This is a very homosexual thread

This is a very homosexual thread.

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My theme is has bite your dick off.

I'm not gay

Ky thread?



also it's nice to not have to require dosbox or stuff to play a game for a change.

although at this point I'm honestly considering playing it again because I have absolutely nothing else to do and time is moving so slowly

i glanced at this image and almost banned you thinking it was something else

never used it



who is Swedish Fish ?

That is not me.

yummu yummu in my tummu
chef boyardee gets a strong 8 light 9

And I didn't even have to pay a dime. Checkmate.

-reaches up for his cupcake again and wipes tears from his eyes-

but it is me~

it sounds complcated...


Blow dimes out your ass.

-holds his cupcake with both hands and looks at you.-


Pull my finger.

official boo thread approved by ui




I pushed real hard, but no dimes came out. What a gyp.




havent seen you round before.


I love thids image so much

*feels bad and gives Sonata back the cupcake before heading to bed*



only top tier people reply to this post

how was everyones memorial day?


hello grim :)

Bratfest was delicious, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed.


-backs away from you, doesn't trust anymore-

You're shit, m8

I got angry at video games and then I got very bored. 10/10 day

I know.


dl finished bebop

*leaves it on the floor for you and backs away slowly as to not scare you *

*unzips trust*


wat is that?


-hides in the broom closet-


-hugs the sonata-

wats a memorial day? ._.

You know there are spiders in the broom closet, right?

get me some more sausages sonata

i'd play but i promised Luka i'd aram in league once i'm done eating.

just. try to enjoy it, it's double xp till the 5th since it's new. if you play it, play on opfor if you can(assuming you can still stack the fuck out of it and dominate 45vs25)
oh if you want money and not to actually play for the first while since guns are kinda iffy at the start, just afk in one of the building on the outskirts and lay down like you're dead. end game bonus for winning team is amazing if you play from start to finish(which should take about an hour)

you have anger management issue

It was just a prank.


itachi uchiha

Anything I unzip you just jump for huh?

there you go..


-joins in the hug-

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country's armed forces.

also veterans.

its basically an excuse to party like rednecks and BBQ

Too real, man. Too real.



-boops forehead-

I hate you

fill me up with it


lol that eye thingy new?

i havent seen that variation before.

oh we don't have that here.

You and me and the Devil makes three.

It was another ruse.

*unsheathes claymore and challenges sonata to a duel in the mega arena o.o*


You Are Already Filled, You Just Haven't Caught Up Yet.

you dont need a gun


canada has an armed force?

hell yeah they do. they kick ass too and aren't widely known about. my sister has a hella good contract making bullets for them all.

omg that picture is so sad.


but we have something called: "Remembrance Day

Maybe we should have a national "It Doesn't Get Better" day.


can she make me bullets?

actually just one

memorial day sounds better to me.

this always confused me


I guess a national cute anime girl day would have about the same effect.

chicago is fugged m9

i own several that shes made

Goggles told me to tell you you're a faggot

Tell Goggles that is penis is so small it looks like a third nipple.



shoutout to my boy desu


age is a very strange thing!

I like to sing along to that song when it's on tv



Which at your house is always, right?




Eat some Swedish Fish for a sugar rush.

Sorry, I'll never read anything you say ever again.

The message was for you, slab.

You stopped talking.

Messages for me are the best kind of message!

I am alone though.

I have no money!

Not even five bucks?

I have less than a quarter in my bank account rn


Next time should it be private?

What do you mean?


I think we should replace our inactive mod(s).

Maybe you can get two or three individual fishies.

I think you could stand to promote it to the rank of Private 1st Class.

My mod vote goes to the child abuse bots.

I'll talk if we go into the woomy channel.

so just moogs?

Smart butt.


My bad. I should have reported it. Although, I'm not sure how quick you would have been knowing that most of us are focused on this thread rather the Dashboard.


Spoils isn't here much either.

except they are. a lot.
you just don't know that at all and are simply assuming(dont do that)

Favorite dessert? I'm torn between key lime pie and really good chocolate cake

I don't care for deserts anymore. I just don't seem to have a sweet tooth anymore.

