If we all went to an island for a week what would we do?

If we all went to an island for a week what would we do?

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murder luka

I think everyone would try to kill luka or something, so that's not a good idea bc.

Angles are below humans tho and were only created to serve us and god


id kill bc and luka then establish a senate



what happened?

how old are you going to be??

she'll bully you and call you a faggot for not fucking her :x

Angels are equal to us

Can I have a link to your soundcloud. I lost all my bookmarks when I got my new comp

What makes you think this?

Luka is such a nice person though...

My name is Ema

Lmao you really think you can kill me? I'll rip your head off

east pastries and read books and make a league team




anti bloodchan content is my favorite
i hate that cunt

we can only survive on fishing and hunting animals

That was SOTO

You better have a gun

I'm sleepy hurry up Bebop

I could make pastries to survive on too

I am not able to be bullied in person

me too

Church is all about the bible. Bible says angels are created to serve and humans were made in the image of God and we have free will. Satan got all mad jelly and fell from grace. You know the whole song and dance

you don't want me to write that much

go sleep


Well, bye kiddos. Until next whenever. Tell limes I said hi and to refer to the previous thread

seeya bro

I wanna check out your progress


whatever happened to limes? he's probably in prison lol

pacha wait


im talk to limes at this second
he just doesnt come here anymore

fuck off manaka

Goodnight everyone



Enjoy your travels mane I passed along your number
Stay safe out there and come visit sometime





Hm maybe I should call you sometime then

I'm not a very easy person to strike

i got my hat today

Thanks Bard

Mana ilu but I'm drunk and have to go will make a steam sometime soon and we will talk. Promise. Sorry about the thing

Same goes for you Blood

Bard I'll ask for that link again

Ok bye I need to pass out now so I can get an early hangover


im too self-conscious to dress/present myself in any manner besdies butch

it makes me embarassed

tfw nobody to dress me up like a pretty girl ;_;



zootoopia has been watched

1950s, here we come!


I's gong to bed nana =w=


Organize a fucking BATTLE ROYAL

Neru is a fucking furry now
not me
I still like plants better than animals


well I did have that dream about a polar bear

fite me 1v1

i'll wait.. make a reminder for tomorrow
have fun!

Can I fight you 1v1?

If it wasn't for bleeding heart liberals like Johnson and Kennedy, a Trump would have been elected sooner.

Let's be honest: black people aren't real Americans. Did you know the Civil Rights Movement was funded by the Jews?

any takers?

here, now stop wanting to fighr #mK撃^[Dk



use it

I worry about you sometimes

we gonna have to repeat the last time Americans came to the phillipines? :v]

blah blah blah
let's not talk politics kanra
im just happy to see you


Obama only legalized gay marriage so that he could marry his man of a wife.

When Trump is President, we'll finally have real First Lady.

Don't worry when you lose I'll make you a lady boy

Yeah I guess I could go for some crossdressing

And repeat it again.
I don't care

What size clothing does Holla Forums wear? I have to buy new clothes because all my current ones are too big ;__;

what the.. are you really saying "no" to me?

Please dont

you wouldnt be the eond dressing up u dummy

Waist = 32.5
Hips = 40
Underbust = 36
Bust = 38.5
Shoulders = 16
Height = 5'3
Shoe Size = 8.5 US Womens
Bra Size = 38C

idk what my sizes are but those are my sizez

Ban what just happened


i just want to feel pretty

i dont want a nancy boy doing that

posting sizes aren't against the rules

Fine I won't....
What time is it over there?


you better be buying girls clothes

I'm just happy to know there's a man out there that will tell it like it is

He'll tell it like it is to me
to you
to other world leaders
he'll find out what the heck is going on

He's a business man, is a tremendous guy, and has the best words.

11:42 A.M

Sup threader diggies~?


sizes of what


Another day.

