I am a remnant of the forever origin

I am a remnant of the forever origin
I am the soul of every phantom fallen
I am rising as I am falling
Silent as calling

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You seem to like being anime girls.

most faggot thread link ever, wow

Eat my ass.


I guess?

Any videos specifically you'd recommend for someone who hasn't watched him since his amnesia play throughs?

That's typically how my OPs are. :3

Excuse me, link walls showing agreement are far too easy and void of merit. Shouldn't bother.

amnesia is terrifying, i can't play it when david isn't here

repost and strafe

hhhhww I can tryy

I'ts feminine when there's a skirt!

Points for figuring it out on your own.

I just had my first non-black coffee in months.

The lady got my order wrong.

The thing tasted like sugar and cream.

It was like dessert.

same as dead space

i used to be really good at that, but i can't play it alone any more

His uncharted4 videos are good. There is his VR stuff. Though he has a good backcatalog of other amnesia-esque playthroughs you could go through.
His Outlast stuff was good. He does play horrors still, but theyre rarer.

The funny thing is I'm going to keep doing it.

Then I could put you in your place; sounds hot.

black coffee has a nasty aftertaste

without sugar is fine, but without milk or cream is like begging for you mouth to taste like ick all day

You should try a blonder coffee.

And I'll tell you to eat my ass when applicable. It doesn't really any need any further response.

when i go to costa, i have them make me something that isn't on the menu

i have them make me a mint creamy cooler, then put two espresso shots in it, so it becomes a mint coffee cooler

I'm not quite sure what it means, but it's original, I'll give you that!

Scared the hell out of me as a kid. Just the atmosphere of it.

Well I'd like to stay straight as long as I can.

I'll take a look at his Uncharted stuff then. I've heard it's a great game. Thanks!

My tastebuds are acclimatized to bitter black.

It does its job efficiently ie. energy and awakeness.

If you want something to nice tasting, get chocolate milk.


Basically, no matter how many of you agree with each other with link walls, it's still worthless and I'll take a poop on it.

It's lyrics.

Where's your sense of adventure

You look like the sort of person that orders off-menu.

someone i care about deeply once told me that they had started drinking coffee black, because it was much more of a drug black, like you actually get a crazy buzz off it

but it really isn't worth it, i like mine really strong, but with milk and sugar to match

You're such an elitist, Mr. Dragon Pope. People don't always have to make posts that require a lot of presence of mind. You don't need to pay them any mind in return, but you don't need to be an asshole about it either.

is that a good thing or a bad thing?

i look like this

I like my coffee, like I like my sexual partners.

chained to a bed with electrodes attached to a car battery

Its really difficult to achieve this from a barista based café.
Greasy spoons achieve this taste more often than not.
I generally have coffee out and am disappoint because I cannot order this drink without losing a "civilized" act.

His bayonetta stuff is amazing!


had me in Stitches

He doesn't need to be, but it sure is fun to do.

Watching now. At night. In a dark room. Will get spooked.

To what song?

Well, show me a guy that can trick me into taking his clothes off before I realize it's a guy. There's my sense of adventure.

Ive nearly finished uncharted, so I will get on bayonetta next. heh

also the jack roast xD

h-hehe I guess
But I can win!

Sounds kinda odd, how come?

I meant to link

I figured.

i kinda dropped the uncharted 4 stuff for now... only got two eps into it at least~


it maed me buy uncharted, never played uncharted series before. I rarely buy a game if it is the last in a series of games i have never tried. Because it just makes me cringe.

Black is definitely more like a drug.

I know what you look like. Yes, you seem like the sort of person who sees the default world as not quite up reflective of what you want.

So you customize your coffees.

What's your cocktail, and liquor of choice?

I can be however I want. And I'm going to tell you to eat my ass if you use that lazy garbage kind of way of asserting opinions against me or things I do/say. Deal with it.


Try your best~

i actually cannot drink, my body hates alcohol, so my preferred drink is buckfast tonic wine, because it's so sweet it goes down easier than milk

How does that sound odd? I'm just into girls. But also see

I'm already dead inside. That first jumpscare killed me.

This actually sounds pretty damn good.

Is that right?

You never know.

Lazy garbage is a way of life.

absolutely correct

i recent got a ps3 again
but unfortunantely it can't play uncharted 4 :c

it is very highly caffeinated, so it is the preferred drink of those who like to get drunk and violent

Yeah, they kind of have a unique feel~

So is serial ass-smothering.

hahaha I actually jumpped to death at the video tbh


i also got this gaem cuz of pewds. beasty game, as bad as amnesia i reckon

Sucks :(



I sorta used to have an energy drink or a black coffee before drinking on Fridays.

Sounds like this drink would solve one's need to get fucked up, within moderation.

at least Devil may cry 4 was fun for me to re-live and start again~

Damned good gaming series.

I can hold you down! no escape

wuuut, so you wanna be tricked?
that's a weird fetish

it comes in half bottles and quarter bottles too

that speaks to it's nature i think

pic related, a half bottle

Bookmark'd. Not normally into that kinda music but that guitar was on point.

Sucks being a little bitch when it comes to video games.They aren't even scary and my heart dies.

No, not particularly. Just I'm so attracted to femininity, if they can't trick me I won't be very attracted. So far I have been tricked once while drunk at a club in Seoul.

Still straight tho...


Being an alcohol is bad.

I ama little nerve-y but do love playing horrors. I just need alot of psyching up to start them xD

you merely infer them

i've never palyed the others before...

but at leeast in this one i can rev up dante's sword vroom vroom

This makes my dick hard.

I played the first two. This was in the days of Resi and Silent hill too.

I'll just have to roll you off of me and fuck you extra hard to punish you. ^^

Your ass is going to be all red from rough abuse.

This album's also good in a different way:


i used to have a friend called Stuart, who we called Res, short for Resident Evil Stu, cause of the hilarity there was playing Resident Evil 2 with him

i was busy with anime JRPG's on my ps2 back then.

never played those two series before.

lol tokai will be proud.

