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"Goggles is the best"

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Someone asked if I was Lex in csgo
mission accomplished

i said it was either cockshit or new eva and you were being elusive

I know

Grim slobbers all on that dingo knob.

probably better than amy's show where he like comments on video games with his gay friend




You said it like you didn't want me to tell you and specifically said you were just going to "bully them" both "harder"


so it was cockshit

he pretty much confirmed it with his complacency

why don't you demod that dude if he's going to ban over bullshit just because he doesn't like someone

it's a can of worms really

Is Eva even around or did he quit forever once he couldn't suck Mugen's dick anymore for mod status?

i mean beepop i know that you wouldn't personally ban the traps that think you're creepy

cause you're used to being in this type of power position

He literally said it wasn't him

More like the least pro.

oh i was calling spoilers new eva cause i think it's funny even though i don't really think it's him anymour

I figured Spoilers was still Eva tbh.

yeah that's a good point

so it was new eva then


Eva quit for goodsies I think

spoilers not Eva

it's hard to tell hounestly. like if it is eva it's some next level name changing

why can't all namechangers be obv like bc


If you can't tell its me then you're just stupid.

I'm going hard again. I got a death wish.
Who am I replying to again?
Where should I be?
What am I talking about?

Or should I trust my instincts and go batshit crazy?

oh you're pretty easy but then tracer started no naming too and i was like what for a sec

is that tinychat worth visiting?

i guess i'm a chronic camwhore now

This is why you got scribes like me, trying to track people.

Dunno where Dean is, or MGD, and I think Haikus is gone 5eva.

To be honest, the only reason why I'm here is because I got nothing else to do at being drunk at 3:30am.

I do everything in a specific way on purpose

nigga how am I even like tracer?

it was shit so I left

mgd stopped by the other day

dean is probably who cares

haiku is like in a norse country being edge

that seems like a lot of effourt

he started no naming

link it

TP, WHAT DO?! I got all this booze and nothing to do. Nothing to focus to.

Do I have to be the big strong senpai?

When you do something for this long it just becomes natural

Riding a bike is only dangerous because of idiots on the road.

Probably Finland. That's where they eat rotten shark, right?

do cocaine ^^

i got like 10 beers left

we should probably rile out

i guess man.

yeah man. is it just me or mexicans especially bad at driving?

no racist

Walking is just as dangerous, you walk through peasants ant low speed.

Past that shit, cocaine is like a cup of coffee for me.

Nah, I need something better than coke.

bed time

That would be Iceland.

But I always have a name.

3 beers, I drank probably err.... 8.

Got 3 left. I dunno lost count.

Yeah, Haikus is probably Iceland.

bye quasi mixed duck

Bang heroin up your arms or snort coke mixed with oxy then honeybun!

you never do (exclamation mark)

get more

Its all the same to the many faced god.

mandy did you listen to my boyz2men?

sometimes i wish i were hindu and like worship hundreds of false profits

Mexican women. And black women. And white women on their phones.

Walking is for scrubs though.

Ah well, I screwed up and it's 5:30 am.

I got some music that erin posted 3 months ago, and it has been remixed by Snail's House.

Does this make me Erin 2.0?

I know what I need, I need belonging. if you have that in drug form, that would be good, ty.

Too late, we're a small town. No business in 24/7 booze shops/

I don't know what that means.

you don't sound like lex at all lmao


Yeah, but would you argue that I'm the best scrub? I ;osten to sleepycabin podcasts after all.

fuck i vocaroo'd a song last thread

guess you missed it

lemme check my history

it was kinda for you

I read that as "Lexi" and it's slightly hilarious.

You can always make the swap.

I don't even know what he sounds like
I just play like him


oh I can see that

I don't know what that means. But if memory serves, you enjoy tits. So that puts you in the upwards echelon.

You sang me a song? I...am....honored.

this was fun way to spend the morning,

good night, SD

this sort of goes against conventional thought about belonging but I think it's best to look inwards rather than outwards if u want to improve your sense of belonging

not even sure if you know who i mean
isn't he asian or some shit

or morning

mandy i found it


no dude he's white
pretty sure he served in the army or something, I used to watch him a lot


nice one you missed the "h" noob

i don't think we're talking about the same person lmao

wakey wakey

Want to know what it means?
IS pretty fun. If you're into oney's stuff like dragonballz pee... well, he's part of sleepycabin. Biggest animators of newgrounds made their own company.

All I do is look inward and find myself wanting.

TP....are you drunk?

that kinda reminds me when like shitfox tried to filter "tp" and broke all internet links

He's posting with his name so assumedly.

I remember newgrounds. When I was 12.

i wasn't that drunk when i did that

but yeah

not lex from csgo?

You ever see or do shit and think 'Why isn't anyone into the same shit I am?' or 'Why can't I connect to these people?' or 'Why does anyone know where I'm coming from?'


Well, don't take this personally, but there wasn't much about that that I enjoyed, except that you did it.

But it did hurt my ears.

hi there

Stamper, Oney, that dude who did tank guys and whatever and psychicpebbles, got their shit together and did things.

a csgo lex yeah but i've never seen him show himself anywhere and heard him like once a month or two ago talking about thatscouterguy


it's about the feeling behind it


why are you just waking up?

Yeah I don't remember that shit that well, bud.

I agree with that. That is why I love song.

I took a nap like 4 hours ago

I only slept like 3 hours cus I was bad and stayed up :x

What's up with u

oh then yeah different guy

Meh. Things.
But yeah, what should we talking about?

link me who you meant lol

I was part of newgrounds elite spamming krew

Fear me my man

You're like fucking 20 something years old.
How are you honestly being told when to go to sleep by your mother?


i donno man sometimes you just have to wail to boyz 2 men when you get all emo

it happens

oh you know getting drunk and listening to alt rock

it must be nice being a 1337 trap

Holla Forums is so fast!

((she's not my mother))

is this THE rin?

I took that shit serious and made a mesage a million ago and still hate myself this very day. Something about a music loop and madness but was shit.



Holy shit. You have someone roleplay as your mother?
How fucking autistic are you?

But yeah, I'm beyond fearing.


Rape - because being ugly is awesome sometimes.

