Am I doing this right ?

Am I doing this right ?

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No, do it over and don't fuck up this time.

He like Canadian girls?


I miss streaming

Really ?!

Where did I go wrong ?!

You did alright, I guess.



That depends.

What day is your birthday?

Brb making foods

Mm I remember now! That's sounds actually really nice, grats on your promotion

Alright, I don't really know about myself, I kind of do that only when drinking and haven't really drank in a long while.
True, "achievement get" feelings.

It's spelled Да, you uncultured swine.


Thank you. I was kinda afraid for a moment.

Urgh. Personal information. I'd be easy to find with that I think, so I'd rather not give it.

Hairiest women in the world.

Y-you uncultured s-s-swine!! >///

Loco stream dick

Back from the town's hall.

To summarize, everything's corrupt as fuck and there's nothing we can do about it.

Now you get it!

Is that an objective fact?

I would have guessed somewhere in the Middle East where they're covering themselves all over, so no reason to pluck or shave.

I don't actually want to know, anyway. I'm making a funny. Calm it down.

A stereotypical fact.

I kinda figured it out. I was merely prolonging the funny.

I'm going to fight them.
I found a new goal in life.

Become an anarchist.

You still won't be changing anything just like everybody else, but join the right group and maybe you'll get to blow something up.

Is that why Grim liked Wish so much?



I was an anarchist, until I wasn't 15 anymore.

Mayhaps lumberjack beards are contagious and the epidemic has spread all over the women.

Also Canada is like part French, and French women NEVER shave, so there's probably some basis in fact.

And then you found Napoleon's dick to worship.

Political anarchy would just create a soup for new governments to form. Maybe it is a good idea for crashing the current systems. :3


Most Canadians I knew hated Quebec, and the one Quebecian I knew said they hated Quebec.

So, the French ruin everything.

I'd disagree. Anarchism is the absence of structure, and while it can make sense when everything around you is corrupted, it's not a viable option for several reasons. It is even more destructive than a corrupted system if it succeeds, and it can't bring a system to his knees because you can't make coherent actions, and noting you will do with this ideology will seem credible.

I think you can only change this world by outsmarting it, and anarchism feels like the complete opposite.

I KNOOOOOOOOWWW *go ccry in the corner*



self immolate


hey bruh

The Count of Monte Cristo stream starting soon!

Leadership position ? What happened ? it sounds like a good thing.

Isn't hitbox for kiddies?

Bonapartism is a meme and dead.
Anarchism is still alive.

Could be yeah, but bloodless revolutions/coups can also do that.


My movie pick.

Remind me to stop writing essays here. I feel like they're not appreciated.


I literally said that anarchists won't change anything. You're preaching at the choir, face the pews.

You can't. That's the funny thing.

That show was SUPER FUCKING GAY.


Oh shit, I'm not the spookiest mofo

The trap sucked his dad's dick and I was like fuck this shit I'm out. bad. I totally misread you.
Still, I think you can change the world, even slightly. When I see how fucked up it is, making a tiny slightly bit better seems worth it.

the show gets better.

i dont even know who im talking to mate
i hope youre a bro though

I speak out of experience that it's rarely a good idea to do that.

I might come back to it, I'm just memeing. The real problem is just that not much was really happening except sexual tension, the plot was rather slow.

What an optimist.

its a really pretty and deep anime
watch the rest of it~

Writing essays or not writing them ? I can guess the answer though, but I don't understand why only short answers seem to be tolerated.

Not sure if sarcastic by telling me that I'm not optimistic with my "tiny slightly bit", or pessimistic and telling me that I shouldn't be optimist at all.

Why not both?

I started watching JoJos

Same, I started a couple weeks ago, nearly to the end of Stardust Crusaders.

Because it's effort, and most people's opinion matter so little that there's even less motivation.

I'm still watching Phantom Blood, I'm at the episode where he's fighting the undead Knights and Dio is an asshole

How the fuck do you do projects on AppVeyor

Some oldfag.

Dio is always an asshole and that's why he's great.

Sounds plausible.