That's threadwise.

Rum cake is good I guess.

i don't think they should feel the need to post here to be a mod here. if all they want to do is stop by a lurk a bit without saying anything then let them.


I'm sorry to hear dat

b-but it has rum in it!


i like strawberry cheesecake

I wish I could eat cheesecake :c

Raspberry cheesecake gelato maybe?

German chocolate cake is also really good.

Yeah, well I haven't been eating much lately. I'm really depressed, thinking about committing suicide. My life has absolutely no meaning at all.

Maybe you can make some brownies with a special ingredient.

Are you someone I know? I don't want you to die either way, but if I know you I might be able to be more personal.

I feel like my attitude is the only thing that's kept me alive for as long as it has. Nobody's life has a deeper "meaning", man. You're probably just bored. You NEED to find something to do with yourself. But everything probably seems boring or not worth it at this point, I remember that feeling. Do you have a job? Do you go to school?

Isn't that kind of the fucking point?

Don't lie.
Your life would be completely unaffected if whoever it was did noose himself.

what if that user grows up to discover the cure for manletitus

they post here when they like and are from here.
say, if they see thread and it's got extra autism in it, i don't blame them for not taking part. maybe some times it's just people they dislike? then why make them post.
they do enough

I don't have a job or go to school. I feel worthless and don't know how to go out and actually get a job. Hell school got so bad for me I had to go get a HSED and that isn't even as good as a normal high school diploma (for what ever reason). All I can think about is what tomorrow will bring except, NOTHING ever fucking changes. I do the same things everyday. I wake up, take a shower, and shitpost on Holla Forums. I can't break the cycle because I'm entrapped in it. I'm dirt poor, don't have a great education, and likely will get kicked out by my parents and will be a bum living on the streets and most of all I hate myself for shit decisions I made in the past.

It's not a lie. If it's just some stranger I still don't WANT them to die. Even if it doesn't affect me a great deal, in this moment, I'm hoping for the best for them.

Nobody's perfectly good and loves everyone, but don't expect me to be so recklessly unfeeling all the time.

Don't bait me right now.

Do they even offer that at the shelter?

Because it defeats the whole point of transparency when mods and admins just act hush hush or coy about everything is obnoxious. As obnoxious as dickwaving about whatever e-power is going to their microdicks.

those sound really good...


add me on steam or send me a message if we're already friends and you want to talk

maybe I can help somehow

u can use a boo bully exemption card
but you have to have a conversation with nezi to redeem it

I'm speaking in pure pragmatism.
You say it'll bother you but really, it won't do much of anything. That's neither edge nor anything. There's just no way to have that must of a vested interest in someone so fleeting in your life.

in what way? if you want to know something about them then you can just ask me, i'm all for transparency.
you would rather them tell you "oh yeah so today i banned X amount of bots posting CP, please suck me off"? it's not needed here much at all because the only way rules are broken here are if tp or hal are drinking.

Do you have steam user?

go buy one! ^_^


As much as I don't give a shit since it's TP, that whole incident just makes Spoilers even more loathsome.
He pretty much was lurking and banned TP for something that was in no ways a rule violation. Then played coy when called out that it was him with repeated denials when he new exactly what TP was asking and using the flimsy justification of "I can do what I want".
If he wasn't in the thread to know the context of the post to ban over, why even ban over it?

my tummy doesn't like dairy foods

I can eat food that has a little bit of cheese, but cheesecake is off limits

get a not-dairy cheese cake maybe? :c

The world is going to spit on you and you know what, there is NOTHING that's going to fix ALL your problems. You have to take responsibility for yourself RIGHT NOW. There are jobs out there, and you might have to get one that seriously fucking sucks, but it's better than where you are. It may seem like a step down being in fast food or retail or something, but you are going to HAVE to bite that bullet. You say you don't know HOW to do it, well guess what, you're going to have to go to places, ask for an application, and WORK on it. And when somebody calls you, you have to go in there and make a man out of yourself and lie and play yourself up. Life is daunting. Death is much, much worse, and standing still in fear is just dying slowly.