Seriously though, is bullshit.
Women need more guns ans elecrtic things.
Guns are cool and scare the shit out of people.

If I was pres, I would loosen gun laws so women would shoot the shit out of silly grren jerks, whilst we use guns as they were intended to...

for fun.

i tried watching that doc about how rape in college is an epidemic or something

like don't hang out with douchebags

lesson learned

Girls need more P90 in their lives, I always believed this, it is a submachine gun you can carry in your laptop case.

U remember the Kitty Krew, Star Syndicate, Duck Division, Clock Crew etc?

I'm newgrounds infamy 😠

Yeah I do, I am VERY autistic

i meant this guy

it was like i went to a really bro'd out college party

next thing i knew i was raped

like dude are you that desperate

but the college administrative cover up if fubar beyond belief

Rape is like... in places of bullshit.

Isn't epidemic, is symptomic. That shit happens in 3rd world countries the most. If it happens in where you happen, you beat the shit out of that cunt.

I worry because my sister is gonna do a thing in Sri Lanka.

If you have places in mass rape, well, what you doing wrong that leads such behaviour? Does anyone play Civ anymore?

yeah man i guess the point of the doc was how colleges treat rapes cause they want people to go there and not think they will get raped

oh also the main guy who kept insisting i was Lex is from Oregon too

your so online bro

You don't get raped in colleges, but outside.

my college was pretty chill. i think people were too blazed to rape people

My college was too busy stabbing others than to rape others. And if you raped a person, more reason to stab someone.

beepop give it up

you will never rp rape lexi irl

hounestly like the worst we had was like suicide or like weird shroom bad trips lol

at least i won't die alone

you have a squaw now?

"god i'm so hot" - Grim

Same, or overdrinking and someone falls into a river.

The reason is we have the law is to stop blood fueds, and that barely helps. Most gang violence in fue to blood fueds.

We have a family thing, is someone kills any of my family, it is fown to me 'since I am the only male' to go hotline miami on them.

And since I have such a little family, and this my community, I'm happily go to jail for any horribleness for you.

Whoever kills you, I will supermurder them.

"I'm the best support"

"I'm a good support"

-Goggles 2016

Such a cute couple.

wait you're family is in a feud with another family?

that's kinda exciting

i would probably like fuck a cousin on the other side and tell everyone to chill

you seem kinda salt

Yeah I know I'm native american and all but NO THANKS

thanks m8, i'll put you in my will

yeah because we league together makes us a couple


how fucking gay are you retards

I was a little


Just like me and Lexi right?

TP is so mad - Grim

just like you and me :^)

no woman no cry

why do you people insist on

playing a game

ooooooooooooh someone one

no one fucking cares

did he really say that?

it's on now

why are you so mad about it?

No, we don't a have a feud. What I'm saying is the Blood n Crips started from a Family Feud.

As with most Irish travellers. Hence why people become mediatiors for long lost unjustices.

There is many levels for feud. Right now, there is a schism and a disown-mend. The smiths of my family are dead, the adams have a schism with my aunt; and anyone else who fucks with me... I feel sorry for, since they don't know the sucicde pact our family has.

he's mad now, he's actually mad now - Grim

you really said that?


grim is gay af for cockshit




I agree with you.

i didn't really follow cause blurred vision but i'm actually pretty happy in that i've connected with as many of my family members as possible in the last couple years and feel pretty good about it

but i guess there are some meth'y cousins no one really talks to

the weeb inlay ruins it tbh

Say if you killed me TP, that's nothing much.
I wasn't worth much.

You kill my sister, all hell breaks loose, and I'll have to kill you, your family, my mum and my mum's cats.

You kill my mum, I'll have to just kill you and go to jail.

You kill my aunt, is down to my cousins with how to deal shit, with me as leader.

You kill my Uncle, well, I'll still kill any cunt who kilks him since he is such a nice guy.


she doesnt roleplay as my mommy either.. she is my mommy in every day life desu

you dont understand TRUE love tsuchi

Your meth'y cousnins are the ones who are will do violent shit for you family, as I would do for mine.

I pray it doesn't come to that.


dude you know that bieber track you've been posting a lot lately?

that song has special importance to me

For you, TP, I will campaign for your murder.
It depends, if you give me a reason to kill for you, I will, but my fam would find it stupid, since they don't know you.

love yourself?
it's good and kinda gives me feels tbh
i like all of his stuff

Dif you read the post?

My sister is the strongest cunt in our family, if she dies, we all die.

If my mum dies, I do the dirty deed so my sister's hands are clean.

If I die, well, is due to my stupidity.

It is a very selective and planned out process. Well, for me, anyway, considering our suicide pact.

like there's two cousins who live like hella close to my grandma and never visit

it's really sad

where like my brother and i drive like 6 hours to visit grandma

like that song came on the morning my cat died in december

and like i had to go to work so i wrapped her up and put her in the car so her kittens wouldn't see her dead

it's a good song

Yeah, man.
Because real love is having another failtrap roleplay as your mother.

You're closer to grandma since you make the journey still.

So it is down to you to protect your grandma.

You over rule your cousins, you're the big guy.

We are dating?


if someone killed anybody in my family or someone i just generally care about i'd hunt them down and skin them alive


I mean your bro.

Works the same as wills. If you got my back, I got yours.


you love traps!

don't be so mean to them!

i don't have any contact really

my brother is crazy though

i'll leave it up to him to connect

yeah like i always think about driving with a dead cat in the backseat when i hear that song

and shedding a manly tear

Exactly, but it depends how important they are to the family line and future.

And my mum cannot live without my sister so... I'd have to go nuts.

I'd not only kill the assialant, but kill their parents, had to kill their pets, then go back home, kill my mum because suicide pact, kill the pets, kill myself.

The only way anyone lives if they are removed from the family.

I'm just bored and flirtatious at times. Even the incredibly passable trans I've met in person gross me out when I'm around them.

wasn't there a tinychat posted earlier?

If I wanted to live, I had to become the angel of death and do to the same with myself to others.

Then I'd be providing a service.