Como estas?
Yo soy tres bien

Donde te amos

kanra pls

you illiterate


Muy bien, gracias~


Someone said you were fat. 32.5 waist is not really fat

I actually have to wear girl's stuff for a few things because I am so skinny

Guero tells me no matter what I have to pay tax on Overwatch

english only



ingles, por favor*

oye hijo de puta


I don'tt speak subhuman
You would know though

this is perfect


people say im fat cus i used to be SLIGHTLY chubby and they knew i was self-conscious about it

their bullying mad me go annorexic though, so now im skinny as fuck

pic related

LOL gimme dem (You)s, brah

Whats your day looking like eh?

I'm sorry.

Sup girlie




I just got in. Was with mah girlie all day :3

Not a whole lot mang. How's it been?

Thx bbys

You are just top heavy ish

Actually depends on your state


anytime boi>>1029141

what does top heavy mean

are u saying i have big tits?

1 of 2 without states without it
he said it didn't matter so I had to prove him wrong :^)

did this nigger just call me fat because i have big tits and he thinks im a man or something

i cant tell

It was probably the penis throwing him off.


its fine
id never be mad at you~

i live in california so i have to

Good good. Been going hard and headed out to LA next week

he's saying your upper torso is chubby but you look pretty good for a ladyboy

You are fat though

Your arms /shoulders/tits are larger than your thighs/hips/calves






they really arent

lol ok

its not tho
those are just C cups

thats my shenis





Well, nice seeing ya around. I'm g2b tho. Toodles~

how the fuck did u manage to save it upside down

what the fuck

A dick.

Sweet dreams cutie

Nice flag. Maybe it was the angle then. Not as prominent in this pic

I never asked for this and why is it upside down?


I can't tell if I'm looking at a person or beached beluga whale



Secondly, everyone is fat to me. I weigh practically nothing



i have a message from senpai ui

"ur all faggots go outsdie"

over and out 10-4

yeah its just the angle

i dont know how to take pics that show off what i actually look like

stop trolling me RIGHT NOW
*unsheathes katana*

I bet i weigh less than you

no idea

how straight are you?



idk wat is hapening



fuck outta here

i love this woman
who is it

I'm out.

I am 135-140

Pretty straight

ya but the original image isnt upside down

how did that even happen


google.com/search?tbs=dur:l&tbm=vid&q="moretta cox" -youtube

see you

fug you beat me
how tall are you

what's your type of boy?

Probably Obama

he likes turning things on their heads

like America.



Nezumi left the room.

Only 5'9


would you make love to a clone of yourself?

you missed my post
quit being rude

Tiny tiny
5'10 150 here
How much do you excersize?

at least you'll never get mad at me

unless you're lying

people do that with me

they think it's okay

im kinda robotic honestly
i dont really see the point of a lot of emotions besides love/laughing
so i try not to really have them
i cant control being sad tho

Wy don't you two just fuck already

this guy has been a professor of mathematics

has a PhD in engineering

and now works as a model

working on it mate
its really rude to try and disrupt your bro's flirting


Yeah, I have fapped to myself before

Daily if I have the time. Usually ends up being 5 times a week

he's so beautiful it hurts

i prefer interesting emotions

i get tired of the same

of course love is the best one

over the short time ive been here you have shown more emotion than a bipolar girl on her period, thats far from robotic


lol nice to see you back and angry like the teenage girl you are again spoilers

you get tired of an emotion?
i would never get bored of being happy or in love
it's too much dopamine and shit

Love isa terrible emotion

angry? is that what you see pointing out observations as?

there are different kinds of happiness and love

maybe mine at the moment is boring

love is terrible in that it exists,

but sometimes you don't have it.

Most emotionsa re troublesome
I am envious of those who have a dulled sense of feeling

i dont even remember what i did to make you so whiny
stop replying to me lol

are they? i havent really noticed
maybe i make things too simplistic huh sweetie?

id have to say right now you are the one that sounds really mad

ur still going btw

you clearly want me to stop to replying, so i wont the more i do the further into these emotions you "dont feel much of" you go

like my pet

you just overthink things less

I overthink all things


it helps that I end up at the right conclusions


I guess you proved me wrong
I don't think I can be envious of somebody I look down upon

people who have dulled senses of emotions tend to live erratic, inconsistent, harmful lives

on average, they make up the abusive fathers, repeat offenders, and jail population.