For the small amount it will bother me I am willing to offer encouragement and advice. Isn't that small amount and the fact that I act on it enough? Of course I won't cry for them. I'll never know, and may never think of it again. But I'm giving them SOMETHING, and I don't WANT them to die. So don't call me a fucking liar Tsuchi.

oh youre gonna bring up TP being banned for posting a picture of Bard's place? they had no clue it was his place and he was also basically threatening him.
them saying what they want isn't up to me, i'm nto going to force them to say anything but if you want to know just ask me. i saw nothing wrong with it, they tried to say sorry and TP threw it away.
iirc it was at the start of a new thread and there was no context to it. the address of the place was posted 3 days before and they had not known. also it was reported apparently by Bard for dox so they did exactly what i would have done.

you can do better than that

not really sure if that's a thing, or if it would taste as good

I'm sorry, it won't happen again

please don't hate me ;_;

This is a good thread.


If you say so.

So freely banning over things that are rule violations is fine?
Bard posted his address.
That'd be like me being banned over posting a Street View of Test's house, the address of which has been posted in threads by him himself.
How is that in any shape or form "dox"?
It's Bard being a dumbass for posting his address.



It's rude to post someone's personal information without asking, even if they've done it themselves before. This is an image board controlled by mods who are also posters, so if it's something they consider a breach of etiquette they can ban over it. So what?


Don't meh me.

I am currently saying so.

meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh

Pick a better avatar, Nonon a shit.

Bard literally posted his address and TP used StreetView to see it and posted that.
In what way is that "personal information" if he himself posted it in thread?

dox is against the rules and so are threats, i see that type of post as both. however he did post his address just once and it looks like not many had seen it.
a "dox" is posting sensitive info of others. maybe the rule should be a little more strict and just be to where people can only self dox and never post anything about others?

i didn't know his was either because i actually don't pay attention to that shit, if it was reported as dox i would do something about it and expect a ban appeal(btw TP didn't make one until I asked him to so I could unban him)

not sure why the hell TP went out of his way to do something like that anyway. as said before, i saw it as a threat too.

At that point it's up to the discretion of Bard and the mods. I wasn't there so I'm not going to say if it was fair or not, but I am going to say that posting an address is not exactly the same thing as posting a street view of a house.

Stop already.

Why do you care? Maybe i'm a shit.

can confirm ban is a shit

How does Bard have any say in that?
He posted his address in the thread.
That's him own dumb decision that he should leave with.

Is all sense of personal responsibility dead?

No need to beat around the bush. You're ruining my posting experience.

i dont really understand the situation fully but if the situation was

"x posted address publically on Holla Forums and y went on googlemaps and posted a pic of x's house"

there is 0 legitimacy for a ban there, that's not doxxing.

mods shouldn't have to spend time digging through threads/archives to see it X was posted about a person already.
kind of actually want to change the rules so this shit doesn't happen more often and you use it as an excuse to get pissed at mods for not knowing. we shouldn't have to read every post every single day.

if that's how you took it then okay.
you can do better than this though

All the more reason for me to keep her then.

If he's not comfortable with a streetview or he feels it was made in a threatening way, he can report it and the moderator can survey the situation and do what they see fit about it. If Bard didn't make an issue or care about it, it would probably not be an issue. You may not agree that Bard should have a say in it, but I think it's pretty obvious that the mods of this board feel differently about that point.

if you're not going to at least read every post about it in this thread then shut the fuck up

Is this some catch phrase where you just try and claim a "win" without every arguing anything other than "ur rong"?

Smithers, Canada

Eagerly awaiting my ban

I've been saying this to you for a while not, it's a surprise it took you this long to catch on
It's in no way meant to be taken as "I win", that's just childish.

Now you're just being stupid.

This is pretty much saying "People should have no sense of personal responsibility for literally anything because the mods can just ban anything mean :(".

Why do you spite me so?

But I've been banned for that before

You're just doing the autistic "im admin now so my rules" thing after you bitch endlessly about everyone else doing it.

stop hitting me i said i'm sorry oh my god a;lksdg

something tells me it doesn't taste as good as the regular...and I have no idea where to buy something like that

I don't even know who you are.

