Damn Theresa May, back at it again with the totalitarianism

Damn Theresa May, back at it again with the totalitarianism

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i-it'll just be used on muzzies? r-right guys?

you would need this to achive communism tho.
in fact, it was common practice in states with communist goverments in the 20th century

It's amazing how many right wingers quote 1984 when talking about communism, but then turn a blind eye when their own governments do absolutely everything that book laid out.


who says communism is not the way of the future?

because unfortunately it was converted into cold war propaganda and frankly it always had that potential and orwell did not do enough to stop it being used that way

You got triggered so much, you didn't even notest you said to an anarchist.
Fucking corruption lovers. Stay dumb my friend. Always!

When a leftist sees the totalitarian socialist society of 1984, they are upset that it is totalitarian.
When a rightist sees it, they are upset that it is socialist.



Yes it is. Fuck socialism

t. anarchist

kill yourself dumbshit
t. actual anarchist

Didn't Orwell die shortly after ot was published?

Pick one faggot.

Australia already does this and it's for 2 years


I mean Oceania was clearly heavily influenced by Stalinism

It officially followed "English Socialism"

What's the problem?

No it wasn't. Oceania was organized around Plato's Republic, not the USSR.

Look, my original comment was meant to point out that the reason conservatives are so spooked by 1984 is because of "da ebil gommies" and not because of the mass surveillance and thought police.

damn this nigga dont know shit about 1984 or george orwell shit

Welcome to America from a decade ago. Ours store our shit for five years.

fuck no, she a shit

Corporate controlled right

I hate this Tory govt


British plebbitors are middle class liberals. They just want free STEM degrees and weed, fuck the poor

Literally what


where is she even remotely right?
Don't get me wrong I just can't see her as right wing.

Not really.

Either way, what's so special?

Oceania was Western Liberalism taken to it's logic conclusion. Critique of modern society. Except history got slightly rewritten - a-la 1984, yes - to make people think that 1984 is about USSR and not about us.

That really doesn't matter, anarchists aren't against the state in any meaningful sense. It's all rethoric, anarchist Spain is one practical demonstration of that.

East-Germnay and the USSR

Don't be daft.

Neither listened to all conversations. Both - just like all the other states - possessed capability to listen to any unsecured conversation.