And I don't have it in me.

scanner is talking to himself

might as well take hrt

making me sad

pls just

nothing happened

i hounestly think scanner gets way more drunker than me when he drinks

he says he's the brit TP but like i donno

he hella tangents

Good goy, destroy you're manhood for the sake of vanity.

I'm on CBT.
Hasn't helped yet.

Just in that sort of mood where I wanna do shit where others aren't willing to do, but willing to pay me, someone inexperieced regardless.

I just want a job, man.

not even kidding. i didn't even know it was bieber at the time

im here
I'm cry when I look in the mirror
get used to it


would you really hate me for posting your house if i wasn't an old school bro?


I think you guys make a wonderful couple > /////

You've known me long enough to know that I am sensitive to weird things

Wanna talk out why?
Because most things I come up with are a tanget to others.

In fact, you come in with a sound mind, get drunk and that and shitpost.

Not me, come from an unsound mind and an unorthodox methodology.


hey boy
are you drink

You ever look in a mirror long enough your eyes become black holes?

What is wrong?

Hi mandy I hope you are well what was your day like?

Why else would I be up at 4:40 listening to Deadbolt ost?

you're not supposed to do that it opens you up to demonic possession

Mm yeah I guess it is nice
It used to be absolute hell but, it's very comfy :3

My mommy isn't a fail trap and she's my pretending to be my mommy she is my mommy !!

hey boo

it's just kinda weird that that would trigger you

i guess i was bored


yeah didn't really understand this post

get into construction, eventually take in your own contracts and "be your own boss"

a lot of his new songs lately don't sound like him tbh
it's ssooo good


It was alright I guess. Worked out. Enjoyed the pain. Pain is nice.

i really only like that song

the rest of his catalogue is awful

Don't do construction.

Thank you I apologize for any undue offense back

pain is not nice I think you are mad
Didnnt have to work today?

Someone employ me!!

live with Ui he'll set you up.

yeah you can get on deez nuts bitch
Ill pay you in nut sauce

Pain is the only thing I know, my friend.

And no, But I go to work in like 5 hours.

All sensible employers know not to hire trans ppl lol

Give up now

Erm... can't break it down.
Let's just say I do things upside down to you.

Not an anti TP, but like... going backwards.

Not suited to construction anymore, trying to make it into care. Care for young and old.

like it's one of those things where i'm just user posting, throwing out test posts to see who replies to shit

then caught a ban because spoilers is mentally retarded

he has like 1 other good one that came out last year but i dont remember the name of it

any reason why?

you don't have a job?

Better demonic possesion that the shit I do.

miss i will give you 4 dollars to post your open anus

and yet if the really good caretaker was lost you'd kill them
just as bad a combo as having lenko babysit


You have to work with catty men and it's hot and they're all Hispanics.


there's only white people where i live though
you should pm me more

Lol, whut?
I'm not gonna kill a good caretake.
They good.

If a good caretaker was lost, I hope to god they replace him with someone just as good.


Don't you live in Washington?

kinda want to tiny with bard, scanner and 10x

let's get hella grimey

and that trap

Deathwish gone, please don't tell me to kill anyone... I'm tired now.

I'm not a gangster

Are u offering to match this?

No I'm a neet

I am NOT a tranny grrrr r

Not a good offer, the exchange rate is too low

What is tiny?

I am so salty at thresh right now


it's the newest social media fad

Damn gurrl you expensive like some
fine wnie

i didn't mean the caretaker
i meant the person they were taking care of

I hadn't seen a black person irl till like 5years ago


I may do it but I need to shower first >

get that hair did

Invite me

Akready lost sense and interest, sorry.

i have to make the room?

Go to portland. There's plenty of Blacks.

I drank probably more than Scoots and ate least than



lol sure

I will probably end up moving there
I had been there at least 20 times before, the first black person I saw was in my town though. they moved already though

you know what, I'm a bigger man than you, I don' even know how to open a tinychat, but I will try.

I actually cut my current hair myself, that's why it looks bad ><

I hope I can get it did eventually :3

I live in Portland

There's barely any, 1%. Growing up in Detroit I know

Yes I am expensive

I am intersex nerd

I wonder why??

Honestly can I just move to where you live bebop instead of visa versa

I want to live in the great white cascadia

SO...You're a hermaphrodite.


oops my state is probably racist or something. or too pro gun. or just in the northwest and gets cold 80% of the year
oh i didn't notice you were online

literally the middle of the high desert and the whole damn state
there's not much to do here unless you're a huge outside person and wanna go rock climbing or getting fucked up in the river

scanner's eyes are cute af tbh



I don't know
I guess?
If I never took girl hormones I'd have the choice of taking boy hormones too
Cus I don't really produce testosterone and my boy parts dont produce sperm

wait so like
why aren't many here though?
that pic did bad things to me inside


So, have you had sex with yourself?
I heard you can....

To be fair you act like a nigger and you post madea so its easy to get that impression.



Not a lot of work and I have plenty more.

eat shit ex admin fat bitch

still love you tho



boo we're in a tiny


LOL who is this guy?

Oh hi 10X I got reminded of you because they recently updated that skin you bought me

Thanks again for that



he looks funny and weird

which skin?

that's a pretty pic


Good night, fast posters.

Like so?

rin and colbs

we need more traps in this tiny

Oh my god. You look like that AMAZING Atheist.

Not a trap; I've got way too masculine of a face

ohai nd np glad u still use whichever champ it was for ^^

are you THAT rin though?

with the washing machine?

Nope. I've never used this name in places where any of you would know me.

fuck off tp

rin was pretty much the best trap ever

please change names immediately

no u

But I like this one!

wh-what did i do?


nini ppls

I laughed

that fuckin brutal


Sup peeps

what do you mean? :)

grim get in here we're talking shit about you

nini secret weapons


It was Blade Mistress Morgana

yeah the new splash looks better :D


please dont everyone leave the TC before im done eating like every time ;_;

I went you weren't there I left

hey we're still here


eating my dick?

gimmie a lil bit desu ok?

im eating and just showered




welp, it ended. no more TC.

there's plenty of work here! a lot of it requires you to actually work though
lmao i actually used Arch for a year


Ready to go for a ride?

