot of self loathing i imagine