And resi was the best. lol dinocrisis tho

They're great. I get scared in shooters sometimes. The sudden loud noises man. It's horrible lol.

There music is different. I like it a lot. Reminds me of some older stuff.






Fucking shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit used to love that, tekken and DOA
man going to arcades to play HouseOfTheLividEAD AND SHIT

all those arcade shooters did the whole enunciated 2 thing when they came out

PTSD. its real. they never warn you.

That's gayer than me..

I-I don't think I can beat that
you win

Souriya illah bashar

i was actually amazing at time crisis

there was always some preteen idiot, who thought they'd be cool and try and play with you, didn't realize the guns actually reciprocated, tried to shoot with their hand on top of it, and ended up bleeding

i saw that happen like 4 times, those guns were dangerous to the uninitiated

The Hounds of Kobane!
Slugs of Raqqa

Raqqa and Roll

why does a toy gun need to reciprocate so damn hard, lol

because. PTSD

Counter Strike will do that to you man. All the kids fuck your mom.

What are you talking about? That's not gay at all.


i bet they never played again, after they had their hand ripped open by a pink plastic gun

Like what?

You're such a cute subby boy. :3 -squeezes your ass-

This video you'll relate to



anyone who actually tried to use the layman sights on those lost an eye

kids are babied too much nowadays

Like crosses between Misfits and Bad Religion. Just gives me the vibes with how they play.

I've seen this. I fucking love it. God damn it they're hilarious.

Why don't we just shoot eachother IRL, really now

nothing can stop the heroes of Aleppo!

its like 50% gay

*blush* thankyuu

I am re-losing my shit

Jesus christ

its breutal

the baby breaker

like, have you played that game in an arcade?

the gun recoils like you were using live ammo, it's gnarly

the machine gun nearly had it break your wrist

True fact that might be a lie, columbine killers practiced with those before they went and killed their classmatees
imagine if they did those now for the new gen of VR ARMA

are light gun arcades even a thing any more?

also, i read the entire columbine wiki article last night

was watching season 1 of american horror story, and tate's death story parallels columbine so hard, like the library and everything is pretty much shot for shot and word for word

Hey man, got laid, don't care.

I don't understand what you are trying to say.

Thankfully for myself, I am 5' 9 with good penis.
And living in asia, it's bigger than all the asains usually. Get dunked on.

I did when I was younger, I don't quite remember. I've done milsim with Simunition though. That shit was gnarly. Especially trying to hit people in CQC.

one of my favourite toys when i was younger was a blanked olympic 6 revolver

also had an olympic 5 with a wooden handle

lived on a farm, the blank pistols were used for gundog training

caught the hammer on my thumb once, split it right open, and that wasn't recoil, just the spring

my fave live gun was a 2,2 rifle

there was also a 5,7, but i wasn't allowed to use it, cause i was like 9 and it would have knocked my arm clean off

the 2.2 was either a winchester or a remington, i forget, but it had that cock-handle action that felt so damn western it was awesome

the 57 was bolt

/gun blog

god, i'm like bebop on snapchat

God damn, that's rough. The worst I've done is get get my finger sliced trying to clear a stove pipe.

I personally like the five-seven and Keltec KSG. They just feel great to fire.

That's cool, that's fine.
and gay

my dad lost hi gun lisence before i was old enough to shoot the 5,7, someone he regularly shot with got drunk, broke into his house, stole a 12 bore, and tried to shoot someone else and himself, and my dad had his license taken away cause nobody but him should have known where the keys to the gun cabinet were

that guy was and still is a fucking tool

wonder if he killed himself yet

paul something, i forget

after my mom's wake, he slept on my couch and pissed himself on it

is a fact of getting older that you can't get drunk without pissing yourself in your sleep?

cause like 2 nights ago i was wrecked to the point of coughing up spit on the floor in the hall, and my bladder held strong

Perfectly straight, 4chan says so.

That sucks man. At least if you're still into them you can get your own guns at some point.

It's too dead here. Will likely fall asleep shortly.

I've yet to piss myself while drunk. I'm also not that old, though, so.

i can't, i live in scotland, only people allowed guns are farmers, im not a farmer, lol

The only time I really goofed up was when I was disassembling 7.62 TKIV 85 (Modernized mosin nagant), the bolt is one hell of a thing to take apart when you have to hold the other side and rotate the other side, it suddenly snaps and in most cases gets a good chunk of your palm's skin.

i'm 23, he must have been like 40 or 50 something

Its summer, time to feel a lil neet-even if im not neet

Yeah he was a columbine style killer lel, i fucking freaked/lold hard when the reveal on halloween.
and yeah those guns are still a thing man
pretty beast

I was quoting the video. And I am also 5'9'' with a fairly average penis. Ask erin or sabrina, they'll voucvh for me.

fug :x

a penis is a penis is a penis, scoots is as fine as anybody elses

I believe they're not really updated


I am actually pretty worrisome/nervous when it comes to my dick.
The porn industry sets unrealistic standards.

Just farm bullets. You'll make tons of money, and get to have guns. Bullets only grow well during the spring time though.

Oof, I had the same issue with taking apart my Keltec SU-16. The shit folds in half and will snap the bolt into your hand>>1062017
if you're not careful.

Ah yeah, I'm only 21 so I hopefully won't piss myself drunk for a while.

I know neither of those people, penis is penis m8, a gay little thing they are.

I'm riding off 5 year old info here, let me believe.

Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me. I'd fuck me hard.

As long as your dick is average it only matters how you use it, man.

I was pretty happy though that I goofed up with it and not with the more dangerous things I held.

Brother reaming me in the ass for hours on end WHEN

Eating as s is pretty legit though.

Oh, I forgot. You are "hetero". Lol, tokai was once hetero... as was many posters.
We are the rainbow community kek

not a big fan of it tbh

I mean, I was hetero until new years when I got a little too drunk and was tricked into a trap.