there are a few that are dulled and very intelligent. these people are in the VAST minority.

i see youre an angry teenage girl and therefore need the last word
go ahead have it lol
reaaaallly dont care

Opposites attract, dont they?
that should be a good thing
but i too also arrive at the right conclusions

Still, at least they can have benefits with being a bad person and an excuse to get away with

whatever you say, im sure someone somewhere believes you cant say much for their mental well being but its still one person

opposites don't attract

that's dumb

love and attraction doesn't work like that, no matter how many times people say it

psychopathic personalities. yes.

And Blood isn't one of them.


Most girls ive been with have been total opposites of me
same with a lot of my friends too
i know thats anecdotal evidence but it seems right for me

she doesn't jump up on me like she used to

I miss that.

and how did that work out

because in my experience, people who are alike tend to gravitate to each other,

and if romantic relationships are the extreme of friendship, it'd be dumb to date the opposite of you.




It was gross anyway.

most relationships worked out fine
all my friends are still my friends
idk where youre going with this

I tried to watch this. I am simply incapable.

watch this instead




I doubt your friends are your "opposites". What brings you together? Presumably similarities, not your differences. Of course everybody's different and a healthy friendship can survive differences, but that's not what they're built on.

She stopped since I started bashing Trump.

That opposites don't attract.

Someone outgoing and someone very shy?

Someone very clingy and someone very distant?

In what situations do these things work?

Magic fucked

lucky you
not me
I only have like 2 friends left

I wonder how hard it'd be to ride a motorcycle with that on

Man I wish I could play Dark Souls

not interested in arguing w/ you test

i dunno
dont really care either
that's the people who im with though
whys every conversation with you gotta turn to you tryna make an argument out of it

make that 3



You're very sweet really
But I already have 2 friends

You make it sound a lot more aggressive than it was, man.

back on the NEENEE list

Because you say things that don't make sense to me, I offer my reasons for disagreeing, and you don't defend them.

Or you call me a brick.

Braining and thinking is what I do.

-spins in chair-

i want to get dressed up in pretty clothes !!!

and maybe get princess carried

Summer Breeze
makes me feel fine
Blowin through the jasmine in my mind


Don't you have a girlfriend?


my gf cant carry me..

this is prom all over again!


I just dont know whats interesting or appealing about arguing with people and throwing bad connotations at each other
it's annoying that its all 90% of people here try to do

Thanks Grim :3
Think it'd look better with a different animal tho

That's why she gotta start lifting.

ive been saying this for ages. whats the point





It's not arguing for the sake of arguing. That's called being eristic.

the fact that you think it is is part of the problem

it's arguing to figure out what's right

what the truth is

and to learn about why other people think the way they do

I find some arguments can bring people closer together.

When you don't call the other person a brick.

are you that autistic that you'd act like a cunt even when i agree with you?

jesus christ

bebo didn't get one cuz he was afk

nerd got rekt

we were literally talking though lmao

Sometimes it is healthy to argue for the side of an arguement that you don't agree with simply to see the logic and reasoning behind it
this is good

[email protected]

better luck next time


what was the whole thing about you sending pictures to a 15 year old? like two people reported it but i couldnt find shit in the posts about it

I agree wholeheartedly.


all you do is talk about yourself
you remember that person in /lewd/ who would only talk about their boyfriend?
youre like him just a little more vague about your topics
i dont wanna have a conversation with you since youre only interested in yourself

i think what's a problem?
what bricks
i hate arguing lol


Lexi: you got the best nini by the way

I operate on another level

I'd wear the frilliest bathing suit possible or pic related and never come out from under an umbrella

you two are basically efucking at this point

i dont only talk about myself
the only thing you ever talk to me about myself
because you're a vapid low IQ teenager
hang yourself


okay? im not the one that reported him, jeez i didnt even know it was bloodchan

Oh... that's a problem.

Because that's all I do.

give reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea, action, or theory, typically with the aim of persuading others to share one's view.