It WAS ultimately a silly ban that accomplished nothing, protected nobody, and sent no real message. I just don't think it's worth making a stink about because it's TP, he can take it.

But you shouldn't feel obligated to do everything people on your mod team do. People make mistakes. Correct it, don't try to work into the rules "people are allowed to Google your house after you post it in public, but not POST THE IMAGE of your house". You're just putting yourself on the back foot here.

You asked me how he has a say in it, not whether I agree with it. I wasn't there, and I don't trust a single one of the people who was to give a fair and unbiased review of the situation.

It is possible that TP deserved a ban, and it is possible that he didn't. I do not know which it is.

Fool for admin. Down with the oppressors and such.

*to defend everything

Ban everybody for their own safety and equality.



Who are you?

Yet you still show me such malice. My feelings are hurt now.

I have literally no idea what this means.

He didn't even bother trying to get unbanned by making an appeal, he literally just bitched to a few people on steam for a few days until one of them gave him the great idea of telling a fucking mod/admin about it, this is when he added me and told me the story.

There's no threat and posting a random location alone is not worthy of a ban.

Explain further, please. I had been saying it before I was admin lol

today I touched my drumset after many months

It wasn't their fault for not knowing it was public info, was also posted in a somewhat threatening way. In the end it shouldn't even be talked about this much.
If people want to creep then so be it, as I said, I'm thinking of just making it so nobody can post info about each other overall.


Tell your roommate to shut their mouth about it before you take a piss on all their clothes.

reminder that he also told me he didn't give two shits about being banned because it wasn't an actual problem for him since he only really like to post on the weekends when he was drunk

stop making something out of nothing

oh my god, this is still going on? its almost been a month, is it really so important to so many peoples lives?

Exactly. Its the only way.

you haven't touched me in many months either :'(

That is where Luka lives

There are plenty of people who wish him ill

Surely there is a conceivable threat in people having that information, ban me

Well you tried telling me what to do.

Badfox had his name on a minute ago though.


le wine face

The whole tirade you had against BadFox, Luka, Erin, Chii, etc was that "muh admin/mod biases are ruining muh Holla Forums". And now you're mod you act no differently than any of them despite always trying to argue about every admin doing things wrong. It's just so hypocritical and the fact you are even unable to see that is truly baffling.

i would say people need to find better things to do in life buuut i am going to guess that is not going to happen


To be fair, I never knew about it before now. So I've made one post about it overall.

No, it's not important.


Whoops. Don't want to insult your e-peen.

Everybody except Kaybe that is.

Quit whining

If I had asked politely would the outcome have been any different?

Someone got banned?

My nocturnal nigga

you're punnish
but I'm the Punnisher


Can I ask a favor of you?

[generic greetings]
[dying conversation with a single letter response}

Let's just give a little overview of what I've done so far:
I'm a waste of a human being and deserve to die. Not just because of what I am but, because of what I've done. Just let my life end. I just want to fade away, be done with it all.

Yes, we can't ban poor Kaybe. Sweet innocent never did nothing wrong Kaybe. But that goes without saying.

the fact that it is still being talked about so much that you hear about it just now is sad in itself

Probably would have.

Look now I even changed my name for you.

Oh hey, Murder.

2weeks but yeah

rip dude. skype?

Okay so you posted the town they supposedly live in without any proof or really area in that town, not worthy of a ban in my eyes. Oh and that shit is public anyway, I do happen to know this as a fact.
You haven't said threatening at all and if you do it won't even be seen as serious because you're harmless.

I was happy when she was made admin and stopped giving a fuck. day1 I called Erin doing what she did. I was mad about Luka being mod because they were censoring people without cause and generally being a shill to move back to 4chan. I didn't have anything against Badfox until they started to fuck with certain people. Explain to me how I am doing any of that?
If any mod does anything wrong they won't even get a word from me, their account will just be deleted.
Come up with an actual argument about how they are bad and I will do something about it.

thanks babe, it totally makes me feel any different

you okay?

