Why do little boys have to be so cute

Why do little boys have to be so cute...

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hello police?


Who said anything about men?

Being one, I mean.

Short men or children?


You guys should at least say "hi" to Nezi when she posts

I detest real violence but I'm telling Darwin to come punch you in the face.

Salespeople? Salespersons?


are you being meaaan

hi blue moon, we don't really know each other well :u

So what are you straight or something then?

Cops don't scare me

No, real boys


I just want to pick one up and take him home and raise him as my own

cum at me

I thought sexuality didn't exist

It's hard to be mad about receiving something that you'd pay money to experience.

Yeah, I don't think you're the gfur Nezi that I sort of know.

Can't help you there.

I thought about it.

I deserve credit.

What if that boy grows up to be incredibly hot?

From what time period? I used to post in gfur a little

post cute boys with soft tummies and cute dicks

You're not going to answer, are you?

So what are you like a rock or something then?

No, I was just helping.

I am really triggered right now. Brb going to the opera house.

But really I should be going to bed, I didn't realise the time.

Then he can get all the girls he wants, and in the meantime I'll be raising another cute boy

No I'm an anime girl

what are you doing today?

To help keep the cards more 'fair', you will now have to specify whether you want your past, present, or future read.

It is the Fool.
This is the first card in the Arcana, and is often misinterpreted as absurd or moronic behavior. On the contrary, the Fool represents a divine deity and creator of all.
The Fool depicts a man about to blindly walk off the edge of a cliff. His dog symbolizes extreme devotion of humanity.
Your Stand is Fool's Faith.
It's ability, Blind Devotion, allows you to command others without question.

Anywhere from several years ago to awhile back? Are you the one that lives in Milwaukee?

I guess.

Maybe I misunderstood the crux of the question.

....who are you?

Past, Present, or Future?

I scare you

Are you a cute one?

Nothing scares me

That last one was not you. This is. And hair grows you fucking retard



Erin would have been a lot happier as a guy...

Why not grow your own.

Or would it not be cute that way?

:3 jk pet ilu

It is not important anyway.

pretty sure you've got the right person but I live in florida

Tell me about my present, I can't make any sense out of it myself.



1. Not that much in 3 years or whatever it doesn't
2. Explain your man's distinctly not-brown eyes
3. This absolutely is me, ask any one of the many people I regularly TC with

liar liar pants on fire


Luckily they still are a guy

Furfaggots fuck off

yeah, what scoots said!

Oh I plan on having a son... and aborting all the females

Have we met before?

Yeah... you're right, I'm actually scared of my own blood and I freak the fuck out whenever I see it

You have a point. I just hope she doesn't commit suicide like all the other failed traps

I'm sure you'd make a great mother.

*unzips dick*


I'll take your word for it.

Huh, I'm probably conflating two different posters in my head. Yeah I am pretty sure I've seen you around though.

I don't think so, other than the last week or so.

1) It does and there are things called extensions as well. If you are willing to cut yourself, then you are willing to put in hair extensions.
2) Eye color changes if you have hazel eyes. Mine go from dark green to dark brown as well. This is nothing new
3) I am saying this is you in the past

It is the Six of Wands.
Some congratulations are in order, you are being crowned with a wreath of victory, though somewhat indirectly. Though the end is not yet here, you still ride high on your horse.
Your Stand is Magus Double-Trio.
It's ability, Victory Screech, allows you defeat opponents with a high-pitched sound emitted from your vocal cords.

It's so big daddy

You can't argue with a perfect specimen like this.

only 4 u

you are so desperate 😂

Well, I do ride high on my horse, I'll grant you that.

you're a big guy ~

Th-thank you, master >_<

Are you new.. ?

Wrong order retard.

To animus, yes. I know many of the people here from 4chan.


Yan please don't post pictures of me

What brings you here? I'm Blood-chan by the way

Can you do me too, please?

is amethyst a natural eye colour?

been thinking of getting coloured contacts recently, can't decide if purple is natural enough or i should try a light blue

murder's just jealous because erin is cutest poster♥

What is the most important about dealing with others that you'll teach your child?


Past, Present, or Future?

See how the other half lives, mostly. Oh, so you're BC. Gotcha.

I don't think purple is natural.


i don't want an eye colour that is obviously fake, that's just try-hard


Are you implying this is you?