I didn't report anybody


It's also fun to occasionally just share a laugh with people or ask them about their day or support them when shit's hitting the fan, you know.


lol ok bruh

i know its all you do
i know that very well actually
but 90% of arguing doesnt involve evidence citing anymore

"wake me up"

rip guero

I've been pretty popular with internet girls lately.

im serious
legit get a rope and hang yourself
you're a fucking retard

does he photoshop the birds into these pictures? or edit some of them out? or what

Bard is a coot internet girl

god hates fags

I love shooting the shit
it's all I do really

yeah that one is ps'd hahahah

I'm only into girls now.

What's it like believing everything you read online?

I've tried it before and failed miserably.

I have been lazy. I have to work on that.

You people need to be educated.

I think I can help.


no one said you did? im starting to remember why i dont post a lot

thats what i thought
he's pretty good at it
what the twitter/tumblr for these again?

I'm straight

Birdstho/ birdsthoco

Then stop being a fuck up and keep trying to be friendly, god dammit.



abloo abloo abloo
boo made fun of me!!!

Im well educated
Idk what you mean
i think lack of real education is the reason for most countrys problems tho


So Scarlet [redacted] wants me to fuck your brains out but I'm not really into the idea since I barely know you.

Scarlet, boo. Can you both be adults and knock the shit off.

Bro you're gonna get cucked so hard


i wanted a flightless bird pet until i found out unlike mammals they cant keep in their poo poo

having a pet dinosaur is kinda ruined if they have to wear a diaper

im not upset im just stating facts, you don't have to project on me
im sorry if stating facts upsets you or leads you believe you've upset me, but you are a massive retard

What's with trannies thinking anything with artificial hormones pumped in them automatically makes them cute ? Literally every mutant here is ugly or fucked up retarded yet they all call each other cute

Someone send Guero assistance
he's breaking random glass shit and doesn't care


you can train them to shit in one spot

im not arguing with him babe
im trying to get him to stop replying to me
he's annoying the hell out of me lmao

all u do mate
stop messaging me lol

it fucks up their brain more than it changes their body
all of them go batshit insane lmao


you seem quite upset




That word almost never crosses my mind. Just realized that.

Might be my particular brand of sociopathic autism.

Just enough sociopathy to make it seem like I'm normal,

and just enough autism to analyze people and things as objects.

^ me being normal

Read it in an Austin Powers voice and now I'm confused.

but I'm like 8/10

Hey there
What are you doing tonight
You wanna
I unno
maybe uh
have some pi? :p

I don't know how educated you are

but someday I'll find out

honestly, and not stupidly.

No, you're not


I've seen some cute people in threads before.

gg Bard wins

being a sociopath has nothing to do with whether you can or can't seem normal

its not even an official clinical diagnosis, being autistic does not mean you have ASPD though many autists do suffer from a lack of empathy. on the flipside many autists also suffer from too much empathy, yet have extremely hard times showing it. so autism has nothing to do with it really

Psychopathy/Sociopathy are no real terms and they were invented by hollywood, though people who generally fall into these categories 99% of the time would be diagnosed with ASPD which is a cluster-B diagnosis


you can stamp your feet all you want, but I get more than enough interest to self assess


ok bruh
you good?

im at my senior year of highschool but im in ap classes
gonna go to colorado state for wildlife biology
then berkeley after

definitely bard mate

mayaka im going to take a shower

just felt like announcing this to you

that was meant to come with this

but one of many horny stalkers

heres the total war steam page btw
its top seller on steam
out in 3 days


i'm cute tho

you have a really nice butt



Post face

Seems cringy

I have a 1gb netbook rn
what is on steam is not relevant to me


people get that way when they hardcore crushin on you, it's awks

i do

no thank you

meant for

I've begun on the drink. I'd like to challenge the way you treat people more, but I feel like you're showing the root of the problem yourself. Observe the damn niceties. It is almost never a good thing to behave entirely within your nature in regards to people. If nothing else you need to learn respect. You really spoil your own fun.

how you like trap queen bard
i love it

bring that good self esteem over here gurl


Yeah I've started to notice this with a few people who like me. It's weird.