Ain't gonna stop me from calling out the gay when I see it.

my pink M4A1 is the closest i will get to owning a firearm ever again :/

ikr, so sad ;-;

i actually know some ex army guys who say the can get me a hand gun any time i want, but getting ammunition is the hard part

M4 frags? :o


having yoour ass earen though is legit? is this what you mean

i miss airsofting

did you fuck the trap?


hmm sure

I was bi when I came here.
still am.

Yeah, ammo would be pretty scarce. And then there's the fact if you get caught you're in a fuck ton of trouble

I mean, he was already on my bed by the time I figured out. Why waste the moment?

Y-You too?

And yeah, I was pretty drunk, so I cared a lot less.

Lol, I bet you werent :3

Props man

lol more trouble than it is possible to imagine in the UK

yeah i don't want no handgun, all risk no benefit.

it was a nice offer, i'll hold onto it in case i ever seriously need to end anyone, but until then, it's shelved.

I discovered it when I was around 15, like wth

I've never gotten the design idea behind those western rifles, but I guess it allows for them to be more compact in means of transportation.

Frags, concussions, smokes (they burn at 600C, so better throw fast), flashes, landmines (~10kg of TNT right there), all sorts of gun varieties, but biggest being LAW M72A5

I'd rather be fucked in the ass than have someone lick it. that's what I meant I said ream, not rim

they should start building bouncing betties again

a mine that jumps up and explodes at crotch level

the germans are actual geniuses sometimes

Oh. lol.

just assk your brother to fuck you in the ass man.
maybe i can be your brother tonight.


WaW fave accessory.

maybe but i think i have more male ones than most here

I guess.

Am jelly.

Yeah, I hear it's fucking rough there.

Hah. Gay.

Well, it's pretty neat. The gun not only folds, but the handguard doubles as a bipod. Not the most accurate of rifles, but decent enough.

Why have you not just gotten your brother drunk and made him fuck you yet

my brother is pretty hot tbh



you're more likely to be stabbed or shot in england, but WAY more likely to be beaten to death in scotland.

Lucky you for having a sibling you'd fuck. I'd fuck a sister if I had one. My ex was totally into incest RP too. Rip dreams.

Who even is swedish fish



Those are dangerous as hell to plant, nothing to say about disarming.
Too bad we signed the Ottawa treaty, rip all anti-personnel mines.

Seems a bit gimmicky, but compact.

Wooah black betty.

If I had a sister I'd have fucked her dozens of times by now. I only started being attracted to my brother about a year ago

imma get groceries and stuff for Amsterdam tomorrow



they are hair triggered


unless they had the trip wire mod, they were triggered by agitating little wire hairs


Just carry around your bear fists.

Good song.

It is. Keltec is known for their.... odd weapon designs. Just look at the KSG. It's ridiculous.

Of course, only if she was hot. I'm gay, but not gay enough to fuck my brothers even if they looked girly.

woah bouncing betty

I kinda wonder sometimes if that'd be okay here to roleplay me VS a woman who attracts me, only so you can all tell me aaaaaaaall the things I'm doing wrong to avoid doing them IRL.

welp, I'm P fuckin tired. gonnaget in bed and make some final shitposts from my phone

as women go i have pretty boyish tastes, so unless you were an absolute massive cringelord we'd probably get on fine irl.

just be yourself, anybody who doesn't like that isn't your girl.

It wouldn't really be that helpful, because you wouldn't act at all the same in a live in-person situation.

Just be yourself man. If you're trying for a gf, it's not worth your energy to fake being something else.

ever since i railed a line of zoloft a few days ago smoking makes me feel sick as fuck

i take this medication every day, why does it ruin stuff when you put it up your nose


Pressure triggers are pretty devilish, even for the people who plant them, it's like 50-50
The VC actually did that with handgrenades, just put a noose around the pin and placed the grenade in such a position that once somebody walked over the tripwire it pulled the pin, grenade fell down to the ground, preferably in the feet of the unsuspecting soldiers.

That I knew of.
Would rather have a NeoStead 2000 though.

my nose actually still hurts from that

it was the worst idea ever

the start of that night

vs. the next day

Well I'd think possibly it has something to do with it going up your nose, instead of down your throat.

But...but....I AM a massive cringelord

I know, I wasn't saying roleplaying in the sense "being myself as I am usually" on the board, but rather project me in the IRL situation and trying to guess how I'd usually react.

True I guess. But it's kind of hard, because I've been faking for a long time and I can't really tell who I am. Whenever I try to be "myself", I just end up being a bottomless pit of negativity.

Visual Novels actually help
I flirt with traps on here for practice and the funsies
After a while you learn a couple of cool things

it was the worst.

NEVER, EVER do that.


well then :/


see if i had taken five minutes to google it before i did it

god damn it.

Everyones going to act differently towards people they hardly know. That's the hardest part about working towards a relationship. You're going to get to know them, and sooner than later, they'll be a completely different person than who you met. You will do the same. You've just got to hope that you're both good for eachother.

I mean, I'd never do something that dumb anyway, but thank you for the advice...??


for the record, it did get me a little high, all through the next day, but not in a good way.

basically my head just felt uncomfortably warm and heavy.


Hell, who am I to say? Maybe you're on to something.

Just snort smarties crushed up. Come on, girl. Get with the times.

I haven't played a lot of VNs. Usually, they are a bit poor concerning liberty of choice. For example, I played Katawa Shoujo, and each story arc has something like 3 choices only. And in one case I managed to fuck up royally and I still have no idea how I did that. So, yeah. Any good VNs out there on the dating aspect ?

Yyyyyyyup. Well, that's how I see myself. I don't know if I'm that bad objectively speaking.

The first steps are indeed the hardest. Mainly because I have crushing anxiety and poor self-esteem. Going beyond the status of mere acquaintance is incredibly hard. It feels wrong to even try somehow.
I have a shit moral compass.

Well, I'd need to practice for that, and I can't do it by myself. But I don't know if anyone would be willing to undergo the cringe.