You're too kind.

What kind of question is that? honestly, no, but when am I ever?

got my black coffee an everything.


it's usually everyone else that does the one letter response thing.
the coffee thing isn't a clever prediction, since I drink it regularly, and saying this doesn't count as your prediction.
i learn a little more about people with each semi-conversation. it's not a totally bad thing.

What makes something public, then? That they themselves posted it and people know it? Sounds familiar

Then strike me down for my sins. It is a long time coming.

And you'll have to stay unbanned too, to ban anybody who dares go against the will of the populace. That also goes without saying. Our equity will cast a shadow upon all the land.

if you were trying to make me feel self-concious, gil

well done.

Yeah cool now tell me who you are.

as expected from an aspiring civil servant. simply.

ill recount a tale from a community i was apart of that had a "No doxxing" rule that was in a similar situation to this

This persons usename was his first and lastname backwards, and he openly told people this, but never directly said him name.

Ages go buy and a group of he and his friends get in a massive toxic fight with another group of people on the server, and one of them says "hey [first name]" and this leads to a MASSIVE shitstorm on the community, because this person being an intelligent person, decided to scheme with his friends and cause as much as a shitstorm about it as possible on the forums, causing the administration team to act.

Now for context the group of people who said this were some of the most hated people on the server I was playing on, they were winning the game basically better than everyone else, and they all came from another community so they weren't "originals" or whatever, they hadn't been there for years like everyone else.

The administration team decided to perma-ban this player for doxxing, which caused a massive uproar in the community from the silent majority as a whole who didn't really have any dog in this fight just because they realised how stupid this was.

All that happened was his ban was reduced to 3 months, and that was it. From this point on though, saying this players name backwards is a bannable offense, but only if the person with that name decides to cause a fuss about it, by virtue of statute.

Doxxing should be a bannable offense, I do not disagree with you, but it needs to be CLEARLY defined what doxxing is, If I post on here what my facebook is, and then weeks later someone posts a picture from my facebook that was embarassing or something along those lines, could I cause a fuss about it?

Allowing this means in the future, you'll have to follow this statute that you're creating. In a legal sense you're creating a massive clusterfuck, and either you say "it doesn't matter what I say goes, I dont think it was right to do" and that's a more respectable approach to trying to justify everything.

Fact of the matter is, it's not doxxing for someone to post an image of someones house after they openly post their address.

The line is blurry between what's doxxing and what's clearly the fault of the person, but right now this is the "i got drunk and had fully consensual sex with someone who i regretted having sex with after and claimed it was rape" situation that's going on.

So fucking change, jackass. Your transgressions aren't stuck to you forever. Stop being so edgy, drop the teenage angst, and stop being a toxic human being.

Does that really seem so hard? We've all done shitty things. I've done some REALLY shitty things, and you know what I've done? Left them in the past and I grew up.

Don't get dragged into the mod drama text walls.

lol drinking is bad mmkay?~

go outside and look at cute desserts~

I was hoping someone could summarize it for me so I didn't have to read all of it.

If only it were true.

You were the one bitching most about "democratic policies" and how it shouldn't be the admin, blah blah.
That's the part that's just so baffling: the fact you either feign ignorance or are legitimately not seeing the hypocrisy between ever fucking textwall you've had about "admin abuse" or overreaching of whatever you perceive their power to be when your entire response to this has been "my board, my rules", the exact same as everyone fucking else. It's just fucking sad. Or any of your constant Steam spam to whoever in power you kissed ass to at the time, trying to get them to act how you want.

Jesus, what the fuck?

You're awfully pushy.

Bard posted his address in the thread. TP posted a google thingy image of his house. TP got reported for doxxing and banned for a couple days by Spoilers. This was like two weeks ago.

The question of the day is "considering that Bard posted his address, how is TP performing an easy google and sharing the results doxxing?"

It's just a minor clusterfuck compared to usual, but it's quite divisive apparently.

assuming youre the same user who was posting here earlier. just wanted to check on you and see if i can make you feel any better/
what's got you so down?