Is that good ? No spoil please.

Mmh. I hope it's only the case in this palce. Because I have a shitload of things to say.

why isn't anyone talking about?

Not sure if I want Hammon powers or bullshit heretical Aztec vampire powers.

tell me your name
i remember oldfag anmes kinda well

It makes you go what the fuck a lot.

Talking about what?

Basically, if it's a textwall people find it annoying.
Except if it's ironic.

It's totally not Larf
It's Larf

Trust me, you want the second one.

It's a good story. It's fairly straightforward as far as good versus evil, you watch it more for the Batman like plots to beat the bad guys.

Also there's some real suspense cause the show is very willing to kill characters.

Ur ironic

About what ?

I like whatthefucking. I should watch it. But first I need to watch the parts the Monogatari Series I haven't seen yet.

Urgh. Sounds boring. I like talking and arguing

.Yup, should definitely watch it.

wasnt there gon be a tc


especially not now.

don't wanna talk about it.

me! ;~;

me! ;~;

I'm at work so...

And then I will rule the world?


Za warudo.

*zips mouth*

workin doot

Attention-craving as always ?

Yup. It's been a while since I've watchec anime. Mainly because recently I've been wanting to watch it with someone. Which will not happen anytime soon though.

Working hard or hardly working

Do you like continuously being called retarded, or to have every flaw of you not related to the discussion called out and made fun off even when false instead of getting to a point?

No one cares about you, slut.

missed you bruh
i thought that was just a random trip
how you been


No I was only kidding

Who even are you to call me that?

Workingly hard

I was talking about you with someone.
Myself. Because I'm crazy about you/


the rude life

Better than being completly ignored I think. Which is why I'm here I guess. I'm way too lonely.

You're always kidding in some way. Maybe you could be honest sometimes and grow a personality.

Who are you to think I can't call you that?

What about Erin?

You people sure have an obsession for getting cucked.

What a mean thing to say to your future wife

I'm Blood-chan. I get respect around here

I'm obviously insane about her since I'm abandoning my life here and saving up an absurd amount of money to be with her.

But she wants to be with Scarlet

I know who you are. No respect from me.

Then who are you?


Then you seek discussion for attention, not discussion itself.

crude laif

Your mother

Clearly I'm Izaya, can you not read?

Can you be more specific ?

I'll never marry a girl without personnality, maybe you should become worthy of me before considering marriage.

That sounded cute as fuck.

Please oh great Izaya, tell me who (s)he is, because I sure have no idea.

I'd say both. Discussing ideas is always interesting, except when it creates violence.

Spilling into oceans

Violence comes in many forms.
And there, I have not seen a discussion without a form of it.

we're sorry

my mom wouldnt touch a trashy whore like you

Are you my master?

I have ASPD... I can't into personality... I just mirror everyone I talk to

She was downing my cock like there was no tomorrow


Wow. That's depressing.

Working. Fucking jobs suck, man. Lost mine and am now moving back to civilzation.

nobody has and ever will
thats why youre stuck here dealing with your schizophrenia

Your mouth is watering, fag~

That sounds really sad. I mean, I'm sure you still have emotions and stuff, right ? Can't you just express them or something ?

shall we die

But perhaps you can find a discussion you want.
I'm only speaking from what I've seen.

dank reply

Well, I won't remain silent all the time. A pleasant conversation will probably occur at one time or another.

Too crude

Not really... You don't have to feel sad. I'm perfectly normal

You know I'm right

Optimistic, I hope you'll find it.

Just crude it

i know you have seriously mental problems that get really annoying

Are you actually from Belgium or is that a proxy?

that pic is pretty~ ♥

You're not the definition of normal. At all. Well, there are big contradictions in what you say, so I just assume you like messing with people. Too much for me to trust you.

I think being optimistic is a good thing. Pretty lies can't hurt too much. Ugly ones are dangerous though.

Nope. Really Belgium.

Let your dreams become memes

True, and you seem to honest to tell the ugly.

just meme it

nope im perfect ^^

youre not allowed to have it!