-creeps out of the kitchen with a tray of brined and grilled pork chops and roasted sweet potato wedges lightly glazed in olive oil and a sprinkling of course cut sea salt.-


-head tilts and squeaks-

scanner got too many hiccups to handle


sorry erin.2 you will have to make a new tiny to show your tits

-nervously wanders over to the table, giving you a wide berth and climbs up on the chair to nibble at treats-

what potato dishes do u know

i didnt really want to do that
i just was bored
oh well

we could make a new one if you want

brit scanner was cracking me up tho

and those eyes

Why do you look like a pedophile? These are questions that may never be answered


alll you do is talk about ax these days

i guess my comment was an attention grab

who else would join
i have too much anxiety to just have a 1 on 1 conversation


The fuck? I hardly ever talk about that unless Soto is here


you're never here

oh i donno lol probably boo cause he loves traps

Work, my man

-knows many but has a few favorites. Loves twice baked potatoes. Mashed red potatoes with sour cream and roasted garlic. Russets coal fired for that sweet taste and pleasantly chewy skin texture. Sweet potatoes roasted with curry and smoked paprika for something more zesty. Has been known to make several varieties of homemade scalloped potatoes, including an au gratin version with smoked gouda-

its a "people only talk to me about being a trap and sex and then yell at me for being boring and vapid unable to talk about anything more than being a tranny and sex" episode

you literally work a cash register

you talk to me .-.

i'm on season 2

if she's old enough to vape she's old enough to date

ive known you for a long time so its easy for me to talk to you


thats dumb

-squeaks! Forgot one of his favorites! Baby fingerling potatoes cut lengthwise and roasted with spices. Also makes a thick yukon gold potatoes bisque once in a great while with heavy whipping cream, bacon pieces and blue cheese finish sprinkled into the bowl.-

lol so apprently there's hard alpha dykes running my halfsie now

kinda confused my boner

she was like what you want

so stern

i-i think it's time to abandon this skype account
holy shit im a faggot

all tatted up and sure of herself

desu you delete everyone daily

does this not get tiresome for you?

i mean you spend most of your day deleting people who don't reply to you, then re adding them

-nibbles his sweet potatoes happily and kicks his legs- ^.^

I talk to the same core of 4 or 5 people every day and the rest are just filler

if he hasnt grown up in the 7 years ive known him he never will

his iq honestly has to be at most 85, you just kinda have to feel bad for the guy

how many hundreds of people are we talking here?

Less than 7 but more than 5

you've known desu for 7 years?

lol sorry for you having to be there

if anything he is probably better than year 1

desu is like cancer

he should have been banned with kroni and mordin

I thought we were friends =(

and no one will admit that

cause the mods are bullshit too

Mordin hasn't been banned.


mordin isn't banned?

we are but you should be banned for being cancer

Your point?


Fair enough

is he?

mordin is the fucking worst

ban mordin, desu and all their spam bots


MF slow is OP

your mental slow is even more OP

desu literally just admitted he is cancer

the fact that you fucking retards let him and mordin slip though is beyond me


im a slippery bugger

Not really

Lay off yo

I hate this cold I can't fucking breathe

-carries his plate to the sink and washes it dutifully, admiring the way it shines as the soapy water runs off its polished surface-


but it rekt our team!

D: -brings you medicinal green tea with strong mint, honey, and extra lemon-

here is attention

you actually can breathe

you have a penis

revy butt tho


She wasn't really the main issue

he's not
neither have done anything wrong



im calm
are you calm

i just want mordin to die personally

cause he's awful

tfw ignored by Dad


it is a stronk fem butt though

what did he do to you?

Btw that's TP

you didn't make your bed now deal with it

imma try out this new champ called taliyah!


*sips happily but still can't breathe*

OK Mr smarty pants I can't breathe through my nose

You don't get to be mean and say "dat ass tho"


funny question. nothing

it's fun to just like tell him to die though


i also tell manaka to ky

he gets more rattled than mordin

i guess in a way i am a roleplayer

i think it's funny to fuck with those people and i keep doing it just cuz

-urges you to breath in the steam, menthol will open up your sinus a little bit along with the moisture and heat. Honey has antibacterial properties which can be useful in protecting your throat and the lemon is an infusion of vitamin C to keep your immune system well stocked as fighting illness is a resource intensive endeavor. Also remind syout o go easy on teas and only drink light ones until you are better. Darker teas have more caffeine which will act as a diarrhetic, depriving your body of water it needs more urgently than normal, and will make you more accutely aware of your discomfort.-

I got cancer reading this.

Uou're such a sweet little cutie

-doesn't has a tea for that and squeaks quietly at you-

text lexi or smiles about it


tsuchi is litreally texting his trap friends right now about how he got cancer from reading it


The latter is asleep.
I haven't talked to the former today.


After a day of fighting someone in psychosis so they won't kill themselves in front of me and waiting all day for news, my dad got taken up in the hospital because he can no longer feel his legs, and I have to wait all day for news, And I can't even sleep. because of the pain I am having, so that's no good either.


at least you're still alive.

didn't read

you're autism

is that the result?

i read

sorry man that sucks


I don't even know how to respond to that.

I'm so fucking tired.
Yesterday exhausted me completely, now I can't even sleep, and it's all I really want right now.

i don't know if it helps or not but i let my crazy friend go

sometimes people are too far gone

it's fucking hard don't get me wrong and the suffering will never end

venting about it here probably isnt the best idea.

was your dad the suicidal one?

that's shitty fots i'm really sorry for your loss


This was her first psychosis.
Well. Second. But the first one went over quickly and without any harm done.
This is new.

No. One of my best friends.
She called me yesterday because she got very bad news, and she told me to come over because if she'd be alone, she was gonna harm herself.
Then the psychosis happened. It's the scariest thing ever.
Although it still fucking unreal.

She's not dead. We stopped her, called everything we could to make sure we could help her. She was given... anesthesia? Something that knocked her out in like 5 minutes. She was taken to the police office.
She got home crying, telling us that she could not remember a thing between me talking to her, and waking up in an isolation cell in the institute.

such a fucking cocktease

fuck me right in the pussy

I'm gonna sound like a huge fucking prick but

how are people so fucking mentally weak?
Like what the fuck?
Suicidals, psychotics, schizos....
Can the mind really be so simple to break? Be it genetics or environment?