LOL, the mandy was great, it was after i ran out i tried sertraline

and it was the buckfast that caused that lapse in judgement

and i only wanted to drink cause of you, scoots >.>

am am still in shock that happened tbh

I feel very proud of that, is that wrong?

You at some point just have to go for the "I no longer give a shit" mentality on what happens and go for it. You can't let your anxiety rule your life, and the faster you overcome it, the happier you'll be in the long run.

Heck I'd do it. I'm up past my bedtime anyway.



Lmao git gud

fucking swedgers

holy shit man it's like i'm 14 again

Talk about bully.

did you see me two days ago?

i can get great mandy really, really cheap here

£20 a G, for legit MDMA

it's nuts

Also yeah, I don't think VNs are a good place to test your flirting with women capabilities. You'd have more luck flirting with whatever women you may find on this board.


"That's what life is all about. Bullying people in games" - You, yesterday

What say you to that?

I agree, but as things go it seems less likely to happen. Basically, the more important a thing is, the harder it is for me to deal with it. So as I end up more alone, getting social seems more important, and I have even more trouble doing it. I don't really know what to do against this fear of fucking up.

Ooooookay ? Well, how do we do that ?

That was with Rin I think. The armless girl. I've never felt so shitty and clueless at the same time.

I can't even tell who is a woman and who is not here.

I plead the fifth.

I am everyone's favourite bad influence.

i liked rin most, but i went hanako's route, because solidarity with anxiety

If you have a Skype or Steam, they both have IM components. Or we could try smoke signals, if that's your bag.

tried to do rin after but kenji got me killed twice and i gave up playing


Well for one, you can't be afraid of fucking up. Life is filled with fuckups. Embrace that. It's also filled with success, if you let it. With great success comes great succ.

And who cares? If they act like a woman, and act interested, see if you can flirt with them. It's the internet, and you need practice, clearly.

Oh shit its Subtle
How was the fight?

Jesus fuck
I get actual MDMA (I tested it myself) for $60 a G

Molly (Methylone/MDMC) is way cheaper and you still get a pretty strong high off it
Its like 30 to 40 a G

yeah i know, i said to him, what are the chances if i test this, it shows up some random research chemical, and he said he knew i wouldn't trust it, cause MDMA is way cheaper here than up where i'm from, but he assured me it was real, and putting it up my nose confirmed

I tried all of them except the blind girl. Forgot the name. Shizume was shit, Emi decent, and Hanako was indeed the best girl.

Fucking Kenji. Embodiment of cancer.

IM ? What's that ?

Definitely. Still, I don't know about trying that on the board. Mainly because everyone is half-crazy, me included.

you can also tell by looking tbh

it's hard to make dirty crystals that look exactly like that out of other drugs

And hilarious that the British guy won, when he was a massive underdog

♥ Hanako&Lily ~

Instant messaging, silly goose.

Well, your better alternative is to just go for it in person, if you're ready for that.






other drugs crystalize differently, and mandy is the only drug who's impurities cause that exact shade of browny yellow

it's sassafras oil that causes that, and when you're using that you can either make MDMA or MDA, you're obviously gonna make MDMA


living the dream

Oh, yeah, Lily. I wonder what would've happened in her route. Maybe she ends up being able to see again and flee in eldrich horror after seeing your face.

Oh, yeah. I'm just not too eager to give my Steam ID. You can ask Grim if you want, but I'd rather not put it here in public.
Or just give me yours.

I'm...kind of not. I mean, recently there was a cute girl I was able to chat a bit with, but I feel like I fucked up somewhere because she seemed somewhat tense when I was talking to her, and we ended up remaining silent most of the time.

Daww~ ♥
look at her struggling with the thermos. :3 (of grape juice?)

Well that's a tad scandalous...

Oh LAWD talk about being pathetic wastes of space.

so pretty and elegant~

Who else /really wants to fuck their brother/ here?

Usually girls are pretty quiet until they grow on you. As the guy you have to be pretty consistent with conversation keeping. It sucks, yeah, but it's just how it usually is. Try looking up conversation starters.

Brits are wimps tho

mandy crystals don't elongate, they build as little lumpy crystals on a rock, that you then smash, and they fall apart but don't individually break

so you can tell, by the way it comes in small crystals that aren't longer than they are wide, that show no signs of having been broken

I love being decadant.
It helps me deal with the drakness.

I love being decadant.
It helps me deal with the darkness.

I forget what you have to search for on steam, mine is either Kaybe or Kaybe33, something like that. Charlie Brown profile picture.

yeah daily reminded i'm a genius at drugs lel

Well that was hot.

Hello dankness my old friend.

FUCK it's 10 and I gotta be up at 3:50 why are you guys keeping me awake

dank meme

No idea about that at all.
Anyhow I'm off for a nap, which I probably won't have time for anymore.

True, true. But, I don't feel at ease with that kind of person. Like I'm unworthy or some shit.

I'm straight, I'll pass.

Mmh. Me being the average otaku nerd, it's going to be quite difficult. The worse is that she seems to be into this stuff, but there is no moment that can lead to a conversation on this kind of subject.

With the big "AAUGH !" ?

When will you accept you're destined to be forever alone?

You develop social skills during childhood not adulthood.
If you missed out on learning such a skills give up you mudslime as it would be like trying to learn a new language it just wont happen.

No, sounds gross to me.

Bingo bango that's the one.

Time to lurk.
taking my feels out on gaming bystanders is dabest

*pets gently*
dream well~

you'll get over that as you grow older.

Dude, it doesn't matter how much of a fucking nerd/loser you are. You've got shit your interested in, and she has shit she's interested in. Mix and match your interests. Find out more about her. That might open her up to you.

to tell if a crystal has been broken or not, check for concave angles.

they will only grow with convex angles, but will break along fault lines where impurities are densest, which will result in concave angles.


Tell her how much you fap to jap cartoons, she'll think you're super alpha!

Too bad you gave up on your credibility the moment you said the word "muslim" with your terrible orthograph.

Oooookay. Invite incoming.

I'm 23 already.

I tried already. I'm kinda afraid that it was what caused her to grow silent in the first place.