Okay I'll stop trolling for you. What would you like to talk about?

i'll save that pic too! :3


Do you happen to speak Flemish or is that regional?

Hoe belg bne nje

♥ such a cutie

Meme central


Sorry, I'm not sure of what you mean by that.

Mmh. I don't know. Basic stuff, things you like, what's you life like, I guess. You'll have to wait for next time though, I just finished a 15 pages essay I couldn't get done and I'm damn tired.

Nope, I only speak French and English. English as a foreign language. Technically I know a tiny bit of Spanish and Japanese, but it's really not good enough to really be mentionned.

Wut ?

I am incapable of "liking" anything. My life is fun I guess, it's really fast pace. And go rest

I don't really get why you'd want me as a husband then if can't like anything. And I'll go soon, I'm just waiting for a few answers.

Night lovelies,
Have happy tiems

Show me your tummy

where all the meme lords come together

You seem too pure of heart to lie like that.


post eyebrows

emergency delivery

Oh. Yeah, I guess. Urgh. I don't know. I really don't feel that "pure". It's scary if you ask me, like I'm trying to hide my own darkness from myself.

Post desktop.

I enjoy having someone there to wait for my orders

L-like this.. ?


emergency delivery




Maybe its maybeline

t-that tickles >_

...Well, you definitely lost any chance of me becoming your husband one day.

It's okay, I have others lined up

That's why I used honest first.
noone's really pure.

Shut up


-cracks up and falls to my knees- st-stoooooppp

fuck rose does so much suggestive shit
like a factory of sexual frustration

Tokai pls response

Get a job

We all make bad decisions in life bro

Yes, but they're all fixable to some degree.


I don't think you have a very good sense of observation.


Okay, sleepy time, good night everyone.

Where am I?




You say it like its a bad thing.


-kisses you on the cheek-

Sweet dreams

-hugs- you're in my arms, love. Who are you? ^^


qbittorrent is better.
Hi SD.

Shut up dog it's what you wanted



I was just checking the boardlist because I was bored and noticed that this board seems to have a lot of freaking posts for a board so far down in the list.


too lazy


#genx problems

Never heard of, must be some kind of a hipster program.


i didn't want this...

make a folder of your waifu... about 500 imgs and start posting!

You also need a name. I'm Blood-chan!

I don't care I have to go for a bit

Annoyed and looking to get out of the house. But I'm stuck here it seems.
How about you? anything interesting?


hnn.... -closes my eyes and enjoys your lips- c-come back soon, please...


Fug. Alright I guess I'll be on pixiv for a while then downloading pictures.

hurry back! also i have to go too.. goodluck!

They should have closed the tab while they had the chance.

Not really, just very exhausted.
Also I should get to bed since I need to wake up pretty early to buy some festival tickets.

Another soul claimed by the void.

tokai kan ik met je douchen

What? I'm jealous.

Sigh. The ride never end.

I have, like, five.

Yeah, and it's already 2 am.

The flames of hell burn eternal.

psshh, that's nothing, you need to drink all the tea you can and rock out to metal.

n-not in public like this !

Right, im just gonna go to sleep and hope i never wake up again.

Well I've already started downloading pics. No reason to stop now.

I feel like I'd sleep over the moment they start selling them, so that's a problem.
I'm just listening to some stuff I used to like years ago.

Sleep well, Echo?

Who is your waifu anyway?

Feels like I'm in High school again.
Anyways have a good night and try to catch some zzz.

Don't really have one, just chose a character that I already had a folder for and am building on it for convenience's sake.
>inb4 somebody else here already avatarfags as this character


I never really got black metal, but whatever floats their boat.
I know that feel, although that song by MCR reminds me of the first borderlands, crazy times.
Will do.

Steve Buscemi

Looks like literally every other avi here, you're good.

I dont recall anyone having her here to be honest.



God taste.

I'm surprised.

All yours :^)

So where have you been before here?



Is Ui around?