Fuck, man.

here i am giving condolences and shit

That's lewd scarlet

so unpure

I did say I stopped her fighting to make sure she didn't kill her. We did succeed.

No Grim. That sounded way worse. Consider not swearing next time you say something like that at such a time.
I dunno man... I don't know. She's been through a lot though. Her mom's also not completely 100% sane.

i think miami and erin.2 should have another argument about bra sizes

people in that state need an intervention
total relocation

im really upset
should i take a point of this xanax and just go to bed?
i dont want to abuse it but im crying
am i abusing it if i take this


Me and scarlet? I have no reason to get into an argument about bra size

Take it and go to bed please

obv take pills

or make a new board

that is your style

idk fortune
you need to stop burdening yourself over people
even the closest ones to your heart

don't burn yourself out over things you cannot control

why do i just have to accept being upset take a pill and go to bed
im just accepting defeat

a what?


Because you'll feel better in the morning


its accepting defeat and it makes me worthless

you posted like two weeks here

then you like modded /lewds/

you are an attention whore

lewds died

you came back here

it's pretty easy

Dude fuck.
I thought you meant Lewds died.
The poster.
Whatever their full name is
they didn't, right?



no, they just stopped posting

My tribe just built a wall.

I've gone full trump.

i was here for like 2 months
i was mod the entire time, i didnt post on lewd during then
if im an attention whore then everyone here fucking is, i dont bring up the fact that im a trap 24/7 like everyone else fucking does
lewd didnt die afaik, you know that i havent posted on lewd in like 5 months right?
stop talking about shit you know nothing about

I guess it's not really a contradiction. You could enjoy feeding them aggressive attention knowing they like it.

But you aren't worthless and you know that

stocking is still ironically supporting trump

the only close to actually worthless person here is luka

but even he gave me some nice caps so hes good for SOMETHING

I'm not worthless? Fuck.

hey guys i've never voted but i like trump


you're oddly hyper-sexual

I feel like you'd suck me off if I came over or someshit like that

is this supporting me or making fun of me

You have boobs.

Hey guys I've voted in every election since I turned 18 and I'm voting for TP's gf in November

at least, those are the vibes I get


I'm actively spreading pro-Trump/anti-Hillary info; there's not really ironic intention in it. But I guess I am a nihilist at the core, so.

I probably would. Not probably, yes.

I know

i bet you have never voted either

I'll write in Grim !JuDIcaTorI for something.

Yeah no I'm gonna fall for it.
What the fuck?

not worthless


in an actual poll
4m no

So you are good for something.

now is not a good time to discuss


i want to sit in grims lap

It's not like you'd actually win, unless enough people were convinced to do it. : ^ )


I want to sit in your lap while you sit in Grim's lap

And why's that?

i dream of a day whe stocking doesn't grasp for troll straws


you'd crush me

What? Just because you get triggered by everything I post doesn't mean I'm trolling, you weak little bitch.

take a picture

I'm not that big tbh

here is my impression of stocking

hey guys i've quit 10 times

i love satan


i also have bloodchan on a leash


dont talk shit about 4m

I guess I will; that's months away though.

None of this looks like a negative thing.

im 5'3...
i dont remember ur dimensions


I'm 5'8 but I'm a twig

The pain of the medical condition I've had all my life.
I've slept for 5 hours, which is over average.
You're not gonna make that post and then not talk about it.

That could still be enough posters to justify asking "who"


TP is so low energy with his "impressions" that are just him spewing his distorted bullshit about someone but in the first person. It's Jeb Bush tier.

stocking has literally said he was leaving forever a dozen times

and then when his retard post grad life gets chaotic he comes back to rock blood-chans mind more

too nice
for your own good

that's all im gonna say

Because that's hard to do.

This is very false. Your bullshit gets more distorted every time. Also, I'm still in college.

You're so fucking weak. Can't you come up with anything that's at least loosely based in reality?

Or how about you just go find some other loser 30-year-olds to hang out with instead of coming here to bullshit about people who still have a future?

shut up blood-chan takes AP classes

eh that faggot

Do you want me to let my friend die next time, or do you want me to not worry about my hospitalized father?

I said what I needed to say

I hate terms like "beta male" because they're highly subjective, but I get such a beta vibe from TP. Look at him squirm.



we all know tp's situation

congrats stocking you care more

Sometimes when a little bitch gives me an excuse to hammer them, I take advantage of it.


I just love shoving your pathetic nose in the dirt. It's fun.

I think you know you're not really worth caring about, though.

anything taller than me
is going to crush me
im petite as fuck
i have cisgirl proportions all around
alison is like 5'7 and crushes me if she sits on me

hope everything turns out for the better

this is why you're one of my favorite posters

eh if i really didn't care about you i would try

or not call you stocking

Erio is hit or miss

fortune deleted me


why is the redpill so hard to swallow

he is high fucking functioning

youre hit or miss

how fucking weird does grim have to be to weird out an autist

so is everyone here



maybe your a-b on your list

You seem to like the idea of punishing. :3

With you, it's mainly depended on how you approach me.

You always seemed to assume I dislike you for some reason and that caused you to be kind of rude sometimes. :3


ignored by stocking

Duh, I use it myself

Hes just going through a tough time and lashing out

I'm not sure what this matters.

oh like grim was bitching about how you baleeted him


You shout at me and stuff, normal people don't do that.

I know. I don't have him filtered.
How else would I know it was about me.
Just asking, how is that relevant?

i think like fots, SD, casper, are the best no daylight posters

I can yell at you right now if you want.

I might hurt myself though.

its cute

SD best one

are you drinking your pussy drinks again


got me bro

he's kinda TOO chill sometimes

I don't really save stuff and e-stalk people though; I just fire insults.

The caps lock and exclamation points are just a GarEE joke meme. I try to remember not to do it with you now because you take it seriously or insist on pretending to take it seriously.

No. I mean: "How is me being 'high functioning' relevant to deleting Grim"?

yeah like see you in a couple weeks

you can never handle the bullshit you spew

Tbh I feel like I have a lot of traits in common with Trump and that's part of why I like him a lot.