Your airports beg to differ.

Or maybe she will start breathing fire and he'll wake up from the nightmare and realize that he still hasn't talked to her.

you need more knowledge
you need more experience
you still have many more years to get that.

How did you get out of middle school with this kind of logic fallacy ?

I hope so. I'm growing a bit desperate.

Desperation changes you.

maybe in good ways sometimes? makes you less reserved and more outgoing, possibly more flirty for the ladies. you'll find many other possible positive changes going on too.

but it's a thin line.

How did you get out of elementary school by believing the nonsense that you do?
Look, like I said before quit believing the STUPID shit the rest of these retards have to say, they are in most likely the same situation as you and purely deluded.

Socializing is a SKILL, you aren't born being sociable you experience it through childhood practice it and eventually master it by adulthood.
A freak like you who missed out on those ever so developing years CANNOT, WILL NOT ever form the necessary social skills to converse in a meaningful way to people who have long mastered it.

You need to accept you're a failure, nothing more. Everyone else here is peddling false hope to you.

Who here is Sanpaku eye masterrace?

Join me my brothers

Mine are below tho

Very thin. It rarely makes things good on my side.

I know you're just trying to make me kill myself. You'll have to be more subtle than that.

Kinda tempted to set up a grindr.

Sorry, those are facts blame your childhood and your parents for not pushing you to be a more social butterfly.

You can always end up like the rest of these faggots who have accepted their fate, which is end up going gay for affection and doing tons of drugs to help them forget the misery of being despicable scum.

Remember, socializing is a skill so even IF you met someone with the same exact interests as you, you will always ruin it through the sheer fact your skills aren't on par with the person you're conversing with, that is it.
You're done, case closed go gay for dicks.

but when you do find the rare gem diamond in the rough
it will all have been worth it.
and she will become all the good you will ever need.

is that lights?

This is what deluded retards actually think real life works.

Fate, God or whatever can go suck a dick.

You know, my ex looked a lot like Pharrah. It's alway bittersweet when I play her.

Do you not recognize Phariah yet?

i should just let justice rain down on you from above~ ;3

you know what line from that stood out to me?
"Get back"
hearing that sound funny when she clears the area.

Haha. Yeah. Funny.

This shithole is fucking garbage.

Play her more.
until you get tired of her. And then you find a new lady to fill your life.

i found Mei ! ♥
then i took a break and found Mercy~
and then i met D.va

Categories 2 and 4 are generally the same. You can group them and make things look better.

Tracer and Widowmaker are still the best waifus IMO. Though I'm not sure you'd stay alive for a long time with Widow.

Speaks volumes.

A list of 4 is better than a list of 3.

So deal with it.

Find a better vantige point with her!

no matter how far it is.
as long as you can spot the pay load, your good to snipe from anywhere on the map!

yeah tracer a tricky little bugger...
sooo much to keep track of... even time itself with her. you could end up re winding yourself into a sticky situation! so you have to always remember your last 4 seconds as well as where you're going to attack 4 seconds ahead of time!

argh... Tracer...

3 is a perfect number. And making long lists of redundant things is a lazy way of trying to make yourself look convincing when your argument objectively lacks substance.


A bit like your conversational skills in real life.

How about you shut the fuck up and quit being so autismal over trivial shit and maybe then people wouldn't give you a dirty look every time you open your fucking mouth.



phraih pretty beutiful casual tho rite? ;)

You seem a tad to passionate bout this game. What's your level by the way ?

Can you give us a demonstration of deep interesting conversation topics then ? I'd sure be glad to hear that. But if you don't want to answer, that's fine, that would just mean that you're once again bluffing to try to make yourself look better than the rest despite the total absence of proof.

in the Beta i got as high as 27!

but right now? Zero
since the game isn't free.

Aw. That's a shame. but I enjoy playing it a lot. Though I only have one friend to lay it with.

Deep interesting conversations?

From what I've seen its everything this "theseius" faggot says.
Which is just him spouting nonsensical bullshit in a forced cutesy behavior devoid of any fucking personality or rational thought.

Lots of us here from NA play it and could add you.

but not as many are on the EU server of overwatch :(

...okay, usually I can tell when you're being mean on purpose (which means almost all the time), but there I can't really tell if you're being ironic or sincere.

I don't know if I can only play on EU or NA servers. I should try maybe.

you can just click the NA server option before you open overwatch
and play with all of us!

it'll just be a tad laggy... but at least you'll have thread freinds to play with!

am rekt

I wonder if the progression is kept though. I'll give it a try.





Gosh. It looks like I can connect on NA and keep my level and all the things I unlocked. Neat.

Isnt Mercy the one who takes all the dicks in the game

Easy, right?

now just add all the people on NA and have fun~


Well, first I'd have to know your names. And finish my exams because this shit would be distracting as hell.

Gonna learn how to blow up airports?


Stay cucked PCfags


ask them when they wake up during america hours :)

Enjoy your cancerous erping community

I shall do that.

Can't agree more. Though it's pretty ironic coming from the most cancerous one here.

Even i don't know some people's battle.net ID's yet.
Like scoots for example.



I'm chemo though you dick craving faggot fuck.

Isnt knroni going through parent issues?

I'm the straightest of the bunch here. You included.

That's a good one.

I'm the STRAIGHTEST you man child.
Your inability to find any pussy is hardly a sign of your straightness.

Ahmed do be quiet

Oh, I did find pussy some times. But since you never give elements attesting of your so-called superiority, I can assume safely that I am indeed better than you.

I have no need to Mr. Mudslime.

Your country is cucked and so are you, get bombed again.




Like in 2001 ?

And we invaded them soon after.
Fuck your country do???

That's actually Kroni? How did he ever convince himself that he's good at anything? Holy shit

Nah, we prefer spending our money on education and healthcare in order to have a population made of intelligent human beings, in order to maintain the democratic nature of our political system.

It's pretty hilarious


I guess shitting on the rest of the world is a defense mechanism. If instead he tried thinking about his life logically for one second, the crushing realisation of the failure he is would lead to a mental breakdown strong enough to kill him instantly.