They've taken pictures in the damn place and shown it off.
The difference is that I know it's public. You gonna keep being a bitch about nothing?
Would it be better if I just told them to delete it and not ban them unless they kept spamming it unless they provided proof that it is public as well?

See, this is why I like you, you actually write a lot but it means something and is important to how I would make my decisions. Thanks for this.

I don't count this as my board really, I may be the current owner of it but without everyone who posts here it'd just be nothing.
i mean i would jokingly bother Erin about shit but that was it.
this is nice though, keep pointing out more shit.

I calmed down a little

Good analogy at the end. Very fitting.

Yeah well I really wanna know.

also nice picture

that is so TP.

TP should have known better.

You spammed the mods of /aneki/ on Steam constantly asking them to ban/delete whatever you thought was breaking rules and got pissy if they said no.

Earlier? How much earlier are we talking?


Why you calling me a bitch yo? I'm just trying to get you to think a bit

You forgot already? Tsk tsk.

I'm going to bed.

if you mean by "my board, my rules" that i would do my best to make this place better then sure, you're right. if it ever comes to the point where i'm no longer good to be admin i'll pass it on to someone else either be it through a vote or someone who actually could do it and not let it get to their head.

if this were true how would you know this? i'm sure if i did this then they'd all be pissed and hate me. probably bring it up all the time whenever you bring this up too but nobody has because i didn't.

idk like an hour or so ago

Trying to get me to think about something I've already said a dozen times?
do you wanna just go in discord and talk this out? it'd be much faster than typing.

No I probably remember.



Two of them openly posted caps of conversations of you kissing their ass constantly then you flipping your shit when they wouldn't ban/delete whatever you wanted.

Ripperino pepperino

Nah, I'm on my phone.


Something along those lines.

maybe i just forced the memory of this out. strange.

we can continue here then or wait until you're on a computer again.

Not me.

Selective memory seems to be the reoccurring theme here. Or mood swings.

I'm not really interested in continuing, I said about as much as I care to say


Yeah, woke up to buy a pair of festival tickets, and then they were gone instantly.
I had already told the other person to get them earlier from a physical location where one could actually get them before all of them were gone.
But you know, never trust anyone to do what you're telling them to do and do it yourself.

she's pretty~
*pets gently*

oh well

reminder that i'm literally one of the people who caused a shit load of people to move from 4chan to Holla Forums. lol i never thought about this before.


greetings friends


Bored of Overwatch already?


Shhhh, luka.

So what's all this about bans?

That's probably a dude.
And they probably hate you like everyone else does.


What kind of festival was it?

I don't.

me on the left

i am literally playing it right now lol
i have come here to recruit more fuckers to play with me because my usual lads went to bed

ban come play overbotch

lol got em

oh... okay

Fucking contrarian.


Well fuck you too then

Give me like 30 minutes

Now show me your pearly whites.

Hating people is boring.

Bebop is an idiot manchild.

Tsuchi if you manage to come across one of those screenshots then please do send them to me.

somebody posted there address here and 3 days later someone posted a screenshot from google maps of their house and asked "which room is yours?"
the person who banned them did not know it was made public a few days before

Music festival, just a whole lot of different artists, biggest one probably being Major Lazer for the day I was trying to get the tickets for.
Shit happens though.

i still love u its ok

message me on discord when u reddy

this tbh fam

Sic tyrannus semper

I lost everything prior to like last October.
You can probably guess who.

._. pearly whites? >_<
sounds lewd!!!!
you mean teeth?

omg... you mean a smile! >///

Muh freedoms

the only person who comes to mind is somebody who didn't talk to me much back then. not a clue

I'm going to Vegas in a couple weeks, so don't get any of your misfortune on me right now.

Well this is something I have explicit experience with, in multiple communities. The idea of doxxing really wasn't even an issue until the past few years.

On the internet we've come a long way, and it's a quite interesting thing. In the past, communtities would be run by oligarchies and everyone was completely fine with that, and if you weren't you didn't matter, or made your own new site, and the free market would simply decide which site was better.