**I would teach him that people do not act just and good wholeheartedly. To
believe such is to be naïve. People appear to act “good”
based on their environment. Look to any area or power
or authority, observe deeply and you will find
corruption. Those who are noble in action and thought
may be your friends yet be careful in dealings – all
betray if they feel too much pressure. As selfpreservation
is important to all, when this is tested
friends become bitter enemies. Know the nature of
your friends and their possibility to betray – be
prepared, cautious yet don’t let this hurt your
relations. You may focus on your friends openly and
love those who are worthy. Don’t be paranoid; just be
able to defend yourself.**


erin do full Targaryen so white hair and purple eyes

lol pussy

calm down ahmed

My present, please... if it's not too much to ask..

...are you a trap too?

It will be intentional when I hit you with my bear hands.


kill Ioco and drunk scoot praise allah

Yes it is.

Thanks Canada man, I like your contiguous border with our nation.

ew, no, not white hair :s

next hair colour is gonna be a light blue

Ara ara~


No, I'm all hairy man.

Shouldn't lewd imgs be spoiled?

or ginger

i think i make a cute ginger

occasionally a pic of my red makes me look ginger, and i really like it

...what have you heard about me?

Erin calm the fuck down

Not even real girls act like a total fucking attention whore the way you do

fucking freak

should I go Riot! Orange and black soon?

probably yes.

I wasn't weeb enough to understand that without google.

are you still enormously fat

It is the Page of Cups.
A young man stands before the great sea of emotions, the fish in his cup representing his vast imagination. This is a card of deep feeling, learning, and psychic aptitude.
Your Stand is Blue Fish Cup
It's ability, Pyschic Ocean, allows you to move objects with your mind and materialize anything at will from your imagination.


That's you're a kooky b-word, was the gist of it. But that's not really out of the ordinary given the location.

You should also make him read The Prince

teach him how to lie
teach him how to steal

create the perfect little sociopath.

Don't cyberbully my fat imouto

fat enabler

Damn straight

Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

If she could eat gluten she wouldn't be so fat, it's literally not her fault.
Don't be too mad, she's just jealous that you're dating me.

if you look into the face of fat

fat looks right back at you

u gon cwy?

awh oke, light blue so cool though.
what shade?


please don't bully people about their weight





I hear nezi is as beautiful inside as a something pretty inside


Just off a bridge like a good little trap

W-what is that suppose to mean.. >_<

I'm actually the nicest person here
Are you liking this place so far?

I'm going to give my son a great life...
But honestly I'm going to be a bad mother because I'm going to spoil the fuck out of him

Erin is such a worthless bitch. Slap your woman

-cries in your shirt-


I just saw it on a doujin honestly

I hear Nezi is really cute and nice and doesn't even feel bad about it, can you believe that?

Then you'll have a sociopath with mommy issues

those are the best kind.

i hate fat cunts

like this, somewhere between baby and sky

shhh you are a perfect weight now

fat fingers hitting the wrong keys? 😂

There's the typical dredge, but there are some alright guys too. I don't like the pictures as well, but it's nice to diversity the folders anyway.

Prove it.

Kinda wanna shoot a gorilla.


-Slaps you- ♥

Puffy Vulva though

Oh, btw, BC, your past was The Lovers and your future was Death.

Just thought that would be interesting to know.

oh wow dropbox has all my old photos on it

wow owow

At least we know the future one is right.


eeew not there

that's pretty, would look good

xD that fucking mask

If you'll pay for a shooting, why not a slow torture?

Break the gorilla's mind and spirit.

Show him what makes us more evolved.


I'm crying in fear


It looks like there are spiders on your wall.

3 hours till i order the biggest pizza the world has ever seen

i struggle to eat small pizzas

such decadent excess, it will be bespoke


I'm not going to turn him into a sociopath >_<

But if he does disrespect me I'm going to make him swallow all his teeth

Just jump off*
sry, im talking to my friends as i type

Where is your anime folder?

-clicks- ow! why did you hit me... ;__;

When am I going to die? This world is so boring

-presses my face against your crouch and cries-

hot damn
tempted to pizza up for TC

this is the part where I exit the thread

bye felicia

we can have a pizza party!

You told me to slap my woman, so I did.
You will die sometime in the foreseeable future.

Have children with someone that has a higher IQ than you.

It's here, someone asked for butts a bit ago though so I was doing that.

Pizza dance

there's nothing to be afraid of

I thought Erin was your woman... and thank goodness, I don't want to live anymore

No one is smarter than me...

You know you have to spoil your lewd imgs, right? I don't want you to get banned..........

Did you lose that mask loco>


Kanra's Mating Advice For The Discerning Human Procreator

I was told that is no longer the case, but heck if I know. No warnings in the last few days, anyway.