Saving shit is just ammo
what, like dox?

What, like being super neutral?

again see ya


Be normal, not an Erio

What does hit or miss mean though!!

I don't see how yelling at people is a joke.

Why can they fly?

here is some more attention erio

we get it you have never voted but like trump

It's their sheer willpower.
Why the fuck does he have green lipstick on.

Fuck man. I hate how gay this shit gets sometimes.

I don't know what you're trying to convey. How drunk are you?

I guess I don't really care enough, and also I more like the feeling of just unloading on someone verbally. And yeah.

You're leaving?

I voted for Romney in the 2012 election and Trump in the PA primary.

3 in one

nigga that's like telling a bird to be a tiger, not a bird

I don't like that term
Not one bit


I personally cannot wait for Trump to release his tax filings to show how the vast majority of his net worth is made up.

Oops, missed this. And it's kind of hard to explain; Darwin does the same thing sometimes, though. Haven't you seen him do it?

Congrats on the replies.

Unloading? : ^ )

other one

eh i'm kinda done making fun of stocking

we should be friends


we go hella way back tho

I know
but were you friends hella back?

I guess you just mean e-stalking, lol.


TP kind of was one of the few friends 4m had during his "obsessed with Haikus" days.


he was always really emotionally disabled or manipulative

kuus's face when

idk it was just a joke

he still is

the former

Darwin doesn't yell.

This is false, and I was never really friends with him. Acquaintance at best.

Grim I kinda feel like you save shit just in case people turn on you

You should develop some trust my man

He's done that caps lock meme in threads many times.

i donno it's not really fair to fight with him

the fact that he has quit so many times

he needs a friend

Does this mean I'm gonna be the butt of his jokes now?

You just got beaten into the ground. You're the only one who thinks someone leaving for a while is an argument against them.

"We're doing this against Goggles's will"

you're meeting this nigga agin

Wouldn't it be more of the opposite by whatever backwards ass logic?
Like, whatever to blackmail people into remaining amicable?

Stop changing the subject.

you literally fake left a dozen times

The caps lock meme is the subject.

It wasn't fake; I actually did leave for a while the times I did. It's just that you're the only one pathetic enough to think that's a bad thing.

If only Stalker or Haikus were here to spam the macros of compilations of all of his "im leaving 5eva" posts.

here is colbs

lol grim went through my phone

yay AX 2016!!!!!


I only said I was leaving forever once. I think you know this.

You're just getting desperate because you've been trying to bait me and it hasn't been working.

Don't call everything a meme. That's milhouse level.

shh it's best to humor him

Hasnt it been 2 weeks yet?

The pathetic part isn't in that you left, just your posts before leaving about how you were totally better than this place and "leaving 4 irl" when you'd show back up a week or two later.

lol hey scoots


Two weeks since what?

Or you'd "leave" and just spend a week inviting anyone and everyone that would accept to your Skype groups then preach about how you totally left when showing up again in a few weeks.

Since grim made the deadline that this place was "finished"

Well, it's a recurring joke.

This is posturing. You've been weakly trying to attack me the whole thread; not "humor" me. I beat you into the ground and now you're just desperately squirming.

Go hang out with other loser 30-year-olds instead of coming here to bullshit about people who still have futures every week.

None of them said that. Your pathetic insecurities just lead you to read anyone leaving as them thinking they're "better" than you. You seem to get triggered by any hint that anyone could possibly think they're better than you, or that they could be unique in any way.

Also, I'd leave for more than a few weeks. This last time was several months.

I never "preached" about leaving. You weren't even in any Skype groups I had. You're literally pulling this out of your insecure ass.

so i learned that the lead singer of of montreal is from a town in ohio i would chill at all the time

kinda blew my mind

mommy came home and i feel better now..

time to ignore stocking like he treated me the other day

Sometimes the hick throws out the sick...
Who would have thought Ohio could have made something interesting lol.

when are you going back to lewd

cause you're kinda annoying af

Well just don't shout at me if you say you don't hate me.

yeah right? if you've seen the place it's so vapid

Yeah, man. It's totally literally everyone else's wrong memories that you quit almost every week with some cringeworthy tl;dr post about how this place was bad and you were totally moving on. Or how every time you'd "quit" you type up a book to Haikus about how you'd miss them that they'd literally block and/or remove you over again. But hey, everyone's lying or misremembering but you.


Bye now.

I said I don't do that with you anymore since I know you don't understand. :3

no wait


don't leave

How have you been?

Or all the times you'd act like you were high as a kite and make comments about how you were "taking painkillers to numb yourself from Haikus' rejection" when you were taking fucking like three aspirin.

are you having a bad day champ

Didnt erio send Haikuus that autistic as shit email, which haikuus promptly shared and caused major lulz and analdestruction?

I have heard stories of the Corn... and the nothing... Almost sounds like a hell... Well, for the city slicker types anyway.


no just like you started that board cause you weren't getting enough trap attention here

now it is dead

you come back



speaking of which
new mod


Oh boy. I wonder who this could be and how many "pls make me mod" messages they sent to redeem their modship.

did tou demod spoilers? cause that ban was demod worthy

you seem like ur having a bad day champ
wanna talk about it?
and you know i didnt start /lewd/ right?
your iq is so unbelievably low

spoilers fucking banned me for a week for posting a picture of a house

n ah dude

no it wasn't


Are you talking about me taking breaks in like, early 2012? That me is so irrelevant to who I am now that I don't care.

You'll never be able to bind me to it.

In fact, the fact that you'd bring it up again now after not mentioning it after all this time just shows how desperate you are to feel some kind of petty superiority over me. You are a pathetic little mosquito.

Anyway, even then, it was never every week, though. And the first time I said I was leaving forever was long after I deleted Haikus. The rest of that post is highly distorted as well.

Everything I said above applies.

I was saying bye to you since you were pretending to be done talking to me. Stop squirming so much and just give up.

Pretty good, just Making America Great Again. You?

She posted that a long time later after I deleted her and ignored all her attempts to bait me.

Is it just me, or does TP cop for alot of Modshit and no one cares?
Might just be me.