How about Grim?

grim is around

Good movie right?


no thanks necessary



go away, nobody likes you.


id take up a sword to defend grims honor

Well not to many places. I used to go to >>>Holla Forums but right now it's sort of started to descend into shitposting central where people only occasionally talk about and play vidya. I used for a month or so a while back and that turned out to be pretty crap. Other than that there aren't too many places I've been besides being a Holla Forumsack but I don't want to discuss politics where it isn't relevant.

Still trying to figure out what you guys do here though.

For what?


Well this is basically just an avatar circlejerk.
People hang out and shitpost and all kind of stuff.


Every god damned time

Insult each other and cyber RP.


oh you guys watched it?

it was for 24hours but got cut short by a few


I'm honestly a bit sad that it ended happily.

Alright you can stay.

I hate the girl still.

Oh alright. I notice that some people use trips and some don't. I assume that they aren't necessary and just for fun?


i talked to him for a few hours and we're already at each others throats.
he's fun

A movie suggestion you would expect from one with such exquisite taste.

Where were you?

The true lesson of the movie: Remember god after you do all the bad/fun stuff

Only if you want people to stroke your ego.
and ya pingas.

Look, it's easy to be pissed for Dantes, but his girl was just doing what really seemed like the best idea at the time. Assface was a "nice" rich guy that could raise her son.

She was a liar, but so was everybody else.

depends. i've been all around today. barely got any sleep. been home for the past few hours though.

picked it just for you buddy

wanna tell me the story

Then you missed it.

I prefer to imagine his face WHILE I'm doing it. More exciting.

I guess they are just for cosmetics


One rich guy goes bankrupt and then suddenly its the other guys kid.

Hated Wizard.

It's literally just having a username.

it's a very short love-hate relationship, our styles are very similar but that means we're a threat to one another

guess i shouldn't have expected a reminder.

for a second i thought you were explaining to Grim what had happened for me

i haven't orgasm like that in months....

how can white boys compete?

She told him he was premature.
The "sand sex" scene is where she got pregnant.


I agree it would have been a better story if he ended up killing her and the son, though.


holy fuck
every single time I have to tell you to stop being so fucking vague

and realizing his mistake after they died

would make it truly Shakespearean

I saw the Devil today, and he looked a lot like me.

Let's see him talking to God at the end of the movie after THAT SHIT.

Grim I think your dick would look better if you shaved

I cant trust a single thing this slut says.

It should of been darker.

throw yourself onto to the nearest sharp edge

after he finally learns to hang himself :^)

if you think the girl was in the wrong youre retarded

I mean if he gets lost at sea for a month we would have a sequel.

I'm not defending, downward descending,
Oh but the new site owner is a bro

Message me


Fuck summer

get some central ac


is that you?

What the fuck, don't you have an air conditioner?

Yeah thats him.




Fuckin broke, dude.

No, this is.

fucking rip

resort to buckets of ice water and insert feet into them

Get out.

Villefort is such a great character in the novel.


*unzips dick*

Sounds good to me.

I asked you to watch that movie with me months ago and you gave some lame excuse.
Shut up.

*unzips asshole*

League or Overwatch?

I didn't watch the movie just now either.
I just got home the moment I responded to the offline message.

Well I'll tell you right now that I REALLY don't want to play league.

You can invite me to overwatch.

That's for city folk.

Don't have ice trays. Too decadent.


Oh my so eager we are?
*fucks unzipped asshole. You like this*

and that's the story of how I lost my normiehood. I'm awake at night thinking back to that moment.

oh my

what type of chinese are you?

Just a second.

I'm not buying you overwatch.


I have returned with new wardrobe items^^

I am a Japanese Bike Riding Bug-Man


I thought you were alexis for a sec
and it was more of a guilty feel
cuz I invited feeders and tilted her last night

holy shit that gif is satisfying af

Post shoes.



I didn't buy any shoes x_x

I'm now the strongest nonon poster.

I thought you impulse buy a lot of shoes for some reason.

sure thing

Death walks among you.


Believe me, I wanted to. I was more looking for tops and summer stuff.

I got a super cute floppy sun hat finally though ^~^




How animesque.