I have never wanted to hate-rape Ioco to death more in my life than I do right now.

I don't have a couch

Weeeirddd... is there anything you want to know about anyone?

that last post I made before I went to bed was lewd as fug

My idiot brother took it without asking me and lost it.

RIP my favourite thing in the world.

I said crouch

Who the heck are you?

You could probably buy high IQ sperm.

I thought so. I remember you saying about losing it. A great instrument of memes was lost. RIP.

You'll always be my woman. imouto you fat cunt. ♥

Why do you have all those Operah recommended books?


Nothing that I can think of off the cuff, at least not in public.

My idiot brother lost my old external hard drive.

It has to be somewhere. I still have hope in my heart.

I want to fall in love with the man that cums inside me~

Again, I may be a lot of things but I am NOT fat


You're my cute little piggy.

Wow... that is one dirty mirror.

just a gal who really wants to fuck her brother

the urge to request dirty movies in jar jar mask is getting rather uncomfortable.

get a new chair wtf

I no speak english

wow fuck you

If you aren't brushing hard enough to get toothpaste on the mirror you aren't doing it right and you won't build up stamina for jacking dudes off.

please do


There's hours and hours of footage of my underage self touching his weiner in that mask

Lost in the void.

Tokai these are old pictures my chair is lovely now.

And I don't post on a notebook hooked up to an external monitor anymore.

What a little ho.

Time and place?

More like, "Thinking About Children in the Age of Genetics"

That's so naive. You're joking.

How am I going to die? I think I already know...

At least we have something in common

I cried on your dick

That poor void.

That one time that mom ordered mein kampf

Do you find the word 'wiener' sexual?

Your heart will stop beating and your brain will cease to function.

I gasp it out sometimes in between biting my lip when I frote my dick against the desk

I knooow
Maybe I'll just go after a college professor or something. I want someone really smart

Is it in the original German?

Hmm... do I get.... like stabbed in the heart or something?


oh good, then it's all fine.

that's crotch.

you don't know english

God Doesn't Love Dumb Kids Volume XXI

You will most likely die while attempting to kill another person, but the future is not set, and other likely causes for you include Heart Disease, Stroke, and AIDS.

rude ?

tonight at my place ~~~

Frottage is kind of cute.
Would you frot?

...With you?

a good sense of humour very sexy.

look up Pietro Boselli.

Calvin Klein model and UCL math professor, has a masters in engineering.


Whoa a tilde? this is serious business now.

Having to thrust your body against but not into something to climax is incredibly hot.

Which is why femxfem or malexmale frottage is better than heterosexual sex.

. . .

Santa Isn't Real & 8 Truths Your Kid Should Know Before His 10th Birthday

Scissoring can be quite a turn on.

You havent got enough badges to train me.

I have forty.


have you used any gay apps rococo?

anything last past a one night stand?

I didn't go through the Kalos region, but I think it counts as 48 if I went through alternate reality Hoenn then it counts.

Yeah English isn't my first language... I should keep reading books...

I run every day so heart disease and stroke should be ruled out... AIDS not so much because I'm still a virgin and I plan to stay that way until marriage. I guess I really am going to be murdered... seems like a lot of fun

Isn't it sad how primitive humans always go for the good-looking guys or girls? I just want someone smart so that my offspring can raise above all others and rule

Sounds like you need a Jew.

What are you talking about. original 151 a best

If you marry a russian man it will be AIDS.

my bed is really comfy and soft~

Original 151 was just whose Alakazam had a higher speed stat and could sweep your whole team.

beds are waaay better on heroin

No lol I'm thinking about an Azn

But you said I'll die in the near future... I'm going to get married until my mid 30's

We all know what you look like IRL, your attempt at being cute doesn't work anymore

You ruined yourself

Just like Erin

I saw those tests, you're gonna fail

An Indian?

I already passed all of them so far, just a few more to go

But no one will want to marry a used up old gross woman whose never had sex.

Ew... I don't want my son to smell like curry, now


I'll stay in shape, I don't smoke or drink, I'm good

If your baby was born, and it came out Indian, what would you do?

That's extremely lewd... I like it.. -writes this down...-

No imouto you'll be gross
I'm not even going to live to be thirty, thirty is gross.


I'll feed him ricin like a good mother. It'll be marked as sudden infant death syndrome~


I don't wanna read all that......

you're already going to marry Erin... what a shame...

it's the single most lewd thing I have ever wrought


Do you think you'll get married more than once?