At least he's trying to be kind about it
What a fellow

I like this title
I am okay with this


furthering on that point

its been noticed by many clinical psychologists the difference between those with low IQ and aspergers and those wiith high IQ and aspergers

those with low IQ tend to be unable to function outside at all, no matter how much they try, while on the flipside, aspie with high IQ tend to be able to mimic normies in real life situations. they can learn body language very easily, read people's facial expressions, microexpressions, tone intonations, etc, and use them to read/manipulate people and such.

this is not psychopathy or sociopathy though, this is just an aspie teaching themselves how to read people and blend it.

a psychopath/sociopath who was blended in would not feel uncomfortable or anything, however an aspie in this situation would feel uncomfortable and wish to go back to their introverted interests and get away.

both of them however would both blend in as normies and do perfectly fine in both conditions, however the ASPD(psycho/socio) would likely be much more charming, charismatic, out-going, and a leader-type, whilst the aspie would be doing just enough to get by


Well then I solved that mystery you ass-goblin.


Sup niggaz


someone recommend me a book that isn't shlock

boo this iss terrible
Do you enjoy hip hop ?

i only have enough self-esteem to talk shit

you're just jealous i'm withholding the gift of me


It scares me how alike Autism and ASPD can be at times in aspects

I'm reading Good Omens right now. It's good.

Normal is hard to define since everyone is so different.

Personality disorders in the DSM-V specifically refer to what is abnormal with regards to their culture.

That being said, I have no doubt I'd score highly on psychopathic and autistic inventories.

Psychopathy does exist, even if it isn't referred to by name in the DSM. People research it, there are academic conventions over it, papers that compare brain scans and other personality metrics... I love psychology, and I have gotten far in learning about how 'psychopathy' exists in the current academic and social spheres. Asides from people calling each other psychopaths on the Internet, the second most common thing are people correcting each others' definitions. I wanted to avoid that a couple years ago.

i was explaining the difference between something, a conversation i wasn't even involved in.

legit kill yourself

i fucking love this song mate
you gotta listen to it a few times over some time to really like it
this is my third time now its fire
was the same way with king kunta

when will you have the self esteem to flirt with me?

she put herself in this position, pillow and everything

ok bruh
got a rope????


Fair enough fair enough
King kunta took me like 3 tries too lmao


who knows~

she would love you too bard.

Nigga, nice.

I'm not going to ask for help but it'd be welcome.

I do want to develop a more... empathetic nature, but with an emphasis on understanding.

just flashing a little leg from behind the pillow

what a tease

i saw a youtube comment about it too
i think its an actual human thing
like your ears need to adjust you know?

cute black lab
theyre sweethearts
wonderful choice in pet

that tilde shows me it's already time
is it really?
Kanra stopped replying to me so now would be optimal to get me on the reb- awh fuck



That one line just made my entire fucking day
thank you alot
You are a sweetheart

sounds interesting, thanks
i'm almost done with what i'm reading now, Blood Red Snow
was looking for something fantasy after this

So how into nigger rap are you ?
who is your favorite niggerer?

it hurts my heart there are people like this alive that i havent fucked

collie lab, it's where the white patch comes from

it adds a bit of brain to the lab, but tends to make them abnormally aggressive

she's fine with everything except occasionally other dogs these days tho

It's sorta fantasy. Think Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy but with the apocalypse

yeah sure just ignore me everyone

then whine when I attention whore later

Why do you upload images with this stupid high resolution it's pointless

pls no more ;w;

by favorite nigger do you mean my favorite nigger whos the most niggest?
like the biggest nigger possible who i like?
metaphorical nigger not physical nigger
that'd have to be DMX

i mix those up a lot oh well
i never heard of any lab subbreeds being aggressive at all
but towards dogs seems possible
definitely not towards humans though

I think it has been observed as
familiarity heuristic

ill get to travel the world and study animals
its literally all ive ever wanted to do

you don't want that sweet sweet pity flirting?