Watching some stupid gay anime that grim is streaming.

You've done it ever since you've started posting until your most recent "return". On /aneki/ you even made "im quitting 5eva" posts. But sure, none of your past actions are applicable to you by whatever twisted denial you want to bury yourselves in. Enjoy whatever autism you have.


wait is posting an imgur with a post that bard posted his address doxing?

pls no ban

I made one quitting post on /aneki/ and specifically said I'd probably be back. It was never intended to be forever.

And I just meant 2012 is highly unapplicable. I feel this fact vividly.

You yourself have said that you'd never let your past bother you. But that doesn't matter when you're desperately trying to bring someone else down, does it? You'll use whatever pathetic distortion you can and try to make things that have long been irrelevant relevant again.

But it doesn't work. You have no power over me.

This is why I call you a mosquito. You have major insecurities and just post weak distorted insults about people on an internet anime message board to try to cope with them.


Isn't that bard post him self-doxxing? So it isn't really ban worthy if he is doing it himself.
But still. That is pretty weak.

i'm drinking
don't tempt me


Deleting that post is stupid as fuck.
Bard posted that THEMSELVES. its their daft fault if people screenie and repost.
Stupid cunt.

it's kinda a grey area


How was your week?

my point exactly

monday sucked, friday sucked


Yeah, man. Mentioning your own actions is "distorting" things. Said actions that I even just asked five people if it's not my memory being faulty and they all pretty much said the same thing without me even telling my side of it.
So just keep burying yourself in denial. You'll find something eventually.

at the same time it's pretty simple

if someone posts their fucking info IN THESE THREADS

it's not doxing if you repost it

Want some rekt for the weekend sir?

you did more than just repost it

well your mod your defending deserved to get called out

Mod abuse.

do you really fucking thing i'm just going to sit on a bullshit ban?

nah bro i want blood

it's fucking bullshit though

demod spoilers and i will stop


Is Spoilers even still a mod?
He hasn't even posted since Moogs left.

In your post all you did was post a picture of the building at the address.
3 days later you decide to post a picture of it after he posted it
they had no clue if it was public or not
don't act like a child, TP

Why are you watching it if you don't like it? :3

I've been on break; just been doing stuff I already told you about earlier and also exercising etc. And there was some being lazy mixed in. That's important too.

Wow, you can't even respond to one thing I said without distorting it.

Bringing up the irrelevant things and distorting things are two separate things. But yes, you do also distort the irrelevant things.

I know there are a lot of people who are biased against me, even though you've failed to name any you asked and could just be lying, as you've most likely knowingly done at least a bit during this conversation. And I also know I only quit /aneki/ one time, and I remember specifically saying I'd probably be back, in caps lock.

You also ignored how I pointed out that you yourself have said you'd never let your past bother you. You're being hypocritical in trying to suggest that mine should bother me.

Give up, you worthless little mosquito.

He was posting yesterday.

they posted like 15hours ago

why was it banned?

Demod spoilers. DeAdmin bebop. These psoters are the cancer killing Holla Forums.

Wait. Kermit still posts here?
I thought he would just lurk to add every new "girl" we get.

whats the point of acting like malicious cunt and then not understanding why people get mad and theres blacklash

dumb as fuck

Kinda bored right now. Waiting to play league with Darwin.

I was literally quoting.
Literally. In the most literal definition.

Yeah, it's all a Bern/Alice/Haikus/whoever conspiracy against you still.

yeah the fact that kermit made me get illegitimately banned kinda made it

these retards though

Unmod him for inactivity then.

Bebop probably modded all the posters he wants to cyber.

i have thought about this but i think he is doing ok so far

remember he modded 4chan

granted literally every trap thought he was creepy then too

here me out


You did the right thing by writing an appeal but it appears I'm the only one who reads them or at least takes action on them. I wonder if they do that because someone whipped them to be that way or if it's just polite. Idk

He and a couple others lurk hard and rarely post.

idk mang

Lack of posting doesn't mean they don't lurk and still do mod stuff.

I've modded one person so far and it's not who any of you would expect.


Its me TP, I was modded the whole time

also they were last known active a few hours ago

i got banned a week over something i should have not been banned for

nah fuck you

That's just creepy as fuck.
He added someone the second they posted their Steam once and instantly tried to start hounding them for pics.
Honestly, you and Grim are kind of creepy as fuck around anyone that is close to female. But Kermit is just way, way worse.


It's still unneeded. Why do we have so many mods, especially ones that ban and don't even post? We do not need that many to just delete CP.

One for the Western hemisphere and one for the Eastern

The only reason for having multiple mods is to placate them and to show them how much you like/creep on them.

fucking beepop trying to rationalize his duck crek

demod that retard

he obviously abused his power

why is spoilers even a mod?

i did not abuse anything and that retard banned me for week

neither bebop or grim are creepy

Just masturbate. ^^

You quoted me saying that you're using a.) irrelevant things and b.) distorted insults.

You distorted it when you tried to pretend I was suggesting that bringing up the past is inherently distorting things.

Those are indeed all people who have tried to turn people against me, and I know you know this at least to a degree. They're also all known liars. I feel like you're probably a liar as well, or you just have a very weird memory. I'm not basing this just on this conversation, but other ones we've had as well. Like when you tried to claim that last time I came back, I was immediately defending Sci and suggesting people hating him was a "conspiracy". I showed you the posts where I came back, proving you wrong, and you just didn't respond.

Why do you even care so much? You're desperately trying to bring me down with distorted bullshit and things that have long been irrelevant instead of going and doing something productive in order to achieve a sense of self-worth in some non-parasitic way.

This is most of what you do. You're pretty much one of the most pathetic pieces of shit here. I know you get insecure and afraid that people could think they're better than you, but most people would be pretty justified in thinking that, in my opinion.


Scarlet, you are a newfag here. Trust us. We know.

they are both helllllllllllllllla creep

4m ripping into people tonight


Eh, Bebop is here enough as admin to have the Western covered. It would just be a mod to cover whenever he's asleep, which I think is late morning to afternoon in NA. So a euro mod. Two people is all that's needed but I'm sure there will be whatever rationalization for all six of the ones currently.

I am trying not to.