Imouto I'll hold your hand if you let me borrow your toothbrush.

Y'all fucking sinners.


why your brother :l

because homosexuals are degenerates.

Kicker of a punchline.

Walking my dogs, bbl

is it still gay if they're on hrt

I don't need fame....I just want people to like me

-holds your hand while I brush my teeth with your toothbrush-




anything that isn't heterosexual post-marital sex is degenerate.

without marriage is slightly worse, but not as bad as being gay.

so I assume if they're on hrt, it makes it better,

but still degenerate.



grim is moslem so he gets to have as many wives as he likes

One day I'm going to be one of them.

I'm agnostic

Hey now are you actually just posting my OC now


why does anyone....humans are social by nature

it's natural to want people to like you

don't let the internet and cute boys fool you.

steel your resolve.

just because it'd feel good, doesn't mean it's right.

but I think it's penetration that makes it unholy.

that's the loophole that priests use.


Really want to hatefuck Kanra.

You ripe cunt


I don't.

I'm surprised the amount of people who tolerate my existence is as high as it is already.

you're not capable of hatefucking.



bye bye, headed to my volunteer thing

There can only be one.

have fun

Need to add in some Ora's from when Kaneki tentacle pummeled that filthy ginger.

fo shizzle




if you have have fever it means you are a weak ass little faggatron

actually hatefucking seems really hot.

just seems like you'd be risking a relationship.

a genuine hatefuck needs to come from a place of genuine hate.

at which point violence is more than likely.

it's the pain of the other that acts as the the aphrodisiac.

Don't give me erections you aren't going to take responsibility for.

have hay* lol

who else /dying of heat/ here.


the point was that it takes some pretty volatile emotions to hatefuck.

like harley and the joker. in that there's probably a degree of fear.

that's p messed up to get a boner to.


Growing up on a farm and having multiple brothers and or sisters decreases the risk.[3]

Close enough and it didn't decrease a godamn thing.

I guess that's bdsm.

that was a boring end to that train of thought.




That may be a tad scandalous.

I'm like 90% sure I saw Shaquille O'Neal at my gym this morning. I saw that fucking smile.

I'm so fucking nervous now.
I'm actually gonna have to meet so many strangers.

and talk with them, can I just neet again please.

Mines bigger.








they're just as scared of you as you are of them.


Just go to your room and play video games instead.
Fuck that noise.

remember to go their naked tokai

I'm small ~ ~ ~~ ~

i cant brain tonight

I already know that.

luckily I keep it inside, my acting skills are still on point.


I'll remember that

I have to make a test at that college to get in dude, can't skip this.

You'll have fun.

Oh shit, best of luck then man. Hope you studied.

I hope..
I'll snap some Amsterdam pics anyway

thanks, yeah I did from what they send.
but there's 3x 20 minute talks about them too so.


I want to save all the kitties :(

20 minute talks are easy. But then agfain. I was trained to talk for longer.

The dream

ah well gotta be on time for tomorrow.

ni ni

sleep well

I better make tracks too actually.
Nighty gang
have a good sunday lovelies♥

Night, destroy it.

And now it's dead.

terrible thread


amazing thread


Hit him when he tries to get cs

Does this even mean anything?

nice desu ne

Desu fucking pls jesus christ just fix them already

fuck off


Hi master





is my kewl Sona play (ult)
30 minutes in
webm worthy~? ♥

god I love that pic

get a fucking job already pls

( Neru )
did i do good on lulu in this game?

Cosplay as it

( Neru )
did i do good on lulu in this game?

I don't think thats gonna happen.


Jesus christ luka get a job there's no such fucking thing as a webm worth sona play


being good at a moba made for 12 year olds and autists wont really land you a job either

oh right its Sunday
I need to watch it

That's too bad
Do you like the genderbent version more?



Oh yeah Subtle, I thought you might like this

Why save/post it then


I love it, thank you

That Harkonnen II doe.

The sheer firepower has me fully erect

You still done with all the ultimates?
If not, you're in for more boners.

Hai !

100% erect

I'm on ep 6

Probably because you said you don't like it.


You love everything I give you

Subtle, were you born this much of a slut?

It's only going to get better and better.
Anderson best priest though.

ily murder

Strengths: Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous
Weaknesses: Arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy, inflexible
Leo likes: Theater, taking holidays, being admired, expensive things, bright colors, fun with friends
Leo dislikes: Being ignored, facing difficult reality, not being treated like a king or queen

does this sound like me?