ASPD and ASD have a lot of similiarities you're correct on this but there are a lot of key differences, in fact a lot of the time they can even be completely misdiagnosed

ASPD's lack of ability to show empathy can be seen as a lack of empathy
ASPD's ability to read people and such can be seen as a dark ASPD trait

the end result of a lot of actions that ASPD and ASD people take is the same a lot, which is pretty ironic. the difference is that people with ASPD genuinely do not feel anything, they genuinely do not care, they genuinely do not give a fuck about ANYONE but themselves, and they are generally incapable of love.

Depending on how someone with ASD describes how they feel they could get misdiagnosed with ASPD.

The thing is though, autists do feel empathy. They do feel emotion. They do feel all sorts of things, they just have absolutely no idea how to identity these emotions, express them, or even explain them in words, so a lot of the time it just simply comes off that they don't have them, which leads to the stigma that autists are just gigantic unempathetic assholes. Which is just flat out wrong.

Yes you get my point, thats why I refer from ever using the term psychopath or sociopath. They're both hollywood terms, and both mean different things. It's come more to mean a character archetype that you see in movies and such.

Yeah I have a very strong interest in psychology too. It's always been very interesting to me

not if it's pity
i want you to actually like me

i see you know a lot about mental disorders
i wonder why

DMX is pretty killer

Sorry, I don't respond unless it's about me or something I can relate to and I didntd't really even see a topic of thought or conversation brought up

When you blog post to get replies in the future, try starting with a relatable topic

Maybe some current events, or recent happenings in the threads

That'sa pretty good choice
I would have to say at this point in time my favorite nigger who is actually a nigg nigger is the dude from Flatbush Zombies Meechy
he spits
hot fire

Last I knew, she's finally single again.

that dog is so cute isnt he?
i want to hug him and call him a good boy
charizard spits hot fire too mate

That makes me feel sad

you're pretty nice most of the time

how much are you gonna donate to the fly boo to russia fund?
god russian girls are ALWAYS top tier

I love these dogs almost as much as I love my grandma

You really wanna get in after she got gangbanged all those times?

it's a photo I took like 5 minutes ago on my phone, posted from my phone, can't do nothin about it :s

like inherently, labs are great gun dogs and collies are great sheep dogs, mixed together, the are incredibly smart, but have no real inherent talents, they have genetic code for chasing and biting things in some productive way on both sides, but can't really channel it, so it just shows in flashes of aggression

but yeah, every dog is different, and mine is an absolute sweetie.

if shes a pornstar you better post the links RIGHT NOW
also yeah
i dont care about morality 99% of the time
so fucking her would have no adverse or shameful effect on me

I wish I had that kind of money


id say 80% of a dogs personality depends on how you raised him
maybe 70%
and the leftover 30% is ALWAYS or almost always inherently good traits
because theyre good animals whove been naturally selected over time to be docile and please their owners

might fap to this page honestly mate
here's hoping theres some bikini gold yeah?

Not sure how big the field of wildlife biology is.

It's not entirely a Hollywood term.

For example, the gold standard of testing for antisocial personality disorder is called the PCL-R; Psychopathy Checklist - Revised.

When someone describes someone as that, I quickly go through the checklist in my head. Ask them questions, figure out why someone else calls another person that. Usually it's because they think they lie, which is a correct trademark of psychopathic individuals.

I don't see any problem in using the term if you use the right measures and definitions alongside with it. It's what researchers in the field tend to do.

Do you think of people in terms of complex weaves of brains, body, and environment too? There's a lot of bullshit out there. It's our job to understand how it arises.