You expect everyone to know everything about everyone? We aren't the fucking NSA and nobody is getting paid to do this, it's volunteer work, literally.
Or maybe you think a week ban for posting someone's dox is too long? Please, I want to keep going on with this if there's something actually worth talking about here.

I feel like adding you on steam so I can bitch and moan to you and show you proof that I actually don't do that shit and it's just herd mentality.

I mean there's 5(including me)
When I was gone for 4days only 1 person was banning/deleting the bots. Guess who it was!

Not everyone comes here daily or even every other day. I come here a lot but it doesn't mean I look at the front page all the time to see that shit and I doubt they do much either.

Yeah dude Chii really wanted to fuck moogs/goggles/spoilers

he's mad cause people who know him called him out about his quitting forever pattern

I don't plan on making anyone else a mod unless other people have to go.
6 people have asked for it now, 1 was begging me for hours and trying to bribe me.
People who actively WANT to do it actually are terrible candidates.


Yeah, because posting when you came back the latest time totally rebukes every other time you've left forever and came back
I really think you should invest in a dictionary if you're going to keep abusing the same word without using it correctly. Stating your actions is in no shape or form distorting anything. "Distorting" would be claiming that smoking weed allows you to overcome biological imperatives like categorizing anything whatsoever.

you creeped on wish 50x more than anyone

alright so here we go. if you don't know what you're fucking talking about don't ban someone

if you kinda think you do

maybe a day or two ban

the point is your retard mod banned me for a week for literally posting an image of a house

To the first link, noty.
To the second, get rid of most of the mods. They're unneeded. It's not some matter of power struggle or "well, what if" contingencies. They're superfluous and adding nothing.

i really didn't

kinda sad to see her leave but since her crash she was talking about it

You already know. Don't tell anyone though.

Someone probably reported you for it.
It makes sense to get rid of it then and find out later that it's okay and to leave it be every time that comes after

I mean I can show you the logs right now if you'd like, it'd show how it's all pretty evened out. If anything I'd demod moogs for inactivity/leaving.

Grim, you post pictures of kids and creep on girls on the subway tho

Why even leave his mod account active?
Just prune the list to admin and two mods, one Euro and one NA to cover whenever you're gone.

if they're creepy I guess I like creepiness

Still don't think they are

I wonder who that one begger was... bribe? lol trying to hand over feminine dick pics most likely.

I am suddenly stricken by an urge to suck up to Bebop

So just make it to how it was a day ago but delete the afk account
Yeah sure.

good memory + nice = creepy

Cool story.


1. Because im proud of them and they are mine
2. What? I sat next to someone and pointed out their notebook
how is that creepy lol

Do I tho?

You watched the same shows as them just to get an excuse to talk with them bro


It's a new hobby.

Saving it for Darwin?

Dude, you are not even responding to what I'm saying, lmao. You're just having your own bullshit version of this conversation. Holy shit.

You took "I showed you the posts where I came back, proving you wrong" entirely out of context. I was referring to that old conversation I had just mentioned in which you tried to pretend I said there was a conspiracy against Sci. I proved that claim wrong.

I'm going to keep using the word because I'm using it very correctly. You're unable to even respond to what I'm actually saying.

You say things in a matter-of-fact tone to try to give them an appearance of having more weight, but it's all worthless bile, and I think anyone who wastes the time to read your shit knows that. Grow up and go do something besides spending all day here trying to boost your pathetic little ego by insulting people on an anime message board.

Dude, you're still trying?

Two people claimed that: you and Tsuchi. And you're both blatantly butthurt at me.

Your way of handling arguments is weak and pathetic. You post some bullshit about someone, and then when they hit you back, you just squirm away and keep linking other people about it.

At least try to look like you're not just a weak piece of trash who doesn't know what he's talking about.

but like why not look at the post

and see a fucking house and be like

i will not ban

I've no fucking clue who is/isn't/were mods or when changes occur, as there's no transparency.
How are more than a single admin and two mods needed?

gone af

you think i'm letting this go?

water is fur upiussies

They are yours? Wow, I should take pictures of the people I support and just post them on the internet... I mean it isnt as if its violating any alws or common held manners. They are mine so its okay.
And because strangers talking to you on public transport is hella creepy at the best of times. But pointing out their privately drawn and well hidden hentai is just bad form dude.


fuck that shit niga
dru jnk af and gettin a ride home is the life you know


I am literally responding and quoting your posts, ignoring whatever ad-hominem you fling around.

I am literally responding to your posts and just ignoring whatever "waah, you're pathetic for calling me out" you're tossing around.

Bebop what is your Steam I have something to ask you about


lol faggot go kill yourself

lenko can we sqish or internet beef

you lift more than most we get it

I'm a nice guy and I can remember things.

Hit me up ladies


transparency is something i've always wanted here so if you have any questions i'd be happy to answer

Actually, never mind. It's just not worth it.

Nigga she had her book open on the subway

yeh faggot why not

fick you though


I'm guessing he's gonna use the ol' three balls to grease the palms of Bebop.

Nigga just dont be creepin' dawg.

Lenko cant even lift.


scotts can't even play golf

lol nigger

Oh fuck, Scott just got rekt.

why did you feel the need to ban me

for a week

over bullshit

lol eat a dick faggotia'psdfkas[idfhnpaiwusbdfaSDF

I don't care. I'm just pointing out how pathetic your tactics are. And I'm willing to keep doing that; putting you in your place again and again is fun.

You like to think of yourself as someone who boldly "drops truth bombs" or whatever, but when you're actually called out on your bullshit, you can't even handle an argument and just try to keep re-asserting it to other people.

You are a weak, pathetic little bitch.

You're getting desperate. I just pointed out how you took something out of context and tried to suggest I was saying something I wasn't.

At this point, I'm sure you're either a liar or so delusional you can convince yourself a conversation is going differently from how it's actually going. Maybe both.

Why can't either of you handle an argument without resorting to weak, deceptive tactics that can easily pointed out? Doesn't doing this just make you feel like a piece of shit? Or are you entirely inured to that feeling?

The only one getting called out here is you.


Well. He got me right there. Time to quit forever, like Erio.

im not even talking about you lol