No, no. It's utilitarian. My ginger skin will appreciate it haha

plz kill me

my sides

buy me overwatch


Fuck my ass



ily welms


Thanks for reminding me, I want a cigarette.

Yeah thats me

I would if you actually played it with me.

Shit, I'll whore my time for someone to buy me the lovechild of TF2 and [INSERT MOBA HERE]

I can honestly say I probably will never install it

sounds like desu

Then don't ask him for it.

Don't know you


Can I?

I did the same thing to you though

My scheme has been foiled

he already told me this

I cant be tricked

I am larf.

how could you see past my plan ?!


anyone else legitimately hate desu

Who is that? I can if you want me to I guess.

Magic or something

this slut

Oh, THAT slut. Gotcha.

hating animals isnt very nice...


Especially not rich old men.

I've had like 5 people ask me to buy it for them so far.. It's a little disconcerting.


Not used to feeling used?

Don't get rich by throwing money away.

damn ur smart

It's ok I wasn't srs


Buy me stuff instead.

This lasagna is burning the heck out of my mouth.

I'm not putting money in my steam wallet but ok pick something worth 1.42 or less

tfw opening posts never get any replies

tfw no presence

just akarin my shit up fam



Try making opening posts in your man voice.

you truly are my greatest waifu elma


Pick for me .

[hogwarts music]


p-pls x///x

I'm Slytherin. I think we did that quiz here a few times^^

I forgot what I got already.


Probably Hufflepuff ;p

It was gryf or sly

I want to get everyone it.. But I was told not to.

yeah yeah

Then why don't you? By who?

roman candle fights look like so much fun I wish I had friends to have one with.

Youre barely on anymore welms
how am i supposed to talk to you ;_;

I picked nothing

iunno. I'm still usually just like being in my metaphorical cocoon lol

4th of july has been a bad day for me since I tried to kill myself on 4th of july 2 years

what the hell man
why tell me this
i dont even know you
click this image



scary stuff bebop
feeling better?

I meant to add that I wish something good would happen on that day to make me able to enjoy it again but for some reason I forgot it.

Give me reasons to stay here.

I try to kill myself every fourth of July, luckily I've still got both of my hands and all of my fingers.


Let me in your cocoon then
i bet its cozy

It's fun.

Nothing anyone says directly to this should be reason for you to stay, make your own decisions.

Resolve, ultimately, must come from within.

Alright guys I'll lurk moar and shut up.

Buy me some shitty 99 cent game.

You have nothing better to do.

huh? who are you user?

Sounds boring, you should introduce yourself soon and take part in threads/

Do I really have to answer this?

A guy.


is kamuu still officially slut

- ͜ -

Quite the unusual gag order you're under there.

You and Tuschi are sometimes really similar you know that?

You say that about all your men

You don't have a name on "user"

kinda makes it hard to talk to someone i don't know anything about Mr. big shot "Anonymous"

It's a cocoon for one, baka~

♥ neru is here!


we can fit two i'm sure

Please don't burst the bubble x_x

I'm the one with the big hair and red eyes.

Not really.

Fine, I'll make a shit tripfag and lurk+post and try to follow the thread as best I can.

That cockoon sounds like a sausage party


it's okay my sausage is feminine rogl


it'll all be great

what kind?

neru make webms for me of my gameplay!


Kind of what? Luka come on, I'm the person you were talking to before.

;~; it's sad too see your name break soo often...

why do you want grim's throat?

blitz is funny

such effortsssssssss

I did a thing.
Why bring Grim into this?

What was the question again?

here~ ♥
i'll just give you the replays
and i'll just see what you'll do with them :3
whenever you feel like it.

because that's who you were talking about?

man voice

That's insulting to both of us.

If you're going to just beat around the bush again I'll do the same.



It's okay. You have more money.

gold digger

Oh, I wasn't referring to Grim there. My bad.

hi guys...

Well good.

who then?


I'm in an alright mood, so have some unironic attention.

What's up?

its true

The site owner.

I know, it's something I noticed early on and won't be helping any longer.

new thread

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