I didn't save the link but I dont think it would be that hard
She got pounded by like 3 monkeys
I heard there was more than just 1 vid but I only saw that one
kinda gross

You will of course see the breed breed specific trait similiarites but
all in all the owner is the one who willl determine the demeanor of the dog

Most of the tieme

i don't think there is any.

she don't seem like the type.

yeah, she was terrible when I got her, previous two owners abused her, sorted herself out within a week when I got her.

but yeah, they lack the honed focus of collies, and the dumb joy of labs, those are kinda key in their respective talents.

doesn't make collie labs useless as work dogs, they are just not quite as perfectly built for any particular task

Me too

I have returned
praise me with offerings

I love you too Minami

I just said hello what do you want from me wow

I was going to do that stuff but nobody gave me a chance

I got the door shut in my face before I could open it



that's only on emails

not emailing myself my own photo for you convenience lol

thank god its /an/ hour
fuck bloodchan

me neither
but from what my physics professor says its basically survival/wildlife knowledge mixed with biological aspects
who knows for sure though

you simply lie

i only be mean for a good laugh
being mean to people i actually like wouldnt be funny at all for me
i've NEVER been mean to you either ~

you see bard?
i knew you were smart mate
rottweilers had the same exact kill rates as pit bulls did before niggers switched over to breeding them
then their statistics rised because they were the favored breed to be treated wrong
you feel me?

animal abuse is so fucking sad
literally kills me honestly

thats what I thought man


yeah you're pretty cool 4real

fuck off u fuckign infidel

Well, you.

If you spent this week researching it.

/an/ hour Kreygasm

If you can't get attention you need by asking meekly then assert yourself man

I've gone blogposting for like up to 10 posts in a row before
You gotta be more aggressive
times are changing kid

Dogs are great
Almost like people
its almost scary how human they can be
or how animal like people can be i guess
I've owned like 7 dogs in my time
you ever haev any puppers?

am i?



revy you got a steam?

Scarlet when are you going to kill yourself nobody gives a shit about how autistic you are or how much sex you have with fat ass trannies and tranny chasers. Go kill yourself you fat fuck

you are. :)

Clinical Psychology, Linguistics, History specifically pre-Antiquity and Victorian, Political Science, Anthropology, and Theology.

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Yeah honestly it's pretty depressing im not going to lie. I've dated a few people with aspergers before. I understand why people say they think aspies are literally sociopaths.

The thing is though, most of the time, they aren't. They just don't pretend to have empathy, and they don't show sympathy because the way their minds work they generally seem it to be 'insincere' or they're just not good at doing it irregardless.

If they say they love you though, if they say they care, if they say anything, they mean it. Unless they're trying to explain something advanced, then it helps to make sure they said what you think they said, because they might've completely fucked it up, and said something completely different without realising it. They don't generally understand the point of explaining things past the point of literalness though, like their brains just do not work like that.

If you say for instance

"Do you like this cat?"

they might say

"Yes I like this cat"

and then if you follow up with

"How do you like this cat/What do you like about this cat"

they will freeze up and not have any idea

Autistic people have a very hard time thinking abstractly, and emotions to them are an abstract, despite it being everyday ordinary things that every human no matter who feels on a daily basis.

I'm not saying its a bad term, I'm simplying stating its not a clinical term. There's no professional in the world who can say "You are a psychopath."

Lying isn't really a psychopathic trait, I mean, everybody lies. So it seems moot to include that on the checklist.

I'd say a psychopath is someone who displays all the traits of Dark Triad. Dark Triad is what i would describe as a true sociopath.

Lying is one thing, Dark Machiavellianism is another, no?

theyre barely different from humans at all
they just simply arent conscious
doesnt mean they cant have emotions
i have 2 pit bulls and 1 german shepherd right now
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I think dogs are definitely self conscious to a small degree, they can feel shame, that requires a degree of self awareness I think?

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requires understanding of "myself", as well as an amount of theory of mind, in the sense of understanding others have a different perspective on you

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I had no idea. Of course I'd have no idea you were into this stuff.

I never asked, I suppose. Don't you find linguistics sorta boring?

It's all graphs, numbers, and hierarchies.

No, but they might say after several sessions, looking at your history with animals and school, and giving you a test, that you "score very highly with several facets commonly found in those with the psychopathic personality trait". Long term, consistent behaviours that indicate a tendency towards actions, like lawbreaking, deceiving, lack of realistic long term plans, and superficial affect.

I'm sure a trained psychiatrist would absolutely convey that to someone, unless they personally didn't believe in personality disorders. It depends on the psychologist, but there's nothing wrong about what I said.

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