USA has muslims too. Gasp. The horror. I'm sure you didn't even know that.

Intelligent human beings cause more problems than they solve.

I think it's because intelligence = power. And seeking power is often done for bad motives. So yeah, very intelligent people often are because they want to become strong no matter what, and it often means crushing everything on their paths. But offering an education to everyone, regardless of wheter they want it or not, can be a good way to stop these super-intelligent persons who just want to dominate.

I don't know man, seems fishy to me. Hitler had an education, you know. I think I'll just hand my kids guns and see what happens.

....I don't know which part is ironic and which isn't and it scares me a little bit.

With Facebook and reality television, they really raise themselves these days. Which is just as well, as long as I can afford the TV dinners and Dr Pepper I'd rather stay away from all that parenting crap.

i watched zooptopia!
and it was good to watch

I'll go for ironic because you seemed like an intelligent person earlier, but these days you see so much dumb stuff that you can't always easily tell.

True. Good movie.

It was absolutely good to watch. Who's your favorite character.

Who is your favorite character?


Well. Judy and Nice are very interesting in their own ways. Judy's determination and optimism are beyond refreshing, but Nick's sarcastic nature and his past make him pretty deep for this movie. Those two were great all along, but I'd go for Judy first.

I never know how to react to this. Sorry.

My favourite part of zootopia was the part where the fox killed the rabbit.

I like Nick the best. Dashing and smug are a good coupling.

with happyness?

Me too.

judy crying to fox guy under the bridge

Why are there always baby rabbits in those pictures ? it's like they can't give birth to baby foxes.

Dunno. Even if you were a girl I'd probably get all flustred and confused and uneasy

Judy cringing at elephant woman doing yoga poses naked

I am the stone that the builder refused
I am the visual, the inspiration
That made Lady sing the blues

Like the RHCP song?

I assume they're Judy's younger relatives, not offspring. The images I've seen with their offspring have been jokes about fox-bunny hybrids.

Bees keep getting into my room for some reason

This is the second honeybee ive found in my room this year
i got up to go urinate and moved my guitar case and there was a fuckin buzzer on it

Makes sense. Though the hybrid joke is kinda odd, even in the Planet Treasure those two aliens didn't make hybrids, but alternated between their species.

Maybe you should ask your parents not to raise bees in the house.

That's true, but in Shrek they DID make hybrids, so who knows what the rules are? And don't get me started on Ligers.

Clean your room.


wat is RHCP? ._.

no need to get flustered with me ^_^

lol animals wearing clothes..

Pretty strange hybrids if you want my opinion. But well, Dreamworks ain't Disney, so this comparison doesn't really hold.

Error 404 meaning not found

I'm always flustered in these cases. I can't deal with affection, except romantic one when I can recognize it

Red Hot Chili Peppers, it was just a pun off of that one song name.

But the Disney universe isn't constant either, so the line is yet blurred.

It's not even very dirty...........


Aww lord... I did some shit again, didn't I?


the shakira song?

All I'm saying is that maybe your dad doesn't need the WHOLE backyard for his Frisbee golf practice.

Yeah sure why not.


Fuck bees.
Fuck wasps.

I drank 12 cans.

I should be dead.
Oh well, I think I didn't do too much badness.

Maybe, but let's consider this: Zootopia is supposed to be an accurate representation of human society transposed in a furry world. In our society, everyone is able to procreate with someone of the opposite sex, and it must be the same in Zootopia, especially since it has such a heavy focus on racism. However, I don't remember seeing any hybrid in the movie, yet cross-species couple must occur frequently. So I think an offspring of such a couple must result in one of the species of the two parents.

Why ?

I'm used to having people bothered by my affection, and I guess I'm projecting. I can't deal with affection because it's like I've been taught that it's supposed to be a nuisance, even though if I think logially about it, I know it's not. Only "romantic" affection seems to be sociall acepted, that's why it's the only one I know how to deal with, but my low self-esteem prevents me from seeing it most of the time.

Naw, nothing excessive.

You're a very dirty person.


I personally think that cross-species couples are incapable of bearing children. They must either adopt or go through surrogacy. But that's just my interpretation, there may be an actual canon answer, I haven't looked into it from legitimate Zootopia source material. I'm not tempted to, however.


OH thank god.
I'm ordering a phall to deal with the hangover.

Never tried it, should be good.

Got drunk, I think I tried to make a drunken thread and invited everyone I knew into it because I thought it was a good idea.

God I was retarded.


you ought to enjoy


I find it odd that the creators would have never considered this case though.

Oh, yeah, I think I remember. It sounded indeed like a bad idea.


I should cap more asuna.

Shhhhh, let the dirtiness devour you.

Maybe they did. Even today, interracial couples aren't very common. Maybe they exist and we just don't see them in the movie because they're not common.


i remember the scene that's from~

Enjoy curry? Or enjoy my drunken hijinx?

Spiders, wasps, bees and deep water fish.

Hold me dude, I've did bad things. ;w;

Aaaaaw, but I'd love a black/asian/native american girlfriend

...I'm sorry but I can't understand what you're trying to say

I...can't hold guys. Sorry.

I'm fading

The curry, of course. phal is good.
I have neglected my curry mouth so I can no longer just ram phaal into me.


Ahh, an interracial man, I gotcha.

Are you interspecies?

Pffft, what are you, ghey?

Yeah, I always get something super spicy to counteract my nerves, and eat it slowly.

Mostly I think the best part of the curry is leaving it and coming back, and the massive bottle of cola.

Maybe one day... you'll be old enough to.

Almost sounds like Umaru lol

I don't even know why though. I think it's a mix of the idea of exotism, the contrast of skins, and the idea of love transcending every barrier, race included.

Quite the contrary actually.

No, I'm pretty sure that's because your sentence is not grammatically correct.

zero sleep and heat

he's choking

good morning animos

Hey grom

you are all bullies


Nope. I'm all fox, baby.