*pets jewfro*

its fucking 88 degrees here grim
i hope you die

No I was born a dumb crying baby like most people

it's 95 and humid here

get on my suffering level

It's pretty accurate.

Link mine? (Scorpio)

thats you ban


He's not a slut
He's more of the hard to get type but once you sweet talk him on steam he's like your personal cum sleeve

it's 70 with 90% humidity here and it ain't even 8 am yet.

no jewfro bae
i just have short hair now with a nice little quiff
but you can e-pet me all day ~~

I like all of the mc's, they have such personality.
Watching the dub though, since it's critically acclaimed

Strengths: Resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn, a true friend
Weaknesses: Distrusting, jealous, secretive, violent
Scorpio likes: Truth, facts, being right, longtime friends, teasing, a grand passion
Scorpio dislikes: Dishonesty, revealing secrets, passive people

Yeah I thought so too.

I would let Seras lock and load my gun

What do you think?

Got to love how they managed to pull it off so well, although I watched the original first and then the Ultimate OVAs, which in the end covered the original a bit differently.
Heard that some people praise the dub, wasn't really my thing though.

wow these horoscopes are kinda really accurate
that's you exactly grim

let's try libra

oh jeez

ovas go right as the manga goes
why not?
The accents were on point


Seems about right.

Strengths: Cooperative,diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, social
Weaknesses: Indecisive, avoids confrontations, will carry a grudge, self-pity
Libra likes: Harmony, gentleness, sharing with others, the outdoors
Libra dislikes: Violence, injustice, loudmouths, conformity


too fuckin spoopy my dude

read me mine im a gemini

post capricorn

Pretty much.
I don't really know, a bit weird to hear English in my Chinese cartoons.

why are you posting a picture of cheech?

this is really weird
all 3 so far have been like 90-95% accurate

is this just some clever wording to appeal to everyone or does this actually have some basis?

I was thinking the same thing.

Strengths: Gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas
Weaknesses: Nervous, inconsistent, indecisive
Gemini likes: Music, books, magazines, chats with nearly anyone, short trips around the town
Gemini dislikes: Being alone, being confined, repetition and routine

Strengths: Responsible, disciplined, self-control, good managers
Weaknesses: Know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, expecting the worst
Capricorn likes: Family, tradition, music, understated status, quality craftsmanship
Capricorn dislikes: Almost everything at some point

What the fuck these all seem right?

Not for me
3-4 that are better dub than sub
like FMA, Mitchiko to Hatchin, Cowboy Bebop

i'm Libra~ ♥

Give me my horoscope! I know it basically just says I am great

This shit is inaccurate af


sotos was the only one that seemed wrong so far

desu's is dead on

It just started raining sideways

that self-pity part in libra must be for luka and not me

I remember who you are now

You are untrustworthy

repetition is honestly the only thing I do


tfw Libra

sagittarius master race reporting in

Only heard that about Hellsing Ultimate and Cowboy Bebop, some people have said even Black Lagoon was better in dub, but I don't know.
Although if I recall right people prefer Ultimate's dub because it's less serious and has more jokes in it.
I recall that when they used to broadcast FMA on TV here it was still in Japanese.


are you unable to forget grudges also?
i know i am

So what you're telling me is its 100% correct then?

First Aquarius. Anyone else?

Hellsing Ultimate was a gem. Both the sub and dub are great. Watch both.

The exact opposite, i can't remember any

Sure why not

you are not a true libra
i am a true libra
you are a disgrace to my family line

Strengths: Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian
Weaknesses: Runs from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof
Aquarius likes: Fun with friends, helping others, fighting for causes, intellectual conversation, a good listener
Aquarius dislikes: Limitations, broken promises, being lonely, dull or boring situations, people who disagree with them


I watched the sub like 2 years ago, Grim's watching the dub currently.


Pisces onegai

Nice copy paste

You're so smart

They're both great fam.


Everyone knows these are copy paste retard.

holy shit 389 replies we can actually leave this shitty bc thread

sorry guys 1 sec

If it has guns in it, it's great.

Whoa, the likes/dislikes are spot-on.
Strengths/Weaknesses... not so much.

'Smart' and horoscopes don't mesh well either way.


i was only kidding... you didn't have to call me a retard v.v


It showed that HRT does increase the risk of breast cancer. Combined HRT is more likely to cause breast cancer than oestrogen only HRT. But the risk lowers again when women stop taking HRT. The risk goes back down to normal within 5 years of stopping the HRT.


who'd have thunked it