On BBS and Forums in the old days, the admins could basically do whatever they wanted, they'd fuck around, and enforce rules as they pleased, actual rules on the site were pretty limited, and the most common rule that I ever saw was "RULES ARE LIABLED TO BE ENFORCED AT ADMIN AND MODERATION DISCRETION AND THESE RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME"

Forums and BBSs were seen was friend groups and if someone who was a massive faggot came and and was a massive faggot they'd just find a reason to ban them, eventually for some reason it go to the point where people would cite 'muh feelings' and eventually banning someone required an excuse, so they'd sit there and wait for them to do something, then bam goes the bamhammer. As time and time has progressed and as the internet as a whole has enlarged, we'e gone from dictatorial discussion boards to the expectation of complete transparency and free speech on everything, no matter what, always, and anyone who doesn't agree with that needs to be DESTROYED.

It's quite ridiculous honestly I preferred when the rules were just guidelines of what will probably get you banned, "so don't do it, but if you're a faggot whatever, have fun getting banned retard, I don't care."

So at the moment, I'm not going against your decision, honeslty I probably would have done the same. The issue here is that stuff like this is biased and prone to be enforced on a case by case basis.

You either have a Reddit approach in which subreddits will generally try and cite rules and change the meanings of term to fit their bans, or you have a early 4chan and SomethingAwful approach where you can get banned for whatever and it doesn't fucking matter, posting is a right.

I'm not taking sides here, but as someone who studies law and loves to find loopholes in communties and break them, then kick up a MASSIVE fuss about it to create huge controvosy, discourse, and at the end of the day, discussion. I have a lot of experience in this effect. Finding loopholes and exploiting them is what I like.

The thing I like about the moderation on 4chan is that they don't give a fuck what you think, and it's not like its particularly hard to evade a ban there anyways, I used to get banned more than once a day for my antics on /vg/ and have gotten permabanned a few times. Yet I still post. Because it doesn't really matter.

I'm not sure what you would have done, but when I've run communities and I ban someone, I generally just see that as a slap on the wrist, and I 100% expect them to evade it, and if they're too stupid to, then they deserve to wait out the ban. It's more of a progressive thing.

I guess I'm rambling a little bit, but my point is boop you either have too options that I think anyone in a position of power should be transparent about; be transparent in enforcing rules and codify them so there is a CLEAR distinction on what is and isn't whatever the offense is, and have actual guidelines for punishments. The other option is to define the rules loosely and enforce them on a case by case basis, and then if any discourse comes about from your decision tell them to fuck off and create their own board if they want to, and if they do and it becomes more popular than animus, c'est la vie. Who the fuck cares.

Do what you think is best, but personally I believe in the SomethingAwful approach to site creation. Oh and for the record, I'm talking about old SomethingAwful, where you could get banned just for saying something a mod thought wasn't funny, and the ban messages would always be hilarious.

Be consistent in your inconsistencies, or be consistent in your inconsistencies. There is no line. It is a binary, anything else is dishonest, and dishonest will never win you the favour of the masses.

At the end of the day, posting here is a privilege, just like any website. If people don't like your moderation style, then go somewhere else, thats how Holla Forums came from /aneki/ which came from Holla Forums (i think) right?

And to the people protesting and saying boop should step down, just fucking make a new board. The truth does not fear investigation, and virtue and honesty will triumph over all. If you're on the right side of history, then everyone will eventually come to this board, and the cycle shall continue.

Sitting around shitposting about such matter solves as much as twitter hashtags.

Liberty, or death. Fiat justitia ruat caelum.


Calm down, lass.


I'm having anxiety from thinking about skyping right now I can't I'm starting to panic inside


they dont know what they are missing

And I'm dead inside


Death to tyrants.
Demod spoiler.
Deadmin bebop.
Animus will. Be free.

thats a funny pic

The thought of you constantly being carded to gamble or even to see a stripper is amusing.

My limited knowledge of Latin tells me this means "Flat is justice".

Don't try to tell me it means something else.

Well, have fun.
I'll just probably see if there are any other festivals going on or wait for the biggest one that goes down in the capital.