Every barrier, hymen included. How romantic.

Oh, I got some good advice after googling what 'phall' tastes like.

I need something anime and chill to watch too... slice of life shit, comedy, got any for me?

Welp, I'm disappointed.



The fuck is that... OH IS ICECREAM WITH NUTS!

Btw, hey Grum

chukin aegh

I'm nice

pistachio ice cream my man

I am a degenerate

Hi Grimbo.

good advice hot damn lol

not much, you?
I have the sudden urge of doing nothing at all.


nah you're just fat

hows your morning going

Hi Grim

I'm pretty sure the second line made no sense

...not really what I meant, but okay

Wuuuu ?

Okay, I need the source


More viable now it is summer.

Monstergirls bestgirls.
You finally posted a crop I don't know shit about, good job.

First you call me a skeleton now I am fat which one is it

it is sense

kinda, but I gotta go to amsterdam college tomorrow

Sorry, being difficult poopy brain as usual.
How be you?

Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda

It's not so bad, haven't slept yet though. Might have a Dilly Bar for breakfast. You?

damn straight wigger



Luka, you're starting to annoy me

Fine. Exams are killing me inside, but I'll manage. Maybe.

Yup, badfox linked me it
here's sauce

thinking about mobas with YOU

log on nigga

hello hello
see above

neither, im just bullying you

dilly bar?
never heard of it
woke up to rain
it was nice
had eggs with avo and seaweed, very tasty


I don't rp with you stupid fuck

dont give up now...
how will you ever get stronger. if you just go along giving up on every little thing...

What part of "all fox" did you not understand?

They're ice cream things from Dairy Queen.
I don't know what avo is, and seaweed sounds like something the things that I eat would eat, if I ate fish that is.

Grim reading doujins w/ badfox


Thanks Grim. Also, I'll never understand how those pushy guys always get the girls even though they're clearly perverts.

I've been trying to read the second part of your sentence again and again, and it's just...empty of meaning.

You don't eat fish?
Are you allergic or just 12


In real life or what?

oh well.

*rubs tummy*

le ripperionies

gotta make a good impression though
then see if I can get in


im a disppointment. and not even with it lel,


Both ? I mean, I don't understand flirting in almost all forms, so I don't know which part of those development in doujin mangas are realistic or not.

Yeah. Sorry.


Just do a little reading and be chill and you ought to be fine.

I don't care, get on nigga
we all started somewhere

is that....a kyuubei?

oh my god

Ty dude.
Watching after Oney Plays

Awww, don't worry, you'll get through it, just be sure to chill appropriately.

Snek colacia

Speaking of which, way too hot, but way too much of a pussy for a cold bath.

*Pinch nose*

Saying that I have the dietary tastes of a common American 12 year old is insulting to common American 12 year olds the nation over.

I humor them well enough all by my lonesome, don't you fret.

finna kick you in the spleen rn

doujins cater to perverted shit
never look to them for irl advice lol
its all fantasy

irl it's the confidence that women are attracted to

that and basic self grooming


Maybe. Who knows what kids these days eat.

* blue pills you *

I think it's more a problem of trust. I mean, I would RP. As long as I know my "partner" is a girl.

I chill way too much already !

But, this guy displays huge amounts of confidence. So I don't know what to believe.

Is something wrong?

You alone with your furries.

Oh okai, I'll do my best.
public work yey

Jeez louise, adachi
just enjoy the nekkid snek


shigger digger nigger


I haven't watched the anime or read the manga

*hides from you, me doing my thing, you doing your own thing*

Wut ?

I do. But I'm still stuck in my existential crisis.

I just want some straight sybering, okay ?!

*girl dances in L.E.D Shoes while an Oliver Heldens bassline plays*

The kids, I guess. One would hope, anyway.

No reason to mess with a good thing.

But I dont wanna leeg :(

Ice bath are goooooood


Then don't lol

Furries, you will like this folder

That's counterproductive



They act like animals.

Suits are the best

Always. Always....

You're coming dangerously close to racist territory smiles

oh my fucking god
stop being so delicate
do I have to reach into your abdominal cavity and physically pull your testicles down



Smiles is just a religious fanatic. Dont be surprised grim

Your bully rights are rescinded if you wont leegu

I thought being delicate was the best way to avoid conflict and general unsatisfaction from peers.

What a weeirdo.

I would have to try and save you from your degenerate ways.

I'm not leeg'ing right now. I don't want to. Please stop hassling me.

The don't hassle smiles~


at first yeah
but sometimes you have to be like
I don't give enough fucks to care
and just do you

If somebody is trying to force you to play a shitty game that says something about their shitty taste in games

And everyone who isn't a furry, because Zootopia is a pretty darling movie.

You would have to try, and you would have to fail.

I forgot how many good images this folder has. I think I'm gonna start using my Saber again.

I couldn't care less about their skin color or background. Their behavior is that of untrained apes, and they should be ridiculed as such.

Since race was brought up though, the black community has a lot to account for. These people breed a toxic culture of violence and civil unrest.

I haven't even started talking about religion yet.


Video games should be fun. When the fun stops. Stop.

Then.... lets talk about religion lel.

look how pretty she is in that suit~

His body movements are really interesting. Like something you'd see from a farcry villain.

Not spook enough.

Me fail? I don't think so m8.

Mmh. Dunno. Usually it would require some kind of emergency for me to do so.


Oh dear

It's a very complex situation Smiles, stemming from how they got into that situation in the first place, to the system that keeps the majority of them there
economic and cultural paradigms are strong influential factors

Yeah, he's doing it for effect because he knows he's being taped

Simply watch your peers and learn from them

Is there a link to the full video?

I don't have it :c

I have a hard time doing that. I wish I could integrate such things that easily.

To be honest, the black communities do kinda NOT help themselves in America... The whole "us" and "them" thing they do isnt very productive. Just saying.


i want a new fate avatar seen as though I feel like a stealer with saber. BUT WHO?

Wow, you're letting the team down.

practice makes perfect



I'm not a Fate expert, but I think there is a fox girl Caster, Tamao no Mae or something like that. I've always liked fox girls, soooo...

Yeah. I guess. Gotta try that.

How about no, I wont checkl my privilege. Yes I am white. GET USED TO IT

w e w fox grills awoooooooooo

Damn straight, especially with this poor performance.

It is a complex situation, and state, federal, and corporate powers have all acted to help alleviate some of the stain. The fact remains that they are a culture of people that look at the past for justification for their abhorrent behavior in the present. They are demanding charity, and claiming the charity they are already getting isn't enough. We have program after program in the States that is pro-minority, and yet they are never appeased. I want to see the black community to grow and succeed, but if they're gonna continue killing, mugging, and destroying their own communities then I have absolutely no sympathy for them.

Like what?

Damn that's cute.

I don't know, it seems like poor white people have pretty much the same culture you're ascribing to poor black people. Well, actually, you're ascribing it to all black people, but never mind that.

You can't exactly throw money at them and say
sorry for enslaving your people

It is on them to change, but our programs aren't leveling the playing field enough, imo

I stole Yui from another poster
Tomoko too
If they fit your personality or you think they are cute or just want to use some images to express yourself it shouldn't matter who else is using them :3


good job

I hope ur fucking proud

What happened?


I had a morning filled with cinnamon rolls and coffee!

It fell out of my hands

I'm being a bit general here just to make the point clear. I know that the only real privilege is class privilege.

You know as far as enslaving went America wasn't even the worse of it. Look into the Slave Trade and you'll see that South America took in way more slaves, and was just as bad with them. We don't hear about the Brazilian Government having to cater to the black community all the time.

I'm sorry. I do not know. I was merely interjecting with a ludicrous claim/extension of the "religious fanatisicm" meme.

As far as the whole race issue thingy is going. As an outsider and as someone not really in the know as far as american social policy is atm. Kinda feel like, if I were to offer my two cents on the issue that two things;

1) Yes, the treatment of minorities, black people maybe more so than others, do have a right to be agrieved

and 2) BUT because of the past shouldnt expect everything on a plate and get to blame "whitey" for holding them down.

I dunno, thats my opinion but it is easy for me to have that being white and apparently being privileged.

I just thinkt hat maybe all the communities ought to knuckledown and work together rather than blame either for issues that are going on.

I have probablies made a mess here so I will end this reply with a SMILES IS KAWAIIIII statement.

But Tsuchi, and now smiles use them. I dont like seeing others post my main girl so I would rather be respectful in that manner.

Eesh... Sorry to hear that. Time to get it fixed.

They are like Abos
except tehey weren't here first

Being a socialist, I would agree. Because red menace.

oh ew gross
if tsuchi touched it i wouldn't want to either

Also to be fair, my family and I grew up poor.
My father and mother were immigrants, one from the Soviet Union and the other from Nicaragua. I was surrounded by poor people with an audacious personality while growing up in Queens, New York.
The difference is that people didn't cross certain boundaries because they knew the difference between being an animal and being a man. Something that a lot of black and latin youths seem to be forgetting nowadays, and that's what bothers me.

remove abo

With the road
rough a head
and your miles and miles from your
nice warm friend
you just remember what your old pal said
you've got a friend in me

Just let them huff paint in peace.

my nigga from down unda

I grew up in Brooklyn

Yup, but this is about blacks in america

give us a smoke cunt

is an australian kiss a real thing

to be honest. I dont really know tsuchi. He just seems like a grump. *shrugs* but lol fair enough

If you don't want to be treat like shit, stop acting like shit.
If someone comes up to you in the street and shouts and bawls at you, how you gonna react?


Tsuchi grump
I'm not so grump

Is this Bryce or Steve?

like a french kiss

but down under

Not being grump is best.

That is B Rye


I am my own man.

It's not even about blame, it just takes time for that sort of economic recovery to take place, and that ingrained racial tension to ease. You have to remember how recently there was such intense economic discrimination against American blacks. I mean, we're not talking about the 1800s here, we're talking the 1960s and onward.

I don't think that comparison is very telling of much of anything.

LOL tokai thats lewd

Eh, not sure that's the case.



All australians are the same person using proxies

I know this. I have recently completed an audiobook on american history. And as I say, I am only on a little knowledge of the issue because of it. I mean it doesnt make me by any form an authority. But the black community need to understand that and be willing to be patient.
Given the first wavew of immigrants to the us took 3 generations to get into a decent economic position after arrival.



I think I'm cured now.

Good show~
Have some loods

Good god, I hope that's not the case.

I brought it up to say that they aren't entitled to anything. They should be happy with the cuddling measures that we've already implemented, and should now work more towards fixing their own communities.
Their entitlement mixed with their horrible attitudes is some of the biggest things holding them back.

Thank you lol

I'm making it clear that I empathize with their situation, but not with their behavior.
How can such a self destructive culture that they cultivated even be humored? They need to move away form that mentality before there can be any real progress.

There isn't one unified black community that you need to talk down to, you know. There are plenty of black people who have a nuanced understanding of cultural and racial politics.

You can't look at immigrants and say that it's the same situation as slave descendant blacks in America, by the way. That comparison is just asinine.



it killed the cat

It isnt my social issue. So it isnt my problem. Nice soapbox. How are you liking your white shame.

good point hereThats a big problem in the political game and I suppose just the general public of america is looking at minorities or even whites as a single group when in reality each is gonna be uniue and different, with conflicting p beleiffs and interests, although thats not to say there isnt groups out there

Has anyone ate spicy food high?
If so, does it feel more burning if you are high?

I have eatten spicy food while I was high and enjoyed it more than I was sober, but it wasn't neccesarily more spicy

I don't really enjoy spicy things but it was way better when high

Das cool, wish I ordered oily as fuck noodles now.

Oh well. ;w;

post it

I wish you guys had Gremlins, so we can send each other to jail and cheat constantly

That's the spirit.

Gotta go for now, I've been going lazy on my studying. Bye !