I wish I could figure it out now, but I'm just missing sleep.

Will do

That's it, we riot.
Time of shitty overlords is over


Now let's have that smile, dear.

It's hilarious.

Bebop is inept
Spoilers is corrupt
The modteam are corrupt nepotists


Only time will tell whom is on the right side of history.


thus always to tyrants

I should be a mod

You poor thing.
Have a few hundred set aside to just have fun gambling with?

Change must come through the barrel of a gun.

Did you give that cat a butthole?

Make scarlet/boo/Luka/tokai mods
Make animus great again.

Fight fire with fuhrer

Yeah, a token anime animal butthole x.

I have no idea how much I should really take out of my checking account. I guess 300 for gambling might be right?



Everybody wants to change the world, but no-one wants to try.

-holds up a chocolate and raspberry filled scone to you-

Not pearly enough!




Desperate times, test.

tbh tokai is a fine choice, though i am biased on that

then NERV happened

Mod; abuse
Admin; abuse
The system; abuse

I never voted for these shitters

r a w r ~

Tokai is the only one I'd be fine with 90% of the time.

Just hide under the bed if he's too drunk.

Exactly. I am complacent, and I am aware of my complacency, so I do not complain. Those that complain but do not try are dishonest, and change never comes from words.

I actually made Sloppy Joes and added a bunch of cheese to it but not too much to give it a sticky cheesy texture, and I'm dipping chips in it, and eating it like it's a dip.

Fucking 10/10 man.

Everyone else in the house thought the idea was disgusting, me and the bae are loving it.

You don't vote for anyone.
Posting is a privilege.
Change through action, not through words.

Better, but you could use another thorough brushing~

I know where bard lives
Pipebomb time

Yeah, that's not too little/too much.
Just enough to have fun trying to gamble but not actually enough to break you.

brushy brushy time?


If you come to my town I'm gonna make like kanra and make you into a wallace you feel me

rip scoots, inb4 ban.

-honestly doesn't like the sound of it either but is curious to try it. Wonder what spices you use in your sauce?-

Yes. Hard.

fuck that! i am just going to hide on the bed preferably with tokai i volunteer as tribute


I am going to quote the Lt. Col.
"Violence is never the answer, but it sure as hell helps."
But I won't disclose my own opinion in this, because I can't really care.

No, see normally you want to be on the bed with him.

But if he's drunk he's liable to start beating you with a bible or pull out some Napoleonic sword or some shit.


How a man that homosexual is religious baffles me.


Witness me
Its a nice house, shame I gotta murder your fam fam

I'll attempt to not lose it all.

you ever seen that movie pulp fiction
I'm gonna gimp you

i am pretty sure i can overpower tokai, especially when he is drunk.... not sure about a sword but worst case scenario just hide the swords first

No one really "wins" at gambling other than the casino.



TP says Wallace lived in your basement and that this is not a meme.

But it would be nice if I managed to walk away not too far down.

manwhich + ground beef + melted cheese | all together in one big bowl and just dip chips in it i

its no different from eating it on a burger except u use chips to consume the meat. this is basic food science which I know ameuterally at best, but still a bit.

its the same reason that you could dip pieces of bread into bread chips or anything and it would taste good

carbs are good and take on the flavour of the thing, but exemplify the the good parts

delicious tbh

That image is glorious.

Hard enough that you feel it kissing the entrance to your throat.

At least you're still have your wallet and not syphilis.

Ur dead kid
I know where you live
I've watched your sister


the tooth brush only brushes the teeth.... i don't want to gag.

Struggles snuggles.

im gonna tie u u p and rape ur asshole

u rite

I'm going to head off, need to wake up tomorrow. Later.

Then how are you ever going to get good at...

The snuggle is real.

Don't shoot up some place.



oh u~


-makes a homemade sauce for you out of molasses, ketchup, worshteshamishire sauce, dijon mustard, fresh cracked black pepper, cayenne pepper, a little smoked paprika, garlic and onion, and waters it down a bit so it's thin enough to cook the beef in a slow cooker but will still thicken considerably-